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Derrick turned to Hadrian nodded back and and extended her hand for a shake. Simultaneously she turned her head back to Puce and Kurumu.

She looked at Kurumu puzzled as she leaned on the bar, "Yeah it tends to be, at least where I'm from, that's why my mother named me it.

And Snip two three four

Kurumu looked as if she had bitten into something sour as she looked at the way the woman named Derrick was dressed. If Kurumu didn't know any better, she would have picked the girl out as an escort.

"So either your mother wanted a boy... or you are ... a boy?" The succubus hazarded for a moment.

"Uh... love. I think maybe her mother was a bit eclectic, you know?" Puce chimed in, trying to cover up any perceived rudeness from his girlfriend.

"Sorry. It just seems like a strange name for a woman." She said with a sigh as the events from the previous Pub took their tool. Uncharacteristically, she grabbed a glass of "La Mort D'Amour" and took a long drink from it, savoring the bite that it had to it as well as the chemical rush the elixir imparted.


Hadrian didn't take her hand, choosing to lean on the bar. He sniffed the air one more time and looked at Derrick, amused.

"You can drop your little charade. You aren't fooling anyone." He chuckled. "I have to admit though, that's a very convincing disguise! Would fool many people back where I'm from."

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Derrick quickly reeled in his hand and started to chuckle. As he did he turned his attention back to Hadrian and gave he a smug grin.

"Damn if it wasn't for you I would've had these guys up all night trying to figure out what kind of equipment I was working with downstairs. Usually people just take the name and roll with it but I have no idea how you found out."

On his last word Derrick dropped the guise as the gorgeous woman was quickly replaced with a humanoid clump of reflective alloy shaped with defiant male features.

"I must be losing my touch or something," Derrick reached for his glass of wine.

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Hadrian just shrugged, with a grin, turning back to the bar.

"I just got a keen sense of smell, is all." He wouldn't reveal himself yet. Newcomers meant more surprises he would have for them. Then his face got a helluva lot paler as he remembered what had just happened minutes ago. He looked at Puce with wide eyes.

"Did everyone make it out okay?"

Character sheet taken care of, this horned girl was now coming back from the washroom, having cleaned off all of the blood from the battle against Lobo the Deathclaw. This was where she stopped...because there was a sudden burning in her pocket!

"OW! What the...?"

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the stone she'd gotten from that dead Skyrim woman. Pulling it out, Natsuki found it scalding hot...and then suddenly cooled as though quelled by an unknown force. She had seen...a soul in the gem fighting beneath the black surface. Natsuki stared for a moment, then returned it to her pocket. That man from Skyrim who'd killed her. Where was he?

"So, did I miss anything?"

Why do the strange ones...

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always end up in the Pub?

Kurumu and Puce watched in silence as Derrick reformed into the chromed humanoid that now stood before them before they nodded.

"It would figure that you're one of those." Kurumu said as she returned to a leaning position on the bar.

"You're not the first colony of nanobots that we've run into... though you do seem to be the most advanced." Puce said as he remembered Legion and Alice from back in their Rising Dawn days.

"You also used to be the best looking of the bunch too." Kurumu commented as well with a chuckle.

"Why is it that we never get anyone normal in here? Could you imagine someone normal walking through that door and seeing... well... what they see?" Puce asked aloud, getting a few looks as to why he wasn't normal.

With a sigh, Puce closed his eyes and began absorbing the energy that was being generated by the reactors below the Pub and funneled them into the Bar that was between Puce and the remainder of the patrons.

With a groan, the wood of the bar melted away into a puddle of what looked like liquid cellulose before reforming into a dog.

Barking, he ran out the Main Door and seconds later returned free of the accumulated Dust and Debris before turning back into a fully restored wet bar.

As the Patrons' eyes returned to Puce, they noticed that Kurumu had grown a pair of bat line wings as well as a tail.

"*sigh* Never any normals in the Nexus."

Apparently Some

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Did make it out Okay!

Puce and Kurumu both blanched at the sight of Natsuki wandering back into the Pub before they regained their sense. Kurumu hopped up over the bar and gave the little Diclonius girl a big busty succbus hug while exclaiming how she was glad that Natsuki had made it out alive.

"Natsuki! I'm so glad that you made it out alive." Kurumu said as she lead the girl over to the bar where Puce stood.

"Glad you made it here okay, Natsuki." Puce said glad that one more of their little group had made it through the spacial anomaly without issue.

"You've still got some of Lobo behind your ear." Kurumu said as she picked up a bit of entrail and deposited in the trash.

Lobo bits? Ewww...

The busty hug put a WTF look on Natsuki's face, mostly because nobody ever did that to her before, and then the revelation of a piece of the Deathclaw still being on her made the girl shudder.

"I'm glad too. I...

Her eyes sank low.

"I'm sorry, all of you. This was my fault, the whole thing. I led you into terrible danger that nearly got us all killed, and I didn't even have the right information. Had I known it was Lobo, not his mate, I would've brought a Fat-Man, a Turbo Incinerator, and an experimental railgun."

Yes. Lobo Bits.

Puce simply chuckled at the little Diclonius girl's apology followed by Kurumu, forcing Natsuki to look up at them.

"No, Natsuki. You don't need to be sorry. We haven't seen that much action in a long time. A VERY long time. It was... fun... kinda." Puce said as his chuckle faded, leaving only a gentle smile.

"Honestly, I've been feeling like I could use the workout." The Succubus admitted as she pinched her belly, though there was not an ounce of fat to pinch.

"Besides... if it wasn't for that blasted vampire girl, we'd all be safe and sound back in the old place. Now where in the hell is she?" The Barkeep wondered aloud before a click caught everyone's attention.

The click that everyone heard belonged to the trap door that lead to the underground caverns that ran through the bedrock that kept the Pub stationed in Nexus. The click was followed by the squeaking of the hinges as the trapdoor was opened.

"I guess we've got our answer, love. Kokoa probably got shoved into the caver...ns." Kurumu said as she saw who it was that opened the trap door.

Now back in the old place, the Dwarfs that lived in the caverns never came up to the surface, preferring to spend their days underneath the Pub brewing every form of alcoholic beverage known to man. What opened the trap door was certainly not Kokoa nor was it a Dwarf.

Instead it was one of the biggest Deathclaws that anyone had ever seen or recorded. It easily towered above Hadrian by 2 feet, its densely muscled body was the color of yellow rotting fat and appeared to glisten as its scales reflected under the Pub's lighting.

As Puce, Kurumu, Hadrian and Natsuki as well as the rest of the patrons scrambled to grab their weapons, a rather chipper British accented voice spoke out.

"I say... We heard that you find folk had moved into the neighborhood. So my mates and I decided to bring up a welcome gift." The Death Claw stated, its mouth, lined with razor sharp teeth, hinged up into a smile.

"Did... did it just speak?" Kurumu asked in disbelief.

"Why no madame, what you're actually hearing is my thoughts projected into your mind. When the maker created us, he simply did not make it anatomically possible for us to generate speech. So in its stead, we evoled this form of telepathic communication. Oh and you can call me Fenris... I do so love that name" The Deathclaw Fenris "said" as he presented the patrons with a large basket filled with bottles of alcohol, jars of sweet fruit preserves, dried meats and freshly baked bread.

"There's more where that came from if this isn't enough."

Knife just watches, occasionally drinking some of his whiskey.
'You know, the point you stop being surprised by stuff like this is probably the point you know you've been travelling to long'
'Or it's the point you know you've been drinking too much.'
'You've had one drink.'
'Well I've obviously had enough when I start talking to myself.'
'One. Drink. You and I both know that you won't even need to try and hold your liquor for at least another 13 hours.'


Not a woman


Then again


A lot to take in

"This looks to be my kind of place." She said with a smile.
"Then again I'm pretty sure you're just making up places now."
She tried the bottle.
"This isn't so bad."

She turned round looking at the Deathclaw.
"Hello. Now what are you exactly?"
Her medical curiosity was very much peaked. Reptile? Maybe. Vertebrate probably.

Yeah... it happens. I'll try to slow my roll.

The Deathclaw looked down that the human that was communicating with it and did what appeared to be a bow before its "voice" started sounding off in the woman's mind.

"Ahh. Greetings and salutations Madame. I am what you humans call a Deathclaw. I believe your taxidermists called us Unguis Iridiae." Fenris "stated" before giving the woman a peculiar look, peculiar to a Deathclaw, but all Deathclaw expressions look similar to a non-Deathclaw.

As he "spoke," he tasked himself with slicing up the cured meats and a block of cheese before setting it on the bar.


"Not really. I am an assassin, gun for hire, and before I burst through that door I was freefalling 50 stories down. I was half way down and the bang I woke up here."


"Ahh. Greetings and salutations Madame. I am what you humans call a Deathclaw. I believe your taxidermists called us Unguis Iridiae."

"Wait are you an animal or something ? And you can talk? Barkeep I think I might have drank too much!"

Barkeep I think I might have drank too much!"

Puce took a quick look at Byron and noticed that the man was only on his second drink, about half way through it. With the quickness of a seasoned pro, the barkeep filled a tall glass with liquid and solid dihydrogen-monoxide and places it in front of the French man.

"I know what fish do in water but this should make you feel better." Puce advised as he slid the glass of ice water in front of the assassin.

"As I've stated human, I lack the faculties for vocalized communication. However, the Makers have blessed us with telepathic communication." Fenris stated, "sounding" rather indignant at being referred to as an animal.



"I'd hardly consider animal an insult; after all it applies to people as much as it does to you. I'd assume it applied to any non-divine non-plant providing it's alive.
So where exactly is a creature like you from?"


Natsuki was...surprised, honestly shocked that they didn't blame her. In the Enclave, making such a mistake was grounds for some sort of discipline and shaming because it was a screw-u[p that could very possibly get your team killed, not to mention yourself. After her initial surprise, though, her expression did let off a small smile at their admission of wanting some action. Some people had too much of it, she thought, but then you get people like FalloutBob who LIVE for it. Just then, the trap door opened and out popped-

NO! Not again! Not more of them! I won't let them kill again!!

-an intelligent Deathclaw from down below. That'! Cue Natsuki being stunned once more.


So where exactly is a creature like you from?"

"They're...they're from my world, originally, or one interpretation of it, I guess. Sorry, it's been a bit of a shock, Fenris. We just handled a bunch of your kind and they all have time traveling powers, and their father was the old bar's Final Boss."



"And what world is that?"
She was dealing pretty well with the idea there was more than one.

"Wait what's time travel?"
That idea however was pretty new to her.


"Well...Earth. One of it, anyway. I know that's hard to keep straight in here. Where I'm from, atomic bombs have scarred and irradiated the world. And as for time travel? This bar lives outside of time, outside of history. The Kadouclaw, as I called them, could walk to any point of history as though it were a place, not a time."

We know that temporal mechanics is a difficult subject to explain.



"There's a place called earth?"
That wasn't the only question she had but to be honest it made the most sense to ask that one first since it probably had the simplest answer and was also a simpler question.

She swilled time travel around in her mind a little. It didn't make much sense to her but she'd consider it for now, she hadn't thought much about time to be honest.
"Is time really a thing?"


"Yes, and...yes. I dunno what to tell you, really."

She shrugged.

Anthony stopped studying the people in the bar, determining that the gellar field must have malfunctioned during warp travel, depositing him somewhere... other side of the universe, no... in the warp, probably... another reality, entirely possible.

He thought about this for a few moments, moved the rebreather off of his face, and sat at the bar.

"Amasec and a couple of Lho tubes please."

Puce nodded at the man who had just removed his rebreather and nodded in acknowledgement of his request. Looking up and down the bar, Puce could only find a well aged bottle of Amasec. Not knowing if it was suitable for the man's tastes, he placed it in front of the man. Next came the Lho tubes which was easy to locate.

"There you go stranger." Puce said before he heard the conversation about time and Earth.

"If you're curious about Earth, feel free to use the Hall of Doors on the second level. If they're in operation, you can travel to just about any version of Earth you want, as well as any other of the worlds you might not want to." Puce commented.

Fenris would have frowned if he was capable of frowning as he spoke to the female humanoid that had defined animals to him.

"However, when humans use the word animal, there is an additional implication that he looks down upon a species. Perhaps the Maker was just in denying my species the ability to speak. Speech is filled with so many inaccuracies." Fenris stated as he helped himself to a slice of bread and used a blade like claw to spread some sweet preserves on it.





"I mean I know time exists, of course it does anyone knows that. But is it actually mutable? Can we actually do anything about it?"
She turned back round to the death claw.
"To me that says more about their ignorance of biology than it's a critique of you.
Could you perhaps tell me more about this maker you speak of, they sound interesting."

Finally I'm In the Pub

While the intelligent Death Claw known as Fenris took it's time slicing the bread and adding to it, Natsuki explaining about what Earth is while Puce gave instructions as to exploring the different versions of Earth and everyone else mainly drinking away- a noise had occur.

Kurumu was the first to notice, because she's just a good listener. What came into the Pub was none other then a black cat. Just a regular, black cat venturing into the place with it's paws making those tapping noises as it walks.

Jumping onto the counter, it sat with it's body firm and tail swaying. Oddly the cat was smiling pleasantly as a 'hello' expression, rather then looking simple minded with boredom on it's face.


Fenris paused for a moment and thought of the duet of questions that the being had posed.

"We are but plankton in an oceanic current when it comes to the time stream. However a there may be those who have evolved the necessary organs, for lack of a better term, to traverse this current. They may move up and down the time stream but not truly divert its course. They may even be able to traverse into a totally different time stream. Still, there may even be others who are able to alter the flow of time, much like erecting a dam or levee." Fenris stated, hoping that his explanation had been sufficient to answer the female's question. The second question that she posed was out of his league in terms of comprehension.

As he masticated a piece of cured meet followed by sipping a bit of Claret from what seemed like an impossibly long straw, he finally "spoke."

"The Maker, or Makers, depending on which member of the Colony below you query, is the equivalent of a Deity. For every verse that exists, there seems to be a Maker or a group of Makers associated. We call them Makers due to the belief that they are being that are able to shape the reality that exists within a verse." Fenris paused for a moment to simplify the explanation.

"If you travel using the Hall of Doors, as the Barkeep called them, you will find that the reality that exists behind each door can differ wildly from the next or it can be very similar. Why is it that in one verse you are able to find sentient equines and in the next, you find naught but scorched Earth? If the Multiverse was governed by one Maker, the verses that comprise it would all be similar with only few variations." Another pause, another piece of cured meat masticated and another sip of Claret.

"Additionally, a pattern has been noted that in each verse, there are only a handful of individuals that guide the direction of a verse. How can this occur if it were not for there being many Makers that govern each of the verses?"

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Kurumu looked at the cat as it leaped onto the Mahogany bar and "smiled" at her. The Succubus was instantly reminded of a cat that she once had as a child and began petting the cat lovingly as she had her childhood pet.

"Hello there little Ms. Kitty." Kurumu cooed as she thought to grab a saucer of milk for the black cat.

"I bet you're thirsty having been in this Pub for so long." She said as she set the saucer in front of the cat.

"Say, what do you have over there Kurumu?" Puce asked curiously until he saw the cat and instantly backed up away from both the succubus and the cat.

"Where'd you find that cat? AAAAHCHOOO!" Puce asked before sneezing.

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The cat's bright golden eyes followed the motion of Kurumu placing the saucer down before it, and slowly lifted it's gaze to look at Kurumu right in the eyes. Without warning, the cat spoke in a firm male voice.

"Why thank you, i've been meaning to settle down up to this point."

With satisfactory expressed across the grateful cat's face, it bent it's head up to the milk and began to lick. However, the licks weren't sloppy nor quicken ones- instead it was more like slow firm licks where the milk was only caught by the tip of the tongue and entered into the mouth in enough time to be swallowed within that millisecond.

Once that was over with, the cat turned it's view to the Deathclaw. "Time stream you say? Reminds me of the Dangai a dimension that's connected between the Human World and Soul Society. It has no real time line and an hour here would be 2,000 hours in the Dangai. Very fascinating isn't it?"

"I mean I know time exists, of course it does anyone knows that. But is it actually mutable? Can we actually do anything about it?"

"Yes, it must be. It has to be!"

Yikes! Natsuki was suddenly fist-clenchingly mad for some reason.

"What kind of universe would screw with time to allow vicious creatures wreak havoc and then deny you the chance to put things to right, back to the way things should be.?"

Buuut...while she was doing that...DISTRACTION!

"Where'd you find that cat? AAAAHCHOOO!" Puce asked before sneezing.

Caramel Frappe:
-Welcome back!-



Glad to be Back, and WOOT you're in this Pub :D

The cat smirked, tilting it's head slightly to the side giving a sarcastic tone, "Out of all this, from that fellow slicing up the bread who belongs to another species to this very Pub not being part of any world that's connected to every galaxy and worm hole combined, I.. a cat surprise you the most."

The cat began to stretch it's hind legs by leaning forward, the left back leg going as straight as it could, then the cat shifting his other leg only to sit with it's eyes beaming at Natsuki once more.

Caramel Frappe:
Yes, but remember I've SEEN Bleach, so I know this joke.

"Well, yes."

Let's review: Natsuki came from a world with Deathclaws who had somehow obtained TIME POWERS because of this bar, and even without it...the place was a Wild Wasteland. For something so normal as a cat to start talking when at least there's history in the Enclave of talking intelligent VERY off.

"But I mean...why?"

Natsuki began to eye the cat closely, vectors going out to poke her in places.

"You're not telepathic like the guys down below, so what IS it?"

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inside these Snip Quotes.

Puce returned from the backroom, having taken a moment to put eye drops in his eyes as well as take a Benadryl caplet. Despite all this, he still kept his distance from the cat.

" Well Miss/Mister(?} Kitty, this is the first time Puce or I have seen a non-humanoid talking feline and judging from Natsuki's reaction, her first time as well." Kurumu stated remembering that Taokaka was the last time they had any experience with a talking feline.

Kurumu watched as Natsuki's vectors poked and prodded Miss/Mister(?) Kitty in various spots and sound help but giggle a bit at the Diclonius' childlike curiosity in regards to the black cat.

"Do you have a name?"

You've Seen Bleach? Well You Know Where This is Going Then XD

The cat slanted it's mouth, eyes sort of 'expanded' out with surprise as it felt it's body being explored by a force, unseen to an extent unless you focused very carefully. With hesitance in the cats voice, it talked to Natsuki, "Careful now, I may have nine lives but my body won't look the same after!" Although it was more curious then scared. Able to get a glimpse of the arms and hands rotating around the cat, it couldn't help but mention, ".. Vectors in the shape of hands? Yet I don't sense you're using any spiritual energy or Reiatsu. Interesting."

"Do you have a name?"

The cat gave a firm smile and happily announced in it's male tone, "Why yes I do, my name is Yoruichi. It's nice to meet you all, and don't worry I won't cause any trouble by scratching your furniture.. though, this place already looks like a raid came swooping in. What happened?"





The Vessel listened to the answers they were certainly interesting.
"I'd be inclined to treat these theories of time with scepticism. After all belief doesn't actually make something true.
However this maker or makers of yours I would appreciate a chance to speak with them. You don't carry any symbols or icons do you?"
Then this strange creature entered a small and sleek black being. She'd never seen anything like it.
"Now what are you exactly?"
She looked closely at the creature, trying to figure it out.
"Why is you talking surprising?"

"Now what are you exactly?"
She looked closely at the creature, trying to figure it out.
"Why is you talking surprising?"

"My, aren't I popular? I'm just a cat, a black.. normal, cat. That can talk, but you already know that."

The cat sat up only to brush it's neck against The Vessel's hand. It was pale, with a red design on them. Not giving the hint away that the cat observed those hands- it closed its eyes and brushed the width of it's body across the hand in a friendly manner softly purring.

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