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Caramel Frappe:
Huh... That's weird.

What Yoruichi said was quite a mouthful, but...somehow, it just didn't have any reference to her world and her line of thinking. Besides, this wasn't the current thing on her mind.

I didn't get pinged for this one.

Natsuki wasn't sure how she felt about a Deathclaw able to eavesdrop on her, but what he said next put a look of outright terror on her face. She found herself shaking her head as Fenris told her that the progenitor of he and his brethren were originally from the very Matriarch that she was hunting, the creature that she had failed to destroy. She thought that at least destroying Lobo would end this nightmare, break the cycle, but there were still Deathclaws because of the Matriarch. They were an intelligent breed, children of a timeless bar. They were Kadouclaw...

"NO!! You can't be!!"

The floor cracked and a table smashed nearby as Natsuki lost her temper, her bi-polar condition swinging WAY over to the left and burning with rage and fury.

"WHat did I come out here for?! What did I cross mutant-filled wasteland for?! What'd I almost get everyone killed for?!"

She sank to her hands and knees, facing the ground and beginning to tear up.

"I just wanted to save my world, all these worlds even, and go home... But you're still here! You're always here and I'll never see him again...!"

Him? Oh shit, you don't mean...

"I want me father back, you son of a bitch!!"

Natsuki was in a fragile condition, and now we know why. Something had happened to Jack...and she'd been pinning her hopes on changing whatever the existence of the Kadouclaw had done. But to know that Fenris and his group were from the Matriarch, Deathclaws living outside of time, meant that nothing had changed at all.

"Perhaps, I really should be checking up on my paradox twin. I am a Knight after all, sorta my job to protect him." Knife says, before hearing the sound of yelling and smashing tables and looking over at Natsuki and Fenris. "Huh, this looks like it's going south rapidly."

I would like to draw this image someday...

As the tables and chairs and floor cracked under Natsuki's rage, Fenris stood in the eye of a maelstrom looking distressed that his information had caused her. As Natsuki sunk to the floor, hands to knees, tears streaming down her face. She heard the familiar thump thump thump of a Deathclaw heading towards her position. But she didn't care.

As it was, she did not need to worry about the closing Deathclaw as he gently patted her head. Had someone from the wastes entered the bar at the very moment, they would have turned right back around to see if Hell had frozen over or if it was literally raining cats and dogs outside (Neither of those things had occurred by the way).

"I apologize to you, Miss Natsuki. Had I known that this news of our origins would have caused you such trouble, I would have never told you." He stated gently as he reached down and picked up the girl of 18 as if she were a child and brought her to a booth, requesting a bit of brandy to bring back the color to her face.

Puce looked at Knife with a raised eye brow.

"Since when were you a Knight?" Puce asked right as the tabled and chairs started getting smashed into kindling.

"Since...12, 13 years ago." Knife says, before bucking behind the bar and popping back up a minute later in an outfit that looks like this. "Knight of Mind, at your service." He says with a bow.

Eh, don't really know. Perhaps zombies would win, if you're talking about the John Romero type. If it's just the old kind of zombie, with magic reviving dead people in a graveyard and stuff, probably vampires.

Hadrian just grinned, looking at Puce with one eye closed. He was going to hop from his chair and deal with Natsuki, but seeing that the deathclaw, Fenris, had already taken care of that, he remained seated.

"Don't be so harsh on her, Puce. She does act... 'out of place' at times, but she's a good kid. Anyway, she probably just went and hid in the backroom or something, to avoid getting blasted again."

Despite his words, he did look mildly worried. She couldn't sniff her out. There was no trace of her in the Pub. He went off on a limb, and assumed that she was just in that little shadow realm of hers.

Puce looked at Knife with a grin and shook his head in disbelief.

"You've got to be kidding me. You... a Knight? So shouldn't I be calling you Sir Knife?" Puce asked suppressing a chuckle, and failing valiantly.

Daft Sikes:
They did that on an Episode of Deadliest Warrior - Vampires Won though it was a close one.

Also one day AA Hadrian might find out what happened to Kokoa

Puce nodded back at Hadrian before turning around to fix the man another drink. Puce was worried as well. Despite her penchant for annoying customers, he had considered the maniac as an unofficial mascot for the Pub. Looking inside the fridge, he noted that it was stocked full of blood packs and horse radish.

"Ah well. I guess we'll just have to wait for her to come back I guess." Puce said, unsure if she would be back in the near future.

"Oh wells. What's your read on that Cat-Lady anyways? She seems a bit... forward." Puce said with a chuckle.

What? Of Fenris and Natsuki? That would be awesome, and...Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.

When she heard the heavy thump of Deathclaw footsteps coming, she expected some latent instinct to drive Fenris to kill her for trying to effectively undo his past for the sake of her own. She expected it, and deep inside she almost wanted it. Eighteen years of discipline, control, and rigidly-defined lines in the world. Her murderous feelings were for the enemy, of which there were many in the wastes, and her kindness and obediance were for her parents and fellow Enclavers. She had had her aggressive tendencies pointed in a direction so that she would not simply kill at random, but discover who was deserving of death and deal it out. Now, she had been on this mission of killing Deathclaws, and she had failed miserably...and was now shocked to find the creature...patting her on the head?

Everything I know is backwards and upside-down... I don't know what to do anymore, what to think...

She couldn't will her vectors to move. They wouldn't come out right now even if she wanted to resist. If you want to know something... This would be the first time the girl has ever broken down in her life. Everything else had been stiff upper-lip, deal with it, keep your cool, and so on. The stress of it may have been too much now, because of what had been at stake. Fenris moved her over to a booth and produced a brandy. Natsuki looked at it with the stare of the depressed.

"Why are you doing this? I tried to annihilate your very existence. You couldn't find a more perfect target for my anger, my fear, and all of my abilities. So why...?"

I just ordered some art supplies over this past weekend. After derusting drawing muscles I will be drawing Fenris and Natsuki.

Fenris sighed as he looked over at the girl. It was a gust of hot air that smelled of clove and cinnamon, not rotting like the Deathclaws that Natsuki had smelled previously. His shoulders slumped for a moment as he made an admission.

"Because if when you are saddened, your body releases chemicals that taint the flavor of your meat. I dislike this flavor immensely." The Deathclaw stated with an ill timed joke (Deathclaws, even intelligent ones were not known for their sense of timing when it came to humor). As he stated this, a guttural laugh rumbled from his chest.

When the laugh finally died, he saw that Natsuki was not the least bit amused by his joke and so he frowned and told her what he knew to be true.

"You cannot help who you are just as I cannot help who I am. Both of us are a product of common history. If I can help you, perhaps it will shed some insight as to why the Makers allowed this to happen rather than allowing you to destroy the Matriarch that you spoke of." He said as with his "voice" filled with hope.


AA? Didn't she already tell Hadrian?

Hadrian thought about this for a moment.

"She seems to be the kinda person who'd lead a person into thinking that they were a couple, then dismiss it as a joke," Hadrian decided to say, smirking all the while. "But really, I don't know for sure."

He stretched, rolling his shoulders a couple of times before leaning against the bar.

"We just met after all."

Daft Sikes:
Well maybe not the whole entire story of what occurred... It's a long story.

Puce nodded slowly as Hadrian gave Puce a bit of insight into how observant Hadrian was in the way of how people thought.

"So not the type of person to take home to your mother." Puce said with a smile as he waited for Kurumu and Yuroichi to come back.

"I wonder what's taking them so long." Puce wondered as he considered storming back into the back room to check on them, but ultimately decided against this little course of action.

"It's probably best that we never know..."

Ooohh...I can't wait to see that.

Yeah, never tell jokes like that OR laugh in Natsuki's presence again, Fenris. There couldn't possibly be anything more unnerving to her right now, and it showed on her face. She recognized that it was a joke, but it was not one that met with her approval.

"I don't understand. Who are these 'Makers'? And nevermind the theological debate. Just tell me. Because as far as I know, this situation is a cut and dry one. I failed in my mission, so the history of your kind and what happened to my father still continues. I came on this mission to save everyone in the bar, even entire universes, I guess. But the real reason was because I haven't seen my dad in two years, and I know your kind to be responsible."

She still hadn't touched the brandy. She was just staring at it, like it was the thing her conversation was directed at.

You'll be the first to see it.

Fenris shrugged for a moment (it should probably be mentioned that every time a Deathclaw shrugs, there is the sound of bones cracking and popping) before he squatted down to look at Natsuki in the face, again very unnerving if you've spent all your life fighting Deathclaws, but as intelligent as Fenris was, he was just inept socially since the Pub had been empty since before his birth.

"I am unsure as to who or what these Makers are. Given our appearance and our reputation among the infinite verses, we have never ventured outside of Nexus, as your Barkep calls is. We peer through the doors but never traverse into another verse." He explained as best as he could. He did omit the part where a group of his people had broken the rules and went through a door into the wastes, only to never be heard from again.

"Just because we are more intelligent than our brethren, it does not mean that we have all the answers." He admitted before wondering if he would ever get this girl to free herself from the burden that she shouldered.

"It is a sad thing, not to see your father for that long." He said sympathetically.

Now, back to our show.

So, in short, Fenris didn't HAVE anything other than theological information on his 'Makers'. He was in the dark as much as her.

"I tried to stop him. I tried to warn him not to leave the bar. I actually got a signal through, but he didn't understand. It wasn't strong enough... I wasn't strong enough. I screwed up my suit getting here, I got people hurt finding Lobo and the Kadouclaw, and I couldn't even get my dad to go back and help his friends... And even though we got rid of Lobo, what do I get? Talking Deathclaws and practically the assurance that I will never see my father again."

She suddenly drank the brandy quickly and without warning, then slammed down the glass. Finally, Natsuki looked at Fenris.

"If you're gonna pity me, you're gonna need something harder."

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Yoruichi gave a pause looking at Kurumu, and smiled friendly with cat-like teeth sparkling.
Even her tone showed no sign of ill-thoughts or faking as she replied, "Ah, I see now."

She laid her back against the wall, and crossed her arms. She didn't stop giving Kurumu a graceful expression. "Kurumu, I have to say you're strong willed to tell me your opinion face to face. Most men and women alike don't directly talk to me, they usually just side with me no matter how much bullcrap my words are at times."

She closed her eyes, softly smiling. "I like to flirt with the younger men, it's more of a fun tease and flashing may not be okay with you, but it's something I get a kick out of. Once a guy can get past that and see me for me, maybe i'll consider getting serious too like you. Besides, staying pretty and being fashionable are not substantial compared to working hard and training until you drop in sweat and blood."

With that said, Yoruichi came and placed a hand on your shoulder. "I'm glad you came out to tell me your opinion, it's nice to hear it rather then 'yes ma'm, no ma'm-" She gave a laugh again and shot her head to the side as a 'we should go back now'.

Pity? I'm trying to make a friend here!

Fenris was taken aback slightly at the violence at which Natsuki's mood switched. It left him in a bit of whiplash as she went from saddened to what seemed like standoffish. However, he relented as he walked over to the Bar, his feet thumping as he traversed the distance in only a few steps.

Reaching behind the Bar, and not receiving the usual protest from Puce, he grabbed a bottle of Moonshine and strode back toward Natsuki with the bottle.

"I apologize if I appear to be pitying you, Natsuki, but I am not doing this. My intention is to relieve you of any burdens that you might be shouldering." He stated as he poured a bit of moonshine into her glass.

"Perhaps your father is still alive. Do you have evidence of his demise?"

Caramel Frappe:

Kurumu sighed briefly as she opened the door and allowed Yuroichi back into the Pub. As she wanted to like the Cat-Demon, it appeared that she would have to put aside this little difference if they were going to co-exist peacefully.

"Come on then. Let's get you something besides milk to drink."



The Vessel took his hand. She recognised the feeling only this time it was far stronger, she felt something pass from the Maker into her. Another voice joined the countless already in her head.
But this new voice spoke of stranger things than any other, she felt almost as if she understood where she was, what it meant that she was standing here.
"What is this place? What really are you?"
She asked the Maker who was still standing where he was but looking slightly surprised
"Were you expecting something else?"

Your Quotes Don't Show Up In My Quote Box Lol

Seeing how Kurumu was reacting to Yoruichi, she pretty much guessed she had a pet-peeve about her or least an irritation that led her to dislike the way Yoruichi thinks. All that made the Shinigami do is shrug it off and stay positive.

"We're back! Looks like you boys are enjoying yourselves."

Suddenly her stomach started to growl. She looked to the side annoyed, but asked, ".. I guess I will need to stuff myself. What do you got Puce?"

-It's a rocky start-

Mood whiplash was something she was good at. She got that this Deathclaw in particular didn't hold any hard feelings for anything between them, but it was gonna be a harder road for her to travel because of the life she lived. And then, as he was pouring some strong moonshine, Fenris asked about her father.

"I have a Stinger, crashed and burned with claw-marks in it consistant with the temporally-unfixed claws of your kind - there was a low-level signature to match to our files - plus a dead Deathclaw stuck through the middle of the whole thing by way of accidental materialization in the wrong place. A Deathclaw halfway through the machine made it crash, and the claw-marks mean that dad had several other visitors mid-flight, trying to tear him apart WHILE crashing. The cockpit compacted and exploded on impact, leaving little sign of whether it was occupied or not at time of boom, but a close examination reveals that remnants of the ejection chair were still in place, meaning there was no bail-out."

She picked up her drink and started drinking.

"You might, on the other hand, say that my pops could survive anything because he's the best of the best, as his fellow Fallouts call him, but then it was kind of a big and nasty kaboom. And we didn't find any evidence of any human or beast walking away from that crash."

The drink was back on the table for now, half-finished. She was just sort of babbling, unable to stop herself.

"I believed that he could stop this, that he'd fix the problem and we would be okay again. Sure, nobody likes the Enclave, but you can't help where and how you were born, right? My dad was the best of us, and I didn't even say anything when I heard about the crash. I didn't react. It was too much for me, and discipline said NO. I'm pathetic, aren't I? Unable to mourn my father and throwing a tantrum in a bar... But then, I guess it makes sense. I couldn't accept that this was the way things are, because it was a time thing, 'an interference in the natural course of things'. That's what Number One called it. I was suppose to set things right, so that Deathclaws couldn't rain down through history and screw us up worse. But they're already a part of history and I'm what's wrong now. My life is a lie..."


One Dimensional Level Up

Mark read as the Vessel joined with his sub-dimensional counterpart and was a bit surprised when he survived the encounter. Shrugging, he began to type.


"I was expecting to be dead, yes." Mark admitted as he looked at his arms and patted his chest to see if he was indeed still alive.

"But... what happened?" He asked as he looked at her. She appeared to have less questions about where she was as she stood there.

"Well... ummmmmmm... hello?"

Caramel Frappe:
Because I edited my response in =P

Puce looked back at the open door to ensure that both Kurumu and Yuroichi were coming out alive and unscathed, which was a total relief as he was unsure as to exactly who would survive in a stand up fight.

"I think that the Deathclaw, Fenris, brought some cured meats, bread, preserves and some wine. Personally, I wouldn't touch anything that's been stored in the Pub for so long unless it was booze." He stated as he poured Kurumu a nice glass of Red and gave her a kiss for good measure as he noticed that she had recently been frowning.

"Thanks love."" She said as she took a sip and marveled at how the additional thousand years or so of age had gave it an almost toxic alcohol content while maintaining its flavor.

"How about you Yuro. Anything you'd like to drink?"

Smile and nod

If whiplash was something that Natsuki was good at giving other, dizziness was something that she was excellent at as Fenris' mind sought to comprehend exactly what the young girl was talking about.

"So... what you are saying Natsuki is that your father, Jack, the best of you and one of your genetic precursors, is simply missing rather than confirmed dead." Fenris stated as he pieced things together in his mind.

"You will have to pardon me for saying this but if you were able to survive an attack by Lobo, your father's arch-nemesis, and you only received half of his genetic material, then your father must be alive somewhere." He concluded, knowing that his conclusion was chocked full of assumption and unchecked supposition.

"Have faith little one. And I must say that if you are in existence then your life is not a lie. The reason why Kadouclaw have not 'rained down on history' as you've stated is perhaps we came into being. My brethren and I no longer have the ability to become temporally unfixed. Perhaps Jack was the reason for us coming into being? Us Deathclaw have never been good at preserving our history. It was not until a few generations after becoming intelligent that we started remembering and recording our history. One of the few that survived is that a stranger came into the matriarch's chambers one night and gave her the fruit of knowledge." He stated as he tried to phrase things simply for the girl who was beginning to sway a bit in her seat.

"There may be some truth to this story because what history that did survive our transition from Kadouclaw to what we are now says that the fruit was silver and cylindrical in nature and that our intelligence came suddenly rather than evolving over time." He stated, indicating that someone had introduced a genetic modifier in the Kadouclaw's genetic sequence that fixed them in space time but granted them intelligence in exchange.

-Oh dear-

For a long moment, Natsuki began to stare at Fenris. It was both that of a 'What, are you serious?' glare and a stewed-brain-trying-to-focus look. Here, she raised a finger and said...

"This conversation is getting hard to follow, not because I didn't understand what you said, buuut because the mechanics of it are making my head hurt. Allow me to explain while I'm in this dazed perspective what is wrong."

She was starting to look red-faced from alcohol consumption, but her mind was sort of speaking knowledgably on automatic right now.

"You are saying that my father has come back to a time in here that is, perspective-wise, long before I ever came here. Then, you have implied that he didn't blow the brains out of anything Deathclaw'd, but rather affixed you proper with some kinda' device. Lastly, you're saying he must've left and not returned, telling anyone what happened or where he was. This is a bitty of a problem because they tell me he wasn't gone from 'ere the first time too long before I got here. Duration-wise, a few minutes passed, so you're like talking something really timey-wimey, because I dunno where that would put me or with him and you should really stop spinning like that.."

THUNK! Natsuki's head hit the table.

"I'm not sure I felt that or not. And...I want to believe you, Fenris, but I survived Lobo by being a Diclonius. That's not something my father can do. I want to believe he's indestructible,'s been two years. He could've WALKED back in that time, or sent a signal, or something... I need something solid, more than deduction and logic, more than rumor and prophecy. I need proof, real and actual proof that he didn't just incinerate on impact."

Pause. Something clicked in Natsuki's mind. She sat up.

"Did your mysterious figure leave anything behind?"

And then we explore the wonderful world of time travel

Fenris considered the request to see something of proof however he could offer nothing that was proven to be tied to Jack, Natsuki's father. All he could produce was something that might explain why it was that the Deathclaw here were intelligent.

With that in mind, he politely excused himself for a moment and disappeared down the trap door that lead to the caverns.

"UUmmmm... Natsuki. Not to be nosy but aren't you supposed to be eliminating that Deathclaw right about now?" Puce asked as he watched the girl unsteadily wave a hand in front of her eyes. Satisfied that they were still in working order, she placed them back down to her sides while her head rested against the table.

A few more minutes passed before Fenris returned with what appeared to be a silver metallic canister held in a giant hand. The canister had been ruggedized and appeared to have been made to withstand the high pressure under which the contents had formerly been held.

Placing it in front of Natsuki, she could clearly read the the faded F.E.V. printed on the side. The rest of the writing and warnings had been faded by its time spent in the caverns.

"None of the individuals in the colony understand what this F.E.V. is. We assume that it has something to do with what was formerly contained within." He stated, hoping that she could shed some light on the mystery surrounding this canister.

As to Jack's whereabouts, the Deathclaw had no further hypotheses that he could forward to the girl, as much as he wished he had the answers for her.

Murder most fun?

She knew it was a shot in the dark, more like piss off the edge of the world (something that Tyrian Lannister could tell you about), but it was better than not knowing and always wondering. While Fenris went off to go see about that, Puce asked her a rather important question during her self-test for how inebriated she was. She faced him with a look that did not seem promising.

"I'm kind of lost in the futility of it, Puce. We killed Lobo, we killed Kadouclaw, and apparently the old pub exploded in a very permanent fashion. And yet, here we are...and here they are. The Matriarch still got inside, they still propagated, and not a damn thing we did made any difference. According to him, they were altered by someone to stop being Kadouclaw. We worked our asses off for nothing, and the only thing really altered is dodging the personal bullet of everybody being dead. With that in mind, I give up." when the FEV tank was set before Natsuki, making her at least sit up straight to inspect it.

"It stands for Forced Evolutionary Virus, and that means it was designed to either force some evolutionary changes upon contact with it, or actually clean out mutations of all varieties. Since you're here and talking, I'm guessing this is the a varient on the old Strain-2587/J, which the old Enclave West used for similar experiments on Deathclaws, increasing intellect. This isn't proof that dad was there. This is just proof that someone from the Enclave was there. There's ALOT of us. I don't even know why dad would do this if he did. He doesn't just hate Deathclaws. He's afraid of them. Why would he help you?"

No one's ever checked the security cams?

The sound of bone grinding against bone resounded through the Pub once again as Fenris shrugged, a movement that he was finding less and less pleasing but due to communications being a combination of words and gestures, he forced himself to ignore the temporary sensation of pain.

"I do not know why anyone would go out of their way to help my precursors in such a manner when a simple high explosive would have solved the issue once and for all." He "stated" as he placed the claw of his index finger up to his chin in thought.

"However, if what happened to the other Nexus is any indication, perhaps the perpetrator of this action knew that it would destroy this Nexus. If enough Nexuses are destroyed, that would cause the multiverse to fragment and each of the verses would fly away from each other." Fenris hypothesized though a simple people, they had spent enough time observing verse on verse interaction to know what would happen.

"Nexus is not just a spot where verses/dimensions meet, it acts as a binding point. If it did not, a shifting of even one single verse would cause Nexus to cease to exist. Additionally, new verses are created by the collision of one verse membrane against another verse's membrane. Without the binding properties of a Nexus the verses would fly apart as they are naturally opposed to being close to each other, much like similar poles on a magnet. If the perpetrator's goal was to limit the spread of the Kadouclaw, they would have to do it in a matter that did not destroy Nexus. If your information is correct, the F.E.V. would have removed the genetic mutation that allowed Kadouclaw to unfix themselves spacially and temporally." He concluded, satisfied with his conclusion.

"If your father were smart enough to deduce this and he was looking for a way to isolate the original matriarch, this would have been the perfect place to do so. Unfortunately, we may never know." Fenris stated sadly. He had hoped that the canister would have brought some sort of memory of the situation.

"You know, we could check to see if there's security footage of who released that virus of yours." Puce said as he started tapping the keyboard to a terminal behind the Bar.



"I'd never kill a god, even if it were possible which of course it isn't I wouldn't even think of it. All I'm doing is keeping a part of you in me with the other gods. This way your wishes and desires will be represented equally with the other gods and balance will be maintained.
I can already hear your voice in my head. Along with the other gods.
Maybe you should tell the other I'm coming."

But we're not Gods.

Mark, immediately after having posted a response to FalloutJack, jumped when The Vessel started talking once again as he read Avouleance2nd's response. He shouldn't have been surprised by now but sure as shit he was.

"I hope you know that we're not Gods. There's nothing Godly about us. We're definitely not Divine. We're not Omnipresent, Omnipotent and as I've definitely demonstrated, we're not Omniscient." Mark said hoping to not having the others go through the sheer confusion of having The Vessel appear once again.

Pausing for a moment, he decided to ask her a question.

"You've met others like me?"

Oh God The Posts I Had To Catch Up On Reading Lol.

At first Yoruichi was going to request whatever was on the menu and paid in full (or given freely), but the conversation Natsuki, Fenris, and Puce were having was pretty interesting overall. Although she didn't want to get nosy, so she stated her order. "Hey, Puce!"

Once she got his attention, her mouth spoke perhaps quicker then the words themselves were coming out. "Give me everything, I don't care if it's soggier then a rotten pig's corpse or as fresh as a maple tree in the spring. I want to gorge myself until I literally give in but until that time comes, i'm starving over here."

She took a seat and smiled at Kurumu. "So you're with him huh? You two are a cute couple, though I don't see any chemistry if you're going to be down the slumps hon. You got to live it up!" She patted her in the back multiple times, not hard ones but enough to make her lean a bit forward.


She couldn't help but notice the rise in Natsuki's voice. Without hesitating this time, she addressed herself. "Natsuki. Is that Deathclaw giving you problems or something? I'd prefer to drink and eat in peace, so if so I'll take care of the problem quickly."



"No and no. I've never met face to face usually it through prayer and I remain in the normal world and I didn't imagine them being anything like you." She sounded a little unsure. "Can I perhaps have a look in that box of yours; I'd love to see how it works."


"You know, we could check to see if there's security footage of who released that virus of yours." Puce said as he started tapping the keyboard to a terminal behind the Bar.

"Errr...okay, I'm going to hit my head on the table and then join you."

There was a loud thump, followed by a muttered curse and Natsuki attempting to stand properly now with use of her vectors as a means of staying steady. Just then, she heard the cat-who-would-be-lady talking.

Caramel Frappe:
"Natsuki. Is that Deathclaw giving you problems or something? I'd prefer to drink and eat in peace, so if so I'll take care of the problem quickly."

She shook her head, trying not to make her now-present headache worse.

"It's not about him, Yoruichi. It's about the trouble of the bar's past, stuff that happened before you came in here. There isn't much to be done about the present."

She now sauntered over to Puce.

"You could've told me we had a security system down there. That mission would'vbe been alot easier then. So, whacha' got?"

Caramel Frappe:
Yeah. And a lot of it is strange pseudo science lore for Nexus

Puce blanched as Yuroichi called Kurumu and Puce's relationship into question, the last time something like this happened, Puce and Kurumu literally threw her off of a moving Jet. Puce looked over at Kurumu who looked as if she was about to send poor Yuroichi face first into the Bar until she brought her emotions under control and started laughing instead.

"You know... you sure are one catty bitch, I'll give you that." She said as she felt Puce's relief flood her emotions.

With a sigh of relief, Puce piled a crap ton of food in front of Yuroichi.


Mark looked at the Vessel in a bit of disbelief as she stated that all her previous divine contacts had been done by way of prayer. He wondered briefly if she was one layer underneath his, was there someone one layer over both of them looking down on them?

"Sure... you can look at the laptop." He stated as he turned the screen and keyboard towards her. He hoped he wasn't breaking any dimensional laws showing her the Escapist Interface.

But they were down... Also whether or not the person with the Canister is Jack is totally up to you.

Puce turned towards Natsuki as she headed towards him and responded to the comment about checking the security system prior to them entering the caverns at the last Pub.

"I would have had the dwarfs now requested that they be disabled. They're very particular about keeping their brewing recipes a secret." He commented as he typed in a query to the security database to find the moment where the Matriarch entered the Pub.

Sure enough, he showed it showed the Matriarch entering the door to the Pub while several people were gathered around a security terminal and a man who looked very familiar was typing in a query into the terminal's keyboard. At the Bar, a woman in a little red riding hood outfit was eating and another Deathclaw was standing near a girl who looked like she was dressed in Enclave armor.

"The hell?" Puce said as he looked behind him and saw nothing. The security footage then rewound itself back to seconds after the Pub's creation. The Matriarch was not in the caverns looking for a spot to lay her eggs and start her colony. A man, also dressed in Enclave armor rolled a canister towards the Matriarch and simply vanished.

"Do you know who that is?" Puce asked, trying to determine if it was indeed Jack through the graininess of the terminal's screen.

Knife slinks over, and watches the security footage over Puces shoulder. "Huh, that's....interesting."



She looked down at the key board.
"What language is that? I don't recognise it as anything even close to my own. But I can understand it.
Do you mind showing me how it works?"
She was already toying with it, discovering how to move the thing and how to make the other things do the things. Well sort of. She'd stumbled her way onto a search engine.
Using the keys she typed something.
She was shocked to see all the results that shot up.
"So this is how you do omnipotence."

Wrong Snip but I see it!

Mark looked over at The Vessel from his workstation as he was monitoring a process's process for work and smirked a bit as she started tapping keys.

Suddenly a song blared out from the speakers as she discovered Mark's iTunes application that was open, with Camille Saint-Saens' Danse Macabre playing.

"Nice choice of songs but this this is hardly omnipotence. It's more democratic narration." He said as he wondered if The Vessel would understand what he was saying. He quickly helped her navigate to the Pub 2.0 and showed her what was going on. He was quite surprised to see a mention of one dimension plane higher than his.

"So... I'm a character playing a writer?" He said as he wondered if this was how Neo felt in the Matrix when he found out that his life wasn't real.



"How is it making that music without instruments?" It was a great song, she made a mental note to try and remember it or ask for the sheet sometime.
"So this is how you controle things. No wonder you need me."

Mark looked over at the Vessel in disbelief as he tried to finish his work while trying to keep her from looking on the seedier portions of the internet.

"What do you mean I need you?" He asked as he looked at her.

"I think that I've been doing a fine job maintaining a balance with the others so far. Haven't I?" He asked as he looked for other hints of a high dimension.

"It makes music by vibrating the air around it. These vibrations translate into sound and travel to your ears where it stimulates your eardrum." He said, hoping that it wasn't too simple and explanation for how speakers worked.



"Well not you specifically, but looking here it's clearly anarchic I mean there are a few people exerting much more control over certain rups that others and some of you are given powers over more than others. It can hardly be considered balanced.
And trust me, I can hear them in my head, they are always arguing it's a conflict that will never resolve itself the only thing I can do is ensure that it's unfair in all directions equally." There's a little regret in her voice.
"And I know how sound works, but what's vibrating? This box can't possibly contain an entire orchestra. Is it magic?"

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