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"Whoever you are," Noel started off talking with Hellen. "Please do respect the people here. It's rather impolite."

Turning back to Black, she smiled again. A loving mother's touch. "Despite my 22-ish year old appearance, I'm actually 47. Strange isn't it? But that's besides my point. Being so young, only 19. And yet you carry enough weapons... What forced you to become this?" This is really hypocritical of me... But I have my reasons

Black finished sharpening her blade and put the sword and stone back in there respectable places. "19 or matter what age your never to young to Die...." Black said to Noel. "So you can never be so careful in life....or it will snap you when you least expect it...." She added, then took a sip of her Gin. "Mind If I ask why you think I'm forced to do it...." She said in a her usual emotionless voice.

"What? He's not really people you know, more of a demon thing if you ask me." Hellen said to noel.

Noel sighed at Hellen. "Does it matter? You better watch that tongue of your's, or it will end up tossed to the gutter."

She turned back to Black. "How nihilistic. And being broken. Heh, I've already gone down that path, never to be broken again."She paused for a moment. "So then you are carrying weapons for the sake of carrying weapons? That doesn't seem healthy."

"I don't remember saying I carried it for the sake of it.....I carry it for many a second line of self defense is one of them..." Black said as she rubbed her chin a bit. "and everything is broken to begin with....we just have to find the glue that holds us back together again...." She added to Noel, chuckling a little to herself. "Respect others as you would want others to Respect you..." Black said to Hellen.

"Believe me ,princess, this is the nicest I can be. But I can at least try, I guess." Hellen said to noel.

"Well you never did say that. Implicitly or explicitly. Weapons should be mad to end conflict, never to start it." Noel said. "And yet you sound that you had been broken some time ago."

She turned to Hellen and sighed again. "No, its not. If you were really trying, you'd be gritting your teeth trying to be nice."

Black turned around and jumped of the stool. "I agree....Conflict without true purpose is just stupid....It leads to the down fall of man....society....the world..." She said to Noel. "When you come from the easy to be broken...." Black said, then gave one wave of her hand. "If your excuse me for cutting this....inspiring conversation....a bit short....but it's high time I rested....until then..." She said to Noel and Hellen, throwing the bar tender a 10 dollar note and walking to a empty room to rest for the night.

OoC: I GTG, Night all!

"Meh. It's something that runs in my" Hellen said to Noel

"Goodbye Miss Black. I hope to speak with you on a later date." she smiled. Turning back to the rest of the people at the Pub, she yawned alittle, and mumbled. She took her leave towards one of the vacant rooms there.

Hellen went to a room and slept in it.

"...And there goes everyone." Rex muttered under his breath.
"And I was hoping for a spar too." He scratches the back of his head, leans back in his seat and stares at the ceiling, recalling fights and jobs from long ago.


Mark looked up from trying to reorganize the Front Page of the Pub's Thread on the Escapist, especially hard at Jake for a moment.

"Do you know that all your characters take up too much space for even 1 post? You're prolific..." Mark said as he looked down at the Capsule. For something that Dread was after was the plot driver for an end of the world scenario... the kid was rather normal looking.

"Fine... you can have the normal looking kid." Mark said as he watched the events in Hueco Mundo unfold.

"Don't say 'How'... Don't say 'How'... Don't say 'How'"

"Hello there!" Puce called out as the Shinigami prepared to probably enact a plan that would involve Puce's untimely Death. It wasn't that Puce was afraid of dying... there was the matter of the ring that Knife had given him that was still in Puce's pocket.

Yes THAT sort of ring...

Of course... being that Puce was the most sorely under powered being in the vicinity of the action and he couldn't very well let Roy and Elsie get killed by the Shinigami squad, Puce had to rely on the only thing he had left...

He bluffed.

"My name is Puce! I'm with the United Dimensions Treaty Organization ... Transport and Immigration Department. I've been sent here to detain or destroy the Entity known as Dread for threatening Nexus and willingly entering several neighboring dimensions without proper notification... additionally... he stands charged with attempted interdimensional kidnapping, interdimensional kidnapping, assaulting a UDTO official and ... trespassing." Puce said as he reached into his messenger back and reformed the uncut diamond the Flet had left him into a rather official looking badge crafted of cut diamond.

"I order you to hold your ground until the entity known as Dread has been detained or destroyed."

Back in the Pub... Kurumu and Lucifer breathed a sigh of relief as the patrons took to their quarters for the night.


"You weren't suppose to list 'em all! I pointed out Jackal, Denzuo, and Grey to show off! And for the last time, enough with the harping on-"

CRASH! The machine broke open all of a sudden. Jake and Mark were now party to...what looked like a six year old kid with semi-short jet black hair and bright blue eyes, picking his nose for a moment because of an itch. He was, thanks to impromptu narrative, not naked. The kid was in a pair of kid jeans and a t-shirt, looking up at the two authors with curiosity.

Neil: Hey, misters... Do you know where my dad is? I can see 'im, but I can't see him see him. Know what I mean?

"Kid's psychic."

Neil: Well?

"He's in Hueco Mundo, his home. It's through that door."

Neil: Mkay, thank ya, mister.

He went and headed for the door as Jake called over Yoruichi.

"Would you make sure everything turns out alright? Shit's going down and-"

Yoruichi: I already did that.


Yoruichi: I've already been out and back. You didn't notice 'cause the bar's timeless. I'm effectively the Yoruichi of a little while in the future.


Meanwhile, Puce was more or less pulling a Ray Stantz against Gozer and citing Dread for Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking. Byakuya's eyes narrowed on Puce, and without even bothering to determine the truth of his statement, he said...

Byakuya: The thing you call Dread is no more. I sense its soul has been diminished in the way all souls do in the belly of a Hollow. We will now eliminate this Arrancar so as to protect all others from two great evils.

Grey: The blind cannot see!

Elsie: Over my dead body, and trust me it'll your first!

Jackal: You do not wish to do this thing, Shinigamis. The consequences will be too great.

Hitsugaya: What consequences would THOSE be?

Jackal: This Arrancar is our leader, and he is our friend. Kill him and we will upend the contents of Hueco Mundo onto Soul Society. We know your great weakness: Sheer numbers. You can't physically clear so many Hollows, otherwise it would be done. The Seireitei will be under seige forever, and all those outside the barrier will be devoured.

Renji: What kind of Arrancar are you?

Elsie: We're the End Times. He brought us together...and it'll be the end for anyone trying to pull us apart.

Byakuya's attention returned to Puce.

"This matter is not strictly within your jurisdiction, but you seem knowledgeable of it. What does the United Dimensions Treaty Organization think of this creature? It was because of the report of one of our own that we considered this one a potential threat. Given the threats of his cohorts, it would seem the report was accurate."

Mark was about to say something... he really was... but the fact that the kid had been born whilst the capsule sat on Mark's lap meant something ... awful ... spilled all over Mark's black cargo pants. Amniotic fluid... placental goo... everything a growing boy needs while growing up in what amounted to a steel womb.

"This is gross on so many levels..." Mark said as jotted down the fact that he was now wearing new pants and the old ones had been sent to the furnace due to biological materials protocols.

"Anyways... I figured I'd post them because of your time and effort in them... think of it as me hanging your art project on the refrigerator." Mark said with a smirk on his face. As the elder of the writers... he had a job to encourage Jake...

Of course... he would probably receive a glare for writing this... or worse...

"You know... if that's the Yuroichi of the future... what happened to current Yuroichi..." Mark asked as he peered back down towards the scene. This was much better than telling the Shinigami that they fought like a bunch of dairy farmers...

Puce stood in what he thought of as an authoritarian stance, placing himself between Roy and the Shinigami Gang that was arrayed in front of him.

"I'm sorry but I can't allow you to harm [b]ROY[/n] over here. Not only was he of extreme assistance in tracking down and ... umm... digesting... Dread, he's been deputized into my department's service. Assaulting him in any way is a declaration of war against all of the U.D.T.O. and its member dimensions." Puce said coolly as he got more into the role.

"Further more... these remaining Arrancar are to be placed in my custody until such time as they can be properly debriefed. These are all non-negotiable requirements..." Deputy Inspector Puce said... glad that he had spent three years on the street of Hanoi as a street actor and musician.


The Writer did not glare at Mark, nor did he answer his inquiry. Instead, he placed a Metroid on his head to try and suck his brains out. You may now proceed with the wild flailing and girly screams.


This made Byakuya frown. He'd just told Puce that he had no right of jurisdiction here and here he was trying to get in their way. He drew his sw- Correction, he got as far as halfway before Yoruichi unexpectedly slid it back into the sheeth for him.

Yoruichi: I think I can shed some light on the subject.

Byakuya: What are you doing here?

Yoruichi: I might ask you the same, but I'm guessing that Yamamoto sent you in here. Good thing I made it. I have an update after observations and working with this man Puce at his place of business.

Byakuya: Which is?

Yoruichi: The Arrancar, Roy Taban, is not the uber-violent psychopath originally reported. It's the identity of his Zanpakuto now. You're hunting an irritable kid with several chips on his shoulder and an attitude. Sound familiar? This one's not half the trouble as Dread was. For one, he gave ME a sound thrashing.

That got everyone's attention, as well as what was stated next.

Yoruichi: He went through like this because the Dread was trying to get at his son.

Hitsugaya: His son?! An Arrancar could...?

Yachiru: Hey, is that the one?

She was pointing to a small form by the shapeless black-and-red mass. It was Neil alright. He was trying to get through to the proper Roy, but he wasn't able to.

Renji: Unbelievable... But...what does this mean?

Byakuya: Yoruichi, you are taking responsibility for this. I don't acknowledge someone like this as a figure of proper authority.

Yyyup, that was Puce he was talking about. No respect...

Yoruichi: You're not gonna try to go after the rest, either?

Byakuya: Situations change. I believe the captain-commander is the one who will decide. Until then, we must return to Soul Society.

That was...relatively painless...for now. Yamamoto, though... Man's got extreme ability. If he didn't like this, then it wasn't going to remain done Because, you see, we know what his Bankai is now, and what powers he has.


Status Check:
Flailing Arms! Check!
Girly Screams! Check!
Fetal Position Motivators! Check!

All Systems Green!


You know... Mark wasn't normally the type of person that panicked... when you panic in a mission critical role ensuring that all the databases that have every sales record, customer record, microchip location, SKU and ... well... everything related to running a company... panic is the last thing that you want to happen. It takes a special breed of IT Support personnel not to panic when a smoke detector test activates the E.P.O (Emergency Power Switch) and shuts down all 1,000 systems in your data center.

However... when faced with a Metroid attempting to gnaw through your skull... everything goes out the window.

Mark not only flailed his arms wildly and screamed like a high school girl running up the stairs to get away from the masked serial killer, he started bashing his head again a near by wall in a futile attempt to remove the Metroid from his cranium...

Cue Fetal Position...

And then he remembered hot to remove a brain sucking alien from your skull... using all the abdominal muscles that evolution had given him, he pushed... causing a fair amount of gas to escape...

"Here it comes... ooops..." Mark said as his pants were stained again for the second time. Of course... the second time around, he got it right. An orb of light plopped on the floor and after a few seconds it exploded, forcing the brain sucker off of Mark's skull.

A few boot stomps later... along with a second pant change, Mark was back at the Writer's Booth.

"You know... this will eventually lead to war." Mark said as he looked down on Hueco Mundo once again... though mentally he was going through various complex plans that would make Jake rue the day.

"Oh yes... he will rue the day..." Mark said aloud... though unaware that he had said this aloud due to a bit of missing grey matter that was currently splattered on the floor along with the Metroid's digestive system.

Back in Hueco Mundo... Puce was relieved. All this crap made him realize just how out of touch with reality he really was. It was probably best that he remain retired and leave the adventuring to the future children... of which he had no idea Jac was one of them.

Of course... Puce ignored the jab about jurisdiction and all that mumbo jumbo. It was over... for the most part. There was still Roy to worry about... who was still in his is other form.

Neil was still trying to get through to his father...

What stuck Puce as strange wasn't the kid... he'd seen stranger than the likes of Neil and he'd seen stranger still than Roy's current state.

It was the fact that Yuroichi had stuck her neck out for the Arrancar. It was like a Jet vouching for a Shark. But lets not start singing "I Feel Pretty" just yet and we'll get to Yuroichi later.

Let's focus on Roy and getting him back to 'normal.'

Reaching into his bag, Puce pulled out a head band. It didn't look like much but there were all sorts of electro-conductive leads built into its insides. They all served one purpose... brain stimulation, specifically the areas of the brain most commonly associated with the manifestation of Psychic Abilities... in short... it was a Psychic Amplifier.


"Get in line."

Jake had alot of enemies, thanks largely to a reputation of reducing some to a puddle of gibbering goo with scything words alone.


Elsie: Yoink!

She had seen enough science fiction to know where this was going, plus uhhh...psychic. She knew. What surprised Elsie the most - besides the Shinigami vanishing and Yoruichi being responsibler for it - was her son... He'd gotten here so fast...maybe by the ex-Shinigami herself or maybe not...and...

Elsie: Neil?

He looked up at her with both recognition and worry.

Neil: Mom!

Elsie's heart melted as the kid came forward and hugged her at the waste. She put her free hand on his head, ruffling his hair and marveling at how he'd matured in the tank. How did this happen? Wasn't he suppose to be a toddler first?

Neil: I felt everything that happened! What's wrong with dad?

Elsie: Calm down, okay? He's not hurt or anything. It's probably the shock of what he had to do to defeat a true monster. He did it for you, and he did it for me. We need to get through to him now, in his head. Can you help me?

He nodded, silently. Elsie applied the band to herself first. She wasn't going to inflict this on her son so soon. Once on, she asked Neil to concentrate with her, knowing that he must've had some sort of psychic gift himself.

Elsie: Roy, wake up! You have to come out of there! Our son is awake! We need you...

She got something, almost immediately. It was...fear! Terror! What was going on?! Was Dread not dead? No, even the Shinigami agreed that it was dead, that there was nothing left! So what...?

Neil: He's full of fear...

Elsie: Yes, I know, but what is he afraid of?

Neil: No, I mean he's REALLY full of fear.

Elsie: I can't believe I'm being corrected by a child. You mean, when he ate Dread, he...actually ate fear?

Neil: Why not? He had so much of it.

This was serious. Maybe not as serious as it would be had Roy been a living human being, but still very serious. If Dread was an abhoravore, an eater of fear to gain strength, then eating of his flesh would cause you to die of fright. But since that couldn't happen to a high-powered Arrancar...

Elsie: It's a fear essence... Puce! Roy's being poisoned by actual fear! Recommendations?

Hellen wakes up


Dirty Cop James funs:
Are you a Snip Quoter or No?

A few hours of rest and a regenerated brain later, Mark was in a much better mood than he had been when Jake had sicked that Metroid on him. However... it had been Hellen's voice and OoC chatter that had woken the Writer up.

"Nothing much... I'm just now waking up and posting a bunch of stuff on the Role Plays that I am apart of." Mark yelled into thin air before looking over at Hellen. Clearly Mark would need to start wearing headphones around this group if he was to get better sleep.

Lucifer was still behind the Bar... cleaning up the last of the glasses and plates whilst Kurumu was behind the piano... playing a slow song and warming up her fingers for the day. Atop the Piano... Rin was purring as the vibrations from the low notes made their way up her belly.

"Good morning sunshine... what'll it be?" Lucifer asked as he decided that today would be the day he got back at Hellen for calling him Luci.

Mark turned towards Jake and shook his head. He knew better than to go to war with another writer. It usually meant bad juju and random acts of non-hilarious violence.

Looking down at the scene in Hueco Mundo... he started wondering how Puce was going to handle this one.

Hueco Mundo
Time: Nighttime

Puce stood there cursing the Arrancar and Shinigami within the confines of his mind.

"Why can't it ever be Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows with these Arrancar and Shinigami?" Mark thought to himself, hoping that neither Elsie or Neil heard what he was thinking.

How does one deal with fright in a clinical setting. There's anti-anxiety medication, electro convulsive therapy, counseling and a multitude of other feel good happy go lucky things that would have helped if Roy was human... and wasn't in such a dangerous state.

"I have no clue... this is way outside of my area of expertise." Puce said as he wondered if there was a way to filter out the Fear Essence... like a dialysis machine filters out poisons from the blood stream... but would such a thing work?

Of course... there was always the Gauntlet... he hated using the Gauntlet... it would call THEM and that was something that he didn't quite want to do. Reaching into his Messenger Bag... Puce pulled out a what looked like a large golden hued gauntlet with five different stones set on the knuckles and one back of the hand.

"Well there's always... this." Puce said as he showed the Arrancar the Infinity Gauntlet.

How does snip quoting even work?

Hellen goes to Lucifer "sup Luci, just want a glass of whiskey." Hellen said to Lucifer.

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Lucifer nodded and picked up a freshly cleaned glass, with a smile on his face as he flipped the bottle of whiskey upside down, letting the amber colored liquid flow into the glass before setting it down on the counter.

As Hellen reached for the glass, Lucifer picked up the glass and took downed the drink... before setting the glass back down on the counter. For the Crown Prince of Hell... that wasn't a very good revenge prank.

An imp... obediently filled up a different glass for Hellen and set it in front of her... not fully realizing the implication of his actions.

It was sent flying into a nearby wall with a satisfying splat.

"You can never get any good help these days." He muttered as picked up his glass and dropped it in the dirty dishes sink.

I am sniping the hell (pun!) out of you!

Hellen drank from the glass the imp filled for her. "Was that a prank, Luci?" She said to Lucifer.

Katrina exits her room with a smile as does Noel. The two walk towards the main area of the Pub, talking along the way.

Dirty Cop James funs:
That pun was pun-ishment enough

Lucifer frowned realizing that he was quite rusty in the pranking department. One simply did not rule Hell and plot the demise of mankind and the theft of their souls and womanize and still have time to play pranks.

Still... he had a few more tricks up his sleeve.

Filling the glass back up for Hellen, he murmmered an incantation over the Whiskey... causing a the water content of the beverage to be replaced with even more alcohol. The Whiskey was now 198 proof.

"Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot." He said as he slid the glass in front of Hellen.

I thought it was punny

"You know, Luci, you're right. To give a better start, I will let you drink my glass. Go ahead, it's free!" Hellen said to Lucifer.

Dirty Cop James funs:
Pun-t Taken.

Lucifer eyed the glass carefully nodded, sliding the glass carefully over towards his end of the counter, causing the liquid to slosh about in the glass a bit and splash onto the bar where it smoked as it came in contact with the mahogany bar.

"You know... I'm not very thirsty. I think that... since you're the lady in this situation... you should be the first to drink... I insist." Lucifer said as he slid the drink back in the middle of the counter between Hellen and him.

The piano stopped as Kurumu decided that it was time for a break, Rin watching as her "mother" sauntered over to the bar and picked up the glass of Whiskey that neither Lucifer nor Hellen wanted to drink and downed it.

As Hellen and Lucifer looked at Kurumu, she looked back at them...

"What? Is there something on my face?" The Succubus asked as she wandered off to grab a but of Dragon Chow for Rin.

"This... can't be good." Lucifer said as he watched Kurumu walk off... though his eyes were firmly planted on her ass.


"What did you do, Luci? And are you.....Looking at her ass? You pervert!"Hellen shouted to Lucifer.

Dirty Cop James funs:

Lucifer looked at Hellen with a bit of panic in his eyes. She probably had no idea that Kurumu was a Succubus. The type of Succubus that was able to cast illusion spells and the type of Succubus that could enslave men with just one kiss.

Most of all... she had no idea how utterly obnoxious Kurumu could be when she was plastered.

"Ummm... nothing. I did nothing and well... you'd look at that ass too if you were a recovering addict like I am." Which was true. He had had to go to rehab to deal with his... issue.

"By the way... are you trying to cause me grief? What did I ever do to you?"


"Stay on the subject! What did you do?" Hellen shouted at Lucifer.

Dirty Cop James funs:
Spiked the Pun-ch!

Lucifer looked at Hellen and paused for a moment... of course he had nothing to fear since he was second only to the Boss herself. So he decided to tell Hellen what exactly he had done.

"I increased the concentration of alcohol in that glass to 99%." Lucifer admitted with a smirk... sometimes he had to remember that he was one of the most powerful beings in the universe... the 12 Steps sometimes made it hard for him to remember that.

"And you should really keep your voice down... you'll wake everyone else..." Lucifer started to say before


Looking around... he realized it came from the kitchen. Putting a finger to his mouth, requesting that Hellen remain silent, he creeped around the corner and looked into the kitchen...

and started laughing as he found Kurumu face down in Dragon Chow.

"Hey Hellen... you wouldn't happen to have a camera would you?"

I should pun-ch you for that!

"Here..." Hellen handed Lucifer an old black and white camera. In Hellen's world the camera was the newest technology.

Dirty Cop James funs:
Her Pun-derwear is showing...

Lucifer nodded to Hellen in thanks as he headed towards the Kitchen. He hadn't seen one of these numbers in ages. Thankfully, Kurumu was passed out and wouldn't be moving for some time. Setting up the camera on a cart, he positioned Kurumu in one of what was to be many lewd and compromising positions.

"Say BLACKMAIL!" Lucifer yelled as he clicked the shutter release and waited... and waited ... and waited.

A Little Bit Later

Lucifer was finally done with the camera and handed it back to Hellen.

"Thanks! I take it this little situation can be kept secret between you and myself?"

How pun-verted!

"Yeah sure. I am always up for a good laugh!" Hellen said while doing a thumbs up.

Dirty Cop James funs:
You Pun-derstand that this must be done.

"Good. Now then... how about a real drink." Lucifer stated as he poured Hellen an actual honest to goodness glass of Whiskey... no tricks... no pranks... just Whiskey.

From the Writer's Booth, Mark shook his head at the whole situation.

"How idiotic." Mark muttered as he started jotting a few lines down. Once the film was developed, Lucifer would find that rather than the Busty Succubus face down in those photos... it would be Lucifer himself.

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