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Pushy, eh?

Fortunately, it wasn't THAT much of a squeeze-in. The kind of booth made to house writers and authors had trans-dimensional capacities and therefore more room no matter wh- Do you know? I think I've proven that Jesus Christ was a timelord. Anyway, Jake answered Red Coyote.

"Well, those two have the problem. I'm not in their RP. I'm in the bar, getting drunk. They have a problem in their neck of things with Red Mage - as in 8-Bit Theater Red Mage - and the author controlling him. Apparently, he made it possible to kill authors and thus their creations too over there and these two need a way to handle 'im. I've been suggesting means of handling the situation."

Suddenly, the Writer shook and shuddered...

"Ohhh...I feel a sudden interlude coming on!"


Meanwhile, back in Hueco Mundo...


"Hah hah hah hah hah! Confess your sins and forever bury them in your past, for there is no greater forgiveness than the ease of thine own soul!"

In this [url=]world of Hollows[/ur], there was sand stretching out practically forever unto infinity. One dune looks like all the others, mostly. There were few landmarks. Hollows and Arrancar seemed to know it like the back of their hands. Even still, there came a time when they needed directions if someone or something could not be found. That was why that one giant sandworm Hollow was currently being interrogated by three Arrancar. They were...

Denzuo was chopping off ends of the worm's tale while Grey stood on him. Jackal was sitting in sand, facing away from the action in cold contemplation.

Grey: I think he needs another!

"I don't know anymore! I've said too much!"

Denzuo: But you didn't say...where.

"I can't! I can't! The Dread One went there! I can't ever go back!"

THAT got Jackal's attention. He stood up and walked over to the sandworm.

Jackal: Tell me more of this...'Dread One'.


Mark looked up as he had been silently napping for quite some time and turned to Jake with a smirk.

"It appears that we've gome from one crisis to another. A writer's rebellion has sprung up in favor of killing thr arc that brought me here..." Mark stated, letting the irony of the situation set in. Authors revolting to change an arc in which they were the prey.

"And of course ... the blame game has been started, including my choice of hideout." Mark continued with a chuckle, looking around at the structure of The Pub.

"Thankfully you did warn me against high concept arcs and this just reinforces that warning.."

Ahhh well... It's not like I'm actually here, right?

Are any of us really here?

"Well, you know how it is. Plans change and alter and get out of hand. I suppose you won't be outsourcing to me for Massacre to cameo in the thread. I was going to unveil the Wrathwyrm as well. Still, it's not your fault that this happened. It was that Mehnace to society and his two-dimensional munchkin boy."

Oh, and speaking of calamities...the air in here was beginning to grow tense, and the door to the outside opened to admit...a humanoid figure. It looked like a person wearing black shoes, pands, and shirt...with black hair and a Hollow mask on, a complete one. Said mask was simple white, with jagged teeth and four black eyes. The hole in this being's body had torn a hole in the shirt, and seemed to pulsate with a hideous beat as it contracted in and out. As soon as the Writer felt its presence, he shouted.


The Dread was a young and fieresome abomination of Hollow existence. No one can say precisely how all Vasto Lordes are meant to form, as there are so many few of them, but Dread was certainly on the fast-track if not there already. He may look like a normal masked figure default, but he was a passive-reading terror-former. As soon as you looked at him, his body reacted to become your worst nightmares in the flesh. He was originally an awakened human whose power took the path of shadow to recreate dark fears with shifting powers like Aku. He still retained this power, but he was not limited by his body's stamina anymore. Before, he only had the power to take forms, to mix them, and then to make use of the powers those forms had via shadow energy if he sucked in enough fear. Now, he had this and still yet the allowance of reiatsu. Can you imagine how much he has pulled in from being untethered in Hueco Mundo?

I see what you did thar!


What's the one thing everyone does when you tell them not look look at something. I bet you that you can't think of something other than a tiny pink elephant upon reading this. Well are you not thinking of a tiny pink elephant at the moment?

This also is reminiscent of that moment in Ghost Busters where they're on top of the tower... right before the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man appears. They're try not to think of a shape for Zu'ul. But sure as shit... one of them came up with good ole' Stay Puff.

Of course orders were meant to be broken... regardless if they were orders or just suggestions. So Mark looked... and sure as shit there it was... the Dread or at least what used to be the Dread with Mark's fears taken form.

IT was not longer solid but was a darker shadow within the shadows. Regardless of the color of light that was there prior to Mark's fear taking substance, it now emitted red... blood red and everything living that was in its presence found that it could no longer move.

It should be known that while Mark doesn't really fear much, he does suffer from night terrors and they are the worst. He wakes up paralyzed and unable to move. The lights that seep into his room thought an open window, while normally yellow, are blood red. Upon looking into the shadows, he sees figures, dark figures against the already dark shadows of his room.

This is what Mark feared in life... and now it was in the Pub.

However... things being what they were and things being what they are, Puce, upon hearing Jake's words had ducked behind the counter and now reappeared with blind fold around his eyes. He could still see... in a manner of speaking. He saw things that contained energy, whether biological or artificial. whether it was potential or kinetic... you get the idea.

"Welcome to the Pub..." Puce started to say, unsure if the Dread was the type of creature that would play nice with the other kids that were in the Pub at the moment.

I actually WAS trying to stop you from looking.

"I SAID don't look. How much more of an obvious warning do you want?"

At least, he and Massacre didn't look. The Writer's only true fear was normal enough, given things in nature, but what it took to make Massavre cringe was surely something that defied even his own high standards. Even such dark beings like him must have some sort of weakness, something they will back away from for fear of their safety. For now, Puce addressed the new arrival, and it faced him, scrutinizing.

Dread: Pub? Am I on Earth now?

Huh...the voice was almost human enough, just a slight distortion of voice. He appeared to sniff the air with small nostril slits in the mask, just briefly.

Dread: No...this is a different place. And it houses what I seek? Interesting...

Mark's personal nightmare - which had had the default form of Dread standing amidst it - began to walk tolds the back room...

Sure it's scary at night... but I'm able to move after a while. Anyways... yeah.

Mark's body began to get used to the paralysis... it was the type of paralysis that you get when you're woken up directly out of REM sleep. And eventually, he was able to move once more, He remembered the privacy shutters that Jake had installed for his little conversation with Lilith. That and the security feed that was now playing on PubTV tm made it easier to track the Dread as he walked towards the back room.

"Okay... he wants Neil I take it?" Mark asked Jake, though the answer was fairly obvious that a whatever that thing was would want to consume Neil... and Jake did say that an Arrancar baby would bring attention.

"So... this is the attention my big mouth brings along..." Mark thought to himself as he flipped through some character profiles. The Father and Son might just work out. As would the Queen and the Alpha.

"Hey hey hey hey hey! You can't go back there." Puce said, still blindfolded while Jacque, now out of the stasis that he had been placed under for a while (yeah I forgot about him), placed a blindfold around his eyes as well.

In the Underground, Lilith and Fenris were prepping for trouble as well should they be needed. A simple genetic modification and voila... enhanced smelling and hearing as well as the addition of Echolocation.

"How about a piece rhubarb pie instead?"

And me? Giant squid. Long story.

"Yes, of course he does. D'you know what capacity for fear a newborn has? Infinite. It knows nothing, it understands nothing. Everything is new and potentially scary. However, a newborn baby couldn't possibly perceive him properly, even when he was alive, and anything after starts to develop too much personality from imprinting for that to work. But a new Arrancar entity with Pesquisa and enhanced mental power from his mother's side? You begin to see the problem, don't you?"

What the Writer outlined was either Dread gaining the power to become every fear that can exist...or just plain everything. Suffice to say, Dread actually DID stop and glare at Puce for a second.

Dread: I may not be your fear...yet, but I am many others.

The wind picked up and Dread was engulfed in shadow to become several fears amalgamated... It was a Malboro with dragon claws, cobras, and the heads of Xenomorphs coming out of its body, several hisses and gulleteral growls emitting from it along with a round of moans of human suffering. And don't think he was just going to stand there and try to be scary. He'd use that chimeric form against him!

Dread: Move...

20,000 Leagues?

Puce stood his ground as the amalgamation of creatures ordered him to move. Puce moved... however the constructs that he had created behind himself did not. Neither did the constructs that Jac. had created behind Dread either.

All told, four mirror copies of Dread surrounded the original, hissing and growling menacingly, warning the creature to back off.

"So... about that Rhubarb Pie..."

My name isn't Harry.

The monster that was Dread looked around at its copies, unable to tell for certain if they were real or not. However, they appeared to be mirroring him, and that being the case they would probably even do as he did to counter him. When he considered this, Dread laughed with several mouths and different larynxses. Then, he proceeded to split open into horrific creature of the flesh that characteristics... The nightmare of John Carpenter's: The Thing. Tendrils lashed out at the constructs. If they were illusions, he would know immediately. If they were fakes made to seem real, he would destroy them. If they were real by virtue of miraculous magic...then they would immediately merge and all become Dread. Above the noise of this horror show, his voice managed to penetrate coldly.

Dread: I do not like Rhubarb. Obstruct me again and I will...destroy.

To make a point on the matter, two large claws unfurled over his head and each one held a dense ball of red. That was Cero. He meant business. However, a familiar voice spoke from behind the counter.

Yoruichi: Go on. Let him through.

But uhhh...was she planning something or planning to let Arrancar handle Arrancar? Just where DID Yoruichi stand in all this?

How about Jorge. I like the name Jorge.

A quick explanation of how exactly Puce's and Jacque's power works. Well maybe not quick. Think of them as an AC Adapter that changes Alternating Current to Direct Current. In a sense they are living AC Adapters in that they absorb energy from specific targets of their choice, or if they're in a hurry and don't care about the beings around them, from every thing around them. Now this energy can be type of energy (kinetic, potential, magnetic, radioactive, chemical, biological, magical, etc...) and it is channeled into a construct of a specific elements of which the conduit has control over. In Puce's case it was originally wood, though he eventually mastered all of them. In Jac's case it's metal and fire.

They can do two things with the energy that they channel. They can either manipulate the material that they're channeling their energy into (telekinesis) or create constructs out of that material, not unlike a Golem.

These are not illusions, nor are they living in a biological sense, unless Puce uses his powers to manipulate flesh.

Okay... that's the nitty gritty of it. That's how it works and what their powers are. Now... if the thing could pierce metal... more power to him.

However... any way of finding out was dashed by Yuroichi's voice.

The Golems/Constructs wavered for a moment as the masters "looked" at each other. Puce more in surprise than anything else since he was supposedly the last of his kind.

"Last chance... keylime pie?" Puce said weakly before channeling a bit more energy into the wood of the Arrancar room.

Whatever Roy and Elsie were doing, Puce wasn't sure. Whatever the case... Puce had just summoned a little canary in the Arrancar room and it was busy doing its best impression of a stool pigeon and telling the Arrancar that they had a guest.



Let's not go into detail on what exactly Dread could do. He's limited only by what has rendered the impression of fear onto him, and since he's been standing around Hueco Mundo, there could be alot of things. But before we handle that, let's first handle Puce's canary. Upon entrying the vicinity of Roy and Elsie, it exploded. They already knew there was something bad and Hollow in the Bar. They knew at the precise moment as the Writer because of Pesquisa.

As for Dread, he'd lost his patience. He had warned them, verbally and physically, and made a threat. However, key lime pie was the last straw. With about a dozen separate roars, the room lights went out and he was going multi-shaped horrifying abomination to put an end to this fragile Mexican Standoff. The moment he did, the Ceros were launched directly at Puce...though the blast was going to take up the entire bar, no doubt!

That is...until Yoruichi stepped in. Were you aware that her Shunko style of reiatsu-infused combat had a technique for neutralizing kido attacks? Works on Cero too, provided there's enough power rammed up against it. It just cancels out! To her credit, the ex-captain used the strongest binding spell available to hold the massively-warping monstrosity in place for a moment. She faced Puce now...wearing opaque sunglasses.

Yoruichi: This isn't going to work. He has enough power to not care WHAT you do. Get those two to somewhere that he can't follow. I'll handle him down below.

With that, Dread was punched through the floor, but just as he broke through the binding. Yoruichi was stuck fighting him for now. God, what a mess... This guy was hell on teo legs when he wasn't a monstrosity as is. Now...AH SHIT! THE DEATHCLAWS! What do THEY fear?!

What do Deathclaws Fear? Nothing

When you're the top of the food chain and territorial, there's not much evolutionary sense in having the capacity to feel fear, let alone fear anything. That would be the case of regular Deathclaws. They're the apex predator of the wastes. However, these are intelligent Deathclaw which leaves a big "question mark" when asking what it is that an Intelligent Deathclaw fears.

It does help, however, to have a matriarch that's able to mess around with your genetic sequence and shut down your eye sight and replace them with other sensory organs that would render Dread's powers useless. It doesn't help that these Deathclaws have never trained to use these senses before now.

So here's the scene. You've got Yuroichi battling Dread and Dread battling Yuroichi and now you've got a bunch of Deathclaws struggling to get acclimated to their new senses before they can move to assist Yuroichi. This just isn't going as planned.

Back upstairs, Puce looked down the hole that had been made in the floor of the Pub before he ran the door of Elsie and Roy's room and knocked... not wanting to end up like the canary.

"Elsie... Roy... time to get the hell out of dodge." Puce said as he started knocking once again.

Meanwhile... at the Writer's booth.

"I think I'm starting to get why you call yourself evil now." Mark said to Jake as he watched to see how things would pan out. As Kurumu rushed by the booth, Mark reached out and grabbed her, pulling her into the confines of the booth.

"I don't think so... you've been around too many Yokai for me to let you run willy nilly into the fray and give Dread more ideas." Mark said before doing the same to Lucifer. As the undisputed king of hell there wasn't much that the Devil feared... except maybe the Boss... and that might be a bad thing.

Nothing? Really?

You really wouldn't want to actually get them involved in that fight anyway, as Dread was currently a Final Fantasy Behemoth, the Bug from Men in Black, a Bogie from Shadowrun, several boa constrictors, the actual Nightmare from Devil May Cry, and the Cyber-Demon of Doom. Well...that is for a while... Then, Yoruichi had a problem.

Dread: Don't blink. Blink, and you are dead. They are faster than you can imagine...

Suddenly, Yoruichi was being pounded, super-fast! It was almost too much for her to keep up with, given her speed, but Dread's speed was now absolute because he was a Weeping Angel! Nobody was looking at him down here...


The two Arrancar were already hauling up the machine, and Elsie was already in resurreccion.

Elsie: We know.

Roy: But where the hell do we go?

They left the room, prepared to follow Puce for now.


"You should have been there for some of the times shared at the Dark Dominion - that was my message board at one time - where we had some frankly badass, terrifying, funny times. A character like Dread, I hadn't even considered at the time, but I had the Brethren, Magnus and Zellekai, the Shadow-Stealers, Valis Mauntra, the inhabitants of Chaotica, and so much more... I love being creative, and I love evil plots to put people through. It makes situations of heroes all the more incredible to see what they have to strive through if they wanna come out in one piece at the end."

may i join in this fight?

if so it's my turn i believe

suddenly david appears behind The Dread as he cocks his revolver back he had gone after The Dread to stop him from getting to the child "settle down Dread now i don't want to kill you but i will protect the child so just calm down or i will shoot your head off so fast you won't know whats happened" he says as he trys to reason with The Dread but he also ready's himself for a fight


Tophat hovered right outside the Pubs door, and pushed it open with some telekinesis before hovering inside. The small camera mounted underneath it took in the surrondings.


David Woon:

Mark looked over at Jake and nodded, he was putting a few people through the same sort of exercises.

"I've placed a few Heroes up against Ekou from Karas... who I've tweaked a bit to give him more personality. Plus Doctor von Kripplor of Danger Girl fame. It's not that those characters are inherently badass or monsters or anything, though von Kripplor is a bit of a Frankenstein clone. It's just the environment that I've set them up in. A clone factory of the one that they're there to rescue... inside of a carnival... populated with civilians that have been cerebral harnessed. Plus there's good ole SCP-173 that they'll be meeting up with later." Mark said calmly as chaos erupted under their feet.

"If there's anything that I pride myself on... it's been getting a reaction from the players of that particular role play. I made Ryan almost puke. I make Sgt_Jakeman214 actually weep. I pissed off StormShaun. It's the emotional response that I'm after. Mindfuckery over violence... because like it or not... we're pretty desensitized to violence." Mark said... and as he did David Woon's head hit the privacy screen with a wet splat.

The door opened back up and there was David Woon once again.

Puce nodded and ran towards the door he hated most of all. Door 667... the neighbor of the beast.

"Okay... brace yourselves." Puce cautioned as he unlocked the door mentally and stepped into.


All around them... horses, unicorns and winged horses capered and frolicked.

"I hate this place..." Puce said... knowing that whatever these Ponies feared it wouldn't be able to feed Dread very much.

Down in the underground the Deathclaws started to mobilize. Remember that Kadouclaw genetic sequence? Activated. For them... you could be as fast as you wanted to be but you weren't fast enough when you were fixed in time while a gang of unfixed Deathclaws were attacking you.

It's an interesting stalemate, however. What happens when a blind Kadouclaw, who has to phase back into normal space to strike, attacks a Weeping Angel which is infinitely fast but fixed in time?

Chaos? Check
Carnage? Check
Property Damage? Hell yes
Winning? Ummm... not so much.

Mark peered out of the privacy screen and motioned for the Tophat to come into the relative safety of the Writer's booth.

"So sorry... there's a bit of remodeling going on. Care for a drink? Wait... can you even drink?" Mark looked at the floating Top Hat curiously.

Tophat flew over to Mark and sat down on a bench.
"Greetings! A Gin & tonic, if you please. Also, some bisquits would be quite nice, if you have any."

fine i there by foot

david quickly stands up and runs in the underground entrance *NO!! NOT HER!! YOU WILL NOT HAVE HER THIS TIME!!!!, YOU MONSTER!!!!" he thought as running as fast as he could through the tunnel towards where the dread and whoever he is fighting is

When Katrina had been discussing things with Kurumu about Rin (Trina), a temporal time bubble had displaced her from that edge of reality forcing her into her introduction of We Are Our Avatars IV.

In her time, a year had past since then, and Katrina's usual blonde hair has changed to a reddish color reflecting her true heritage of being Gravelynn Sepulchure, daughter of the DoomKnight and once gatherer of the Elemental Orbs Sepulchure. Her armor was still that of the DragonLords, however it too carried a reddish color. Still a snark ass, and a bit of a troll, her saving grace still comes from aiding those in danger against The Rose, despite their growing power on the hearts of the citizens and political sanctions.

Katrina steps into the Pub, her Destiny Blade and Necrotic Sword latched on her back. A faint smirk on her face. It has been some time since was here last... I wonder where everything left off...

Taking a seat at the bar, she ordered some pasta.

OoC: @Rosh Um... not really used to stuff like this...

OoC: Is anyone here?

Gearhead mk2:
OoC: Is anyone here?

Katrina continues eating her pasta with much gusto

Oh god, you did not.

The Writer pulls out a ton of guns like The Mask at Woon and just blasts him away with homing bullets like in the movie, Runaway.

"I made creature that is like a successor to Reboot's Megabyte, has Lavos-like forms and spawns, infects beings, steals energy, and fights with bullet-hell attacks. I call him Teros. I also have 13 Blackwave Demon abominations from the Abyss of the Profound Darkness who collectively open the black gate and poor thew Abyss' corruption into new worlds, and each one is respectively a horrible monster even by Demon standards. I furthermore have the Archons, who are so simple and yet are the most terrifying aspects of light and energy. And if Woon does not leave me alone, I will sweep one into his dimension and sterilize it with exotoxic light."


Weeping Angels feed on time energy. This wasn't getting any easier, because even though he was BEING an Angel, he was still Hollow. Bala struck out at Deathclaws...somehow...rapidly. This form was quite versatile, so long as you don't SEE IT. However, Dread heard and felt the egress upstairs...and GONE!

Yoruichi: Get back here!!

She was gone too! The door slammed in her face, though, and Yoruichi cursed. What the hell was faster than HER?!


Meanwhile, Puce took them somewhere we wish was never referenced in this pub.


Elsie: Puce, I'm going to kill you with Cero now...

They didn't seem pleased with their surroundings. Since the Writer ain't a Brony, you're on your own with this schtick, Puce. Well, almost. You see umm...there's a problem.




"Tophat? Do you know a guy with a guitar and a katana, by any chance?"

Rex walks into the main room of the Pub, hands in his pockets, his chain rustling as he glides towards the front of the bar. He takes a seat and stretches himself out, letting out a long sigh.

"Well, this place is a lot more empty than what I thought it would be..."

He leans back and orders some churros and root beer.

Gearhead mk2:
Snip Quotes?

Snip Quotes?

Mark looked up from where he sat at the Writer's Booth and coughed as he cleared his throat and wiped the sleep away from his eyes.

"Sorry about that... I tend to post at Night relative to the United States. I'm a vampire like that. I think Jake over here is as well." He said as he looked around to check up on things. Noting that Puce was otherwise indisposed, he sent Kurumu to take over as the Bar Tender while Puce was knee deep in Pony Poop.

Taking her cue, Kurumu, the succubus, normally entertainer and shoulder to cry on, tried to cope with the new position while the Bar's Proprietor was being hunted down by a creature that consumed fear. With her was Rin, the pink dragon Hatchling and Katrina's gift to Kurumu.

"Hi Kat! I haven't seen you this active in Gods knows how long." She exclaimed as she gathered the necessary food items and drinks. Service without Yuroichi would be considerably slower.

"And hello you two. Welcome to the Pub. I'll be your bartender... Kurumu... at least until Puce gets his ass back here." She smiled a room warming smile as she gave the patrons a round of drinks before making food for Rin.

Don't look at me like that.

While Kurumu was serving the new customers... Mark turned back towards Jake's glare and shrugged in a bit of embarrassment.

"Look... I'm no brony either but there's a logic to the madness of bringing THEM up." Mark said as he warmed up to tell Jake the reason he would bring up MLP. It was a lot like bringing up God at an Atheist convention... it just wasn't usually done in polite company.

"So... there's a reason why I would intentionally leave door 667 barred shut and not allow any of that dimension's occupants to enter the Pub. If you look at it... if there was a race of interdimensional invaders... and you know that there are all sorts of those... MLP would be the first dimension conquered. Yet there they are... still alive and still kicking. My belief is that all the MLP broadcasts are a ruse." Mark began as he took a drink of something that used to be a vodka cranberry but had been watered down due to the melted ice.

"I figure... the only way for them to actually survive the multitude of invaders that would be knocking at their door is if they were a really a militaristic fascist regime like in Starship Troopers. Every Pony has to serve in the military to become a citizen and citizens are the only ones with rights. The only ponies that we see on camera are citizen ponies and they seem so happy. So its my belief that those are the ones that have completed their tour while the rest... the rest are on the front lines fighting off the Combine or whatever is knocking at their gates. Therefore... if that's truly the case... Puce is bringing Dread into a town full of fearless Pony Veteran Soldiers..."

Dimension 667

As Mark spoke those words, the should of shells being chambered echoed throughout the lands of Equestria as the Pony Citizen sounded off the alarms that there were intruders in their territory. Yes... Ponies were territorial... and they would deal with the biggest threat first... namely ... they would focus fire on dread while the winged ones bombed him from above.

And what do Ponies fear? Well... not much since they've fought off every imaginable invader out there...


"Hi Kat! I haven't seen you this active in Gods knows how long."

Katrina smiled, letting her now red hair flow down alittle. (It was previously blonde last time Kurumu saw her.)

"Hey Kurumu! It's been so long as well! Last time I remember... I was displaced in time and its been a year for me. Did anything happen..." She looked over at Rin, and smirked.

"Nope! Guess not!"

We got snips?

"Thanks a lot, miss... Don't take this the wrong way... But you're not the regular bartender here right? You look like you could use some help."

Rex slowly sipped the root beer Kurumu just passed him and nibbled a bit on a churro.

Kurumu smirked at Katrina winked at her.

"Nothing ever goes by that quickly around here. I mean Rin's gotten a whole few pounds heavier but that's it. Otherwise... we have those writers over there... one of which is Puce's and Mine. He's hiding from a murderous Red Mage that's in the Real World hunting down other writers and well... I think that's it. Ohhhhhh I like your hair...." Kurumu said as she brushed her blue bangs aside and turned towards Rex who addressed her.

"It's okay... I'm definitely not ever the bartender usually. The usual bartender, Puce, is in one of the dimensional doors getting chased by a monster known as Dread... a creature that can manifest your fears just by looking at him. In the mean time... I'll be filling in." Kurumu said with a jaw dropping smile as she poured herself a Guinness into a Pint Glass... the proper way.


Rex's eyes seemed to light up instantly after Kurumu mentioned Dread. Although her smile nearly entranced him, he focused on learning trying to learn a bit more about the monster.

"I see... Mind showing me where exactly this dimensional door is? A monster that manifests fears seems interesting to me."

Rex swung in his seat to sit face-to-face with her with the churro still hanging from his mouth, eyes wide open.

Kurumu's smile quickly became a frown as she said a few words to Rex before giving him the directions to the Hall of Doors... which looked exactly what it sounded like, a hallway filled with doors.

"He's through Door #667... Equestria... we don't go to Equestria anymore..." She muttered as she gave told him to go to the 334th door on the left.

"I don't know if you really want to go in there. He's gone all Weeping Angel. Also... there's Ponies in there. Militant "Friendship" Ponies..."


Jake sighed at him.

"Uncle, if you please?"


Dread reverted to his default shape to move again. Can't be all Angel-y all the time. Might fall into one of those paradox things. He seemed to scrutinize the efforts tossed against him as he was bathed in the attacks of numerous throngs. It...was kind of like shooting at Godzilla, though.

Dread: Fools...

Wait... No... No, you can't... You can't use that! NOT THAT!! Yyyup. There's a giant lizard monster with thermonuclear death breath standing in total defiance of the PSDF.

Roy: Puce, before this gets anymore out of hand, will you let us fucking bomb this dude?

Sensing the serious tone in her voice, Rex calmed himself a bit.
Despite knowing how evil ponies are, he took one last swig of his drink and got up out of his seat.

"I see. I'll keep try to keep my wits about me, miss. "

Giving Kurumu a quick bow and taking one last churro into his mouth, he slowly shifted towards the Training Room for some last minute practice.


"Nothing ever goes by that quickly around here. I mean Rin's gotten a whole few pounds heavier but that's it. Otherwise... we have those writers over there... one of which is Puce's and Mine. He's hiding from a murderous Red Mage that's in the Real World hunting down other writers and well... I think that's it. Ohhhhhh I like your hair...."

"Writers? How odd..." Katrina cupped her chin with her right hand, while her left hand was trancing through her hair. She paused at the moment of Kurumu's comment about her hair being a different color.

Oh yeah... Totally forgot about that... "Well... This is my actual hair color. My blonde hair was a side-effect of magic induced false memories that I was implanted with."

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