The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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Caramel Frappe:

Yoruichi smiled friendly at Hadrian. "Hey there, nice to see you up Armstrong."

Hadrian grinned lazily at Yoruichi.

"Nice ta see ya too. Haven't slept in a bed like that in a looooong time. Heheheh..."


He let out another yawn, and sat himself down at the bar, wearing a dopey grin. The smell of coffee had him open his eyes up a bit more.

"Mmmmm... Smells great Puce."

Puce grinned as he poured several of the shots of Cuban Espresso into a small cup and mixed in a bit of creme.

"You might want to sip it." Puce advised, wondering how a werewolf's physiology would take to the caffeine inside espresso beans.

In That Case-

"Fine, fine~ I won't call you boss then Puce. But if that's the case, I will use my Shunpo. It'll make me known to be the quickest server the Pub could of ever asked for! Unless it's cooking.. I will take your advise on that."

Daft Sikes:
You Sound Tired Lol

Yoruichi took a seat next to Hadrian and looked at his meal.
"Soooooo- ..... you did sleep well? I thought you'd stay awake from all the noise next door." She teased.

Hadrian apparently missed that the newcomer addressed him by name. no worries.


"My presense as a creator in a fictional area as made it a story within a story about a story being written while it's written. I uhhh...can't make it any clearer than that, I'm afraid."

Kurumu and just about anyone else would notice that the Writer was no longer in half. He was sitting down with his drinks and writing at his booth. However, he was ALSO standing there - whole now - and talking to them. Natsuki glared at this.

"Is...this what dad means about the fourth wall breaking? Always wondered."

Caramel Frappe:
What are you trying to say?

Puce raised an eyebrow at the server while at the same time Kurumu started muttering under her breath.

"You'll be the deadest server in the Pub." She said as she looked at the finish at the Piano and motioned over to Puce.

With a nod, Puce disassembled the Grand Piano piece by piece, each piece becoming some sort of creature and shaking the dust off of it and restoring itself to its former luster. Satisfied, Puce reassembled the Piano, making sure that the Piano was as in tune as it was when he disassembled it.

"Thanks love!" Kurumu said as she looked over the Pub from the stage.

Don't Push The Cat Man. Despite Cats Having 9 Lives

With a smirk that was slanted, Yoruichi questioned Kurumu, ".. What, was that?"
She didn't look serious, but even though she really wanted to help for the sake of sticking around to protect them from who's to come-
They were irritating her, or least remarks like that.

However Yoruichi sighed and shrugged and laughed it off. She was mature, no need to get all hardcore on a girl for making silly threats.
"Also Kurumu, if you tried to kill me you'll need a 1,000 years of training just in order to keep up with me."

The Real World

2 Dimensions above the Pub

Mark reviewed the scene mentally in his head to see if he had it right. Somewhere in the world, was FalloutJack... who was now in the role of Jake... who was writing about Jake that was interacting with the Pubstaff.

"So he's the dude, writing about the dude who's writing about another dude." Mark said to himself.

"No wonder why my brain burns."


1 Dimension above the Pub

As The Vessel looked on,

Mark reviewed the scene mentally in his head to see if he had it right. Somewhere in the world, was FalloutJack... who was now in the role of Jake... who was writing about Jake that was interacting with the Pubstaff.

"So he's the dude, writing about the dude who wrote about FalloutJack and Natsuki." Mark said to himself.

"No wonder why my brain burns."

Caramel Frappe:

Puce sighed as he put up a rash of dished and glasses and put them away.

"Hey Yuro. You get anything to eat yet?" Puce asked as he changed the topic of the conversation.


"You're welcome!"

"Who are you talking to?"

"I'm not qualified to say without a waiver against brain damage."

I'm Actually Hungry Now FTW

"If I did Puce, you'll probably lose your year's supply of food and I can't imagine how painful it'd be to search for everything to replace the stock.. It'd be best if I just worked off my calories and then ate like say in a week's notice.."


"You might want to sip it."

Hadrian just waved it off.

"I'll be fine! Don't worry." He threw his head back, pouring the contents of the cup straight down his throat.

He set the cup down, smacking his lips. Everything seemed to be okay, and the coffee seemed to have did its job. He looked quite awake now, sitting up straight, and having his hands folded on the bar. He was breathing heavily, his head was twitching erratically, and his pupils were all dilated...




Hadrian rocketed from the stool, and right into his room, the following gust of wind causing the door to slam shut. Crashing and furniture being thrown around the room could be heard, along with his caffiene-fueled babbling.

Exactly what I was thinking about...

"I believe that we have found one of the Makers is what he means Natsuki and he is perhaps communicating with the other Makers that are overlooking us." Fenris postulated with a bit of help from somewhere.

Caramel Frappe:
Ditto... I could go for egg and sausage croissant

Puce shrugged as he opened up the freezer door behind the Bar. In it was stocked with every single thing that anyone could ever want to eat. This made possible by a dumb waiter that the Deathclaws from the Underground used to stock the larder.

"I think we'll be just fine." Puce said as he started making a sandwich for himself and one for Kurumu.

Daft Sikes:
Eventually he'll crash right, mommy?

Kurumu watched in amusement as the normally fast werewolf became positively jet fueled after a shot of the Cuban Coffee.

"I guess there IS a reason why they're served in thimbles."


"I believe that we have found one of the Makers is what he means Natsuki and he is perhaps communicating with the other Makers that are overlooking us."

"I'm sorry, god is a writer in demon armor wearing glasses? Gimme a royal ass break, Fenris."

"Such a nice girl."


It's surprising how Yoruichi can be in such good, amazing shape when she had the stomach of an obese human. She eyed the sandwich Puce was making and shifted her gaze at the door that Hadrian ran into for which she was considering to check up on him.

".. .. Hey, Puce." She asked, her hands crossed and her eyes serious now.

".. Can we order food, from anywhere in the universe? ... If so... I want to try it."

They're only as nice as you make them

"It is simply a thought. My people and I have seen stranger things occur while observing other worlds through the doors. For instance, there is an Archangel that enjoys surfing on missiles. I would hardly describe that as normal. My very existence is far from normal." He mused as he looked over at Yuroichi, pointing and shaking his head as the Cat Woman considered what in the multiverse to order.

Caramel Frappe:
Sounds good doesn't it?

Puce nodded his head as he took a bite out of his Sandwich which had been filled with head cheese, Vietnamese ham, cilantro, jalapenos, pickled radish and carrots as well as pate and topped with a fried egg.

"Anything that you can think of." Puce replied after swallowing his bite.


"Anything that you can think of."

"Could I have the state of Minnesota on cheese and toast?"

Natsuki glared at the Writer when he chimed that in, then turned back to Fenris.

"And I thought the wasteland was weird..."

Shaking Heads ... I'ma Bust Them.

Yoruichi caught sight of the Deathclaw pointing at her. She turned her head ignoring the beast and noted to Puce, "Well, in that case I might as well... Hold on. Where do I go or how do I order things outside the Pub?"

"Could I have the state of Minnesota on cheese and toast?"

"Got this." Yoruichi accepted the challenge. Before Puce could move his leg, she used Shunpo and supplied all the necessary toppings and bread to get it down to what the newcomer wanted. Using her ability again, she was right in front of him and handed him the sandwich under 3 seconds. She smirked.

"Anything else for you? I'm the best this Pub's got at server... or, well.. okay scratch that i'm just fast."

The sandwich was bread made out of toast, the meat shaped like Minnesota, and the cheese oozing on the top layer.

Strange... I was strange once... oh scratch that.

Puce wondered how on Earth she got the state of Minnesota on cheese toast.

"I don't believe that a state can be that small." Puce said aloud as he looked at the sandwich that was quite a bit smaller than the state of Minnesota. However when he looked at the sandwich, he noticed that Yuroichi had topped the Cheese Toast with dirt from the state of Minnesota.

"Ohhh... technicalities. I love thee."

Caramel Frappe:
Points at Fenris

Fenris raised a clawed hand when Yuroichi wondered where to order things from outside the Pub.

"It's really a simple matter as I proceed down towards the Nexus point and reach into and pull out whatever it is you wish." Fenris stated.

Thanks DeathClaw Dude

While waiting for a response from the newcomer, she gave Fenris a smile and hollered, "Ah! I knew it, thanks for clearing that up now I can get what I should of seized from awhile ago, though I am not so greedy to just take stuff that isn't mine from hard working restraunts."

Caramel Frappe:
Bwa ha ha

ha ha ha ha.

And yet, when Jake bit into it, there was a chorus of infintesimally-small screams of horror from the little concoction. Jake gave Yoruichi a thumbs-up regarding her service.

Caramel Frappe:
No problem

That was lol worthy

Puce cringed as he heard the voices fill the room with their screams. Jake was obviously not one to be trifled with if he was able to transmute a dirt clod into a miniature version of the state of Minnesota.

"That was rather..." Puce started as he searched for the correct word.

"Disturbing." Kurumu finished as she looked at the miniature fires that broke out on top of Jake's meal as well as what looked like small ARC ships that lifted off from the surface of the sandwich.

"Ms. Yuroichi. I would recommend that you hesitate going to the source as it has been known to pull in the random Deathclaw into its depths. Fenris warned.

Lol awesome!!

Ha hah ha

Yoruichi looked to the side without turning her head. ".. How will I explain this to Soul Society .. that hundred thousand lives lost to a single bite because I served a man a sandwich."

To simply avoid thinking about it any further, she gave Fenris her attention. "So what's the point of having the Nexus then? If I can't even grab myself a bite from anywhere then I might as well stuff myself here."

Caramel Frappe:
I forgot to mention that it's an asylum down there.

Fenris had been lying about the random Deathclaws that had been pulled into the Nexus Source. The true reason was that the area was what powered the Pub Complex as well as the hatchery for the Deathclaw eggs. As safe as the source was, the Matriarch would never allow outsiders near the source.

"I would happily help keep you fed, Ms. Yuroichi. You look like you could use a bit of fat on you." The Deathclaw stated with a hungry looking grin and a chuckle.

Dat Smile!

She gave a one shot laugh and smirked at Fenris. "Trust me, i've been careless to risk gaining fat in centuries, but even if I tried I just burn off way to much with my life style. But still, I would appreciate that of course."

Caramel Frappe:

Puce looked over at Yuroichi and Fenris and did a double take. It was one of those moments in his life where he wondered if he was truly awake or living in someone else's dream.

"Is Fenris hitting on Yuroichi?" Puce asked himself as he thought about the logistics of a Deathclaw/Human coupling. It wasn't a thought for the faint of heart either.

"I think I see a big load a fat on your neck!" Kurumu said teasingly as she continued to work wonders on the Piano.

"I was merely jesting when I was leering at you. I happen to be mostly Vegetarian, though I do require meat to survive, I will digest very little of it, as little as possible."

I'm Oblivious Okay?

She nodded to Fenris's claim. "I need meat to keep myself satisfied. I'm willing to eat a sagged or road kill if I must, but otherwise it's not to bad having fruits, vegetables, or the likes of fake meats that people are coming up with for who knows why."

Caramel Frappe:
Wah?! You're oblivion? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

As Yuroichi spoke, Fenris took a rather large razor sharp and began cutting an apple into slices, all the while nodding at Yuroichi.

"I don't understand why faux meats is so popular among humans these days. It is not as if they are fooling anyone." He said with a low rumbling laugh.

"One day while I peering through a door, I saw that someone had taken a faux chicken, stuffed it inside a faux duck and stuffed that inside a faux turkey. What is the point?" Fenris asked with a bone crunching shrug of the shoulders.

Knife cocks an eyebrow at Fenris. "Wow, to me that just sounds really," He pauses, and puts on a pair of sunglasses, "Fowl."


She pondered about this too, but came to the conclusion, "It's probably to get the taste out of everything a person loves. After all, humans have the largest amount of taste buds out of any other animal known to man. I would know."

She took a piece of sliced apple and slide it into her mouth using the index finger to push the piece in, all the more before chewing it and swallowing. Patting her mouth with the tips of her fingers, she spoke "Besides that, it's probably a cultural thing. I wouldn't know all to much about how families work apart from how my division works in Soul Society."

Knife cocks an eyebrow at Fenris. "Wow, to me that just sounds really," He pauses, and puts on a pair of sunglasses, "Fowl."

"Yyeeaahhh!" She shouted, but not on the top of her voice. She got got into the moment without fully understanding why.
She coughed into her hand and looked behind to see the kitchen still not done.

"It's not my job too, but... I think I should clean this up, the Pub that is. Sure I am just a server, but how can I impress with this place like we've just had a..." Takes Knives sunglasses and places it on herself to try out for fun.

Here It Comes

"Fallout.." Yoruichi gives Knives his glasses back then starts making plans on how to least tidy up the main room so guests apart from exploring other regions of the place- don't have to see the mess from which they mainly relax and visit in.

Off to bed now, quote me and I shall reply when I awaken. Night all!

Knife laugh's at Yoruichi's own pun, and tucks his sunnies back into his pocket. "In lieu of any hat to take off, I raise my glass to you madame." He says, raising said glass at Yoruichi.

Katrina exits the room, her hair in tangles and in a mess in general. She is out of her armor as she heads downstairs.

Puce looked up from where he stood behind the bar and looked at the woman who exited one of the upstairs rooms and gave a friendly wave.

"Hi there. Drink? Food? You probably need some sort of food" He stated as he grabbed a plate and a clean glass for the woman.

"Looks like someone had a fun time." Kurumu whispered to Puce as she leaned up against the Bar.

Hello there!

Katrina walks up to the bar, as she takes out a little hair band to wrap her hair in a quick ponytail. "Eh, sure. Why not? Hmmm... I wonder how long that was..." she replies to Puce, keeping the second part a mutter to herself.

As the woman strode up towards Puce, he extended a friendly hand her way, a big smile on his face was the trademark of all honest greetings.

"Name's Puce, don't know how I got that moniker, and slice of pie over there is Kurumu." The Barkeep said as he pointed towards the blue haired young woman leaning against the bar, a glass of red in one hand.

"Sorry we haven't met yet... I think Puce and I went to bed when you got here." she apologized with a wink.

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