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This space for rent.

The female Arrancar pointed at Lilith.

Elsie: What's she talking about?

Roy: It's timey-wimey.

Elsie: Who is she?

"That's complicated."

Elsie: Just what kind of a bar is this?

Jack: It's...the most entertaining one in all of existence.

Elsie frowned at the lot of them because of their lack of straight answers. Then, almost absent-mindedly, she tossed her knife at Yoruichi. It was a long bone-handled thing, comparable to a Paul Hogan knife, though curved somewhat. Rather predictably, Yoruichi caught it with a smirk.

Yoruichi: You're going to have to do better th-


The knife shifted and moved in her grip and forced itself to hit her in the head, making it look like Yoruichi hit herself!

Yoruichi: Wait, Zanpakuto...?


It managed three more hits before the Shinigami stabbed it hard into the ground.

Elsie: That's for hurting Roy, bitchigami.

The knife unstaked itself from the ground and returned to Elsie's belt. Like we said: Psychic. Not necessarily a mind-reader, but she got impressions and sometimes visions or sensations. Mostly, her power was in the enhanced senses and the movement of her Zanpakuto...along with all the ice. Yourichi didn't seem any real worse for wear, just a bruise that'd need a bandage or something. Then again, Roy hadn't really been hurt badly anyway. If you really must know, that Kido spell spent most of its power trying to get through to him.

Elsie: Now that that's out of the way, can I have just one straight answer here? Just one?


Elsie: Could someone butcher a cow for me? I'm starving for some real meat between my teeth.

Then, there was a sound from Roy's stomach.

Roy: Make that two cows.

Jack: And three hard-boiled eggs.

ok that does it REPOST!!!

guess who's back?

back again? I am back! tell a friend!

the door opens and david having being away for 3 days steps in dragging what looks like a man from david's timeline who appears to be bleeding heavily from his mouth and nose, shadow flys in shortly after him and lands at the bar, "oh i'm back here again oh well i needed a drink or two anyway, afternoon everyone, Prue some of the worst shit you got here please" he picks the man up by his shirt and trousers and throws him at the bar, the man hits a couple of stools and the bar counter itself on his side he groans a little.

Ahhh Lucifer... how he annoys you so...

Lucifer just smirked as he decided to let the younger Archangel unpack. He'd been Tomoya's age once... though The Boss was a much more angry God at the time.

"Ah well. You have yourself a good vacation. I'll be seeing you around I think." The Devil in the tailored Italian suit said as he closed the door behind him.

Katrina Gets a Response

Kurumu looked to the Dragon Lord and smiled as Rin woke up and wagged her tail upon seeing Katrina.

"She's doing great. I took her to the zoo today and ... she almost ate a whole Goat in one big. I don't know how she did it give she's the size of a small dog." Kurumu said, not noticing that Rin had unhinged her jaw to do that.

"I've been bottle feeding her and playing with her and keeping her clean. I tell you she's the cutest ever... except when I gave her a bath. She blew a hole in the wall with some sort of electrical blast." She said with a hint of concern in her voice.

"I thought dragons could only breathe fire..."

David Woon:
David the Bounty Hunter: Wasn't on yesterday either.

Puce looked at David's "companion" with a hint on concern given the way he was being man handled by David.

"Is he going to be alright?" Puce asked as he served up a couple of shots of whiskey and some larvae mix for Shadow the Crow.

"He looks awful banged up."

How would you like those... ummm... cows

Lilith looked at Auntie Elsie and Uncle Roy and shook her head as if she had been missing this sort of thing from them for quite some time. With that, she snapped her painted(?) claws together and produced a noise comparable to a finger snap.

From the upper floors of the Colony, the mooing of two cows stopped.

"I told them raw... but the cook wants me to double check that you would like your Kobe Cows raw." Lilith said as she tried to remember if it was raw that they liked it or someone else that she knew.

"The food'll be served up in the Pub." Lilith said with a smile. Remembering that Uncle Puce and Aunt Kurumu would most likely be up there.

"I can't wait to see them and tell them how their childre... I mean ... never mind. I can't wait to see them!"

Meat's back on the menu, boys!

Roy was...actually surprised by the service of dead cow (or brahmin?) for him and Elsie. Elsie, on the other hand just smiled.

Elsie: Make 'em rare.

And with that, she was heading upstairs again. Jack and Natsuki looked after this.

Jack: Who the hell was that again?

Roy: Fellow Arrancar. Why?

Jack: And you're part of a group, are you?

Roy: Yeah, why?

Jack: Just as long as the bar doesn't explode from too many more of 'em showing up, I'm fine.

Roy: I doubt the others'll show. Elsie and I are vintage 20th century people. The others are from way back, especially Jackal.

"I'm gonna regret asking this, but how old's Jackal?"

He actually smiled at this.

Roy: Pharaoh put him to death during a power struggle.

That even got Yoruichi's attention. Most captains in Soul Society weren't that old, comparably, former or otherwise.

Yoruichi: You certainly know how to pick 'em.

Roy: Ah, he's a good guy. Thinks Anubis lives in Hueco Mundo, though.

Now, Roy vanished as well, presumably to the bar.

Yoruichi: Shall we go too? Things appear to have stabilized.


Meanwhile, right back up at the bar, Elsie and Roy were back all of a sudden, Elsie presumably waiting on the cows while Roy approached Puce.

Roy: So, you think on that offer yet?

He didn't know...


Puce looked at David's "companion" with a hint on concern given the way he was being man handled by David.

"Is he going to be alright?" Puce asked as he served up a couple of shots of whiskey and some larvae mix for Shadow the Crow.

"He looks awful banged up."

"oh him he'll be fine but when i'm done interrogating him he'll wish he was never born, now do you have something to wake up this piece of $h!t and to be honest he's like this cause i beat the crap out of him because he did something stupid with a bandit gang and it's leader who he's right hand man to and what they did was involve my family with what i do hell they've probably raped, tortured and butchered my wife and kids and if they have hell coming for them all" he said with a raging fury in his voice which everyone in the room feels.


Puce looked at Roy and tweaked his head to the side slightly and remembered Roy's desire to take on Lamia. Puce smirked, embarrassingly at first before he pointed towards the woman seated at a booth talking quietly with the man known as Lucifer.

"Looks like we had that taken care of. Roy... I'd like to present Lamia, otherwise known as Bilquis or the Queen of Sheba. Daughter of the first Babylonian King and devourer of children's souls." Puce said as he poured a translucent blue glowing fluid into a glass. As it swirled in the glass, Roy swore he could hear the laughing of children until the fluid settled down after a moment.

"So I take it you two know each other" Puce said as indicated Elsie.

"Anything you two would like to drink?" Puce asked as his gaze suddenly went upwards, where Kurumu was perked on a lamp and dropped a rather large stone block right above Elsie.

He sighed for a moment, knowing that the block would do no good.

David Woon:
Take a breath

Puce looked at David who has just spouted much to much information out in one breath and was currently sucking in air as quickly as he could fill his lungs and exhale.

"Well you should probably let him wake up normally. Wouldn't want him to be on anything when he wakes up. It'll color your answers." Puce said, having seen a few interrogations in his day.

Puce didn't like the thought to torture, regardless of what people had done to him.

"Just put him in the back room and I'll let you now when he wakes up."

Kurumu gets another explanation.

Katrina chuckled. "Dragon's from where I'm from have elemental powers of earth, fire, water, wind, electricity, ice, darkness, and light... And then there's bacon, but let's not get into that."

"So you might have an Elemental Lightning dragon with you... But it could breathe powers if it wanted to."

Gordon Bennett!

Upon being shown and introduced to the prospective target, Roy stared...then slumped his shoulders.

Roy: Dammit... What am I suppose to do with all this pent-up rage now?

Yoruichi: Seek therapy.

Roy scowled as the ex-captain apprently returned from the underground, tossing away the note that stated she was on break. Crisis averted, basically, plus it seemed her attentions were needed up here now. This led to the question of whether or not Roy and Elsie knew each other. If it hadn't been properly established by now, it would be confirmed this very moment.

Elsie: Not every Arrancar knows or gives a damn about each other, but Roy and I are both in the End Times.

Huh... Was that it? Just the same group? Doesn't seem like the lupine Arrancar would walk in here trying to find him just because they were in the same group. He could, after all, look after himself, enough so that the boy had offered to kill a demon earlier and wanted to pick a fight with Yoruichi. Meantime, Puce asked about drinks and Kurumu dropped a large stone block on Elsie's head.


The damn thing practically pulverized when it struck her, and Elsie didn't budge an inch! It was like a damn cartoon where the guy you're trying to do anything to seems immoveable and indestructible. Truth is, it was the Hierro, or stone skin. Arrancar have a passive ability which is the densifying of their skin as a means of protection. A normal Hollow could break its own head open trying to open Arrancar skin. Funnily enough, Yoruichi had gauntlets made for the express uuse against Hierro. In any case, Elsie seemed to ignore the impact and order.

Elsie: I'll have sake, if you don't mind.

Then, she looked up at Kurumu.

Elsie: Stick to cutting diamonds.

Roy blinked at the comment, not getting it, and then ordered a Dr. Pepper. Was...Elsie in a better mood than before?

a little side story if you don't mind

"yeah that's right and thank you for the back room too" he said as he picks up the bandit and takes him into the back room and walks back and sits down at the bar

I Guess no Baths for Poor Rin

With that being said, Kurumu shuddered to think what would have happened had she been in the real world with Rin and been giving the Dragon a bath when she let out her bolt of electricity. Probably Succubus Bacon, like Katrina had mentioned.

"So is there a way to turn off their powers... like when I happen to be giving Rin here a bath?" She asked as looked down at the pink bundle of scales and lightning.

Gordon who?

Puce nodded at the both of them, even ignoring the fact that Kurumu had just dropped a stone block on the newest patron, as he grabbed their orders. He wouldn't be asking Yuroichi to grab their order given her apparent distaste for them.

"Dr. Pepper... and one Sake. Warmed I presume." Puce said as he offered Elsie the Hot Sake and suddenly Puce was attacked. Though it wasn't the sort of attack that he was used to... you could call it an attack HUG of sorts.

"UNCLE PUCE!!! Attack HUG!!!


"Ahh... my... BACK!" Puce whispered from underneath the Deathclaw Matriarch.

"What the hell?!?" Kurumu exclaimed as she lifted Lilith off of Puce's body, unfortunately snapped in half at the back.

"You f***ing t***" Kurumu started to say as the Main Door opened and Puce walked in.

"Who the hell?" Puce asked, looking at Roy, Elsie or Yuroichi to explain given that they were just down there.

"You can calm down a bit Kuru." Puce said a moment later as the Succubus was prepared to rend Lilith's head from her shoulders.

David Woon:
Meet Lilith

As Lilith looked around at the patrons, she spotted David Woon and gave him a smile.

"You must be David. Shame what happened to you... it was tragic." She started to say but refrained as she sat down on a bar stool and ordered a drink from Uncle Puce.

"Yeah... no problem David... owwww." Puce said as he looked down at his old body that was being cleaned up.

Picked it up from Doctor Who.

Elsie: I can't imagine it cold.

She took the sake quickly, though, because suddenly Puce was pounced upon by an unexpected Lilith, as Jack and Natsuki exited the underground. Roy caught the almost-flung DP himself, saving it from an impromptu fling across the bar. And then, what followed was Puce's back breaking and him re-spawning into the bar. Here, Kurumu was frozen in place for a moment to prevent...trouble.

Elsie: This is Lilith. Apparently, she's...important to the underground of this place?

Roy: New Matriarch. Timey-wimey. Don't hurt her.

Jack: What they said. Are they really gonna eat whole cows?

Their two stomachs growled in unison.

Roy: That answer your question, wise-ass?

Nah, don't worry about it.

Katrina cupped her chin with her right hand. "... In theory, the Dragon Amulet I gave you should work to turn off the powers for a little while, but remember, they are as about as intelligent as a human being, so extended use of the amulet will get them pissed off."

Doctor who? Doesn't he have a name?

Puce heard a ding from the service elevator back behind the counter and turned around to see a couple of Intelligent Deathclaws wheeling in four carts in total. The smell of meat filled the bar as Deathclaws lifted up the covers over the platters of rare beef.

Puce's eyes opened widely since this was the most food he had ever seen in one place. His eyes opened even further when the platters of food we set squarely in front of Roy and Elsie.

"Uhhhh... hungry?" Puce asked as he looked on.

"Don't worry Uncle Puce. They eat like this a lot." Lilith said as she looked onward, having fixed herself a drink from the back of the Pub while Puce was watching the cleaners clean up his old body.

"I think that's the first time that I've ever died and seen my body." Puce said before Lucifer interrupted.

"Not the first time... trust me." He stated as he turned his attention back to Lamia.

"I'm sorry Uncle Puce. Sometimes I forget how frail your body is." The Deathclaw Matriarch stated as she sipped her drink, an absinthe.

"What do you mean by frail? It's pretty sturdy from what I've seen. Also... why do you keep calling me Uncle Puce? I don't think I've got a sibling that's still alive, let alone that fathered a Half Human, Half Deathclaw." Puce said, getting a tad annoyed.

"FULL Deathclaw, thank you very much." Lilith stated in a huff.

Meanwhile, Puce wasn't the only one who noticed the large array of meats that had been seated in front of the Arrancar.

Rin's nose started sniffing ferociously while her tongue started flicking in and out rapidly, tasting the air.

"What is it Rin?" Kurumu asked as she became unstuck from Elsie's spell.

Rin didn't answer. Instead, she launched herself on the counter and started running towards the Arrancars and their food.

"Rin! Stop!" Kurumu ordered to no avail. The dragon hatchling just kept closing in on the meat. Pausing, Kurumu pulled out the Dragon Amulet and held it towards the baby dragon.

"Rin! Stop!" She repeated. This time Rin did stop and though she grumbled and growled a bit, she reluctantly returned to Kurumu.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I'll get you your own meat." She said as she walked over to the cooler and pulled out a nice fat marbled steak, to Rin's tail wagging delight.

"Here you go!" Kurumu said as she tossed the steak up into the air. Rin hopped back up onto the counter and caught the steak before it landed, chewing on it with great delight.

Apparently, he was known as Theta Sigma in the University of Gallifrey, but that was a nickname only.

Roy: Hungry? Yes.

Elsie: We don't call him Devourer for nothing, and I really needed a fresh kill.

And with that, they began to chow down on the freshly cooked beef while Lilith and Puce talked. They only paused when they saw the little dragon heading for the meat there for a moment. Elsie actually leapt up on the table and growled like a wolf, signifying her food and territory before returning to her seat.

Roy: Instincts are strong in Hollows.

Elsie: Mmmm, yeah.

They resumed eating, and Jack came forwards while Natsuki ordered a few Nukas for the road from Yoruichi.

Jack: We had a bit of an issue downstairs with the Deathclaws, Puce. Apparently, the original Matriarch and first Alpha had after so long evolved differently and grown to hate each other, because of the control or because of the rebellion, respectively. Titania wanted us to handle Oberon, but then he pointed out that he just wanted his freedom instead of following HER, and then she evolved Fenris to go after him and all the rebel Alphas. Unfortunately, in the middle of fighting Roy, she unlocked Kadouclaw genes and she got herself killed by him. Oberon then found us the next Matriach, Lilith, and sacrificed himself to Fenris so he'd stop his rampage. Then...Lilith did something temporal and weird to come back as she is now to return things to a more status quo. The reason for all the uncle stuff? She imprinted on Natsuki, so now everyone associated with her is extended family. 'Kay?


Sounds like he would have gotten along splendidly with the Fraternities and Sororities there.

Puce blanched as he heard the news of what had happened under his very nose. The first Matriarch a tyrant. The First Alpha, a sacrificial lamb and the new Matriarch? Well she was an interesting character having literally snapped Puce in half upon their first meeting. It was a bit much for anyone to wrap their heads around.

But what shocked him was the for the road order that Natsuki left with Yuroichi.

"Are you guys going somewhere?" Puce asked as he looked at the Father and Daughter Duo.

"You know... who I wish was here? Cousin Jack... He's so dreamy for a half human has Succubus... well Incubus since he's a guy and all. But I we're not really blood related so I guess it would be okay. But still he's like my cousin and all what with... oh I'm revealing the future aren't I? Moms always said that I had to be careful about revealing too much of the future because even knowing it alters it and really with life being as good as it is in the Wastes... well not really wastes anymore, not since we started fixing the genetics and all... shit ... crap... I really have to stop doing that..." Lilith said as she kept going and going and going and going.

"Cousin Jack?" Puce asked in confusion and looked at Kurumu.

"That would be good name for a boy wouldn't it?" Kurumu said as they both looked at Jack. The older one and future namesake of their child.

With his peers, he went splendidly. Not so well with his teacher, Borusa.

Natsuki looked over at Puce and Kurumu as she took the Nuka-supplies from Yoruichi.

"Yeah. Home. It's not perfect. In fact, it's very fucking dangerous at times,'s time we got back to where we belong. The Enclave - hell, the world - needs us. All things aside, I still have to find the Diclonii of my world and join up with them. Dad still has to do missions and keep everyone in line. But most of all, I miss everyone back there. I miss Bob and John and Gren and #342. I know this is sudden, but it's also my life, both our lives..."

Jack: It's been a good run for us, Puce. We all got off on the wrong foot before, but it turned out alright. Thanks to you guys, not to mention Lucy, I have a daughter with a great future ahead of her, turning our world right-side-up. We'll be back some time. I know we'd want to see Lucy again, and everyone else here. Except Woon. He sucks.

That put aside, we now hear a diatribe from Lilith...followed by the idea of a namesake Jack which...catches the current Jack by surprise.

Jack: Lilith, I really think you should keep a lid on it, seriously. Because that Writer is still listening. And he'll start getting ideas, fiendish ones.

I've got images of him doing Naked Miles and Keg Stands now...

Speaking of surprises, there was going to be one as soon as Natsuki stepped out of the door. One infant sized Matriarch that would be materializing in Natsuki's arms as soon as she stepped through the door.

Back to now, however. Lilith finally shut her trap, and watched as he Mom and Grandpa Jack were about to leave the Pub.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Lilith said as she gave her mother and grandfather a hug.

"Wait... you're staying with us?" Puce said, expecting that Lilith would be going with her mom and dad.

"Well since the Colony needs me to start repopulating, though it'll be a lot more slowly and limited than Titania did." Lilith said, not looking forward to the egg laying. She would have rather been with Mom and Grandpa making their names in the Wastes.

"Greeeeeat." Kurumu said as she realized what it would probably entail.

Speaking of the writer, Lilith was in the process of walking over to him and giving him a big hug as if she had known him all of her life.

"Hi there!" She said as she released him from her grips.

Oh, that's just because of Matt Smith.

Hugs were shared, goodbyes were said, and then Jack and Natsuki stepped out the door...and found an infant Matriarch in Natsuki's arms. Surprise was not even the beginning of this reaction, but Natsuki was heard to say "What the hell?!" before the door shut. At the bar where they ate, Elsie looked over at Roy.

Elsie: Who were those two, anyway?

Roy: Beats me.

You had to be there, Roy. You just had to be there. So now...we have Lilith heading over to that spot in the bar where we last left The Writer, Jake. He saw Lilith coming and greeted her with a smile.

"So, tell me more of this Cousin Jack."


"my family isn't dead miss well at least i hope not cause this piece of shit here that i'm dragging is going to lead me to they are and then masscrass the gang that took them starting with this one with his usefulness has run out" he said throwing the bandit into the back room and slams the door.

Keg Stands are amusing no matter who

Lilith sat down at Jake's booth with a smile on her face and with a slight sucking noise, folded her wings inside her back. Cousin Jack. What could she say about Cousin Jack except he had the most amazing blue eyes, was as adventurous as any 21 year old could be and could handle a staff like no one's business.

"Cousin Jack? He's like my soul mate. He's totally awesome with a staff, Uncle Puce taught him and an practically perform a surgery with a shotgun, thanks to Auntie Kurumu. He's also got both of their powers, so he's a conduit like his Dad and great with seduction and illusion magic like him mom. If there was one thing that I could say about him... I wish he would think of me more like a girl and less like his cousin. We're not even related or of the same species." Lilith said as she looked into space as if dreaming of his flawless tanned skin and puce colored hair, his bat wings and his blue eyes.

"She is so never going to date our son." Kurumu whispered to Puce as she rubbed Rin's belly.

Puce turned towards the Arrancar and explained just who Jack and Natsuki were.

"They're good friends of the Pub. We've been through quite a lot together and survived a lot" Puce said as he remembered their narrow escape from the old place.

"I wish you got to know them a lot better"

David Woon:

Kurumu looked over at David as he ragdolled the unconscious man into the backroom. A moment later, when he turned back she simply smirked at him.

"You know he's no good to you with brain damage and haven't you heard of the Geneva Conventions?"

Fair enough.

"Sounds to me like Mark has some fun times planned or something. Frankly, it's a good thing he didn't go vampire-succubus hybrid, 'cause I read that one in Hellblazer once and they eat anything that's hit puberty by instinct. Kinda' freaky."

He chuckled to himself, and then drew down a privacy screen so people couldn't automatically listen in on their conversation.

"You know, it was really terrible about what happened in Hueco Mundo. I'd watch over those two if I were you. Dread was the worst ever."

Screen went up and...uce explained Jack and Natsuki to the Arrancar.

Elsie: They seemed nice, not uptight like some people.

Roy: The trouble is...we come from radically-different worlds. My life was absolute shit, but in a more intact world. It's just that after that, I went Hollow and... Huh? Something wrong, Elsie?

Having left the bare bones of her meal, Elsie Blanchett was moving to a booth.

Elsie: I'm fine. Just remembering...

She walked off, leaving Puce with Roy and her now in a farther point of the bar.

Roy: Her life wasn't easy either, otherwise she wouldn't be Arrancar. It's just that during my Hollow stage, I wasn't quite myself and apparently I'd eaten one of her wayward pack members back when she was just a wolf Hollow. She said she understood, but something still bothers her.


David Woon:

Kurumu looked over at David as he ragdolled the unconscious man into the backroom. A moment later, when he turned back she simply smirked at him.

"You know he's no good to you with brain damage and haven't you heard of the Geneva Conventions?"

"he'll be fine he'll just have one hell of a headache and i have heard of those Conventions thing but this man threw his humanity away when the gang he rides with decided to take my family and demand that i rob all banks in the county and bring them exactly 90 million dollars or they do what they probably have already done to my family anyway, rape, torture and butcher them but if they have they've made one very big mistake and that's death with hell following him will come for them all and send them down into damnation" he said with a fury in his eyes enough to send a chill down someone's spine.

I wish he wouldn't.

"Don't come back TOO soon!" Tomoya yelled back at the Demon King as he left. Quickly applying security measures to the door such as locks, chains, a lightning defense system and a keypad door. A simple finger clicked and the door started to lock itself up quickly.

Sighing now that the room is locked up, Tomoya clicked his fingers once more and weapons started to position themselves on the wall including swords, guns, holy relics and more. Another click and even Tomoya's computer was even set up to go.

Tomoya wondered what the outside of this place would look like, being worried what lies on the outside of the curtain to the window. Tomoya hesitated for a while...

I'm back ... and sore... damn hikes

The Pub

Puce looked over as Elsie and looked over at Roy and thought for a moment. It's times like these that perfect bartenders were supposed to have excellent advice for whatever was happening to whomever they happened to be talking to.

"Sooo... have you talked to her about it?" Puce asked, wondering if Arrancar ever had heart to heart conversations. Roy and Elsie seemed close enough and from what Puce could see of their Aura, they were bound together.

"I mean, you probably have but just let your guards down and just spoke what was on your mind."

Lilith looked at Jake and smirked. There were quiet a few adventures that her and Cousin Jake. However, that wouldn't be for quite some time. Until then, she had to take the position of Matriarch for a bit, at least until the Deathclaw population was back at a healthy level.

"I'm sure that you're curious as to what's in store and if Cousin Jack is going to be showing up around these parts... but a girls gotta have her secrets." She said as she gave Jake the Writer a quick kiss on the cheek.

David Woon:

Kurumu on the other hand was watching as David continued his tirade about Rape and Torture. She decided finally to chime in for a moment about exactly what despair was.

"I'm sure you don't need to hear that but you that man over there?" She said pointing a Puce who was talking to Roy.

"You know he was wounded in a battle once and kidnapped from the hospital. The man had Puce kidnapped, replaced Puce's damaged lung and tortured him, tested on him and finally installed a few mind control devices on him. Then he forced him to try to kill me." Kurumu said looking at Puce and smiling. They had truly been through a lot together.


Had Tomoya looked out the window to his room, he would have seen the inner wall of the Multiverse. While it looked like a solid pearlescent wall, someone who floated to it would have seen that they were made of individual cords, infinite in number. Each one moved as if repelled by the one next to it, however when the membrane of a verse collided, a new one was born.

It was both beautiful and chaotic.

Funny that. You want on hikes and I was at the highland games with a sore back.

"Later, death-child."

Yes, the Writer had invented a private nickname. Life is funny that way. Elsie had walked past Lilith on her way back to business, and...cue Puce talking to Roy about talking to Elsie about things. Here, the Arrancar leaned against the bar, looking unsure.

Roy: We're two people that've gone through some shit in our lives, else we wouldn't be Hollows. And this may shock you, Puce, but I'm not good with being social. My whole life, I'd been distanced from people, and I've only had my UNlife to overcome that.

The trouble here was that Roy was an introvert at heart. He wasn't good with people. Still, he relented, looking down at the floor.

Roy: I hsve tried. We are friends. But...I can tell that whatever it is has the same impact as my problems. It's deep and hard to talk about. I don't know how to do what you suggest that well...

Highland Games sounds much more fun than a hike in 105 Degree Weather

Puce looked to Roy and here they had something in common. Both were truly introverts at heart. While Puce had overcome this through sheer necessity, Huecho Mundo didn't sound at all like the place where two Arrancar could be two people and talk things out.

With a slight nod towards Kurumu and the use of an old link that they had shared since he had ripped Kurumu's life force out of her body and reformed it, the Elsie that was headed back towards her business disappeared from Roy's senses and was replaced by and Elsie was still seated alone at the Booth.

"So... Roy. Tell me. When you think about what you did, consuming the pack mate of hers, how does it make you feel?"

Lilith saw through the illusion, having been taught to recognize illusion and deception by Auntie Kurumu and now it served her well.

Leaning back against the counter, she had been prepared to go down to the underground to deposit a few eggs that she had stored up in her still lithe looking body but paused so see how this would turn out.

Yeah, I prefer hiking in cooler weather.

So basically, what they were not seeing now was that Elsie had finished her sake and gone to explore parts of the bar herself, curious about it. And back at the Roy-Puce talk.

Roy: I did that when I was out of control, the thing that makes my Zanpakuto in charge. It practically ruled my life, so why NOT take over my body too?

He seemed rather angry and bitter about that subject, when not feeling depressed about it. The things that uplifted him in these dark times was that even though he was strapped to it and responsible for everything, at least he had control now.

Roy: I feel bad about it. I've said so. I've apologized for it and she forgave me. Hollows eat Hollows all the time. The REST of her back had been eaten by another large Hollow that she killed herself to become an Arrancar. It's not that, I can feel it. That other member was responsible for us meeting, basically. I'm almost thankful to him, still wasn't right.

Thankfully we went swimming afterwards. That was nice.

Pouring himself a glass of "La Mort D'amour," Puce silently kept a tab on Elsie's position while he listened to Roy's story. He also thought to himself that Elsie was probably as fickle as other women. One moment they tell you everything is alright but then hold it over you the next.

"So he ate a Hollow that was responsible for them meeting. Of course it's not right, however, when you're not in control of your body, are you truly responsible for your actions?" Puce thought to himself as he remembered an instance where he had been forced to break his oath to never kill due to being mind controlled at the time.

"So how about this. Why don't I pretend to be Elsie and we can practice what you say to her. If you feel uncomfortable about it, we can perhaps do this in the training room?" Which was exactly where Elsie was at the moment.

Quite refreshing indeed.

The one eyebrow that was visible on Roy's face arched up.

Roy: First, you're not cute enough...or female. Second, I'm telling you we went through the devouring problem and that's WHY we're friends, even before we had this group of ours. Third, you dunno what it actually is, so good luck pulling a fake.'re still a dude!

At this time, the back rooms were currently getting frostier...but Roy was distracted at this time.

Roy: She's not...mad at me. I know what she does to people pissing her off. Gray did that once and he's still shitting ice cubes.

Would have been better if it was the beach

Puce was taken a back by Roy's listed outburst. Sure he was male and sure he wasn't exactly sure what Roy had gone through for that matter. What he did know was that for the sake of curiosity, he was going to get bottom of why Elsie was the way she was. Curiosity is what kept Puce sane at times it seemed.

However, Puce knew when to leave well enough alone. He opened his mouth to drop the subject with Lilith chimed in.

"If Uncle Roy's such a handsome introvert, why doesn't he just practice on the illusionary Aunt Elsie in the Training room that Auntie Kurumu made to practice on. That's he Aunt Kurumu releaves stress sometimes. It's quite fun to watch." Lilith said with a smile on her face.

I see what you did thar?

Wait, was there ever an illusion in the training room or...? Well, Roy didn't know right now, so this got his attention, confusing him. Why would they go to such lengths to help him out? He was nothing to them, just a wanderer who found the door to the pub out of curiosity.

Roy: Well, I could try, though I dunno what revelations it'd have without Elsie's mind. I guess I gotta work up the courage to get her to talk, though, or else I'll never know.

He started to head for the training room, also curious about what THAT was like.

Speaking of beaches.

As Roy opened the door, he found that the scene from Yuroichi and Doom's fight had been changed from a mountainous region to that of a beach with the "illusionary" Elsie standing in the middle of the beach.

The door closed behind Roy and disappeared, however Puce was able to look on from the comfort of the Pub. Meanwhile, Kurumu released the illusion of Elsie sitting at the table in the corner.

"Where'd you learnt to be so sly?" Puce asked his "neice."

"Well Auntie Kurumu showed me a few things and Cousin Jack showed me the rest." Lilith said with a smile as she wondered when Uncle Puce and Auntie Kurumu would get married. Jack would come soon after that.

The beach episode! Wait, no...that's not...a good idea.

Before Roy entered the training room.

She had indeed gone frosty with her troubled thoughts. The cold kept her temper even, like air conditioning. However, entering here...Elsie felt nostalgic. She remembered beaches, as opposed to endless deserts. They were nice. Sometime, on Earth, she ought to go back to one and just lie about. If a Shinigami bothered her, she could just kill it. So, we find her watching the waves on this sunny afternoon until...

Roy comes in.

He didn't know what the hell to say that hadn't been tried before. He'd respected her by not constantly bugging her about whatever was ACTUALLY on her mind. She went out of her way to assure him that she was over the whole pack thing, so then what was it? And how could talking to this illusion - that totally isn't one - help find that out? Elsie turned around when he came in, though, having sensed him.

Elsie: Roy, are you alright?

Roy: Trust a succubus to be able to make a good one, though. I can even sense it!

He'd never been the victim of Aizen's Shikai, so it's hard to say here.

Roy: No, I'm not. always walk off when there's something wrong, but you never say what. That tells me I did something, but if it's not about the pack, then what?

Elsie: There's alot on my mind, always is.

Roy: But you never share any of it...

Elsie:'re hardly one to talk.

Roy: I know, literally. But I'm trying... We've made a good team, even before the End Times. You should tell me what's on your mind.

Elsie: It's nothing you can do anything about. You have enough worries. You don't need this.

This wasn't working! All Roy could see was the evasiveness paying off to nothing because it wasn't even Elsie! It was just a figment of succubus imaginations, which was quickly dwindling his patience. So saying, Roy shouted in anger.

Roy: Half of my worries are about you! I ate one of your friends, one of your LAST friends, and you let the mattert drop just because I wasn't in control! You should be pissed! Why the hell are we friends when I murdered yours?! When I kill and devour every day like a good little Hollow, not even thinking about who I've ruined now?!

Elsie was shocked and her expression said it. She wasn't sure why Roy was talking like this, and she wasn't sure whether to be happy about his concern or wary that he was flipping shouting at her over how they work together. He was normally more keeping to himself, being as understanding as an introvert can, but now he was...different for some reason.

Roy: That's what I don't get. You're a predator. You're a Hollow. You have had plenty of reason to take out the fucking Devourer, so why the hell haven't you?! under Elsie's skin. Teeth gritted, she projected an ice force that icicle'd in and out of his Hollow hole, pinning him suddenly. Roy's shock was palpable. Holy shit, it's the real Elsie?! What the hell did he just do?! He could feel the icicle expanding inside his hole, holding him fast as she approached and...oh, he was dead meat. Elsie released her Zanpakuto, dissolving it into lupine legs, deadly claws, and a helmet-like wolf-mask with working jaws. She and Jackal were kind of similar. However, with her wolf pelt, she looked like a warg standing up.

Elsie: I don't want to eat you, you sonnuva bitch... I want you to remember!!

She picked up the big icicle and flung him hard into the sea, causing a distant large splash that frozen in mid-action and then the sea itself was ice as well. Growling low, Elsie left the training room, still in resurrecion and still pissed off.

I'ma sleep now.

Closing the curtain quickly. Tomoya was surprised with what was outside. "Well...that was unexpected." Tomoya said before he quickly had a shower, bath and fell on his bed. "Finally...sleep!" Tomoya said as he quickly fell asleep.

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