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Last Post... Watch Coma... Cook dinner ... Then maybe post

Puce watched as Doom played the role of Panty Raider and arched an eyebrow when he pulled out a "personal massager."

From across the Pub, Kurumu's voice was heard in outrage.

"The hell? I've been looking for that... Damn you Yuroichi." Kurumu exclaimed before she noticed Puce's eyes on her.

"Don't worry baby, It's got nothing on you..." She laughed weakly.

Caramel Frappe:

There was a Clang as Yoruichi back handed Doom and he fell a few feet to the side for his "Search".
As she went to give him the Key to the exit, She noticed he was being rather...quiet.
Then it sunk in, Doom hit a rock with the back of his head and after all that just happened, that was the straw that broke the camel's back as a blood pool started to form....


Back on the Main Floor, A Blonde Man in a SWAT uniform with "S.T.A.R.S." written on it and Sunglasses walked in
"Hello?...I'm here looking for Victor, Last name Von Doom? Drunk guy, Green Cloak, Head up his own ass?" He asked as he walked in.


Right when the guy in S.T.A.R.S finished talking, a woman suddenly appeared with a man hunched over her shoulder, like he was a rag doll. Yoruichi had shunpo and ran while doing so trying to save Doom. Sure she was hurting badly, but she sucked it up. Again she underestimated her own strength and caused him to be hurting quite badly himself or worse.

"Are you here for him?" She asked. The guy just stared at her, and looked at Doom being carried only to understand what has happened.
".. Ah, I overdid it. See, he got me in a bind at the end but I was ready to go after a quick cat nap. Sad to say, he was stripping me for the kids while I napped so waking up to that I just swat him.. a little to hard. Can you give him any medical condition, he's kind of dying."

Caramel Frappe:
Did I ever say he was a Asshole?

Wesker had Yoruichi lay him on a table as he eye'd up the petty much dead Doom.
Silence filled the air as he examined him.
Wesker turned to Yoruichi before Smiling and Giving her a Hug.
"Just for that, I'm buying you a drink. BARKEEP! 2 of you're finest, this calls for a PARTY! WOOOOOOOO!" He said before going to the bar, celebrating Doom's apparent demise.

The man walks into the bar and up to the bar keep "Get me some of the finest beef you have and the strongest ale you have too. Now make it quick and you get a tip"


David Woon:

Wesker leaned over the counter and picked up the first container of Ale he could find.
"Yeah, just hang on a sec and I'll sort you out..." He said, unsure if his Friend Doom did anything to upset the patrons here so he'd do his best to make up for anything Doom might have done.
"Oi. Clint Eastwood stand in (David), You want anything?" He asked as he poured a drink for Roland.

Haha Wow.

This took Yoruichi by surprise. His friend, almost to basically dead- and he wants to celebrate. Why?
".. Screw it, i'm to tired. You can be barkeep, I just need to sit."

So with that, Yoruichi sat on the bench, not minding her awful wounds, that her hair was loose, and the fact she was pretty jacked up like she survived World War III. Glancing at Doom on the table, she considered treating him but she wanted to know first hand.

"Why are you happy about your friend being barely alive, or dead at this point?"


A new customer requested something- and with that she couldn't ignore his request. She got up, hoped over the bar and without using any speed fetched him a piece of beef and the most luxurious ale she could stumble across.

"I don't even get paid here, I don't think a tip would make a difference."

"Who the hell is this Clint guy you're talking about. I've never heard of this man. He famous for something" He said and started eating

Caramel Frappe:

" "Friend"? You have met the man right? and didn't you say he was feeling you up or something. Oh, by the way." Wesker said before opening up a pouch on his Vest pulling out a Vial.
Inside was a Green Herb, a Red Herb and a Yellow Herb.
"Get that into you, should help with any pain. Also, Don't smoke it, Learned that lesson the hard way..." He added as Doom kept Bleeding out.
"Can't stand the guy, makes life impossible. If you go into a bathroom he was just in, You'd know what I mean."

"Who the hell is this Clint guy you're talking about. I've never heard of this man. He famous for something" He said and started eating

"Not you, the other guy (David Woon)....Though....Were you in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?"...No, wait, you're british, never mind." Wesker Answered.

"This good, bad and ugly thing. It a play or something. This Clint guy one of the characters I take it. Also bar wench here's some coin for your service" He said handing the woman three pounds

"Errr...Petty much, yeah..." Wesker said before shying away, if this Red-Coat was from that time period, he sure as shit wasn't going to spend the rest of the night bringing him up to speed on the history of the world.

Thank You

An eyebrow was risen up. The dude comes looking for his friend, cheers to know that Doom is dead (or dying) and carries herbs in his pocket that come in three colors and he wants Yoruichi to heal herself with them. What a day this turned out to be.
No doubt it actually helped. Suddenly her wounds healed, her body feeling like it was recovered first thing within the morning, and she stretched feeling good.

"Got to hand it to you, I didn't think any of this would work. Thank you for the herbs." She smirked, and began to enjoy herself all the more with soft hums. "Though, are you going to leave him to die? If you had these herbs to heal me, you could of given it to him but seems you can't stand him. If you're going to let Doom die, I might as well end his life quickly so he doesn't have to suffer.."

Yoruichi may be a mature, cocky and fun to be with type of girl but she was an assassin if not in charge of the torture force. She knows how to kill, how to prolong the life just to inflict pain more. She wasn't full in shape but she was going to fix that shortly.

Caramel Frappe:

"Look, Do whatever. Just if he is dead, nothing notable has been lost. Now....What's the Damage?..." Wesker asked expectedly as he pulled out his wallet.
"Just everywhere he goes, something bad happens and I hate having to sort out Lawsuits, so how much? $500?" He asked as he pulled the money out and handed it to her.

Doom meanwhile was twitching as he bled out.

The man seemed to just notice Doom as he bleed out "What the hell happened here. I don't think I've ever seen a bar fight go this far"

"Me either, just glad it was him and not me. It's alright, He's going to a better pace. Etc." He dismissed before pulling out a bottle of Vodka and pouring himself a shot.

edit: going offline, wesker will just be drinking, do whatever to doom.

R.I.P Doom

Yoruichi closed her eyes and shook her head declining the offer Wesker was making her,
"It wasn't his fault. He just came into the Pub and boasted about being victorious over all his battles. Craving for a good match, I offered him a round with me in the Training Room. He did good.. though, I got carried away realizing his tricks got me with the foot stomping. So, I kicked him far to hard. Even though he managed to get me in his HB device, he was still sincerely injured. Didn't help that I back handed him into a rock and now he's in this condition. Only did that because he was stripping me for the keys."

With that, Yoruichi walked over to Doom and saw his condition. With the herbs Yoruichi had, she or Wesker could of possibly saved Doom. This time around though, it looked like he was just suffering, dying slowly. Placing one hand on the back of his head and the other below his jaw, she paused for a moment.

"I wanted to have a rematch with you and go all out rather then before... but, ... I am sorry for still over doing it. Perhaps when I see you in the afterlife when I decide to come back, we can make up and laugh about all this."

Yoruichi closed her eyes, and with a simple turn of her arms- she quickly snapped Doom's neck, it even almost looked like she was going to twist his head off but that's how fast she snapped it.

"Well I guess that's a good way to look at it, Now will somebody bury him before he stinks up the place. Will probably leave stains on the boards too"

Caramel Frappe:

Wesker Glanced over as Doom was put down.
"Well Woo Fricking Rah. Doom's dead, God Bless his piece of Crap soul. NOW LET'S DRINK!" He shouted before he picked up the bottle of Vodka and started to down it, a few patrons shouting "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!".

Doom Meanwhile was dragged off by the Cleaners, stuffed in a Bin Bag and thrown in with the rest of the trash.

Signing off for Night

Don't Reply Until You Feel Like It!

Yoruichi was bummed out about it, after she was done giving the body to the Cleaners driving off with him. Sure she just met Doom while working, but it's been a long awhile since anyone could actually hurt Yoruichi in combat. She sort of walked over, slump into her seat next to Weskers, grabbed a bottle and popped it with using only her thumb, and gulped it all down like a champ.

She sighed after drinking it, like when you've drank for to long and she tapped her glass with Wesker's.
"To us then, since warriors never cease to give a crap. Toor-rah."


"You should join us, I have plans to get drunk and sleep it off."

"Well sure let's get drunk. You got any hang over cures in stock for the morning though" He said starting to chug down the ale

"Well, dragons give them out... Well trusted ones at least. A few Primal dragons have been considered a no-go."

"They will virtually eat anything. Literally. Dom tried eating the couch once and nearly did."

"Don't be silly. We killed all the dragons a long time ago. And why the hell would they give them anyway. Also who the hell are you" He said getting another ale

Roland chugged down the ale and noticed that people stood there unblinking frozen in time by a wizard or something. It wasn't very fun to drink by yourself so he decided to go to sleep

Caramel Frappe:
And I'm back for now... until I decide that sleep is needed which will be soon

As Puce returned to a state of consciousness, having slumped on the bar due to having a bit too much of "La Mort D'amour." As he came to, Puce noted that the Cleaner had been activated and was in the process of dismantling Doom's body.

"I guess he'll be back soon." Puce mused as he remembered that anyone who died in the Pub would be sent back to their time and dimension.

Puce noted the addition of Wesker as well as Roland.

"Hey Yuroichi. Next time when you kill someone in the Pub, try not to make such a mess." Puce said a he pointed at the puddle of blood in the middle of the floor. With a snap of his fingers a broom and mop hopped out of the closet and started mopping up the mess.

Sup Dude!

".. Ppftt. .. hgim wa-..." Yoruichi mumbled to herself, her upper body arched onto the bar with some drool going down the side of her mouth. She wiped it and turned to talk with Puce.

"Loouk, here... puuuce. I-I saved hihm from .. . .uhm, saved him, from the pain. Youa's don't.. like, even pay me...... so, o... so..... stop."

Yoruichi took another gulp, consuming 2/4th's of her 7th bottle of fine wine. "Wer.. where is Kuruuru...? Goahh I l.. love her.. she gave me- dat dress. That, nice... nice dress. F***ing nice. .. druessss." She had a hiccup, and her head bounced down, then back up as she walked up to Puce, blushing from being so drunk.

".. ..Ah.. wao.. wheeeeeere. is....... uhmm.. hmm..hmm............... that girl?? Puce, tella-ne. tell me. Ok? ok."


"Aye, no worries. I've no need to be evil right now."

Right NOW?! Well, let's leave it for now. Now, Fenris confronted Natsuki.

"I don't think you should, Fenris. It wouldn't go down well for you. I've gotten over you, but I'll be riding with a load of ultimate badasses into Legion territory with a mission of extraction."

She did look at him for a moment.

"Listen, uhhh...sorry about before. I really thought that everything in my life was ruined, that I'd come so far only to fail horribly or cause something worse to happen. I guess I'm wrong about that. I DO have to leave, though. If I don't get out th-"

She stopped, eyes wide.

"Holy shit, THE MEMORIES!"


Caramel Frappe:
Drunk Yuro Trashed

Puce pointed to Kurumu who was talking to the Dragonlord known as Katrina before returning to the subject at hand, how to treat a Pub patron.

"Soooo... Yuroichi. I think that what you did to Doom was fine but in the future try to refrain from killing the patrons in such a messy manner. Also it would be nice if you could refrain from killing them at all unless it's mutual combat. I would hate to think what would happen if you decided that it was time to practice your assassin skills." Puce said with a concern for Yuroichi's state.

Kurumu decided that she might as well cut to the chase as it were with Katrina.

"So you think that you could hook me up with a dragon egg?" Kurumu asked hoping that she would soon have a dragon hatchling in the Pub soon.


Fenris was able to suggest that not only could he help Natsuki but he could probably get a squad of 200 Intelligent Deathclaw to assist her when she suddenly seemed to spaz out.

"Ms. Natsuki? Are you alright?" Fenris asked quickly as he moved to comfort the stricken Natsuki, assisting her towards a booth.


She stopped, moved his arm, and glared.

"Claws. Off."

She shook her head in disgust.

"You know, for a Deathclaw boasting intelligence, you really don't pick up on things that well. The memories, Fenris, as in the ones you don't retain upon leaving the bar. Do I have any way of getting what I know out of here without forgetting and screwing it up?"

The Writer looked at this. Ah, come on. This was easy-peasy. Figure it out.

And Puce decided to chime in...

Puce decided to chime in on the conversation at that very moment. He had experienced something similar earlier in his experiences before coming to the Pub.

"Hey Fenris... perhaps you could assist me over here for a moment. I believe that I could use more 'La Mort D'amour'" Puce called over to the Deathclaw before he watched the Deathclaw walk off while sulking.

"Natsuki. Hadrian experienced something similar when he and Kokoa met in my dimension back in my past, their future. It seems that if you leave with something from the Pub that you didn't have in your possession or presence prior to you coming to the Pub, it can act to job your memories." Puce said as he revealed a glimpse of Hadrian's future.

"Also... you gotta remember. None of these Deathclaws have ever left Nexus so they're not all that aware of the anomalies." Puce advised as he started feeling sorry for the Deathclaw.

"So maybe you should take Fenris... it might help you remember what you need to remember." Kurumu advised from the other side of the Pub.

"I'm not sure what the memory anomaly will do to him though." Puce said, thinking aloud.

while everyone doing their own thing the door suddenly kicks open and a man walks in he's quite tall, well build and looking like he come right out of the old west "where in the name of hell am i!?"


She listened to the two, then said...

"Listen, I don't want to put the guy off too much, but right now I'm still somewhere between understanding and creeped out, plus I dunno what him leaving the bar does is his 'predecessors' turned into the Hounds of Tindalos, basically. Gimme something non-perishable that'll do better than that ticket. It only had residual traces and it took dad years to remember."

The Writer starts putting something down on a post-it note.

Note To Self: Get someone her age to cool her jets somewhat.

He sticks it to his forehead and gets back to work.

It's Now a Party...? Maybe.

"So'k .. Mr. Puce." She sobered as she took one last gulp from her bottle, then gently let herself sit on one of the chairs in the middle of the place, her eyes looked quite swollen. It wasn't as if she was crying or anything, but depression can cease to do that to someone. Yoruichi tried drinking from the empty bottle, but got a bit irritated and sighed very loudly.


" .. .Aha.. why's the cat .. all, meowing, and s***? .... Giood dang.. feline ins'ta heat."

She was actually referring to Natsuki.

David Woon:
Why would you Kick the door open?

Puce looked at the man and made a motion for him to come in.

"Welcome welcome. I'm about to clock out for the night but feel free to order something from the server, Yuro... Ohhh... she's drunk." Puce said before he activated the auto tender.

"This bot'll server you until I get enough rest." Puce said before turning to Natsuki.

Bed Time for me.

"Natsuki... perhaps you should think about this rationally. I know for a fact that Fenris pops up later in my timeline... I dunno if I should really tell you that but if he shows up in my timeline and he hasn't left the Pub yet, then it's obvious that nothing happens to him. It could be helpful if I give him something that makes him a bit more human looking." Puce said as he reached into his bag and pulled out the Fenris from AA dimension's Robe of Anthropomorphism.

With that, Puce excused himself as he and Kurumu left to go into the back room to get some sleep.

Caramel Frappe:

As Puce left, he called out to Yuroichi.

"You're in charge while Kurumu and I are asleep."

why wouldn't you?

"oh it a bar that's new well i could use a drink or two" he said doing a trick with his revolver on his finger before putting it back in the hostler then goes and sits at the bar "whiskery please"

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