The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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"sorry but you started it though and you want a demonstration and i gave it to you anyway i was say i do feel amazing though-" suddenly falls over face first and hits the ground with a great big "THUD" remains unconscious for a while.


Jake reappeared from his PM in time to hear Mark talking to him. He shrugged.

"I apologize for that, but contrary to popular belief...I am not a mind-reader, and you didn't say anything. And...well...I've been waiting for weeks to use the Doctor."


Doctor: Yes...well...this is the only stable nexus between dimensions right now. Many would kill for that, so I can't really leave it unprotected.

Just then, there was a phone call in the TARDIS.

Doctor: Ah! The boxes are doing something Gotta go!

He dashed into a Police Box and was heard to say "Brian, what are you still doing in here?!" before it vanished, leaving them all with a regenerating Matriarch, a pair of Arrancar, and Kurumu.

Roy: I...was remembering, then I saw Lilith and...I'm sorry, I really am.

Elsie: I don't begin to understand Lilith's business right now, but...are you okay?

Roy: I'm okay...but...Elsie, what happened we were alive?

She approached him calmly.

Elsie: Try to think. You must know we were here now, and that there were some boys here, and...that I told you once I'd been...assaulted before...sexually. So, you heard me and you came into the warehouse...

Roy: And I lost my temper and...and tore people apart with my power! I warned you, Elsie! I told you! And now I-

Elsie: Missed me by a mile.

He looked at her in confusion.

Elsie: Because I'd shown an interest in you, because I got close even when you pushed away. You didn't hate me, you feared FOR me. So that had SOME control.

Roy began to think...and recall.


All of them, every single boy, torn apart horribly...leaving only him and Elsie, and Elsie was hurt. She made her way to him unsteadily, falling against him when she tripped. She had a concussion. None of his attacks had even touched her. The two held each other for a moment, Roy shocked at what he'd done...but also relieved that she was alright. Then, she spoke.

Elsie: Everybody hates you...and I just hate people. Ever since that day, I haven't cared about anything, but...someone who's suffering inside like you can't be all bad. You're hurting...and you're scared...but you care. That's why I chose you, 'cause you won't hurt me too.

Roy: But Elsie... I can't control this, I really can't. Everyone around me gets hurt.

She gripped him tighter.

Elsie: The safest place is by your side, ON your side, in the eye of the storm. It won't hurt you, so if I stay won't hurt me.

She looked into his eyes - dazed, in pain, yearning... Roy was shocked, but now not out of fear, but...surprise at being accepted by someone. Despite their surroundings, despite the pain and the confusion, Elsie and Roy kissed each other, resolved to share each other's miseries and come out better.


And they were holding each other now as Roy's memory returned.

Roy: I'm sorry I ever forgot. I don't even know why... Wait, Elsie... Why are you dead, then, and a Hollow?

Elsie: That' little confession, Roy. You were consumed by the power you had after your brother tried to seal it and it overflowed. We had some time together, unspoiled, but...when you died...I couldn't live without you. So...I didn't.

He processed that instantaneously and held the girl close to her, silently telling her it was alright. No recriminations or anything. Her life had been despair, and then she knew brief happiness along with him to make it bearable. Without him, Elsie had committed suicide, determined to go wherever he did...and it happened.


Mark looked over to Jake and simply shrugged. He understood totally that Writers were unable to read other writer's minds unless it had been written. He didn't mind since Jake's solution was close to Mark's.

"Not a problem... if two birds get killed with boulder... all the better." Mark said as he started looking around the Bar and spotted Puce and Tomoya still commiserating over Writers and the plight of their characters.

"I wonder if Tomoya'll be pissed that I end up using Lucifer to cauterize a wound that gets inflicted upon the Archangel." Mark muttered as he started doodling a picture.

"Oh and bravo on the Roy's Revelation. Bravo indeed good sir. This is almost like a Wristcutter's Love Story."

Lilith finally came to as Roy had his revelation about what he had done and what Elsie had done. As tragic as one might have looked at the situation from the land of the living, it was true love from a totally different standpoint. In her mind, the possibility of a Roy and Yuroichi mix disappeared and would only return if Roy and Elsie's relationship diminished.

"That's just the sweetest..." Lilith said with a sniffle as she felt the lingering pain of the grievous wound that she had just carried.

"So... he remembers now." Kurumu said as she watched the lovers with a smile on her face. Despite the fact that she was supposedly a demonic incarnation of Lust, she was able to feel love and feel other loves.

"Okay you two... not to spoil the party. But I'm sure that the authorities aren't going to take kindly to four dimensional intruders breaking into the warehouse and trashing the place." Kurumu said as she grabbed a grabbed a few drums of liquid flammables and set them in a circle.

Knowing that it was of the utmost importance that the Real Worlders, minus the Writers, be unaware of their presence, all traces of their being there needed to be destroyed.


"I never read it. Any good?"

Actually, Elsie's suicide had been less of the wrist and more like seppuku. Her big knife Zanpakuto and the psychic hold on it was symbolic of the switchblade she'd thrown herself on in life, and the location of her Hollow hole was the point of entry. Anyway, mention of Lucifer taking action prompted a cough from the sidelines.

Massacre: You COULD always use me in this instance.

"Are you still here?"

Massacre: You did not send me away.

"Dude, as my evil subconscience, you know that I don't control you like that."

Massacre: Relax, Jake. Only messing. I''ll observe things here for a while.

"Fair enough, but since I have you here...thanks for killing the fake you in Shara's dreams. She was very happy."

Massacre: No problem. I've a reputation to uphold.


Yes, the two of them were put through hell and Hueco undo, but they finally found each other, and they were gonna stay that way. And then, when Lilith sat up.

Roy: Hey, welcome back. Sorry about the axe.

Elsie: We're glad you're alright, Lilith, even if you are a part of the living world.

All things aside, though, that left Kurumu with her clean-up routine.

Roy: Well, only gifted humans can see us Arrancar in this world, much like the Hollows. The only real evidence that won't get explained away is Lilith's uhh...blood.

Seriously, ungifted people in Bleach were kinda' dumb. A Hollow attacks a crowded area without warning and they think it's an explosion, earthquakes, accidental mishaps, and so on. It's ridiculous that nobody - almost nobody - suspects invisible monsters...even with the claw-marks.

No... Chuck Testa...

Mark looked at Massacre and chuckled. He reminded Mark of himself when he was much younger and much more into First Person Shooters and MMORPGs. If one were to look at what Mark had been writing, it was a revamping of Lucifer's character.

"I've only really watched the movie, however the movie and a graphic novel, titled Pizzeria Kamikaze are all based on a short story called Kneller's Happy Campers. The story is set in a sort of afterlife for people who died via suicide. Think lots of dirt and lots of trailers and low rent apartments." Mark paused for a moment as a bright yellow envelope flashed on his screen. However it was gone when he refreshed the page.

"Hate it when that happens. Anyways. There's a love story involved... it's interesting and Elsie's story reminded me of that." The Writer Mark said as he looked at some of the graphic novel's pages online.

"So... are you just going to mention a name with no explanation?" Mark asked finally in reference to Shara.

It should be noted that Lilith's blood wasn't the issue. Nor was it the Arrancars or even Kurumu herself. It was dimensional residue. Star Trek would call it Tachyons or Chronotons or whatever particle was leftover from a transdimensional visitor coming into the really real world.

"We don't want any of those Government types to get their hands on whatever we leave behind." Kurumu stated as she started what would end up being an inferno that destroyed the whole building and everything inside. Let's just say that with the Good Doctor's visit... certain precautions needed to be instituted for a while.

"There's a branch off of the future where the Real World discovers the Pub's existence and being that they're the Government, they want to annex the Pub... and all connecting dimensions." Lilith said as she checked her potential memories.

Chunky Salsa.

"Interesting stuff. And uhh...about that?"

"His girlfriend had a nightmare where I was apparently torturing her. Really shook her up. So, I walked in and took care of the little upstart. It wasn't really me, you see. Just looked like me."

"I just figured he deserved a bit of gratitude while we're in the same place."


Roy: Yup, that sounds like our government alright. Still a bunch of control-freaky nutcases.

Elsie: Well, when you're ready then, we'll leave.

Elsie opened up a new Gargenta for them.

Salsa Verde

David Woon:

A hum and a haw came from Mark's mouth as he considered the subtext of what he had just been told. If Massacre was the personification of Jake's inner-evil-dark-side-subconscious Id come to life and Shara had dreams of such a beast. Did that mean that Shara had met Massacre or was it that Jake's psyche was imposing itself on his girlfriend. It was all interesting mind tweak, much more interesting than the passed out Cowboy on the ground of the Pub that no body had bothered to pick up.

Speaking of that David Woon kid, Mark remembered a small running gag that had been inserted into the old place involving permanent marker and one psychotic little red headed vampire. However, this was a new place and that called for a higher caliber of prank.

Standing up, Mark walked through a door to the Shop, a previously closed section of the Pub and grabbed a very important and special item.

The item appeared to be a small cylinder, much like a pen. However it had a small cup mounted at the top of it and a cord attached to it.

Mark filled that reservoir with a bit of ink and plugged the tattoo gun into a nearby electric socket. The machine came to life as the trigger was depressed.

Slowly Mark made the outline of a handlebar mustache on David's face and filled it in. Stepping back, Mark admired his handiwork before returning to the Writer's Table with Jake.

"Couldn't resist and I'm feeling particularly typee tonight."

Bleach's Really Real World

The fire had been started and the alarms had been disabled as well as the fire sprinkler system. It would go uncontrolled for sometime and keep the BFD busy for some time.

"Well I think that settles everything. Was there anything else you two love birds wanted to take care of while we're here?" Kurumu asked Elsie and Roy who were basked in the glow of the warehouse blaze.

Lilith looked around and stepped through the Gargenta, not wanting to meet another grisly demise at anyone's hands before she laid the first egg that would be the anchor for the new Deathclaw Colony. It seems that a bit of death made her more aware of her responsibilities.

That was the Bleach world, not Really-Real.

Try not to think too much about it. One night she had a nightmare of being tortured and another night the real Massacre walked in and ATE the faker. Take from that what you will. Now, Mark came back from drawing on Woon's face.

" for a funny from me."

Jake wrote on a page and made it so that while he didn't change anything on Woon himself, any reflection he looked in would make it appear that he looked like Jonah Hex. He chortled about that one as things moved on.


They watched the blaze side by side, Elsie keeping her distance from it, and then Roy spoke flatly.

Roy: I think the things we'd wanna handle now are kinda' private, Kurumu.

Just because you're a succubus, Kurumu, doesn't mean you should inquire about happenings between them on the personal level. They stepped through back to the Gargenta...just in time to have a broom and dustpan handed to both of them by Yoruichi.

Yoruichi: You two cause too much of a ruckus. Clean up after yourselves.

I have no idea what you're talking about *Cough*

Mark looked on a the quartet of consisting of the pyromaniac, the killer Arrancar and Time Headed Deathclaw stepped through the Gargenta. It was apparent, even without the advantage of being able to see what was going on through a crystal ball, that Roy's "thing" had been resolved.

However, as good as things are, they all must end. And that end came in the form of a broom and dustpan wielding Shinigami named Yuroichi.

"Now... the question is ... what to do next?" Mark muttered to himself as he began a new character sheet.

"Let's play this one by ear." He continued as the door to the Pub's main room opened.

Once again, while most people who enter the Pub for the first time would look around dumbfounded and slack jawed, this particular male was not one of those people. If one were to look closely at him, they would have noticed a familiarity about him. Additionally, there was something about him that most women found attractive, though for the life of them, they didn't understand what it was.

While he appeared to have been at the Pub previously, not a single person recognized him as having been there before, save one. That one person was currently flinging herself into his arms.

"J!" Lilith squealed as he caught her. Of course the J was short for Jack. As in Cousin Jack, named after the very FalloutJack that was responsible for the Deathclaw colony under the Pub. The very same son of a conduit and succubus.

"Hi Lilith." J said with a very slight groan.

Bunny with a pancake on its head?

Actually, the place was cleaned up rather quickly. Elsie and Roy used Sonido to speed up the work and finish in time for the new guy that they did not know coming in.

"We're mentioning quite a few Js around here. And is EVERYONE'S kid gonna walk through that door before they're born?"

Roy: Don't look at us. Hollows don't...have kids.

Elsie: Goes with the territory of being not alive.

Here, Yoruichi was laughing all of a sudden.

Elsie: What's so funny, bitchy catgirl?

Yoruichi: Pretty sure that lunkhead from Karakura's got Shinigami relations.


Roy: WHAT?!

Oops! Spoilers!

That would be amusing

Mark looked up from his writings and gave Jake a smirk.

"It does say character workshop. I figure I'll take him for a test drive before I put him away in Stasis for a while. I mean... having Kurumu carry around a baby for 9 months doesn't make for a very fun story. It's the stuff that Rom Coms are made of and I HATE Rom Coms." Mark said as he looked down to check an update.

"That's an odd response. The other Writers in that other Role Play are acting super paranoid. @bluecrimson is going to a wedding and I asked him about it, just because I'm curious and wanna wish him a safe flight. He thinks I'm trying to track him down to kill him." Mark informed Jake.

"Makes me want to start sending little assassins after them..."

J, Jack, Jackie... whatever you wanna call him set the Deathclaw matriarch down gently with a smile on his face. She was the one woman that he had met that wasn't directly affected by the fact that he was part Incubus and therefore attractive to any human woman. This didn't make Lilith any less obnoxious in his presence.

Besides, they were "cousins" right? Something about her constantly calling him Cousin Jack or Cousin J made the whole idea... creepy... never mind the fact that she wasn't human. But then again, Shepard and Kirk had interspecies relations, right? Still the cousin thing was quite the turn off.

"Can I get a Whiskey Sour, Da... I mean Puce?" Puce Jr. asked, trying to be mindful of any temporal corruption that he could cause just by being there. However, it wasn't Puce that grabbed the drink. Yuroichi was fast become the most efficient thing since the ice maker in the Pub.

"Uhhh... thanks. Jackie-boy said as he found the Whiskey sour already sitting in front of him before he had finished his sentence.

I'm sure you've seen the picture.

"This may be a question I shouldn't ask, but what the fuck is a Rom-Com?"

Meanwhile, Yoruichi informed J that it was her pleasure...and then proceeded to serve the bar at merely high sub-light speed. Here, Roy snuck off find the two Authors and ask about something.

Roy: Okay, while she's confused, what's this bullshit about a Shinigami having a kid? They're dead!

"Don't get your hopes up there, pal. It was a Shinigami in a designed human body with another human being."

Yes... Amusing. Makes me want to eat the bunny.

"Rom Com: You know... short for romantic comedy? Those annoying movies that girlfriends make you watch because they assume that just because there's comedy involved that it doesn't make the movie any less of a chick flick? Yes... Rom Com... the bane of testosterone laced movies that involve explosions and half naked women holding machine guns." Then Mark takes a look at the unconscious mustachioed David Woon.

"Hmm... maybe the world needs more Romantic Comedies. Otherwise..." Points at the still unconscious reflective Jonah Hex.

Now then... back to the Arrancar breeding program:

"A theme that's been popping up in my head recently deals with genetics and such. You could in theory... like way far out there theory ... create a child by using the genetic material of Roy and Elsie and creating a genetic hybrid of the two. Then take said genetic material and create a viable embryo. However... all that's needed would be a womb to carry the offspring to term." Mark said resting his chin in his hands.

"Of course... this is far less fun than the traditional method of reproduction."

As Mark droned on about a potential Arrancar eugenics and breeding program, Lilith shared a drink with her Cousin Jack.

"Have you given it any thought yet? I mean you have wings... I have wings... you have guy parts... I have girl parts." She propositioned him, weirdly.

"You have Deathclaw girl parts... not human girl parts." Cousin Jack said, reminding her that they weren't even in the same species.

"Well you don't have full human parts either. Half is demon incubus, remember?"

This would be an example of something from a Rom Com.

ok i have to come in on this one
"We don't want any of those Government types to get their hands on whatever we leave behind." Kurumu stated as she started what would end up being an inferno that destroyed the whole building and everything inside. Let's just say that with the Good Doctor's visit... certain precautions needed to be instituted for a while.

"There's a branch off of the future where the Real World discovers the Pub's existence and being that they're the Government, they want to annex the Pub... and all connecting dimensions." Lilith said as she checked her potential memories.

david appears from coming back to the main room he looks at the doctor and observes him curiously even stares into his eyes "he's not with the Government, I've seen Government types before more times than i care to remember actually and last i remember Government agents don't have 2 heartbeats!!" he said suddenly and takes a steps towards the doctor who looking right at him

Wabbit Season!

"Oh, I see. Nothing important, then."

Meanwhile, Roy's mind boggled at the idea that Mark put forth.

Roy: That's...errr...yikes. Damn, what would such a thing turn out to be in the end, though? Human? Hollow? What?

"Half-Human/Half-Yoma? Having Godzilla breath? Hell in a handbasket? Dunno yet. It'd have to be worked on first. My suggestion to you is not to sweat that sort of thing right now. Solidify things with your girlfriend first. Have 'the talk' later."

Roy: Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.

He headed on back to Elsie, who'd been watching Lilith and J with some curiosity, and took her hand with his clawed hand, entwining his fingers with her. After receiving a quizzical look from her, Roy simply gestured towards uhhh...oh, a back hoome. The Writer pulled a CENSORED screen down over that, snickering.

David Woon:
Lost again

Mark looked over at David, who was talking towards an imaginary Timelord with a P.H.D. Or was it M.D? Anyhow David's writer was lost again. The whole Doctor Who scene took place in Bleach World's Boston.

"I hope you know that we weren't impkying that Dr. Who was a government agent. There are plenty of government agencies that would love to annex the Pub as thier kwn little alphabet club house." Mark said with a chuckle. David didn't notice the Handlebar Mustache that had been tattoo'd on his face.


Mark yawned as he watched the privacy screen be lowered over Elsie and Roy. With any luck Roy and Elsie would have their kid and introduce him/her to the Pub.

Yawning once again, Mark rested his head against the bikth's table and fell asleep.

woon:oh really i haven't have i?

Mark looked over at David, who was talking towards an imaginary Timelord with a P.H.D. Or was it M.D? Anyhow David's writer was lost again. The whole Doctor Who scene took place in Bleach World's Boston.

"I hope you know that we weren't impkying that Dr. Who was a government agent. There are plenty of government agencies that would love to annex the Pub as thier kwn little alphabet club house." Mark said with a chuckle. David didn't notice the Handlebar Mustache that had been tattoo'd on his face.

"oh of course i know you not implying that and also your tattooing capable sucks" splashes himself in the face with water and the tattoo slowly wipes away and just disappear "be glad i didn't wake up while you were tattooing my face otherwise my reflexes would kick in and i would have punched you in the face sorry but my reflexes don't like anyone standing over me" he said admitting.

The Pub: Writer's Booth
Time: ???

"My hair!" Mark snorted as he woke up in the puddle of his own drool that had formed around his head whilst sleeping. Looking around, he found that no one had even thought about messing with him while he slept, which was probably a good thing for anyone who had even thought about it.

Picking up the Tablet PC that remained on his lap, he saw that David Woon's David Woon character had spoken up him... something about reflexes.

"I hope he's not talking about Bullet Time..." Mark muttered to himself as he walked over to the counter and ordered a Dirty, Iced, Soy Chai Latte from Puce. As he waited he looked around the Pub and found it relatively quiet.

Checking back down at his messages he saw that Jake had sent him a PM. Reading it, he smiled and thought that he wouldn't mind dreaming up something else for a different dimension.

"Nothing like spreading yourself a little thin... they say." Puce said to himself, knowing that the they that he spoke of was really just him. He picked up his drink and returned to the Writer's Booth where writers would sit and talk shop together.

He started writing.

David Woon:
Ghost Rider?


"I really would keep from threatening a Writer like that, David. They're the closest things to Gods when you're talking about Gods." Puce warned as he waited for Tomoya to finish chugging down his Asahi. The guys had been busy drinking since Roy, Elsie, Kurumu and Lilith had come back through the Gargenta.

"Oh yeah... we were talking about writers and how shitty they make things for us. Why is it that you have a Dark Side when you're supposed to be a divine being. Why would anyone write that into us?" Puce asked he poured himself another "La Mort D'amour."

At this point Lucifer chimed in from his table he was sitting with Lamia, the woman having decided to leave after being propositioned by the Eternal Adversary too many times.

"It's because we're all like coins. Even Two Face had a good head and bad head. It makes us more tragic when we die or more heroic when we succeed." Lucifer said as he flashed into his old Archangel uniform before flashing back into the business suit.

"If we're just one dimensional badasses. Who's going to care about us when our writers become tired of us?" The continued as he flashed into his Post Rebellion armor and then flashed back into his tailored Italian suit.


Hating to agree with the smelly bad man, Tomoya nodded to Lucifer's talk. "I hate to say it...but it is true. Everyone has a bad side to them, even me. Who knows may be different somewhere, sometime else in life." Tomoya said, still thinking about his past life with his wife and daughter.

"I would still like to go back to my wife and daughter by time this is all over...they have to retire us someday." Tomoya smirked as he finished off his beer. "Oh how I am tired. Fact, I bet most of us are tired...of...this." Tomoya said once again with a small smile on his face as though he is remembering something.

I Knew it!

Lucifer laughed raucously as Tomoya admitted how tired of adventuring he was.

"Hah! I feel positively reborn, like I could do this for forever." Lucifer said boastfully as he slapped Tomoya on the back.

"That's because you are reborn. I remade you from the legend that you were into the person that you are now." The Writer names Mark stated from the Writer's table as he was doodling a beach like picture that included a majority of the cast from EAA (Escapist Avatar Adventures).

"You know you could always see them. There's gotta be a door that connects to your dimension in this Pub somewhere." Puce said helpfully as he grabbed another Asahi for the Archangel and an Absinthe for Lucifer.

whatever you say boss

[color=#CC8899]"I really would keep from threatening a Writer like that, David. They're the closest things to Gods when you're talking about Gods."

"i'm not threatening you i'm just saying something really doesn't like people standing over me when i'm on the ground anyway so how are and since when have writers been gods?" he said siting down at Mark's table with a bottle and two shot glasses and offers Mark one of the two shot glasses


Meanwhile, as Woon decided to mouth off, Jake had been quite until...scribble scribble scribble...

The entirety of all the alcohol David Woon has consumed - which is ALOT - starts to redouble on him, causing illness, a round of puking, and then an Anvil Chorus hangover.

Then, he tapped his pen at Mark.

"Hey, doodlebug. Weren't you working on a picture of Natsuki and Fenris?"

Just then, the door opened and a man - maniacal man - entered the bar, looking a bit flustered. Jake indicated that he was to be brought over and Massacre promptly threw him over, where he screamed and hit the floor nearby.

"Sorry about that. Mass gets playful when he's bored. Now then, you are Dr. Don Q. Bastion, mad scientist?"

Getting up, he nodded.

Bastion: Yes, indeed. I am the great scientific genius of the wasteland, the purveyor of artificial evolution who-

"What's the Q stand for, doc?"

Bastion: Mortimer.

"Aha! Proper madness indeed. We have the right man."

"That we do. Doctor, go into the back room past the CENSORED curtain. They should be done by now, so you can begin the work."

Bastion: Ah, very well then. Oh wait. Just...what am I to do anyway?

David Woon:
A drink?

Mark looked at the shot glasses and looked at David, finishing his doodle up and putting away the tablet. Hearing David's words about Writers being Gods and vice versa, Mark just looked at David and smirked.

"Writers are Gods in their own right because they create the very worlds that you exist in. They forge the iron that your Guns are made of while breathing life into the very mounts that you ride. We give you the air in which you breathe and the soul in which Lucifer there collects. We are your makers and creators as well as your destroyers and harbingers of your Doom. To tell us that we are not Gods means that you're just not thinking. To not understand this is an act of folly." Mark said from behind his mask, displaying no emotion as he said these very words.

Looking at the bottle, he picked up the tablet and quill once more and jotted something down. The bottle changed in shape and the liquid inside changed in color. The whiskey that the bottle contained became Absinthe and the bottle itself went from a square glass deal to a smooth round fluted one. A tray of sugar cubes rose from the table as did a pitcher of water and a spoon.

"Absinthe. The drink that helped the modern authors write and helped drive them to madness." Mark said as he performed the ritual that would release the Green Fairie.

Working on that sheet

Mark looked back at Jake and looked infinitely less serious and morose as his fellow Writer reappeared from the depths of where ever it was that he was hiding.

"Of course I'll be doing that little doodle when I get the rest done. I've got FOUR lined up before that though. I've got one of the Escapist Avatar Adventures crew relaxing on a tropical beach. I've got one of the very same crew fighting Adramelech. I've got to do a picture of a Noir inspired Puce, Kurumu, Caim and Angelus from Drakengard fame and I've got the same people set in a more medieval setting. Then I have Natsuki and Fenris." Mark said as he returned to one Shifty McGee (Character Sheet).

This is when Massacre brought in Bastion.

"Mad Scientist. A geneticist I take it?" Mark asked curiously as the mad scientist looked for a way to pry open the Censored curtain.

Watching the man in his predicament, Mark jotted down a few lines of his own and the Main Doors opened letting in a rather bureaucratic looking man, complete with badge that stated that he was from the FCC. The little man walked over to the censored curtain and pulled out a ring of keys and unlocked the curtain, allowing Bastion access to Roy and Elsie.

"Thanks!" Mark said as the little bureaucrat left.

Someone's busy.

"That's alright. I understand. I once commissioned a picture from Alan Solivan, AKA Mr. O.M.A., and understand that sometimes there's alot of work and things take time. In any case, you'll probably like this kid when I'm done with him. He'll be a strange one. The only problem is that he will attract...attention."

The Writer managed to write the word FUCK on the FFC man's back before he left, just for laughs.

Never too busy to create a character sheet of of a character from an animated short... and based off of a beta test character from an MMO

"The way I'm working after picking up the pencil after so many years is coming off like J. Scott Campbell for no reason at all. I never used to do that but somehow the bastards influenced by drawing." Mark complained as he continued to jot down notes regarding Shift McGee. He was determined to finish this character sheet before the break of dawn.

"A kid that attracts attention? You mean unlike a Matriarch that has the hots for her cousin and acts even more of a ditz than Kurumu did in the Rosario + Vampire Anime?" Mark chuckled as he started working on Shifty's personality.

"And of course this is assuming that attention is a bad thing." Which most of the time it was when you hung out in a Pub like this.

Work work work...

"There's all kinds of attention-grabbers, man. Just because Lilith's got the Nerima Daikon Brothers thing going on doesn't mean she's the center of attention, 24/7. Here, look."

He handed over a chart which showed the work of five Arrancar.

"The End Times are considered unusual by Hollow standards. That's why they banded together. They represent a group which even others of their kind, stronger or weaker, give pause about. Roy is the Devourer. His origins are unique and his growth in power also weird, not to mention emotion-driven. Elsie is psychic and gained power by eating a Hollow MUCH stronger than her. Jackal was born ages ago, and his growth - while classic - is one steeped heavily in death. Denzuo shot through Las Nochez or however it's spelt during its construction, withstood a number of Espada attacks and only stopped because Aizen made him think he was chasing him for miles. And Gray? Well, look at him. Crazy eyes, straitjacket, longbow Zanpakuto? He's an undead psychotic Quincy."

We have NO idea how closely Mark follows Bleach even from a reading-about-it standpoint. We'll assume that it's within his power to look this stuff up later.

"The point is...any human-like being - or being at all - you create from this will have weird energy signatures, stuff that's bound to draw the eyes of everything that can sense it."

Where's the Play thing that I keep hearing about?

Mark examined the chart that Jake was showing him and a glazed over look passed over his face before he started doing a bit of research into the whole thing. The whole Spanish quality of the verbage was starting to get easier to understand.

The whole End Times deal was very ... 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse... we're talking Marvel Universe not Biblical Universe by the way.

"Energy signatures..." Mark said as he let the word trail off. It was something that he had experimented with in his initial development of Puce. Puce being a manipulator of energy, a living AC/DC adapter if you will, was able to sense different forms of energy emanating off of things.

"And like anything THAT attention grabbing is bound to bring trouble. As is the usual trait of all things attention grabbing." Mark said as he started understanding this whole Bleach thing more and more.

"Now... my question is more simple. How does one carry a Arrancar or Hollow baby to full term? If Roy was able to punch through concrete, I'm sure that a womb wouldn't be that much an issue." Mark said, his interest in simple biological functions showing.

Clearly, I'm in use of it to not become a dull boy.

Well, more like Discworld with five horsemen, really. Besides, the End Times aren't a set number. Five is just as far as I got so far.

"Ah, well about that... See, had that been a viable option, you know quite well that such a womb would have the protection of one's own Hierro - stone skin - but ummm... Well, I mean, what part of the problem is that Arrancar 'biology' might not allow for this, at least...not Elsie's."

He points to the picture in her file, to her stomach area where her Hollow hole is.

"Hollows and their strange psuedo-afterlife existence is strange. While you have your Shinigami living like a human with blood and organs and spirit matter, Hollows are almost the same way...except that their biology has this gaping hole in it that somehow doesn't interfere with things."

Jake then pulls down a spoiler.

"The area where the womb would be has no covering. It can't work properly due to the positioning of her hole. To do so is futile, the same as trying to give Roy a heart transplant when that's where HIS hole is. So...I called on Dr. Bastion, who has been working on Super Mutants in the wasteland with his 'Fabulous Gene Machine'. He will be creating the boy from the genetic materials."

why not, a drink and magic trick of my own?

"settle down friend I meant no offense and I did not say writers are not gods I asked *how are writers gods?* I did not realize you would take offense I now completely understand that for i believe that *every man is free to follow his own path, do his own thing and every man is a king in his own right*".

"Now then how about i show you a bit of magic of my own" he said with a smile as he opens the bottle and pours one for him and one for Mark "i just hope i get this right" drinks his glass but doesn't shallow instead puts his index finger and thumb around his mouth, inhales and aims his head up, now you'd think he'll just spit the drink well you're wrong, he exhales and as he does he breathes out fire which twists, turns and goes all around them both and then it takes the shape of a small phoenix, David stands up, walks over to the door and opens it and the phoenix flys out into whatever world it chose closes the door and walks back to the table "how was that?" he said siting back down

All work and no play... So they say...

David Woon:
Red F'ing Rum

Mark looked over Elsie's file and looked over the did note the distinct issue that she would have carrying anything there, let alone a child. So the solution would be what, a surrogate ... or ...

And then David's magic trick singed Mark's eyebrows as the fire swirled around the Writer's booth.

A frown crossed Mark's mask expressing his displeasure and decided to show the Old West Ghostrider, Jonah Hex Pyro Circus Magician a trick of his own.

He displayed both his hands, opened to show that he held nothing in his hands and rolled up his sleeves. He then balled up his hands into fists. In his right hand, he tucked his thumb between the index and middle fingers. In his left hand, he completely tucked his thumb in the balled fist. Finally, he placed the fists side by side with the thumb joints touching and wiggled the exposed thumb. Pulling the hands apart it appeared that he was pulling the left hand thumb off the hand with his right hand.

"Magic!!" Mark exclaimed before he returned to the conversation regarding Arrancar biology.

"So... a surrogate Arrancar womb... Or an artificial womb. Those could be the potential answers from the really real world." Mark said, working the potentials out in his mind.

"Of course, if you have a glove that could punch through stone skin, you could create a womb out of that material." Mark said before he asked one final question.

"Could you use stem cells to fill in a Hollow? If they repurpose themselves based on the cells around them, the an array of Elsie's stem cells could he used to create a womb, right?"


There was a Mutated Toe growing out of Writer Jake's head after Mark's trick. No explanation.

"I'm going technology on this one because it's alot simpler. For the same reasons you're not showing Kurumu with a bulbous stomach - plus Hollow-related physics - I'm not doing that Either. He'll be 'created' in the same sense that the captain of 12th Squad creates things, which includes regenerating his own body and - in fact - his current lieutenant."


Back there, the doc was explaining things to the two Arrancar who were...a bit shocked.

Bastion: ...and that's the general idea. You two need to talk it over?

Roy: Well uhhh...

He looked Elsie in the eyes and Elsie tackled and kissed him, leaving Roy to raise one finger and say.

Roy: I think we're good, doc.


Mark asked his question about filling in Hollows and...before Jake could open his mouth, Yoruichi put her hand over it.

Yoruichi: Hollows are hollow like that because of all the regret and horror of their lives burning right through their souls. Filling that in could have one of two effects. Either the Hollow (a minus) becomes a spirit (a plus) or something more unstable happens. The mask could break and reform fully back into just a Hollow, or it could be a strange case of morphic instability. Ichigo told me of an Arrancar that the Fifth Espada had damaged and turned into a child.

Another spoiler chart came down.

Interesting. Appears that we're about to get a new Generation in the Pub

Mark looked at the mutated toe that had sprouted on Jake's head and shook his down head as the tow seemed to wiggle for no reason at all.

"Gross..." Mark said as he looked listened in on the conversation between the Doc, Elsie and Roy.

Yuroichi's explanation of a Hollow's hollow healed with stem cells was interesting enough from a biological perspective. It would make for an interesting tale some day. The information was filed away for later use, though the thought left a kind of smile remaining on Mark's mask.

"I've always loved themes relating to Man messing with nature and nature coming back on Man 10 fold." Mark said before he saw the Elsie attack kiss on Roy. For a couple of 'demons' they certainly were friendly enough, though with Jake as a writer, he was sure that Massacre had some sort of friendly side as well.

All this talk of kids and biology and morphology brought on a new subject on Mark's mind.

"I wonder... what with the new kids and all... you think they'd take over the running of this Pub or what?" Mark asked curiously. It was a good idea in his mind as it would give him the opportunity to cement the personalities for Lilith and the newly renamed Jacque. Also there would be Rin to consider since the Hatchling still existed and would be fully grown, though having the ability to change into a human would be a handy enough power to give her.

"Also... Shifty McGee... Honest truth man. Good or just so so? I based the idea off of a short animated flick I caught on Youtube." Mark asked as he pressed a button on a remote control that was in his hand. One of the PubTV tm monitors flared to life as the short film was shown.


"I saw that comment about those two and Mass, Mark. You're confusing issues. For Arrancar, I'm playing off of information from Bleach, namely that they're still HUMANS. Humans, in fact, that while Hollow have regained human personalities through transformation. They're still going to have a full range of emotions colored by Hollow instincts. Roy and Elsie on a good day. On a bad day... On a bad day, you will understand why they are called End Times, and why even Hollows STRONGER than them might worry."

Massacre: As for me, author-boy, my 'friendly' side is when I mated with a Demon of the Blackwave Abyss to conceive an offspring who will one day surpass me in power by carrying the force of two evil gods in one. 'Gods' being merely a pseudonym for ancient forces of the cosmos made manifest. Jake and I never liked the idea of actual omnipotent god characters in the mix. Even HE isn't perfect. Much of his power is in the written word. Without it, he goes from super to merely badass.

As for his questions...

"Well, in all honesty, Neil might take the job, but he has to develop first. As for Shift, I like him."

Return Glare...


"Neil? You've named him already?" Mark asked as he realized that Dr. Bastion was still in the middle of doing his thing. He wagered that stranger things had happened.

"God... feh... never did like the concept period. An all seeing, all knowing and all powerful being that's everywhere at once? Anyone that fits that description is bound to be insane." Mark commented and revealed his distaste for religion in general. To him it was more of a subject matter that had covered back in his college days when he was subverting the material than anything pertinent in his life now. However, let's return to the subject at hand...

"That's true that everyone has bad days, though for most characters that have been created, come at them faster than shopaholics to a BOGO sale." He commented. Mainly, Mark found the cheery side of characters intriguing because they were so few and far between. While they (characters, avatars, sprites, Player Characters) suffered most days, on the days where they were given a day off of the shit they usually received, it was interesting to see how they capered and interacted with each other.

As for writers... the day they ceased to be super was the day they were struck with writer's block, brain damage or worse a mental disorder. Of course... you had to be a good writer first to even be thought of as super.

With that thought, Mark shot a glance at the Cowboy who was currently busy picking his nose and trying to pull some sort of fire out of it. His gaze returned to Jake and his dark side.

"Ahhh Massacre... you're just a bundle of sarcasm and wit rolled into one aren't you?"

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