The Pub ver. 2.0: Meta RP and Character Workshop (Always Open)

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The Necromancer tightly wrapped his robe around him "I don't know. I was on hike when a random bar was in the trail. I believe it's teleporting shop. You know the ones where you get a mystical item but when you leave the shop was never there"

"I didn't realise those actually existed.
So with fashion sense like that I'm guessing you're a mage?"
She's spent her life around magic users not one knew how to dress properly.
"What kind of magic do you pratice?"

With the entry of the new girl, Rex zips his hoodie up and pulls his beanie a little farther down his head. He slowly starts scuffing out the magic circle drawn around him with his foot. It got cold all of a sudden... Guess that girl's some kind of ice user...

Rex gives a quick look over at Knife. "Mind getting me another whiskey, dude?"

"Oh yeah there are all sorts of shops that do that. Oh and I'm a Necromancer. I contact spirits, raise the dead. You know the works"

"Sure mate." Knife says, producing a bottle and pouring two glasses of whiskey. Giving one to the man wearing the white and black hoodie, Knife drops a couple of ice cubes in the second and holds it in his robotic hand. "So, I didn't catch your name Mr....."

"Strange you'd be so open about it is necromancy more common where you're from?"
She sits down on one of the nearby tables.
Turning to the barkeeper she asks.
"What sort of drinks do you do here?"

"Well most every village has some sort of Necromancer, or witch, or warlock. Somebody has to put spirits to rest after all... It's still frowned upon though"

Rex downs his drink and promptly extends his hand toward the bartender. "Rex Crossholt. Alchemist. Nice to meet ya, Mr.... Enclave, did she say?" He tilts his head a bit in confusion.

"Any drink you want miss." Knife says to the new woman, "May I recommend the Agradi Berry Juice? It has a nice electric kick."
"My name's Knife, Knife 28." He adds for both the newcomer and Rex.

"...So you have a number for a last name? Is that a normal thing where you come from?" He takes a sip of his whiskey as he notes Knife's robotic hand. Nice...

"So it's some kind of cell? That doesn't exactly sound safe.
I think I'll pass no offence.
It's not a weird colour is it?
Anyway I'm Fran." Probably not worth using her full name Frances Valken-Breg VII.

"Somewhat." Knife says to Rex, before turning back to Fran. "Uh, it may be neon coloured...but it's perfectly safe, watch." He says, downing his entire glass of whiskey then producing another neon blue coloured bottle. Pouring a glass, he quickly drinks half of it. "See, like I said, totally safe." He says, unbeknownst to the fact that the static electricity has caused his ponytail to raise itself above his head.

"Do you have anything that includes garlic, wolfs-bane, lemons, a bag of poppy seeds, bacon, a silver dagger, a cross and a stake preferably made of mahogany... You know just want to get my basics covered in case of monsters"

"That looks like it's a solution of copper, lots, I don't really want to ingest that much of any metal thanks."

Rex lets out a bit of a laugh as he downs the rest of his drink. "Let me get a glass of that juice.... And you might wanna check that thing that just popped up on your head."

"Well it could be worse, it could be...heavy metal!" Knife says to Fran, The Pub's jukebox switching on and playing this song as he says it. As he chuckles at his own joke, he pours another Agradi Berry Juice for Rex, the static electricity in Knife's own drink finally wearing off and returning his ponytail to his back.

The Necromancer looked at Knife with distaste "You could you put off that infernal racket and put on some real music!" He said bopping Knife on the head

Rex downs the Agradi Berry Juice and electricity begins to arc around his bandaged arm. "Nice. Just what I needed... I might need a little bit of that stuff, just like... 20 gallons." He says to Knife. As the Necro disrespects the metal, Rex feels compelled to punch him in face, but stays his hand for a moment, taking in a deep breath.

"Hey mate if you can carry it I think I can make a barrel or two disappear." Knife says, walking over to the jukebox and giving it a bang, changing the song. "There, happy now Mr Fussy Robes?" He asks Nak.

"I would much rather have the flight of the bumblebee on. A truly classic song if you ask. Also could I get something really strong, Like melt your insides strong"

"Don't worry. I can carry a barrel far enough." He taps the counter with the song.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

In the middle of the Pub there was a chandelier that had been shot free from the ceiling and lay there in a wreck. In the middle of the wreck, there lay an Asian looking man with no distinguishing marks other than the bruises he had received when April had shot the chandelier free from the ceiling, a chandelier that Mark had been using as a rather unorthodox perch after a night full of... well... what ever had happened.

"ugh... wait... Jac's been born?" The Writer muttered as he checked his Tablet for an update on what was going on with his characters. Now it normally wouldn't have been an issue, a new character being born to an older set of character but...

"Shit... Puce and Kurumu haven't been married yet." And that's when he spotted Knife.

"KNIFE!!!!! I need an emergency Wedding post haste. Will it still be legal if the two are in different dimensions right now? Wait... who cares... shit shit shit." Mark said in a panic as he started rez'ing in dimensional video conferencing systems.

"What the bloody hell is his issue?" April asked from the top of the stairs looking down on the situation.

"Apparently it's bad luck in Vietnam to have your first born son be a bastard." The daemon named Lucifer stated as he took a sip of what appeared to be blood... but was really punch.

"YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! YOU! NOT YOU! YOU! YOU! You're the witnesses"" The Writer said as he pointed at everyone, except for Lucifer. The devil never made a good witness for anything.


As he was screaming out orders, no one noticed the 10 foot Death Claw named Fenris emerging from the trap door behind the bar and grabbing what appeared to be a spare door out of a maintenance closet and running back down into the darkness contained within the trap door.

Location: Domino

Subjects: Kurumu, Roy, Lumis, Som

"So... we're just going to wait for her until she gets back? What if she decides to el..." Now... Kurumu would have completed the important sentence if it wasn't for the fact that a transdimensional video conferencing system suddenly appeared in the middle of Som's room, complete with the rather panicked face of one very panicked Asian Writer.

"Heyguysyoubusy? Great! Kurumu,you'regonnagetmarriedtoPucerightnowbecauseifyoudon'tJac'llbeabastard! Luckilysincethere'satimedelaybetweenwhereyou'reatandwherePuceisatJacisn'tabastardyet!" The panicked voice came in through the speakers like the staccato of gunfire.

"Royandyoueveryoutwoare... you'rethewitnesses"


Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Massacre and Elsie

Puce nodded at Massacre as he started fiddling with the control panel that controlled the cannon array. An audible humming could be heard as the array powered up, the capacitors charging up to 150% of their rated capacity.

"Alright! It's all set to fire." Puce reported as the Transdimensional video conferencing system materialized nearby.

"HeyPuce! GetreadybecauseyouandKurumuaregonnegetmarriedrightnow!! Idon'tcarewhatyou'reuptobutyoursonhasbeenborn! Idon'twanthimtobeabastard!" Mark said as the screen blinked to life and filled itself with his face.

"We're kind of in the middle of something at the moment." Puce said as he hit the fire button and unleashed a salvo of green death towards the Rez Fleet and Wrathwyrm.

"Idon'tcareifyou'reunderattackbyhellitself. Getready! Massacre,Elsie! You'rethewitnessesthere!"

Location: The Death Claw Colony

Subjects: Fenris and FalloutScott

Fenris had reappeared with the door and ordered two of the remaining Alphas in the colony to begin setting up the door. This was indeed like Monster's Inc. The doors were typically used to setup new entrances to other dimensions when they were born... but there were a few doors that were sitting around connected to dimensions that had nothing of interest in them or were too new to sustain life yet.

"Alright! Get her setup! Scott! How are you doing?" He asked the Engineer as the witnessed the awesomeness of the freeze ray.

"A wedding! Somebody get a cake with Pink Carnations on it. I'll go get the bride and groom figurines, the ring and the party favors!" He quickly made two very crude figurines and than started to grab random snacks from the bar and putting them in bags

"Wait a sec, you." Knife says, pointing at Mark, "What dimensions are Puce and Kurumu in?" As he says this, he starts changing into his ministers clothing.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

There was a pause as Mark looked at the big board, a monitor that tracked the location of every Avatar in existence.

"Puce is in Rez World? Where ever the hell that is... and Kurumu is... she's in Anime High School" Mark responded as he started decorating that Pub as if there was actually going to be a wedding on the premise.

"Mark... you know... I'm kind of in the middle of a battle at the moment." Puce said over the transdimensional video conferencing system.

"Puce! Are you saying you don't wanna marry me?!?!?!!" Came Kurumu's response from the other monitor.

"Ummm... Knife... if you would."

Rex just sits back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head, watching the scene unfold. Even if they didn't really get to kiss, vows are vows, right?

"Mark, it is Mark isn't it? Never mind, can you get the Universal Coordinates of the Rez World and whereever this Anime High School you said Kurumu is." Knife asks, straightening his collar.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

"Uhhhhhhhh... sure?" The Writer said as he started to panic and furiously type a bunch of buttons controlling the Big Board.

"Puce is ummm... Dimension: 918 X: 2137.2 Y: 2891 Z: 3.14169 T: 2012 and Kurumu is Dimesion 12723 X: 0 Y: 0 Z:0 T: 2035... that's strange. Kurumu's in the exact center of that dimension?" Mark said as he looked at the screens.

"Yup! That's right! That's where they're at."

"You know... I remember when I used to be a Minister... the whole rebellion thing ruined that though... *Sigh* Lucifer said from the sidelines.

"918 X: 2137.2 Y: 2891 Z: 3.14169 T: 2012, got it." Knife says, pulling back his sleave and imputing the numbers into the holographic keyboard coming out of his wrist. "Puce, pack you bags man, because-" Knife press the enter key, disappearing and suddenly reappearing next to Puce. "You got a fucking wedding to go to mate."

"Wait what?"
This was clearly not a place where you could just slip off for a few minutes.
"So who's marrying who exactly?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

Mark looked at Fran for a moment, there was something in his eyes that registered a sort of recognition of her before he answered.

"Well... Puce... that would be the true owner of this Pub is marrying his High School sweet heart Kurumu Kurono. Well they didn't know each other in High School but they've been together for nearly 40 years. Now you're probably asking why on earth they look so young... but the answer is quite simple... this Pub stops you from aging." Mark said with a smile as he watch Knife try to pull Puce back into the Pub.

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Massacre and Elsie

Puce blinked for a moment as Knife grabbed his arm, not believing that his old drinking buddy was actually there.

"Uhh... Knife... we're kind of in the middle of something." The Pub's Proprietor said as he pointed towards the space battle that was going on over their heads. Not only that... there was a giant mecha-dragon trying to kill them all.

There was a loud explosion as the cannon array fired off another salvo.

"Puce get your ass back here. Remember when you go back... no time will have passed you idiot! Get your ass to the Pub!" Mark screamed through the Transdimensional Video Conferencing System.

"Grab Elsie too!! She can be the Maid of Honor!"

"Ok, now hold on tight you two." Knife says to Puce and Elsie and he types in Kurumu's coordinates. "12723 X: 0 Y: 0 Z:0 T: 2035." He mutters to himself, before he presses enter, teleporting them across the multiverse to Domino.

"Right, that's fairly strange but I should probably stop being surprised.
So where is everyone from?"

Location: Domino

Subjects: Kurumu, Roy, Lumis, Som

Now when Knife appeared there was something quite curious about what was in Kurumu's arms. It was a small baby that had puce colored hair, bat wings and a tail. Like all baby boys, he looked like Winston Churchill.

"Knife? Puce? What the bloody hell are you doing here?" Kurumu exclaimed as the Mall Fighter and the Succubus' soon to be husband appeared in the middle of Som's room.

"Just grab all of them... Roy, Lumis and Som included." Mark yelled, waking the baby who began to scream like a bat out of hell.

"Is that..."

"Yeah he's your and Kurumu's kid... and he's a bastard unless you get married NOW!!!!"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Fran and Nak

"You could say I'm from the Real World... not the Television Show but a dimension of people that dictate what happens in various other subdimensions. We're like Gods but without the immortality.

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