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Caramel Frappe:


The creature felt pretty warm when she stroked it a little.

"Are there more cats than you? Why can't they talk?
It would be a shame to waste such charm."

She smiled a little.

"Do you like music?"

She reached her other hand for the harp on her back still petting with the other.

Caramel Frappe:
We just got here one page ago!

Kurumu shrugged as she looked around the shambled state of the Pub. The observation windows that allowed patrons too look out into ID (Inter-Dimensional) space were so covered that nothing could be seen through them at all. All the wooden surfaces, minus the newly refinished bar, looked like they could use a refinishing. The cloth surfaces looked like they were rotting. The only thing that looked not in need of a sever cleaning or refurbishing were the patrons and the basket of food stuffs that Fenris had brought in.

"You know, I'm not sure what happened here. We just got here and as soon as we did, the patrons started flowing in." Kurumu explained as she turned to Fenris for answers.

"This area has been free from life for quite some time, even prior to my birthing." The Deathclaw stated as he used one of his 12 inch claws to pick a stray bit of cure meat from his teeth and then turned his attention back to the female.

Belief doesn't equal fact ... true

The Deathclaw's mouth erupted in a burst of air as did what could be interpreted as a sigh before shrugging his shoulders, a behavior he had noticed a number of the patrons performing when displaying uncertainty in their responses to a query.

"You are quite correct in that belief does not equate to fact. However, if the Makers enacted an evolutionary process upon a being that allowed such superfluous abilities such as ultrasonic voice modulation while denying others of that being's species to be able to hear such things, surely in one of the infinite number of verses there is a being that has been granted the ability to manipulate time. This is merely what humans call 'playing the odds.'" Fenris "stated."

"As for any iconography in regards to the Makers, I am apologetic in informing you that we have none. It is not for any religious reasons rather if there is the existence of a Maker or Makers, we surely would not want to draw the ire of one that we failed to include in our symbology. Additionally, we theorize that in order to meet a Maker, you must travel up one dimensional level. An ability we have yet to have discovered as existing in any being that has ever come into this establishment."

Upon hearing this, Puce and Kurumu looked at each other and remembered an incident that occurred early in their adventuring days:


*The two members of Das Feenreich, walked towards the spherical portal, disappearing into its depths.*

*Not wanting to lose their chance to find out more about Das Feenreich, Puce, Kurumu and Ryan ran towards the portal, entering it as it blinked out of existence.*

-Somewhere in Southern California: July, 19, 2012 - 2:25 AM-

*Ryan sat at his desk, waiting for overpuce to respond to his latest Avatar Adventure's post on Escapist.*

*He briefly stifled a yawn as he hit the refresh button once more on his browser window.*

"Man Puce, what's taking so long."*Ryan muttered, eating a hand full of popcorn.*

*Suddenly, a light appeared in his room. A large spherical portal appeared in the middle of Ryan's friggin' room.*

"What in Go..."*Ryan started before a figure emerged from the portal. It took a few seconds. but Ryan recognized the person right away.*

"Ryan?"*Ryan asked as the figure jumped back into the portal, having not found his query.

"Am I seeing things or was that my Skyrim character?"*Ryan asked himself, shaking his head.*

-Somewhere in Arizona - July 19, 2012 - 2:28 AM -

*Mark sat in the middle of his office typing away his response to Ryan's fight with Charlie. It seemed amusing to him to place Ryan, Ryan's Skyrim Character, in the middle of Ryan's room.*

*Chuckling to himself, he prepared to push the Post button when a light, similar to the one Mark had just described appeared in the middle of his office, pushing down the walls of the cubicles nearby.*

"What the fuck?"*Mark asked as he looked. Suddenly two people, very familiar to Mark jumped out of the light.*

"Puce? Kurumu?"*Mark asked, seeing the Conduit and Succubus in real life.*

"This can't be happening!"*Mark thought to himself, his heart skipping a beat as the busty succubus flashed a smile at him.*

*Moments later, the office was empty, save for Mark who couldn't believe what he just saw.*

Aren't You Friendly!

The cat took it's time grooming the back of it's ear before replying, "Oh there's millions of cats out there my dear, but i'm afraid I am the only one that can speak. Oh, I can also meow but what would be the point of that, apart from annoying neighbors at night."

Seeing how The Vessel had her harp out, there was no way to deny such a generous offer.
"I find music to be in all shapes and forms. Have you ever sat outside in an open field and listened to the night life? Or have you sat next to a waterfall in the spring? Music is everywhere, and if you're insisting on playing music with your harp, I would love to listen."

Caramel Frappe:

"My, aren't I popular? I'm just a cat, a black.. normal, cat. That can talk, but you already know that."

Hadrian was already surprised by the talking Deathclaws, since he was just maiming them and getting maimed himself not too long ago, but a talking cat?

"Normal?" Hadrian looked at Yoruichi with a small frown on his face. "You talking is what makes you abnormal. Of course, it isn't unheard of, at least where I'm from."

He sniffed the air. It did indeed smell like a cat, but he could get a hint of... something else beneath it.

"Hmm. Well, I'm going to assume that you're just a spirit clinging to life by possessing someone's cat. But then again, you're from another dimension. Don't know how things work where you're from."

Daft Sikes:
Hadrian is Awesome Lol

The cat's one eye narrowed slightly, not in distress but merely in awareness. "I'm no ordinary cat, you are correct. And I believe you're not a regular human since you've just whiffed the air like a canine smells out for blood." The expression was a strong disapproval at first but then the cat eased up and had a nice smile to it.

"Where i'm from, one of our Captains in Soul Society is a dog... literally. Well, a dog with a humanoid body to put it lightly."

Oh GOD I Saw my Skyrim Character Just Come Into My ROOM- *Keeps shouting in shock*

Being a cat never gets old when you have to constantly keep stretching, but in this case the cat felt very tired. He turned his attention to Kurumu.

"Don't worry, this is still a nice place you have. Though, I am getting quite comfortable.. I think i'll take a cat nap here." And with that the cat with on it's 4's which were hidden under the body and the cat closed it's eyes resting.

Caramel Frappe:
Cat snip

Natsuki just watched the cat for a moment, pulling her vectors back as she spoke about them. She was surprised, but calmed down soon after. Too many shocks in one day, perhaps. She really needed to chill out. Anyway, Yoruichi - as the cat was called - explained a few odd things and then went and took a cat nap. The Diclonius watched her for a moment, shrugged, and then paused.

"Didn't I see Lucy in here before?"



Caramel Frappe:


She readies her harp strumming what appear to be casually. However the sound coming out if extremely controlled, every note is hit exactly and it creates a slightly unnerving air.
Her face becomes locked in thought considering the new information almost as if the entire pub need not exist for now she is ignorant of the world around her.
This continues for a while as her other hand casually strokes the cat.
Eventually the music slows and quietens down leaving way for her speech.
"Then up I shall go."


Kurumu regarded the woman, the visitor's registration had recorded as being called Vessel, as she played the Harp rather precisely. Despite how flawless the woman's technique was, the performance lacked... soul.

As the woman finished, Kurumu watched as she went up the stairs towards the hall of doors.

Caramel Frappe:
Sleeping Cats

As Kurumu watched the little cat go to sleep and the woman that was stoking her back get up and leave, Kurumu took her place and picked up the can and placed it in her lap, petting it gently and getting a purr while it napped.

"Awwwww" Kurumu aww'd as she looked over at Puce in a can we keep it look.

Puce's response was another sneeze.


The Vessel approached the first door of the hall of doors, a placard on the door reading "Dimension 000-000000-001." Upon touching it, the door opened silently, showing her the image of the darkened exterior of a home on the outside. It appeared to be in the middle of a desert as the air was still warm despite it being night time. Through a partially opened window, she caught sight of a figure sitting in front of what appeared to be a portable terminal.

Mark sat in front of the laptop typing about avouleance2nd's character, never noticing the glow that came from the opened door to the foreclosed home across the street.

I Miss Lucy Too lol.

Thankful that the Diclonius put away her vectors, the cat felt all the more easy. Just because those weren't made out of spiritual energy or anything she could sense didn't mean she couldn't feel them around her like a chilling cold breeze flowing by.

Good Post! :D

There was nothing better then getting petted by someone in such a caring matter. The hand going across it's back felt really good, like a massage yet simply just a hand swiftly going in a simple rythem yet the hairs being brushed is why it felt so good. Of course, The Vessel stopped and the purring decreased with the cat feeling disappointed.

There's Only One Cat.. Unless-

That's when Kurumu had the intention to give Yoruichi all of her attention thus pet the cat in the best manner possible. The cat thought to itself, Now this is why any feline would want to become a house cat. If there was an example of having the perfect beauty sleep, this would be definitely it.

Cozy was the cat as it swayed it's bottom more in Kurumu's lap, smiling with it's eyes closed and nostrils taking slow but long breaths (after all cats breathe through their noses). Of course, this brought the cat to open one eye and look up at Kurumu. "I would hate for this to end, but I don't want to make your friend over there start swelling from being allergic to me. It would be best if I ether distant myself or go with the other option."

Caramel Frappe:
Other Option?

Puce nodded furiously at the mention of a second option as his eyes were swollen at the moment due to the allergies he was suffering from.

"What ever... just as long as it doesn't make you a rodent... I'm allergic to them as well!" Puce pleaded as he dunked his head under the sink.

"What a fascinating response to external stimuli" Fenris said observantly. This was the first time the Deathclaw had seen anyone having an allergic reaction as his people had no known allergens.

"What do you even mean by other option?" Kurumu asked sadly, knowing that the kitty was going away.

No Point In Hiding It Then

"My other option then-"

The cat taking it's time to jump off Kurumu's lap, walked around to the corner of the Pub not to far off but enough space between it and the crew. The cat turned around and faced them, eyeing all of them before standing still to announce, "Well, for his sake I won't hide myself any longer in this form. I'll let you all get to see my true form."

At first nothing happened, it just stood still as if it was a stuffed animal. But then suddenly, it began to glow an energy, it was being released with the eyes now drawn to be lightning up. Steam rose underneath the feline's paws and before you know it... it began to change.

The legs were becoming hind legs until they took the shape of regular legs, the paws morphing outward with the nails becoming fingers, the body tilting until it rose up straight, and purple hair began to flow out of the scalp. With so much steam in the room, it was hard to distinguish what happened to the cat. Eventually it faded, steam mainly on the floor and there before them was a naked woman who had no expression on her face.

Once the figure spoke, it wasn't in a male's voice- it was feminine.

"So Puce, are you happy now that I had to give up my beauty sleep just so you'd function normally?"

Caramel Frappe:

Hadrian did a double-take at the small cat's transformation into a purple-haired woman.

"...Huh. Tha'ts new..." Hadrian eyed the woman carefully, until his gaze rested on her naked bosom. His face became really red, and he seemed to have caught something in his throat. "PFFFFFFFFFFT-GAH!"

Hadrian slipped off of his stool, bumping his head against the bar and falling against it.

Caramel Frappe:
Did you just solve the issue?

Puce looked happy that he wouldn't have to deal with the Cat dander anymore, that was until he sneezed once again.

"AAAACHOO!" Puce sneezed as he wondered what was wrong. If the woman that was standing in front of him was fully human, he shouldn't have an issue with her but it seemed as if something was still wrong.

"AAAACHOOO!!!! You're still covered in dander!!!" Puce exclaimed sounding as if he were stating this under water.

"You just can't catch a break can you love?" Kurumu stated as she came from the backroom with a set of clothing.

It was strange but they looked like a set of clothing that little red riding hood would have worn.

"Here you go Yuroichi. I made these based off of a design I saw a long time ago."

As Hadrian bumped his head against the Bar, Kurumu vaulted over said bar and hauled the man back into his stool.

"Yeesh Hadrian. You act like you've never seen a naked woman before."

Daft Sikes:

Yoruichi's eyes narrowed with a smirk spread across her face, playfully replying to Hadrian's reaction. "Settle down now, be a good boy and keep your head straight and thoughts clean ok?" A wink though may of simply reflected a hint.

Kurumu Is So NICE!

She looked at Kurumu and had the friendliest smile. "You're someone who knows how fashion works around women. I like your style." Without hesitation, she allowed Kurumu to place the Red Riding Hood outfit onto her though she didn't wear the hood over her head and she exposed her shoulders simply to feel less covered so to speak.

"It's unusual, to see people take my transformation well. When I tend to go to my real form, men are dropping like flies." She laughed with a huge grin and also looked back at Hadrian. She knew it would eventually sink into that guy's skull which he'd probably never forget this moment again.

Caramel Frappe:
And now

Daft Sikes:

As Kurumu looked at the way that Yuroichi was talking to Hadrian and idea began to take root in her head. She made sure that Hadrian was secure in his barstool before she backed up and made two opposing "L"s with her index fingers and thumbs, forming a box. She used that box to focus in on Hadrian and Yuroichi and the idea blossomed and took hold.

"Kuru... what are you doing?" Puce asked as he took note of what the Succubus was doing.

"Nothing... nothing at all." Kuru stated as she lead Yuroichi towards the barstool next to Hadrian's

"Kuru?" Puce said, not believing his girlfriend at all.

"What?!" She exclaimed as she imagined what Yuroichi's head would look like on Hadrian's shoulder.

"I wouldn't. You remember what happened when you tried to fix up Charlie with Tao?[1]" Puce asked gently reminding her of that incident.

"How was I supposed to know that she would have such an adverse reaction to a dragon?

"Because a dragon's what killed her in the first place!!!"

[1] Once Tao was resurrected


"Yeesh Hadrian. You act like you've never seen a naked woman before."

"I-it's been years damn it!" Hadrian protested to the succubus. "I haven't seen a woman in such a state for a while!"

Caramel Frappe:

Hadrian just crossed his arms, looking at the woman (and trying his best to ignore how her clothes leaved little to the imagination) and let out a little growl.

"Don't be ridiculous, cat. I was just surprised, is all."


Hadrian turned on his stool, looking at Kurumu with narrowed eyes. His growl became noticeably louder, and his teeth were bared. A menacing red aura surrounded him, threatening to leap straight from his body and swallow her up.

"... Dare I ask what you're doing, Kuru?" He asked through clenched teeth.

I Never Asked For This

At first Yoruichi was a bit out there with Puce and Kurumu exchanging arguments- but seeing where Kurumu was leading her to, she understood the bigger picture from that moment. "Hah, alright.. alright. I'll go along with this." She smiled and took her seat next to Hadrian, her eyes drifting to his with a small but noticeable smile.

Daft Sikes:
Calling Her a Cat Is RACIST!! (lol wut)

"I'm not a cat right now, as you may of noticed." She teased, teeth showing and her chest a bit more exposed as she leaned forward, her head sideways with the purple hair overlapping the surface of the counter. But then she fixated her position and sighed happily with her eyes closed.

"Even outside of the world I came in, men don't know how to properly greet a mature woman these days."

Caramel Frappe:

During this rather funny moment, Natsuki had been watching Yoruichi turn into a naked woman and...uhhh...didn't really seem too bothered by it. Probably because she was female herself, really. But also...

"I don't see what the big deal is. The transformation's impressive, but what's the big deal about her appearing naked? I shower with like a dozen soldiers all the time at off-duty and this never seems to be a problem for ME"

Having declared this, she looked at Yoruichi now.

"So, you're not a cat, of course. Are you a human?"



The Vessel has entered the house. Crossing the desert was fairly simple, all you had to do was completely ignore the complete bizarreness of the situation and the Vessel was extremely good at ignoring people and realities that disagreed with her.

She didn't care about how sparse the environment was or the impossible glowing box. She'd climbed her way up to the open window before looking in.
She spoke.

"Are you this maker I've heard about?
If so there's business to attend to."

Knife, meanwhile, continues to sit on his stool, every now and again downing another mouthful of whiskey. In this act some might say that he was deliberatly distancing himself from the others, observing them for some purpose known only to him. Of course, others might say that he was simply enjoying a good solid drink in the company of his thoughts, something a man who had two near death experiances in a day would sorely need.

Whu what?

Mark suddenly had the urge to start typing as soon as he started reading avouleance2nd's post in the Pub 2.0 on Escapist Magazine. However it wasn't an urge to type just anything but to record what was going on in the room as well as record his thoughts on the matter.

As he paused for a moment to think about the reason this would be, he found that as he paused, time stopped and nothing progressed.

Mark turned towards the woman who was looking in through his open window and carried himself as well as his laptop over to the front door and indicated that avouleance2nd's character, "The Vessel" should enter.

"Ummmm... I should be more surprised than I am but... anyways." He said before pausing and time stopping once again.

"So you're the Vessel right?" Mark asked not really expecting an answer.

"As to your question, I guess you could call me a Maker. I mean I did just make up the term when I made up Fenris..." He said before guessing that it was time to press the Post button.

Daft Sikes:
Erm... She's not shipping I swear.

Kurumu was taken aback for a moment at Hadrian's growl, one that sounded like one that was quite easily annoyed.

"Nothing... nothing at all Hadrian." Kurumu responded uncomfortably as he glared at her.

"You know, love, not everyone in the world needs to be set up. I'm sure Hadrian's been doing fine for quite some time now." Puce said, hoping to stop her match making frenzy that she had been on ever since she had met Caim and Angelus.

"But he just said that he had never seen a naked woman in years." Kuru stated giving Puce an "I told you so" look.

With a sigh, he turned over to Knife and gave him a refill of his drink.

" How's it going there Knife."

Caramel Frappe:
I didn't say slut it up!

Kurumu paused for a moment as she saw what Yuroichi was doing to Hadrian, trying to flaunt her womanly assets in order to gain his affections.

"What in the hell is this girl doing?" Kurumu thought to herself as she walked over to the woman and interrupted what looked to be a very slow slow slow strip tease.

"Hadrian, if you'll excuse us for a moment." Kurumu said as she took the woman into the back room.

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing? These are not blinkers to signal cars with." Kurumu said pointing to Yuroichi's chest.

Could be human could be cat.

Fenris took a moment to consider the Diclonius' query regarding the species of the woman now known as Yuroichi.

"That is a good question, little one. Is she a human that can turn into a feline or a feline that can turn into a human." The Deathclaw said with an audible chuckle.

"From your reaction upon my entrance into this room, I can safely assume that you have not had the best of experiences with my kind in the past?"

"Eh, I dunno Puce." Knife says, finishing off his glass of whiskey and poaring himself another. "This talk of talking animals has got me thinking about Doug, and..." Knife shrugs, and downs his glass.



"Yes I am your Vessel. Speaking of which you probably know why I'm here and I think it's best if we begin as soon as possible.

However If you were to answer a few of my questions the process may be delayed for a time.
What's that box?"

She pointed towards the lap top.


Hadrian's glare died down as Kurumu dragged Yoruichi out to the back. He huffed, seemingly in disappointment, resting his head on an elbow.

"Mind filling me up again, Puce?" He waved his empty glass at the bartender.


Mark had been preparing to go to bed for the day so that he coukd go to work tonight when he decided to check for an update on The Pub 2.0. As he read avouleance2nd's post, The Vessel walked into the bathroom where Mark was seated and spoke to him, the words coming out as he read them. As soon as he finised reading, the urge to respond via speech and post returned.

"Jesus! Don't you know how to knock?!?!?" He stated as he covered his nether regions with a nearby towel.

"Could you give me a moment?" He stated before he closed the restroom door.

A few moments later, the roar of a flushing toilet sounded along with the running of water.

The door opened revealing Mark and a towel drying his hands and looking annoyed.

"Okay... First off I'm not your Maker so I have no idea why you're here. Damn this is strange... You belong to someone called avouleance2nd... Who he or she is, I have no clue. Second... You shouldn't be out here. I mean seriously you shouldn't be out here! Do you know what would happen if people saw me talkig to a ficti... Never mind." He exclaimed, clearly exasperated at the situation.

"As to wht that is, it's a laptop... A portable computing device and how the Makers are able to shape the world for you and the others in the Pub." He explained more calmly before his pulse rate and stress levels appeared normal.

"So just why are you here?" Mark asked as he considered writing the Vessel back into the door and back into the Pub and pocking the door. Twice in a lifetime was enough.

Puce poured another glass of whiskey for Knife before turning back towards the Bar.

Clink... Pour... Clink... Drip-Sizzle... Drip-Sizzle... Drip-Sizzle

A few moments later, Puce turned around with Hadrian's drink in hand.

Turning to Knife, he wondered why he didn't just bring in an earlier version of Doug. So he asked.

"So why don't you bring in an early version of Doug. It's not like you'd be altering a time stream or anything..." He asked, hoping the suggestion would cheer the former barkeep up.

He then turned to Hadrian and shook his head.

"I'm sorry about Kurumu. She's been hell bent on getting people together since a pair of friends of ours did." Puce said wondering if Hadrian had met Caim and Angelus yet.



The words (which there were lots of) she didn't understand she ignored.
"I know you aren't my maker, but who's maker you are or aren't is irrelevant. Your status as a divine being is all that matters.

But how can you not know why I'm here?

It is my duty as Vessel to worship and absorb the gods into myself; from there I can assure you remain on equal footing. It's the key to ensuring balance is maintained. Without me things would fall apart.
Now you've delayed me long enough."

She holds out her hand.

"You're a lot more human than I expected and the box is a surprise. I don't suppose maybe once business is attended to I could take a look?" She sounded hopeful and a bit excited. She's never actually done this in person before but she was trying to keep her cool despite feeling like she was going to explode with anticipation.

"Come on, it won't hurt.
I've never gotten any complaints.
And resistance doesn't usually last long."


"That is a good question, little one. Is she a human that can turn into a feline or a feline that can turn into a human. From your reaction upon my entrance into this room, I can safely assume that you have not had the best of experiences with my kind in the past?"

For a moment, she felt extra-defensive around the Deathclaw, Fenris. Her vectors just wanted to tear ass right now, but...discipline, control, calmness. She simmered down.

"We just got back from a mission that dealt with maybe the worst your kind has ever been, with the father of those beasts a personal enemy of my father. And somewhere out there, the Matriarch is waiting to come strolling through the front door still. Maybe she won't, 'cause it's a different bar, but you can see why I'm on edge about your kind. Even Bastion's Behemoths are a welcome sight in comparison. The very sight of a Deathclaw invites panic, fear, and utter terror. We named you well."

"Nah, I couldn't do that." Knife says, brushing off Puce's idea, "Like I said, he died naturally, and he lived a long life for a giant mutant bird. Seeing him again would just feel like cheating, you know?"

"So, you're not a cat, of course. Are you a human?"

(Before Being Dragged by Kurumu)

Yoruichi looked back at Natsuki and gave a reasonable response without much to tell, "I'm not physically human, but my spirit contains the form of one. I'm actually a shinigami, a 'Soul Reaper' or in other cases a 'Death God'. Don't let the title fool you, most soul reapers aren't as much in shape these days. A hollow can easily kill a shinigami if he isn't careful. I'm the ex-commander of the 2nd division. Almost the highest rank in all of Soul Society, not that it's worth bragging about or looking into."

"Just what in the hell do you think you're doing? These are not blinkers to signal cars with."
Kurumu said pointing to Yuroichi's chest.

(After Being Pulled In By Kurumu)

".. You dragged me in the back of the Pub just to scold me about flashing myself a bit?"

At first Yoruichi had a blank expression, sort of sincere but confused look. Then she smiled with her eyes closed and laughed.

"Kurumu, I know where you're coming from. But, this is.. you know, a Pub. Guys and women don't come into a bar only to pamper or act like gentlemen like it was the scholars generation. I've been around for over a century, more so then I can remember. Guys like to be teased, girls love to be the spotlight."

"However you do it, the pub is where to flirt. Modern days the young girls- like you, to get sweet talked. Do you think men after aging to their 30's or 40's are going to settle with sweet talk when it doesn't work at that point? Us women who've experienced it all don't want to be sweet talked, we want to make men work for us, spicing it up. That's simply how it is and fun too."


Hadrian just shrugged, taking a sip of Jagermiester.

"S'alright, Puce. I'm fine with the flirting," He smirked. "I was just messing with her, that's all..."

He paused, then laughed self-consciously, scratching at his chin. "Though I probably went a bit overboard with the growling and all. Heheheheheh, ah sorry about that."

At work now

Mark was in the midst of trying to sort out a server issue when he decided to check for updates on the Pub 2.0. As he read the update from Avouleance2nd, The Vessel entered the office area and started to speak, something that he should have been expecting but didn't, especially since it was Labor Day and no one but Mark was supposed to be on the campus.

"Fucking shit! How'd you even get in?" Mark asked as he looked up at the Vessel once again, this time standing in the middle of his office.

"Look as flattered as I am that you think that I'm divine and all, I'm for from it. I'm about as divine as the grey carpet that you're standing on okay?" He said as he tried to think up his next move. He wondered briefly what would happen to Puce and Kurumu and the rest if he allowed this merger to take place.

"I'm sorry... as much as I would love to 'merge' with you, I'm going to say no." He said with a smirk as he wondered if he was characterizing his true self properly... but came to a realization. With a sigh, he held out his hand towards The Vessel, ready to be absorbed or merged or whatever.

One Dimensional Level Up.

Mark looked at the computer screen as he was typing this message. He waited for the temporary characterization of himself to be absorbed by Avouleance2nd and assumed direct control over the other characters.


If Fenris was wearing glasses, he would have surely pushed him up on his face in an attempt to appear more scholarly. However he wasn't so he couldn't do anything but imitate what humans called a smile, though the result would have been far from any sane being would call comforting.

"A Matriarch... and unstuck in time... if I understand from eavesdropping, which I sincerely apologize for, on your conversations." Fenris "stated" as he shifted with uncomfortably from foot to foot, aware that the Diclonius girl known as Natsuki would not be happy with the news that he was about to tell her.

"The Matriarch with the characteristics that you describe is known to us and has been known to my people for quite some time. She is the catalyst for the current colony of Deathclaws that now reside underneath this Pub. Her offspring were the genetic precursor to the current species."

Caramel Frappe:
And thus a difference of opinions

Kurumu frowned at the woman known as Yuroichi as she tried to describe why it was okay for women to act stripper-lite rather than displaying other attributes.

"I understand that that's your opinion and you and my mother would have gotten along splendidly but you know things change. If you want to show yourself off like a meat market, that's fine. But don't expect men to respect you for it." She stated as she remembered what she was like when she was younger. Perhaps time spent as a cat had entombed a furball or 3 in this woman's brain.

Puce sighed as he rememebered Doug and Knife as a combo. It really wouldn't have been such a bad thing to see Doug once more.

Look Knife, I understand it feels like cheating but that's why the Doors exist. That's gotta be why we can time travel and not break apart space and time doing so and that's gotta be why we can do it as long as it doesn't break any paradoxes, which it won't. Puce said reassuringly with a sigh.

Daft Sikes:
Snipple Sticks

Puce smirked as he listened to Hadrian's admission about perhaps going a bit overboard with the growling.

"As much as I hate to admit it, it's probably what's best for her. She got so down on herself after a wedding that she stopped trying to match make for a bit." Puce said and paused for a moment.

"What a glorious few months those were..." He said with a large grin.

"Speaking of which... you don't mind that Yuro's a cat?"

-PM system is going all scewy. It didn't say that I was quoted-
"Speaking of which... you don't mind that Yuro's a cat?"

Hadrian just laughed at Puce's`question.

"AHAHAHAHA! Of course not! I don't have any problem's with her being a cat. I just enjoy getting into those little 'dogs vs cats' and 'vampires vs werewolves' arguments, though the former rarely, if ever, happened," He chugged the large remainder of the Jagermiester, and let out a happy sigh. "It's pretty damn amusing."

"No, I do my best to keep myself linear, timewise. Anyway, I've accepted Doug's passing, and....look, thank you for the offer Puce, really, but it's done, I've moved on as best I've can." Knife checks the clock embeded in the inderside of his metallic hand, then downs another portion of his drink.

Daft Sikes:
What about Vampires vs. Zombies?

Puce felt rather dumb for asking such a question and assuming that traditional Cat Vs. Dog mentality would translate over to Werewolf vs. Cat Shinigami.

"Well... I erm... I just thought. I guess what with the antagonism that Kokoa and you had, it seemed as if that little assumption would fit well enough." Puce explained weakly.

"Speaking of which I wonder where the little bitch is. I'm surprised I miss the sound of rock salt smacking Kokoa's body." Puce said wistfully.

Puce noticed that Knife had been checking his chronometer that was embedded in his arm and turned to him.

"You got some place to be?" Puce asked curiously.

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