The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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Laguna shook Rex's hand, smiling then turned to the tophat. "Well mister... hat... if you want to talk about it, just say the word."

A small Girl walks in the pub and looks around a little. "Hmm...." She mutters then makes her way to the bar and sits down on a stool.

Rex looks up at the new girl and makes his way over to her.
He gives her a nice smile and waves.
"Hi there, miss. What's your name?"

OoC: Hi @Hatchy!

The Girl looks over at Rex. "I have many names...." She said as she took a sip of her drink. "I tend to go by the name of Black.....and who might you be stranger?" She asks, raising an eyebrow.

OoC: @Dirty, Sup?

Rex smiles again and sticks out his hand. "I'm Rex Crossholt, a mercenary and stuff... Nice to meet you, Black."

A tall women in her early adulthood with a giant sword comes in, and takes a beer "Sup" She said.

Rex looks over that the new lady who just sat down, then looked at her sword.

He let out a long whistle and suck out his hand.

"That thing's gotta be a b**** to carry around... I'm Rex by the way. You are?"

OoC: @Dotslash, sorry computer went funny for a moment.

Black looked at Rex's hand, eventually she lightly shook it. "Yeah....nice to meet you too..." She said to Rex, Black looked over at the new women's massive sword. "Hmm..."

"Not if you're like me. name's Hellen."

@All: I are back! With a new character besides Katrina!

A young looking woman enters the Pub. She looks around, scratching her head. "Hhhuuuuhhh? How did I end up here?"

Rex nods at Hellen and stands up. "Nice to meet you both. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got something I need to test out. Rex walks over toward the Training Room yet again.

"Hey princess! Want a free drink? Hellen said, then hands Noel a beer.

Noel sees Hellen, and raises an eyebrow at the large sword. Kinda like Winter, but not really...

She slowly approaches the bar. "Uhhh... No thank you, but... Where exactly am I?"

"Yeah...Later..." Black says as Rex leaves, she takes another sip of her gin and hums quietly to herself.

A bar.... Hellen said to noel.

"You don't say..." Noel snarked alittle, ordering a White Russian. She turned to Black. "But... Who are you guys?"

"Perhaps at a later date. Good night."
Tophat levitated off the bardesk, and up on the highest shelf it could find.


OoC: Ah, your Noel! I'm hoping she makes it into WAOA V, and I'm glad she's being previewed here.

For some reason, I wasn't alerted.

"No, don't be silly. I based Neil off of a character that somebody else made. The only person around here that resembles me is...ME. Glasses, brown hair, eccentric smile - That's ME! The reason I emphasize Neil's humanity is because he is not a monster. He-"


The Writer looked down at the machine.

"He appears to be awakening."


"Kid's psychic."

MEANWHILE, Yoruichi approached all newcomers with a pen and paper.

Yoruichi: greetings, I am Yoruichi and welcome to the meta-pub. I'll be taking orders at lightning speed, so hit me with one and it will be handled almost instantaneously.


There had been some resistance from Dread...until Roy projected jaws after jaws after mangling jaws against it, becoming nothing but an amalgamation of teeth, Dread was swallowed and CRUNCHED in that thick mass of black-and-red. This seemed to go on for a while, but then Elsie's eyes widened and she looked up...just as several figures appeared in a circle over Roy's position.


The others looked up, suddenly tensed. Several Shinigami captains and their lieutenants were there, overlooking Roy.

Byakuya: This creature is the one that Kuroda reported.

Hitsugaya: It's potential is disturbingly strong, worse than the cloning Arrancar.

Matsumoto: I can't even tell where the person is in that. Can we even get at it?

Yachiru: Ken-chan could find it. Right, Ken-chan?

Zaraki: Hmmm... It DOES look like a challenge, doesn't it?

Renji: Hey, this isn't about satisfying your bloodlust.

Zaraki: I've got nothin' to say to a guy that couldn't handle bein' in my squad.

Byakuya: He is correct, Kenpachi. We must handle this seriously, because I highly doubt those others will simply let us go through with what we must.

He was death-glaring the others as he said that, including Puce! The way things were going, it was gettin' to look like World War 3 come early. Five unusual and powerful Arrancar versus six top-class Shinigami...who don't know that Puce isn't a part of this. Uhhh...diplomacy check, anyone?

Black turned a little to see Noel, then turned back to her drink. The people are at least....friendly... "The name is Black....who are you..." She asked Noel, she then looked up at Yoruichi. "Lighting fast huh.....that's quite the claim.....but can one hold up to the title?" Black asked Yoruichi.

Up for a moment and WTF?!?

From the Writer's Booth there was a snort as Mark woke himself up with his own snoring and peered over the side of the bench chair to see what was going on at the counter. There was an awful amount of racket for this time of day.

"Did I just sleep too long? Did I loop back to midevil times?" The writer named Mark muttered as he looked at the group vathered at the counter.

Sure enough a crowd had grown and it looked like Kurumu was having issues keeping up with the orders. Clearly she needed help and Lilith was busy laying eggs and Fenris... Well lets say Deathclaws aren't the best at serving drinks and shit...

"Lucifer!!! You've been drafted." Mark said as he settled down for another nap.

At one of the tables Lucifer sputtered. He might have been the prince of lies, the morning star, the blesphemous one, the great adversary, the snake, the leader of hell... Any of a thousand names that people had come up for him since the beginning of time. But bartender to the Pub? That was a new one...

"FINE!!" he said to the nkw sleeping writer as he waved a hand at the bar, summoning a dozen imps to serve the booze and food while he put on his people face.

As he walked behind the counter, he greeted the patrons.

"Greeting mortals... I'm Lucifer yout second bartender. First person who calls me Luci gets sent to their Eternal Torment."

OoC: Hi @gear, Hellen say hi to gear for me "Whatever."


MEANWHILE, Yoruichi approached all newcomers with a pen and paper.

Hmmm... I'm quite sure that I've seen her from something or other...

"UUuhh... I think I'll just go with a salad for now. A Caesar salad."

She turns to Black. "Noel Linden. Pleased to meet you." she politely bows her head alittle. Something that she picked up from Austin.

Black nodded to Noel. "Hmm...the feeling is neutral...." She replied to Noel.

"Don't you mean mutual?" Noel replied, with a little smile.

"Hey Luci, give me a bottle of wine please. Hellen said to Lucifer.

Black took a sip of her drink. "yeah....I think I do..." She said to Noel with her usual blank expression, She took her sword out of it's holder and started to sharpen the edge of it with a stone.

Noel frowned slightly at Black. "How old are you exactly? You seem abit... young to be running around with weapons like that." Well that's rather hypocritical of me; I was running around with weapons since I was 7 and recruited into the Wardens.

Lucifer fumed at the woman known as Hellen, a red aura bathing his current form (Blonde, blue eyed, Business suited) as he prepared his change into his Fallen Angel form and end this ridiculous woman's life and send her into thr deepest realms of Hell for her ... What's the word ... Impudence.

"YOU DARE MOCK THE CROWN PRINCE OF THE NINE LEVELS OF HELL?!??" He roared before Kurumu chimed in.

"Hey Luci... Where's those clean glasses I asked for? Come on!" Kurumu asked as she poured a glass of wine for Helen.

"Damn you... Next time, meat bag... I'll get you next time."

Rex walks back into the main room and notices the large crowd that's appeared.

He muttered to himself."Looks like things may end up interesting here after all."

He seats himself at an empty table, orders some water and amuses himself by watching the various imps run around.

"Age is like a can't judge it by it's cover....." She said to Noel and chuckled a little. "I'm 19....although my face tells different.....not sure if that's a bad thing though...." She added with a shrug. "I think you need to chill out...." She said to Lucifer.

"Indeed it is. Can you guess how old I am though?" Noel leaned back in the chair. 19... Still just a child then.

Katrina wanders out, huffing and puffing alittle. What a workout! She quietly exits to her room in the Pub's housing.

"He's cute." Hellen said to Kurumu.

"I'm not one for guessing games.....but..." She said to Noel, then turned around slightly to look at her with her right eye, which was bright blue. "Hmm....your older then you look to me about Ill go with 34....although I doubt I'm right with that one...." She said to Noel.

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