The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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The Pub 2.0

Meta Roleplay and Character Workshop

Inspired by The Pub - Original Post by: Captainguy42
With much gratitude


Within the space that exists outside the infinite number dimensions that make up the multiverse, there exists an intersection where all the dimensions meet. Within this space is not Heaven nor is it Hell but rather a Pub and its staff (as well as other creatures as of yet undiscovered) and a corridor of doorways that gives patrons access to any dimension their heart desires.

So come in, prop your feet up, grab a glass of your favorite poison and say hello.


The Purpose of The Original Pub carries over to the Pub 2.0 as a spot where any character in the infinite dimensions can come in and interact with each other. It's a big old fashioned meet and greet where tales can be swapped, combat tactics can be traded and drinks can be shared.

Additionally, anything that happens within the Pub, stays within the Pub. Knowledge derived from the Pub is instantly forgotten by a character upon exiting (most of the time).

An additional purpose has been given to the Pub 2.0 as a Character Workshop where newbie and veteran Role Players can bring their newest creations in and take them for a test drive (and iron out any kinks that may exist) before sending them off into the great big world.

The Rules:

1. No God Moding/Autoing: Neither God Moding nor Autoing have any real place in a respectable Role Play. As such, it is frowned upon here.

2. One Character/Set per Player: Allowing more than one character (except where the exceptions to this rule apply) would quickly devolve the Pub into a giant jumbled mess. As such, we humbly request that you bring in one character at a time. If you wish to bring in a second character, have your first leave or go to sleep in one of the many second level guest rooms.

3. Introduce Yourself: "Because the Pub is simultaneously outside and inside of all dimensional jurisdictions, an inter-dimensional treaty mandates that all visitors be identified upon entering the Pub via a survey."

At least tell us your name and what you look like. Additional information such as a link to an existing character sheet would be handy.

4. Join the Group: A Pub group has been established |here|. Please join and keep the main Role Play Thread free of OOC comments. Dice have been enabled for those of you who are statistically inclined.

For additional rules and tips. Please see this link here


A few things to consider when walking into the Pub.

1. Parallel Existence Anomaly: The people that exist in the Pub are parallel versions of themselves, with one version still existing in their dimension as normal, and the other version at the Pub. Some character may choose to break this rule, though it is discouraged.

2. Time Distortion Anomaly: The Pub is under very heavy time distortion, when you return you will find that no time has passed, or just enough time has passed, for that person to stay current with her time line. Again, some character may choose to break this rule. This may lead to all sort of paradoxes. Break this rule at your own discretion.

3. The Secrecy Anomaly: Not a single one but there is a whole family of anomalies that ensure nothing that happens in the Pub affects other dimensions (Read: All non-canon). What happens in the Pub, stays in the Pub. DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE!

The Staff:

Here's the short list of who works here and who controls them:

Caramel Frappe

Daft Sikes


The Staff (Continued...)


The Layout

What's where and where's what

The Main Pub Room:

As one enters The Pub, they will find themselves in the main room of The Pub. This is where a majority of the action happens. People can congregate, pick up a story or two, drink, eat, brawl... whatever.

The bar takes up a wall by itself and is stocked with every imaginable drink, serum, potion, food, snack, etc. If it exists anywhere in the known dimensions, you'll find it here. On top of the bar is a jukebox that's connected to the various speakers hung on the walls. Behind the bar are the barkeeps' quarters. Do not enter unless invited to do so.

Under a trapdoor behind the bar is the entrance to the underground and where all the drinks in the Pub are manufactured and bottled.

A flight of stairs, opposite the main door, leads patrons to the Guest Rooms where they might find a bed suitable for napping or passing out. The second floor is also the location for the Hall of Doors.

The Hall of Doors is exactly what it sounds like, a hall filled with doors. Behind each door is the entrance to its corresponding dimension and allows Patrons to go exploring. Due to some sort of anomaly, most patrons find that they are unable to interact with the world beyond the doors.

The Underground:

The Underground is a series of interconnected cavernous passages that are home to a community of intelligent, telepathic Deathclaws. Since the foundation of the Pub, this community has been largely responsible for supplying the Pub and its patrons with food and drink.

While they are not as aggressive as their more well known cousins, they are just as deadly. If a visitor minds their manners, they can be quite hospitable, a trait they believe brings them closer to The Maker.

The Maker is the "Deity" to their religion. It's their belief that there are beings, they refer to as Makers, that live in a higher dimensional plane that are able to affect the various events within a verse.

Recently it has been revealed that the Intelligent Deathclaw society that resides in the Underground is setup as some sort of Matriarchy that reports to Titania, the Queen and Mother to all the Intelligent Deathclaws.

While the official position of the Colony has always been to leave the other verses alone, a rival faction, lead by the Alpha known as Oberon, has risen and demands for expansion of the Deathclaw Colony.

The Training Room:

A 3 Dimensional, variable environment training simulation that can be used by Pub Patrons to show off their latest and greatest moves. Whatever you can think of, the Training Room can become.

Note: Death within the training room results in respawning within the confines of the Training Room, not being sent back to the Patron's Home Dimension.

The Hanger and Great Outdoors:(Updated!)

The Hanger is where the vehicles are. Whether its cars, motorcycles, airplanes, horses or something more exotic, the Hanger is where you're bound to find it. However, what's a hanger without a place to test drive whatever vehicle you've chosen? That's where the Great Outdoors comes in.

Beyond the giant double doors that serves as the outside entrance to the Hanger, is Interdimensional Space. It is you will find that the void isn't exactly void, but rather it's filled with gasses necessary for respiration and combustion. There is limited gravity so make sure that you compensate for this when you're flying.

Additionally, there are a series of roadways and open fields that allow for ground vehicles to run and water for water craft to swim.

The space is not infinite however. Surrounding the Pub are the walls of the verses. From a distance, the walls merge and appear to be solid but upon closer inspection, one sees that the wall is made up of smaller dimensional membranes that separate one verse from the next. It is here that the birth of new verses or dimensions happen.

While the walls of the dimensions are naturally repelled by one another, there will be occasions where the dimensional membranes collide, causing the birth of a new dimension and will be signaled by a bright light as the dimension goes through its own big bang.

Remember, however, drive safely. You're only safe if you're paying attention to where you're going.

The Zoo:

The Pub's Zoo is home to the flora and fauna of every species from every one of the infinite dimensions. While many of the species of plants and animals are safe enough to most of the Pub Patrons, it should be noted that there are also a fair number of them that would sooner rip a Patron's face off than look at it.

Due to the number of specimens that reside in the Zoo, it should be noted that the Zoo is multi floored and multi-environmental. The residents of the Zoo are cared for and protected by a number of robotic caretakers.

The Purpose of the Zoo is simple. It allows for a space where future GMs can create their own flora and fauna and get the opinions of your fellow Pub Patrons.

The Store/Armory: (Updated!)

Anything that your heart desires can be found here. Including things that might eat your heart straight from your chest. Holy, unholy and cursed items available. Mundane is acceptable as well. If you can dream it... you can buy it here!

The Visitor Book:

Who's here now/Who's been here before (Character Sheets)

Currently In Flux (Visiting Another Dimension):


Currently in:

The Visitor Book (Continued...)

More Space for Sheets

Character Resources

References for building a better character

Escapist Magazine: A User's Guide to Creating Your Own Avatar
Escapist Magazine: Escapist Role Play and You
TV Tropes: Characterization

Character Sheet Template:

Snip Quoting: A Why and How To...

If you and another player are heavily interacting while the world around you progresses, it helps the other player to snip quote them as it will flag in their messages (if they have quote flagging enabled).

Note: Not everyone likes SNIP quotes. Only SNIP quote another player after you get their okay.

The Setup:

A spacial distortion erupted into existence of the middle of the room, a room filled with dust, mold and the remnants of better days past. Whatever this distortion was, it seemed stable enough until it horked out a couple conscious figures and a couple of unconscious girls onto the floor.

Puce picked himself up, coughing from the sheer amount of dust that filled his lungs and tickled his throat, and began brushing off his clothing before he looking around.

The area seemed rather familiar to him, given that it looked exactly like the place that they had just come from, except it was much MUCH more dirty.

"Kuru, are you okay?" Puce asked the woman who had landed next to him.

"I'm... fine. I think. Is it just us?" She asked as she too surveyed the room.

"Where's Kokoa? I don't see that blasted maniac anywhere!" Puce exclaimed as they waited to see if any of the others would show up.

The middle aged gentleman rushed into the room, before shrugging and taking a seat. This sort of thing had happened to him before. "Could I have a Gin and Tonic, please, young man. And could you tell me when I'm going back to the real world, I really need to get to Harkstead. There'll probably be a riot, you know!"
He doffed his hat to the man and woman standing confused near the door. "Sir, Madame." He said "Why don't you take a seat, this round is on me, as they say."

Puce took a look at the man who arrived in through the main door and sighed, a long and tired sigh of someone who just survived an attack by Kadouclaws, survived a giant explosion, escaped through a trans-dimensional rip through space and time and ended up in a dusty recreation of the Pub that he had just escaped.

After a moment, he walked over to his usual spot behind the Bar and poured the man a Gin and Tonic.

"Not to be rude, sir, but if this trans dimensional nexus follows the same rules as the one I just left, you have all the time in the world. When you leave, you'll just end up at the same spot you were when you entered at the same time you entered." Puce expounded for a moment before he realized that the man probably just wanted a drink and not a lecture on trans dimensional theory.

"Enjoy." He said as he began dusting the cob webs off of the tables and the mahogany bar.

Kurumu, in the mean time, set upon the task of dragging the unconscious girls into the backroom. Noting that the man was looking at her.

"Don't worry, they're not slaves. I swear" She said before disappearing around the corner.

"My name's Puce by the way and I'll be your bartender for... well... however long you want to stay here."

The woman wanders in emerald eyes quickly catching the bar.

She pulls up a seat and asks quite simply.

"What's good?"

Maybe someone should remind her to say hello next time.

She opens her mouth again maybe this time she'll actually say something a normal person would.

"Also I'm vegetarian so." Total bullshit just in case you were wondering.

Byron burst through the door and landed flat on his face. "Ouch...". He stood up and looked around while dusting himself off. "Excuse me, mon ami, but where am I ?" he asked the two people who were at what seemed like a bar. Before getting an answer he headed for a stool and sat down. "Do you have any Jack Daniels close by? I take bad news better with some Jack Daniels"

Puce eyed wandeded over to the two who had wandered in so immediately after Neo-Pub's discovery he wondered if a barkeep was needed in order for the Main Door to unlock itself. Puce's brown eyes wincer further as Kurumu began the long PAINFUL process of tuning the piano by ear.

"What's good? You look like someone who could use a nice summer wine." Puce said as he reached down under the Bar to reach for the clipboard, only to realize that it wasn't there.

Looking at tbe dusty bottles he located a bottle of wine, "Un Verre Été."

"What a clever name..." he thought to himself as he found a clean glass and poured the pale yellow liquid in.

As for the gentleman with the sniper's rifle, he found the JD witg no issue at all. No matter how strange the world was, you could always find a bottle of Jack in whichever Pub you happened to be in.

"Here you are." He said to the gentleman with the sniper's rifle, the tumbler of amber liquor sloshing a bit as the bar's finish needed a retouching.

"As to where this is, it's no where and everywhere. You're in the Pub. Best Pub in all of Nexus." He said, leaving out the part that this was the only Pub in Nexus.

"I'm Puce, (no clue how I got the name) ... Proprietor of this establishment... and provider of all things Food and Drink related." He said by way of introduction, a hand running through his spikey puce colored hair, before pointing to the human looking woman at the Piano.

"My busty companion at the piano is Kurumu Kurono." he said, his eyes lighting up when he spoke her name.

Byron took up a large swig of his beloved Jack Daniels.

"Ahh, that's better... Oh where are my manners my name is Byron Black" he said extending out a hand towards the bartender.

Puce smiled as he accepted the proferred handshake and welcomed Byron with another tumbler full of Jack Daniels.

"You know, I couldn't help but notice that rifle. Are you some sort of big game hunter?" Puce asked as he had never willingly held a firearm in his life.


She took the glass offered to her.

"What language is that on the bottle?"

Was it even a language? It didn't look even remotely like any she knew. Then she noticed that none of the writing did, but she understood some of it. How strange, for one it was at a really weird angle and red in a very strange way. Surely it was much more logical to start at the bottom and go up, that way you conclusions wouldn't fall down. Then when you were done you were free to start a new column elsewhere, which would be its own independent point.

"Why can I read any of this? Or for that matter understand any of you?"

She turns to the fat guy sitting nearby.

"Is that some kind of weapon then?
Doesn't look like any I've seen. It's not got a blade and it looks fairly complex for just a club."

A low groan eminates from one of the booths at the back of the pub, and a disheveled looking man sits up. He looks around the pub for a moment, before running a robotic hand through his dirty blond hair (which is currently pulled back in a sloppy looking ponytail), stands, and walks over the the bar, every other step landing with the dull thud of metal on hardwood. "Whisky on the rocks please Puce," He asks with a slight Australian accent, "And I'd prefer the Pub not blow up this time." He adds jokingly.


The spacial distortion went and spit out a rather different=looking Hadrian headfirst, along with an unconscious, pink-haired girl. His head went straight through the wooden floor, several loud cracks resounding throughout the room.

"Mmm? MMMMMM!![1]" Hadrian's cried, his voice muffled as he attempted to yank his head out of the floor. He let go of the girl and got on his feet and hands, simultaneously pushing and stepping back, only to slip and fall back on his chest. "Mmmmm..."

[1] Huh? DAMN IT!!

Anthony wandered into the pub, looked around for a minute, and sat down in one of the booths.

Puce chuckled at the woman who seemed rather ... out there (for lack of a better term. Puce poured her another glass of "Un Verre Ete" before he began speaking with her.

"The language is French, I think. My people have some familiarity with the French, seeing how they fought against our Vietnamese cousins long ago." The Barkeep stated before turning to the more complex question at hand.

"As to why you're able to understand me and I understand you, I think it's a property of the Nexus. I've never had an issue understanding anyone who stepped through the Main Door." He admitted to guessing the reason. He'd leave the firearms explanation to Bryon, since Puce was under the impression that the man knew a great deal more about rifles than he did.

"So... I'm curiou..." Puce started to say, as he started looking for an artificial energy sources with which to tap in, until it was Knife who meandered up to the Bar looking rather beat up.

"KNIFE! You're alive! I haven't seen anyone from the "old place" since I got here." Puce said excitedly as he poured the former Barkeep of the "old place" a rather large glass of Whiskey, making sure to drop a couple of chilled soap stone cubes into the glass.

"Have you seen anybody else? Natsuki? Kokoa? Hadrian? Lucy? Sar? Anyone?"" Puce asked quietly to the side, not wanting to alarm any of the new comer not aware of the fate of the "old place."

A loud crash was the only answer that Puce got in response as someone came tumbling through the spacial deformation.

"Mmm? MMMMMM!![1]" Hadrian's cried, his voice muffled as he attempted to yank his head out of the floor. He let go of the girl and got on his feet and hands, simultaneously pushing and stepping back, only to slip and fall back on his chest. "Mmmmm..."

"Hadrian!" Kurumu exclaimed as she ran over to the man whose head was buried in a hole in the floorboards.

With a quick swipe of some nine inch claws, the Succubus freed her friend from the floor's rather tight embrace.

"Are you okay?"


Daft Sikes:

[1] Huh? DAMN IT!!

Knife looks over at Hadrian,'s predicament and chuckles, before whispering back to Puce, "Apart from you, Kurumu and Hadrian, nah, I han't seen the others." Knife pauses, taking a dreg of his drink, "Don't worry though, if we got through, then I'm sure they'll be fine."

Puce nodded at Knife as he watched the spacial distortion kept swirling in the corner of the Pub next to the Main Door.

If anyone were to peer into its depths, they would have only seen the void of inter-dimensional space, the membranes of the unbound dimensions were floating free from each other. Occasionally there would be a flash of an image of the "old place."

"I'm sure you're right, Knife." Puce said as he found a bottle of "La Mort D'amour." Apparently they even had Puce's custom made drink of choice here.

"At least there's no Kadouclaws here." Puce said, though those words would probably be wrong sometime in the future.

As the main door of the Pub creaked open once again it revealed a woman who seemed to be midway through a conversation. She was fairly small, maybe around 5'1 or 5'2 and was small enough to be ridiculed by anyone who despised the modern fashion industry. Her dirty blonde hair was fairly long and would have reached the small of her back had she not been wearing it up in a pony tail. Her skin was fairly tanned, and almost flawless except for a small beauty mark over the top of her lip. The woman's eyes were her most distinct feature. Her sharp blue eyes seemed to almost glow. She wore a scandalous bright red dress that would be considered beyond too tight by "proper" society. The woman was extremely well endowed and clearly knew how to flaunt it.

"So this must be your bed...," the woman attempted to finish but as she took in the entirety of the main room and made a quick retake she froze.

"Where the hell am I!?" the woman questioned loudly enough to be heard by everyone inside the Pub.

Puce smirked at woman who entered, knowing that sometimes the Pub had a mind of its own on where a Doorway would appear within a dimension.

"You're in a Pub, of course." Puce said as he gestured towards what the woman must have thought more to be a dive bar than a Pub. The booths still had a thick layer of dust upon them as well as cobwebs that dangled from the faux-candle lights that seemed a bit tacky compared with the rest of what could be.

"Sorry for the mess, we just opened." He continued as he gestured towards an open stool near the bar, reaching over to brush the dust off the seat.

As Kurumu finished fishing Hadrian out of the hole in the floor, she noted the woman and scowled.


"Are you okay?"

Hadrian put a hand to his head, as he was pulled out of the hole by Kurumu.

"Urrgh, what the hell was that? What just happened?" He shook his head, after being set down on his feet, then he looked around, confused. "Did I just get shorter?"

He still stood over just about everyone in the pub, but to not as great as an extent. He brought his hands up, turning them around with wide eyes. They looked less gaunt than they did before. He started feeling up his face, his eyes widening some more. It felt more smooth, and it seemed that some of his old battle scars disappeared completely.


Daft Sikes:

Kurumu looked at Hadrian with a poorly hidden look of 'who the hell are you' plastered upon her face as she looked at the man that Puce and Her and known for quite some time. It took a minute but a spark of recognition was kindled as she took in what the new ... old ... younger Hadrian looked like.

"Hadrian? Is it really you?" The succubus asked as she looked at the 20 years younger Guardian of Light.

The woman raised her eyebrow in suspension scanning over the rest of the patrons, staff and the seat itself before finally sitting down. She looked past Puce and went over the entirety of the various wares stocked behind the bar. All the various bottles, jars, bowls filled with various liquids left a disgusted look on the woman's face.

"I know all the "bars" in the area and the only people I know to use the term pub are the blokes on BBC," the woman exclaimed while attempting a terrible British accent.

The woman dragged her index finger along the bar counter which quickly gathered dust, "Where exactly is this "pub" located?"


"Hadrian? Is it really you?"

Hadrian looked at Kurumu, then back down, still taking in his younger appearance.

"Y-yeah, it's me. Or... At least I think I'm me." He replied hesitantly. He looked around, and found the little tear in space where he popped out from. He pointed at it. "Did that do this to me?"

Puce smirked once again at the horrible attempt at the accent, if only Caim and Angelus had heard it, they surely would have cringed before running this woman either out of the Pub or through.

"THE Pub is located in an area I like to think of as being called Nexus. But there's a few other names for it. The Trans-Dimensional intersection, The End of the Multiverse... but really, it's just a point in inter-dimensional space where all the verses converge." Puce explained, hoping that his explanation was simple enough to not go over the debutante's head.

Grabbing a "clean" rag, he wiped off the bar in front of the woman and cringed at the sight of the poor condition of the mahogany.

"I'm Puce, by the way. Care for a drink?" The Barkeep asked as he found the ignition switch for the central reactors that were located deep underground. As he flipped it on, the power began flowing to the various electrical devices scattered throughout the room.

Daft Sikes:
"Did that do this to me?"

"I'm guessing so. You look a lot better than the last time I saw you... all of 5 minutes ago in the other Pub." She responded as she silently cursed the maniac vampire for setting off the self destruct.

"Come on... let's get you cleaned up and filled up with some Jagermeister then." She said as she helped him to his feet, making sure to pickup the unconscious Dinclonius girl and take her into the back room.


Hadrian followed, feeling rather unsure about... well, everything really. The Pub exploding, the NEW Pub, him regressing to what he assumed to be his thirties... He gave an irritable sigh.

"I don't even know what's going on anymore."

Care for a drink?"

"Wow...I never thought all that multiple universe crap they talked about on the History Channel was true. Well might as well make the best of a...strange circumstance. Do you have any simple ole' red wine behind that big ass counter?" The woman crossed her legs getting slightly more comfortable in the stool as her face developed a more relaxed demeanor.

Daft Sikes:
30s? So Hadrian was 50?

Puce can a warm smile as he saw the familiar garments that Hadrian wore that quickly faded when he failed to recognize the man in the clothing that now seemed a bit tight on him.

"Welcome..." Puce said before being interrupted by Kurumu as she passed with the unconscious girl.

"It's Hadrian." She said as she disappeared into the back room.

"Thanks love!" Puce said before turning to Hadrian and offering him a seat, taking a moment to look at him and shake his head.

"Why couldn't that spacial escape hatch have done that to me?" Puce asked aloud before he remembered his manners.

Introductions are in order

"That's the spirt. Hadrian... this is... come to think of it, I don't think I ever got your name." The barkeep said as he picked up a clean wineglass and found a bottle of Red.

"Here you go... I'm Puce by the way and this is Hadrian Selene." He said as he placed the glass on top of a bar napkin in front of the woman before turning away to look for the bottle of Jagermeister.

"Oh... they even have dragons blood here..." Puce commented as he decanted the licorice scented drink into a glass before taking an eye dropper and dripping a couple of crimson red drops into the dark green liquor, a slight sizzling could be heard as the dragon's blood hit the Jager.


The woman brought her head at eye level with the counter to get a closer look at the glass. She quickly flicked the side of the glass shaking the contents a bit before looking back up at Puce.

"The name's Derrick, and are you sure it's safe to drink this stuff?"

I shall take my post (for coherency's sake)

Quite Sure

Puce nodded as he slid the drink in front of Hadrian, the man looking down at the glass in delight. He pointed at the wine glass that remained untouched by the Dragon's blood with a questioning eye.

"It's totally safe. Hadrian here's probably had a whole dragon's supply of the stuff over the time that I've known him." Puce commented before the woman's name set in.

Opening his mouth, a voice behind him was the one that spoke.

"Isn't Derrick a man's name?" Kurumu asked as she strode up to the bar, next to Puce before leaning upon it.

"This is Kurumu Kurono, Succubus, Pianist, Lover." Puce said with a twinkle in his eyes.

And push it over here! Sorry about that!

Hadrian promptly grabbed the glass, and poured the liquid straight down his throat.

"Thanks Puce," He placed the empty glass on the counter with a sigh. He looked a bit more mellow now. "I really needed that."

He sniffed the air, looking at the "woman" with his eyes narrowed, before nodding.

"It's nice to meet you."

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