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Emperor Inferno:
You'll hate me for this.

The Writer smiled fiendishly at Mark.

"Relax, man. I got this. John?"

John Constantine casually walked through the bar and then held out the Infinity Gauntlet that Puce had duplicated at Morukai, scanning him. Then, whistling a tune, he headed over to the door, opened it, went through, and the door shut after him. A moment later, he reappeared through the door and shut it behind him carefully. He- Wait. John, where's the gauntlet? John, stop smiling like that and tell us what happened to the Infinity Gauntl-

Nevermind... John went over to the bar and bought a beer, then handed it over to Morukai.

John: Congrats, mate. You're an orphan.

Yeah... The indicator on the Pub's directory of worlds now pretty much stated that Morukai's world didn't exist anymore. John went back to his office and shut the door.

"Next time, try Outworld. They're big on mergings."

Meanwhile, we have a bitty of a reunion between Jack and veteran of Pub Classic.

FalloutJack: Wow, I didn't expect to see YOU here. There has been so much going on, I can barely keep the plot straight. What've you been up to, man?


Meanwhile, on Moonia...

"Phew! Close one, there. Can't let the Father-Rox catch ya in the open, right guys?"

There appeared to be an agreement there, followed by the door opening and then being shut quickly by the three others, then locked up tight. The one identified as 'Vaughn' spoke up from under his hood.

Vaughn: I hope you don't have any guards out there right now.

"These are Heavenclaw lands. There's ALWAYS someone on patrol."

Vaughn: ...I know. Well, get the word out, then. I may not have been in lately, but even I wouldn't forget the vindictive nature of Jaggerox when someone kills their mates.

He then looked over at Puce, who was still under guard.

Vaughn: Let him go.

They hesitated. Vaughn grumbled. They never showed him respect around here. He pointed his scythe at the lead man.

Vaughn: I've been walking for days and I just came to your rescue now. Let. Him. Go.

Okay, NOW they did as he commanded, and he let the scythe drop. The young Moonian - in his teens, looks like - sighed, then drew back his hood. He was this tall and lanky guy for his age, with orange cat-like eyes, tan skin, and black hair that went to the neck. He had cat-like ears like all the others. He was annoyed, but managed an offhand smirk.

Vaughn: So, how did you get here, friend?


Emperor Inferno:
You'll hate me for this.

Sorry, forgot y'all do that. Wont be a prob.

Nicholaus sat down, seeming strangely calm despite the atmosphere, some people were making threats somewhere. Didnt really concern him much. "Well a little of this, a little of that, lots of place hopping. Towns, countries, continents, dimensions. You name it, I have jumped them all. Reinvented myself more times than I care to count. Being a Changeling helps with that sort of thing. So does psionic meddling though. What about you? I havent seen you guys since we had that one girl, emotionally unstable, with way more power than any person should have. And she had those weird tentacles..."

"A changeling you say?
And what exactly does that entail?"
Her journal is already out and the pen is in her hand ready to make notes.

"A changeling you say?
And what exactly does that entail?"
Her journal is already out and the pen is in her hand ready to make notes.

"Ah, hello" He turned to the stranger. "Well I myself cant grow tentacles. Im restricted to the natural human state. Nothing added or removed, only altered. For instance I can change my height about up to a foot either way from about where I am right now. Hair can be grown but that takes a few minutes at best, to really get it right it will take a day or so."
He shook her hand "You see ma'am, I am a problem solver of sorts. But what kind of problems you may ask, well anything from a person to a scenario. It isnt so much my profession that makes me unique, but how I go about it."

"That's great mate, but if you fix problems, could you maybe lend a hand fixing the problem going on here." Knife says to Nicholaus, jerking a thumb at Morukai who looks as large and shadowy as ever.
"Right!" Knife yells, clapping his hands together, "Anyone have an Oblivion gate handy? No? Ok then." Knife pulls a revolver from his jacket and places it on the bar. "Who's going to draw the short straw."

She shook his hand a little taken about when he initiated.
"So where do you keep the extra mass? Or do you have to get fatter to get shorter?"

She shook his hand a little taken about when he initiated.
"So where do you keep the extra mass? Or do you have to get fatter to get shorter?"

"Highly compressed muscle actually." He said. He took a moment, began to focus, his face looking strained as it suddenly began to rearrange so his features were considerably different. In not time at all it was as if a completely different person was standing in front of them. He gave a little smile then turned back to his natural state.
"Use the compressed muscle to create the illusion of weight and such"

I am back...

Emperor Inferno:
I can't believe he destroyed it...

I'm alive still... I promise!



Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac |Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya

There was a groan from the Writer's booth where Mark had been sitting motionless for the equivalent of close to a real time week or so, his face looking rather disheveled... like someone who had been moving his personal effects from one home to another home while sorting out things that he no longer wanted. Additionally, it should have been noted that his mass of hair that he used to have had been replaced with a 1/8th inch growth of hair instead.

"Did... did I miss anything?" The man asked as he ordered a coffee or an energy drink or something that had caffeine in it.

"2 hours a day of sleep for 15 days makes it so that shunting my consciousness over here is a bit of a pain." he said as he pulled out a green can of some sort, popped the top and chugged down the 12 oz container of green fluid.

"Crap... this isn't going to help me understand what's going on." He said before he turned towards the Changling.

"You know... instead of high condensed muscle and flexible skeletal system and fast growing hair, you could have said Magic. Magic would have been a good enough explanation for me."

Kurumu looked over the big board once again for any signs of Puce, hoping that somewhere in the infinite dimensions the Puce that she had just married was still alive and kicking. As for the asshole known as Morukai... she ignored his request to be offed. She wasn't about to wake up Baby Jac in lieu of killing some guy that threated all of creation for some sort of deal that he had made.

"Hey Jack... how's the kid?" Kurumu asked as she looked around to see who was in the Pub at the time, hoping that someone would be able to tell her where Puce was.

Location: Moonia

Subjects: Puce

"So, how did you get here, friend?"

Well that was a question wasn't it. How do you say that you were somehow deposited on this world after using a series of mass drivers to throw Rhode Island sized chunks of a planet at a mecha-dragon determined to merge with a race of modular nano-bots with an attitude problem and a ship on their shoulder... probably from being so short. Short people always have chips on their shoulders.

Also... how does anyone explain that to a race of catlike people who ... on the surface... appear to have the technological sophistication of Renaissance Era Earth. Now let's assume that you've been to a Renaissance Fair. I'm assuming that this is what Moonia looks like minus the self-loathing.

"It's kind of a long story... I guess it would be if I knew how it happened but let's just say I was trying to save all of creation and while I was doing that... I got dumped here somehow." Puce responded after a moment, hoping that the vagueness of his answer would be accepted rather than warrant a burning at the stake.

If it's one thing about these type of worlds... they always knew how to make a fella with powers that looked like magic feel welcome and so far, these Moonians were doing as good a job as expected. Captured Puce at weapon point... dragged him through their lands and now were questioning him as if he had a grasp as to what was going on.

"Say... erm... you guys wouldn't happen to have a phone would you?"

Emperor Inferno:
Here, let's have a bit of fun with this.

The Writer opened up John's office to find him arguing with the Rez Paragon that has taken his seat.

"Uhhh, John?"

John: One sec. I've gotta send this bastard off to oblivion.

"Yeah, about that. Did you actually destroy Morukai's dimension?"

The Englishman looked over at the Writer with clear annoyance.

John: You honestly think that I destroyed a world?


John: That I consigned millions, maybe billions, to sudden instant obliteration like the frigging Death Star?


John: I've got a helluva lot more class than that, Jake. I set the thing to blow 'cause having ultimate power isn't even my style. I just made the thing rip out the Pub's connection to it so's the connection goes. Can't have some arsehole messing with a good pub.

"I take your point. So, his world exists?"

John: Yeah, he just can't access it for shit right now.


So, you in the new place yet?

FalloutJack: Oh, I've been alright. Right, Scotty?

FalloutScott: Aye, it's been quite an adventure.

FalloutJack: Where to begin? Ah, you were talking about Lucy, right? Helped rescue a bunch of her kind from a facility that we eventually sent to a school in Kurumu's world. I also let her infect me to show her that I believed her and my species - Diclonius and human - could co-exist. So saying, I raised her - Natsuki, that is - and both she and I have been heavily involved in all the Deathclaw happenings here, which is another long story and very timey-wimey. Lucy is, by the by, more lucid and with the other Diclonii to help them along.

That was when Kurumu asked about 'the kid'.

FalloutJack: If you mean mine, Natsuki's okay. It's just that if you mean the other, then uhh...Lilith is understandably a handful. When you start crossing the kind of mutation that occurs in her line along with Deathclaw lineage, you start to see some real troubles. Teething, for one. She bit through some plasma rifles.


Okay, that got him some funny stares by the accumulated guards here. No, this wasn't the case of him possibly getting burned at the stake. Quite differently, they didn't believe a word of it.

"All of creation, you say."

"Hah! You must be tougher than you look!"

"A boast like that, how come you couldn't even break my grip?"

Vaughn, however, had a different reaction. At first, he laughed. And it was not a mocking laugh. Something about it genuinely struck his funny bone...which is coincidentally in the exact same place as the human funny bone. He did stop, however.

Vaughn: I'm sorry. I haven't heard talk like that in a while. You remind me of a friend of mine. She said things like that in total seriousness and I knew better than to laugh, because of her background. Still, you ARE human, so at least I know you didn't almost cause the incident.

Well...that's up for debate. Vaughn appeared to be quite a bit more knowledgeable than the others gathered here. This was demonstrated in the fact that while the guards didn't know what a phone was, he understood Puce's request clearly.

Vaughn: There is no phone on Moonia. If you're from Earth, then what I have to say will make more sense to you than them. Our two worlds hold a different kind of development. Moonian technology is not the same as on Earth. That which is not machine per se is a machination supported and enriched by magic. Your phone calls would therefore be our scry-messages and other such things. We have no internet, I'm afraid. It has no application to a warrior's world, nor many other things.

Then, suddenly, in afterthought...

Vaughn: Forgive me, I haven't introduced myself. I am Vaughn Heavenclaw and this is the home of my family.

"You address the youngest lord of the land, so-named Vaughn the Deathclaw-"

Suddenly, the guard received a menacing glare.

Vaughn: That title no longer applies, and I never want to hear it spoken again.

Yup... I have to do some rewiring of the place though... router is too far from my computer. I'd like to install network jacks in all the rooms.

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac |Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya

Wellllll... Kurumu didn't necessarily mean Lilith thought the little anecdote about her biting through Plasma rifles was a rather entertaining thought.

A quick reminder about the complicated family tree that has erm... branched?... is branched even the right word for what we've got going here... I think there's some sort of recursive sort thingy going on.

So... in the beginning of the Pub 2.0 we had the Kadouclaw Matriarch, the Kadouclaws being a type of Deathclaw that was unfixed in space time and given the location of Nexus and its rather unique relationship to the rest of the multiverse, she posed quite the threat.

Jack... that would be FalloutJack... exposed her to the F.E.V. a move that disabled her ability to become unfixed in space and time. Good move Jack! The down side is that you gave her intelligence on par with a human and the ability to alter Deathclaw genetics on the fly. It would have been an awesome thing in the right hands but Titania was definitely not the right hands for those particular talents.

Meanwhile... we had Lucy... the silent but deadly Diclonius girl who did indeed infect FalloutJack with whatever it was that she infected people with... let's just say it wasn't an STD ... wait... could it be considered an STD? Because the virus is passed down to the patient's offspring and we get offspring through... whatever... we got Natsuki from that little bit right there.

Back to Titania... she wasn't living up to her namesake and was plotting the expansion of her colony through one of the Nexus Doors... a move opposed by the inaptly named Oberon. One civil war later... Titania and Oberon were dead and Lilith was born... and she bonded with the first person she saw... in this case it was Natsuki.

As for Baby Jac... that's another story for a different time.

"Well... how's Natsuki handling 'motherhood' anyways?"

Location: Moonia

Subjects: Puce

Well if you want to talk about why Puce was unable to get out of the grip of the Moonian guard, he only had to smell the alcohol being sweated out of every pore and orifice on the Pub Proprietor's body and even then the man was still under the effects of the energetic brew that his wife had put together specifically for him.

Even now, Puce swayed on his feet but his mind was sharp enough to sense the tension in the room when the subject of titles was brought up.

"Hi... you can call me Puce..." He said, leaving out the remark about how he never understood why anyone called him that in the first place whilst running a hand through his puce colored hair.

"And I WAS from Earth... but I've been staying off world for quite some time now. Retired from the Heroing business and all the crap that goes along with it." He said as he tried to absorb some energy from the fire in the fireplace, his body feeling like it could use some energy right about now. To say it was a failure would have been yet another understatement in this rather disappointing day of understatements for the man who used to have the power to absorb any source of energy and channel it into a living construct.

"Who was this friend of yours... I met a couple of girls that look... erm... Moonian?" He said as he remembered that Elisa and Som had been there for his brief and hectic wedding.

"And also... it would help if you've ever been to the Pub out in Nexus... I need to tell my wife where I am... I'm sure she's worried."

Well to say she was worried was a bit of an understatement...


I apologize for asking this out of character, but are you referring to Titania and Oberon from Sword Art Online or something else?

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac |Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya


Seems that someone out there was curious about out Titania and Oberon and how it related to the history of the The Pub. Now it might have been considered weird for someone yell into the air, responding to a disembodied voice, but around here... it was perfectly normal... especially when the Writers started showing up.

"Titania and Oberon are actually the names of the King and Queen of the Faeries from Irish Folklore. However, in reference to the Pub, they were the former Death Claw Matriarch and her Alpha Male that ruled over the Intelligent Death Claw colony located under the woodwork of the Bar." Mark, said in the air, causing not one person to look at him oddly, such behavior was sort of the norm for him.


Guess that explains where those name came from. Okay, thanks.

(((({ EDITED})))))))

Nicholas Looked around at the members of the pub.
"So someone is threatening this place with destruction..." He took out his pipe and lit it. Taking in deep breaths to stir embers in the tobacco. Smoke soon rose from the bowl.
"Well, it would be a shame to loose this place. " He looked around, almost admiringly, at the building quite fondly. "It makes for a good retreat when I need to just, oh you know, get away from it all. Im in."

His drink was brought around to him and he gratefully accepted. A rare kind of Greek brandy. He took a sip letting his gaze pass at all those assembled.
"What is our first step?"

The Writer's Booth

Mark slowly lifted his head from the position it had been in for some time as someone registered a new patron to the Pub.

"Oi! Sorry for the inactivity. My weekends are usually packed. My regular hours are Monday night through Friday Morning 7PM through 7AM Arizona Standard Time... Iteration #0000001.". The Writer stated as his head slumped slowly back onto the table.

Yeah, it's cool. I also gotta do some tweaking to Jakku's character, so I won't have him drop in just this second



FalloutJack: Uhh, how shall I put this?


#342: ...and all of a sudden, there's this Super Happy Fun Ball bouncing around and making dents in the wall, my armor, and some of the machines!

Natsuki: How do you know it was a super-happy?

#342: It was giggling...

Natsuki: Yeah, that'll about do it.

Just then, another soldier ran into the storag room.

#82: Bad news, ma'am. Reports are coming in all over the base of movement in the duct work and taunts of 'Heeee~ey, whacha' doin'?'.

The Diclonius facepalmed.

Natsuki: Oh god, she's discovered air ducts... Right, I'll need a combat bodysuit, a grapple gun, three stun grenades, a shock glove, and a roll of duct tape.

#82: What's the duct tape for?

Natsuki: The duct work. May as well make repairs.


FalloutJack:'s a labor of love.

That was when Kin made reference to the guy thratening the bar, who was Morukai of course. Jack took a pull of his own drink and sat back in his chair.

FalloutJack: Well, apparently, that English guy screwed up the Pub's connection to his dimension, so his evil planz are kinda' up in smoke. You can shoot 'im if you like. He'll go back to his dimension and won't be able to return.


Back in Moonia, Puce introduced himself as Puce and explained that he was formerly of the planet Earth (Not explaining that it was probably not the Earth that Vaughn was aware of.), having been a hero of some sort before retiring. Vaughn listened to the man's questions and concerns. They were not...things he could entirely help with however...

Vaughn: Well, I know alot of Moonians, of course, but my friend was no such person. She was on Earth, but came from a place called Leng, filled with spiders. Hayate, her name was, and she was the spawn of an Eldritch being. She held a mean scythe.

He shrugged.

Vaughn: Anyway, you'd have to narrow down just what Moonians you're talking about, or tell me more about this Pub. Not many of our kind have even SEEN a human being, much less know they exist.

He remembered the cast of a young farm cat by the name of Fern Logomoth. Normal citizen of the Bluemoon lands who held a double-bladed lance. Somehow, he ended up in the human world and freaked out, several times. He panicked because there were creatures with 'no ears' everywhere and things that beeped at him and so on. And THEN, he wrecked part of the school because he didn't know how to get home. However, before they could continue, Vaughn looked PAST Puce in shock, as there was something suddenly behind him. It was a tall and masculan figure, close to seven feet tall if not there already. Strong and clearly very versatile, with clawed hands and darkened skin like Vaughn as well as cat-like highlights to his skin-pattern and such. He bore shorter black hair than Vaughn, and more intense orange eyes, though the cat-like ears were the same. He was in a blue-black informal robe with white highlights, his family crest onthe back of it. Like all Moonians, he had no tail and looked...very Thundercat-ish. In fact, this guy might've been inspired by the classic Panthro, though he might've sounded like the Justice League's Lex Luthor. Pure coincidence. It was, in fact, Master Linx Heavenclaw, Vaughn's father, and he had moved in so fast that neithe of them saw him until just now.

Linx: So, you finally return. For your sake, son, I hope your exursion was worth it. Now...I've heard tell of a Jaggerox problem. Why is there a human in my waiting hall?

One moment, Jakku was going to the bathroom and the next he looked like he was in a bar of some sort. For the moment his instincts took over and his hand rested on the hilt of his bushi tachi. He looked around the place. It was definitely a bar or pub of some sort. But, the decor didn't look much like anything he'd seen before. The closest he could place was Elven, but less... Pretty.

"Anou.... Jiru-chaaan!" Jakku called out to his wife. "Toki ni wareware wa, basurūmu de bā o tsukurimashita ka?"







Emperor Inferno:


Gobble Gobble?


Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya

Now... if this wasn't one of the most bizarre sights to have shown up in the middle of the Pub for some time. Kurumu blinked as she held Baby Jac in her arms and realized that somehow the universal translators weren't kicking in for this guy.

"Hi there. Welcome to Nexus and the Pub. Have a seat and Knife'll serve you a drink." The Succubus said aloud as she turned back towards Jack and smirked at the mental image of a miniature Deathclaw romping through the ducts of whatever Enclave Base Natsuki and Jack were stationed at.

"Jack... have you met... Jac?" She asked with a smile, keeping an eye on the new comer and the assassin that was somehow still sucking in oxygen through his mouth and not through a hole in his chest.


Kurumu wasn't the only one in the Pub that was surprised by the appearance of the new comer and his apparent use of some sort of Nipponese dialect.

"Hey you! Come 'ere!" The Writer pointed towards Jakku and motioning for him to come over to the table where he and Jake sat.

"Ummm... CAN... YOU... SPEAK... ENGLISH?!?" The Vietnamese man seated at the table asked... getting trapped in that thought that the slower and louder you spoke, the more understandable your language would be.

Location: Moonia

Subjects: Puce

Puce's head was getting cleared up enough to realize that what he was in the presence of was some sort of Royalty? Whatever it was, he had best put on his best face before one of these guys decided to try to yank if off. Without his powers, he might well have been a baby trawling around with a stick in his hands. Bowing to Master Linx Heavenclaw, Puce spoke with a low and respectful tone when he talked to the Master of the lands.

"Apologies for the intrusion, sir. I was lost and crashlanded in your lands. You guards and son were able to find me and pull me from the wreckage until such a time that we were attacked by these Jaggerox that you speak of. I hope that I am not inconveniencing you but I am attempting to find a way home." Puce said as he straightened up to and allowed Linx into the conversation.

"To answer your question, Vaughn, the Pub is exactly as it sounds, a place for socialization. There is however a special property to it. It's located with in a dimensional nexus, a place where all the dimensions intersect. This is only the second one of these Nexuses that has ever been discovered. It also allows travel between dimensions and allows people that would have never been able to meet, a place to meet." the Pub's proprietor explained, hoping that he would be alive long enough to still be the Pub's proprietor.

"And to answer your question. I believe that the Moonians that I met were Elisa and Som. They attended my recent wedding."

Incoming Short post is short #SWANKisthenewSWAG

Kin looked at the newcomer, trying to remember his Chinese but have a hard time with this one.
"If this doesn't word I can just read his mind and infer his intentions...."

"Eh? Watashi wa watashi no tsūyaku no apuri o on ni shite mimashou de hanguappu"

Jakku hit a button on his watch, causing a holoscreen to appear over the face and in front of him. He then proceeded to fiddle with a collection of menus and commands until finding the one sought after. He waited as a loading screen appeared then disappeared in favor for a green confirmation screen. He cleared his throat.

"Okay, is this thing working?" Jakku asked, looking around. "By the way, what are you people doing in my house? I don't remember asking for an renovations? And what happened to my bathroom?"

Location: The Pub

Subjects: Baby Jac | Fran | John Constantine | Jake | Jakku | Knife | Kurumu | Mark | Morukai | Nicholaus Kin | Roy | Saya

Wait... did he say his bathroom? Clearly this was no bathroom and clearly this was not some sort of renovation. However...

"Yes. We can understand you now. Thank you for that. But if you think that this is your bathroom, I could ask you what your bathroom is doing on the other side of my entrance?" Kurumu asked with an amused smile. It always seemed to be the same with the newcomers. Sometimes the entrances to the Pub were in rather bizarre places so she couldn't blame them but when someone asks if they renovated his bathroom into a bar... well... that at least deserved a smile didn't it?

"What my succubus friend is trying to say is that it seems that one of our many infinite dimensional portals seems to have opened up in your bathroom. I got here through the door of a foreclosed house I was looking to buy. Kurumu, and her husband Puce. They got here while hiding from a daemon. Jake... he got here in a box. There's all sorts of ways one gets here and it's fairly unique to each person... I'll shut up now so Kurumu can give you the proper welcome."

"Umm... yes well... Welcome to the Pub." Kurumu said formally, the words actually being a selected code phrase that recorded a new comers comings, goings and actions while they were there.

"And if you think this is you bathroom... I think you should look through one of the windows." She added as she pointed to the darkened void of interdimensional space and the barriers that lay beyond.

"Oh, okay then... Jiru-chaaaan...!" Jakku cried out before the succubus' words actually hit him. "Wait, whaaat?" He ran over towards the window and stared out into the vast darkness on the other side. he stood there in complete silence for what seemed like forever before finally uttering, "Woah."

"So, what now?" He asked in all seriousness. "How do I get back to my house? I gotta pick up Sara-chan from school in an hour."


Boring quote tag is boring. And to answer your question.. yes I am a fan of the gobble gobble...

"Well you are in luck then my friend." The Changling said over his glass of brandy, pipe still lit. Wisps of transient seeming smoke, ghost like in its movement towards obscurity, rose from the bowl.
"You see, time is relevant here. Or better yet, irrelevant. When you return, you will still have an hour to pick up your friend. Sara was it?" Kin finished off the glass and gestured to Kurumu. "Another would be lovely if its not too much trouble."

"Hey, Sara-chan's my daughter, buddy." Jakku said as he approached the bar. "But in that case, I guess hanging around here won't hurt. You got any sake?"


A bottle of sake did reach the man, along with...a Maneki Neko shaped cake. Curiously, the one who served it was not actually seen. The two items had just been inocently placed there before him from below the counter, followed by a scampering sound to the back. That said and done...


Jack seemed to recall the sudden haste with the wedding and that it was for reasons of viability because-

FalloutJack: Oh yeah! No, not as such. Uhhh...this may be a weird question, Kurumu, but whose idea was it to name him thus?

Bear in mind, Jack's pointing a Firelance at Mark so he kindly shuts up.


It appeared that the explanation of the arrival and the nexus intrigued the large man-cat, enough to not appear annoyed or insulted. Clearly, he had the capacity to believe such things could happen. As a Moonian royal, he was privy to such information as the existence of humans and of other worlds. Ergo, dimensional travel was also heard of hin this place. Of course, it was quite evident that neither of them had ever heard of the Pub in which Puce referred to. It could be that there was no door here. Then, as he mentioned who he knew...

Vaughn: Som and Elisa?! I know them!

Linx: Who are they?

The young Moonian was apparently always on-guard around his father, intimidated.

Vaughn: They're...from the school the Bluemoon sisters had been to. It's where I went.

Linx: My daughters returned here without you to tell me that. They also said that a Bluemoon attacked them, a mad creature of a Moonian, like she had Feral Rage.

Vaughn: I don't know anything more than you do. Lysia was there. I helped her fight the girl. I was told she was under someone's control.

Linx: And was she...a Bluemoon?

Vaughn: ...yes, father.

Linx: I see... Good to know you haven't abandoned us after all, Vaughn, but I will not allow such excursions again. Next time, I will drag you back myself, by the ears.

Yikes! He flinched at that, but it was clear that Vaughn did not actually like Linx, possibly not any of his family. The Master of the house left Puce to Vaughn as he did not care where a lost human took refuge from the male Jaggerox. He had to deal with it soon anyway. It would be at the gates soon enough, or so his parting mutters led to believe. The guards, or at least the ones not stationed at the main hall, dispersed. Vaughn sighed.

Vaughn: I'm sorry about that exchange. It's actually the most I've ever stood up to him. Definite immprovement...

"So what is your story?" Kin looked at the new comer. "Clearly not from around here. My guess would be from a realm considered to be 'more advanced' in its technology."

Name: Mercy
Gender: Female
Age: Temporal Age: 24 Years
Species/Race/Ethnicity: Human
Class: Bicycle Courier

The Pub's doors creaked open once again marking the arrival of yet another soul that was looking for a quick drink. The blue eyes belonging to the helmeted courier regarded the motley crew of costumed patrons before the sight of so many cosplaying geeks caused the eyes' owner to smile in a rather affable grin. After pulling off the spray-painted stealth black helmet and shaking out the helmet molded hair into a semblance of Red Menace colored A frame cut that the woman was used to, the bicycle long and lean legs eagerly propelled her towards the bar.

-Knock! Knock! Knock!-

The sound gloved knuckles rapping against the warm mahogany of the counter top signaled Mercy's readiness for a nice pint of whatever pear cider they had on tap. Yet, not a single soul seemed to be paying attention to her as she removed the padded jacket that served as her only protection against the mad taxis that prowled Mid-Town.

"Hello? Can I get a pear cider and maybe a-" The courier asked as she tried to look over the counter top, stretching all 5'9" of her body, just in case the bartender happened to be a midget little person.

"Strange." She muttered as she looked towards the other patrons, only to feel a breeze as some unknown force delivered her Pear Cider.

Placing her courier bag on the bar stool next to her, its contents known only to her next delivery John, Mercy looked at her data-bracelet, its holo-splay highlighting her soft features, and double checked the time and the location of the next delivery... only the system time seemed to be way off, as were the directions for her next delivery point.

"Fucking seriously?" She cursed as she tried to pull up the communications screen that would let her talk to HQ and inform them of the system glitch she was encountering, only she wasn't receiving a comms signal either. Did they build this little hole in the wall out of 20 yard thick steel reinforced concrete or something? She'd made a delivery via the trans-Atlantic tunnel before and still gotten 4 bars of reception.

Tapping a few "buttons" on the virtual keyboard of the holo-splay, the girl with bluejay eyes quickly scanned through the data-bracelet's source code and isolated an error.

"HA! There's no way in hell I'm Light Years away from Midtown!" She exclaimed as she checked the calculations and froze. The telemetry wasn't wrong. She really was light years from mid town.

Turning around and looking at the "cosplayers" that she had spotted on the way into the Pub, she suddenly realized that they weren't cosplayers at all but rather the real thing that they were portraying. With one quick motion of her wrist, the Hammerspace rift dropped the Autopistol in her waiting hand as she prepared to take on the patrons if need be.



None for now.


With none of the patrons making a move on her, Mercy turned back around and spotted her reflection in a mirror mounted above the shelves of different liquors, acknowledging the fact that she was still a human being.

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