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Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, April, Lucifer, Jake, FalloutJack, Knife, Rex, Rory, Fran and Nak

While Jake had been healing, Mark had been going through what looked like a bunch of files. Somehow he had managed to track down and download all the student files of Anime Highschool, grab the layout of the school and had located the student file of the other Roy Taban. The Writer looked like he had been up for days just reading.

"Oooh, do we get to kill those stupid anime people?" Rory asked, looking at the design. "I'm up for a brawl." He paused, then looked at the patrons. "Well, okay, you're all cool anime people. It's just those bloody highschool animes I can't stand."

"Well, okay, you're all cool anime people. It's just those bloody highschool animes I can't stand."

Jake looked over at him.

"Listen here, Rory the Scotsman. Most of my characters from the Anime High School forum would eat you for lunch. And Mark's seen 'em, so he can verify that I have ALOT. So, don't go dissing that stuff unless you wanna see some comeuppance, got it?"


"Well, okay, you're all cool anime people. It's just those bloody highschool animes I can't stand."

Jake looked over at him.

"Listen here, Rory the Scotsman. Most of my characters from the Anime High School forum would eat you for lunch. And Mark's seen 'em, so he can verify that I have ALOT. So, don't go dissing that stuff unless you wanna see some comeuppance, got it?"

"Blimey, I can't even joke around here, can I?" Rory downed the rest of his drink and set the glass aside. "Seriously, though, what ARE we doing? I'm up for some action."

Hee hee hee

"I take my writing seriously. Critics who help, not hinder, are always welcome...but never the reverse of the two. Now then..."

He stands up and produces a pointing stick and a projector, which displays upon a convenient screen he just pulled down a BIIIG complicated flowchart labeled "THE STORY SO FAR".

"We are here in the bar, the center of everything, the Nexus. Somehow, while drunk, Lucifer sold the blighter out from under Puce and Kurumu - the two that just got hitched by Mark - to April, an angel-hunter known for grinding celestial-and-whatnot beings down into...abusive substances. Also in here somewhere is John Constantine, who hit me over the head with an Infinity Gauntlet earlier. Down below..."

He pointed to another portion of the flowchart.

"We have intelligent Deathclaws who support and protect this place because of a rather complicated plot that happened earlier involving Jack, who's gone down there to investigate things due to Neil, the kid. The situation down below is that there is a creature, an X Parasite using some incredible power, and spreading its own kind into the Deathclaw population. Currently, Fenris the Deathclaw and FalloutScott are trying to handle things, but they lost the creature. Now, outside..."

He pointed to outside the bar with the label "AHS" on it.

"My character, Elisa, has revealed that she knows of Neil - or a version of Neil - that she saw die in South America. But this Neil HERE knows here as well, so something weird has gone on there, and Kurumu and Roy are trying to get her to confront the kid. Finally, on the Rezworld..."

He pointed to the big area marked "Rezworld".

"The nanoplague machine-scorpions are at war with a doomsday mech called the Wrathwyrm, a living weapon created by Massacre, Lord of the Dark Brethren. It is apparently vying for that world to make them send out a paragon - a superior unit - of the Rez to fight the dragon-mech, but it will draw the thing into its cockpit to complete its destructive power FOREVER. Once it's stabilized by the nanotechnology of a superior regenerator like that, it will be able to destroy anything, and do so with pleasure. On the board to stop it are Massacre, Elsie, and Puce. I really hope Puce remembers his gauntlet."

He puts down the pointer.

"Are there any questions?"

Fran hadn't known what to do. Weddings made her uncomfortable, no idea why, the kid doubly so.

She'd stuck to the back not wanting to get in the way and feeling simultaneously like an intruder and a prisoner. She sits, sighing slightly. Her mind is back outside in the cold, she's had time to regret her haste while not paying attention to her immediate surroundings.

Zoning out was getting to be a habit of hers, as was talking to herself, regardless of present company.
"You didn't have to storm out like that, nor did they have to storm in of course."
Bit louder than she probably intended.

"So... we kinda' just sit around and shoot the breeze?" Rory asked.

"Oi, oi Mr Exposition over there, It was technically me that 'hitched' Puce and Kurumu, seeing as I was, you know the minister and all." Knife says over the big board. "You also failed to mention the part where I'm questioning Miss, what did you say her name was, April? Miss April on just why she wants to become a god."

"Oh and Rory, between you and me I can't stand most High School Anime characters either." Knife adds in a whisper, even though the whole Pub can still hear him.

Rex looks down at his clothes for a second and shudders. "Oh god... I'd be one of those asshole 'cool kids' in a highschool anime.... I wanna shoot myself now..." Looking at the big ass explanation board, Rex looks and scratches his chin. "I do wanna do something, but I feel I'm gonna end up horribly screwing up all the plots if I jump in, so I'll chill here, I guess... or how do I get to Deathclaw territory?"

"I do wanna do something, but I feel I'm gonna end up horribly screwing up all the plots if I jump in, so I'll chill here, I guess... or how do I get to Deathclaw territory?"

The Writer grins, reaches up, and pulls on an innocent-looking cord above his head...which activates a trapdoor under Rex's feet!

"Happy landings!"

Neil looked over at him, though.

"Was that really necessary?"



Down, down, and down he fell...passing through into the Deathclaw Underground until...

FalloutJack: OOF!!

...he fell upon a powersuited individual who was getting information from everybody's favorite working-class monster, George the Deathclaw.

George: There's something on your back.

FalloutJack: Yes, thank you for pointing that out... Whoever it is, please get off. I've got work to do.

-insert falling scream noise of your choosing here-

Rex slowly rolls off of FalloutJack and winces as he gets back up, dusting himself off. "Dude could've at least warned me... Damn, that stung...." He gives a small salute to the powersuited fellow as soon as he gets up. "I'm guessing you're FalloutJack. I got sent here to help out with your parasite problem. What do you need me to do, boss?"

Fran's done thinking.
For now at least.
A few words caught her attention.
"Who's this who wants to become a god?"

Location: Skaro

Subjects: April, Knife

"That would be little miss tight lips over there." Knife says to Fran via the inter-dimensional video conferancing screen on the big board. "Why, do you have a few choice words for her?"

"Choice words, no just curious. Divine power is what you could call a hobby of mine."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Number of Characters in the Pub ... is too damn high!

A bleary eyed Mark looked up from the mahogany counter where his head had been lying for the last indeterminate number of hours/days/years. With a swipe of his hands, he broke through what could only be described as... "A Thick Ass Layer of Eye Crust" and coughed the dust out of his lungs.

"*cough cough* Son of a... sorry... Purchase a new house in my Dimension... had my parents come over and... well... you know... they were parents." The Asian writer said as he took a long drink of some very cold water.

"ahhh... Now then... where were we? Oh yes... April and her wanting to kill God." There was an odd smile on his face as he uttered the next words. "Now... who said they weren't Goddesses?"

The Main Door opened to the Pub and revealed... April?


Goddesses? Seriously? Well let's count the number of Aprils currently in the Pub shall we? There was the one that just stepped through the door; There was one that was still doing whatever it was that she was doing with John Constantine and finally there was one in Skaro with Knife. That's right folks... three of them. Three. Uno, Dos, Three!

"So... I take it this is where my sisters have gone to?" The April at the Pub's Main door asked as she entered, she was dressed like the other Aprils save for the fact that she had pair of decorative bull's horns on her head.

"Ever observant sister." Said another April, coming up from John Constantine's office... her sleeves had been cut off revealing black crow wings that had been inked upon her shoulders.

Finally the last one answered... through the Big Board that displayed people of interest and their locations.

"Sisters... it's been a while. How've things gone on your end." Skaro April asked as she stood across from Knife.

There three sisters were known as The Morrigan. The only reason why I emphasize The so much is so that no one mistakes them for that tart, Morrigan Aensland.

Anyhow... the two that were inside The Pub decided to join their sister...

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

So... The Morrigan... you can wiki them if you want but the short story is that they're ancient Irish Goddesses of War.

"So... you're calling us out?" April with the horns, Anann, asked as she placed herself to the right of her original Skaro Sister.

"It's not so hard to figure out if you consider what we are... we're Goddesses of War." Said the Crow Sister, Badb, as she placed herself on the opposite side of the Skaro sister.

"If you kill a God... the other Gods will go to war... and if Gods go to war... we win. Haven't you ever read the book American Gods?" Said the Skaro sister, Macha.

Location: Domino

Subjects: Kurumu, Roy, Lumis, Elisa and Som

So... refresher... Elisa went on a mission and found a test tube kid named Neil that was a telepath. The kid saved Elisa and then died. Cool.

"That's not cool and I'm sorry to hear that you had to experience that with Neil. But as for the one in the Pub... Roy's kid... I'm sure you and he will get along splendidly."

Now... that was a bit of a stretch. Given what Elisa had been through, it was probably more that likely that she was going to break down and shit was going to go down. But for the moment... let's assume that this won't happen.

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Elsie, Massacre and Wrathwyrm

"I'll handle cannon-shot from here on and occupy the Wrathwyrm. You handle the Paragon. Just think 'What can I do to royally fuck nanites up?'."

And so Puce thought for a moment as he started pulling in as much energy from the environment around him as possible. There were a few possibilities that he could think of...

For one... he needed transportation.

Check: The buggy that Puce and Elsie had been riding began to reconfigure itself through Puce's powers. The end result wasn't much but he was aiming for speed and maneuverability over firepower.

The second thing that he needed was a weapon.

Check: Cue one large missile like device complete with a double punch of payloads. What happens when you take one highly dense element, surround it by a thick shell of Uranium-235 and surround that with a large amount of chemical explosives?

In theory what should happen is that the chemical explosions cause the Uranium-235 shell to condense until fission occurs. When fission occurs, you get a nuclear blast. This will produce not only the heat of the explosion but it will create an Electo Magnetic Pulse that should short out anything electro-mechanical in its range.

The second part of the weapon is the usage of the nuclear blast to compact a highly-highly dense element into a single point in space. The effect of this is a disturbance in Space-Time... otherwise known as a singularity... colloquially known as a Black Hole.

So... Part one of the attack? Nuclear/EMP Blast. Part two of the attack? Suckage.... literally.

Location: The Colony

Subjects: Fenris, Fallout Jack, Fallout Scott and Rex

Another friggin' human in the Colony? Just great.

"You... just try not to die okay?" Fenris 'screamed' as he watched the... whatever it was... destroy the door that he had hoped to use to suck the ... metro-thingy... into space.

"Ah... The Matriarch Damn it... Platoon B. Start using the Brahmin-pults on the thing."

Brahmin-Pults? Well... take one catapult and load it was Brahmin. Attach one flare to said Brahmin. In theory when you hurl a Brahmin with an appropriate amount of force against something, the Brahmin should explode and release its natural store of Methane. The flare will be there to cause the Methane to go boom.



Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

"Damn, I knew I should have grabbed that book from Sparkle when I had the chance." Knife mutters to himself, before looking at the three April's in turn. "Right because obviously you can't kill a god yourself because they'd just come down on you if you did, but what makes me killing one any different?"

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

The answer as perfectly obvious to anyone who had watched a CIA movie in the last few years. Plausible deniability.

"If non-aligned were to kill a God..."
"Then the others would wonder who was responsible for it..."
"Then they would look at each other with suspicion..."

"Then they'd start a war with each other." The three of them concluded at once.

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

"Alright, that's a solid, if a tad clichéd plan except of one thing." Knife says, putting his hands in the pockets of this jacket and leaning against one of the long broken consoles. "If I'm to kill a god, or goddess as it may be, why would I stop at just one? What's stopping me killing, say, three?"

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

"Didn't you hear the part where we said..."
"That we got the idea from a Neil Gaiman book?"

"And if you're thinking about killing us..."
"I think you'd see that..."
"You'd be making a mistake."

Now... why would it be that Knife would be making a mistake? The Morrigan were Goddesses of battle. To engage them in battle was probably the closest thing to suicide that one could do. For one Badb could influence the minds of men, driving the direction of Battle towards her favored. Macha drew power from blood and war. As long as there was war in the Multiverse, she drew her power from this and at this moment... there was a lot of war occurring in the verses, more so if she was personally involved in it. Finally there was Anann, the Irish Personification of Death... kill her and you'd only be sending her back to her realm for a time.

"Sir, I suggest you reconsider this line of thought of yours." Anann said gently. Though she was a personification of Death and a Goddess of War, she was also known to bring comfort to those who died on the battlefield.

"Why would you choose to fight us when we offer you what you desire in exchange for what we desire?"

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

"And what you desire a war with the gods, but why? What do you stand to gain from a war between the-" Knife pauses, then reaches up and smacks himself in the forehead. "Of course, your Goddesses of War, you'd feed off the power of an all out divine battle royal and become as powerful as you want."

"But of course, I can just deny your request, say no and leave." He adds.

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

From some mysterious overhead speaker, the four occupants of Skaro heard Mark's voice.


Now it was true that Knife could get up an leave and deny their request.

"Of course you are free to deny us..."
"But there will be others that will take up this offer..."
"And while many would fail, all we need is one to succeed."

Is it me or are the three of them getting annoying. Needless to say we need either Puce or Kurumu to get their asses back to Mars.... I mean The Pub and eject these three wannabe Fate rejects.

"Sir. What we truly asking for is an end to all this religious arguing that has occurred since time immemorial. Humans... they pick up arms over it. They draw their brother's blood over it... they prey on the weak in the name of it. You have a chance to end it once and for all."

"And how would the god's infighting get rid of humanities religious arguing then?" Knife asks. "They'll argue about their gods whether they're alive or dead."
"Not that this god war will happen, because I have a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long life. Skills that will make it a nightmare for you three to find another that would be able to pull off this job at all, let alone well. Skills that mean if I say no to this, there's very little you can do to convince me otherwise."

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

There was a bit of a cackling laughter that was overheard as Mark once again chimed in on the unseen overhead speaker.

"You know that Qui Gon Jinn died right?" Once again the laugh started, the nasal laughter of a geek that had seen a few thousand too many Sci-Fi movies.

The Three Goddesses looked annoyed, however Knife was not the subject of their ire, rather it was the man who kept interrupting their discussion with his constant side commentary.

"We propose a compromise..."
"You kill the Writer called Mark..."
"And we'll return the Pub to its rightful owners."
"Those Writers do call themselves Gods at times do they not?"
"But even God should know their limitations"
"How about you show him his limitations."

The three nodded in agreement with one another.

"Well, as much as I hate self inserts, I barely know the guy, so no dice." Knife says, crossing his arms. "Try again."

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

There was an exasperated gasp once again on the overhead speaker that was accompanied by a loud:




Looking over at the trio of War Goddesses, Knife noticed that Badb, the one with crow wing tattoos on her shoulders was armed with a dark black rail gun and said rail gun was pointed at where ever the hidden space borne overhead speaker was located. Well... where it was located before it came crashing down to the ground in a flaming and feedbacking wreck that is.

"Fine. If you will not kill a God."
"We must humbly ask that you stay out of our way..."
"You have made your decision... so we must seek another."

The women paused for a moment and the three of them looked Knife over for a moment.

"However... once we get back... if you wish to test your mettle..."
"We would be inclined..."
"To show you your shortcomings."

No need for anyone to die in training...

"My shortcomings? Hah, that's rich." Knife says, none to quietly either. "Look instead of going and getting some half cocked idiot to do your dirty work, how about this; I kill the first god I see, aside from you three and Mark?"

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

The Morrigan seemed to silently confer amongst themselves before Macha, the middle sister, responded.

"Your offer is acceptable if the following addenda are accepted by you. Failure to kill a God within the span of one year means that you, mind, body and soul, become ours to own. Additionally, we shall release your precious Pub's ownership back to you, and the mortals known as Puce, Kurumu and FalloutJack." She proposed... before Badb the crow added.

"And you're male.... men have many short... comings."

"Oh haha, you've obviously been talking with my 2nd wife." Knife says, smirking despite his words. "Alright then, I suppose we have a deal." He continues, holding out his robotic hand.

Location: Skaro

Subjects: Knife and The Morrigan

With that, Anann stepped forward to accept Knife's robotic handshake... but not before spitting in the palm of said robotic hand and the palm of her own.

"My spittle shall seal the deal." The Aspect of Death said as she accepted Knife's handshake.

"Alright then, If our bushiness is concluded shall we return to The Pub?" Knife says, letting go of Anann's hand and indicating the wooden door on the wall next to him. "Lady's first."

Fran noticed April, and April, and April.
"Why are there so many of you?"

"She's a triple goddess of war." Knife says as he walks back into The Pub and hears Fran's question. "Now, I trust one of you fine ladies," Knife waves a hand towards the three Aprils, "Can run The Pub? I have some planning to do if you want your deal fulfilled." With that, Knife turns and walks into one of the guest rooms, closing the door behind him.


Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

The first of the Morrigan, the sister with the crow feather tattoos stepped forward to introduce herself to Fran.

"I am called Badb." She said, offering a hand shake as she took a seat next to the Bar, glaring a bit at Lucifer before she grabbed a glass of White Russian.

"I am called Macha" Said the middle sister... one that looked just like plain old April.

"And I am called Anann." Said the final one with the fake bull horns strapped around her head, like some sort of Pan knock off. The was the one that took the position behind the bar while Macha went back to check on John Constantine.

"You know... I do know how to run the Pub. Maybe you sisters should go to the corner of Get and Bent while I take care of the patrons?"

"No need Fallen One." Anann said before turning to Fran. "What'll you have ma-dear?"

"Oh I don't drink, but thanks for the offer.
Not since I started studying medicine at least.
So are you a God like they say?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: The Morrigan, Lucifer and Fran

Anann looked at Fran with a bit of disappointment, whether it was her denial of the offer for a drink or he fact that Fran's chosen studies countered what the Aspect of Death was all about was a bit if a mystery. Suffice to say Anann wasn't put off enough to spurn The woman's request for information.

"Well kiddo... It depends on how you define Gods. If you think we're a bunch of mysterious immortal beings that have been around since the beginning of time, guiding mankind to do our biddings, you's be wrong. BUT if you though of us as a bunch of beings made into being due to mankind's belief in our existence and are therefore a product of a human need to offset its guilt at its own mindless slaughter... You'd be partially correct. If you thought we were a bunch of aliens thag helped buidld the pyramids... I've got a bridge in Egypt I'd like to sell you." For a Death Goddess, Anann certainly was a cheeey one.

"What my sister means is... yes... we're Goddesses and no we don't sign autographs" interjected Badb from her side of the bar.

"Good. Means I don't need to hunt down a pen.
I've heard a number of theories about the gods, yours isn't the most compelling but there are worse.
You don't feel like the others do, there's something there but it's not the same. No offence, you can't always blame people for their deficiencies."

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