We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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The woman slowly nodded... And sniffled alittle, getting cold.

"Knight Scorch... Nah, that guy sounds like a ponce. I'm a commando, of the GAR."
He briefly raised his left hand in a salute, then glanced at the wheellock. He tensed up slightly, barely noticeable behind the armour.

As he took in his surroundings, he realized he was in a swanky mansion. He whistled as he took in the surroundings. "Nice place. I mean, I've got a much nicer mansion, but this place ain't bad." The man then wandered around, stealing things and sticking them in his coat in an almost conspicuous fashion.

Tao gave a smile at the Women. "It's okay Blue lady....Tao's got lost too! I was napping under a tree, then next thing I know it was snowing meow....Tao hates the snow, it makes my tail all wet" She said, then flicked her tail. "we should go back inside! then cat lady can bring us food! that sound good to you Meow?" Tao asks the woman, her paws still swinging.

OoC: @Drak ...he from Disgaea, by any chance?

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: @Harbinger You still here?

(OOC: Sorry...Minecraft...brain drain...)

Harbinger almost chuckled. "If you could see my true form, you would not boast so much." He rotated his head towards the door. "This form is damaged, but if you would go outside, and look towards your sun, I will show you something." As his puppet spoke for him, Harbinger moved his true form inbetween the Earth and it's primary star, casting his shadow onto the planet.

(OOC: I'm assuming it's daytime...)

Jaques's brow furrowed, as neither the term commando nor GAR rang a bell to him.
"Ah. Tres bien. Well then, Monsieur Scorch, we are going into that mansion to see if we can find the lord of this estate. Feel free to join us." He turned to the unnamed woman.
"Shall we, Madamoiselle?"

@Hatch: The only thing I can imagine with Tao... is her voice speaking those words... And they fit perfectly... Nice job!

"Well... I am hungry..." The woman nodded again, still in her shy manner.

"GAR...? What's that?" The woman asked, then looked up at the sky when something cast a large shadow over the Earth and saw the silhouette of something. "Uhh... Yes." the woman said to Jaques, her voice still trembling. "A... warm fire would be nice..."

OoC: Umm... We'll just say it's near sunset. That way, it can be night if the plot demands.

Vergil raised one eyebrow,and went to a window. He looked out, and saw Harbinger silhoutted against the falling sun. He was quiet for a moment, turning a litte paler then before and thighting the grip on his sword. "...impressive."

OoC: @Rosh, why thank you :3
Outis was right, this is fun (even with her 'pervert' parts) :D

Tao grinned. "Yay! Meow" She said cheery, then starts walking back to the mansion. she walked slow so the woman would keep up with her. "Tao forgot to ask your name Meow"

*a raven flew to the window sill and dropped a note, the entire time staring at the man in orange as if remembering something bad*
"master is gone for a while"
*the raven cawed ominously at the man and flew away, leaving behind some black feathers*

Rob and co got a bunch of garlic and makeshift torches. He went up to the person with all the metal things "Can ye tell us were the bigjob who used all of dem big wurds went. Like he used dictartacotr or something. We gots to git burn all his papers"

OOC: @Nailik Harbinger is 2.5 km in length, nowhere near big enough to completely block out the sun.

Jaques followed her eyes to the little black dot on the sun, squinting and shielding his eyes with the brim of his hat.
"Strange things are afoot. Let us not linger outside." He led the way to the front door which stood ajar, and pushed it open.

"Real fancy place that. Might even have something to eat."
He looked suprised at the woman's comment.
"You don't know of the Grand army of the Republic? What rock have you been hiding under?"

OoC: @Hatchy Well, she may not be a perv. Depending on your interprtation, Tao is either an unrepeantant lesbian molester hiding behind a chidlike facade, OR she's a kid at heart and she just likes boobs because they're squishy.

@Gear: Yes indeed, Disgaea 2 to be accurate.

The man thought continued stealing things and making them disappear in his coat. "Man, when's someone gonna come along and catch me already?" He said rather loudly, as if he were trying to get attention.

Harbinger moved back into the black void, letting the sun shine again. Meanwhile, his puppet simply remained still, as if not even aware of what was happening.

Grey jumped, hearing a loud roaring noise in the distance. Unfamilar to most people, but he recognized everything about it.
"Look, I personally don't give a fuck about you or all the other people here, old man. But when I start running, this means, yes, a Keter gets involved. A certain Keter, with a distaste for mankind."
And then he ran.

OoC: @Gear, umm....the second one?

no wrong, I gonna cut you slags up! :P (mighty boosh reference if anyone was wondering)

The woman followed behind Tao.

"Uuhh... November... Nova for short." she said, once again shyly. But despite her name, the black-lettered tattoo on the right shoulder spelled out


@Hatch: boobs are wonderful objects....

Rob and co got a bunch of garlic and makeshift torches. He went up to the person with all the metal things "Can ye tell us were the bigjob who used all of dem big wurds went. Like he used dictartacotr or something. We gots to burn all his papers" trying to get the atttetion again of the metal bigjob

Oh dear, what happened to my desk? Where am I? Who are you people? I've gotta get back to work...

OoC: @Drak Looked crazy enough.
@Hatchy Probably, but given how every single female in the playable Blazblue cast (except Nu, Lambda and Tsubaki) have hints of bisexuality (or were outright confirmed in Makoto's case) plus how fanservicey the game can get, I wouldn't be suprised if it was the first one...

Vergil turned back to the Collector. "So, that was your true form? I must admit, I am impressed. I can only imagne the power you wield..."

OOC: Well that was...Bah...Anyway, what's happened since I left?

OoC @Berk: Changed it.

The woman nodded and walked inside, marveling at the decorations of the mansion as she did. She had never seen anything quite like this.

OoC: What's up guys? I'll be jumping in in a second. I'll also be working on my character epilogues as well.
@Drak Before I write them up, I think I'll PM you a few questions and ideas, since they affect your character as well.
@Nail Is that Terra, I see?

Jaques glanced back at Scorch as they went inside.
"What Republic is this?"

"Nova lady huh? ok then! Tao said as they reached the entrance of the mansion. "My name is Taokaka.....although you can cal me Tao, Meow" She said, then shook the snow off herself. "C'mon! we can warm up and eat in here" She said with a :3 face.

OoC: @Gear, the fan service *sits in the corner rocking self*
oh god no....
@Rosh, yes, yes they are :P

Harbinger tilted his puppet's head in a mimicry of a nod. "Yes. That is my true form, and yes, you can only imagine the power at my disposal. However I am not here to fight. Or, at least, not any more. The last thing Ican remember, was traveling to this world with the full might of my race, to harvest the humans based here. How I became separated from my fellows, and how the massive number of humans here came to vanish, I do not know."

@Outis: Hello! I finally picked a character! Now he's stealing stuff in the mansion.
@Salty: Alrighty.

"I'd expect people to know the governed which has been in power for lat thousnd years."
I'm off.

"O-ok then Tao..." she blushed slightly.

OOC: Right.

"Excuse me, sir, but I, and more importantly my master, do not like things being stolen could you please stop what you are doing?" the girl asked the boy who was stealing things.

He decided to start yelling. He might be labled a madman, but nobody could blame him in Hell for not warning them about the giant SCP beelining towards the area.

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