We Are Our Avatars IV (Uh, closed for real now)

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"I came here by accident. I was wounded, trapped in the Demon world. I kept walking, and... eventually it gave way to these woods. If people have vanished... I know not what made them dissapear."

The woman kept looked around the mansiom, though she never strayed far from the exit. She was still shivering as it was somewhat warming inside, but not by much.

The six found the person who they suspected to be a lawyer cause he was going around using them big words. "Why you are stealin' all oor stuff an' you will sew us. Noo 'and us all ye papers" The feegles gathering in a group trembling at the suspected lawyer

OoC: @D-Class Oh god, SCPs... which one is it?

Tao continued with her grinning, the two the reaching the food hall. "Here we are Meow! help yourself!" Tao said to Nova as she showed her the food laid out on the table. "Thanks to Cat Lady, we can eat as much as we like Nova lady!" Tao said drooling, she raised one paw and wiped away her drool.

Jaques shrugged.
"No such government has existed for that long in any part of the world that I know of." He said as Scorch began to wander off. With the commando gone, he glanced around the mansion, taking in the ultra-modern decoration. He grinned ruefully as his eyes lingered for a moment on the woman that had travelled across the bridge with him. Under different circumstances he might have tried to apply his captivating charm on her, but it would feel as though he were taking advantage given her present condition. Dismissing the idea, he began to plan his search for the owner of the grand house.

OoC: @Gearheadmk2 SCP-682, the Keter-class bugger who hates mankind for being "disgusting"

Nova gingerly started eating the food. After the first bite, she paused closing her eyes.

This food its....

She started eating more and more.

The girl walked up to...whoever @Nail is playing. "Excuse me, miss? Are you cold?" she asked.

"Are you finding the food to your liking, miss?" the girl asked Nova.

About time.
The man turned and pointed at the cat-girl. "Hahaha! And what are you gonna do about it? No one can stop Axel, the Dark Hero!" He said, striking a rather heroic looking pose. Then he darted off in a random direction, ignoring the Scottish pixies as he made a break for it.

Tao smiled. "Nova Lady likes the food?" Tao asked Nova, then started guzzling more food. "your food is great Cat lady! TAO LOOOVVVEEESS IT!" She said to the Cat-girl.

He stopped and began panting. He could've run farther if his damn brain did not tell him to warn everyone via yelling his head off.
Fuck you, brain he thought, and began walking quickly.

OoC: @Outis Terra from FF6. Half-esper, great magic skill, fairly shy and doesn't really like fighting.
@D-Class Oh, god...

The group was confused by this but than they heard he was just a hero. Many a waily was cried and they chased after him

Bernard floated up to the prisoner, "Hello," The ghost said, "Mind introducing me to the folks here?"

Harbinger was quiet for a little while. "Then I will have to continue investigating."

(OOC: Erm...what's an SCP? Because this is sounding like something Harbinger should take notice of.)

Hearing someone address her again, the woman turned to face the cat-girl, perplexed. Another creature she had never seen before. "Who... are you?"

The girl exited a door right in front of Axel, cutting him off. "If you promise to not steal anything else, I will have no reason to...take action against you." she said as she stood with her hands behind her back.

Nova turned to the girl, with a piece of pasta popping out of her mouth. She rapidly nodded and continued eating. She also nodded at Tao with the same fervor.

OoC: @Harbinger: In short, paranormal or extranormal inanimate objects or beings, including the most famous one being a statue that snaps necks.

"My name is Jean. Now, is there something I can do for you?" she said to Terra.

Jean nodded to Nova. "If there is anything I can get you, please let me know." she said to both her and Tao.

Tao chuckled. "Oh ho ho, a eating contest huh?" Tao said, then picked up a fish. put it in her mouth and pulled out only the bones.

OoC: @Harbinger An SCP is anything that can't be explained. It's taken by the SCP foundation to be Secured, Contained and Protected. SCP-682 is a indestructable lizard creature that finds life on earth so hideous and digusting, it kills anything it comes across.

Jaques raised an eyebrow as he saw a man run through the far end of the entrance hall screaming his head off, and on turning away from the curious sight, saw what appeared to be a young girl with cat ears talking to the unnamed woman.

"Mon Dieu, this place is a madhouse!" He exclaimed.

"O-ok..." Nova replied to Jean, still in her shy manner, and mouth slightly stuffed with food.

She turned back to Tao. "N-no... I don't want a competition...."

"Hmm? Is there a problem, sir?" Jean asked Jaques.

The group ran for quite some time before noticing something "Do any of ye know were ta hero went"

(OOC: Alright...now my irrepressable curiosity wants to know where this information came from...)

"Ahem, non, Madame." Jaques said hurriedly. "Well, actually, yes. May I ask, who is the landowner of this estate?"

Tao yawned a bit, rubbing her tummy. "Its okay Nova lady....Tao's getting pretty tired Neow!" she said to her, then Yawned again. "Tao thinks this is a good time to have a nap" She added, then closed her eyes and fell asleep. snoring a little.

OoC: @Harbinger It's a site called the SCP foundation. A wiki of creepypastas, prettymuch. Be warned, there is some SERIOUSLY creepy and gross stuff in there.
Anyway, anyone want Vergil?

Axel skidded to a halt as the cat-lady-recently-identified-as-Jean showed up in front of him. He started feeling a little nervous, but didn't show it all except for a bead of sweat running down his face. Man, I am getting a real bad vibe here. Better safe than sorry.
"Ah fine. There's barely anything worth taking here anyway." He said, resting his hand behind his head nonchalantly.

"Can I... stay here for bit? ...I'm cold, and I have no idea where I am." The woman replied, looking down at the ground. As she looked down, she noticed a shortword with a thin, slightly curved blade hidden under a sash around her hips. Why did she carry a sword? And furthermore, how did she not notice this before? Dismissing the thought, the woman looked back at Jean.
She then tilted her head and looked at Axel curiously. He wore the strangest clothes out of everyone she had seen since she woke up in the woods.

OoC @Gear: How'd you guess?

OoC: @Nail, this is @Gear, were talking about
he managed to guess on 4 of my potential characters in more or less one go

The group came back and saw Axel. They than charge at him some of them climbed up and started hacking at his fingers "Waily waily you canna defeats the Wee Free Men

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