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Hadrian scowled at Nega Puce, letting out a feral growl. He calmed down some, his fur covered hand turning back into smooth flesh. He shook off the remains of the glass from his hand, and faced Puce's jerkass self.

"Get your facts straight, punk. I'm no Loup Garou. In fact, I'm quite glad that I'm not. I'd rather not give up my body to a spirit, and let it wreak havoc," His scowl relaxed somewhat, now looking only mildly irritated. "Another thing, who the hell are Jake and Bella, and what's this Twilight?"

Hadrian's world had, thankfully, never had to suffer the displeasure of Stephanie Meyers and that accursed literary series' existence.

Daft Sikes:
Not a problem: At work myself

A sign with golden lettering popped up above Nega Puce's smiling head.

Mission Complete!

Baited, calmed, the Pub was safe. While it was contrary to his personality, Nega felt an uncontrollable urge to ensure the safety within the Pub. Hadrian's change might have threatened this and while it would have far easier to just rip the soul out of the Werewolf's body, he felt that this would have been an unacceptable outcome. However, this did not mean that he had to be nice to the people that populated the Pub.

To emphasize this, he turned to see Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space 9 conversing with Sheridan from Babylon 5. Suddenly and without cause, Sisko punched Sheridan in the face, sending the man from Babylon 5 into a table. There was a lull in the ambient noise of the room before all the officers from both Space Stations started an all out brawl in the middle of the floor.

Sighing contently as he sipped his drink, which was now a Dirty Martini, N.P summoned the soul of Stephanie Meyer again.

"Now Stephanie... my ... associate here, has question as to what Twilight is. Care to explain."

The woman seemed to flinch as she was being spoken to by her captor but looked at Hadrian and quickly explained that it was a series of books about Necrophilia and Beastiality... where a human girl had to choose between the love of a Vampire and a Werewolf. She deeply regretting writing this affront to societal sensibilities and hoped that people forgive her for writing this deeply harmful series of smut books.

Her explanation complete, she looked to Nega expectantly. Rather than setting her on fire, Nega ripped off her Napkin head.

"So there you have it... from the cow's mouth to the wolf's ears."

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Hadrian looked disgusted. He had to deal with some sick crap before, and he had to admit that this certainly wasn't worse than his past experiences. However, he did feel a great blow to his pride as a werewolf. He needed retribution.

"... I don't suppose you could bring her back out again? If you could, I would like to, shall we say... "educate" her for a few minutes."

Of course, by "educate," he meant "horribly maim and brutalize", and by "a few minutes," he meant "until he felt like stopping."

N.P yawned and twirled his finger in the air... bringing Stephanie Meyers' soul back out into the Pub, this time cast in wood so she would be more resilient to damage. The pain would be there but she wouldn't die so easy... and to ensure that the pain would be there, Nega jacked up the number of nerve endings in the construct's skin.

"Be my guest." Nega stated. He was glad to see that someone in this boring Pub shared his views on torture and pain.

Nega started off the re-education process by pinning Meyers down to the counter with two miniature stakes that pierced the palms of her hands. She was now at the mercy of anyone who cared to teach her a lesson.

Mordecai smirked, he was in his third or so glass, and was starting to feel tipsy. He didn't know much about the hacky author, he (perhaps mercifully) couldn't get enough of a break to read past page one.

"She write anyfink about the Grim Reaper?" Mordy asked, his Cockney accent slipping through his practiced speech. Mordecai didn't seem to notice, however.

"Ah, fuck it." He shot her knees with his flintlock, chopping them off. The lack of blood disappointed him, but he shrugged and returned to his lethal drink.

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu, Nega Puce, Hadrian, Mordecai and the Ghost of Stephanie Meyer

Kurumu shook her head at the display of violence.. she shook her head even worse when, Nega made Mordy's desire a reality and caused blood, courtesy of Saber's corpse, to start spraying from the stumps where the Author's legs used to be.

"Seriously? Gross!" The Succubus stated as she tried her best to keep the blood from flying into peoples' drinks.

Now... the reason she needed to do so was, in his infinite wisdom, Nega had decided that not only did the little Effigy of Stephanie Meyer need to bleed, she needed to fire hose spray blood all over the place. We're talking about Kill Bill when Beatrice Kiddo goes up against the Crazy 88 gang. We're talking about Gallagher stage act if the watermelons were filled with blood. We're talking about.. well.. you get the picture... blood... lots of it...

"This is a lot like home used to be..."

Hadrian frowned at Mordecai's actions, but just shrugged it off and got to work. He placed his hand over hers. She was trembling, both out of pain from her legs getting shot off.

"Now, Ms. Meyers, you needn't fear me," Hadrian said gently, causing her to slightly relax, until his grip tightened over her hand, and her hand ended up becoming a mangled, splintered mess. "...Is what I would say if you didn't write that garbage." With one pull, he pulled off the entire arm with a loud crack.

"Hell, if you didn't write any of that shit to begin with, you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place!" He dropped the arm carelessly onto the floor, and brought his foot down on it, splitting it right in two.

Truthfully, Hadrian didn't feel very much animosity towards Meyers. He did feel quite offended about her depiction of werewolves, sure, and he had no doubts that if this had been written back home, she would be met with a lynch mob, but this was more about working the frustration regarding Kokoa out of his system.

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subject: Mark

There was a laugh from behind Hadrian as the Writer known as Mark ... ummm... laughed. As much as he liked the character of Hadrian... the emotional direction of the character had taken a turn for the melodramatic.

"You know... there's a version of you already out there... I think a future one, chasing Kokoa down... trying to get her back. If your writer really likes you... maybe he'll let you appear in the area... otherwise... get over it. She's gone to you while you're in here." Mark said... he was a bit of a sadist.

"So... Mr. Hadrian... what's it gonna be? Hang out here and stalk Kokoa through the TV or ..." He left the last part unsaid.

Location: The Bar
Subject: Kurumu, Hadrian and Nega

Of course... Kurumu sighed at the guy that used to be her writer... though he preferred referring to himself as a Dramatist.

"Don't pay attention to him. I know that it seems like she's out there... but she looks happy doesn't she? You can't spoil that for her by bringing in the past? You don't know what she's been through or if she even remembers you!" Kurumu said, pleadingly.

"Bah... let the man decide for himself... it's not like anyone should ever listen to a succubus regarding love in the first place... you demonettes are just a bunch of Satanic Sluts." Nega said, laughing as he carved into the effigy's arms.

"Like he should listen to a sadistic piece of trash like you?"

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Hadrian glanced back at the two of them, wearing a blank expression on his face. He just gave a huff, and brought his fist up over Meyers' head, and sent it crashing down, shards of wood flying all around the Pub. He let out a breath, and turned to face them, grinning.

"I suppose you guys are right," He said, laughing. "I'm just acting like some petulant brat." With a sigh, he sat on a nearby stool.

"If my wife were to see me right now, oh Lord." He shook his head, chuckling, and paused. Narrowing his eyes in contemplation, he made his way to the door.

"I'll be back in a bit."

And with a slam of he door, the werewolf had exited the Pub.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subject: Lilith and Wesker

Wesker was less then keen to engage the robot/zombie hybrids.
"...Fine, just need a weapon..." He said as Lilith charged off to fight them.
Within a minute, He had found two discarded AMS Magnum Pistols.
"And about damn time..." He smiled as he unloaded on the incoming hoards.
Lilith went from fighting to merely watching as Wesker basically mowed down the remaining guards.
Soon, only the sounds of shells dropping filled the air as Wesker stood on a large pile of bodies in front of a impressed Lilith.
"...You see, This is why I became a S.T.A.R.S. Member, Lots of shooting, little paperwork." He smirked as they went deeper into the building.

"...That's a bit more then I last Remembered Goldman having.....What?..." He asked as he revealed his connection to Goldman.

Goldman was....well, himself as he watched the pair survive the ambush.
"GoOd.....I'Ve beEn waiTing For tHis...Friends..." He said as he primed his ace in the hole.

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subject: Mark

Well let's see here... oh yeah... Hadrian had just left the building... hopefully he remembered how to get back.

"Oh well... I guess there are some pieces of information that I should have just kept to myself." Mark said as he looked in on the happening of the Island in the past.

It was quite the interesting story... two people from different worlds marooned on a Desert Island and having to overcome their initial mistrust before they learned to rely on each other to survive. It was a powerful story that needed to be heard.

Oh wait...

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

Lilith was not going to be outdone by Uncle Wesker. If there was one thing that could be called a flaw with her, besides (as some claimed) her mind, it was that she was very competitive.

"Hrmph! Like that was anything to be proud of!" Lilith said as she grabbed a pistol from Uncle Wesker and covered her eyes.

She quickly pointed the gun at the crowd of zombie and opened up on them in rapid succession, cutting through their ranks with headshots whilst her eyes were covered.

Now... it wasn't that she was blinded mind you. She was simply using her keen sense of smell to do the aiming and though it looked like magic... it was all very explainable. Of course... to Wesker it still looked like she was firing blindly into the crowd and getting lucky shots.

A moment later she uncovered her eyes and smiled at him before she returned his pistol.

"Beat that!"


John had sat and waited for April to return, and was a bit shocked to see what had happened to her. It wasn't unexpected, he'd had a bad feeling, but...well, he'd hoped that she wouldn't end up this way. Still, he didn't seem to be too incredibly put off by this, because he had already made plans. So, while the Writer slept off a concussion the size of a casaba melon, John whipped out a vial, put it in a quick-injector gun, pressed it against April's neck, and depressed the trigger, causing a loud injection sound. April would - in short order - experience a shocking and fearful sensation, a burning sensation, an energetic sensation, and then feel like she was going to be sick...right before feeling normal. Normal normal. John looked over at Puce.

John: You think I was just sending out for some guy inna robot? That's just a distraction. My real aim was to {A} go to the source of the problem an' knock the bloke out, and {B} discover the right an' proper cold turkey course for our angel-related problem.

He held up the vial, still mostly-filled with a gray-blue substance, and then pointed to metal case he had next to his seat.

John: The essence of disharmony, a derived substance which sucks away everything in its vicinity that causes chaos. This liquid form can be injected into a person, it pulls out whatever's disrupting everything, and passes it out of the system. I had to use the gauntlet to tap a source far more powerful than angels, but this'll save her Earth. One injection, and you're clean, although I'd be careful about how soon you have lunch.



The giant Megas and the the fallen Angel appeared amidst Tokyo-3, still struggling with each other. Suddenly, a new sound was heard and the ginormous robot shrank down into a normal giant robot...which was alot smaller than Lucifer. This looked like the demon's lucky UNTIL...there was the sound of {A} several robots landing behind him, {B} a positron cannon charging up, and {C} a certain voice going...

"Heeeee~ey...whacha' doing?"

...which made the Angel grimace.

This will not end well...


The Writer was still KO'd, so Roy and Elsie realized that whatever was going on with their son might have to wait. He didn't seem too terribly distressed by it all. It was just that there were clearly things in his life that he would have to stop and take pause about. Neil went over to another table and asked the little Regis robot to do a scan on him.

"Am I...really a human? Am I really who I'm suppose to be, their son I mean?"

The robot pulsed a ray over him and confirmed it.

"You are the son of Roy Taban and Elsie Blanchett. Energy readouts are abnormal, but the genetic code reads as human."

"Then, what's wrong with me? Who was she? Is it just a character or something really from another world?"



She was sitting on the house's rooftop, gazing out at the night sky with a beer in hand. It was the same girl as ffrom the TV. Just then, there was a gust of wind and another person leapt onto the roof. As opposed to her cat-like self, he was human. He was man in his 20s with black hair, blue eyes, black jeans, and a t-shirt, looking pretty athletic and capable. Clearly, there was more to him than meets the eye if he just jumped there, though. She looks over as he appeared.

"Hey, dad."

"Marina heard ya walking over our heads. What's the problem?"

She sighed, irritably.

"Another nightmare. You'd think after everything I've been through, they'd leave me alone, but I had the one about South America again."

"That was the one about the clone labs, right?"

"Yeah... I don't think I can ever let that one go. Bastards..."

Did not quote?!?!

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Seeing as how things were getting rather back to normal... well as normal as they were in a Pub in the middle of nowhere and everywhere at the same time... whilst there was a brawl between the casts of Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9 still going on... whilst Jake was still unconscious from the KTFO (Knocked the F Out) Punch from John... Mark breathed a sigh of relief and played with one of the birds that had appeared over Jake's head.

"Well... I guess things are now pretty much perfect." Mark muttered until he spied Neil at the table and spied April, Puce and John on a monitor.


Mark whistled at Kurumu and pointed at Neil for a moment and then returned his attention to the monitor.

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu and Neil

Kurumu, as she had discovered earlier in life, had an affinity to small children. She was drawn to them when they were hurting in the same manner as Mother Teresa... if that Mother Teresa happened to have a bangin' body and was originally created with the intention of luring men to forsake their souls and give into lustful desires.

"Hey Neil... everything okay?" The Succubus asked gently as she patted him on the head. She could see that there was a bunch of questions bouncing around in the head of his... the type of questions that could spell disaster for a child if not dealt with in some fashion or another before it became too late.

"Oh... and I heard what you asked your robo-dog there. I don't think there's anything wrong with you and as for that girl? Why don't you ask that Jake guy when he wakes up... provided he remembered anything after that punch that John gave him..." She suggested before starting a little digging of her own. One of the advantages of being engaged to the proprietor of the Pub was she had access to the Dimensional Database.

Silently... she punched in a query as to where this cat-girl could be found.

Location: The Outside
Subjects: Puce, April and John

While it was a good idea... John had forgotten one very important thing. If you cure a junky, you should make sure that said junky wants to be clean...

"So how long is it going to take t..."


Well that answered that question. It didn't really take that time at all for the effects of the essence to kick in.

"oh." Puce said as he noticed that April's puke had gone all over his slacks.

"Coulda given me a little warning?"

Anyhow... April as it turned out was not one of those junkies that was happy being a junky and was rather appreciative of cure that John had provided her. So much so that she would have been willing to show John how much with Puce in the room... but then again... there was that damnable puke breathe.

"I feel... like...shit" April said as she reached into her pocket and rather than pulling out the familiar bottle filled with Angel's blood, she pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

Anyhow... mission accomplished... it took a bit before April was fit and proper to be of any real use, since she was dry heaving over the next few hours but .... eventually... her and John found some time to talk alone.

"So... what now?"


Writer's Booth

Almost perfect, and all it took was to knock Jake the fuck out. He was beyond tweeting birdies at this point. They'd moved on to become an all-brass-and-drums marching band in circles above his head. Does this mean that things are going to be quieter for now? Who the smeg knows? With Jake out cold, anything could happen. Dave Lister could pop in for a curry, a fish magnet could activate, Elvis Presley could sing while Buddy Holly plays the guitar, Darth Nox could show up: ANYTHING. But for now...



He looked up at Kurumu and, in answer to her inquiry, shook his head quietly. Okay, it was a rhetorical question, but give the kid a break. He's six. Anyway, he listened to what the demon had to say, and then...

"Well, i want to like dad was gonna do, but after John hit him...things started to get better here. The bad guys are gone, the fighting's over, and even Miss April's alright. And I know you don't like her, but she's kinda' cool."

Meanwhile, Kurumu's covert-ish database searching turned up something.


John's Booth

While April had been getting over her personal withdrawl, John Constantine had taken to another booth and was studying the Dupe Gauntlet which had just solved a helluva lot of things lately. He looked up when the girl he'd saved spoke to him. Here, he put aside his work, pulled out his own xiggy, and took a drag on it before talking.

John: You go home with that case and save yer world from its crippling angel addiction. The lot of 'em are gonna feel like shit for a while, but it least it ain't genocide. I heard about how the pub might rob you of the memories that happened in it, so I took the time to write down everything you need to know about the Disharmony Essence, including a warning about where it came from so nobody tries to somehow use it for worse purposes.

He paused, then, and knew that what he had to say next was a long time coming. He rather liked the girl, but on the way in...there had been a case of mistaken identity that he had to clear up. There was some other Constantine bloke who DID know her.

John: I think you know I'm not the John from your own planet. Since there's all kinda' worlds going through here, there's probably billions of Johns unless the bastards got themselves killed. Pretty sure that settles 'what now' with us... Still, I've been through enough messes an' back to know when someone needs another chance in a bad life, so I took advantage of an opportunity and there we are.

I don't remember programming Fozzie the Bear into the Database

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark and Jake

Well it wasn't quite the story book ending that Mark was looking for but it worked... however he was no longer focused on this. Call it ADD or boredom, Mark had moved onto a new topic in the world of Role Play.

"Too many relationships to keep track of!!" Mark exclaimed as he tried to map down all the relationships that all of his characters had with all the characters that they interacted with

"So there's the OT3 of Akane, Kokoa and Aftan... Kokoa has a thing going with Hadrian... Kokoa is also sucking on AARP Mark's neck... AARP Mark has a thing going with Klaara... Puce and Kurumu have their thing... but Kyre's trying to worm in on that... Aftan kissed Puce in the hallway and caused a bit of a stir... Elena and David... BLAAAAARFINGAR!!!" Mark screeched in frustration as he ripped up the piece of paper that he was using to chart the relationships before starting over once again.

"What ever happened to just simple... monogamous relationships..."

Location: The Bar
Subjects: Kurumu and Neil

Now... Neil saying that April was kinda cool was like hearing your kid tell you that he thought that the local pot dealing slacker that hung out under the bleachers in High School was kinda cool. It brought on the same response in Kurumu that it would have brought any other adult. She frowned...

"I know you think she's cool but just... be careful around her will you... that last thing I would like to see is her ... umm... using you."

Was it too early in life for Neil to hear about what April's job actually entailed? Probably. So Kurumu spared him the details as he her fear that April would turn Neil into her next batch of product.

As for the Database... it listed a location. That was a start... a good enough start? We'll see... Kurumu quietly grabbed her gear and slipped out a door in the hallway.

April laughed... it was an actual honest to goodness laugh free of the "what a crap life" tone that was usually present.

"Of course I know that you're not my John from where I come from... he's ... well... gone. Overdosed... died in the same room as I was in while I was passed out. He's kinda what inspired me to try to look for a way to keep more people from my dimension from dying... he was the first person that I was close to who died... and dammit... I wanted him to be the last..." She smiled... her Dimension's John Constantine wasn't the last of April's close associates to have died, however... but the first cut's the deepest, ya know?

"I dunno if it was fate that brought me here while you were here... but of course... neither of us believe in Fate but whatever it was... thanks." She said for a moment...

And then it came... the awkward silence as April looked at the wood grains of the table.

"Yeah... seeing you... it bring back some shit. Most good... some bad."


"What ever happened to just simple... monogamous relationships..."

What, like the ones Jake seems to write about? Ah, that poor unconscious bastard and his traditionalist views... Well, enough of that! Let's carry on.


While Kurumu was reading over the information on the screen...ish...Neil gave her a deadpan stare.

"I may be six, but even I can tell the age-gap is insurmountable."

Er...okay... Wow, kid's say the damnedest things, huh? Still, gotta wonder where Kurumu was going right now...


Of course, the first one cuts the deepest. You know John hasn't been right since Newcastle. That business with Nergal will be living with him for quite some time, especially when you consider all the other stuff that happened between then and now, not excluding the fact that he actually had that demon's blood in his veins. Still, John was surprised to hear that another of him had actually topped it on the angel dust. And the way she described him...

John: Sounds like me, for the most part.

Well, sort of. John's general track record has been some good and quite some potent bad. There's alot of people who have suffered and died due to being in connection with John. How Chas of all people managed to slip out of that mess, we may never now. He took another drag of his cigarette.

John: I'd like ta' say it was all down to an overactive writer's plotting an' scheming, but I came unannounced and bunged 'im in the head with a fancy gauntlet.

Here, he pulled out the remaining two beers from outside that they'd been having before. Opening his own, he raised the bottle and made the rather-ironic statement...

John: To your good health...

...and drank. At least, when all the world's a stage and gods play polo with your lives, the bar's fully-stocked.


Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith and Wesker

"....Fair enough." Wesker said as he aimed for a large Message board, then kind used to display stock prices.
He shot off the cables holding, bringing the entire rig down on the incoming hoards.
"...I consider that "Beaten". Now lets move." He ordered, feeling a lot more secure with his guns in hand.
The pair entered one of the Buildings lifts and rode it to the top floor.
"Man...Goldman head of a Zombie Army...Times have changed since college..." He said to himself as recalled the pair of them in a Umbrella funded College of Bio-Science.
They then reached the highest floor that lift went to: R&D.
Which contained one of everything they've faced thus far (Aside from Zilith)
Have fun.

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subject: Mark and Jake

"Traditions are overrated... especially when monogamous relationships can get so... monotonous." Mark said as he woke up from a long weekend spent closing a deal on a new house. There was a pause as Mark looked at PubTVTM for a moment.

" Thomas Jane is such a bad Punisher"

So let's see how the others were faring.

Location: Somewhere... another dimension...
Subject: Kurumu

There was pause in the night as a door and door frame appeared in the middle of the street in the middle of some sort of suburban neighborhood and who should step through it but a the Pub's resident Entertainer and Succubus, Kurumu.

"Now... I hope this cat girl is somewhere close." She muttered to herself as she checked a print out that she had gotten from the Database. The information was incomplete but... well... she had to start somewhere.

"And what the hell is Anime Highschool?"

Location: An Island in the Past
Sujects: Lilith and Wesker

Well... if Wesker was going to be the ranged attacking Damage Dealer, Lilith decided to become the tank... almost literally. She began charging the group of monsters that approached and as she did, her skin rippled as it grew thicker and more dense while her movements became slower as the armor started restricting her movement.

This didn't make her just a chew toy however. Her claws retracted back into her fingers and a singluar blade sprouted from the back of wrists.

Yes.... fun indeed.


Kurumu had stepped into nighttime. She had walked into a town-like area through the bar door and ended up in an area which was...kind of odd. She would feel energy here, lots of it. The mana level was very high here, and not for unknown reasons. Most people here were...meta-humans. How would she know? By sensing it, or reading that signpost over there.


Entertainment District

(NOTE: Please remember tbat all text and gold-marked areas are invisible to non-metas.}

Atop a building, slightly-luminous blue eyes were watching her from above. They belonged to a figure up on a building rooftop, a figure with wings, talons, and a scythe... Where the hell was Kurumu going to even find her way, much less deal with stalking whatsits? Well...she could ASK.


It was at this point that Neil came up to the Writer's booth and stood on the seat to greet Mark with a smile.

"Hiya, Mr. Author. Is he okay? I think that lump's getting bigger."

Jake's lump? Yeah, it DID seem like it was increasing in size, and quivering slightly...


Meanwhile, in the Bastion of Chaos, a massive tower of spikes and darkness sitting upon the planet of Terminus...Massacre was on the phone with someone.

"So, he's still not awake? Hmmm... That's bad. The others might try to get rowdy. I already lost track of the Wrathwyrm. Well, see what you can do on that end. I'll bust out the mega-leash here."

Well that was entertaining to say the least

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Mark, Neil, Unconscious Jake and Lump

When Mark looked at the lump on Jake's head... there were a couple of things that were brought immediately to mind. The first of which was Beth Oblong. Pulling up a picture on the built-in screen of the Writer's Booth table, he compare the lump on Jake's head to a picture of Beth Oblong.

"Eh... not a match." Mark said with a bit of concern and hoped that what he was looking at was not one of those N.O. Portals from FLCL.

"Better put him in the medwing for a moment." Mark muttered as he dragged Jake by his collar to the Medical Unit just off the Pub's Main room.

Now... let's see... let's try an X-Ray... little children and pregnant people should stand clear...


Now then... let's hope that Massacre could reign in whatever or whoever this WrathWyrm is...

Location: Erm... Domino? Anime HighSchool? Somewhere?
Subject: Kurumu
Time: Night

Remembering her old Yokai Academy training and dealing with a world that might not have been aware of Yokai or Meta-Humans... Kurumu cast an illusion on herself, transforming her into what looked like a blackbird before taking to the air.

The air was quite a refreshing change for the Succubus who, while in the Nexus, felt rather enclosed by the walls of the Dimensional Barriers. It was nice to be able to fly and see what looked like an infinite distance.

As she landed near the Winged, Talons, Scythe wielding dude... she cleared her throat to get his attention... and asked simply...

"Do you know some cat girl named Elisa Bluemoon... I think she's part Moonian... whatever that is." Kurumu asked in the sweetest and most polite tone she could muster.

Mordecai woke up with a start. He had had 7 glasses before passing out. He felt like crap, probably owing that to the cyanide in his drinks.
"Is anything happening? Saber die again?" He asked Lucifer, groggily but without accent. He was wondering if he should just go back to his own world to help with the zombies. He decided to check up on that, cutting a gash in the air, leaving an image in it.

Several men in black robes and gasmasks were holding their scythe like one does a gun, using the blade as a trigger, flames emerging from the end. Several men, with rotted flesh ran about, on fire waving their arms in the air. Might've been comical, in fact it kind of was. Behind the reapers, were several charred black bodies, all contorted in agony.
"Things going well on your end?" Mordecai asked one with his hood pulled down and his mask around his neck. He held up his hand, index finger tip held to his thumb, in the universal "Okay" sign. Mordecai gave a thumbs up, the gash closing.

We aim to please.

Mark set up an X-ray projector and and got...oh dear. Jake's mind was just a little screwed up. The lump itself produced a different effect...which was hardly a confidence-booster. Also, where did those doctors come from?


The watcher never lost track of her, for reasons that would become apparent in a moment, given that Kumuru had noticed the presence and decided to fly up there. However, the figure she saw was...

...female. Lumis was in her Werebat form, with all senses available made far more acute than any human being. It was the meta-human invokation of a bat anima, essentially. She turned to regard Kurumu with an impassive stare, then spoke in an even tone.

Lumis: If she's a student, she goes to AHS. They don't allow her kind at the other academy. All meta-human, no non-human-beings, you see. I don't know her, though.

Her eyes narrowed on the demon girl slightly.

Lumis: You're not from around here. It's none of my business, but are you here to cause trouble?

Meanwhile, off to the side, behind a an air conditioning unit...

"There's alot of gifted people here. D'you think any of 'em can see or hear us?"

"I don't know and I'm not taking the chance yet, so keep your head down."



Back on Terminus, Massacre's dragging this king-sized leash behind him on a bridge support cable, walking up to a guy living outta one of his on-site human settlements.

"Excuse me, but did you see a giant two-tailed-"


The guy ran off in the biggest hurry of his life!

"Oh yeah... Can't talk to these people out of human form 'cause I'm horrible and monstrous."


Welcome back

Location: The Medical Ward
Subjects: Neil, Mark, Unconscious Jake

The Screen to the X-ray machine flashed brightly before becoming just a dot of light and then died altogether. When the X-Ray machine died, the manufacturer dispatched a tech right away, causing the door of the Pub to burst open as the rather portly technician entered and headed straight for the machine.

Mark had to do a double take for a moment as he recognized the tech... somewhat.

"They're attacking the Kernal sir!" The Tech said as he plugged his old Powerbook into the X-ray machine and started typing furiously into the keyboard.


The Powerbook wasn't even on. In fact... from what Mark could see, the man wasn't doing anything but mashing buttons on the Powerbook's keyboard. The tech... which was starting to look a lot less like a tech and more of a comedian pulling a cameo... pulled a rather large looking flip phone out of his pocket.

"They're attacking the Kernal sir!"

Okay... trap door open... flushing Penn Jilette out the Pub

"This still doesn't solve anything." Maybe... we need to take a tissue sample of this lump.

"Did someone say vicodin... I mean tissue sample?" A man that looked suspiciously like Hugh Laurie said from a booth as he stood up and hobbled over.

"This is NOT cool."

Location: AHS
Subject: Kurumu and Lumis

Kurumu shook her head in response to the question. She had never been a big trouble maker save for the second episode of R+V and even then it had worked out right?

"Of course I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm just here to find out ... well there's this kid in the place I come from... and well... he thinks that he and Elisa are related... and I just want to find out if... I think... Well it's a long story. I just need to take her to see the kid." Kurumu explained as the chatter nearby caught her attention.

It was odd for people to be up here... far stranger for them to be conversing about keeping their head down and remaining unseen.

Location: The Bar
Subject: Mordecai and Lucifer and Nega

Nega was still in the midst of torturing one Stephanie Meyer when Mordecai returned to the land of the conscious. He shrugged as he finally snapped the lady's head off and reabsorbed her essence.

"Nothing much except those guys that sit over to the side... the strange ones.. they're playing doctor with each other I think." N.P. said with a bit of a chuckle.

Now... Lucifer, who in the corner trying to find a way to remove the Chastity Belt, looked over at Mordy and said something to the effect of...

"Something tells me trouble's brewing... and not the kind that I want to be stuck in this Pub for. Best get ready for whatever it is."

House call?

Neil stared at this bizarre display before asking...

"Where's his silent partner?"

Teller walked in, handed Neil a card with a smile, and...walked out. There was writing on the card.

"'Zooty zoot-zoot'? What the...?"

But that aside, Penn CALLED someone on that phone, and a moment later the door out of the bar was kicked open and in stepped a man in an Enclave powersuit that had glowing highlights not unlike Jack's suit. Oh dear god... It's the engineer of the Fallout Sector: FalloutScott! With his uber-sledge slung over his shoulder, he approached the writer booth.

FalloutScott: Did someone be needin' a wee bit of a fixer-upper, then?


Two people talking covertly while not seeming so covert wasn't really a bad thing. Well, it was if their names were Isaac and Miria, but since it wasn't...we're fine. The question was...who were they? And also, why were they here? And if they were hiding, why were they not whispering?

"I get a funny feeling off of the bat-girl."

"Strange reiatsu, yeah..."

Hold on a second! Those two sounded AWFULLY FAMILIAR! But putting that aside, Lumis was apparently unaware of them at this time. Instead, she pondered over what Kurumu had to say and then...

Lumis: So, he is a Moonian, then? I'm afraid I don't entirely follow, but I know the simplest way to find out from a standstill.


Inside the bridge of the flagship of the vicious Black Talon organization, the commander Alan Reinhardt was going over the list of current armaments deployed right now when...the viewscreen suddenly turned itself on!

"Commander Reinhardt, I require a moment of your time."

Commander: Ah, Lord Massacre! What brings you to my so-called doorstep?

"I'm looking for the Wrathwyrm. Have you seen it?"

Commander: One might try vector coordinates 82 by 53 by 197.

"Hmm? All I see there are two halves of a planet, slowly disinte... You're telling me he went that a'way, aren't you?"

Commander: Right on the money, Lord. Reinhardt out.

At this rate, he'd have to rev up the Nemesis just to save their organization from destruction.

Location: The Writer's Booth
Subjects: Jake, Neil, Mark and FalloutScott

Seriously? There's an Engineer here to do a Doctor's work?

"Uhhh... don't you guys have a medic for this sort of thing?" Mark asked F.O.Scott and his Supersledge. If anything was going to fix Jake, it was not a Supersledge.

Of course... Scott wasn't there for Jake right? I hope... please? If there was one thing that Mark didn't want to do, it was clean the remnants of Jake's head from the booth.

As Mark said this, one Gregory House M.D. look a look at Jake and stated that the writer was not suffering from Lupus.

"Big surprise... it's never Lupus."

Location: AHS
Subject: Lumis and Kurumu

Kurumu shook her head emphatically.

"Definitely not since he doesn't have any cat parts. He's human so far as has been reported and well... he's got some bizarre energy levels for a human. I could go on... but ... what's the simplest way?" Kurumu asked as she cast a cloak in invisibility on herself to check out the other two who were on the roof.

It's not Lupus...unless it's turning into a werewolf.

FalloutScott: You should be thankful it WAS me! The other one that wanted ta' come in was that crazed Dr. Bastion, an' he wanted a little revenge for the beating he got earlier!

Yes, this man was no doctor. But he was also no crazed scientist...possibly. Mr. Scott mercifully put down the hammer for a moment and began to inspect Jake by poking and prodding him, pulling on his limbs, picking him up and looking him over, and then jabbing the big horn-lump to make it quiver. He then turned to the Author.

FalloutScott: Ya broke 'im. How did you DO that? He's guaranteed 'till the end of eternity an' you knocked 'im out colder than an arctic breeze on PLUTO.


Lumis: Well, the simplest way would be...

She paused and narrowed her eyes at Kurumu as she appeared to vanish and head off. There was a bat-like shriek afterwards, and as soon as she received radar telemetry on where the...THREE...presences were, she followed and continued talking.

Lumis: get into the AHS student files in their office and find out all the details. Am I interrupting something?

Crouched behind the AC were the two Arrancar. They turned to see Kurumu very clearly, despite her cloak.

Roy: Oh, uhhh...hi.

Elsie: You didn't think we were going to let you go alone, did you?


Meanwhile, on Oddworld...

Abe: Hello.


Abe: Password.

"Meech Munchies."

Abe: Okay.

"Seen the Wrathwyrm?"

Abe: Uh-uh.

"Can I talk to Shrykull?"

Abe: Follow me.

It could be worse...

Some time had passed while FalloutScott was doing his thing with Jake and blaming Mark for knocking the kid clean out. However, Mark was not listening. He was... crying?

"WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!' Mark wailed like some child who had just lost his pet.

Coincidentally, Mark had not been paying attention to Jake's broken condition since he couldn't get worse than broken right? Right?

Anyways... he had just completed the last Episode of The Walking Dead Game... and well... it was sad.

"WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! The Writer continued before Lucifer muted him by shutting down the Writer's vocal cords.

"Jeez... such a baby." Lucifer stated as he looked at the game curiously and started a new save game profile.

Back to Kurumu... and Elsie... and Roy.

"Well... you should be with your kid, not nosing around some strange place without him. You seriously think those writers are gonna do a good job looking after him?" The Succubus asked, genuinely concerned about Neil's fate with the Writers and the other Pub Patrons.

Well... it could have been worse... far far worse... especially since Nega got it in his head to hire some strippers from Dimension XXX.

But... yeah...

Kurmumu thanks Lumis and started heading towards the High School, with the Arrancar in tow.

"Have you guys never been around children before? The last thing you need is Lucifer teaching Neil how to make a prison shank."

Cue Lucifer teaching Neil how to make fishing flies to go fishing with.

"And let's not forget about Saber and his Laid Back, Quick Temper."

Cue Saber getting his knees cut out from under him.

I have not played the game, but I can guess that it's a downer ending. That's The Walking Dead to a T.

"Did he really break the Writer? I thought it was because of John."

From another booth, the word "Snitch." was heard. Nobody paid it any heed.

FalloutScott: I can make repairs, but it'll take come work.


It may be a point of interest that Kurumu had more or less made Lumis somewhat curious now, and that while the demon was pulling and talking to thin air, that the werebat was following via the higher buildings. This was, of course, after she had given directions in the first place. Anyway...

Elsie: Well, we've got no confidence in Jake, of course. He's more dead to the world than WE are.

Roy: But then, there WAS a certain someone who gave our son a super-powerful robot to watch him.


Because an an anime-verse was involved and Puce was being talked about, the tender of the bar would suddenly have to sneeze. And then, he would see a trapdoor open on the bar ceiling and Massacre...climbing down a ladder upside-down as he followed a Mudoken to the Deathclaw underground... Also, Jake's lump formed a fist and punched Scotty in the face.


Location: An Island in the Past
Sujects: Lilith and Wesker

Sorry for taking so long

As with all good Zombie Action Scenes, Wesker and Lilith were easily able to dispatch the incoming hoards, leaving blood and bodies in their wake.
"Get in the lifts, they go straight up to the top floor and Goldman!" Wesker shouted over the gunfire as the pair backed into an elevator.
The doors shut and they ascended up the building, compete with calming music.
"Get ready, I know Goldman, He ain't the fighting kind, but he has plenty of monsters to do the job for him." He explained as he reloaded.
The doors opened on the top floor.

The Intercom came on.
"GooD, yOu havE MaDe it, Friends. THe DoOr of FatE shaLl oPen."
And just like that, every door on that floor opened up.
"...Where are the zombies?..." He asked as he scanned the empty floor.
Cue Tumbleweed.

The Story is definitely TWD, with different Characters... but they are still excellent Characterizations. Glen even makes a short appearance in Episode 2 or something. But yes... downer ending.

Location: The Writer's Booth & The Bar
Subjects: Mark, Lucifer, Neil, Unconscious Jake and F.O.Scott

"I ... WAHHHHHH!!! ... KNOW!!!! SO SAD !!!!! WAAAAAAHHHH!"

Oh god... that was two of them that had just finished the ending of The Walking Dead Game from Telltale Games and both of them were crying like f**king pansies, if f**king pansies sounded like air raid sirens. The both of them were watching the ending once again and sharing a drink while doing it.


Nega sat there... trying his best to ignore the two of them but... in the end it was just too much. A couple of bricks dropped from the ceiling and knocked The Writer and The Devil out cold.

Peace and quiet finally settled over the Pub.

Meanwhile, Puce continued to sneeze as he was being watched and talked about and seeing that Massacre was walking around unfettered, Puce decided to follow him into the Colony.

Location: AHS
Subject: Kurumu, Elsie, Roy and Lumis

Ultra... powerful... babysitterbot?

REGIS, curious as to what all the hubba-balloo was all about started a new game...

Kurumu looked at the dual Arrancar curiously as she was about to say that Jake had done a fine job with them and not only that, he was responsible for them having Neil.

"What do you mean he's more dead to the world?" Kurumu asked as she fluttered along in the air, looking like nothing but a raven looking for carrion.

Her true destination was still the registration records for Elisa however but she was curious as to what Elsie and Roy meant.

"It's not like you should trust the other one any more than you do Jake. The shit he's put me through... seriously? You just don't wanna know. There are piles of broken people that he's left in his wake." Kurumu admitted and of course this was mostly trust. Piles of people? Sure... broken? That's purely subjective. That's my defense your honor... so help me.

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith, Wesker, Goldman

Well... it wasn't like the doors were empty... have you ever seen what a predator looks like when it's cloaked in the movies? Yeah... that.

Except, instead of a predator, you've got zombies... zombies by the truckload.

As ridiculous as it sounded, someone had outfitted people with thermo-optical camouflage and then zombified them. It was definitely some sort of Government type project... Goldman had gotten to charge them $60,000 per toilet seat after all.

"Uhhhhh... I don't like the looks of this Uncle Wesker." Lilith said as she backed up slowly from the opened doors. Something swung at her and hit her across the face, a sort of invisi-zombie bitch slap if you will.

"The hell?" Lilith roared as she took a swing at whatever hit her and missed... missed by a mile.

I should also mention that the zombies were also midgets... well... I guess little people would be the correct term. Using little people had saved Goldman a lot of money on the camouflage.

The Dead Walking.

Yes, the Regis noticed that Mass and Puce were up to something, poked Neil, and began to follow...while playing a tune. Puce followed Abe and Mass down the ladder as they headed deeper and deeper into the Deathclaw underground, until finally they came upon...George The Deathclaw.

Abe: Hi!

George: Hello.

Abe: *Farts* Hee hee hee...

George: *Grumbles and slaps Abe before walking off*

Abe: *Mudoken growl*

"Are you sure you know where you're going?"

Abe: Uh-uh.

Abe pulls a lever and...a trap door opens and sucks Massacre in, leading who-knows-where!


Abe: Oops.


Roy: I mean, he's out much colder than my corpse, pardon my saying. He's not DEAD, but it IS out of it in an extreme way.

Elsie: Listen, Kurumu... I didn't want to have to be the one to compare Writers, but I've seen Jake's head. He has things that normally happens to some of his characters, buuut then he also has alternate universe types who are...not so good.

Roy: Just how bad is it?

Elsie: well, I was actually looking in there for this 'Elisa' and I came across the wrong person by mistake.

As they headed down the blocka and out of Domino towards AHS, Elsie began to describe the OTHER Bluemmoon girl. Rather, the original that Elisa was clearly based off of. She only got a flash, but it was of this kind-hearted sort who was a future-daughter of one of the AHS characters, a tech-head who'd used a special powersuit to collect chronoton energy to travel into the past. It was something that'd been on Jake's mind, a no-holds-barred battle on a dying space station with a parasite copy of herself much like the SA-X of Metroid Fusion.

Elsie: I saw her being owned by this psychopathic killing machine that was a composite copy of her, and she's being pressured to defeat it because it'll spread all over the Earth if it gets here.

Roy: Why'd you pick up on that?

Elsie: I think she's her sister or something.

The Anime High School cammpus was a field-surrounded area close to the main street with a concrete perimeter fence and an open gate for all late-comers. Students were allowed to go in and out, but there was an important thing... You couldn't actually see anything weird happening from the outside. For instance, it seemed quiet before they came in, but then he'd walk in and...there'd be a guy showing off a fireball to his girlfriend, or two sword-users sparring in the open, and...was that a catapult by the fountain? This was a campus with a dormatory and everything. If you were waiting for people to go home for the night, not happening.


The bottom of the nexus asteroid opened up to allow Massacre to fall out. Nearby the trapdoor was a blue pulsating thing, traces organic with inorganic. Looke like it was something that hit the asteroid and splattered...initially.

Dead Man Waking?

Location: The Colony
Subject: Puce and Abe and Neil and Regis

Puce looked at Abe and looked at the hole for a moment then back at Abe.


Abe went into the hole left by the trap door head first. There had been so many odd thing occurring within the walls of the Pub that this was just... normal. At least normal to Puce, who was at that very moment about to jump in after Abe if it wasn't for the fact that he spotted Neil and Regis.

The more and more time Puce spent with Neil... the more and more he started to feel like he was doing all the parenting.

"Neil? What are you doing down here?" Puce asked, walking towards the kid and his killer robot.

"Never mind... I don't wanna know. Just... do you know how to get back up to the Pub?" The Bartender and Proprietor asked as he made the mental preparations to jump into a hole that had no known destination. If Puce was lucky... he wouldn't wind up dead.

As for Neil... he surely must know the way back up the surface... right? huh? Please?

Location: AHS
Subject: Roy, Elsie, Kurumu and Lumis

Kurumu was nearly decapitated. That is... she walked between the sword fighting duo as she stepped on to the AHS campus and witnessed a bizarreness that she hadn't bore witness to since she had attended Yokai Academy.

"Okay... this... is... strange." Kurumu muttered as she looked for the administration building. If there were records that were kept it would have been in an administration building right?

Seeing that she was around people that were otherwise not very human in nature, Kurumu let the illusion of the blackbird drop, letting everyone see her for what she was.

"Okay... now... where's this administration building?" Kurumu muttered as she looked around, daunted by the size of the campus.

Well... let's asked someone.

"HEY!!!! ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND THE ADMISSIONS BUILDING OR KNOW WHO ELIZA IS?!?!?!" She yelled at everyone using her loudest outdoor voice she could muster.

Bugged Post

Location: An Island in the Past
Subjects: Lilith, Wesker, Goldman
Actually, House of the Dead 2 DID have invisible Zombie Migets

"Goldman always was impractical with his Zombie Designs." Wesker sighed as he fired blindly into the hallway, bound to a least hit something.
As they fought, the lights of the building dimmed as if the power was being strained.
Goldman was brining his creation to life.
"Dammit! Forget these guys, we need to get to Goldman's office!" He shouted as he sprinted down the hall, firing his twin magnums to clear his path as he did.

YOu wouldn't believe how many people call her 'Eliza'.

Neil was about to explain when he was cut off by Puce asing himm if he knew how to get back upstairs. Without even prompting, the Regis Mark 5.1's left eye spat out a red light that created a holographic 3D image of the Nexus asteroid with glowing lines representing all existing tunnels and open spaces, plus a "YOU ARE HERE" sign.

"Yeah, I'm covered. Why? I thought all the Deathclaws were all smart and worked for the pub. Wouldn't they just point me in the right direction anyway?"

Then, he looked at tbe hole.

"You're not really going down there, are you?"


Kurumu's demmonstration of No-Indoor-Voice was met with blank stares and confusion by everyone outside...until Lumis landed nearby.

Lumis: She meant 'Admiistrations' and a girl named 'Elisa'.

By the way, Kurumu... You've been speaking Japanese as soon as you hit this area. AHS has a spell bound to it that auto-teaches Japanese as per the student packet, and also for the convenience of the visitors. However, because of this, your slight faux pas of the wrong words ended up looking like the wrong dialect for this area of Japan and - consequentally - they didn't quite understand. Anyway, thanks to Lumis, several hands pointed towards a promising building, past the fountain and the catapult. The werebat now turned towards the demon girl.

Lumis: This was the exact wrong way to do things if you were planning on doing it covertly. If you're lucky, though, the students won't care if you appear in there during off-hours.

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