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Character sheet taken care of, this horned girl was now coming back from the washroom, having cleaned off all of the blood from the battle against Lobo the Deathclaw. This was where she stopped...because there was a sudden burning in her pocket!

"OW! What the...?"

She reached into her pocket and pulled out the stone she'd gotten from that dead Skyrim woman. Pulling it out, Natsuki found it scalding hot...and then suddenly cooled as though quelled by an unknown force. She had seen...a soul in the gem fighting beneath the black surface. Natsuki stared for a moment, then returned it to her pocket. That man from Skyrim who'd killed her. Where was he?

"So, did I miss anything?"

A sound of shifting metal plates and heavy footfalls follows the slow creak of the front door. Morukai has returned. He strolls in long, deliberate strides directly to the bar proper and sinks onto a Captain's stool. While some in the pub may have forgotten about him entirely due to passage of time, thanks to the strange behavior of time in this realm outside space, it has only been a few days for the massive master of the Voice.

"A cask of mead, Puce."

Location: The Colony

Subjects: FalloutJack | FalloutScott | Fenris | Lilith | Rex | Som

With Som spewing ....everything everwhere, Rex had a really hard time ducking and rolling through all of it, leading him to get some nasty burns among other things. Above all, his beloved hoodie caught fire. Begrudingly, he throws it off and watches it burn. ...And I just got that shit cleaned...

Driven to a slight fit of insanity by this, he smiled widly as he transmuted his headphones back into the Noisy Cricket aiming upward.

"OPEN WI~ DE!" Rex shouts as he aims his back to some somewhat open space before firing another massive sonic boom toward Som's face.

"Sorry to dissapoint bud, but Puce isn't in at the moment." Knife says, popping up behind the bar infront of Morukai. "So in the meantime," Knife places a cask of mead infront of the not-so-newcomer, "I'll be your barkeep."

"Pinned man? Oh, yes I know what you mean." J.C says, looking at Shifty, "He's not my brother per-say but did you explain it Knife?"

"An alternate version of you who went on to help create one of the largest religions in many a universe." Knife says.

Emperor Inferno:
Don't look at me. Blame the fragging board. I just post here.

Speaking of which...

Your post confuses some of the characters. You are fighting an X Parasite parody of the SA-X called the Som-X, based upon the catgirl, Som, who has a powersuit of her own. I can interpret your post. I'm just pointing out it went a bit wrong.

Signing, Jake pointed out...

"Well, all I really did was shout and cheer the main character and boo the Russian. Nothing special."

This, of course, led to the inevitable question from Roy...

Roy: Who the hell is Shifty? I've been in back, making sure these blob-things from down below don't come up throuh the vents.

In short, he was killing stray X that had lingered up here. And that...was when Elsie came in througha Gargenta.

Roy: Hey there... Issue's solved with Neil. Weren' off with Puce?

Elsie: I was, until he exploded an alien planet to handle Massacre's evil pet.

Roy: Where is he?

Elsie: I dunno. He sorta told me and Mass to run off for our own good.


Rex had help. Jack had a right-and-proper Tesla-Beaton Prototype pointed at the thing and he fred it along with the Cricket blast. That and the Death Breath from Fenris blew back the X creature,and the a rather nasty wave of something took it y surprise from Som, he powersuit having exuded chronoton particles in the form of an energy wave. The effect was instant and nasty. The Som-X was hit with TIME, and soon melted and dusted, leaving nothing left! She herself hit the ground, both herself drained and he powersuit out of commission from the maximum drain.

FalloutJack: Okay, I admit it. I missed some of this nuttery. I almost wish Lucy were here to death-glare someone into submission.


So...where was Puce now? Well, his drunkness led him to be incapable of stopping the cat-like people from tying him to a long stick and hauling him for a while. They appeared to be...ah, well, had he been paying attention before? These men appeared to be - You guessed it! - Moonians, a warrior cat-race from which such people a Som and Elisa came. These lot? They had an insignia of a clawed hand grasping a ball of light, meaning they belonged to a certain faction. All seemed quiet for that occasion - as they seeed to be doing 'Take me to your leader' without prompting - when...a sinister reptilian/trilling sound from over a hill sounded.

"We're being hunted... Jaggarox..."

All at once, a succession of creatures - each one larger than these Moonian me - came out in force to attack. A longish body with three tails and six long limbs ending inbig barbed claws and some nasty jaws... Those were Jaggerox. They had to drop Puce to fight the things, a half-dozen poisonous predators VS soldiers with swords and such. Well...they soldiers were obviously very well skilled. They weren't losing...

So, how long before you have your senses, Puce?

"How are you, Knife?"

As he speaks, he brandishes a small war pick and thrusts it into the side of the cask, holding a tankard underneath to catch the sudden and very sloppy out-pour of mead. He then jams the pick in further, stemming the flow to a trickle and setting another tankard on a stool. By the time he's done with the first, the second will be full, allowing for a flawlessly uninterrupted flow of the warm honey beer down his gullet.

"Has the girl been here lately? Natsumi, or some such, I believe."

Far from speaking inconspicuously, Morukai is speaking easily, jovially, as if nothing matters. A bit loud, perhaps, but what else is to be expected from a nearly seven foot tall, battle hardened Nord warrior?

"Natsumi? Can't say it rings a bell, sorry." Knife says with a shrug, before addressing the Nord's first question. "As for my self, well, other than having to cart around a Mall filled with idiots, psychopaths and an alterante version of myself, as well as nearly starting a war between the gods, I'm good."

"AH!" He shouts in sudden clarity, switching the first tankard for the second, "it is not Natsumi, but Natsuki. Anyway, a war between gods, you say. Sounds like great fun! How long, in this place, have I been gone?"

Anyone bothering to pay attention to the table in the farthest, darkest corner, would have noticed a heavily hooded and cloaked man sitting in a relaxed fashion across the seat, back to the wall; would have noticed that he seemed to simply have appeared there. He definitely hadn't been there a moment ago, and he certainly didn't use any door. But, of course, nobody was paying any attention. He checked. Had they been, he would not have manifested. He says nothing, does nothing, he doesn't even move. He is as nondescript as anyone, drawing no attention to himself whatsoever. He just sits there.

Time to find out, first hand, what this new world might bring...

And watches.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya


"Wait... so... you're in a remake of Rocky IV?" Mark asked as he thought about all the other various movies that they could be remaking... something rather popular in Hollywood a the moment. This was before he turned to the Nord and corrected him.

"Hey Blondie... it's Natsuki!" The Writer called out as he leaned back and watched the fireworks about to be unleashed by the news of Puce's disappearance.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS? HE... EXPLODED A PLANET????" A rather angry angry voice screeched from behind the counter, shattering a row of glasses, as Kurumu emerged from her and Puce's room, where she had just laid Baby Jac down for a nap.

"How in the hell do you lose a human being?" The Succubus asked as she checking the Big Board for Puce's location... her Puce's location that is.


The rhythmic sound of hammering would have been a bit distracting to most people save for Shifty and possibly... J.C., unless of course it happened to remind him of a different sort of hammering. However, this talk of religion brought the Undertaker to remember the prevalent religion in his life.

"Have you two heard the good word? Walt beith his name and from atop his home on the Materhorn... he watcheth man and their works."


"Did you turn Disneyland into a religion?!"

Location: Moonian Homeworld

Subjects: Puce

Well... let's just say that Puce returned to his senses rather on-time like... and far be it from Puce to stray away from a fight. So... a half dozen Jaggarox? Not a ... oh...

It seems that Puce was having a bit of an issue with his powers. Now... let's not be all alarmed here but... when I say that he was having a bit of an issue with his powers I mean that they were absent for some odd reason. Be that as it may, Puce did see his staff and equipment laying to the side where they had been dropped.

"Hey you... look out!!" The Pub's proprietor called out as he tagged a Jaggarox with a bolt of brain boiling electricity.

"Natsuki, Natsuki...No, still not ringing any bells, sorry." Knife says, "As for how long you've been gone, I really couldn't say. I've been in and out a few times myself at any rate." Knife mentally tosses around Natsuki's name in his head before looking at Mark. "Oi writer dude, you seem to know who this chick is, help me jog my memory will you."

J.C smile at Shifty's and then Mark's comments. "That sound rather fascinating." He says, addressing the giant undertaker, "Would you care explain some more about Walt?"

Oh... my bad.

With the parasite gone, Rex stretched out a bit and let out a contented sigh. "Awesome... That didn't go nearly as bad as it could've." He said as he started looking around at all the boides strewn about. ".......Yeah. Could've been worse...."

Scratching the back of his head a bit, he starts looking around for a way back up to the Pub.

What an odd realm... even the original arena wasn't this hectic. Wonder if Trajan or Malus have come here, or am I the only one left......

The stranger in the corner suddenly feels as if some pair of eyes or another will wander his way soon, and thinks better of his decision to manifest in a corporeal way. He slowly fades, then vanishes completely. He's still there, simply not physically. He is just a conciousness now

Wade wobbles

but he don't

Emperor Inferno:
fall down.

Jake was busy wrapping a Doctor Who scarf around his neck when Mark asked him about the movie.

"No, that would've been cooler. I like Drago. This was - get this - a Ju Jitsu fighting Russian against an American freestyle wrestler. You don't think of such martial arts when you think of Russia. The only Russian martial artist I ever saw was in a Bruce Lee film and I THINK he fought with a varient on Kempo and wrestling style himself."


Meanwhile, the pub had been rocked by Kurumu's ummm...distress about not knowing where to find Puce.

Elsie: I didn't LOSE anything. He told us to vamoose for our safety because he was going too blow up a world that the Wrathwyrm-thing REALLY wanted contact with because of its nanite creatures.

You the ones reforming into a single entity on John's desk while he was trying to figure out what to do with them? Kurumu wouldn't find anything out of the board. There may have been no Door where Puce was... And then, out of the lower levels appears FalloutJack with Rex and Scott.

FalloutJack: We came, we saw, WE KICKED ITS ASS!

Roy: What was it?

FalloutJack: An alien monster-parsite-clone-thingy of that girl that helped us. Uhh, Som I think her name was? Her suit's lost a charge, so she's reworking it down there. Kinda' cool the way she does that. Somebody up here mention Natsuki? If so, why?


Meanwhile, out in the blackness of space where Rezworld HAD stood...there was Massacre, holding a BIG MCLARGEHUGE leash...which was the Wrathwyrm!

"Now, we're going back home and you are going to spend a WEEK in the box, stuck under Gazuga's rancid ass! MY ultimate weapon will not misbehave unless I want it to!"

You do NOT want to know...


The Moonians that Puce had warned guarded themselves, but were surprised when the Jaggerox that wanted to open them up like a can of Spam was hit by a bolt of lightning and collapsed with a wheeze. They seemed to understand how to handle them mostly. It appeared to be a case of at least one distracting while another cuts off the tails or some other limb and they whittle it down until dead. The reason they didn't go for something more plunging - except for the halberd guy - was because there were too many dangerous limbs capable of piercing their armor. Those claws were almost like scimatars with poison-injectors. One of them - obviously the group leader - remarked on Puce.

"A mage, is it? Well, keep on flinging while you can. What of you two? What do you see?"

Two of the soldiers had gone to the crest of the hill to look over it as a couple more Jaggerox wheezed out a death-cry. One of them looked back, obviously not pleased.

"Take cover! They were with-"

WHOMP! The one who'd still been watching ducked, but the other who'd been warning the got unexpectedly knocked aside by a long tail with a mace-head. The unhit one rolled down even as something LARGE snarled and a loud scrabbling was heard.

"Their mother was here..."

"This far down the mountains? They're getting bold..."

Yes, they were with mumsey, and mummsey added two more Jaggerox to the remaining three, plus her own gruesome self, a much larger beast whose long jaws could snap one of them up in one gulp. She, a female progenitor Jaggerox, could do serious damage with her six main limbs or her three long mace tails. Matching her young in color, the thing roared and the Moonians took up a defensive position as the thing spat a sickening green gas at them all, noxious fumes meant to irritate the senses. However...

...that was when there was some interference! A green whirlwind of sonic energy blew much of the fumes away as a figure landed in front of the whole group, his back to them. He was dressed in black pants and a hooded travel-shirt with the same Heavenclaw crest on its back. They couldn't see who it was, but he was a black-haired Moonian with orange eyes and a dark scythe in his hand with a heavy headpiece. He was near to two Jaggerox when he one-handedly slashed...and projected green energy-cuts of the same power to throw them back, wounded.

???: Get the human to the House. I'll stop this thing.

"THIS is a human?"

???: Yes, now hurry...

With that, he flicked the scythe out and the head of it moved to a straighter position, making it look now like a wicked naginata, which he spun and leapt at the mother Jaggerox with to project a bladed whirlwind at. He'dused some sort of power to enhance his physique as well. Puce could get that much. Two of the soldiers moved to grab him. Looks like the were taking this new guy's orders for now.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya

The Asian Writer frowned for a moment as he visualized the scene in his mind's eye. It seemed pretty bad to him, even worse that World Wrestling "Entertainment." The thought of a "Russian" performing any sort of Martial Arts other than wrestling or boxing was brain melting.

"So... it's still like Rocky IV. American Wrestler uses moves that he learned on the streets or his non-traditional fighting style to dominate the Highly Trained and Highly Advanced Russian." Mark said as he had images of Ivan Drago doing arm bars running though his head.

That's why FalloutJack and FalloutScott emerged from the underground tunnels celebrating their victory over Som-X.

"Well... that's Natsuki's dad over there, Knife." Mark said pointing at Jack.

Shifty tried to think up the words to describe his religion in as simple a terms as possible before he was interrupted.

"Just thinkin Christianity but replace God with Walt Disney and Warner Brothers as being the Devil." Msrk said explaining Disney-anity perfectly.

"Well it's not so simple as that. But I will tell you that I have never felt so complete as when my father and I visited Mecca."

"Mecca in this case being Disneyland."

Location: Moonian Homeworld

Subjects: Puce

"Wait... where are you guys taking me? What the hell did I do to you guys?" Puce yelled as he was dragged off...

Fran had been listening for a while; there were a lot of words she didn't really understand.
"So where are you all from exactly?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya

Once again, it was the rather mouthy Asian man that had returned to sitting at a booth that was locally known as the Writer's booth that spoke.

"Well everyone comes from somewhere. For instance Jake and I come from a dimension that exists one level up from this one. I come from the State of Arizona... by way of California... both states in the United States of America. Puce and Kurumu come from a dimension that are parallel to this one known as Avatar Adventures... though Kurumu originally came from a Realm known as the Rosario + Vampire realm. Shifty, FalloutJack, FalloutScott come from another Dimension known as the Wild Wasteland. Knife? Ummmm I'm not sure where he comes from, but he's been all over really. Inferno hails from the realm known as Skyrim. Roy and Elsie... Bleach Dimension. Lumis, Som and Elisa... AHS. Lucifer... he's kind of like J.C. there. There's an instance of him in each dimension."

Shifty, looking at his watch an noticing that the time that he had promised to spend in the Pub had expired turned to each of the Pub inhabitants and said a heartfelt goodbye to each person.

"Sorry to cut this short, everyone. But I really must be going. There are so many bodies that need burying in the Wastes and I'm one of three that handle the United States area." He said as he exited the Pub.

Lucifer, who had been rather quiet of late had already left... Junior's presence being rather unnerving to the Arch-Daemon. What he was doing was... well... Classified at the moment.

"So where are you from?" Mark asked with a glint of interest in his eyes. He was always interested in origin stories.

"Well I'm from a city not much special about it; it's a fancy place I guess if that's your style. But I'm traveling at the moment, sort of between places.
Then again it's better than the dorms and when you help people they're often pretty willing to let you stay for a while."


"Oh right Natsuki, I remember her, weird chick with the invisible tentacles right? Didn't I fight her that one time?" He asks Mark, before he turns to Fran and grins. "A traveller huh? I'm a traveller myself, well, was, well technically still am, anyway, one traveller to another, what's your favourite place that you've been to?"

After waving goodbye to Shifty, J.C. turns back to the bar and, after applying a final coat of lacquer, steps back to admire his (and Shifty's, he mentally adds) handiwork. And what handiwork it is, if not for the sightly shiny sheen of wet lacquer, the newly repaired section of the bar would be almost indistinguishable from the rest.

"Well recently I've been around some of the old quarter religious districts, and it's just amazing, admittedly on the ground it's not the best but when you get up to the roof tops it's just beautiful and you get a real sense of history. Makes a big change from the mages where they have to redo everything every couple of years because something burned down or exploded. The architecture is much better as well; certainly easier to climb when not everything is straight lines."

"Dead.... Damn. Truly dead?"

He finishes off the last helping of the cask and rises heavily as only such enormous men can do. He thunks loudly over to the indicated body, not bothering the least with the pretense of quietude. He takes a knee and inspects her.

"Seems to be..." was all he murmured, softly, although he had to admit he wasn't quite sure he could tell. He had never before seen such a woman. Without further wasted time, he discreetly searches her. Having found what he was looking for (the black soul gem with the REAL soul in it) he replaces it in a compartment of his armor, next to its counterpart, the black soul gem containing the copy.

If anyone sees him do so, they would certainly make an instant connection with what immediately follows. As soon as the two gems are in close proximity, the room darkens considerably; all the lights seem suddenly beset by something that prefers the absence thereof, the temperature plummets, and the entire pub and everything in it trembles and shivers; not an earthquake but more a vigorous vibration.

Standing and drawing himself to his full height, the Speaker for the Black Hand casts cunningly observant looks all around him. One word escapes his lips, murmured and self-satisfied.


The temperature and lighting level continue to fall, and the trembling grows slowly more intense...

"Really? I might have to check that out later." Knife says, before turning to Morukai "Now, I certainly hope we arn't going to have a problem Mr Morukai, I'd hate to accidentally destroy any more of The Pub today." As he speaks, Knife calmly takes his MTs shotgun and lays it of the bar in front of him, never once taking his eyes of the Nord.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Elisa | Fran | John Constantine | Lumis | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Roy | Saya

The temperature and lighting level continue to fall, and the trembling grows slowly more intense...

"Hey! ... HEY! ... HEEEEEEY!! Do you mind? Some of us are trying to drink here!" Came Mark's voice from the Writer's booth over towards where the Speaker of the Black Hand stood. The problem wasn't the fact that the Speaker was there... the problem was that the temperature drop was causing some of the drinks to freeze up and bottles to shatter from the sudden temperature shift. Another thing was that Mark was attempting to read something... a task that was well nigh impossible with the shifting lighting... not to mention that The Writer wore ridiculously thick glasses to compensate for his poor eye sight.

The Author's gaze suddenly shifted back to Fran...

"Wait... climb? Roof tops? Jeez it's probably good that you're in med school then... you don't look particularly built for Parkour."

Morukai laughs deeply, there is mirth in it, but malice as well.

"The Pub?" he retorts incredulously, extricating the two stones from the compartment and brandishing them for Knife to see. They are alive with inner fire, the link between the two parts of the split soul finally made, completing at last the link between the two worlds where they were collected. "This soul-link binds together this realm and my own, but the realm of the dead, the source of these stones' power is the link. I know that you, Knife, know what I speak of. Both our worlds are opened up to it's insidious power now. The Pub? Not for long."

Nicholaus Kin stepped into the Pub, it had been a long time. A very long time indeed. He glad-handed some of the regulars and sat down to a pint of stout. He wore fine clothes from the 18th century, with a wide brimed hat which he gracefully swept off his head in an gentlemans fashion. His composure matched, he seemed to know so many in the pub very well. No names escaped his memory and he was well versed in al of their affairs. A walking stick in his hand concealed a hidden blade. Other than that, little was apparent about him. But those who could sense and Identify energy would see an incredibly capable psionic in their midst. However he had another talent, one few close to him knew about. He was a changeling, capable to transforming his appearance at will to match that of any human (real or fictional) reasonable close to his size.

"Excuse me, has anyone seen Fallout Jack and his crew? It has been quite some time since I shared company and a pint with those fearless rapscallions."

Things move on.


Bit of an epilogue-ish thing going on. The Writer was cursing Morukai with a big black villain moustache until his actions started to make sense. The AHS crew had 'kidnapped' Neil to let him go see their version of Earth, leaving Roy and Elsie a note to follow. John Constantine was feeding the Rez creature his chair. And then, someone called for Jack and his hooligans...of whom it was FalloutScott he was with.

FalloutJack: Yes? Hello? Who rang and why? I was busy with an alien threat.


Puce was indeed being sort of dragged away. A third guard dragging away the injured guy, leaving their mystery dude two guys in support. Puce had alot of questions, so while they were moving, the Moonian obviously in charge of the group spoke up.

"You're on Heavenclaw lands, human. Nevermind being on the wrong world, you don't trespass without answering to the House lord."

This was a rather hilly area, in which a large and imposing house - about the size of a castle while looking all the while like an ancient home or rich manor - came into view. There were a number of guards outside, all of them with the same insignia.

"What're you bringing us, then?"

"Trespasser. A human trespasser, no less. If Master Linx is in, then..."

"He is not."

"Shame, because I wish to report finding Vaughn the Deathclaw."

That seemed to surprise them.

"He's been gone for several years! He couldn't be found!"

"He's fighting a Mother Jaggerox, and we have to get in NOW."

Realizing an urgency that Puce would not, they let them in and Puce now saw...a massive receiving hall. Welcome to royalty, Puce!

After fixing the newcomers drink, Knife turns back to Morukai and sighs. "Before I ask why your doing this, I assume that stopping you isn't going to be as easy as, say, doing this." Knife's MTs, which until now had been resting in front of him on the bar suddenly finds itself in his hands. With little more warning than a low electrical hum, a brilliant neon orange laser leaps from the end of the barrel, rapidly filling the air between it and the twin soul gems. With a thunderous crack, the laser strikes true, erupting in a brilliant white flash that sears the second of the impact into the eyes of anyone watching. As he blinks away the afterimage of the moment, Knife, dispite his words, hope that it would be as easy as just shooting the gems in Morukai's hand.

But everything stays the same...

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac |Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya

"Waaaaaaiiiit a moment." Mark said from the Writer's booth where he had moved Jake when the fireworks started up again. As Morukai had quipped about this place being called the Pub, it seemed that the Pub was being converted into something else... like action central... or Node 0 of The Metaverse from Snow Crash. Whatever the case was, the front door was starting to look a bit like the landing pad for the HMS Loony Bin.

"Hey Jake... so Elisa, Elsie, Lumis, Neil and Roy went to... AHS?" The Writer said as he watched Knife unload a blast of iridescent laser light at the Speaker's soul gems."So now I gotta handle this? Are you kidding me?"

Of course the nasty habit of something happening upon the end of Writers' dialogue happened again. This time it took the shape of Kurumu... Succubus... Mother of a Half Succubus baby and Owner of a Pet Pink Dragon (Rin) and also took the shape of what looked like rather large shotgun in her hands... but was actually something more of a magnetically propelled metal stake launcher.

"Knife, Knife, Knife... always so fancy with your Shotgun... how about just good old fashioned kinetic energy." She said as she pulled the trigger, causing a large metal spike to be launched from the barrel of the weapon.

Location: The Moonian Homworld

Subjects: Puce

Jaggerox... Moonians... Vaughn the Deathclaw... it was a bit much to handle all at one time and so Puce stood there with his hands to his side as he waited... for what? Probably whoever owned this place. Reaching out, he tried to snuff the light of a burning candle with his powers but found that he couldn't... he make the flame dimmer as he absorbed trace amounts of the energy that was released by the rapid oxidation of the candle wick.

"Dammit" Puce cursed.

Kin finally spotted Jack through the crowd. He laughed as he made his way through the pack of people.
"My God man, you havent changed one bit since I last saw you. How are you holding up you old hound dog?"
He shook his hand heartily.

Best to ignore the implied insult.
"Well I'm learning, and it's not like I haven't fallen once or twice but then half of success is resistance to failure."

This time, the responding laugh was all mirth, and much more boisterous.

"As for why I'm doing this, the Dark Brotherhood was hired for an experiment. Involving trying to use soulstone magic to form a breach between worlds. As for that," he indicated Knife's weapon. "For one thing, you'd have to try much harder to undo the magic in these stones, boy. For another, to do so would only release the two souls, which would tear through their respective dimensions into Oblivion, widening the rifts through which our worlds are already being torn! HAHAHA! Stop me?! That would HELP! No, my friend, if you want to stop your world from being permanently assimilated into Oblivion...."

Here he brandishes his evilly cruel Daedric greatsword.

"You'll have to go there."

Knife brings his hand up to his face and gives an annoyed groan to his palm. "The Dark Brotherhood, really? I mean really, those dropkicks?" Knife gives another exasperated sigh as he rubs his temples, before looking back up at the massive Nord. "And while I'm not compleatly up to date on my Elder Scrolls lore, you have to die to go to Oblivion yes?"

J.C. meanwhile, is inching his way along the bar. While normally he would try and defuse a situation like this from ever occurring, personal experience tells him that nothing short of a miracle will defuse the confrontation taking place in The Pub. So for the most part he just continues trying(and succeeding) in not to be on the receiving end of any and all lasers, metal spikes, and now, greatswords being shown.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac |Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya

It was at this point that Mark addressed the being known as Morukai, pointing something out that perhaps he might not be aware of.

"Sooooo... what you're saying is that you're merging Nexus... which has a permanent and stable connection with all the other dimensions in existence... with the Oblivion plane of which is already one of the dimensions that Nexus is connected to." And to prove his point, he pointed at a darkened part of the Pub where a couple of Daedra were seated and enjoying a cold pint.

"That means... you're trying to merge all of reality with Oblivion... which mean dissolution of all the dimensional barriers... which means... my brain hurts from the infinite loop you're creating. Basically Oblivion, in the process of ripping through all of the Dimensional barriers will end up ripping apart all of reality... including itself."


"You just set us up the bomb." The Writer said seemingly unconcerned

We now pause to bring you a temporal flux... I mean an Edit

"Well you don't exactly have to die to go to Oblivion... if there's anything that the Lone Wanderer... I mean the Hero of Kvatch showed us it's that you can enter an Oblivion Gate... and enter Oblivion without dying." Mark said as he turned to address Fran once again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend I was just saying that you didn't seem like the type to be dashing over buildings and such. I'm sure you're plenty good at it."

So... this asshole was going to attempt to send merge Nexus and the Pub with Oblivion? Seriously... Kurumu was not in the mood for this crap.

"Do we really have to listen to this asshole all day or can we just kill him and figure out the rest?" She asked Knife as she pointed her MAC rifle at the man who was not only threatening all of reality but Baby Jac as well.

"Maybe I'll have to show you one day.
So what's all this about a bomb?"
Her interest had peaked enough to not be particularly offended by that free running comment.
She looked at the Deadra, their energies were strange, they were very much alive but in a different way to what she was used to.
"Now what do we have here?"
Her senses flared up.
"That's not a backup heart is it?"

"Go ahead. Kill me. We're all going to Oblivion soon. Well, literally, Oblivion is coming to us, but I suppose it all depends on perceptions. And I'll not die easily."

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