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"Ma'am" Nicholaus Kin said, his eyes hardly moving from his pipe. "Now pulling out weapons will hardly solve anything around these parts.

Mercy looked over at the man who had spoken to her, a reddening of her face indicating that she didn't even know what sort of parts these parts were. All she knew was that she was rather hungry, rather tired and her "Smart" bike had taken her to some place out of the ordinary once again.

"Sorrysorrysorry! I just, I don't even know where here is. I'm either dead or my computer's broken and if I'm dead that means you're all afterlife people and if my computer's broken, that means that I'm in some sort of weird Cosplayer's convention." She said, indicating the blue haired succubus dressed in a high school uniform outfit. Taking a sip of her pear cider, she looked over at the man who had spoken to her and cocked her head.

"So, am I dead?"

"Probably not." He turned so he was facing her where he sat. "Unless thats how it works in your world."
He held his pipe to let the embers burn a little. "You see, this is sort of a cross roads. It comes into contact with Lord only knows how many dimensions. Depending on the nature of yours, this may be the result of a dream, a wrong turn, death, who knows, it simply depends on your connection to your world. As far as I can tell, we all enter this place as an act independently of not only our own place, but our own time. Not to mention this also includes metaphysical interactions. For instance, some of us are aware we are figments of the imaginations of other personified in story or thought."

"Yea, it get's confusing like that." An Australian accented voice says from behind the bar. "Sorry I missed you when you arrived, I was in the bog."

"Huh?" The woman asked as she made it privy to those around her that she had not been listening in on Nicholaus Kin's rather poetic explanation of just how it was that people got into where ever it was that Mercy found herself. What could have been so important that a woman who was supposedly one of the smartest mind in her college dorm ignored a rather important bit of information? Well, she was in the process of attempting to locate whatever bug it was that was causing her Data Bracelet to return such false information. It should be noted that her method of debugging was rather unsound, that is, she was in the process of banging said Data Bracelet against the hard wood countertop.

checking the results again yielded the same thing, the Data Bracelet telling her that she was no where even close to MidTown, let alone her home planet.

"Stupid job! Stupid deliveries! Son of a bitch." She cursed as she looked at both men who had been talking to her, her face flushed with embarrassment from the outburst. Rewinding the scene in her mind, a specialty of hers after having listened to so many boring lectures in her time, she remembered what Kin had said as well as the second man who had yet to introduce himself.

"So, you're saying that we're in a place that's located between dimensions but connects to every dimension imaginable? And you're also telling me that instead of building some sort of interdimensional United Nations building, someone built a Pub? You're kidding right? You've got to be kidding." She said as she took anther sip of her rather good cider.

"I'm Mercy, by the way." She said to both the man who had been kind enough to explain the situation to her and the man behind the bar as well as the rest of the people who were sitting there, doing whatever it was that a bunch of cosplayers in an interdimensional bar do.

Kin could only chuckle. "A pub? Well who is to say anyone actually built it?" He quietly turned to the heavily accented man who had spoken. "I dont think we are aquainted, Nicholaus Kin, problem solver." He offered a hand shake. Before turning back to the girl.

"Well I think its apparent how you got here." He said making allusion to his previous statement about wrong turns. "So what is your story?". His eyes seemed fixed on her, like nothing could escape them. Sure enough he was a man of many talents. First and foremost,his changeling abilities. He could alter his form to fit any humanoid roughly his size. Secondly his psionic abilities, also known as imperiomancy. This yielded a wide field of psychic abilities such as telekinesis, astral projection and his personal favorite; psychometry: The ability to infer facts about an object simply by touching it.
He had one other great gift. This was not linked to any sort of magic, as many wizards had tested this and several institutes of science, magic and other studies had studied him to deduce. Instead his magnanimous powers of deduction seemed to be a god given gift. In fact, he could shut off his aforementioned psychometry and nobody could tell the difference save for a power detector of supernatural energy. For instance, it had been off the whole time, yet he had already figured much out by this time.
"So how is the probably illicit courier business treating you?."

"G'day Mercy, Nick, I'm Knife." He says, nodding to the two before waving a robotic hand at the spot that, up until the new moments ago, Mercy had been smashing her Data Bracelet into the (newly refurbished I might add) surface of the bartop. "You right there? I'd hate for you to break your expensive bracelet computer thingamabob."

"A pub? Well who is to say anyone actually built it?"

The woman with red hair looked doubtful as she felt the warmth of wood belonging to the newly refurbished bar top. It felt real enough and such things didn't naturally occur in nature, right? There was not one place that she could think, as far as where she had been, where a bar, television monitors and drinks occurred without so much as a human hand touching it.

"Unless you're talking about God creating this place, someone had to build it, right?" She commented as she looked down and examined the pint glass that container her Pear Cider. It was completely and perfectly round, without so much as one blemish in its creation. Nature was a messy affair and for something to appear in this manner meant that someone had to have built it.

"So how is the probably illicit courier business treating you?."

It was at that point that she looked up suddenly from her examination of her pint glass and looked at the man known as Kin. A cold look pasting itself on her face as she looked at the changeling.

"I'll have you know that I haven't ever delivered one illicit item. It's one of my rules. Don't deliver anything that could get me in trouble." She said before she paused and looked at him rather sheepishly.

"The problem is that I've never actually delivered any of the items that I'm supposedto. I mean, I've delivered items but they usually end up being useless." She said.

To illustrate a point, she reached into the bag and pulled out an object. It was a snow globe. A perfectly simple and perfectly innocuous looking snow globe from what Kin could tell. He couldn't tell if the girl was joking or not but he couldn't see anyone bothering to hire a courier to deliver the item.

"You right there? I'd hate for you to break your expensive bracelet computer thingamabob.""

It was Knife's turn to get another sheepish look from the girl.

"I'm fine. There's just a rational shard in my mind that tells me that I'm either dreaming this or my computer's busted." She said as she looked at the rather beat up looking Data Bracelet.

"No need to worry about this anyways. It's work issued and I need to get a new one anyways if it is busted."

Kin turned the snow glove over, examining it and watching the "snow" fall inside of it. He had actually figured out the courier details before Marcy had even spoke, although it came down to a lucky guess. Her shoes were worn. In such a manner that the only other logical option was a recreational runner. But his second guessing paid off.
"Doesnt seem out of the ordinary. At least from a first glance." His psychometry kicked in. "If there is anything about this that is auspicious, somebody has gone through a great deal of trouble to cover it up. It is possible to do so, mind you, but very difficult. Like not leaving footprints in the sand of a beach."
He set it down and just stared at it. Without breaking hsi gaze, he questioned her.
"So who employed you to deliver such a curiously inconspicuous object?" He asked almost only to sate his curiosity. To him any mystery was a puzzle, and his favorite past time was problem solving. His hand rested on his cane as he watched the "snow" glisten in the dim light.

"Well if you want, I could fix it so you could get a signel in here." Knife says to Mercy, "Heck, anywhere really."

"And Kin, hiding drugs in a snowglobe sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Though I guess it wouldn't be very supicious."

"well, never let it be said I dont check for the subtle things. Besides, that line of thinking has made me a successful smuggler a few times."

Mercy looked at the snow globe and shrugged at Kin and Knife.

"I never know who my employers are, to be quite honest with you." She said as her face looked at the snow globe as quizzically as Kin did before she continued to speak, "What I've learned over the past few months of this job is that everyone has someone that's trying to deliver an object to someone else. For me to have pulled out that Snow globe and given it to you means that someone was set it specifically for you."

Reaching into the bag, Mercy pulled out another object and handed it to Knife.

"Why on Earth would someone want to send you two candle sticks?" The courier asked aloud before remembering what the bartender had asked her moments ago.

"If what you're telling me about this place is true, then it's not broken. It's relaying the exact information that it's been designed to relay. It's... it's just a hard pill to swallow; a Pub in the middle of every dimension in existence."

"Hmmm." Knife mutters, picking up one of the candlesticks and turning it around in his hand. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it." He replies to Mercy as he holds the candle up to the light. "Mercy though, that's an intersting name. Any story behind it?"

Mercy paused for a moment as considered whether or not to explain the meaning behind her name or whether she should just stay mum on the topic. In the end, she decided, with a bit of help from the copious amounts of Pear Cider that it could be said. I mean, what's the worst that could happen when you mention how it was that your dad decides to give you a rather ironic and morose name such as Mercy.

Swirling the piss yellowish liquid around in her pint glass, she looked at the bubbles that came floating to the surface, like the memories in her brain.

"It's the name my dad decided to give me the day I was born, given that my mom wasn't around to do the naming part after I was born, least that's what he said. Turns out, my mom was something of a legend round parts of Midtown having been employed by the local Mafia family there. The Angel of Mercy they called her. The reason being she was always the one who would take care of the snitches when they needed to be taken care of and she did so rather expeditiously. She never made them suffer more than they had to and in the end, her victims ended up thanking her for that. The day I was born was the day that she died. Her last job ended badly for her. She suffered for days until I was born... and in the end, my dad called me Mercy... because I ended her pain."

"Oh." Knife says, putting down the candle stick. "I'm...sorry."

Mercy motioned for another one of those wonderful Pear Ciders before responding to Knife's words.

"It's okay. It's not like I ever knew her, mind you. Besides, she was a Psychotic Killer who worked for the Mob. It's not like it's the sort of job most people retire from due to old age." She said as she noted someone else coming in through the door.

"Oh god... it's Vlad." She said as the indicated the vampire that was entering the Pub at the time.

Vlad, no relation to Vlad Tepes or Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, whatever you want to call the so called original vampire of Midtown, but still he was named Vlad and he was a vampire. Of all the gin joints, in all of the Dimensions, that blood sucker had to wander into this one.

There was a particular reason why Vlad wasn't a welcome sight for Mercy, he wanted her dead for delivering him some bad news.

Smiling at his prey, Vlad started walking towards the woman with the Pear Cider, his hand reaching into his coat.

I electronic ding emits from behind the bar, and Knife grins. "Garlic bread's done." He says, removing a large loaf from the oven and placing it on the bar, the stench of garlic coming off it enough to make a regular person light headed. "So, what'll it be new guy?" Knife asks, breaking off the end of the loaf and taking a bite.

The piece Knife ate was delicious, regardless that it was meant to be a warning to Vlad. Mercy wasn't happy nether with this familiar face approaching her with the hand in his coat, all while Kin was watching the 'snow' in the light ... the Pub's door cracked a line where anyone who had good hearing could hear the creaking.

The figure moved in a way that was leeward, that small breeze filling in the room leading the stranger to shut the Pub's door behind him. He stood firm, not shyly but rather uncertain of the situation and glanced the room, scanning the group that sat before him. The following act was a few chirps and trills despite that it had no mouth, but proceeded to walk towards the stands and took a seat, still having it's eyes on everyone with no signs of hostility or anxiety.

After a moment's pass, it spoke with a soft vibration in it's voice box speaking, ". ... Hello.. .. to.. all of you .. there."

"G'day." Knife says to the new arrival, "I hope your not here to 'collect' us, because I already had to deal with you dropkicks once." He adds, still lazily munching on the garlic bread.

Vlad eyed the garlic bread with a mixture of fear and annoyance and did what any self respecting person with a severe allergy to garlic would do. He put on a respirator, not because he needed to breathe or anything. but because he needed to talk.

"Hiya Mercy, long time no suck." He said with a smile as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes, remembered his respirator and put them back in the inside pocket of his jacket.

"That was a long time ago Vlad, it was college and I was just experimenting. I'm not your blood bag anymore." The woman courier stated as she gawked at the whatever-the-hell-that-thing-that-walked-through-the-door was. Turning towards it, she waved at it weakly.

"Um. Hi!" She said as Vlad tried sat down next to her.

"You know, Mercy. The way you speak, it's as if we never had anything between us." The Vampire said with a smile, though you wouldn't know it under the breathing mask.

"We did. You gave me a virus that you picked up from some other blood bag that you were messing around with." She retorted as she turned back towards her cider, trying to think of a way to get rid of Vlad.

"Aww, don't be like that. We had fun back in the day." He said as she edged closer to the woman, running a finger up and down her spine, causing her to jump.

"I swear to God if you touch me again..."

"You'll what? We both know that there isn't a damn thing that you can do to me that you haven't tried before." He said with a wicked sounding voice.

And that's when it happened. Mercy, for all her patience in the world, didn't have the patience to deal with her ex-whatever-the-hell-he-was-to-her and grabbed the snow globe out of Kin's hand and smashed it over the Vampire's head in defiance.

"Fuck off, Vlad!" She screamed and then, he screamed.

"YOU BITCH!" The Vampire screamed as his skin started to peel and bubble as if someone had poured acid on him.

Why you might ask? The answer is simple my dear Watson. The snow globe that Kin had been carrying had been filled with Holy Water and the snow that was flowing inside was made of garlic. In short, Vlad started melting due to this illogical concoction that had been inside the snow globe.

"Augh! Fucking bitch. I'm going to kill you!" He screamed as he started reaching out for her, veering away at the last minute as he spotted the two candle sticks on laying on the bar, accidentally placed in a cross.

"What the hell?" He exclaimed, wondering how the group had planned this all out and fleeing towards the door.

"Stay away from me Vlad! Or there'll be more of that!" The woman screamed as she watched the vampire exit the Pub.

The alien heard what Knife had to say, and it seemed he knew what he was or what the 'Collectors' were. This figurine's head slowly started to sink down, his eyes facing the floor. Only a second after did he look up again at Knife and reply with no emotion but in a calm tone explaining, "I'm, not of them. I'm .. a N7 elite member, the Alliance is whom I .. serve and swore to help stop, the ..Reapers."

It was easy to notice he wouldn't talk fluently, that he had this pauses along with the words not even pronounced correctly for some of the letters fell silent only to be picked up after since everyone was smart enough to understand what they were supposed to mean. That, and he had no mouth to speak with.

".. The Collectors, are... not of my kin. My brotheryn have fallen.. ages ago. My memory .. it serves as.. a reminder of what I once was but no longer am. .. .. I, am an ancient among the stars."
This creature placed his hand out slightly, and placed his fingertips on the glass as he spoke again, ".. My only, purpose.. is to save those from the fate I had, from .. the Reapers. The only treasure I hold .. is the memory I have of my name my people .. had given me."

".. Peacekeeper."

Oddly enough, when Peacekeeper gave his name away- Mercy smashed the snow globe over Vlad's face which caught the Collector's attention. He didn't react in surprise nor any emotion but rather just watched the event unfold. When the vampire fled, he directly asked Mercy, ".. Mercy, was your name?"

A pause, then Peacekeeper continued.

"You did ... not show him any mercy."

Knife, who had been ignoring Mercy and Vlad's little tiff to listen to Peacekeeper's story, nods and waves a hand at the bar. "Well then sit down, take a load off Peacekeeper. I'm not sure if you'll want or even need anything to eat or drink, but if you do then all you have to do is ask."

The invitation from Knife to Peacekeeper was more then welcoming to this Collector. Even though he could not, sadly, express any emotion, he got out from his seat and took a spot next to Knife. It also didn't help that Peacekeeper had no eyelids so whomever was talking to him, would perhaps be distracted by his pair of glowing blue eyes like when you stare into a snake's that never closes.

".. You are, kind, thank you.."

Peacekeeper gazed at the dishes along with the cup holders on the table, only to follow up that there was so much more to sight see behind the bar if he felt like exploring. The Collector turned his attention to Knife and asked, ".. Since you, have listened to this one's ... tale, may, I.. hear of yours? It is nice, to meet you.."

He would of gladly stated Knife's name, but he did not recall on the stranger or anyone mentioning Knife's name.

"My tale huh, well I guess it all started back in The Mall, an infinite arena where you would fight to the death with the other fighters in there. The thing is though, you wouldn't stay dead, no, you'd 'respawn' allowing you to fight on." Knife pauses to take another bite of the garlic bread, then continues.
"Not that I bore any ill will towards my fellow combatents, they were actually great mates of mine and eventually we barely even fought, except for at eachothers sides. That all changed though when I was fighting this dropkick named Nega Ren. He beat me, barely, and dropped me through an interdimensional portal with no way home. So with nothing else I could do, I decide to hop from one universe to the next, hopefully finding a way to get back."

"I'm Knife, by the way." He adds, holding out his hand in hope that the Collecter will recognise the guesture.

With the exit of the rather annoying and painfully painful thorn in her side named Vlad (that wasn't even his real name by the way, but he legally changed it to Vlad the day he because a vampire) Mercy turned her attention to the conversation that was going on between Peacekeeper and Knife.

"That's not your real name is it, Knife? I mean, that's gotta be a stage name of some sort. I haven't met any parents that would name their kid Knife, well I did meet a Forest Green once and a Sparkling Beverage but that's besides the point." Pointed out the Pot calling the Kettle black.

"And as for Vlad, Peacekeeper was it, he deserved worse than that." She said as she swilled her Pear cider around the side of her pint glass, watching the liquid suspend itself on the glass before sliding back into itself.

Sighing rather loudly, she chugged the rest of the now almost room temperature drink.

"Say, Knife, seeing as how we're in the middle of all the dimensions in existence, how about you make me something that doesn't exist in my dimension." She said as she rested her chin in the palm of her hands. a smile on her face.

"Well as far as I know Knife is actually my name." Knife says as he one handedly pours a glass of neon blue liquid for Mercy. "One Algradi Berry Juice. Carrys a hell of a kick and an electrifying after taste, so don't down the whole thing at once."

The gesture did not go unnoticed as Peacekeeper was able to recognize it's meaning, and he (with his three fingers) shook the hand firmly. When he was assigned to the N7, their training took place on Citadel where they had training stations along with plenty of friendly squad members to support Peacekeeper. It also helped that there was different races too, and not just humans bunched up together.

".. Knife. It is good to know now.. for I, want to be welcomed here. .. It is, too nice."
A pause, since it's a trend that Peacekeeper does trying to gather his thoughts, and asks Knife, ".. You mention hopping.. from universe to universe? ... I, am confused by this. In .. my galaxy, we have 'Mass Relays' that helps us come across distant galaxies ... within, a short time. My people .. created them, though the Reapers.. take advantage of our devises. It is, to be a blessing and our .. demise."

"We only have.. one universe... .. even a Mass Relay, cannot.. help us go onto the next one. How do you, Knife... get across space. .. do you, have a device or the technology to make it.. . possible?"

Also, Peacekeeper took note that Mercy was craving a drink and this made the Collector reflect on himself.
".. A, Algradi Berry Juice, sounds pleasant.. .. however, I cannot consume anything.. . not even fluids such as H20."

".. . As a Collector, who is no longer a Prothean that can do as you do .. .. my body has, cybernetic implants that, duplicate cells in my.. .. tissue that keeps me alive. Even .. . if I do, or could, eat as you do- my body lacks the organs that it used to contain. The Reapers.. when they had me.. altered me, to be a living organism that could last... eternity until I fulfilled my purpose for the Reapers. .. Now, I still serve one, but to my own will for the Alliance. And .. that is enough to suit me without materialistic needs."

"Well I only have a vague idea on how it works. Most of it, from what I gather, it's using massive, massive forces to tear a hole between two universes." Knife says, before lifting up his right arm and pulling back the sleeve of his jacket to reveal that as well as his hand, about half his forearm has also been replaced with robotics. "As for the device that does it, well it's all in here." He says, tapping his steel forearm.

Peacekeeper stared at the spot in which Knife was showing him. He was blown away by this.. because a device 15x smaller then a Mass Relay can bring someone to cross not galaxies, but universes? The Collector was silent for a long good minute, but then had his arm crossed like he was awaiting for a bird to land on it only for an orange, holographic tool to form over it.

"That.. is .. something I could never anticipate an individual, as.. yourself, pulling off. I've never witnessed something so... advanced, not even.. the Reapers, could pull this technology off within the centuries.. they've had the time, to possibly do even."

".. Is, your device similar to.. an Omni tool?"

From Knife's prospective, it looked like a ghostly lit glove that covered Peacekeeper's right arm that had spinning rings on the hand. The Collector with just having three fingers, had no trouble typing in codes on the omni tool and see data with his eyes regardless that there was no visible hologram being projected.

"I, won't... ask to scan your device... for data. Your privacy and safety can be at risk, if I was to.. report the existence of your invention, or discovery. However-"

Peacekeeper brought his arm out, and despite that you could see the arm through the holographic device that wrapped itself around it, the thing started making a noise like it was scanning. To Peacekeeper's surprise, the omni tool made a noise that sounded like when a TV shuts off. Bringing the arm back only to look at his tool again, he looked at Knife resulting to the omni tool disappeared instantly.

"As I expected.. even if you, kindly gave permission for me to, scan your device.. the technology you possess is technologically superior and.. impossible to examine, let alone hack. If I would of begun .. to scan further or get feedback.. your device would of broken my omni tool from the overloading complexities that.. mine couldn't simply perform."

"Yea nah, good luck with scanning it, seeing most of the componants are in a different universe all together." Knife says, pushing back his sleeve. "And I did have an Omni tool at one point, can't remember for the life of me what happend to it though." He adds with a shrug. "Aaand I reckon your going to want an explination to about half of what I've just said."

Kin was fascinated by the newcomer, he had never seen a 'collector' before. As a matter of fact, he had never even heard of one either. Prothean was a more ambiguous term on the other hand, and might seem a fitting title. He introduced himself.

"Greetings, Nicholaus Kin at your service." He held out a hand to shake, however he kept up his guise. If Peacekeeper shook his hand it would mean glimpses into his past, however he waited with baited breath, as he was unsure what Peacekeeper was capable of doing in return.

Peacekeeper shook his head, stating, ".. There is no need, for.. I have asked enough. Besides, there.. is no need for me, to.. venture across the universes that exist. .. I must stay in mine, help fight for my people's universe.. .. and when, I say, people... it's every race and breathing organism out there. .. The Reapers will not rest until all, life.. is gone. .. No one should face, the fate.. that was given to me."

After Peacekeeper finished, someone joined the little discussion of theirs.

"Greetings, Nicholaus Kin at your service."

This made Peacekeeper turn towards this fellow, in which he stared for a good second before realizing Kin had his hand out just like Knife did. Upon remembering manners, the Collector reached his hand out and shook Kin's in a firm way.

"You may... call me, Peacekeeper."

".. As, of now.. . we are now acquaintances. May, I.. ask of your story? .. If, you are not ready- I understand. "
Peacekeeper placed his hands onto the table and made a trill noise. He was trying to resist doing so.. but the modifications of his body made him sometimes react by instinct.

"Do.. understand, I may not be able.. to share my history. No secrets to hide.. my memory is blank, and.. I am recovering to remember them."

"Thats quite alright, Peacekeeper" Kin replied and sat down.
"Well...." He thought for a moment. "It is difficult to know where to start. I was born a few hundred years ago, in Egypt. Though my parents were not of that culture. We traveled a lot and eventually I went out on my own. I joined a legion of Demon hunters who specialized in killing or containing any malevolent creatures." He chuckled to himself and took a sip of brandy.
"Those were the days. Even met up with other groups. Fought alongside them. Most of us served the same purpose. You see, I have three gifts. I am inherently psionic, I am a changeling, and the third (which is not "supernatural") is the powers of observation and deduction."

He lit his pipe again. "I spent a fair bit of time doing odd jobs here and there as well. Sailing, mining, exploring, you name it, I did it at some point. Dabbled in science and alchemy for a while too. Stole some jewels and rolled a bank or two in my more rowdy days of youth."

Even met up with other groups. Fought alongside them.

Fought alongside them.

Those words out of the whole story Kin was telling, echoed in his mind. Peacekeeper, within a millisecond remembered a brief moment of his past. Somehow, Kin triggered it.


"Quickly now, get everyone into the gate! They're right behind us!" The Protheans begun to hustle, their feet sprinting faster then the average soldier could do. Right behind them within the walls of the underground bunker of Eden Prime.. the Collectors were firing their Reaper tech assault rifles.

Peacekeeper, with his band of brothers were holding them off as most of the Protheans were making their way past the twenty foot gate, slowly it was going downward. The Collectors made haste and fired rapidly, not caring if any were hit by the shots fired back. After all, they were merely tools if not hollow shells meant to be used until the last stand.

"Javik, you must secure the borders- I can see more war ships heading through the north!"

Javik placed his hand on Peacekeeper's shoulder and shouted, "No! We fight here, get every last one of them until the sun sets! We can win this brother!"
"Don't be foolish, we have to be on the defense and make it to the lower bunks-"
Unfortunately, before Peacekeeper could debate with Javik, the Collectors flew over the wall and landed right behind them, unloading at the Protheans.

"They're advancing to strongly, we have to fall back and hope we make it!"

Javik, on the other hand was a soldier, and he was as aggressive as they came. He wouldn't mind dying, but unlike the Collectors he grew more bloodthirsty, enraged due to wanting vengeance for his people that have fallen that day, and the days before. All his life, from birth.. Javik was brought into a world where the Protheans were fighting the Reapers.

"You're traitors, and you will all die as one!!" Javik wasted some Collectors as he rushed past, shooting his rifle into their skulls and even tackled one, only to rapidly fire until the blood spilled all across the surface.
"Javik!" Peacekeeper cried out, and within that moment a few got the upper hand by surprise attacking Javik. Even though they had barriers around their armor, a bullet knocked Javik backwards. Peacekeeper made his way, grabbed Javik by the collar and dragged him as Javik still shot the remaining Collectors. To make matters worse, more flew over the walls and the few Protheans that were behind- were instantly killed or captured in the very sight of the two warriors.

Peacekeeper, as hard as he tried... he knew both of them weren't going to make it. The gate was closing, Javik wasn't able to run for he was stunned at the time with a bleeding neck, and the Collectors were only a yard away. Bearing his teeth, Peacekeeper using his biotic abilities and lifted Javik only to shoot him past the gate. Peacekeeper was already worn out and low on biotic power despite being an Adept.. thus Javik called out, "Peacekeeper!! Noo- NOOO!!"

With that, the gate shut and closed with steam bursting out.. ensuring no one could breach it.
Peacekeeper sighed and faced the dozen Collectors that were on the move for him.. and he stated his final words. "Let this act of mine be the long lasting favor of our people. May saving my one ally benefit all of our kin- no.. all of the galaxies from the Reaper's wrath. Now then, come at me. I'll show you why I was selected to be a Guardian of Eden Prime!!"

Peacekeeper made way towards the Collectors, engaging in melee combat, fending them off as some tried to pass him by- none of them got over the gate. However, as more came.. they got the best of him. Because he fought well enough, a Collector Captain ordered the troops to carry him to Harbinger that was just outside the city, burning everything into ashes. After that... Peacekeeper couldn't remember what happened after. And so the flashback ended.


"... .. I, apologize Kin. My mind was burdened with a.. distant memory.. .. I- it isn't fleshed out but I just was reminded of... a moment in time. .. So, you're a demon hunter? .. What creatures, would cause you to call yourself a 'Demon' hunter? .. Also, you stated.. being a changeling? .. What, is your original form, if it's okay to.. ask?"

Peacekeeper was patient, and in no rush of learning everything about these folk. Eventually they would say, but even if not, the Collector himself would be most respectful. The Alliance taught him well on how to engage socially since- most people would fear the sight of a Collector for their very existence and what they are used for.

"Well, in my world, Demons exist only to cause harm, though they have both sophisticated and blunt methods of doing so. I am a member of the Rhyle, a demon hunter group who also regulates supernatural activity. Although it has been a long time since I have actively served with them. And I am a changeling, what you see is my natural state, and I can mold my body to fit roughly any humanoid approximate to my size, things like build, skin color, facial features, abnormalities, these can all be modified with enough time."

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