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Uh oh... Spaghetti-o

With that, the screen on the television flipped off as the door to the Training room opened and Elsie came into the room, pissed off. The room which had already remained chilled after her leaving returned to its freezing temperatures.

"I should have known better." Puce muttered to himself as he flipped up the heater, causing the room to warm up slightly. The good thing was that it was no longer below freezing and the drinks remained in a liquid state. The bad thing was that Elsie would probably be pissed off for some time to come.

"Hey Auntie Elsie! I'm sure you're totally pissed off but let me explain something will you?" Lilith said as she stood in front of Elsie, waiting for the inevitable boot to kick her into resurrection mode.

"I think that you and Uncle Roy needed to get a bit of communication going since... well... since you're a team and all and in the future ... you two aren't the happiest of married couples. Damn... I'm doing this again aren't I?" Lilith cursed as she started fidgeting with her fingers.

"I just think that if I helped you out now, maybe it would be much better... or I was going to have to try something drastic... you know what I'm talking about." She continued, thinking of an Uncle Roy and Aunt Yuroichi couple.

"Please don't be mad at me or Uncle Puce or Aunt Kurumu. I just want you two to be better... you know?"

Better add Campbell's, Progresso, and the Chef while we're at it.

Lilith, you impede her progress for the door at your own risk. Doing so caused those feral slitted eyes to glare at her in anger even as she tried to talk Elsie down. She had one of those overlapping animal-human voices as she continued to be riled up. But as Lilith finished talking, her claws raised with a loud growl suddenly - and the universe could see bitter frost unmatched by The Day After Tomorrow coming - but...instead she collapsed to her knees, claws going through the floor unfortunately, and the released Arrancar went from tempermental to crying her eyes out.


Meanwhile, out at sea...

Roy: Lousy stupid permafrost...

I'm suddenly getting one of those "Do you ever get that unclean feeling" commercials in my mind

As Elsie collapsed to the floor, Lilith was down on her knees as well, trying to comfort her "Auntie" in her despair. Kurumu too, despite her initial dislike of Elsie walked over and hoisted the Arrancar up into her arms like she would a baby, asking Lilith to carry Rin.

As she walked past Puce, she muttered something about going fishing in the Training room. Nodding, Puce watched as Kurumu, Elsie, Lilith and Rin went into the bedroom that Kurumu and He shared, hearing the door being locked after it closed.

"Alright... Fishing for Roy." Puce said as he walked into the Training room. With the series of button pushes, he was moved to where Roy floated.

"This might take a moment. Hold still." Puce said as he raised the ground under Roy to put him on land. A second later, the ice started melting off of Roy's body, Puce having channeled energy into the ice molecules and causing them to heat up.

"Well... looks like you deserve and apology." Puce said before saying the actual apology.

"Sorry I butted my nose where it doesn't belong."

You're a strange man.

Elsie had managed to calm down somewhat...for the moment. Something inside must've snapped when they instigated her and Roy to talk when Roy ddn't have the presence of mind to be more careful...since he thought it was a non-real Elsie. He ended up saying things that caused her to fly off the handle for some reason...and now she was hugging her legs tightly enough to rest her headon her knees. Chances are, Kurumu and Lilith might get it out of her, but the room was getting colder just being in her presence. Her released state was dangerous, like at least Captain Hitsugaya dangerous, if not moreso.


Meanwhile, Puce had thawed Roy...

Roy: And that's what it's like to piss off Elsie. I'm not shitting ice, but my hole is freezing.

Here, there was an apology, but...Roy wasn't angry at Puce. He had that withdrawn look in his eyes.

Roy: She said she wanted me to remember... I AM having memory trouble, but if that's the case...then what? For one moment, she looked almost glad to hear that I worry about her like I did, but...something's really wrong, Puce. Elsie's not the kind to hide things from people. She's confrontational. What if I did something alot worse to her, though...?

I never did claim to be normal

The Pub: Main Room: Back Bedroom

As the temperature in the room began to plummet, Lilith flipped on a gene sequence that would allow her to tolerate sub zero temperatures and radiate enough heat to offset Elsie's cold snap. The result was a bit of turbulence as the cold air from Elsie met the warm air from Lilith. Kurumu found herself sitting ever so closely to her "Neice."

"Elsie? Are you okay?" Kurumu managed to ask as the room became tolerable once again.

"Auntie Elsie. Will you say something? Anything?'

The Pub: Training Room

Puce looked at Roy and simply shook his head. He wasn't a mind reader and the only one who he knew of that might possibly be of use in that area would be Lilith. If she was as powerful as Titania at manipulating genetic code, she would be able to unlock a sequence that would allow her to help restore Roy's memory.

But he wasn't going to go meddling this time. This time he would try to do things at a pace acceptable to Roy and Elsie.

"If you did something worse to her, wouldn't you want to know? That way you can fix things if they need fixing?" Puce asked as he looked at the Arrancar.

The Pub: Main Room

The Main Door opened once again and this time a man, a simple looking man walked through. Looking around in a bit of amazement, he made none of the commentary that the newbies to the Pub made such as "Where the fuck am I?"

Instead, he looked around and spotted Jake.

Walking over to Jake the writer, he sat down at the booth and smile amiably. If Jake were to look at him he would have noticed that the man's face seemed to smile one moment before dipping into sadness the next, regardless of how the man was feeling. His black hair was cut short and he appeared to be of Asian decent.

"Hi Jake."

Nor I.

The icy Arrancar paid no attention to the climate weirdness right now. She didn't even focus on either one of the two. She was not catatonic or out of her gourd. She was just not sure what to do anymore. It was just too much. The two of them urged her to speak, and what they got out of her was...

Elsie: I don't want to wait anymore... I thought he'd come around...but the bastard thing must've destroyed his memories when it happened.


Roy's eyes narrowed at Puce as he stood up and began to pace.

Roy: Of course I want to know! The simplest way for me to handle it would be if she just told me and get it over with! I can't help not remembering half the time I've been alive or even Hollow. It's all because of this thing.

He pointed to the face on his shoulder pad, those ominous red eyes.

Roy: Ramzutek, a god of misfortune. That's what the Hollow that was only half-Arrancar called itself. That's the thing that was bound to me even in life was called. That's what brought me nothing but misery for my whole life, and now it's ruining the only good thing I have in my UNlife!

There's a long story behind this, you can tell. Maybe now's the time for a stiff drink. Bar's open.


And speaking of the bar, someone sat across from Jake in his booth and greeted him by name. Jake, who appeared to be working on three characters labeled 'Death's End', 'Calamity's End', and "Oblivion's End', looked up and immediately jumped in surprise.

"AGH!! Uhhh...ummm...hi?"

Blink, blink, blink.

"Can I help you?"

This is gonna be a long day, even for an endless bar. And!

Yoruichi: Welcome to the bar. Can I take your order?


hi sorry i forgot to add a power for david

power 1: david has somehow been exposed to either radiation in the fallout world or a radiation that has surrounded the pub he found out he can control fire at the snap of his finger and a bolt of fire shoot out and explode in the targets's face on contact. so hows that for a power of an old west cowboy?

Bah. What's so good about normal anyhow?

David Woon:

The Pub: Main Room

"Irish Car Bomb if you would... 4 of them. I'm going to be here for quite a while. At least until the dimensional merger arc is over in AA." The man stated as he looked over at Jake, a smile on his face, followed by despair and then a smile once again.

"Itsa me... Mark... ummm... ee.. oh." Mark stated as he looked over at Jake and the suddenly appearing Irish Car Bombs on the table (That would be 4 pint glasses of Guinness with 4 half and half shots of Bailey's Irish Creme and Jameson's Irish Whiskey).

"Thanks Yuro." He stated as he looked back to Jake, his drama mask like face switching back and forth

"There a bit of a homicidal maniac hunting down the Writers in Avatar Adventures. So I figure I should hide out here until that particular Arc is over. If I die out there... then so does Puce and Kurumu and all my other characters in all my Role Plays." Mark explained as he dropped the first shot glass into the pint of Guinness and chugged it down before the Bailey's had time to curdle.

Suddenly Woon decided to activate a new power within his old Western Character.

"It's call pyrokinesis and mixed with a bit of pyrogenesis. I think though those powers went out of fashion a few years ago. There's a whole world of powers that you could choose from." Puce said to the old time David Woon.

The Pub: Back Bedroom

Kurumu looked at Lilith with a questioning look on her face. Since she had already experienced this, it would be simple for her to explain things. However, Lilith shook her head at the look. It was something that she was sworn not to reveal.

With a sigh, Kurumu turned back towards Elsie.

"What does he need to remember? What does he need to know?" Kurumu asked as Elsie continued to ignore her. Without warning, the Succubus slapped the Arrancar, not hard of course, just enough for the feeling of pain to set in... if Arrancar could feel pain.

From Elsie's expression though, it appeared that they could.

The Pub: Training Room

Puce lead Roy towards the Pub and its endless supply of booze and booze related accessories. Puce grabbed a glass of "La Mort D'amour" and a Sake Bomb for Roy.

"Explain... now... please."


Suddenly Woon decided to activate a new power within his old Western Character.

"It's call pyrokinesis and mixed with a bit of pyrogenesis. I think though those powers went out of fashion a few years ago. There's a whole world of powers that you could choose from." Puce said to the old time David Woon.

sorry pyrokinesis mixed pyrogenesis seems to be the only one power that fits David so yeah -pushes the "add new power" button with "pyrokinesis mixed pyrogenesis" as the power Woon wants for david

Normal's overrated.

There had been a question from Yoruichi what AA stood for, but Jake - wishing to prevent confusion - said it was Alcoholics Anonymous. Afterwhich, Mark explained that he was here avoiding a writer-killer from another RP. Heavy stuff.

"Hmm. I see. What me to send Massacre?"

As if on a cue, a midnight-black gargoylian demon-spirit with slightly-oversized wings and a long spiked tail was hanging from the ceiling, grinning at them both with gray jagged teeth and glaring through them with maniacally-malevolent glowing red eyes. If Mark was gifted with the ability to sense power, he would feel that this creature was quite the malevolent force to be reckoned with.

"Mass here is my best villain. He is essentially an ANCIENT SPIRIT OF EVIL acting as the lord and main conduit to abominable creature of destruction simply known as the Dark Power. He is malevolent, clever, and funny. He could create a stir."

Just then, the Writer tossed a powerful spotted skunk at Woon.

Skunk: I HAVE FURY!!!


Must've been alot put behind that, given her Hierro and wolf-like helmet right now. Elsie's reaction was to pay the hell attention by reaching out and grabbing Kurumu by the neck with such speed and control that you could swear she wasn't THAT inhibited. Or was rage a focus for Arrancar? Who's to say? She killed a much-bigger and much-stronger Hollow with rage and determination, so why not? She glared daggers at Kurumu.

Elsie: And what are you to me? My friend? You're like every girl I knew in life, shallow and unhurt by harsh realities. You think you're the people I should confide in?

She released Kurumu and pushed her away lightly, meaning she wouldn't hit the wall or anything.

Elsie: ...alot of fucking nerve, getting between me and that door. So fine. Roy needs to remember that we didn't come across each other by chance, that we don't click together coincidentally. I want him to remember that we were together, in life, before he died...

She glared back at Kurumu again.

Elsie: Saying it isn't good enough, though. I don't want to add to his long list of worries, even though he says a bunch of them are about me. The things he said in there directly after tell me that he'll never come around. Never.


At the bar, with the drinks, Roy drank and explained.

Roy: In my world, there are people with abilities, though rare as most awakenings are from people being attacked by Hollows and surviving. Others have a longstanding tradition dating back to who-knows-where. My mother was a gifted gypsy, apparently, and also apparently she focused this thing on me as an ongoing revenge to my father, who divorced her and took custody of me. That's what I learned from my younger brother, whom I never met back then until I was sixteen. At least, I don't think so.

His brother was a sensitive topic as well.

Roy: Anyway, eventually something happened to me and I was killed, and I VERY quickly went Hollow because of all the horror of what I'd done, as well as this creature that's a part of me manifesting. I could never be harmed by it, supposedly, or maybe it tried to break out and we both died. I dunno. But I became a Hollow and I don't remember much until waking up in Pittsburgh, fighting a Shinigami, a spirit fox, and my brother. And that's when I ran to Hueco Mundo and never looked back.

He took another pull of his drink.

I thought that when Ramzutek was made my Zanpakuto, a weapon attached to my body that I control 100% that I was free, but I guess I'm still scarred by the bastard.

sorry to intrude but my power needs to make itself known


david suddenly feeling odd as he feels it's starting to get warmer so takes his hat off and places it on the table still getting warmer he takes off his coat and places it on the table, now it's really hot he takes his gun belt and untucks his shirt now it's extremely hot so much so he touches his skin and it's red hot and i mean hot, david having enough of this runs into training room thinking it's toilet and runs all over shouting "Jesus Christ i'm burning!!! someone help me!!! AAAAAHHH!!!" suddenly stops and spreads his arms out and scream at the top of his voice while this is happening giant cracks start appearing in the training room and seems to react to david who is still screaming as an flame colored aura of some kind starts covering his body. to Prue and Roy who have witnessed the previous

Snip: Finally got most of my work done!

David Woon:
PM Me Before Next Post

Mark looked at the malevolent spirit that Jake had just summoned and stared at it. Fortunately he was about as scared by the beast as a piranha poodle from Monkey Island. Unfortunately phase shifting of his face between smiling and crying was getting on his nerves. Not only was it tiring to his cheek muscles but it was creating unwanted wrinkles where none used to be before. With a finger snap, he stopped the glamour and instead produced a mask, not unlike the one that Tom Cruise used in the movie Vanilla Sky. The one exception was that the blank faced mask was milky white rather than a pretend skin tone.

"Much better." Mark said before he decided to explain the situation as to why he was now a refugee in the Pub.

"So it seems that a member of the writers in that Role Play has decided to run an Arc where a character... Red Mage... has decided that the 'Gods' must be killed. In order to do that, he's done something of a dimensional merger with the additional rule of suspending disbelief. If Red Mage manages to kill a writer in that Role Play, the rule is it is as if the writer actually died. Therefore, my characters... would cease to exist and caper about, even here." Mark said as he looked around for Puce, Kurumu or Lilith.

"What's more... he's deleveled all characters in that particular Role Play due to the fact that there's no magic in the Really Real world. In short... he's made himself the super overpowered villain trying to kill a bunch of norms. The Pub is really the only place that I can counter this effect since we both know that the Writer is as good as a God here." Mark concluded as he produced a Tablet Computer and a Quill... well not really a quill. The tip of the quill was a little rubber nub rather than the traditional ink pen. He found it much easier to work with than paper. Plus it was a reflection of his duality. Traditional with a mix of technophilia mixed in.

"So where were we." Mark said as he started to write on the tablet.

Mark watched as the flame aura started covering David Woon's body and smirked underneath his mask. The automated fire suppression system, sensing David's predicament, activated. A series of turrets came down from the ceiling and sprayed the old western avatar with a fire retardant foam, covering the man and quenching any flame that was covering him.

He then motioned to the David Woon avatar to come over.

"You know... there are more subtle ways of displaying that a new power if coming to life." Mark said as he wrote, producing a series of candles on the tables of the Pub.

As the candles came to life, the patrons sitting at the various tables found it odd that the fire bathed wicks weren't burning upwards. Rather the fire seemed to be attracted to something or someone else in the room... David Woon.

"And now for a full demonstration." Mark said as an invisible force punched David full in the face, knocking the Old Time Avatar to the floor, causing him an immense amount of pain and anger.

Sensing the Pyrokentic's emotions, the flames of the candles blossomed into columns of fire before dying down, the wicks having been expended by the demonstration.

"Much better than... 'Help me Jesus! Help me Oprah Winfrey! Help me Tom Cruise! I'm on Fire!'" He concluded before moving on to the next topic.

The Pub: Back Room

Kurumu rubbed her sore neck as she looked at Elsie. She wasn't right about Kurumu being a shallow woman that was unphased by the pain of people around her right?

"You know... you're wrong about me. I do care about what you've gone through and what you're going through. I'm not who you think I am and if that's what you believe about me, then you're the one who's shallow." Kurumu said gently, though a large part of her wanted to snap at the Arrancar.

"As for Roy, you can't think that he'll never get it. As dumb as men seem... they get it eventually. You just have to be patient in the matter and if he can't remember. There has to be a way we can make him remember." She said as she looked at Elsie.

"You know... I could always dive into his mind and see if I can unblock any mental blocks that are in the way."

The Pub: The Main Room

Puce continued to listen to Roy's story with interest. He was still unsure as to the process in which one becomes a Hollow and the process by which a Hollow become an Arrancar but he wasn't about to Wiki it.

"But somewhere in there is a period of missing time? Is there anything at all that you can remember surrounding the time from when you entered Huecho Mundo and your first true memory afterwards?" Puce asked as he tried to place the puzzle together. However this was more like putting a puzzle together with the picture side flipped over.

"And who was this Ramzutek before he became your Zanpakuto?"

This just got weirder.

"Wait... Red Mage as in..."


He points to the picture that appeared out of nowhere.

"...8-Bit Theater? Munchkin-Mage? Mr. Twinky?"

Jake's confusion was only compounded when Mark asked where they were, prompting him to pull out some variation of the Doctor Who diary, this one matching mark's favored colors. You may recall that Jake did this with Oswin.

"We are in the middle of Roy and Elsie's personal problems. Have you hit that point yet?"


Elsie let out a sigh. It sounded like a growl.

Elsie: Sorry about that. I had to deal with a fair few in life and you looked the part, big chested and talking bigger. If you're not full of hot air, then...good.

Then, the discussion of HOW to get Roy to remember continued and she quickly looked at Lilith with some urgency in those feral eyes.

Elsie: Don't do that! I offered to clear his memory once. I'm psychic, remember? Nothing absurdly gifted, but it's a talent of mine. Roy said not to go in there, for my own safety. Apparently, while he has full control of his power, he doesn't trust the thing in his Zanpakuto. It's linked with him at the soul and while in a deep dark hole...the missing pieces might lay with it. And not friendly. Roy said it was a god once... I dunno what's true, but the fear in his eyes was enough to convince me. We need something else.


He tried to think.

Roy: There's some flashes, here and there. Punched in a dragon-faced Hollow's forehead...a few feedings...wrecking a hospital...some other stuff... The weird part is there's a memory of Elsie calling to me, urgently...

Shaking his head now...

Roy: But I don't know when it's from or what was happening. Could be any time.

Then, he was asked about the Zanpakuto.

Roy: There many old things left unattended in the world, things left to lie until they're needed by someonw who knows the way. That's what Daniel said, and then he explained that Ramzutek was one of the unnamed spirit-creatures the Aztecs worshipped a time long ago. They all have a name, but not all were discovered. This was the red god of misfortune.

Weird Doesn't Even Begin to Cover it

Mark nodded at the picture of Red Mage.

"The very same. TheMehKingdom, who's a member of The Pub, wrote an Arc in which the Avatar Adventures dimension merges with the Really Real World. Red Mage, now a servant of the God of Chaos, thinks that us Writers bring too much order to that particular Verse. So he wants to eliminate us." Mark said as he sighed and chugged his second Irish Car Bomb, not quite feeling buzzed enough to warrant the current strangeness that had overtaken his life. However he had forgotten that the mask was on and the result was much of the drink spilling down his mask's chin.

Cursing, he grabbed a paper towel and dried himself off.

"With the suspension of disbelief rule in play, we have to act as if this is really happening." Mark continued as he looked down at the tablet and checked for an update on the Roy and Elsie situation.

Lilith looked at Aunt Elsie and nodded. She had never seen Aunt Elsie with that particular expression, one that bordered fear, but it too was enough for her to cease that line of thinking. However... there were a couple of Writers in the Pub yes? Couldn't they just MAKE Roy remember what it was that he was supposed to remember?

"So... there's two strange guys that have been in the Pub for some time now... even before I came back to this time period, they were still there sitting and talking and Writing. What they wrote had a tendency to come true. So... why don't we ask them?"

Puce looked at Roy, head tweaked to the side. Why does it always have to be red that brings misfortune, he thought to himself remembering Statkowski.

"DO you remember anything regarding the situation around Elsie calling you? Anything at all. Try to remember."

I'm back!

Tomoya's room.

Waking up with a sudden pain in his side, Tomoya flipped out of the bed in pain grabbing his sides. "What the hell!" He yelled as he quickly sidestepped outside of the room and suddenly fell down the stairs into the bar.

"Ow, that hurt." Tomoya said as he dragged himself to his usual booth. "Why does it feel like I got stabbed!" Tomoya yelled out in the bar. Seeing the picture of Red Mage, Tomoya pointed to it. "I hate that she-male demon!" Tomoya said, still remembering Red Mage's last actions before he came here. "What are you talking about? What happened to that world?" Tomoya said to Mark across the room.

It's a good start!

"I never liked that guy. And if the god of chaos is BM, you guys are fucked, regardless. Imagine...a Writer being considered a creature of order. It is to laugh!"

And so he did, quite maniacally too!

"I suggest inflicting Hubris on him again, and keep doing it until his head explodes."

Then, Jake blinked.

"Are they allowed to invoke us directly like that? I take opinions, yes, but this is different."


The wolf Arrancar blinked at this.

Elsie: Writers...making their words really happen?

She stood up, now visibly angry.

Elsie: Where are they?! This is their fault!! Everything that's happened in our lives are all their fault!!

Oh shit, she's uber-violent again!


The Arrancar gripped his head in anger, trying to focus.

Roy: You think I haven't been trying? I think about it and it always sounds like she's in danger, and I'm the only one to save her! But she's never been in any severe danger, so what does it MEAN?!


Roy's eyes shot open and he let out a scream...for a moment, then he got a grip on the bar, looking ahead in shock.

Roy: I...saw something... She was...human...that time. Oh no...

His face hit the bar counter and he put his hands over his head.

Roy: ...I might've killed her!

Oh really ... this is rich.

Mark looked at Tomoya and turned white behind the white mask. He had forgotten that Tomoya was here and also a member of that Role Play that he was trying to get away from. However... he did remember that he was in fact safe while in the confines of the Pub. Any action to kill him would just send him back to that hot fucking desert known as Arizona.

Lifting his mask this time, the Writer known as Mark took a drink and replaced his mask. He quickly browsed the happenings of the AA and took stock of that Tomoya's current condition.

"Not that you'll remember this particular conversation, unless you want me to call bullshit... Your future self, that would be you after you leave the Pub, just got stabbed by James... the person you keen calling Ken for some reason." Mark said as he continued to read.

"I'm trying to put Lucifer in a position to assist you ... but I doubt, given your Archangelic qualities... that you would accept the assistance anyways." Mark continued as he read and wrote.

"Also... Statcowski merged your dimensions with the Really Real World. That would be the Dimension that the other person, Shaun, that resides in your body is from. You know... the guy who said that you would never ever be able to see your wife and kids again?"

Well that would be a spoiler alert if that's what the future entails

Mark once again turned white underneath his emotionless drama mask and for a moment the mask turned to what one might call an exaggerated version of what surprise and worry would look like rolled into one expression. He mirrored Roy's movements as his face hit the booth's able and his hands covered the back of his neck.

"He's written the Blue Mage into the Role Play as well. However there's not much data on her at all." Mark stated from his face down position. He continued this pose for a moment until he brought his head up once again, his mask back to being expressionless.

"Well... he's not displaying any Hubris. The Role Play is pretty full of egocentric characters but I don't think that Red Mage is one of them. He's more a statistics nerd than anything else. Always rolling the dice before making any decision. It's kinda like Two Face in that regard." Mark stated as he began formulating some ideas and tackling the second part of the conversation.

"As to directly invoking us... I guess it would be possible. If you think of it... our writing runs down through the dimensions like a river or a one way road. Try as they might, they should never, in theory, be able to invoke us. However... you and I both know that nothing is impossible... only highly improbable. Every so often you'll have an action or piece of data that isn't washed down stream or run over by opposing traffic. However... it becomes highly possible when you change the environment. Like damming a river or changing a street into a two way road. It takes a lot of time and energy and resources but once it happens, it can interact normally." Mark said as he considered things.

"The Pub is a shift this dam or road construction as would be a dimensional merger."

Kurumu was taken aback for a moment as she took in Elsie's rage. She had been in the same position too when she found out that there were writers that had caused Puce and her so much trouble in their lives. Theirs, Mark, seemed particularly sadistic at times where Puce ran from one tragedy to another. It wasn't until they came to the Pub that Mar's actions seemed to become rather benevolent rather than sadistic.

"Elseie! Listen. I know of these Writers and I know what they can do. You don't want to mess with them... especially here. If you kill them, they'll just come back and write you into another tragedy like they're doing with you now. Listen to me... stop." Kurumu said as she tried to stand in Elsie's way of the door. Brave little succubus.

"Aunt Elsie. Please listen to Aunt Kurumu. She's right even if you were to kill off your writer... even if you were able to do it permanently... it would erase your existence and Uncle Roy's!" She said as she once again altered one of her very own genetic sequences, adding a poisonous stinger to her tail. It would paralyze Elsie if needed.

Puce looked at Roy understandingly. If that was the case, the Roy wasn't too different from Puce given Puce's history with Kurumu.

"You know... that wouldn't be the worst thing that's ever happened. Hell I ripped Kurumu's soul out of her body and stuffed it into a wooden doll's body. She hated me for three straight years." Puce said as he thought about it.

"Besides... she seems to have forgiven you if that was the case. All you have to do is remember and act accordingly... right? Now perhaps we should take a little field trip to Hueco Mundo... maybe that'll help jog your memory?"


Remembering everything that Shaun told him as he made the contract, the information regarding this man. This was the writer of Puse, Lucifer and several billion characters. The urge to punch him was rising, but Tomoya remembered this was his vacation and wasn't bothered to do anything like that.

"You don't say...but I guess I'll do someone after getting stabbed. Also he is Ken to us, that's what we know him by after he nuked L.A and numerous things. Also I doubt I will accept the assistance since he is 150% evil and a total douche...but reflect the writer...oh...never mind." Tomoya said with a cocky smile.

Hearing Mark's last comment. "Not soul is another smaller universe in it's own space. As for my family...we're negotiating on that." Tomoya said as he looked back to Puse at the bar. "No offense Puse" Tomoya said and smiled as the pain flowed away.

Har Har Har

Mark looked at the script that Tomoya's writer, Shaun, had just submitted and smirked underneath his mask and took one look at Tomoya.

"So he wants to punch me eh?" Mark thought to himself as he began writing on the tablet computer ones again and suddenly.


Mark looked over at Tomoya who had began punching himself in the face several times, blood flowing copiously and teeth beginning to chip as well.

"I'll have you know that your writer and I have somewhat of a tumultuous relationship. I'll also have you know... Ehecatl's mention of your family getting slain was my idea." Mark said with a smirk underneath the mask. True to Kurumu's statement in the other room, Mark was in fact a sadistic writer at times, preying on the obvious emotional weaknesses of one character and turning it to his advantage in the name of drama.

"So... I suggest you be on your best behavior and let Shaun know that he's got a safe haven here when RM comes for him. Wouldn't want Statcowski to ruin my evening fun over some believe that killing Writers would bring chaos. It would bring nothingness really." Mark said... which was true. Without writers a verse was inert and inactive. Like the other Role Plays that had fallen to the side without the benefit of their own role players.

"Wait... would you define nothingness as order or chaos?"

Hence the Doctor Who joke with the books.

"I meant Black Mage, actually. Nobody dooms it up like him...and Garlock The Destroyer. But that's another story! Listen, if you wanna REALLY mess this guy up with his decision making? Get him on tarot cards. They put Harvey Dent on those in Arkham and he couldn't decide to go to the bathroom without consulting 'em, ultimately making him piss his pants every time."

You can thank Grant Morrison for that one.


Man, it was cold in here! Elsie let off a growl in anger now.

Elsie: Damn you and your logic! Why did I have to be smart enough to listen?

Okay, she was...calming down again, sort of.

Elsie: What do I do with this, though? You don't ask your jailer to let you out. He just laughs at you! Dammit, I'm so confused...!

It doesn't help that you're trying to be rational in feral mode.


Roy looked at Puce like he was insane, like he was trying to say 'How do you hold up sane under conditions like that, but that he couldn't put it to words. However, he shook his head about Hueco Mundo.

Roy: No, that's no good. I've been all over the place and that doesn't help. We need to go to Earth, the living world. MY living world. I have to find this place, the place I saw. Do you...have anyway of pinpointing images to like...locations? Sort of like GPS for memories?

Real funny.


Not feeling any pain at all due to Shaun's writing. Tomoya's face then began to repair rapidly, even more faster then the AA. Sighing despite Shaun and Mark's knowledge. "How come all of you...ugh." Tomoya said as he did sign language to Puse to order a japanese beer.

"The urge to punch him was rising, but Tomoya remembered this was his vacation and wasn't bothered to do anything like that."


I'm safe enough here, there isn't an entrance or exit without my or Tomoya's permission.

The quote appeared right next to Tomoya's head. "Good thing Shaun reversed that stupid decision easily...and of course giving me the power to kill that ass-dragon" Tomoya whispered to himself as facepalmed softly.

Tomoya's soul.

Shaun was bored, so he was watching 'Dukes of Hazard'. Trying to forget about most things that have happened in these RPs.

Mark sighed with relief and at the release that he felt from abusing Tomoya.

"Thankfully he hasn't brought Black Mage into the mix. I've tried messing him with that one... however... I have an idea. I could get the owner of the group chat to deactivate the dice roll feature. That would inhibit some of his decision making also it would inhibit his combat casting as well as to-hit rolls. You're a fucking genius, Jake." Mark said excitedly as he began creating a Private Message to Orinon.

"Though it might just give Statcowski permission to make up hits as he goes." Mark continued his train of thought as he stopped writing.

"How do I replace the dice or load the dice as it were."

Kurumu and Lilith looked at Elsie the look. Not the look that signified pity but a look of empathy and concern. They both knew what she was thinking because they had been there before. It's a hard thing knowing that your fate is left to the whims of someone who sees you as entertainment. It's like being a Christian in Pagan Rome.

"You know... I don't think that your writer is all that bad. Just look and see what he's given you rather than what he's taken away from you." Kurumu suggested.

Sure it was in a writer's power to take things away and produce misery in the name of entertainment... but there were other things that a writer had the power to do... for instance... give them someone to love or give them a family.

Puce shook his head at Roy's question regarding a sort of image driven GPS. However it was Puce's writer Mark that chimed in.

"You guys haven't heard of Google?" Mark said as he opened up a new Chrome window on his tablet.

"So... you have an idea of where you were? Any landmarks?"


As Puce watched the Writer... he assumed was his as the last time he had seen Mark it was a brief encounter over the very issue that Mark was concerned about... Puce grabbed an Asahi and passed it over to Tomoya with a smirk.

"These writers are a bunch of bastards aren't they? Makes me wonder if Red Mage had the right idea in eliminating them... I mean without Mark, I wouldn't have met Kurumu but without Mark, I wouldn't have ripped out her soul and I wouldn't have had my village razed. Both a boon and a curse. They're worse than Gabrielle when she was a crazed asshole." Puce said remembering the shower scene that Tomoya had reminisced about earlier.


"You're welcome. However, I wouldn't depend on dice for too much, not unless you want to go Exalted with exploding dice rules and adding stunt dice for actions that are more rule of cool than anything else."


Hey, don't give it away, you two. Spoilers! Still, Elsie was giving this some thought now, considering...the times she'd lived, what they meant. It was...difficult to read the motivations of someone in charge of your own life.

Elsie: Hope is all we have, and I felt like someone was looking after us...that day...but he died and I... I just wanted to be where he was, nothing else...


Roy was surprised by the appearance of Mark all of a sudden.

Roy: Of course I've heard of Google. I don't have a computer here, though. But where...? It...I think it's my town, Boston. Sometimes, I hear Elsie talking about things with the others, things I recognize. It...should be a warehouse...made of concrete. I...saw her and some other guys... What the hell did I do...?


Tomoya caught the Asahi and began to sip it. Also thinking about his writer which dwelled within his soul. He thought about the many advantages and disadvantages about having to know him.

"I thought they are quite nice...but I guess they are the ones keeping me away from my family." Tomoya sighs as he turns to Puse. "It is true that none of this would of happened to us if they were not there. Still, I wouldn't be able to protect these people if I were not here and as you said that you met Kuru because of him...same for me except friends...just think of them as a double edged sword." Tomoya said as he returned to drinking.

Erm... Foom!

Mark nodded, though it was TheMehKingdom that typically depended on the dice far more than anyone else.

"Still it's an idea that might delay the attack on the other Writers. Hard to think of something that we create as rebelling against us... well maybe not." Mark said as he glanced over at Lucifer. He began jotting down a few things and a tower appeared behind the bar counter. An HDMI cable ran from the back of said computer tower on of the PubTV [sup]TM[/sub] displays mounted around the perimeter of the Pub's main room. A keyboard and mouse appeared in front of Roy as well.

"I've never been good a Googling things for other people... however... I can do this while I'm here. Also... was it like an Airplane Hangar or are we talking about a flat topped concrete building. Also... the environment would be nice... trees, hills, landmarks?" Mark asked as he attempted to assist Roy with the Google search terms.

"You know this would have been easier if you let me dive into Roy's mind." Mark said to Jake as he looked at the screen expectantly.

"You know... I can't say for sure how your writer has treated you but it seems like if you have someone that's been a constant companion to you since you were created, that's all you can ask for. At least it wasn't like poor Taokaka who died because her writer was bored of her." Kurumu said, remembering that death scene.

"I think she gets the point Auntie Kurumu." Lilith said as she restored her tail to normal.

"For now... all you can know is that there is someone has been looking out over you and that not everything bad that's happened to you is his fault. There ARE other writers that affect your fate as well."

Double Edges swords cut twice as much

Puce looked over at Tomoya with a smirk. As much as he hated to admit it and pat Tomoya's ego on its ugly head, the Archangel of Lightning was right.

"But... you know... there are things to consider. If you look at everything that's happened to us and the fact that all the shit that gets thrown at us gets progressively worse and worse, does it even make sense for us to save their asses when you know just as much as I do that after we save them from Red Mage, they'll just throw more shit at us. If we were to put the good on a scale against the shit, the shit would easily win." Puce said as he looked over at Mark, a bit of a scowl on his face.

Tomoya agrees.

Nodding with Puse and sipping his beer at the same time. "That is true...but shit happens easily. And I'm guessing they're doing this to us for some reason, like for their own amusement or to discover themselves or some crap. Everyone of those writers have given us shit. Even my own. Still there are the writers that give more shit to anyone else. Such as, whoever made Rugal and the Cartel, Red Mage and stuff and even that whole monster thing that happened a while back. Thos are the people that would annoy me the most." Tomoya said as he had a bit of a sad look on his face.

"So much crap has happened to us that I've lost count. I have been in that world from nuclear craters to infested alien Rising Dawn and even to a giant epic space battle with hundreds of ships." Tomoya said once more as he finished his drink.

"Why do they make it difficult for us?" Tomoya sighs.


Roy: Umm, somewhere in the city, probably. Kind of an industrial place. I must've been inside, but...that's the impression I get.


Roy: There's a...sign on the wall...


Roy: a heavy machine...


Roy: 'All Met-Tech employees must wear safety equipment when-'


Roy: ELSIE!!

Something had been drawing him deeper into a weird fugue-like state, and then he suddenly shouted, seeing something they didn't. Roy suddenly got up, sliced open a Gargenta, and leapt through. He must've figured out where on his own, thanks Sorry, who did that?

"It wouldn't have been pleasant in his head, so I moved the plot along."

Meanwhile, Elsie had nodded at what Kurumu and Lilith were saying, riiight up until she heard Roy yell out and leaped into the bar...through the wall if Kurumu was still blocking her.

Elsie: What happened?!

All she found was Puce, an open Gargenta, and Writer Jake strangeling Mark.


So what did we learn? We're bastards and the characters are suffering because of us.

Puce just nodded at Tomoya as they drank to over the thought of so much crap being put on them because a bunch of people needed entertainment at night. The thought was rather depressing. There was one thing in the world that made it better. Drinking. Knowing this, Puce handed Tomoya another bottle of Asahi and grabbed himself a glass of "La Mort D'amour."

"I honestly would like to know how we get stuck with such sadistic people. It's like they don't suffer enough so they make us suffer in their stead. We're whipping boys I tell you."

That was when Roy did his thing, slicing open a rift in the middle of the Pub like that.


"Did... Did I just drink too much?" Puce asked as he saw Jake strangling Mark and Elsie busting through the wall like some sort of Were-Koolaid Woman.

Mark was being strangled by another writer. It was a strange sensation given that he always assumed that a land shark would be the thing that did him in. His mask was not an exaggerated version of distress as Jake throttled him and then some.

"It .. GAH GAH GAH ... wasn't me .... GAH GAH it was Caramel... GAH GAH GAH GAH GAH ... CARAMEL FRAPPE!!!!" Mark managed to get out before he started feeling himself black out for a moment.

Kurumu and Lilith followed Elsie through the hole in the wall that she had made and saw the Gargenta that Roy had made.

"Should we... follow him, Elsie?" Kurumu asked as she saw Lilith move.

"See you on the other side!" Lilith said as she jumped through the dimensional rift. Forgetting that she still needed to lay some eggs.

It happens.

The Writer paused and blinked at this.

"Ryan?! Dammit, he should know better..."

He let Mark go, then shoved himself inside of a PM to be sent to...well, you know. Meanwhile, Elsie nodded at Kurumu.

Elsie: You're damn right we do. I won't let him go that easily...

She followed Lilith now to...


They would emerge on the streets of Boston around the time of the setting sun, surprising the heck out of Elsie, no doubt.

Elsie: We're home...


Somewhat out of his gourd, Roy had found the warehouse in question. Since it was so late, the place was closed. Not that it stopped Roy or anything. There was a nice Arrancar-shaped hole in the door now. Roy was having visions. They weren't locked by Ramzutek. They had been locked by the boy himself. If you had to give it a name, you could call it Post Traumatic Death Disorder if you like. He'd forgotten some of his life on Earth because of most of it had been unpleasant, and the rest...only sought to remind him of what good he lost. Roy saw whilst crouched on the floor...memories.


He'd found them because heard her cry out. Recently, a girl from his class had shown an interest in him for...some reason. Why, he didn't know. He wasn't special, but rather he was terrible, always causing trouble with this power of his that was out of control. She'd reached out to him and he pushed her away, for her own good. He couldn't hurt her, he couldn't be responsible for another... But now, he came in and there she stood with a half a dozen boys having her cornered in here.

Elsie: Roy!

Roy: Elsie, what's...?

"Who asked you to be here, you freak of nature? Go cause mischief elsewhere. Walk away and we never saw you, got it?"

He didn't know her that well, but she'd suddenly been more friendly around him recently. He couldn't just...

Roy: No.

"No? NO?!"

he suddenly punched Elsie hard in the diaphragm, and then grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head back against the heavy duty machine she'd been backed up again, an audible clang ringing throughout the room. She was in pain and struggling to breathe, with the lead boy's hand around her throat.

"Fuck you, 'No'! 'No' can go to hell! Teach 'No' here a lesson!"

But none of those words would even reach him. Roy had no control over his power here, but it most definitely manifested when angered...


Roy: No...stop it, please!! You'll kill her...!!

Roy was on all-fours, pleading with a memory of himself like it was real. He had no preparation for what would happen next. It was like he was living it now, only he had the retrospective fear of knowing what was going to happen. Or...thinking he knew. In any case, those who were following him would find him soon enough, as there were several axe-projections shot through the walls and roof.

And now... Something Different

Mark watched as Jake created the rather irate PM directed towards one Caramel Frappe who resided in the United States and killer of all that was funny and cute. Seeing that Jake was going to be a while, he checked on the latest Submission that Jake had made and saw an opportunity.

"Axe Projectiles? Wildly flailing? Dare I? So soon after introduction?" Mark asked himself as he grabbed the quill shaped stylus and started writing.

"Lilith ... was... the... first... one... through..." Makr muttered as he wrote.

Lilith was the first one through Uncle Roy's Gargenta and made a mad dash towards where she sensed that he was. Even without her heightened Deathclaw senses, she need only listen for the ruckus that her Uncle was creating in the midst of his madness and recollections.

She entered the building, prepared to help stop her uncle, any warning from Kurumu or Elsie would have fallen on deaf ears as Lilith ran towards where she sensed that Uncle Roy was.

And then it happened.

Those Axe like projections that had been spoken of that were punching holes in the concrete walls and roof... one of them found its way into Lilith herself.

The sound of ripping flesh and breaking bone echoed through the corridor that Lilith was in, punctuated by even more of those projectiles breaking through the walls.

Lilith's eyes rolled into the back of her head... as she realized that she had failed to protect Uncle Roy from himself and failed to see that the colony would prosper once again. She still had the first egg that would have been the Future Matriarch inside of her... and with her death would have come its death.

hope this is okay

david stands up now he's pissed starts to focuses on fire alone "you want a demonstration!? you got it" falls to his knees and he spreads his arms and yells out in pain and anger, then more cracks starts appearing in the ground and then suddenly huge walls of fire shoot out from cracks in the ground and they some what react to david screaming they suddenly die down when david stops screaming.

Oh, so you want to play it like that, do you?

Even in a case of being rather out of it, Roy has to know when he's hit a living being, as opposed to something from his memories. At the smell of blood, he turned and came out into the corridor, just as Elsie did herself. Uhh, by this time she had reverted to her normal form, by the way. Roy was still in a state and seeing Lilith dying was only putting him in a worse one. He looked up at them with shock in his eyes.

Roy: It was an accident... I didn't mean to do it!

Elsie didn't know how to react to this. She didn't even know how to situate Lilith in her mind yet, given that she seemed like someone trustworthy, but that she was differently-oriented in time to know here before they had actually met. This was...more distressing than anything with Roy, though. Lilith was just trying to help them, and then this happened. Roy himself knew that this particular death on his hands just caused alot more than life to simply pass.

Roy: What're we suppose to do...? She was necessary to the bar...

Elsie: We have to bring her back. Someone must know how to do that! We have a whole gaggle of universes to work with, so someone-

"Already taken care of."

There was a man down the corridor, leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face. He had dark hair, a snazzy suit on with suspenders, and - as odd as it seemed - a bowtie.

"Trust me, I'm the Doctor."

Evolution of the Deathclaws

The apparent Doctor wandered over to the fresh corpse of the young Matriach and tsk'd, shaking his head before facing Roy.

Doctor: Well, well. You've dashed the hope of millions and kind of ruined the protection of such countless numbers that I can't even count that high. Or rather...that's what I'd like to say, because I have been a naughty boy.


During the year of the slow invasion with the little cubes, the Doctor had gone out in time and space to relieve - you know - boredom...because he didn't like the normal flow of time. So, he managed to do alot of things, and then he landed in...

Doctor: Oh lovely, an empty cavern. Wait a minute...

He took a reading and was shocked by the results.

Doctor: A cavern outside of time and space, attaching all realms and causalities to it...

And then he saw the Deathclaw come in and had to book it for his TARDIS. Eager to learn more, the Doctor actually worked on the chameleon circuit of his machine to go around unnoticed, only it DID hiccup a few times. But in time, he did learn about the bar, its purpose, and why it was so important to protect. He learned everything, and then made his TARDIS look like a stone donut-thing while picking up a microphone to speak to...Jack!

Doctor: I am the Guardian of Forever...and I see that you, Cornelius Jack of the Enclave, are in need of me!


Oh my... So, that means that he has been aware of things this whole time. And why not? He is the Doctor. He is the last of the Timelords and the man who will not accept needless death or terrifying calamity.

Doctor: You see, when I helped things along, I made sure of something very important, something that would ensure that after Titania, Lilith would not have the same problems or disruptions to the unique time-flow problem of a timeless bar. She was born in a place where time has no meaning, filled with strange temporal genes. Did no one see this coming?

Roy: What did you do?

The Doctor just smiled and said...

Doctor: I made sure Titania's child had a time-head.

What. What? WHAAAAT?! There was suddenly a pulsing glow of energy around Lilith as a regeneration occurred. Lilith called Natsuki her mother and Jack her grandfather. She called several bar regulars her aunts and uncles, but if you had to call her father anything, you would call it time. You would call her a child of time. The Doctor cannot stand to see a death, not when there's so much possibility and potential, and especially hope. He would not be able to stand such a loss, so he...meddled.

David Woon:

The Pub: The Main Bar
Subject: A Mere Formality

Mark looked up from where he sat alone except for Jake's, what must have been, endlessly sprawling letter to Ryan about how much of a bastard he was for killing off the Kaka known as Taokaka.

That was when the walls of flame erupted from the floor and from David Woon himself. There was a moment where Mark's mask flashed the annoyed expression before he looked directly at the ole Cowboy turned Pyro from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

"I could have sworn we discussed subtle in Private Message. S.U.B.T.L.E. And that my friend was far from subtle." Mark said as he pulled out a cigar from his pocket and searched for a lighter.


Mark patted his pockets for a few moments before he gave up and ran his finger against the booth's table, like someone would if they were sparking a match.

A flame flared into existence at the tip of his finger and the Writer gingerly brought it to the business end of the Cigar, puffing a coupke times as the end started glowing red.

Satisfied, he blew out the flame on his finger, a wisp of smoke taking the shape of a skull and cross bones before disappearing.

"A simple gesture is as efficient as screaming and explosions. In fact fuck explosions... With the advent of CGI, explosions are the realm of mundane."

You Know... I had an out for her. However it was very similar to yours

After his little speech and demonstration for David, Mark turned back towards Jack.

"You know that I know her importance of Lilith. My out, while not as awesome, would have been a rewind and replay mechanism built into Lilith. You know the kind where she finds herself exiting the portal and remembering her previous death." Mark stated to hus PM shrouded companion.

The Really Real World: Boston

Kurumu looked at the Doctor in confusion as Lilith's body started doing her Regeneration thing (Bones snapping back into place and flesh knitting itself). So he's interested in a hole in the wall Pub in the ass end of no where and everywhere at the same time.

But with that little issue resolved, what about Roy? How was he taking things.

"Roy... Are you okay? Do you remember?" she asked as she watched Elsie for a reaction to Roy's response.

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