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Mark's eyes widened for a moment with the question that was asked.

"Magic? Seriously? No it's electronics. There is a little ... well... here just google it." He said as he typed in the search string that would would take her the ""

"There... this should explain exactly how a speaker works. Speakers are installed on this laptop." He stated, hoping she knew the concept of electricity.

"Well of course it's not balanced. There's arc runners for one, that would be the people who are given dominance for a short time to run through the story arc. Some can be nice, some can be tyrants but everyone at least gets their turn." He stated.

"Besides, if everything were equal, nothing would ever get done in here. They'd be debating until the end of days trying to figure out how to properly screw in a lightbulb.



"What's that E word?"

Clearly electricity was new to her.

"And balance doesn't have to work like that, things can still get done otherwise nothing would happen. We can create local imbalance as long as the sum totals don't change. Not to mention there's a grace period."


"Electricity... is a form of energy that we use to power our devices. Think of it as being energy that would gather to power a magical spell." Mark stated with a sigh, looking tired due to the time and the energy he had spent talking to The Vessel.

"If this works out like a math equation, then in order to create an imbalance towards one decision, then you have to create an equal imbalance towards the opposing view. That's the only way that the sum is able to be maintained. And what's this about a grace period?" The man asked looking confused as ever. This was clearly starting to cause Mark some pain in his head.



"If I should do anything to create imbalance." She pulls a small scalpel out of one of her pockets unsheathing it. She draws the blade across her arm, not deep enough to be dangerous but still to cause bleeding.

"Like so, then I become charged with energy to correct the imbalance." Her glows with an unearthly green light as she draws her fingers across the cut sealing it good as new.
"I can only hold the energy inside me for so long otherwise it forces itself out in random and chaotic ways. However I'm getting better and better at holding it in, allowing me more and more time as a grace period.

I can use the grace period to transfer over harm and health from good people and bad people and vice versa."

Checks and Balances eh?

Mark was amazed for a moment when he witnessed The Vessel's balancing act, so to speak. However it still bothered him that even if she had created an imbalance within herself among the cacophony of voices that were contained within her mind, she would have to correct it somehow.

"So if you create an imbalance within the Divinities in your mind, how is it that the balance gets corrected? In your example, you cut yourself and then you heal yourself. If a villain harms a hero, you are able to use the villain's energy to heal the hero thus inverting the equation which is still imbalanced." He asked as he prepared to leave for home.

-In which something strange happens...-

Natsuki watches as Puce works at the terminal, and looks in confusion at the picture. Sure enough, there was - first of all - no sudden appearance of a Matriarch out of the blue. And second? That picture made no sense at all. Finally, Puce managed to get a grainy-looking feed of something way back when, where a man in a powersuit rolls in the canister of the FEV virus.

And then, he was gone. Just like that.

The Diclonius inspected the image carefully, a look of some hope in her eyes. Was it dad? Did he really make it? Was he responsible for the FEV being used in here? Why that strain? So that anything else coming in here would be unaffected?

"It might be him, but the way this image is...all I can do is narrow it down to the Fallout Sector. The vanishing could be weirdness or it could be a Stealth Boy. Or even, it could be FalloutDavid, the Stealth Soldier. That's the best I can do with that for now. But Puce..."

She looked him in the eyes.

"I think there's something wrong with the bar. Nobody walked in on us just now. And who's the red cape girl? And why does it show ME wearing armor? I haven't been in armor since I arrived. And believe me, it wasn't easy hauling it out of the old bar. It's just sitting over there."

She pointed over to an occupied corner where her armor sat unused. Something funny was going on...


"That is not how it works, in your example the hero and villain are as bound by the laws of balance as any other. They are trapped within their nature as mortals; they are as capable of breaking the gods balance as they are of living forever.

But me however, I am more than that. I've been given the most valuable of gifts. I can break the balance in my favour with my talents as a doctor or with my chemicals as weapons, but for this gift a price, for the ability to change the world I'm given the duty of maintaining it.
However in that situation there are a few things I could do.

Depending on the seriousness of the wounds I could chose to use my own skills as a doctor to heal my ally charging me with the energy to inflict the same wounds on the villain. Or I could do the opposite, if I had the weapons available I could harm the villain the same way the hero was harmed.

However you aren't thinking completely, the power has no bearing on good or evil, it's only concern is for harm and health. I gain as much energy healing a theif as I do a priest and the same is true with harm."

Puce and Kurumu Never Like Any of My Characters x_x

The comment Kurumu gave made Yoruichi smirk and give a slight playful elbow tug.
"D*** straight. I didn't get promoted to 2nd captain one hundred years ago for standing around looking pretty."

With the food Puce has kindly given her- Yoruichi couldn't hold back. She cracked her fingers together and just dug in. The first piece she grabbed was a caramel apple. In only two full bites, Yoruichi consumed the thing. She placed the stick that used to hold the apple onto the side away from Kurumu and dug in for something else.

This time, she grabbed roasted ribs, not to cold and mildly warm- but didn't matter to her she just ate the thing with her head jerking with a face full of glee as the meat tore off and she chewed it until the whole thing went into her mouth before being swallowed.

"Puce, was it?" She didn't bother to talk without food in her mouth, for the next piece was ramen with hot water in it and she chopped away with her hand swaying so all of it fell into her mouth. "Uhamm, whos'd youuv ghet thais Puhbb gaoing." Slurping the last string of ramen left in her mouth, she quickly grasped a 5-layer sandwich and took the biggest bite out of it she could, and thankfully she least had the manners to chew with her mouth closed.


In which something stranger is noticed

Puce was at a loss for words. There were inconsistencies with the image, sure but what in the world?

"Well the girl in the little red riding hood outfit is Yuroichi the cat girl, but the armor and the lack of a Kadouclaw Matriarch? I dunno..." Puce trailed off when he noticed something totally strange with the paused image.

Despite the image being frozen the date stamp continued to shift from date to date at random.

"What the hell is wrong with this date stamp?" Puce askd aloud as he tapped the monitor to the terminal. Despite everything that he did from tapping the monitor to rebuilding it with his powers, the date stamp still shifted.

"You're right... Something strange is going on." Puce said as he looked at the differences between the image and the Pub as it currently stood.

Scene change again

This time Mark was prepared when he started read Avouleance2nd's post in the Pub 2.0. He was in bed but clothed with Buster, his chihuahua, asleep on his chest. As he read the post, once again The Vessel appeared and comtinuing their conversation as if nothing had happened.

"I've been thing about what you said and I think I understand now. You can break the balance and from breaking the balance you gain power. When you store this power this is your grace period. If you don't expend this energy before the grace period ends, it departs from you in an uncontrolled manner. You can use this power in how you see fit as long as it balances out." He said with a smile as he looked up at the ceiling, wishing he had put on Pajamas instead of just adding an A shirt to his usual shorts.

"Well your Maker was pretty smart coming up with you concept then. A razor blade of a balance beam." Mark commented as he closed his eyes.

A woman in armor stepped into the pub, raising an eyebrow and turning back to the face the entrance and back. "Woah... What the hell..?"

Caramel Frappe:
Who raised her a pack of hyenas? - After this... Sleep

Puce turned around to get smacking in the face with a piece of roast that had flown off of the bone that Yuroichi was busy stripping down to just pristeen white bone. While it would have been nice to see a normal patron eating, this amount of food was to the excess.

"Erm. I didn't really start the place so much as find it. Back in the day, about 40 years ago, I was looking around Brighton Beach for a particular Russian Mobster that was supplying arms to the man that razed my village. When I entered a random door, I found this Pub. At that time, Knife over here was the Barkeep. Well fast forward a few decades and Kurumu and I were being hunted down be a daemon by the name of Lamia. We entered a random door and there we were, at the Pub once more, only this time no one was tending Bar. So Kurimu and I decided that we'd retire here untio we figured out a way to defeat the temporal paradox that guards the door. If we leave through the Main Door, we'll be back at the mercy of Lamia." Puce explained in once breathe as he dodges bits of flying food.

"And we've enjoyed it ever since... most of the timr" Kurumu said as she emphasized the "most of the time" portion of her statement.

"So what on earth brought you here?" Puce asked being polite.

The door of the pub opened but no one was visible. Then a chair at the bar pulled itself out and scooted back in a bit. Then a young man faded into existence, sitting in the chair.

"Hey, I'm Eli. What's this place?" He asked the barkeep.

Will paste sheet when time allows and I don't have to go to bed

Puce turned towards the new comer and smiled a large and friendly smile.

"Welcome welcome! Come in!" he said as he gestured towards an empty seat.

He then turned towards the man that he would soon know as Eli and answered hjs question.

"Well... It's a Pub in the middle of no where and everywhere all at the same time." Puce the barkeep answered giving him the fact as Phce knew them

A greeting, YAY!

Katrina turned around, slightly startled. "Uuuhhh... Sure I guess. Maybe I'll find something of worth here..." She sat down in the empty seat.


I'm off to bed... I'll update sheet soon afterwards

Puce yawned as he looked at the new patrons at the Pub. Tappibg into the Pub's main reactor located underneath the floorboards, Puce crafted a temporary barkeep that would serve drinks but not conversation while he and Kurumu slept.

"Many apologies but Kurumu and I have to be off to bed. We haven't slept since we landed in this Pub... But the server construct will be happy to serve your drinks." he said as he excused himseld and headed back towsrds hus quarters.

Thanks for history lesson- also two new people arrived in pub.

This kind of history made Yoruichi curious into seeing who exactly this 'Lamia' demon was. She'd be more then willing to fight it off but who knows since from another dimension, the power level can be beyond what Soul Society is used to.

"Well, mmh-" The sushi would have to wait. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and replied, "I stumbled onto here by accident. In the Human World, there's a town called Karakura Town. Whenever Soul Society isn't invaded or anything serious going down that requires my aid in fighting alongside Ichigo and his comrades... well, I just wonder the streets and fences as a cat. Or helping Urahara with one of his brilliant but simple inventions."

"But, recently a portal opened up and I just happened to notice. When I walked into it, the portal behind closed. I was ticked, but.. I figured might as well explore. When coming into this Pub I thought it was normal until I noticed certain people and heard in on the conversations. It's in the middle of everything, from my Soul Society to your guys dimension."

"Woah... What the hell..?"

Viking Incognito:
"Hey, I'm Eli. What's this place?" He asked the barkeep.

Despite that Puce already introduced the Pub to the new guests, Yoruichi spoke anyways. "Welcome to the Pub. It's a place where the universe seems to connect and people from any dimension can come in and drink, eat whatever they want." As she spoke while taking a bite out of rice and noodles now.

Caramel Frappe:
FOOD! Oh and tell us where we are...

"A dimensional portal huh? Not like that isn't common back home." said Katrina, putting down her weapons and backpack at her side. "Is the food here pretty good? 'Cause if its not, then I'm probably just gonna leave."

Will Try To Explain

Yoruichi gave her a somewhat serious but laid back expression. "Food is food hon. There are millions, and perhaps billions of people and species among them that don't have food. Have you ever watched as people had to wait in line sweating and almost fainting just to get a bite in the blistering desert? .. I have. They had to fight self control just so they wouldn't end up taking more food for themselves which would lead others dying in starvation."

She actually turned around in her seat, leaving the food behind her alone. "Even if you don't think food is delicious, it's there regardless. Are you going to let it go to waste, when anyone else who's starving in the brinks of dying would gladly take anything they can get? Be grateful for what you have, and thank those who are kind to you."

With that said, Yoruichi tossed a box of orange chicken in it to the girl, the chicken steaming a bit as she looked at this girl and taking a bite out of a salmon's tail.
"So, what's your name? ..."

"Hmm, I knew I could walk through walls, but walking through dimensions is new. Oh, uh, I'm a ghost by the way."

Caramel Frappe:
Snippy, snip.

"No, I've watched that... The whole blistering desert thing. Hell, I've done treks like that before. It's really some great exercise."

Katrina waved over a waiter, and made her order. Some food really did appeal to her. "Obviously not. Food is food, and wasting it rather rude. I'd just quietly... distribute it to those that like that."

"Name's Katrina Banks. I'm a DragonLord, kinda a big deal back home."



"Thanks you for saying so.
She wasn't exactly sure what happened next.
"Do you want me to go?"

Viking Incognito:
"Hmm, I knew I could walk through walls, but walking through dimensions is new. Oh, uh, I'm a ghost by the way."

Yoruichi chuckled and simply noted, "That's funny, I am too. Though I am physically here so I can be seen, touched, ect. Only those who have special gifts can see really see or able to touch me."

"Name's Katrina Banks. I'm a DragonLord, kinda a big deal back home."

"Yoruichi. So, what did you do to earn a reputation back from where you came?" Regardless of asking the question, she couldn't stop from digging into the pile of food now eating a buffalo chicken strip, with oatmeal in the other hand.

Caramel Frappe:
Asking mah character aboot DragonLords

Katrina's order came around, a large salad first. Katrina idly started eating her food, thinking of an answer to Yoruichi.

"DragonLords are always big deals back home, being the supreme class of soldiers and whatnot. We bonded with dragons with special amulets of ours. Controlling elements helps as well. It's pretty fun stuff."

Is She The DovaKhiin? Lol

The woman didn't pause while she kept eating, she just continued to munch down on whatever her hands could get. Yoruichi still talked though to Katrina though. "What's the benefit of befriending dragons? Do you see them as pets...? If so, it's best to see outside of that."

She took another bite of her english muffin.

"I won't judge or scold you like some hag if you decide to belittle dragons, but being a cat myself whenever I feel like transforming back- we don't appreciate being looked down on. Anyone who insults my tail especially will be back handed. Just saying."

Caramel Frappe:
In-Universe... Its sort of like that, but not really.

"Oh well, you know the basics. Traveling, having a friend to breathe fire at stuff and/or kill said stuff. And no, they are our loving companions, but they do act like pets at times." She paused alittle on her salad.

"Wait... You can turn into a cat? Not like that's unheard of back home, but just curious. I wouldn't mind petting you..." she smirked.

In Yoruichi's Universe, Everything's Complicated and the Series is Ruined Near the End.

This struck Yoruichi, and she stopped eating. This made her blink, and bite her lower lip. Despite being in human form and having cloths on that Kurumu kindly gave her, she did crave the attention since.. she was part cat. So, why not?

She smiled and agreed saying, "If you offer, make sure you can back up your promises after." Smiling, steam arose and she was instantly once again a cat. A black regular car which she had to shrug off the red riding hood outfit.

When the cat spoke, it was in a male voice. "There we are. Now, as you offered?" She leaped of the seat all the way to Katrina's lap and purred. "You may be wondering why I was so eager to be petted. Well, let's just say I crave the feline instincts more then a woman's cravings." She smirked, a clever line that was indeed.

Caramel Frappe:
Bleach right?

Katrina set down her utensil, the fork more specially, as she removed her armors gauntlet and and gently rubbed Yoruichi's head, behind the ears with a smirk.

"I always make good of my promises. Unless its about sex, then I really make good of my promises." she remarked

Eli smiled and leaned back in his chair.

"I admire a forward thinking woman." Eli said, tipping his hat jokingly at Katrina.

Yep. If you'd like to see my Character Sheet on here, it's on the first page in the OP's post.

"Sex is a 2nd nature, but nothing can be compared to the experience of being groomed and petted."
The cat began to lay down, hiding it's legs underneath it's own body and tail starting to sway left and right.

"You don't feel awkward with the fact you're brushing your hand on a cat that can turn into a woman?" She teased, despite having a male voice while being a cat.

Viking Incognito:
Do you want to be quoted, or no?

The cat shifted it's gaze without turning it's head to Eli.
"You must always be on edge in thinking critically in battle or else us ladies would be just as useless as those fairytale princesses."

Caramel Frappe:
Ah, I see.

"Whatever floats your boat I guess." Katrina said. "Not really no. Weirder things have happened back at home so this strikes me a casual."

Viking Incognito:
Oops, an edit. Sorry!

"Forward huh? Depends..." she smirked.


Yoruichi as a cat smirked and looked up at Katrina's face.

"If you play with the guy's heart to much like I play with my food to much- you might end up killing it." Giving the hint and being clever at that. Whenever Yoruichi was in her cat form, she felt more informative. Whenever she was human, she felt more laid back.

Daft Sikes:
Can't Forget You

Speaking of playing with hearts, Yoruichi recalled flirting with the guy at the counter. She saw him, by himself. Was he to much in thought because of what Natsuki and the Deathclaw were talking about? Or was he thinking of her? Nah probably not they just met anyways. Still-

"Hadrian, why don't you come over? Being by yourself is an obvious impression that you're not good with the ladies or confident enough to handle us." She teased, and it just sounded funny coming from a cat with a male voice.

Caramel Frappe:

"Hadrian, why don't you come over? Being by yourself is an obvious impression that you're not good with the ladies or confident enough to handle us."

"Is that what it looks like?" Hadrian turned his head back, looking at the little black cat with a small smirk on his face. "Can a man not have time to ponder things, cat?"

He decided to join them anyway, taking a seat and nodding at the two other people at the table.

"So, was there anything in particular that you wanted to talk about Yoruichi, or did you just want another hand to scratch you behind the ears?"

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