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"YOUR ISLAND?! WHAT? WAS THAT PIG THE LAST OWNER?! DID HE LEAVE IT TO YOU IN HIS WILL?!" Wesker shot back, He was never a morning person at the best of times..
"I ain't telling you shit. I'm just going to get a Cell phone signal, Call Doom and tell that Metal Prick to pick me up, So go back to your Mud hut, I'm Late for a Job interview and Everything sounds like a drill in one ear and another in the other and They're Meeting in the Middle!" He shouted as he kept backing up from Lilith, Keeping the Spear at the ready.
Notice: This is Wesker BEFORE he took the Serum that gives him his RE5 powers.


Lilith laughed at Wesker and his thoughts about getting a cellphone signal out in the middle of the frakking OCEAN in the middle of nowhere. Did he see any cellphone relay towers laying about in the sky? Did he see any cellphone relays of any sort? Did he even see anything remotely technologically advanced on the island?

"Good luck with getting a signal. I can't even get a signal on my Sat Phone. What is that... a Sony-Ericson? They still make those?" Lilith laughed as she made fun of Wesker's antique tech... granted she was from the future but a future that had been bombed into the stone age... but they still had better tech that Sony-Ericson.

"While you're trying to get a signal... you can have some of the fish that I caught... and yes... they is MY island. I was here first and there's no one else on it... nor are there any ships in the vicinity... nor... well... fuck it... we're alone here." She said as she headed back towards the Fire... the Fish and The Rum.

"If you wanna argue with me... go find your own bloody island."


"Fine, See if I care, I'm going to be a God. You hear me?! a God!" Wesker said before he Left the Deathclaw to her camp and went up towards the hills at the centre of the Island, His phone out trying to get a signal.
Lilith shook her head and returned to camp.

And thus Night came
Darkness covered the Island as Wesker finally reached the top, standing at the top of a cliff-face Covered in cuts and rashes from strange plants.
But thanks to a few last minute mods to his phone, Macgyver style, He finally got a signal.
"*Gasp Gasp* Alright...*Gasp Gasp* Doom....Pick up...."

Doomstadt, Latveria
As this was in the past and back when Doom actually ruled a country rather than just saying he did, The Doctor was busy doing Leader....Things....
In his Snuggie.
Then the phone rang.
"Doom Residence, If this is the Fantastic Four, Stop Calling this number."
"....Uh oh....errr....Hey, Albert......Yeah....Uhhh....Boy we got fucked up last night huh? Doom woke up in a Japanese Bath house in Los Santos with a candy cane stuck up his-"
"......What's in it for Doom?..."
".....But....If you are on the Island.....How can you kill Doom?..."
"....Doom, Please, don't pick now to learn basic logic. Just send me the......
Hello?.....He hung up....
Wesker was about to scream at the top of his lungs before he lost his footing and fell off the side of the cliff face and into the jungle below.

Lilith was sleeping when she heard Wesker Scream as well as the breaking of a few trees as he hit the ground.




"Hold on kid."

You're probably wondering right now just what in the hell was going on with the outside at this point. The answer, in short order, was alot of action, a big explosion, and Neil shouting "WOOHOO!!" as April leapt from the angel going boom. However, as the smoke was NOT DEAD! Between the two of them, enough angel-matter had been blown up to render alot of its body destroyed, but the actual core was much much tougher, so you have this core with simply the black shape of a skull around it...and it was both shielding itself with a death-energy barrier and charging helluva big blast! How big? Well, it was the angel of death. Figure it ought to be good for an Extinction Level Event, right? However, we should point out FIRST the fate of the Azraelim that had been wandeing around...

The Regis fucking ATE THEM ALL!

"Hey guys! Would you get rid of that thing?"


And with a quick movement, all the Regis robots sprouted a mammoth ton of guns! Maybe you'd wonder if any of these were enough from even an army of robots against a death shield, but then you have to understand something: They're robots. Their method of attack is completely logical. The sheer cover of gunfire was focused on the point of energy blasting, to which it caused a complete energy feedback and BLEW UP THE ANGEL CORE UTTERLY! Cue Neil jumping up and down with excitement as this happened.

"That was awesome!"


"Well, that's that handled. What's with the castaway island references, man?


plus snip

Rex puts the rifle down to his right side and lets out a long whistle as he takes in the sights of the explosion. Noting April's glare as she lands, he gives her a mock salute. "Well done, boss... I'll attempt to be a more effective support unit next time."

He scratches his head a bit as Neil jumps up and down in celebration. "Yo little guy. Don't take this the wrong way, but what... are you? Also, can I take one of those bots home with me? They're... interesting to say the least." He takes a look at the legion of REGIS all over the torn-up track with growing interest.




Location: The Writer's Table
Subject: Mark

Mark looked over at Jake with a bit of a grin and scratched his head briefly and thoughtfully before he answered.

"Well... to be exact, it's Castaway, Lost and Lord of the Flies references. They're all Deserted Island references. I'm still thinking of how to integrate Joe versus the Volcano and ... Dead Island. I'm thinking that the last part isn't going to be that hard." Mark said as he began to pull out a rather thick looking book, its cover reading "The Lilith Bible." He had to keep track of everything that had happened to Lilith and in what order and in what time and where SOMEHOW.

Location: The Outside
Subject: April

April looked about the environment, looking to see if there were any salvageable Angel body parts to experiment with. One should never pass up the opportunity to make a profit. As Rex spoke, she waved a hand in the air dismissively.

"Don't do that. You should just be appreciative that you are alive. That is support enough." She said, though the offhanded compliment sounded strange passing her lips.

"As for you, young one. You should choose your play places better in the future. I cannot be held responsible for your welfare and the last thing I need is your death interfering with my business. I need the use of this dimensional Nexus to expand my business." April said rather coldly... though deep inside she was rather glad that the young Arrancar had appeared with his guardian.

"Now... be a good child and clean up your mess." She ordered.

Location: A Desert Island in the Past
Subject: Lilith

Lilith woke up as she heard more noise in the brush. Is Wesker was conscious, he would have seen Lilith's eyes glowing in the dark as her night vision kicked in. She easily saw the limp body rolling down the side of the cliff, the sound of breaking bone easily recognizable to someone who regularly snapped bones to get to the nummy marrow inside.

"Can't a girl get some sleep around here?" Lilith muttered as she walked towards Wesker's body's position, parting the brush to reveal the broken man.

"Oh... it's you. Did you find a way off this island?" She asked, unaware that Wesker was probably unconscious until she poked him with a stick a few times.

Sighing, she dragged the bleeding man to the campsite and began looking for herbs and materiel to help disinfect, bind and splint the man's wounds. There was just one little problem... coming from the Wastes, she was rather unfamiliar with the vegetation on a Tropical Island. But in times like these, the reward of keeping the man alive outweighed the risks.

"Oh hope this helps." She said ripping a piece of bark off a tree and sniffing it. It smelt like crap and probably tasted like it too... but the Chinese had a saying. Bitter Medicine is the strongest medicine.

Wesker began to stir as Lilith tried to force feed him bark.
If Lilith knew anything about the human body, She would see that Wesker had a broken arm, a compound fracture on his left leg and internal bleeding from falling off the cliff.
She could also see the dirt from the fall might have infected his wounds
"...uhhhh....*Cough Cough Gasp**Grunts in pain*....Ohhhh..." He said, praying to god that Lilith understood, otherwise he was as good as dead.

Location: A Desert Island (The Past)
Suject: Lilith

Lilith tossed away the piece of bark that Wesker refused to ingest and tried something else. While gathering the bark she had grabbed another bundle of them and had begun brewing something that the Colombian Amazonian Tribes knew as Ayahuasca.". Pouring the bitter brew down Wesker's throat she noticed some of the odd herbs that she had discovered. Remembering what the man had said, she grabbed a Green, Red and Yellow herb and ground them together. Not knowing how to apply it, she squeezed the juices into Wesker's mouth and then taking the pulp and applying it to the open wounds.

"I hope that this helps... whatever it is." Lilith said and started noticing that one of the two medications was affecting the wounded man. The wounds started healing, bruises from the internal bleeding start fading and bones started setting properly.

It was a few moments later that the first medication started setting in... Ayahuasca happened to be a potent Hallucinogen whose active ingredient was DMT... in other words... Wesker started tripping balls.

"Oh man... why did I have to fail natural medicines in the Academy?"

You had one job. One.

Wesker grunted in extreme pain as the Herbs were applied, It was an old favourite of Corporate Chemists, Shoving many issues related to Making monsters for a living.
That was when he lost his grip on reality.
"Wesker.....Wessssskkkkkeeerrr....I need $20...." He heard Doom say.
"Albert, Can we stop for Ice cream?"
"Yo Matrix, Sorry about killing your dog."
Wesker. Wesker. Wesker. Wesker. WESKER!"
repeated thousands of Doom's voices barking out commands, Then he realised.
He was in Hell.
"You alright?" Lilith asked, turning Wesker's face to look at him.
Thanks to his current state, her monstrous appearance had more of an effect on him.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He began to panic and trash around on the ground, most likely doing himself another injury.



"I see. Well, it's worth noting - by the by - that Neil's not actually Arrancar right now. He's a kid. I haven't even decided how his powers work, so he might even be like A-Class Criminal Kain and we don't know it."

Just then, A-Class Criminal Kain came in the front door, found a dimensional road map lying around, and left without another word. The Writer blinked.

"There seems to be a corralation between what I'm thinking and what actually happens here."


Meanwhile, outside...

"Uhhh...I'm human, seriously. And I don't think I should give any part of Regis away. Regis, can you clean up?


Every single robot collapses into a heap of material that adds to the mass that is the bar's exterior, leaving only the little initial robot behind to walk up nearby Neil. He now looked up at April.

"Miss April? How come you need to hunt monsters to make a living? Isn't there something better and safer for you?"




Location: The Writer's Table
Subject: Mark

Mark rolled his eyes at Jake's rather late realization.

"Of course there's a correlation between what you think and what happens. If you think about it, the paper you use and the tablet I use are intermediaries between us and the Pub. But if you think about it, what are these things but crutches? Over time, you stop using crutches and start actually walking." Mark said as he thought of a Gorilla walking through the Main Doors of the Pub.

Sure enough, not two seconds later... a Gorilla walked into the Pub, looked around surprised before walking out. She looked rather not like a gorilla but rather like a member of the Gorillaz.

"Hmmmm... need to work on that... ANYWAYS... as is being explored in another one of the Role Plays that I'm involved in... this transition has to be closely monitored, or you end up having things go wildly out of control." As Mark completed, he looked at Wesker who was seated at the Bar, reminiscing about his time stuck on the Island. However... he wasn't really looking at Wesker... he was looking through the Wesker avatar, up the data stream and through Diablo1099's computer monitor at the Writer beyond.

"Some people just end up putting the whole world at risk sometimes..."

Location: The Outside
Subject: April

As much as April tried, she just couldn't bring herself to put up her mask of eternal petulance and bring it to bear against Neil... he reminded her too much of... well that was another story.

So instead, she looked away from him, towards the seemingly solid barriers that separated Dimension/Verse from Dimension/Verse.

"Listen... there are a lot of things that I could have been doing if I was born in a different dimension. Unfortunately, where I come from... people are hooked on the... stuff... that I sell. I wasn't the one who invented it and I wasn't the one who introduced it but if I don't providing it to the people who use it... they'll die." She said.

Now this wasn't the typical admission of a drug dealer, though this excuse had been used time and time again. This was the admission of someone who had lost loved ones from Angel Withdrawal, the symptoms of which were horribly painful for those who suffered from it... at least... until the pain ended with the relief of death. This was someone who hated what she was doing but knew that if she didn't do it... more people who die. The mask... the front... she needed it in her line of work, especially in her world where the clients became superhuman after taking her product.

"If there was something that I wish I could have been doing instead... it would have been ballet." April sighed... remembering all those classes that she never would get to take again.

Location: A Desert Island in the Past
Subject: Lilith

Now to say that Wesker was probably having a bad trip would have been the understatement of the century but let's just say Wesker was having a horrible trip. Somehow he was visualizing himself tied up and being brought up to the mouth of a volcano by some natives where he would be cast inside, a sacrifice to some aboriginal God.

In reality, Wesker was bound up by a series of tendrils that Lilith had sprouted from her body in an attempt to keep him from further injuring himself.

"Come on Mister... snap out of it!" She said as Wesker imagined that he was at the top of the volcano where the Natives were screaming for his blood.

He was then cast into the air and there was a sensation of weightlessness that caused his stomach to churn and empty itself before he fell into the fiery hot magma chamber and was burnt alive.

In reality, however, he really had puked up the Ayahousca and Herb Juice that Lilith had forced into his stomach. Grossed out, Lilith accidentally released the stranger who then rolled into the camp fire that she had built.

"Oh shiiiit." She screamed as she fished him out, covering his burns in more of the Red, Yellow and Green herbal pulp and forcing more of the Herbal concoction down his throat.

Finally, after a few more moments... the man settled down, the Ayahousaca totally gone from his system.

"I'm definitely taking that Herbal Remedy course again." Lilith muttered to herself as she looked at the pig's head laid on the ground nearby.

"What? No... I'm sure he'll totally be appreciative of the help I've given him. There's not a chance in hell that he could be mad at me!" Lilith said indignantly at Mr. Piggy.

"Alright... I'm going to bed... just... keep watch for me would you?" Lilith said as she walked over to the makeshift hut and got in the sleeping roll that she had managed to salvage from a wrecked helicopter she had found on the island. When she had taken a moment to search the Helicopter, she had noted an Emblem of some place called Banoi...


plus snip

Rex sighed a bit and shrugged as REGIS returned to normal. "It can't be helped, then. And then, you're pretty kick-ass for a human kid."

As April tells her story, Rex's usual smile fades from his face. Seeing what the woman he thought as a murderous and ruthless dealer finally show her soft side, he turns away a bit. "Sorry to hear that you're shouldering that burden on your own, April. " The young alchemist looks away for a moment as he puts the makeshift rifle over his shoulder. No wonder she's so powerful... But I wonder what she would've been...

Rex tries imaging April as a ballerina, hopping across a stage with grace and poise. ...Nope... Still seems kind of awkward to me... He vigorously shakes the image out of his head as he starts walking back toward the bar.


Location: A Desert Island in the Past
Subject: Wesker

Hours after his freak out and the resulting pyre experience, Wesker finally was in the realm of the living again.
His being was filled with nothing but pain as he tried to move, stopping as his still exposed Fracture on his leg.
He entered a coughing fit that ended with a Bloody phlegm spit.
He began to fade in and out of consciousness while Lilith was gone.
"...vicccictitor......I.................hdate..yooouuuuhhhhh...." He groaned to himself before another fit of coughing.




Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Mark tapped Jake on the shoulder again and checked his pulse.

"Ahh well. Hope things are running smoothly in the Real World." Mark said before he let his mind drift to other things... like that damnable Slender Man that Darren had summoned into reality.

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Puce, Kurumu and Rex

As Rex reentered the Pub from outside, looking as if he had been in a rather long and drawn out battle, Puce waved him over and placed a drink in front of the man.

"Looks like you've had a rather long day. Tell me... did you find anything out about our 'friend' the Angel Killer?" Puce asked curiously.

Kurumu, on the other hand, shook her head. Some people couldn't be helped and should've just been put out of their misery before they even started trouble. April seemed to be one of those types.

"Why don't we just eject her and be done with it?" The Succubus asked.

"Because technically... she hasn't done anything yet."

Location: The Outside
Subjects: April and Neil

While letting the image of a Angel Hunter/Ballerina settle into Neil's head, April went over to the edge of the world, sure enough there was an edge to Nexus since the rock that the Pub sat on was roughly disc shaped. There, she sat down on the edge, feet dangling and watched the myriad of colors shift in the walls of various dimensions.

Somewhere there was bound to either be more Angels or something that would remove Angel Addiction.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Wesker's coughing woke Lilith up from her light sleep. The sun was starting to come up and it seemed that Wesker wasn't getting any better. As she rose from her bedroll and headed towards the now dim embers of what had once been the camp fire, she examined the unconscious man and sighed.

He had a fever, signs that his body was fighting off an infection. Lilith sighed once again because she knew what she needed to do... it's just that she hated doing it since it was so... gross

"Whoever you are... be glad you're unconscious... believe me this is going to be as uncomfortable for me as it is you." Lilith said as a series of tendrils sprouted from her back. It wasn't that they were tendrils so much as they branched over and over and over again until the ends were barely discernible to the naked eye.

Grimacing, Lilith willed the tendrils into Wesker. Now when I say into... I mean it... through every available orifice possible... even the naughty ones.

As the tendrils entered Wesker's body, they a couple goals, locate foreign matter and extricate it from the man's body and seal any wounds that were inside the man. With that goal in mind, the micro tendrils checked EVERYWHERE in the man's body for wounds and infection and purged it from his system.

In the end, Wesker, thankfully still unconscious, was left healed and healthy... save for a rather sore ass... but that couldn't be helped.

As for the foreign material, Lilith's micro tendrils deposited them in a pile next to the camp fire where she would burn it when she restarted the campfire. Walking off a nearby freshwater pond with a bucket, she cleaned herself off... thoroughly.


Rex's head makes a loud THUD! as he lets it drop onto the bar, splashing his drink a bit. As he slowly lifts it back up, the image of April in a tutu and firing rockets at Angels came into his head again. He chuckles a bit and smiles toward Puce.

"To be honest, she's not that bad a person. Ruthless? Yes... Dangerous? Yes. But..." His eyes drop a bit as he sips his drink and wipes up the puddles with his sleeve. (common courtesy, y'know?)

"...She has a good reason for doing what she does... and I'm not in any position to stop her." He quietly returns to his drink, as he loses himself a bit in thought.

"YOU DID WHAT?! TO ME?!" Wesker exclaimed as this was the first time he hear what happened.
"It was the only way!"
"Yeah, only because you can't mix a bunch of freaking plants..."

After he was purged of infections and his wounds tended, aside from his leg, the Bone was still sticking out.
The pain was mostly gone, though walking on his leg was out of the question.
Still, He limped out of his makeshift bed around the same time and found himself back at Lilith's Camp.
"..What the.....So that's who that was....ohhhh man.......I AM GOING TO FUCKING LOBOTOMIZE DOOM WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS!" He swore into the sky.
He then sat down and attempted to fix his leg.


After mark checked the Writer's pulse, something flipped open on the man's arm. It looked like one of those Predator wrist-computers...and it was beginning a countdown?! OH SHIIIT!

Suddenly, Jake interrupted himself.

"I'm sorry, did you say something? I was busy blaming Kross."

Just then, there was the audible sound of a motorcycle coming from outside the door, followed by the sounds of parking. Door opened, and a dark-haired girl in a biker outfit - much like in this picture - walked through with a large box and a form. Her name: Kei Harami, #1 courier of Shima Services.

Kei: Yo! This is your MacGuffin delivery service. I've got an order here for a...Writer Jake?

Jake raised his hand and came over.

"That would be me!"

Kei: Sign here, don't unpack it 'till I leave.

"Huh? How come?"

Kei: I read the invoice. You are such an asshole.

"Ah, you're just mad 'cause a put Gangnam Style on this thing."

Kei: Whatever.

He pays the girl and she leaves...quickly. Jake is rubbing his hands together in a fiendish manner. This cannot be good.


MEANWHILE, back outside...Neil was actually more focused on the other things she'd told him. He honestly looked worried as April walked off. True, he didn't understand drug abuse, but he did understand that people will die if they don't keep getting the stuff...that's actually going to kill them. He turned to Regis.

"Is there something you can do?"

"The Regis is not a licensed physician. It is the ultimate combat machine in the cosmos."

He was about to approach April again while she was at the edge, but a man in a trenchcoat stopped him.

John: Better let someone older handle this one, kid. Go on inside."


He was still worried, though. Fortunately, John Constantine with a six-bottle-pack of well-brewed beer could handle ANYONE'S somber moments. He came over and sat nearby her at the edge to look out as well, take a drag on his cigarette, and blow the smoke out into the cosmos.

John: They're still all stink-eyed about you inside. I'm surprised they don't do the same ta' me, given my past with angels AND devils. I know you're thinkin' of using the pub to yer own advantage, but I don't think they'll let you do that. Just a friendly warnin' before the fighting gets started.




Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Mark looked at the box curiously though with a metric crap ton of apprehension. This was one of Jake's deals... one of those things that could literally blow up in your face. However, the look of apprehension was soon replaced with...

"I swear to god if Psy pops out of that box and starts with his Gangnam Style shit... I'm gonna taze you with a 10 foot cattle prod." Mark warned.

To emphasize this, a 10 foot cattle prod materialized above the Writer's booth and landed with a solid THUD on the table.

"And who the hell is Kross?"

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Puce, Kurumu and Rex

It's not that the proprietors of the Bar hadn't thought about trying to stop April and her desire to kill more and more Angels to feed a growing number of addictions in her dimension. It was just that the over all morality of it and her desire to use the Pub as her new base of operations was a bit... chilling.

This was especially true since Puce had secretly monitored the process by which dead Angels were turned into Angel drugs.

"Just when the time comes... I need to know that I'm not going to have to kick you out of here too." Puce said to Rex.

Location: The Outside
Subjects: April, Neil and John

April turned to John and then watched as Neil and Regis made their way back to the Bar and Neil's parents inside.

"He reminds me of my son... at least what would have been my son." April admitted coolly. Though John didn't necessarily ask for an explanation, she gave one anyways.

"I've been selling the product going on 15 years now ... but I've been an addict for a bit longer than that. One of the things that dealers never tell a first timer is that their life... the life that could have been without the addiction... flashes before your eyes during your first time. What I saw... was a son... very much like that kid over there." She explained for a moment revealing that she didn't truly have a son but could have before this curse of a life was set upon her.

"As for the others... let them try to stop me if they want. It's not like I've got much to go back to anyhow." Which was true. When the last Angel was slain... the price of Angel product went up... people started hording the stuff and others just started dying. The world... was pretty fucked up. Governments fell or were decimated because their citizens all died. The total human population on Earth... it got cut by Two-Thirds.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Lilith watched as Wesker attempted to fix his leg, the exposed tibia bone was stained red with Wesker's blood. Sighing to herself, she knelt next to him and suddenly pulled his leg by the ankle, causing both the bone to go back into the hole from which it erupted and cause Wesker to nearly pass out from the pain.

To make matters worse, Lilith's tendrils snaked into the hole, repairing the damage caused by Wesker's fall befor finally sealing up the hole itself.

Looking at her handiwork, it was as if the fall never happened.

Hedge clippers.

Jake's response to the appearance of the cattle prod was to let off a bit of a warning... Then, he pulled down an image of the Escapist forum, cueing it to a certain page belonging to one of the users.

"Ah, you know Kross. He's traditionally blamed for things on-site as a rule. I properly blamed him for nixxing the classic layout of the site when I totally hate the new layout...and he and his guys haven't even worked on multi-skinning the place like other boards. It's a clear ball-dropper, so I took the time to blame him for it."

He let out a sigh, then opened the box. Psy did not pop out of it.

"Besides, it's a KARAOKE MACHINE, dammit. What? Did you think I sent out for YET ANOTHER doomsday weapon like I'm Wile E. Coyote or something? Frankly, if I had, then it wouldn't be Kei delivering. Ex-ganger or not, she's a decent person."

Jake pulled out the deluxe karaoke machine. It appeared to be a black-and-silver model, most resistant to damage or 'accidents'.

"The bar needs something like this here."

About this time, Neil and Regis re-entered the bar, wondering why he felt a dark and evil presence...besides all of the normal ones.


John took this in, considering the effects of snorting the remains of the potently powerful. When he actually imbibed the powdered remains of the original Santa Claus to halt a VERY powerful muti warlord, there was most definitely an acute feeling of real power, like he could do anything. Go figure when it was jolly Saint Nick's power he was channeling. No severe after-effects, but April's outline of the problem made it more than just potentially lethal, it was insidious. What's worse, it had to have been the big fella - given that they were HIS angels that got taken out - that was responsible. At this time, John was seriously going 'Dammit, why do I always go for the birds that're about to get blown out of the sky?' The sheer amount of women that've gone through hell because of him - figuratively AND literally - dead or tortured or WORSE...was pretty high. So high was it, in fact, that he may as well be James Bond, but without the good reputation. With all that April said, he asked her only one question for now.

John: How long 'ave you got?



Nobody knows what lies upon the other side of the planet Mercury. It was not really prone to great feats of rotation. Because of this, nobody saw it, even if they had any sort of device powerful enough to do so. The gigantic form was held fast against the planet itself, stretched out like Prometheus against the rock of this burning world. Forever to lie awake and in such close proximity to the sun, to such hateful light, and to burn in a lake of fire... The eternally-scorched form was unable to break its bonds, and even it did not know the trials of what would happen it actually fell into the sun. One thing it did know, however...






While it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven, or so he says, he had had quite enough of this. They were all gone. Every one of them - from Zeruel to Leliel and more - were dead, destroyed by human beings...and other things. Even the angel of death, the apocalypse of all, was destroyed. There was nobody left, nothing to be Adversary to. By that rule alone, he was free...just as soon as he figured out these manacles.

A Snip... A Snap... A Tip... A Tap

location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Mark looked up from he was doing, the glow of of John Constantine's face reflecting on his visage while the audio from Casablanca was piped in through a small speaker.

"Yeah... I'm getting John to say 'Of All the Gin Joints in all the cities in all the world... she had to walk into mine.'" Mark admitted before regarding the damnable contraption that was known as a Karaoke machine.

"... You're not serious are you? I mean... just because I'm Asian it doesn't give you a free pass to do shit like this. Karaoke is big in Asia but this... dear sir... is not Asia... no sir! I wouldn't be caught dead doing anything as truly insidious as that."

5 minutes later

"You are the perfect drug ... the perfect drug ... the perfect drugggg"

This being the chorus from the appropriate song being played in the background.

Now let's harbor no illusions that this was by any means a good performance. There was a perfectly valid reason why Mark was part of Orchestra and Jazz Band back in school... he couldn't sing worth a damn. In fact it probably would have been preferable listening to the screams of a dying cat than another of Mark's performances. However a well placed brick to Mark's head certainly ended any notion that he was welcome back on the stage.

"Nice shot Kuru" Puce said from the bar.

"What? I thought that was you."

Ah, mysteries... will they never end in this damn Pub?

Location: The Outside
Subjects: April and John

April pulled out two bottles of "Sangre D'Angelo." Both were exactly half full... half empty depending on your outlook.

"I've got about a weeks work of the Angel stuff before I start having to resort the demon crap." She said.

Now I'm not sure if it's been explained before but where April's from Angel feed off of the positive emotions of the mortals. Now what happens as a result is that it amplifies a person's negative emotions as a result. That's why Angels only feed minimally from a mortal at a time. This is true with demons as well except they feed off of negative emotions and amplify positive emotions. With Angel derived pharmaceuticals, it makes a person more aggressive, ideal for brawling and scrapping. Demon product however... it makes you wanna be Susy Homemaker... leaves you feeling peaceful and you don't even wanna hurt a fly.

Of course there was another possibility that had been explored pages ago. The dupe bug that had been discovered accidentally, which is why April had two half bottles rather than one. However... there was a catch... she'd have to die over and over and over again just to get a supply for herself... let alone a dimension's worth of addicts.

And lets not forget the second law of thermodynamics here... there's only a constant source of energy for one verse... that means its true for the multiverse. If April were to die over and over again, duping the stuff that she needed... there would be consequences.


And...after this display of weirdness, Jake's eye twitched.

"I didn't know he was Asian."

A shadow-limb snaked over to the fallen microphone and scooped it up, pulling it over to the Arrancar table. Roy looked over at the thing curiously. Elsie smirked at him.

Elsie: Ya wanna?

Roy: Well, every since I died and got control of myself, I've been wanting to do some of the things I never got to do while I was alive. As weird as that sounds, I wanted to get a life while officially dead. With you and Neil, I really feel like that's happened... But some days, I gotta cut loose.

Elsie: So, cut loose already. I'd love to see it.

Roy: Alrighty.

The Arrancar headed for the karaoke machine, giving Neil a pat on the head as he walked by. If you're wondering where Regis was, he had taken the shape of a PSP in Neil's hands.

"What's dad up to?"

Elsie: Fun stuff. Take a load off.

He sat down and...suddenly Roy put up a song which perfectly.

The Writer was putting his fingers together like Mr. Burns.



John took out a pair of his beers and handed one to April.

John: Looks like you need this alot more than I do. Hasn't exactly been the best of times with the demon's blood either, but it's never been like that either.

Taking a couple swigs of his own bottle, John glared out into the chaotic space, waiting to see if it'll flinch.

John: This is real deep-level shit, laughing their asses off in hell. I'd like to say that I can think of a way, some method of making the human race go cold turkey without nipping off to the afterlife, but it's too grand even on my scale. If snorting angels is the problem and eating devils ain't the solution, there isn't much left ta' work with, material-wize unless some alien super-med comes hailing in from above.


Back in the bar for a moment, Massacre rubbed his chin for a moment, and then took the form of a human being. He was now a smiling man in stylish black clothing. Black suit, tie, shirt, pants, and shoes that must've cost a fortune. He carried a skull cane and had black hair...with a smile on his face that looked as though he had just heard the most wonderful joke in the world. Also, he bore a high resemblance to Al Pacino. Massacre's human alter ego: Trent Massarino, CEO of one MassaCorp Industries.


Its eyes sought through dimension and chaos and all discover a means to leave this prison short of Mercury falling into the sun, an act which would more than likely hurt. There wasn't much to work with, but if he extended his mind long enough...he would find a man and a women, one reeking of demon and the other hopped up on angel. This...had possibilities.

A short snip before bed... I've on day 4 of a 10 day stretch at work

As Mark came to, he witnessed the (assumed) awesomeness of Roy's performance. It was fairly apparent to the Writer who referred to himself as a Dramatist in another Role Play, that he was clearly outclassed in the Karaoke department. Even the little birds that were flying circles around Mark's head seemed to be clapping in amazement at Roy's performance.

"So he can eat devour shit like no ones business... is on par with a Shinigami in power... Can survive with a gaping hole in his body... AND he can sing?!? Is there anything you didn't design these Arrancar to do besides unassisted sexual reproduction?" Mark asked rhettorically in a voice that, if Jake didn't know any better, could have been mistaken for jealousy.

There was a momentary awkward silence between the two writers as the Pub continued their applause. However the moment was as fleeting as the little birds... Who had by now disappeared as Mark's brain became unmuddled.

"And yes... I am Asian. Nguyen is certainly not the family name of a Scotsman." Mark said, revealing that he had unconsciously tapped into Jake's thoughts.

The funny thing about Nguyen was that it was very often mispronounced. It's funny because, in the Vietnamese community, it was as common a lastname as Smith. The correct prnounciation, it should be noted is Nuhwhen... if you were to mash that two syllable word down into one syllable.

Anyways... Enough about that... A few of thr monitors flashed on and started playing the PubTVTM logo before playing an old AAEN interview involving a couple of Pub regulars...

When the interview was complete Mark was found to be napping... The stuff between John and April to be handled later...

[1] Avatar Adventure Entertainment News

[quote]Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Wesker spasmed in pain until Lilith was done with her healing.
Once it was over, he looked in disbelief as he was pretty much good as new despite everything.
"Well...Whatever you are, You certainly have some skills...Thank you" He said as he got up, testing his new leg as he did.
"For the record, I *did* get that Signal." He joked before reminding himself that this was all Doom's fault.
"Don't think I got a name...Wesker. Albert Wesker."

As Roy starts singing his song, Rex slides his headphones off his ears down to his neck. He starts headbanging, completely ignoring the new suited man that walked into bar.

He turns to Puce, still banging his head, so his response kept wavering in volume (but I'm much too lazy to actually type out all those [small] tags). "That hurts, man. I never did anything to make you think I came here to fuck the Pub up, right? I was just reporting what I learned. If you wanna throw her out before trying to hear her side, that's fine. It's your pub."




Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Mark woke up with a start from his nap and looked around briefly before calling Yuroichi over for a thimble of Cuban Coffee. Sipping the brackish but concentrated caffeine with a hint of coffee flavor, the Author felt much more awake and ready for the day... night... WHAT THE HELL TIME IS IT?!?!

"Now... what were we talking about?" Mark asked as he saw that Roy was still on the stage singing.

"Oh yeah... is there talent or power that you didn't give them besides reproduction?" Mark asked.

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Puce, Kurumu and Rex

Puce looked at Rex apprehensively as the man spoke. It seemed that he had gotten close to the woman, without being turning into chicken fricassee, so perhaps there was a bit of wisdom in his words. Puce looked deep into Rex's eyes, trying to get a gauge on just what it was that Rex thought about the Angel hunter. There seemed to be a bit of admiration in there ... but also... a bit of worry.

"Thanks for your concern. I think I'll talk to her like you recommended... especially if you're saying that she's not ALL bad." Puce said though from the side of the bar, Kurumu frowned.

"But if she misbehaves... I'm going to throw her off the side of Nexus into open space. Hopefully she'll have time to think about what she's done before she's crushed between the dimensional shells." The succubus said coldly.

The two then regarded Trent (Massacre).

"Now... what on Earth would convince a Demon to get into the shape of a human. Last I heard... it's mostly for business purposes. What sort of business do you think you'll be conducting here?"

Location: The Outside
Subjects: April and John

April had popped open one of John's bottles with appreciation in her eyes before she took a swig of the brew. It wasn't Angel's blood but it was cold and most of all... it filled a void that hadn't been filled in a while. Playing the tough drug pusher made you pull out pieces of you that were liabilities in the business... one of those being a sense of personal camaraderie, another being a sense of trust. Trust was the killer of many and a boon to the pushers that remained. Trust got people killed... and at that point it April was glad that she could trust John... at least she felt that way.

"So there you have it... the conundrum of it all. The BANE of a dimension's existence that not even God is willing to fix. You'd think that what with the fact that people are consuming Angels by the truck load they'd believe in a higher power... but you know... they still don't. They think that Angels are some sort of genetic mutation... a virus that activates long dormant Avian DNA. What assholes."

Of course... there was a slight tingling at the back of April's mind... as if something was trying to call for her... trying to pull her towards it. She pushed it out of her mind for a moment... but it lingered there, like a itch on the roof of your mouth that would have healed if you would just stop tonguing it...

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Lilith was too busy doing something to realize that Wesker was busy introducing himself until he cleared his throat and reintroduced himself. Now... thankfully... Lilith had her back turned toward Wesker as she was busy lapping up the little fleshy bits that used to be part of Wesker off of her Tendrils and enjoying each lick.

When she finally realized that he was talking to her, she quickly withdrew the extraneous appendages and turned around... not realizing that there were still smears of Wesker blood all over her face.

"Oh! *SLUUUURP* I'm Lilith! I'm what people call a Death Claw from where I come from." To emphasize her point, she displayed a series of 12 inch long claws that would have put Wolverine's to shame. Of course... looking at Lilith's jagged shark toothed mouth... Deathface would have also been an apt name.

"So how'd you get here, Al?"

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Wesker was actually taking this rather well, guy made zombies for a living, this was a Water-cooler conversation to him.
"Standard Saturday Night, Was partying with some future Co-workers, woke up on a island the following morning. You know, the usual. Granted, it's usually a public bathroom, but whatever." He explained, Recalling all the werid and wonderful adventures booze had given him over the years.
"Didn't you say that it was the same story for you too?"


Jake gave him a look of some irritation.

"Mark, I didn't 'give' them most anything except for details of the powers which they would have by default. Seriously, don't blame me for 9/10 of their abilities. Tite Kubo made Arrancar. They are 'undead', Hollows. It is their nature to have a hole in their bodies as a symbolic state of their spirit. Arrancar were designed to be at the Shinigami level, Word of God. I'm only responsible for the characterization and WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM SINGING?!"

Plus, he seemed to forget that the whole 'giving birth' thing was entirely due to an artificial procedure which was not an 'ability' but somebody else's genius. Neil wasn't even an Arrancar. The genetic tank had made a living human boy.

Roy: I would like to point out that Rob Zombie ain't exactly that hard to follow. He's a rough-voiced shouter and I'm a monster. This isn't difficult.

As for Trent...he smiled at Kurumu.

Trent: My dear lady, this is the form I take when dealing with humans on their level. That is to say, I own and operate a very powerful corporation which is generally of use to others who need it badly enough. I'm sure somebody wants the power of an organization heavily into the research of machines and magic.

More important would be HOW he just transformed into a human. Massacre is a demonic spirit, made manifest by will and power. He didn't have real flesh, so it just begs the question as to how much of an abomination he really was.


John: Well, nobody's perfect. Still, actually being told and given proof always spoils things anyhow. I can tell you that knowing angels existed didn't make me any better off. Those bastards are right scary at times. An' of course, some of 'em are just arseholes.

In reality, John did envy April slightly. She and her world had done something he didn't think possible: They conquered heaven and hell. The only drawback was the addiction. It was both impressive and tragic. Now, about that tingle in April's mind. got louder, and it actually reached John first, for reasons that would become obvious.


John sat up straight in shock a moment, then immediately got angry.

John: For the love of... 'John Constantine can't come to the bleedin' phone right now. Please leave your name an' number, and then PISS OFF!' Damn mental tourists...

Who the blarghity foog was that?

Location: The Writer's Booth/The Bar
Subjects: Mark and Jake/Kurumu, Puce and Massacre (Trent)

Mark raised his hand in mock defense as Jake gave him a look that bordered on "I'm going to hurt you." Sure he understood that the Arrancar weren't truly Jake's creations but rather someone else's. It was the personalities for Roy and Elsie and Neil that were the highlights of the characters, not their powers.

However, Mark couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy over the singing incident. He had failed miserably at an audition when he was younger and swore off auditioning for Musicals ever again.

"I understand the powers part... hell I even understand the reason for the gaping holes in the middle of their bodies... and HELL I even know that it took a medical genius to give life to Neil. However... Singing? Next you'll be having them audition in Hollywood for pilots and films. That used to be my dream you know... but there's not really a lot of space for non-wire fu, California accented, first Generation off the boat Asian kids in Hollywood." Mark admitted after a while.

He then turned to Roy and gave him polite applause, trying to make up for the scene that he had caused.

Seeing that Roy's turn was over... Mark dared to try to sneak back up on stage... only to be warded away by another thrown brick.

"Who the hell is doing that???" Mark yelled looking at Puce or Kurumu or Lilith.

"It wasn't us... " Puce said with a smirk on his face... though in truth it wasn't them either. *sigh*

As for Massacre, it was surmised that with a ready stock of dead bodies underneath the Pub waiting to be processes, Trent was easily able to tap into this stock of flesh and bone and craft himself a new body... not unlike some sort of flesh golem.

"So... why on Earth are you in human form anyways... it's never a good scenario for anyone when a Demon chooses to take human form... especially one that's already revealed himself for what he is. Taking on a human form is a lot like a car salesman putting on a friendly mask for his customers... lulling them into a false sense of security. That means you're up to something... A demonette definitely knows the motivations of a demon." Kurumu said to the human clad Trent.

Location: The Outside
Subjects: April and John.

April's body tensed as the psychic voice boomed through the cosmos, beaming it directly into John's head.

"What is it?" April asked, unfamiliar with whatever it was that was calling him and wondering to herself why it was that this thing had chosen to make itself audible to her mind as well.

However, seeing John's reaction to the voice... his anger... April's body went into a state of heightened alert. He already tensed body was ready to move should it be needed. Her sword was in hand and she had a mask over her face, a small tank pumping microscopic bone scrapings of an Angel wings into the mask and imbuing April with a small boost of energy and alertness. Her pulse was raised and time seemed to slow for her.

Curiously... if John were to look at April's back, he would have noticed something strange happening under the skin of April's shoulders... as if something were slithering underneath.

Location; An Island in the Middle of Nowhere (Memories)
Subjects: Wesker and Lilith

Lilith nodded her head emphatically in response to Al's question.

" We were in the middle of a secret training exercise and the instructors wanted to see how we dealt with survival under extreme disorientation and under the influence of potential enemy interrogation drugs... so they got us hammered and dropped us off in random locations. This island... it happens to be where they dropped me off at." Lilith admitted with a smile.

"I've been stuck here for a bout 2 weeks now and they're not scheduled to come back for another 2 weeks. If we're alive... we pass. If we're dead... well... we fail of course." She said as she finished lapping up the bits of Wesker off of her tendrils and retracted them back into their body.

"So what kind of business are you into? You look like some sort of accountant."


Location; An Island in the Middle of Nowhere (Memories)
Subjects: Wesker and Lilith

Wesker was about to reveal that he made Bio-Weapons and Bio-Weapon Accessories but decided against it.
"I'm the captain of Special Tactics And Rescue Service or "STARS". A cop basically. One of the movie types. Good job, pays well, real feeling of making a difference in the world." He answered, telling the truth to a degree.
"Just...You have any means of contacting anyone? Just I managed to get a call out but the guy on the other end is a compete moron. Then I feel off the cliff. Thanks again for patching me up."


Location; An Island in the Middle of Nowhere (Memories)
Subjects: Wesker and Lilith

Lilith laughed. It was a good laugh for someone who didn't have vocal chords and had a deep thrumming sound to it. However, this was mixed in with a more feminine laugh that Wesker sort of heard in the middle of his head. It was then that he realized that the whole time that Lilith had been communicating with him, she hadn't been moving her mouth or lips... or lack there of.

A telepath... he realized.

"That's kind of funny since I'm sort of in the Law Enforcement Business myself, though you could say that there's more military applications for what I'm involved with. I come from a place where there's absolutely no all encompassing law. Hell there's even slavers out there that would enslave you if you looked like an easy target. I'm part of a group that's out to restore the world back to the way it was... under President Eden's vision." Lilith admitted as she began sharpening a long wooden pole into a spear.

Mr. Piggy's head had given her a bit of an idea. There must have been some sort of wild game on this island somewhere and she intended on finding it.

"As for patching you up... don't mention it. I'm still trying to find out the extent of these powers. Since I've lived among a bunch of humans for all my life, it's hard to learn how to control whatever specialties that make you different. I'm sure you understand." Lilith said as she pulled out a bag that she had scavenged from the Banoi helicopter wreckage.

"Speaking of differences... similarities are also good too. I'm assuming that you enjoy a drink every so often." She said as she opened up the bag and revealed that the bag was chocked full of a expensive wines, liquors and champagne.

"Where ever this bad came from... I'm not complaining about their taste in boose." She said as she pulled a champagne cork out of the bottle with her shark teeth, a fountain of bubbles spilling out the top.

"Well... sounds like we could use a vacation from the real world... Uncle Wesker... do you mind if I call you Uncle Wesker... it's how my mom taught me to address my elders."


Location; An Island in the Middle of Nowhere (Memories)
Subjects: Wesker and Lilith

The second Lilith revealed the liquor stash, Uncle Wesker had only one thing on his mind: getting as loaded as possible.
"....When God closes a door, he opens the bar!" He said as he went over and started to go though whatever was on tap, picking over several different Vodka's and mixing them all into one bottle of Super Vodka.
"I have a Idea, See, getting drunk is what caused me to be put on this Island in the first place, so if I get drunk again, the forces of the Universe will most likely send me to a place that isn't here. Bottoms up!!" He said as he downed the Bottle neat.


As Wesker started drinking from the first bottle of vodka that was laid out in front of him there was a sound...


"You know Uncle Wesker! I think that's you're stomach telling you to eat first before you even hazard a drink." Lilith said with a giggle before the noises sounded off again... this time without Wesker drinking from the bottle.


This groan was followed by the a rustling sound from a near by bush. It was loud and it sounded as if it were coming closer and closer... not only that... there was more than one thing headed their way.

"What in the hell is that?" Lilith asked as she closed in on the noise with her claws sprouting from her finger tips after she had tossed Wesker the spear that she had started whittling from the long stick. The tip hadn't yet been fire hardened so unless Wesker spent the next few hours doing so, the spear would break after a few uses.

"What the... WHHHOOOOOA!!!!!" Lilith screamed as she was suddenly tackled by a couple of humanoid shapes. It wasn't that they were humanoid so much as they were once human, the remnants of beach attire clinging to their wet and oozing bodies.

"Get this thing the hell off of me!!!!' Lilith's voice "screamed" in Wesker's head.

Now... what was attacking Lilith was all too familiar to Wesker... it was a pile of zombies.

Wesker quickly noted the type of Zombies and recognised them as the rather lack lustier Kuru Type.
Finishing his drink as Lilith was swarmed, He grabbed the neck of the bottle and smashed it over the face of one Attacking her before using the broken end to dispatch the rest.
"Had to go and jinx it, didn't you?" He snarked as several more came from the trees.
"Leave them, Come on, this way!" He said before leading her away from the helicopter and down the beach.
After a sizable gap had been made, he asked "Do you have any scratch or bite wounds? Did you come into contact with any other fluids? This is important."


Now the thing was... Lilith had in fact been scratched. She had a multitude of scratches all over her left arm which healed up quickly enough given her accelerated healing.

"Yeah... I got a few scratches on me ... I swear one of them even tries to bite me. They look like feral ghouls... at least that's what we call them where I come from... but slower. Why do you ask, Uncle Wesker?" Lilith asked as she started rubbing the infected arm.

"But I didn't get spit on or anything. Have you dealt with these things before or something?"

As they ran through the jungle, the trees opened up into a clearing, complete with a hut on stilts in the middle of it. A fire pit stood in front of the hut and a machete was embedded on what looked like a butchers block.

"Come on. I think I see where we can get away from them!" She said as she ran towards the hut.

Wesker sighed as he began a mental countdown until Lilith's possible turning.
For now, they had other problems and so they headed towards the Hut, Wesker retracting the ladder as they entered.
"They go by many names, Zombies, Infected, Bio-Weapons, Walkers, one thing in common: That hate the living." He briefly explained as he watched for more incoming Zombies.
"We need ranged weapons. Getting up close and personal with a Zombie is never recommended."

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