The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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"Well you're in a Pub located in the middle of transdimensional space. As to how you got here... it's probably because you accidentally located one of the random doors that someone placed in the middle of your world. It seems that these doors randomly appear for people who are either in trouble, looking for a drink or just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

now Saber was intrigued *a pub in space? interesting very interesting* he thought as grabbed a stool and siting down on it "ok you've intrigued me please tell me more about where we are" he said smiling back a little

Location: The Writer's Table
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Now... it all came to Mark... the simplicity of the matter. The Pub, in its genius as being a central Hub for all that was, is and ever will be, was also still a Pub. Pubs were perfect for Pub deals, the type of deals not made in board rooms for the public to scrutinize but the type of place where deals were made none the less. Problems were solved in the most efficient and sometimes most brutal manner when Pub deals were involved.

"So... you've made us a regular Bab. 5..." Mark said to Jake as watched the proceedings. It wasn't that he minded the excitement, but the fact that the villains did seem to stake a claim on the Pub before the heroes did made Mark a bit perturbed.

But this was not the New World... and he certainly did not work for Queen Isabella of Spain... and so Mark continued to watch on, thoughtfully, as the door opened up... and someone else entered.

Of course... this one was no hero but he was pissed at the gathering none the less. He had made a brief appearance during Caramel Frappe's ill fated writer's appearance and of course had a striking resemblance to the Pub's proprietor.

You know him as Nega-Puce... but you could also think of him as Mirror-Puce or Bizarro-Puce.

"So... no one thought to invite the ole' Anti-Puce to the meeting? I see how it is..." Puce-1 muttered before heading to the bar for a pint of the ole bitter black.

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu, Saber, Lilith, Wesker, and Nega-Puce

"Ok you've intrigued me please tell me more about where we are." Saber requested. This brought on a chuckle from the Anti-Proprietor.

"You're a dumb one aren't you?" The Evil version of Puce said aloud as he edged his way up to the bar before summoning a constructed version of Kurumu to grab him a pint.

This is why people didn't like to deal with N.Puce... he had a nasty habit of ripping the souls out of his partners for later use, even writers who happened to stray into his dimension.

Ignoring the rude newcomer, Kurumu explained the existence of the Pub in Nexus.

"Well you're standing in a Pub which is located in point in space where every single dimension joins. From here anyone from any dimension is free to come... some more jerky than the others." Kuru explained before she shot Nega a look that said ... well... something rather obvious.

"So welcome to our place..."

Location: The Outside
Subjects: Puce and the Rest

Of course as Puce was being attacked he could only do one thing... he took evasive maneuvers. Spiraling quickly through the air, he hoped that he could jar the interlopers loose from the Swordfish.

Of course that didn't knock anyone loose... so what it came down to was this... using the Infinity Gauntlet itself and using its power to freeze time... a move that wasn't too unlike a Kadouclaw's ability.

And suddenly the trio found that they were latched onto a pilotless Swordfish, headed towards the side of a Dimensional wall.


And John? Well he found Puce standing next to him holding a copy of the Infinity Gauntlet for John to take... yeah... who in the hell never thought of using the Infinity Gauntlet to dupe itself.

Location: A Desert Island lost in Time
Subject: Lilith and Wesker

There was a rumbling as Lilith moved a bounder over the hold, sealing Zilith in place, at least temporarily... but not as temporarily as they might have wanted.


The boulder started fracturing as Zilith starting breaking the boulder as easily as she could snap bone.

"Fuck! Run!" Lilith continued as she shoved Wesker away from an arm that broke through the boulder and reached for the human.


The arm was promptly lopped off by Lilith's claws...

Big mistake... the lopped off limb began to regenerate as well...

"Yeah... that's fucked up." Lilith said as she ran.


Location: A Desert Island lost in Time
Subject: Lilith and Wesker

This was bad, very very bad.
Not only was he on a island miles away from anything, but it had zombies and a really mean Super Zombie, Not the best Post-Binge situation Wesker's been in.
So they ran deeper into the Cave, hoping to find someway out or a way to combat that...Thing.
They found themselves in a old system, flowing water into deep underground meant that there was a River nearby.
That's when it hit Wesker.
"Lilith, are you able to drown? We might be able to sink it here."

ok i have to ask, can fight N-Prue?

"hmm interesting and i thank you for welcoming me, now then are any rules about fighting?" he said to kurumu while glaring at Nega Prue with a flame of a thousand suns in his eyes.

Location: The Writer's Table
Subject: Mark

Mark looked up from where he sat and yelled into the air... a familiar sight to anyone who had been in the Pub long enough by now.

"You've been here how often and you're still calling him Prue? It's PUCE! PUCE!!!!" Mark screamed before looking at Nega-Puce and nodding.

"Go easy on him."

Location: The Bar
Subject: Nega-Puce and Saber

Nega took a look at the Writer and smirked... as if he needed permission to kick this asshole in the balls. And so he did just that... he kicked Saber in the balls before walking off to the Training Room.

"You're not going to enjoy this..." Nega said. Yeah... he's a boss level character. He's kicked people in the balls several magnitudes more powerful than him... or would have been had they not been absorbed by Nega-Puce's abilities.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Of course Lilith could drown if she didn't already have the ability to alter her genes to give herself gills.

"Well... I dunno about her but it's worth a shot." Lilith said before she took the initiative and pulled Wesker into the water, and sprouting fins and gills. So... here's the thing... the duo have decided to escape via an underwater tunnel of indeterminate length with only one of the them being able to breathe underwater? Clearly this was going to go well right?


About a third of the way through the tunnel, Wesker found himself oxygen starved... his lungs burning and the edges of panic setting in. Sensing this... Lilith did the only thing that she could think of... she brought Wesker's lips to her own and blew air into his lungs, her gills processing oxygen for the both of them. This continued for a ways until they saw a light above them...

Reaching for the surface, the broke through to the surface and found themselves...

In a Cavern... completed with some sort of ship wreck... the type of ship wreck that usually had treasure in it... and with that treasure... there were usually booby traps and weapons.

"Come on Uncle Wesker... let's go!!!"

can i get Nega-Puce's character sheet i like to know my enemy's weaknesses also HAHA DENIED!!

david decided to play along and fall over holding his groin area painfully but as soon as Nega Puce left for the training room he got right back up "ah good thing i got that groin armor the another day anyway time to fight" he said before walking into the training room


Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Rather horrified by what Lilith did while they were underwater, Wesker ran off to the side and puked his ring out, Lilith thinking that was just due to the near drowning.
"*COUGH* Oh god....when this is all over...I'm sobering up....Never again..." He groaned before he followed the Deathclaw into the ship, picking up a flintlock pistol on his way in.
"Right, Once we're done here, we need to find another way out, preferably one that doesn't include your "Friend". Then we need to get off this damn island."

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subject: Mark

Mark opened his eyes up from his daily nap, making sure that everyone in the Pub could hear him, especially Saber.

"Uhhhh... I've never needed a character sheet for Nega-Puce. He's just Puce except mean... he kills and he enjoys it. His favorite method of killing? You'll see." Mark yelled into the air before ordering a plate of spaghetti from Yuroichi.

"Some people are never going to learn..."

Location: The Training Room
Subject: Nega-Puce and Saber

Let's see... subatomic bonds... what can I say about them... certain bonds, when severed, release a certain amount of energy. So... when you release the bonds within a particle, you not only disintegrate a person, you can make them explode.

So... Saber, upon entering the training room exploded.


And Nega? He stood there with a smile on his face as he absorbed the released energy from Saber's spontaneous combustion, channeling it into a piece of scrap metal in the junk yard environment that he had programmed into the training room.

After puddling for a moment the piece of scrap took the shape of an Isz. A rather simple looking creature that was simple in function.

As Saber was respawned within the Junk Yard Training Environment, the Isz latched onto his face, the creature's jaws and teeth, capable of slicing through steel as easily as a hot knife through butter, sliced through Saber's face, skull and brain.


Saber's body exploded once again...


Nega was fair this time... allowing the kid to make a move.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker and Phil

"Come on Uncle Wesker!!!" Lilith yelled as she dragged the heaving man through the water towards the old treasure ship.

From the deck of the ship, Phillip, Phil as his friends used to call him, watched with curiosity as the odd couple swam quickly towards his ship.

His ship? Yeah it was his. He was the last of the Templar Knights... keeper of King Solomon's treasures and an even bigger secret. He had lived quite the life, guarding the treasure, defending the island from pirates and killing interlopers. It was infrequent that they got this far since most people drowned trying to get into the cave.

Sighing to himself, he aimed a small cannon at the couple, intent on ending their string of luck with a barrel full of scrap iron.

That's when something landed on the deck next to Phil. It was the first Zilith, the one that wasn't in the cave but had been trapped on the other side.

Looking at Phil briefly, Zilith's body seemed to erupt and split open until the creature no longer resembled the Zombie Deathclaw. Instead, it resembled a mouth, with tendrils snaking out of it, and limbs.

You see... it wasn't the truest variant of Kuru that had infected Lilith's arm... it was an organism that was an expert at imitating biological organisms. It came from space long ago and was accidentally transported to Banoi... and was carried by one of the Banoi survivors. It then directed the helicopter to this island where it knew of Phil's and the secret's existence.

Yes Wesker... we're talking about a malevolent extraterrestrial entity that was originally discovered in Antarctica by a team of Norwegians (who purportedly went berserk and killed each other off) and killed off another team of scientists.

And it was looking for a way off this rock...

Phil screamed as his body was consumed, absorbed and imitated...

It should also be noted that after a while... the microorganism known as The Thing... it lost Lilith's powers after a time... thankfully for all involved... except for poor poor Phil.


Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker and Phil

Wesker simple shook his head in disbelief at the fate of Phil.
"....I wonder how Doom is going at that Job interview..." He sighed as he made a break for the first exit he could find, there was no way in hell that thing was going to just fucking die.

Manor Rugal, Germany
*Tick Tock Tick Tock*
A lone clock broke the silence between the two as the Crime Lord known as Rugal Bernstien sat cross from a rather Hungover Dr. Doom.
"....So....."Doctor" Doom...........Why aren't you wearing any pants?...." Rugal addressed the elephant in the room.
".........You can see Do-"
"Yes, I can see *it*...."
Even to this day, Wesker had no idea what Doom did to get his job.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker and Phil

Well the fact that Zilith wasn't exactly Zilith but more or less a creature hellbent on escaping the island in order to find a population center and replicate over and over again until it had assimilated every creature on the planet was good and bad.

First let's go with the bad. Prolonged exposure to Thing cells allowed them to replicate over and over and over again until you were no longer you but rather a Thing version of you. So you couldn't let it touch you in your naughty spots for prolonged periods of time. Lilith would have been Thilith probably if it wasn't for Wesker's quick thinking and the fact that it was mimicking Kuru at the time.

Let's get on with the good news. Thing cells were extremely intolerant of heat and was its main weakness (save freezing it in a block of ice in the Antarctic). Now... this is all well and good if it wasn't for the fact ThZilith's skin was immune to high concentrations of heat, compliments of Lilith's anatomy.

You see, Deathclaws are cold blooded reptiles and can't really regulate their own temperatures. To remedy this, and making it so that Lilith didn't have to sun bath in the nude out in the wastes for hours on end, Natsuki and Lilith designed Lilith's scales. They weren't normal scales but rather they were an organic ceramic material that branched out infinitely, making Lilith's scales a natural heatsink, like what you'd find over the CPU of your computer. A certain amount of heat was stored in Lilith's scales while the excess was exhausted off of the bio-ceramic scales... a process so efficient that he allows Lilith to take a directed blast of Plasma without so much as flinching.

So... here's where it gets interesting... ThZilith had split open to absorb poor poor Phil, cracking open the protection that made it otherwise impervious to heat... and Lilith aimed directly for ThZilith's mouth.


The blast of intensely hot plasma blasted into ThZilith's mouth and roasted the thing form the inside out... rendering the Thing (pun intended) into a puddle of green goo and scales.

"Holy Crap! Did you see that Uncle Wesker? I killed it! OMG!!!!" Lilith cheered as she hopped up and down with her hands in the air in celebration.

And thus we discover Lilith's true weakness... she wasn't what you'd call the smartest tool in the shed... especially when you're trained to follow orders without hesitation. So while she was celebrating, she didn't see Thphil creeping behind her and batting the Plasma Pistol out of her hands and into the water.

Oops. Yeah... that was bad.

"OH crap... RUN!" Lilith shouted once again as she pulled Uncle Wesker along for the ride.

now you've done it

now Saber was pissed as he stands up he pulls his hood up and puts his mask on and then pulls out his Katana and throws sheath right at Nega Puce, it flys passed him and plants itself in the ground "shadow mirror" he says under his breath before inhales disappearing, he reappears midair behind him, he spins himself and goes for a slash.

Location: The Training Room
Subjects: Nega-Puce and Saber

Note: This is gonna hurt

Nega stood motionless in the face of the attack and he didn't cause Saber's body to explode once again... he had already absorbed enough energy for to make what was about to happen... happen.

"A pig-sticker... how quaint..." Nega stated as the Saber's move was countered and the man was dispatched once again.

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu and Neil

The PubTV TM monitors were displaying, with crystal clarity, what was happening within the confines of the training room. Even a holo-display had been erected by a few of the NPC patrons to show what has going on inside in Three Dimensional glory.

Kurumu winced as she sensed what was about to happen and covered Neil's eyes just as Saber's blade turned on its owner. The blade suddenly wrapped itself around Saber's body, the sharpened edge, sharp enough to cut through bone, cut into Saber's arms, legs and torso, lopping off a couple of them.

Trapping and suspending his opponent in the air, Nega's face displayed a rather evil grin before the tip of the blade entered through Saber's naughty bits and erupted out the man's mouth ... along with a fountain of blood.

"Maybe we should watch something else huh, Kiddo?" Kurumu said as she continued to cover Neil's eyes while Saber's body squirmed on the monitors as well as the Holo-Display.

Mordecai strolled into the bar, trying not to disturb anyone. He was amazed by the strange people, but tried not to show it. He floated through to the bar, sitting down on one of the stools and waiting. He had time, though he preferred to not wait too long.

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Mark looked over from monitor of Saber getting his ass handed to him over and over and over again and smirked.

"A new comer? Interesting."

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu and Mordecai

Kurumu was a bit busy cover Young Neil's eyes before she noticed the new comer who didn't walk... but floated over to the bar and seated himself on the stool. Flashing him the best smile a Succubus could give, she created a large censor bar in front of Neil's eyes, making it so that any where he looked, he'd only see the word "Censored" in front of his eyes.

"Well hi there, welcome to The Pub." She said by way of greeting, resting her ... ummm ... arms (?) ... yeah arms ... against the mahogany counter and leaned in so that the new visitor could hear her over the "ewww"s and the groans of pain that were emitted by the NPC cast.

"What's you poison?"

OOC:well i would like to know his weaknesses if he has any that is. note: wrong!

for some reason saber starts smiling as he suddenly shatters into pieces of a mirror, a second later two Sabers appear and one attacks from the left the another attacks from the right.

"What's you poison?"
"Actual poison should be sufficient. Just dump some cyanide into a whiskey."
Mordecai was distracting himself by watching the guy in blacks futile, though flashy, attempts at self defense. Entertainment at its finest.
"Ya know, I'm off the clock. If that guy dies, not it."

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu and Mordecai

There was a bit of a puzzled look in Kurumu's face as the newcomer requested cyanide laced Whiskey. However this was The Pub... and stranger people had come along...

"Sure thing..." The succubus replied as she grabbed a clean glass, a bottle of whiskey and rifled through a cabinet for a bottle of Cyanide.

*Tink! Tink! Poooooooour! Tick a tick a tick a tick! Clink clink clink!*

Kurumu prepared the drink for the man and decorated the glass with a sprig of nightshade (and it would serve as a warning to the other patrons not to try the drink).

"And I wouldn't worry about the guys in the training room... Anyone who dies in there is brought back... So... You're a necromancer or something? Or a priest?" She asked... Thinking that the being who she would later learn was named Mordecai, was planning on resurrecting the outmatched Saber.

Location: The Training Room

Outmatched was right... If this Nega Puce guy had a weakness... It was the fact that he was reliant on his powers... And he was supremely over confident in his skills.

Saber's attack stopped way short of hitting home as Nega absorbed the Kinetuc Energy if the strike, making it stop in mid swing, throwing Saber off balancr as if his Katana suddenky weighed 5 tons.

Using said absorbed energy, a giabt bear trap appear under Saber's feet and went off, severing the man's head from his body.

The Isz that hadbeen summoned earlier... It started playing with the still conscious body... Ripping out the man's intestines, inflating them and making ballon animals out of them.

"A pony?" Nega asked as he looked at the intestine ballon puppy that the Isz had made.

"Sure thing..."
He ignored her confusion and started drinking. It tasted about as well as you'd expect.
"And I wouldn't worry about the guys in the training room... Anyone who dies in there is brought back... So... You're a necromancer or something? Or a priest?"
Mordecai put the glass down.
"I'm... Well, Death. One of them at least." He flashed his scythe.
"It's quite boring. I'm on suspension though... Think I could get in on that? Lot of stored aggression."

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

About another page worth of running later, Wesker and Lilith made their way to the surface, The STARS leader needing to stop as exhaustion kicked in.
"*Pant Pant* I am....NEVER DRINKING AGAIN! oh god..." He groaned.
That was when he saw it, before now, they were on the eastern side of the mountains and Wesker climbed up east facing cliffs to get a signal, resulting in them never seeing it.
It was a large Modern looking Office Building that would be more in place on a city skyline then a island.
"....Of course....It had to be Bond Villain Island...Lilith, ever see that before?" He asked as he pointed to it.

Tower Top Floor
"aTentSion EmplOyes, our fRiends wilL be heRe Soon. faReWell..." The owner said as he hit a button on his desk, a Manual release for the entire RnD section of the Building.
The scientists that made the Monsters on this island pleaded for him to stop as their creations were freed and they started to attack their creators.
All the while, the Man know as Caleb Goldman watched, uncaring.
The Emperor would awaken and that would be that.

alright time to tactics got to love exploding bolts, also does he have a limit to his powers?

the balloons shatter as does Saber's body Saber having enough of close ranged attacks decided to change to long ranged attacks and see how that works, he pulls out his crossbow and fires a single bolt at the ground nearly Nega Puce and Saber starts smiling as the bolt starts SSSSIIIIIIIIIing and and then


the bolt blows up in Nega Puce's face "HA it's not so funny when it's the other way round is it?" Saber shouted at Nega Puce's remains.

"Maybe we should watch something else huh, Kiddo?"

Neil was kind of glad that Kurumu gave him something to do, but she didn't have to cover his eyes and all. Besides, a quick tilt of the head and...the channel changed! They were now watching The Author Channel, featuring Mark and Jake! How did this happen? Well...Neil WAS telekinetic.

"What? No no no no... You seem to be under the apprehension that there was a plan here. I didn't bake us a Babylon 5, because if I DID, then I would have sent for-"

John Sheridan came through the door to the pub just then, followed by Lorien and Kosh. Jake stared at this...and then facepalmed.

"I give up."

And then, FalloutDavid pulled out both of his Plasm-Uzis and shot Saber vigorously in the back until he was reduced to green goo.

FalloutDavid: I thought he'd never shut up.

Channel change!

Out side the bar, John was trying to work the Infinity Gauntlet he'd been given while Lucifer continued to fight and Kryten from Red Dwarf collided with Strong Bad!

"Eh, they'll be fine."

Channel change!

Channel change!

Suddenly, they had caught an errant signal from a faraway world, a place of anime physics and dangerous plots, where all the tropes are both sustained and broken at once and a good time may be found in explosions and knocking people over the horizon. This...was Anime High School, and Neil stopped here because he saw something. Somewhere in South America, there was a midnight gun battle, and amidst it was a girl in a green hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, with black hair to her shoulders and violet eyes. She was tanned, she was firing an assault rifle, and she was not just pissed...but also sad. Another interesting thing of note wasthat she was some sort of cat-eared tough girl (no tail) that could apparently bend a man in half fairly easily Neil STARED as he watched her fighting, unaware that he was...shedding tears, much like she was.

"...Big Sis..."


OUTSIDE...John had the duped gauntlet and had now figured out what he was going to do with it.

John: Stand back. I'm gonna to summon the mightiest warrior I can get a' handle this giant-sized chump-devil.

The gauntlet surged with power, blowing away some of the devil mooks in the process, and opened up a wormhole to end all wormholes! And then, after a moment of suspense...there came a newcomer to the battlefield. He was tall, he was mechanical, he Whuh-oh... Looks like John went and summoned himself Megas, complete with Coop, Jamie, and Kiva.

Coop: Uhhh...I don't think this is the Renn-Fest.

Jamie: I don't think this is anywhere even near Earth.

Kiva: Believe it or not...we appear to be in some sort of nexus between dimensions. From here, we could go anywhere, or anywhen. We could even return to my time and defeat the Glorft.

Coop: You mean...those guys over there?

Hiyo, Karajor! Hiyo, Gorrath!

Kiva: What's going on here?

Coop: I dunno, but it looks kinda' fun.

Ohhhhh...great...googly-moogly. This was either going to be fun...or alot of trouble.

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Of course... the Babylon 5 crew wasn't the only thing to show up through the main door of the Pub... Benjamin Sisko, Jake Sisko, Quark, Nog, Warf, Dax, Kira, Odo, Rom and finally Morn, entered the Pub and promptly started milling in with the assembled NPC patrons and Babylon 5 crew members.

"Okay... that wasn't me... who was it?" Mark asked ... looking suspiciously at Jake for a moment and then chuckled. With any luck someone would start an all out brawl inside the main room... just like in the old days.

"Also... should I be concerned with that?" he continued, pointed discreetly at the crying Young Neil... flagging down Kurumu's attention to pointing at the crying kid. Where were his parents when they were needed?

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu and Mortecai

"Of course you can join... I just would be super careful about those two... one is dangerously annoying and the other is... well... annoyingly dangerous." Kurumu said as she peeked in on the happenings of the Training Room.

Nega-Puce wasn't dead due to the explosive bolt to the face but there was another effect from it... he was black faced... not too different from when a cartoon character lights an explosive cigar and has it blow up in his face. He did not look amused and as Saber respawned in from getting goo-ified from F.O.Dave's Plasma Salvo, Nega pulled out a blade of his own... an anodized black number with serrated edges and curved like a Katana. Walking towards his disoriented opponent, Nega's black blade flashed in the light ... and Saber's face fell to the floor...

Picking it up... Nega attached a couple of strings to the bloodied face and started wearing it like a mask.

"NEXT!!!!" He yelled as Saber respawned once again.

Did I mention the Nega has basically absorbed all the souls on Earth in his dimension? Did I mention he's a boss level character? Did I also mention that Saber would be outclassed a lot by this bastard? I did? Oh...

Well... okay...

Whooosh! SPLURCH!!!

Nega threw his blade directly into Saber's back and as an afterthought, channeled energy into the blade... causing it to fan out and slice its victim into tiny bite sized pieces. Walking forward... N.P retrieved his blade.

I can't say I didn't warn you.

Location: Outside
Subjects: April, Puce and John

Seriously? Puce risking life and limb to come out and deliver the Infinity Gauntlet was so that John could summon a TRANSFORMER?!?!? Complete with kids?

"You... could have dematerialized Lucifer with a Gauntlet that gives you Omnipotence... but instead you summon a bunch of kids to play rock-em-sock-em robots with Lucifer?" Puce asked John as he watched the impending battle.

April however was not one to stand on the sidelines as she snaked her hand into the Infinity Gauntlet with John's hand... her hand surprisingly warm for a lady that was one step away from either being a foam-mouthed corpse, mashed into oblivion by any number of Angels that got wind that she was in the business of killing Angels and processing their bodies into illicit drugs, or mashed by Mecha-Lucifer out there.


The sound of something landing on the ground behind them made Puce turn around an see a giant freaking Mech landing on the ground, its cockpit open and awaiting its pilot. It was simply armed... but its main weapon appeared to be a long sword like deal ... a Ruga Lance.

Hoping into the cockpit, April was off... taking flight... and headed towards Lucifer.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Lilith shook her head as she took point, her claws extending as she smelled blood in the air.

"No... I've never seen that before... but there's something wrong about it... I dunno what it is, Uncle Wesker... but it's just... I think we should avoid it." Lilith said as a roar echoed from the opening behind them.

Well... there was ThZilith and ThPhil in one direction... and... something that smelled of death in the other.

"... Well, thank god I have immortality. Just in case, tell my family I love them." He got off the stool, deciding to actually walk to the room. He took a deep breath at the door, before pushing it open with his scythe.

"I believe it is my turn. My name is Mordecai. I hope to be a better combatant than the one decorating your walls." And with that brief introduction, he pulled out his flintlock and dashed Sabers brains across the wall. He put away his gentlemanly weapon, and dropped into a familiar stance he hadn't used in awhile, holding the stick end out at N.P, with the bladed side underneath his arm.
"You first."


The Writer snapped his fingers and Roy immediately pushed the cast of DS9 out the door and chucked the door into a subspace anomaly...of which there are roughly 28 billion located in the Star Trek continuity. Jake put his fingers together and spoke once more.

"At about this time, I feel I should mention that I did not like Deep Space 9 very much. Not overall and certainly not at length. Some redeaming qualities, but frankly I liked Voyager better. Now then, since you obviously know nothing of Megas XLR, I shall explain."

He then punched up a relevent video as an opening.

"You see, the robot is this superbly-powerful mecha that was accidentally sent back into the past by the soldier-girl, Kiva, during the Glorft's final push to take over Earth. You might recall that I've been mentioning the Glorft."

These guys in evil green mechs.

"They're from that show, as is the Regis Mark-5 and Magnanimous. Anyway, the mech had its head blown off and was sent too far back into the past, where the fat guy...Coop...puts his car on its head and uses his knowledge of machinery, electronics, and video games to essentially make the robot pilotable. is touch and go. Mostly, he has no idea what does what, but manages to kick alot of ass anyway. The only trouble is that while he does this, he also has this habit of {A} making things wors and {B} wrecking his town, that planet, or some other disaster by accident for Rule of Funny."

He went on to show Mark Coop's fighting style, some of Megas' weapons, and that time Megas destroyed the DMV which was totally awesome.

"Any questions?"


Obviously, Roy was busy, and so was Kurumu. It was, in fact, the lady Arrancar who suddenly noticed Neil's distress. Just what in the hell was he watching? She came by quickly, putting her hands on his shoulders to get his attention and to keep him from staring.

Elsie: Neil, what's wrong? Why are you crying?

"I don't know... I feel like I've seen her before, and that something terrible happened..."

She looked at the screen, curious. The girl on the screen was looking over the aftermath of a terrible battle. Emotionally, she looked downtrodden and mournful. And then, she said one word, "Neil...", before closing credits. Elsie was...shocked to hear that. So was Neil, really.

Elsie: What...does this mean? Neil, I heard you mutter something. What was it again?

"I said...'Big Sis', but...I'm an only child, and you'd probably remember having a catgirl for a kid, mom."

Elsie: That I would. There's something fishy going on around here...


John glared at Puce with a sour look of irritation.

John: Ya mind, mate? One doesn't just master omnipotent power overnight. One of the first thoughts that occurred ta' mind was to just get someone to kick the shit out of the bastard an' that's what came up.

Frankly, he had a few other things on his mind too, and that was when April slid her hand in to create her own giant robot to, well, do exactly what John had in mind. However, even as she did that, John was tucking away some unmarked vials of something-or-other. He smirked as April went off to fight, but that Megas and its rather-amusing crew were already at it, dodging a few experimental swings by Lucifer.

Jamie: Alright, so how do you plan to take on a demon that's bigger than the Glorft ship when you never even beat that thing yourself?

Coop: Hey, I beat up a PLANET before with pop rocks and soda in a fancy-shmancy torpedo that I turned into a snack fridge.

Kiva: Well, the good news is that it has an obvious weakness. That core on its body is the source of its power. If we destroy that-

Coop: Time for the old SMASH-N-BASH!

VROOOOOOOOMMM!!! The car-headed robot ducked under a punch and rammed right at the Angel's core! However, about 100 yards from impact, blaring-red energy thrust it back with force, shocking the machine.

Coop: Uhh, or not! Kiva, what's protecting that thing?

Jamie: Forcefield, DUH.

Kiva: Pretty much. That monster has extraordinary power. We would need something pretty heavy in return to take him down.

Coop: I've got your heavy right here.

A few button presses, one lever-pull, and the Konami Code later...Megas had unfolded a number of Robotech-style energy cannons, which charged up and blazed energy at Lucifer...engulfing his head in pure power as it blasted by. Afterwhich, the smoke cleared...and there was the Angel, glaring at them angrily with its five eyes glowing amidst a comically-burnt face.

Kiva: Heavier than that, I'm afraid.

Don't you ever call me that again! You hear me boy!?!

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Mark waved at the Deep Space 9 cast as they were ejected from the Pub, and perhaps existence, never to be seen or even spoken of again... save for the next line.

"Eh! It wasn't THAT bad" Mark said as started going through the various videos that Jake was presenting him regarding Megas XLR. It was ... impressive?

Well maybe not impressive... nor sane... nor what he would call a good plan... nor what he would think of as being particularly viable as even a sperm donor for a good plan...

And this is what Jake's specialty was. Turning the absurd... into overpowerdom.

"Alright... FINE!" Mark said reluctantly and turned to watch the events unfolding outside as well as inside. If there was one thing that he was hoping... it would be that Mordecai would teach Nega-Puce some manners.

"I do have a question... have I told you that you're fucking nuts recently?" Mark asked before turning his attention to the Bar, the Training room and Outside.

Location: The Training Room
Subjects: Mordecai, Saber and Nega Puce

Nega-Puce regarded the Reaper for a moment and nodded. At least this one was polite... but he would still not show him an ounce of compassion.

First Move Set:

Nega... disintegrated a pile of scrap, opting to play fair this time around and not just explode his opponent. Using the energy released from the various explosions, he channeled it into other bits of scrap, each one warping and clumping together to form a bunch of rather annoying constructs.

Sabers... Nega Puce cloned Saber over and over again until The Reaper was surrounded by 50 of them, each one piling over the other to get a piece of Mordy...

"Mine! Mine! Mine Mine!" They all screamed at once as they mindlessly attacked the Reaper in the training room.

And as Mordy was forced to deal with these peons... Nega went on the offensive as well, his serrated blade being tossed into the air where it began spinning faster and faster and faster until it appeared to be a black disc... correction... 3 black discs... each one flying to greet the Reaper.

Jeez... annoying attack plus a actual attack? That's just uncalled for...

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Elsie, Kurumu and Neil

"What is it with you crazy Arrancar and getting into trouble? Jeez! I guess we're going somewhere now... let me pack." Kurumu said in outrage as she went into the backroom to grab her shotgun, some clothing and some food.

"Does the strangeness ever stop in the Pub?" Kurumu muttered as she came back a moment later.

"LUCIFER!!!! We're going out!" Kurumu yelled, startling one of the patrons that had secretly stumbled back into the bar after releasing his Angel Mech brother.

"Seriously? You want me to man the bar again?" The Prince of Lies asked as he got up and headed to the counter.

"At least it's only NPCs here..." He muttered as suddenly the cast of DS9 came back ... this time with a pack of tribbles in hand.

"KHAAAAAAAANNNN!!!" Lucifer screamed into the air...

Happy Birthday Ricardo Montalban

Location: The Outside
Subjects: Puce, John and April... and everyone out there... every freaking last one of them.

Now... it's not the April had ever piloted a Mech before... least of all a Fafner Mark Vier... especially given its propensity to be as big a danger to its pilots as it was to the creatures that they faced.

The seat... more of a saddle... clamped into April's legs, drawing blood and tapping into April's nervous system as she mounted the Mech.... integrating her nerve impulses into the pilot controls.

April then started her attack, the Ruga Lance in one hand and a heavy machine gun in the other.

Smirking... April pulled the trigger sending a wave of molten lead towards Lucifer, opting to get the bugger pissed off so she could close in on him and use the lance.

Oh, fine.

"No more nuts than putting Alan Tudyk in Wreck-It Ralph."

Just then, three Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blasters materialized before him, along with a whole bottle of Ole' Janx Spirit, courtesy of Yoruichi, who was now sitting down nearby and pouring herself a glass from said bottle.

Yoruichi: So, I hear you're pissed off because of some assholes in that other world you're messing with.

"I really must do something about all these telepathic signals... Maybe wear a tinfoil hat."


Roy, Elsie, and Neil looked over at Kurumu in confusion.

Roy: Huh? What's going on?

Elsie: We're not in trouble. What're you talking about?

"I don't understand, Kurumu."

All of Them: We didn't DO anything.


Trent: Thus bringing this meeting to a close. I'm glad we could have this talk. It's such a shame that Mr. Blackadder couldn't make it.

Xanatos: Well, you know how he is. Never any time to get out.

Xamot: Yes, just one crisis-

Tomax: -after another.

Okay...the villain meeting appeared to be done.


Since there were alot less enemies on the field than before, Lucifer really only had to handle a few things. One was being shot at by April. The other was being kicked in the eye by Megas. Sizzling beams of fiery energy from the other four eyes began to trace them both as Lucifer put his four arms out and began to create...another controlling matrix, this one both different and far more complex than any previous one before.

Jamie: Hey, what's he doing with those lines?

Kiva: Scanners indicate that he's...what?! He's drawing power directly from all of those universes!

Coop: Man, how do we beat this guy if he keeps feeding off of everything around 'im? I've got a good mind to just grapple that core and yank it out of there, Bugra style!

Kiva: Hmmm...that's odd. He doesn't appear to be feeding himself.

Jamie: Oh, so lemme guess. He's putting together some super ultimate attack that's going to blow us and half of the universe into the OTHER half of the universe, right?

Coop: Pffft...come on! He's not THAT he?

There...was in immediate answer for that. But meanwhile, John was doing something exceptionally clever with this duped gauntlet of his. He had, for starters, learned everything he needed to know about Lucifer's world, about April's world, about the Pub, and so on...and then he began to do some things. That was right before the energy lines went all over the place, and John used the gauntlet to figure out their purpose. When he did...

John: Hah hah hah hah hah haaah! Alright, I can respect that.

He turned to Puce now.

John: I'm goin' inside to handle this for keeps. Lemme know the instant five-eyes over there finishes his silly buggers with the spell.

And with that, John went inside, confident that he could pull off a better rescue than the Doctor now.

Oh fine... you can call me Daddy....

Mark shrugged for a moment as he tried to focus on everything that was going on. Kurumu might have jumped the gun on thinking that there was something going on... and April? He was sure she was about to get splatted by Lucifer XXL out there.

Turning to Yuroichi with a smile... he nodded but declined to speak on the matter. With the subplots mostly settled... he could slow down posting there.

"It's nothing that a little time can't handle." Mark as he put a tin-foil fedora on his head... and then his head planted itself into the booth... the Writer was absolutely exhausted and would get to Kurumu and the rest later.


Mark's eyes creeped open a bit as he still felt like chiseled spam.

"Where was I? Oh yeah... Kurumu."

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu, Elsie and Neil

Kurumu looked at her watch and looked back at the mother and child. Didn't they get what she was getting at?

"Look, Elsie... you and I both know that whenever strange stuff like this happens... at least three of us have to go out and look for this 'Big Sis' of Neil's and ask her questions. It's like a universal law or something?" Kurumu said impatiently. They'd already wasted a couple of minutes because Mark felt like he was entitled to stop for a few moments or something. But no... he was not... he would have to keep on typing.

"So... where ever this Big Sis is... that's where we need to go and find out how she knows your son!"

Location: The Outside
Subjects: John, Puce and April

Puce continued to watch Lucifer's power levels intensify as minutes passed. The guy was kept on going no matter how many time April plastered him with bullets. Finally she lost it and charged straight in... the blade of the Ruga Lance splitting open to reveal and energy beam emitter.

With the tap of a few buttons, April started her attack run... charging at Lucifer, only to be repelled once again by that energy field.

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled "The Pub v2.0"

... and bring you ... this crap...

The Pub had been closed for the "day" or rather ... long enough that that the Staff and Writers could shovel down food as quickly as possible before Jake decided to ruin things by making the Turkey a Robo-Mech-Turkey or something.

"You know... that wouldn't be a half bad ..."

"NO!" Puce said as he gave Mark a rather serious look. He wasn't going to ruin this inaugural Thanksgiving Meal with more of his character building, angst filled antics.

"Well it could have been awesome... a Robot... Stuffed inside a Mech... Stuffed inside a Turkey... a RoMechkey if you will" Mark said, almost wistfully.

The Pub had been cleared, tables had been pushed together with chairs set around it and a large spread of food was... umm... spread across the table. Everything from Roasted Turkey to Pickled Brahmin feet to Eyes of Sauron had been made by the Intelligent Deathclaw Colony underneath the Pub.

"Hey... where's the cranberry sauce? You can't have Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce." The Writer complained as everyone eyed the food.

"You actually eat that crap?"

"Well it's good!"

"Sure... if you're into vomit..." Kurumu said as she started carving the Turkey. You see... it was a tradition that the person who prepared the dinner carve the Turkey... and since people were rather nervous about having Lilith or Fenris carve the turkey (While Deathclaws are good at carving things... using a knife would have been far more sanitary)... Kurumu was the closest thing. She had made the stewed gingerfish, after all.

"Alright... before we start chowin' down... I guess I should start for saying that I'm thankful that I created you bunch of characters." Mark started off with the soppy stuff... he was always good with the soppy stuff.

"I guess I'm thankful that no one's died in the Pub..." Puce started to say before he remembered the incident with David Woon and the Kadouclaws.

"I mean... I guess I'm thankful that it's ... interesting around here with so many strange people visiting."

"I'm thankful that Elsie hasn't frozen my nipples off for a long time." Kurumu added her 2 cents.

"I'm thankful that Uncle Puce and Aunt Kurumu let me eat up here at the adults table and not get stuck with Neil... oh wait... Neil's the only kid at the kid's table. Come on Cousin Jac... my little Half Incubus..." Lilith crooned as her and Jac sat at a table with Young Neil.

"I'm quite perturbed that my text color changes every so often... but I guess this one will do for now." Fenris said as he eyed the Fire Ant Marmalade.

"I'm thankful for that someone got me an Angel to harvest for this dinner." What?

"Oh! I forgot! I'm thankful that Kokoa's not around to chomp on my ..WHAT?!?! NO!!! WAAAAAIII!!!!" Mark screamed as the diminutive Vampire made an appearance... just to suck the blood out of the Writer's neck... making him pass out face first into the gravy boat.

"Thank The Boss that that idiot is passed out... now we can eat in peace." Lucifer chimed in.

"Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary!" An Undertaker said... before remembering that he wasn't among the Garys at the moment...

"I mean... Thank God I'm not around those damn Garys! Damned morons!" The Undertaker named Shifty McGee corrected himself.

With that... people started digging into their food...

Thanks everyone for the memories so far!

We now return you to... whatever the fuck is going on now...

you've activated my trap

as Nega Puce fights Mordecai he actives one of many magical traps saber set up in training room because two can play at this game of traps


Saber suddenly stands up and pulls his sword out of his back then sheathes it as he raises his hand towards N.P and clenched it, suddenly glowing blue threads shoot out of the ground and forces him on to his knees as the threads start to absorb his energy.


the symbol on the ground changes to a triangle and then closes in on N.P creating a some sort of prism, Saber turns to Mordecai "hello there my name's Saber Mordecai right? nice to meet you" said he holding his hand waiting for Mordecai to shake it "that trap won't hold him long and i want to try and at least teach him a lesson in manners" he said

Location: The Training Room
Subjects: Nega-Puce, Saber, Mordecai

A trap that absirbs energy? Something has to become of the energy because the laws of thermodynamics states that Energy cannot be destroyed.

While thr sheep bleeted a greeting to eachother, Nega examined the trap that Saber had placed upon him, tracking the flow of energy as it was stolen from him and flowed into the trap.

"Ahhhh... My Energy powers the trap..." Nega said as he disrupted the flow of the energy that flowed into the trap. It would only take a few moments but the trap would be disarmed.

As he did this, he krdered the Saber clones to attack Saber... Using the idiot's own powers and weapons against him.

Meanwhile the Isz had finished playing with one of the old corpse's guts and began seeking more entertainment. As it looked around, one of the three spinning blades sliced it in half...


And then there were two Iszs. Both hungry and playful they saw Saber... And decided that they would very much enjoy a nap... In his skull.

Both of them charged Saber, their horrible mouths open... A dentist's nightmare and a White Shark's wet dream.


"Hello there, my name's Saber. Mordecai right? Nice to meet you. That trap won't hold him long, and I want to try and at least teach him a lesson in manners."
Mordecai looked behind the man, seeing the razor discs of doom and the Iszs. Mordecai took his hand, a blue aura appeared around it when it touched Sabers hand, and the man felt his muscles slack, his eyes glazed over, and he swayed slightly. He was in a trance, and probably saw whatever he wanted to see. Mordecai took this opportunity to stick him with the scythe, lifting Saber slightly in the air, in trajectory of both the Iszs and the discs.
"Human shields are FAR too effective."
And with that, he pulled out his scythe, and began a charge towards the big game here. He made sure to alterante between hover and regular walking to make it hard to aim at him. When Mordecai got close enough, he pulled out his pistol again, letting a round into Puces center mass.

that does it

but before they can do anything the sound of clicking fingers rings out as the two Iszs burst into flames, Saber then pulls himself off the scythe, "this is what i get for trying to being nice" he says to himself and then aims at Mordeical and once more the sound of clicking fingers rings out and Mordeical bursts into flames, he then dispels shadow mirror and then he starts punching as he does this lighting strikes all over the place including N.P.

Mordecai notices he is on fire, but decides he doesn't care. Immortality and fire retardant robes allow you to do things like that. He grabbed Sabers fist, pushes him into the ground, and puts his hand on his head, a green aura around it. Saber could feel his magic being dispelled, every trap became revealed and disarmed, and his mana was torn from his soul. Mordecai pulled out his pistol once more, and relieved the man of the back of his head.
Mordecai now had a navy blue aura around his entire body. He used this to heal his body, third degree burns miraculously healed, parts of his face returned. His clothes were also mended.
"Now can we get to the main fight, sir?" he regarded NP.

OOC: note to self add this to magic.

"we could if you'd stop killing me because it's not working" saber says as he respawned next to Mordeical "see this is the problem you're Immortal and i respawn instantly when i die and Nega Puce over there has a massive amount of energy which he used to summon Iszs and turn my weapons and powers on me and he will do the same to you, so what are we going my immortal friend?" he says as he'd had enough of this three-way battle

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