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"Well it's the same group so it reacts by giving up its outermost electron just like potassium but it's got two more electron shells so it should be even more reactive since the outer electrons are further from the nucleus. I couldn't give you an exact number but I'd say quite a bit.
Hopefully we don't have to find out for now."

Sorry for the delay...

Stuff and acting happened.

The Moonian girl pretended not to notice that she was attracting attention as she told her story.

Elisa: They re-engineered mme fromm a dead pre-born into live killing machine, accelerated to teenager and fed information by computer to give me knowledge and understanding of how to operate in the world. I'm...sort of a freak.

"...You're not a freak, Elisa. You're cool."

Elisa: Thanks, kiddo.

"So, what happened? Did they use you?"

She shook her head.

Elisa: No...I used me, poorly. I was rescued by grandpa, Lord Maximus Bluemmoon, when Moonia declared war on Earth. He got me out of there, told me my father was dead...and then he gave me that sword. Biggest mistaken in history.

"Something really powerful..."

Elisa: My father's sword was once a storm-demon that he'd pulled a merger with. When they both died, their power changed the blade into something new, something terrible, something built on their remnants. It was called Maelstrom, and it was the storm of armageddon.


Elisa: The fury of some of the worst elements combined, the storm of destruction. I used it to empty Earth. And then, I went over to the world I'm lliving at now so I could see my dad again. Stuff happened there, I lost the sword, and I'm on the mend. So, how about you, kid?

"Uhhhh...I was born six out of a machine made by a mad scientist and almost eaten by a fear creature so he could have unlimited fear power."

Elisa glared at him for a second, then pushed the glass she had with her towards him.

Elisa: Have a milk, kid. You need it.


If this was to be an Independence Day moment, Puce, or even a Dr. Strangelove moent, we the narratives that be MIGHT suggest an alternative here. Although, you DO have the problem of the fact that the area you're about to fly into being largely made a nanofleet blasting away and crimson explosions, so kudos for being drunk first! As for Massacre and Elsie, they had problems of their own. No less than six paragons had formed and they were all gunning for the two of them!

"You know, I get to thinking that maybe they don't like us."

Elsie: Yeah, well, I'm using YOU as a meatshield, ya super-evil bastard.

Many numerous explosions were following that one, for sure. could see it from orbit.


The colony was a madhouse. Blobs of alien organism were flying everywhere, zombie bodies turned mutated and alien lumbered here and there and everywhere. And a gunmetal-gray copy of Som's powersuit - the creature that started it all, dubbed the Som-X - was blasting away at everything that moved. In the midst of the firefight was that of Jack and Scott.

FalloutJack: Mr. Scott! Status report!

Guns were firing everywhere throughout.

FalloutScott: Well, I've got a bunch of drones out, helpin', but they're only slowin' the critters down, man!

FalloutJack: What about that containment device? Is it fixed yet?

FalloutScott: Aye, but she'll never withstand tha' strain of it! There's too many of these things multiplying too quickly, and the lead beastie keeps infecting the dead!

Like the man said, the six tendrils of the Som-X stabbed into every flesh body it could reach and injected loads of X-matter, rapidly growing the corpse into a living X monster, such as a facsimile-claw or another mutation. Things were not looking good, not even for that glory charge UNTIL...a long row of zombies were frozen and shattered from above! Jack looked up.

FalloutJack: The hell? Another one?

Not quite. This one was silver-gray with energy trace-lines, flying by energy wings and carrying a deadly-looking powered chainsword! This was Som's powersuit, the actual one that contained the actual owner in question. She immmediately let out a loud battlecry and dove for her doppelganger sword-first, blue energy waves coming off of the sword as the two of them clashed, leaving the creatures to fend for themselves.


Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew!

Knife, taking it upon himself to get off his ass and help un-fuck up this mess he helped create, sneaks around behind the remaining Morrigan sister, who is too busy fighting with April to notice as he unholsters an MTS shotgun from within his jacket and takes aim. "Oi bitch! It says gullible on the ceiling." Knife says, barely waiting for the words to register in the remaining triplet's mind before he fires, a quartet of neon, dubstep powered lasers sending her flying into the bar.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

Well here's a bit of a science pop quiz. What happens when you have a Goddess, that's been pierced by multiple Dub-Step powered laser beams and is sent crashing into a bar where a now brain-dead-influenze-addled Writer named Mark is holding a sphere of Cesium?

If your answer was, the remaining sister comes crashing into the bar, breaks through it and knocks the ball of Cesium all over herself where it reacts with the not only the oxygen, but the fact that she's now covered in alcohol, lights up like the Manger Scene on Christmas Day and dies horribly from 3rd degree burns to her skin and internal organs... then you are correct.

If your answer was... HOW THE HELL IS THIS SCIENCE?!?!? You are also correct.

Needless to say, the Morrigan sister was very pissed off while she was very much on fire... her screams echoing through the ear holes of all present in the bar, including Kurumu's brand new baby... who up until this point had been very much calm.

"WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" Baby Jac screamed as the calamity that was the Morrigan Triplets was ended.

"Shh shh shh... it's okay... it was just an asshole dying." Kurumu crooned as she looked over at the spot where Neil and Elisa were bonding.

"So... you two figure it out yet? Or am I going to have to get all psychological and metaphysical on your butts?" Kurumu asked, though her comment was mostly to Elisa... it seems that not all mothers mellow out when their first kid is born.

"Ugh... that was a pain... ACHOO!!!" Mark said as he looked at the spot where the ball of sealed Cesium used to be... of course... he looked over at the spot where Jake was, a curious expression his face.

"Acting? As in Jon Lovitz ... the Master Thespian... ACTING?!?!?" The Writer asked, as he placed his apparently 1 ton head on the remains of the Bar.

The surprise of Knife's attack and finishing of the third sister had worn off... and the result was thusly. April walking over to the man and giving him a slap on the face.

"That bitch was MINE!" She said coldly as she turned to walk off back to where John Constantine was currently being worshiped by Rez Scorpions.

"Woman... can't live with em... can't damn them to Hell for all Eternity." Lucifer said as he looked over his body, discovering that the Chastity belt had been broken during the ensuing scuffle.

"WOOHO- ow... my spleen" The Devil said as he laid his head back and looked over the damage done.

"I hope I'm not going to be held responsible for any of this."

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Elsie, Massacre and Wrathwyrm

"Really? I mean... REALLY?!?! Six of them?" Puce screamed as he tried to figure out something other than a one shot black hole torpedo that required that he get shit-faced plastered every time he make one.

Okay... so they're Shielded... EMP Shielded... Not Blackhole Shielded... Blackhole? Puce hit the Radio and started screaming into it.

"Hey ELSIE! MASSACRE! GET OUTTA HERE... I'M GONNA USE THE PLANET TO MAKE A BLACK HOLE!!!!" Puce screamed over the radio, hoping that they would get the message.

Skimming over the perimeter of the Planet, the ground started rumbling as Puce' powers went to work, erecting a planet covering array of mass drivers...

With sweat beading off of his brow, Puce finally finished the last one... You might wanna stand clear of the ensuing blast... or at least cover your eyes.

Location: The Colony

Subjects: Fenris, Fallout Jack, Fallout Scott, Lilith, and Rex

It should be noted that Lilith had chosen this moment to make her appearance known on the field as she unleashed a barrage of plasma on the X's. Looking at the zombied masses of her former Alphas, Lilith was quickly able to formulate the following...

1) A genetic sequence that would halt the infection of the dead.
2) A genetic sequence that would make the claw strikes of the Alphas explosively deadly to the X vectors.

The result?


Like a boy with a needle, the Deathclaws of Nexus colony got to work popping the infection vectors...


The door to the pub opened, and surprisingly enough, a blond, buff, bearded Viking entered. He looked at the general chaos around the place and began to smile casually.

Kurumu looked at him for a moment before asking, "Hey, you look familiar, do I know you?"

"You did once. A long time ago, before you were the manager of this peculiar establishment. There was another, but I don't see it here right now. It was a big alien thing with skin that changed color. And tentacles. If you see it, tell it I said hello." With that mysterious greeting and farewell, the viking turned back to the door.

"Wait!" Kurumu called out. "Who are you?"

Without turning around, the viking laughed and said, "Well, you can call me Incognito."

Then, he opened the door and left just as he had come.

It's kinda late

So short post.

As he notes the Deathclaws getting that much needed genetic boost, Rex continues on slashing at the X parasites around him.

Advice Followed

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Puce, Elsie, Massacre and Wrathwyrm

If an array of mass drivers fizzles in the middle of planet under siege by a Giant Mecha Dragon, does it make a noise? Well... no... not when there's no one around to hear the series of fizzles that were emitted when Puce tried to start a chain reaction that was sure to suck the reason Wrathwyrm was there.

"SERIOUS?!?!" Puce screamed as he bashed his fist against the screen of his small space craft, causing it to unleash a series of sparks on its pilot.

"F**KING GODDAMITALL!!" He screamed once again as he punched the console one final time and realized that he had accidentally altered the target of the mass driver array... they were now targeting his very fighter craft.


That would be the sound of the vein on Puce's forehead going twitch-tastic at that very moment.

"STUPID PIECE OF JUNK!!!" He screamed once again as he tried to get out of range of the mass driver array... yeah... good luck with that one... since Wrathwyrm was in the way of his escape vector... and that was when the first Rhode Island piece of planet was fired by a mass driver...

and impacted on Wrathwyrm as Puce narrowly avoided it... well that was an idea.

And as each successive piece of Rez-World was tossed up into space towards Puce's craft... he started making like a Gundam dodging everything in sight.

Knife gingerly reaches up a hand to touche the red mark on his cheek. 'Huh, that hasn't happened in a while...' He thinks, before calling after April, "A simple thank you would sufficed!" Knife shakes his head and casts his gaze around The Pub, which comes to rest on the charred remains of the bar. Thinking for a moment, he takes out his phone and brings it to his ear, dialing a number as he does so.
"G'day JC, how've you been man?" He says, once again casting his gaze around The Pub.
"Beaut man, beaut. Say, you still doing carpentry?"
"Great, 'cause I have a bar here that could use a little love."
"Hey! I couldn't have known this writer guy was holding a sphere to explosives."
An audible sigh can be heard over the mobile, and Knife's grin, which has been growing since the call started reaches critical levels.
"Great, so I'll pick you up in...half an hour? If I send the specs over can you get your gear ready by then."
"Beaut, alright, see you in a bit."
Knife ends the call and slips the phone back into his jacket as the metal sphere, which up until now had been floating there doing nothing, drifts over and scans the length of the bar before sending it across the multiverse.
Having a little time to kill, Knife walks over to Kumuru (After she's done conversing with the mystery Viking Man) and gives the demon woman a hug (At least, as much of a hug that can be given to a woman holding a baby). "It's been a while Kumuru, you been well?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, The Morrigan, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

Well... Kurumu had seen better days but today wasn't so bad.

"Knife! I'm great.. for someone who just popped out a baby... with wings... and a tail... ow. But it was over with pretty quick." Kurumu said as she handed Baby Jac over to Mark for a moment... who she hoped knew what to do with a baby, before giving Knife a proper Hug.

"I never did get to thank you properly for the wedding... and the ring that you gave Puce." She said as she showed him the ring that had been a gift so long ago.

Mark on the other hand had his hands full. Sure he had held babies before... but never one with Bat Wings and a tail...

"How in the hell do you hold one of these?" He asked as Baby Jac continued to squirm in his arms.

"No problem, I must've had that ring for...fucking ages, is the technical term." Knife says, "As for the wedding, heck it was the least I could do." Watching as Mark struggles to keep the baby squirming from his arms, Knife shakes his head. "May I?" He asks, holding his hands out.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran

Mark looked over at Knife and then Baby Jac and then back at Knife.

"Sure... Babies are one thing but demon babies with the whole bat wings and tail... that's something else... for one... how the hell do I support the neck with the wings in the way?" He asked as he passed the child over to Knife.

Like an old western, the figure comes through the Pub's doors with one hand pushing forth the right hand door as the head is ducked from a tiresome long day. However, once the stranger gets past the doors she then straightens up with her eyes almost closed, adjusting her vision to this indoor lighting from the outside light.

".. This isn't the corrupted forest that led to a forgotten temple with rare loot. How did I come to this?"

The woman took a few more steps gazing, but her lips curved into a smirk and her hair on the right side swayed over her eye, making the lady take time fixing it so she can properly see. That's the price you pay for having a gothic hair style despite you aren't into that sort of thing.

"Heck yes, i'm not in a corrupted s***y forest that led to a boring @$$ temple with probably s***y loot. I'm liking this- yeaaaaaah. Though, I do want to know where i'm at. Reminds me of Moxxi's bar except there's no tits as flyers on the walls."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya


The Succubus who was hugging Knife looked over at the newcomer... a newcomer who looked awfully familiar in a "We used to be part of the same Role Play forum but they disappeared off the face of the Earth" sort of way.

"Welcome to the Pub! I know you from somewhere don't I?" Kurumu asked as she looked at Saya once again, not remembering that while they had been part of the same Role Play, they had actually never met.

"This is going to bother me to no end... I'm telling you. I'd ask Puce if he were here... in fact where in the hell is he?" She asked as she looked over at Mark, one of the two Writers currently schlepped up in the Pub.

"I dunno... ask Roy?"

"Anyways... Hi there... come on in... take a load off... how about a drink?" Kurumu asked as she wandered behind the remains of the bar where one of the Morrigan Triples had just met her fiery ending. It was surprising that the Pub didn't smell more like fried chicken given that not moments ago Badb was roasted alive by a Dub-step powered laser and a ball of cesium.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

A drink she said? A bartender that offers, a drink .. for free?

"Heh. Here I come in with coins at hand and you just offer me a drink ..I already like you!" Saya said with glee and pride as she leaped onto the bar stand with her one leg down but the other folded Indian style. She placed her hand gun onto the counter and cranked her neck a bit, testing the limits until a small crack unfolded.

"Have you, like .. ever been in a situation where you just hate everything, but feel good about life? I do. Life's a b**** when you've got nothing going for yah at first, but then it can turn the tables around and serve you a fine @$$ drink from a kick@$$ bartender." In Saya's words, she was thanking Kurumu for being a considerate person.

"Name's Saya. I left Pandora and just stuck with a small group of supernatural folk until ... well, I was flashed into the light and came into a bar. Life can also be a hell of a drug, because I wasn't on weed. No really, if anything maybe the water was tainted! Slindis probably didn't check since everything in that corrupted forest is .. you know, f***ed up."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

O.O - *blink*
>.< - *blink*
O.O - *blink*
>.< - *blink*
O.O - *blink*

"Excuse me... Saya(?)... how are you doing that with your mouth? Every time you curse I see this black box in front of your mouth and a high pitched mechanical noise like and old fashioned modem... it's.. bizarre." Kurumu said as she looked at Saya in a rather bizarre fashion.

"It's the damned thing."

"Look at me! I can do it to! F**K F**K F**K!" Mark yelled making the black boxes and noises appear once again, only this time over his mouth.

"And did you say Slindis? HAH! You know Slindis? I haven't seen her in ages!"

Knife carefully takes Jak from Mark and cradles him in the nook of his left elbow, smiling as the little demon (Literally) stares in amazement at the metal fingers of the Australian's right hand. "Ah, this takes me back." Knife mutters as Jak reaches up and gives his steel index finger a light tug, as if to discern whether the shining limb in front of him is real or not. The scene was certainly an odd sight, even more so for the newcomer.

Viking Incognito:


Now that was interesting.
A lot was going on and figuring out exactly how to respond took a while.
The newcomers looked interesting and there was no use crying over spilt alkali metals so...
The Viking looked much more like someone from a place she'd recognise. The woman who kept swearing was strange; Fran hadn't seen anyone dressed (which was a bit of an overstatement) like that.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

".. Oh." Saya said as she, too, realized that happened everytime she swore.

Shifting her gaze, she admitted to Kurumu, ".. A certain someone doesn't approve of swearing, but he's to much of a p**** to cuss in character so whenever I swear, he blurs it out. ... The writer who created me, you might know him. Dude with red eyes at times, can do crazy s*** and travel into his own personal dimension. .. . I think he tried busting this place up once."

"Remember Mark?" Saya called out to him, knowing he of all people would know for sure.

But regardless, Slindis came up into the conversation and Saya did know her indeed.
".. Yeah, I had respects for her at first. A woman who could use razor blades to f*** up a giant mutated centipede gets my vote in being awesome. However, because of some cosplaying bat girl and her wrinkly old @$$ partner were trolling my group, I charged and didn't get anything done."

Saya did sort of hope Slindis would be okay, though last time she saw Slindis was the woman losing it. That insanity expression could never leave the Siren's mind and Saya really wanted that drink now.

Of course, a girl said "Hi" to Saya making her attention drawn to the girl.
"Oh, sup. What might you be if that's.. cool to ask."

"I'm a..."
There were plenty of answers depending on who you asked.

A mage
The Omni-Mage
A ****
So spoilt rich girl
Not fit to be handling volatile chemicals
But none of them felt right to her, or at least none she was willing to admit.
So she said the only one she was comfortable with.
"I'm a doctor,
Well I'm training to be."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

The girl mentioned herself trying to become a 'doctor' made the Siren's ears perk if that's possible. Saya turned around and spoke loudly in pride, "Well s***, you're becoming a medic? I'm a medic myself! Actually i'm the Siren of Harmony where my traits and abilities benefit my friends."

Saya jumped off her stool, walking up to the pale girl with a large smile showing cockiness. However, once she was up to Fran, she patted her back and had the other hand around the girl's shoulders like how a business man tries to bribe someone.
"God d***, if only there were more medics. You can still be an utter bad@$$ and heal at the same time. There's so much opportunity for yah, you wouldn't even know! Then again as much as I would love to be your mentor, I doubt you'd benefit from how I heal people."

Saya placed her hand out, the bear one with tattoos all around it and turned her head slightly asking, "Go ahead and make a cut here. No, i'm not trying to show how tough of a b**** I am but you'll see. Just make a small one along my arm, I want to show you something that'll blow your mind kid."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

Kurumu looked over at Knife and smiled as he was able to handle Jac without so much as a fuss and it seemed that Jac had taken a liking to the dimension traveler. Walking over to where Knife was holding the baby, Kurumu looked down on he neo-natal bundle of joy.

"Someone like their God-Father Knife doesn't he?" Kurumu smiled as she tickled the cooing half-incubus baby before she turned towards Saya and laughed at her explanation as to the black boxes over her face.

"I'm glad that he did decide to do that... you know... what with there being a baby here and all."

"Kurumu... you do realize that this is a PUB and not a nursery right? What if someone calls Child Protective Services on you?" Mark asked from the bar where he was joining the conversation between Fran and Saya

"They'd better bring an APC if they show up then."

"I'm a doctor,
Well I'm training to be."

"Funny... I would have taken you for a chemist seeing as how you had a ball of Cesium in your possession. Oh yeah... sorry about that... I didn't mean to lose it like that... but it did burn up that lady real well." Mark said as he fished a beer from the behind the remnants of the bar... and takes a moment to look at Fran.

"You don't happen to know someone named Andria Valken, do you?"

"That's probably not such a good idea.
I mean I'm supposed to take the Hippocratic Oath and all.
But still I'd like to see what you capable of."

She pulls out a scalpel.
"But I'll give you this to use."
She rubs it with a cloth soaked in something that smelt fairly strong.
"And now it's clean."
The blade gleamed slightly.

"Well being a chemist is a very important skill for a doctor, even chemicals as volatile as that have their uses sometimes."

This one however was more for fun.
"As for the name I don't know. I mean Valken is part of my name but I don't know any Andrias, maybe she's from far away."

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

The door to the Pub opened up allowing the brownish-greenish glow from a rather desolate and radioactie wasteland spill into the interior of the Pub. A man, a rather tall and pale one at that, entered said Pub and regarded its occupatants from behind a set of round and dark spectacles. It is at this time that Mr. Shifty McGee makes his entrance into the Pub. Shifty McGee, Undertaker of the East, Harbinger of Death and purveyor of some of the finest coffins this side of the Mississippi.

A cough, caused perhaps from the long bicycle trek to this very establishment, echoed through the now silent room as people turned to look at the man dressed in an ole timey Undertaker's suit (complete with Top Hat).

This, my friends, is the real deal. A man so involved with the eventual and eternal fates that it is said that his presence foretells a death in the near future. A man so experienced with the idea of finality that it is said that he knows Death's first name (Steve actually).

But feel safe and take heart, dear patrons, for he was summoned not by the strings of fate but rather as a favor to a friend of some so and so.


The sound of his boots echoed as he approached the bar and sat down opposite where Miss Kurumu Kurono stood with bottle of Vodka in hand. Her shirt pulled even more taught that usual from the nervousness she was experiencing, the Succubus placed the bottle of the triple distilled ambrosia in front of our man, dressed in both doom and gloom.

And so... He turned to the very soul that had summoned him to this place... A favor for a friend of some so and so... and he started to speak.

"I take it that you're the one who asked me to come here for no other reason than to converse?" he asked Saya.

"If you haven't heard, business is booming where I'm from... well I guess you could say that it already boomed but there's always a weary soul ready to make their way to the top of the Materhorn, where they will meet with our White Gloved Lord. However I've been assured that I won't miss a thing while I'm here... I'm having a rather fascinating conversation with a Gauss Rifle Wielding young woman. I assume you are Saya... and as for me, you can call me Shifty."

Okay so it might have been bad form to bring this particular person into the Pub, but frankly, I need to keep working with him on his social skills and so a simple conversation with our resident foul mouthed Siren couldn't hurt right?

"Wait, g-godfather?" Knife asks with a mixture of shock and surprise painted on his face. "Wow, I...thanks." He says, so overwhelmed that he almost misses the arrival of the tall, pale man in the tophat. Almost, you don't travel the multiverse without leaning to multitask. So while most of his mind is coming to terms with him being a godfather, a small facet is observing the newcomer, who called himself Shifty, and analyzing, trying to figure out who and/or what he is. From the man's appearance and his little speech, the section of Knife's mind deduces that 'Shifty' as he called himself, had some familiarity with death, and as a man who made it a point to cheat it with frightening regularity, the tiny section of Knife's mind felt just a little less at ease in the presence of the newly arrived undertaker.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

Knife wasn't the only one who felt ill at ease as the tall, spectacle wearing giant settled in for a long drink and possibly an even longer conversation. If there was one thing that Shifty McGee could complain about in his line of work was that while there was no shortage of business, there was absolutely a near absence of good converstaion.

Long, spindly fingers drummed on the dark wooden surface of the wrecked mahogany bar while Mr. McGee waited for Saya to react to his presence. He seemed to be examining something.

"It looks like you folks are wantin' for a new bar and slme furniture. Since you've so kindly provided me with a welcome bottle of your good stuff, why don't I return the kindness by rebuilding some of this bar room seating and your worn out bar counter?" The man said as he ran his fingers along the splintered frame if the serving surface.

"Just because I build coffins for a livin' it doesn't mean I haven't dabbled in a bit of the ole carpentry now and then... In fact I had a contract with a merchant inside Megaton to build some themed home accents nkt too long ago and it plucked my interest somewhat."

As he said this, he intertwined his fingers, and in a movement that looked to have been repeated many times over the course of his life, our man stretchs his arms out, palms facing out with those same finger intertwined.

*Cracka cracka cracka crack*


The man had not only cracked the knuckles on bith his hands, but he seemed to havr pulled a measuring tape out of thin air. And then? He started getting to work/

While this is happening, Kurumu turned to Knife and nodded. Of all the people she and Puce knew, knife had always been there and so it felt right to make him Jac's Godfather.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya

Despite that Fran was kind enough to hand Saya a scalpel, the mysterious tall man that just walked into the Pub caught the Siren's attention. It was like a magnetic pull when he spoke, bringing her head to shoot up and eyes meet with his. Of course, the man also was very generous to work on the Pub's structure even though he seemed more suited to work in a graveyard if anything.

Saya walked towards this 'Shifty' fellow and crossed her arms together.
".. Had the feeling something was up when the room became dead silent. Only reason a Pub would go quiet is because someone like you shows up. Anyhow, no disrespect or anything- I know better then to disrespect a undertaker who's a professional at his work with the fallen and s***."

She was curious though, for the way this man went to work was not only smooth, but swift (har har). Those long fingers of his stretched wide and handled the wood like a mother would with an innocent new born. His expression wasn't a full smile, but rather a gentle smirk showing he was in that 'zone' where someone focuses solely on a particular objective.
Saya tugged at her collar, unsure what to feel exactly. Usually this chick was forward and confident 99% of the time but around a man such as this.. it was hard for Saya to think. Just the feeling she got in the pit of her stomach, it was.. new to her. Not butterflies, mind you. More like her stomach having knots tingled and pulled on.

"Hey .. you need help? I can, like, find a nail gun so you can get this work done faster or something."
"Also, we'd be such @$$holes if we all didn't offer to assist you, right guys?"
Saya's eyes flashed to the side without her head moving, indicating that everyone should pitch in help even if Shifty declines the offers.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Mark, Kurumu, Lucifer, Jake, Roy, Elisa, Som, Lumis, John Constantine, Knife, Fran, Saya, Shifty McGee

"Wow, thanks." Was all Knife could say, before the part of Knife's mind that had been keeping an eye on Shifty kicks the rest of it back into line. Registering that he's repairing the bar, Knife puts aside his concerns and approaches the man. 'Christ he's build like a brick shithouse...'
"Uh, 'scuse me Mr...Shifty, was it? I appreciate that you've taken it upon yourself to repair the bar, but I have a mate of mine who's coming to fix it up...right about now actually." Knife says, looking at the watch built into his wrist. "Kumuru, I don't think you want me taking Jak on any Multiversal escapades just yet." He says handing the baby back to his mother. With a tap of the holographic keyboard appearing from his arm, Knife disappears in a flash of light.

And reappears a moment later walking through the door, followed by a man of average hight, with brown hair tied back in a ponytail about the same length as Knife's, though he had a rather full, if short beard to compliment it. "J.C, everybody. Everybody, J.C." Knife says, waving a hand between The Pub's patron's and his companion, who offers a gentle wave and a "Hello" in response. Laying eyes on the charred and ruined bar, the man sighs, and rubs his temples. "I do not think I want to know how you managed to do that." He says to Knife, before lugging his tool box through the door and wheeling it over to the bar. "So, are you the gentleman who will be assisting me with the repairs?" He asks Shifty, not even even waiting for the big man to answer before handing him a saw, and producing several lengths of mahogany from within one of the trays of the tool box. "I see that you were measuring the bar, if you could start cutting those to size, that would help greatly."

"Well, this'll be interesting..." Knife mutters, seeing Shifty and J.C interacting. Turning to Kumuru and Jak, Knife pats the baby lightly on the head. "You miss me eh lil' fella?"

The threat of manual labour didn't' sit well with Fran. It was almost as weird to her as the baby.
"I'm not the best worker, so I think I'll sit this one out."
She looks round at Saya.
"So are you going to do it because if not it's probably best I put the blade back, it's not the safest left on its own."

Taking a request...

Stuff and things.

OOC: Also, welcome back, Frappe!

Jake shrugged at the author and simply stated...

"I was an extra in a movie. No big."

Compared to being a bigtime actor, this WAS nothing, but it was also pretty cool... And now, on with the rest of the business!


Kurumu had sidetracked Elisa and Neil for the moment.

Elisa: We're like...linked because of similar past histories and the fact that he sensed what I knew about the other Neil. No relation, honest. Just that he's a good kid and it was sad to see 'im die.

That was when someone mentioned Roy and Roy appeared from doing some business in back with a ventilation duct.

Roy: Ask Roy WHAT?

Elisa: And where'd Som go?


Ah, that a question for those downstairs, who were watching the normally friendly and cheerful catgirl screaming battlecries she and the Som-X did some serious battle. The fight with the other X were turning out better and FalloutScott was cleaning up the popping X residue with his fixed machine, but the ringleader was going to be hard for others to touch. It didn't LIKE that it was basically losing to these creatures now. It and Som were blasting back and forth, dodging sword or tendril attacks, when suddenly the X creature for the chainsword TO THE FACE and it fell back, damaged a fair deal because of the lightning that came off of it...well...that wouldn't last.

So, you remember that bit in Metroid Fusion where Samus' double grew into a Big McLargeHuge monster, something derived from the creature it started out as? Well, similar effect here. The suit began to grow and mutate into a ten-foot-tall killing machine! Tendrils grew into vestigial arms as big black manta-ray chitonous wings grew out of the back and a long whipping stinger-tail appeared as well. The metal armor spread out to reveal and mesh with a black exoskeleton as the thing - though remaining largely humanoid - stopped resembling Som's powersuit. The feet were big clawed hands with tendrils, largely machine the creature's new left arm, while the right arm ended in a big five-barreled weapon that - unlike the SA-X - was fully functional. The helmet grew horns that were not unlike Som's ears, and the broken visor now revealed three black pitiless eyes on a face with bluish skin and a mouth full of yellow fangs and mandibles...

This moment of Oh Shit as the thing roared has been brought to you by Soulstorm Brewery. Our spew is your brew. And now, back to the giant monster lashing out at everyone, as its main gun fired element attack after attack, random blasts of fire, ice, water, lightning, earth, air, light, dark, plasma, and so on cutting up the whole area!


Massacre and Elsie DID leave. Elsie leapt through a Gargenta while Mass himself just...seemed to vanish. This left Puce ot his own devices with all the mass-driving and black-holing with Rez exploding and the Wrathwyrm blasting stuff all over the place. It was probably inconceivable that he did not realize that there was a problem about this...IN THE BAR!


John Constantine could not get the Rez to shut up. Perhaps they were just trying to annoy him. Still, he suddenly felt...his Dupli-Gauntlet heat up like crazy. Oh crap... This was feedback from another source, a source which could only be linked to Puce because of the original gauntlet. Patrons of the bar might notice him running out and finding the way outside of the Nexus while muttering "Some days, you just can't get rid of a feedback charge.", Adam West style. Even still, he managed to point the gauntlet outside...and then...

John: Whoops.

The bar was unharmed. However, Puce...


It had happened so suddenly that there was nothing he could do. The Wrathwyrm's power, the mass driving, the black hole...and then John's attempt to push the feedback out of his Infinite Gauntlet. Suddenly...Puce crashed. He was relatively unharmed, but he was nowhere near the bar or anywhere else he recognized. He about a foot of snow on a windy day. And soon, there were voices near where he landed, on a hill.

"What IS it? Some kind of demon?"

"Look at those tiny ears..."

"Could have a birth defect."

"Do we take him in?"

"We might have to. He's a stranger trespassing on the Master's lands..."

Several strong warrior-like figures, all of them wearing a dark uniform with certain white highlights. They had certain situated pieces of armor fr quick blocking and were armed with heavy swords, or something like a halberd, or whatever. They were also wearing these helmets with holes in the tops to allow for...ears. Cat ears. A tailless cat-race... No, not Thundara. Somewhere else...

Ignore me... I am a DP

Caramel Frappe:





Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya

Mark blinked for a moment as Jake suddenly moved from his position of looking straight ahead and blurted out that he had been an extra in a movie.

"Awesome!" The Writer said as he pulled out a piece of paper and pen and gave it to Jack to sign.

"Just in case you get too famous for the little people some day. I figure in that case, might as well get an autograph before that happens." He said as he waited for Jake to sign the paper. He had quite a collection of signatures from movie extras and crew members from various movies, though the most famous person actor wise that he had was Dustin Diamond... Dustin "I'm an asshole" Diamond. However, since Shirley Manson had dipped her toes into the acting pool, he guess that counted as well.

"I had Girlfriend that was part of the art department for the Ides of March.. and my Uncle had a speaking part in the Adam Sandler movie, Little Nicki... although they later dubbed his Vietnamese over into Chinese... Here's a picture"


After showing the picture of his Uncle Nhan Nho, Mark looked at the Undertaker who had entered the Pub and looked back at Jake.

"Yeah... I probably shouldn't have brought him here but he's gonna forget everything... I felt the need to work on him and Caramel asked to interact with him. Besides... I was tired of waiting for RipVan." The Writer said as he turned back to the unfolding action in the Pub.

"Roy... do you know where Shifty ran off to? He was here before I left for Domino." Kurumu said as she watched as Baby Jac's little hand drifted of towards Knife's MTS shotgun, only to have his hand quickly intercepted by his observant mother.

"Oh no you don't... you're not old enough yet. But I promise that someday... Mama will get you a shotgun of your own."

"Whatever happened to getting kids mockingbirds and diamond rings?"

"Well being a chemist is a very important skill for a doctor, even chemicals as volatile as that have their uses sometimes."

"As for the name I don't know. I mean Valken is part of my name but I don't know any Andrias, maybe she's from far away."

"I guess they could have their uses... Cesium was pretty handy in this little instance though for the life of me, I have no idea what the medical benefit of having an alkali metal would be. Since it's so reactive with moisture, it's about as medically beneficial as TNT." Mark commented before continuing with the explanation of Andrias.

"You're a Valken... but you've never heard of Andrias? Odd... she visited my house before I came here... I guess you could say she was the whole reason I came into being as a character/writer."

Shifty shrugged in response to Saya's offer of assistance and began to silently cut the mahogany boards that J.C. had handed him. It's not that he wasn't being friendly, it was just the way he worked. Think about this, normally when Shifty is working with these materials, he's usually building someone's final home.

It took just a few moments for Shifty to complete the requested cuts.

"You assistance is most appreciated Miss Saya. It's not very often that I receive much assistance with my work so you'll apologize if I'm taken aback by your kind offer as well as yours Mr. J.C. I apologize for not introducing myself before but my name is Shifty McGee, Undertake of the Eastern Seaboard of what used to be the United States of America." The Undertaker said as he sniffed the bottle of Vokda before drinking from it, the smell of alcohol being very much like the smell that came from antique bottle of embalming fluid in his Father's Father's Mortuary.

As he drank he noticed the two still relatively intact bodies belonging to two of the Morrigan sisters.

"I appears that two of the patrons here could use the services of a proper Undertaker, though their deaths seemed to have been particularly painful." Shifty commented as he prepared to fit the two dead sisters for a box and a hole in the ground.

"Don't worry about it... the cleaners should be getting to the body right abou... oh there they are." Lucifer stated from a distance, keeping his distance from Junior (J.C.), pointing at the Ninja-Monkey Cleaning crew that popped out of the ceiling and various vents, bringing butcher knives, mops and buckets of soapy water with them and began the gruesome dismemberment and clean up process of the Morrigan Sisters.

"Ahh... I didn't realize that this place had its own system of disposal of the dead." He turned back to Saya as he took another drink from his bottle."How are you doing that with your mouth?"

Location: Rez World

Subjects: Elsie | Massacre | Puce | Wrathwyrm

If the ... kitties... were thinking that Puce was going to put up a fight, there was no chance in hell that he was going to be able to do anything like that based on the pure fact that Puce was shitfacedplastered (That's the technical term for Puce's mental state and blood alcohol level).

"Wh...wha... OHGOD... *BLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRFFFFFF*" The Pub's proprietor managed to "say" before he "said" more stuff all over the kitties' feet. In this case, the words were bile and stomach acid and alcohol. This would probably not be taken as a very good initial meeting for these guys.

"Oh... hewwo kiddies." The man managed to utter before passing out in a pool of his "words" and a pile of snow. Hopefully these guys would take pity on a poor drunk.

Location: The Colony

Subjects: FalloutJack | FalloutScott | Fenris | Lilith | Rex | Som

"We're getting cut up here!" An Alpha reported before his mental link went dead as Som-X hit him with her flurry of elemental shit, causing Fenris to flinch as he felt the painful last seconds of his sub-ordinate Death Claw.

"Your Majesty! The creature is cutting through out Alphas like...whoa... like... AUUUUGH..." Fenris tried to say as he felt his genes being blended up by Lilith as quickly as a Blendtec blender blended whatever they could stick into its whizzing blades.

"I feel hot... is something h... *BUUURP!!!*" Fenris suddenly found himself burping up radioactive fire... Godzilla style.

"Try that!" Lilith ordered as she looked for ways to fight Som-X, watching as Fenris plodded forward, radioactive burp fire shooting out his mouth.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya

Saya kept working with Shifty as they talked, putting the hammer down to exchange positions so she could try cutting some boards up. "When your writer has morals, he has every right to f*** up your dialogue for the sake of his morals. See, the guy thinks because i'm him through me, he doesn't want to cuss feeling like his morals are being excused. It's some complicated s*** but he also installed the bleep reactor since .. you know, I have a thing for swearing. When you've been on Pandora long enough, you will want to cuss like a mother ... never mind."

She sighed, knowing it was no use. What's the point of cursing if you were going to be bleeped out? It doesn't make you sound like a bad@$$, but rather it makes you sound like a foul mouthed wannabe. That's when she noticed the two sisters corpses being 'cleaned up' and a man was the one to address it's being taken cared of. Saya's chest felt all the more ill just looking at Lucifer and forced her to look away with annoyance. Why do these characters make Saya's skin crawl, well Shifty doesn't but he still made her feel ill somewhat.

Her attention was caught by Fran and her scalpel still out.

"Oh yea, I didn't mean to leave you hanging Fran. Wanted to show you-" Saya skipped to the girl, quickly grabbed the scalpel, did a nice clean cut on her own arm and then whipped out her pistol, placing it onto her own arm.

"I'm going to shoot my own arm off!" Saya shouted as she begun firing, the bullets hitting her arm with red splashing about. Anyone outside of Saya's view would of thought the girl really was blasting her arm off. But once done with, Saya placed her hand behind her head with the pistol, and extended her other arm for Fran to see. The cut was gone, her arm perfectly intact and the tattoos perfectly left unstained.

"Ha, I kid. I'm quite crazy but not insane. Big difference."

"Whenever an ally, or I alone ... need medical insistence, I have the ability to heal you through my guns. Yeah~ crazy I know but that's just how it works. I shoot you, but because you're an ally my bullets close wounds. Doesn't hurt much, but you can still feel it because i'm f***ing shooting you with a gun. Simple as that!"

She went back to Shifty and smiled, since he watched as she shot herself in the arm like that.
"So, United States of America huh...? The hell happened to make it into something completely different? Or was it just the name, because America sounds better to me. .. no offense Shifty."

"You never know, there's a lot in the human body you'd be surprised expect to be there. They aren't so bad when you get to know them and in more complex structures like an ionic lattice they can be more useful.
Are you looking for her then, this mystery girl?
She might be related, it's a big family and I've hardly got time to see everyone and Valken is only one side. I'll look out for her for you."
Saya's display was interesting.
"So you heal people by shooting them with... Whatever that is" She didn't know what a gun was. "Does it just close wounds? Or does it do more, can it medicate or sterilise or do anything else."
So far she was curious but not impressed, hers was better for now.

J.C, between the sight of the monkeys cutting up the corpses of the two god sisters, and Saya appearing to blast her arm off, fights to keep the bile rising in his throat as he walks over to Knife.
"Just what sort of place did you bring me to?!" He asks the mall fighter, who shrugs in response. "It's called The Pub, and don't worry, it's like this sometimes."
"Don't worry? I will worry! I don't know who those ladies were, but they certainly did not diserve....that!" J.C cries, waving at the last of the Ninja-Monkey Cleaning crew as they disappear back into the vents.
"I..." Knife cuts off his sentence as he catches his friends stare, and quickly does a 180 on what he was going to say. "Yea, look I'm sorry man. Don't be afraid to grab a drink or two when you done, all right?"
J.C crosses his arms, and (somehow) more greatly focuses his stare on Knife. "You know that I don't drink."
"I didn't say you had to get something alcoholic." Knife replys, lightly elbowing him before jokingly adding, "So get on, get back to work you slacker."
J.C rolls his eyes and walks back to resume his work on the bar.

Caramel Frappe:





Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya

Shifty looked up from his work on the counter, regarding Saya's action for a moment before looking away with a bit of disappointment on his face... he was half hoping that he would be able to able to check her bled out corpse for some bottle caps or whatever it was that served as currency on Pandora. However, when he saw that Saya's arm had been miraculously healed, he went from disappointed to friendly once again.

"Miss Saya that power would be handy on the days where I wish I could take a break or maybe when there's an excessive amount of work. When you deal wih the victims of Death Claws, bandits, Garys, Brotherhood, Enclave, Radscorpions and whatever else is on the loose, there are days where I get extremely swamped by my work." The Undertaker said as started drilling a few holes into the counter and inserting wooden pegs.

"In truth, I understand what you mean about morals. However, I myself see cursing not as a degeneration of morals, rather I see it as a degenration in mental capacity. But before you point out that I have cursed, I must dare say that mental capacity diminishment can be caused by stress, which I dare say can be caused by one's discomfort in finding himself in a place that is purportedly at the center of every universe in existence. How this also causes another conundrum. Is the proper term even universe anymore?" he asked as thoughtfully.

"Multiverse or just simple verse is a proper term." Mark said before turning his attention to Fran.

"I'm not looking for Andrias... she was just responsible for me showing up here and I was curious as to her fate." Mark said. She jad been a curious that Andria, wondering about Gods and such.

"What is this writer you speak of Miss Saya? Are you saying that you are some sort of Movie Starlet?" The Undertaker asked as he regarded J.C.

"Mister J.C. it occurs to me that you look rather like the pinned man I see on seme of the wrecked buildings in my world. Is he perhaps your brother " Shifty asked as he cut another piece of wood for the counter.

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