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Say What?

"Nonsense. Do tell me your stories if you'd like to share any. I'm not going anywhere, as long as you continue stroking my ears that is." Yoruichi teased. The purring only increased, as the black cat was actually enjoying Althea's gentle touch.

"Just to remind you, don't make fun of my tail.. I am sensitive about it. Only stating that because I admire your tail." She pointed with a paw to the girl's tail.

Caramel Frappe:
You can take one and place a 'private' sign onto the doorknob.

"Is there any... private rooms here?"

Eli took Katrina by the hand and began leading her to the private rooms.

"Who ever said being dead was a bad thing." he joked with a wining smile.

Caramel Frappe:
LOL YAY (Well, incharacter I mean)

"Why thank you!" she smirked.

Daft Sikes:

Katrina did a mocking hand talking moment to Hadrian and giggled. Well maybe if... Nah...

Viking Incognito:
Tada! But alas, RPing on two threads is hardwork, so leaving my character to... that, and she'll just sleep afterwards. See ya guys later!

"Hope to see you hold your promises then." Katrina chuckled.

Caramel Frappe:
She pointed with a paw to the girl's tail.

"Oh, thanks!" Thea smiled, her tail shifting a bit to wrap around the cat more. "My mom used to say that my tail's hair was prettier than all the hair on any of my half-sisters. See, mom's a dragon, and she had a few kids before she met my dad, who was a human. He uh... he didn't last long after his friends found out he'd laid with a dragon. Normally half-dragons are exiled but my mom convinced the clan to train me as a priestess."

Viking Incognito:



Yoruichi spoke to Hadrian from where she sat. "I told Kurumu the Pub isn't a place where people just greet and act like gentlemen."
"People here want to flirt, and get down to business, it seems though it's more common in the youngsters then mature."


Hadrian shook his head.

"Not my fault if Puce kicks both of your asses out of the Pub... Or worse."


Hadrian looked at Althea, squinting his eyes.

"A half-breed, huh?" He grinned. "Me too, though I wasn't born as one."

Daft Sikes:
"Me too, though I wasn't born as one."

Thea looked over at him.

"Really? Half what?" she asked, leaning a bit closer to him to listen intently. "What do you mean, not born as one?" She seemed genuinely interested in what he his answers would be.

Caramel Frappe:

Hadrian frowned at Yoruichi.

"I highyl doubt that's the case. Besides, those are just assumptions. This is you're first time in here, is it not?"


"Half wolf," He said, waving a hand dismissively. "Nothing really amazing. I got attacked by a Loup Garou, and ended up turning into one."

It went deeper than him just getting attacked out of the blue, but he decided to just give her the basics. No need to bore her with his life story.

Sad Was The Story

The cat couldn't help but remain silent for a second, before continuing the conversation with Althea. "Well, I am glad you were spared. How was it like being a priestess or least if you've ever became one?"

Daft Sikes:

"It's my first time at this Pub. I've been almost everywhere you can imagine in the Human World. The experience i've obtained at pubs are why I know these things. You would scold me for just stating how people naturally are at places where they expect to get drunk."

Daft Sikes:
It went deeper than that, but he decided to just give her the basics. No need to bore her with his life story.

Thea bounced a bit, possibly disturbing the cat in her lap that she was still petting.

"Oh wow!" she seemed oddly excited by this story. "That sounds scary. I met a werewolf once, but he was pretty nice. Smelled like wet dog though. I didn't know that werewolves were considered half-breeds though."

Caramel Frappe:
"Well, I am glad you were spared. How was it like being a priestess or least if you've ever became one?"

Thea looked down at the cat when she spoke.

"Yeah, I'm a priestess, and it's great," she replied. "I get to make so many awesome feasts, and celebrate my kin's festivals and holidays. It's a lot of fun, although it can be tiring and I have to pray once a day."

Caramel Frappe:

Hadrian shrugged, letting out a sigh.

"Not all pubs are the same, y'know. This one especially. And no, I wouldn't scold you for that. People usually just go to Pubs to have a good time, and make some friends. Sex and all that does happen, but not all the time. Maybe it's just you who actively looks for that kind of thing.."

He went and took her from Althea placed her on his lap, scratching her behind the ears. "But really, there's no point in arguing right now. Let's just enjoy each other's company, alright?"

Your Character Is Cute Lol

"That's great to hear Althea. A spiritual woman is as strong as a strong willed woman. Can be the same, but I beg to differ- Whao!"

Daft Sikes:
Werewolf Petting a Cat.. Now I've Seen It All.

Yoruichi didn't expect Hadrian to do that, but was happy that he did. Despite admiring and being please by Althea's touch, Hadrian was just as good petting her at this point and she purred ever so much from it.

"No no, you've got me wrong. I don't 'look' for sex, nor have any interest in one night stands. I just like flirting with the young males like yourself, not that.. I have any reason not to." It would of sounded better if it wasn't coming from a cat with a male voice (lol).

"Besides- who said we were arguing? I'm just socializing with you. And i've enjoyed your company from the start."

Caramel Frappe:
"A spiritual woman is as strong as a strong willed woman. Can be the same, but I beg to differ- Whao!"[/color]

Thea chuckled.

"Well thank you," she said, leaning over the table. She blinked, sitting up a bit. "Oh my, I'm sorry, I haven't asked for your name! How rude of me. I'm Althea, if you didn't hear before."

Caramel Frappe:

Hadrian smiled, despite how her voice made things somewhat awkward.

"And I thank you for that." Hadrian said happily. He continued petting her, not saying anything for a while.

"...I'm curious, why is your voice so low, anyway? I find that to be kind of strange, after hearing cats meow in such high pitches."

No Problem, Your Character Makes Me Smile lol

"Don't worry, we just got caught up in getting to know each other. My name, is Yoruichi. It is pleasant to meet you, Althea. Now do tell me, why are you so friendly? I would of assumed dragons were vicious, or least very aggressive in their prideful nature. Not that i've not met one exactly, except the spirit of an Ice Dragon lives within one of our Captain's zanpakuto."

Daft Sikes:
Because Japanese Voices are Raspy! (lol jk)

Yoruichi looked in Hadrian's direction, face up. "Good question, but it's quite simple."

Although she paused, paws not digging but grasping Hadrian's lap for she really started loving the sensational brushing of the hand upon her sensitive ears and body, mostly everywhere in cat form. "My cat transformation is really meant to lure people into letting their guard down so I can kill them in my human form. My family's branch is famous for their assassination strategies thus we don't even bother talking unless it's with someone we trust during that state. Now a days I just talk this way because I don't want everyone to know why I really am."

Caramel Frappe:
"Not that i've not met one exactly, except the spirit of an Ice Dragon lives within one of our Captain's zanpakuto."

"Well, I'm not all dragon," she said, shrugging. "Besides, dragons aren't vicious, just prideful. I mean, mainly they're vicious because humans have a bad habit of trying to kill them. Also we're predators, and getting enough food to feed such a big beast isn't easy."


"Ah, that's understandable. Dragons are legendary in elemental power, if not massive in their strength altogether. However I would be more then happy to learn any of the lore behind them, which is why your stories would satisfy me."

Yoruichi still laid there on her 4's in Hadrian's lap, simply swaying her tail and talking in that male tone. She wasn't lying though, everyone here is far from mortal and these stories (due to being true) would be an educational experience so to speak.

Caramel Frappe:

"I see." Hadria nodded. "Interesting..."

He hummed and continued petting her, getting right underneath her chin, scratching gently.

"Though I still find it awkward that you sound like a man, right now."

Caramel Frappe:
"However I would be more then happy to learn any of the lore behind them, which is why your stories would satisfy me."

"There's lots to tell, so if you wanna know something specific you'll have to ask," Thea replied. She stretched a bit, letting her tail drop from her lap. "Me and my kin are from Greece, and there aren't a lot of dragons there. It's not really a popular location for us since there's lots of humans exploring. Tourists and such."

Daft Sikes:
Smirking right now

"Would you rather have me transform into my naked true form right now and have you continue from there?" She teased, smirking at the werewolf's face. She could imagine just reverting back with no cloths on and Hadrian having Yoruichi there still on his lap.

Alrighty Questions Are a Go

"Greece? I honestly thought you came from Japan, that's very interesting. What is Greece like? I've actually not bothered exploring there much, other then this one time... but it was a field trip and I hated how it ended up."

Knife pulls up a chair near the others, and sits down. "G'day, I'm Knife-28." He says, tipping his god-hood in Thea's direction, "Hope I'm not intruding or anything."

Do You Want to Be Quoted? If Not Just Let Me Know.

In all honesty, Yoruichi didn't really notice Knife. Maybe because she was distracted by everyone else talking to her. But the cat would make up for that by replying to Knife, "Not at all. Do introduce yourself, we've mainly all got to each other quite a bit."

Caramel Frappe:
"... but it was a field trip and I hated how it ended up."

"It's beautiful," she said wistfully. "Always warm and sunny, and I lived by the sea. It always smells like the ocean where I grew up. It's not too humid but always very sunny. I loved it there."

"Hope I'm not intruding or anything."

"Oh, hello!" Thea smiled brightly at the newcomer. "I'm Althea, it's very nice to meet you."

Caramel Frappe:
Counter smirk!

Hadrian put a hand to his chin, grinning at Yoruichi. He was mostly over the whole naked thing.

"Well, I probably wouldn't mind so much if we were in a more... 'private' place," He said in a suave voice... Before letting out a laugh. "But seriously, if you had some clothes on, and if you just sat on my lap or something, I wouldn't mind. I'd probably just ruffle your hair though, and not much else."

He began petting the base of her skull with his pointing finger, scratching and massaging her head.


This made Yoruichi question the girl. "It sounds like you're homesick. I could be wrong, but a feline's senses usually never fail. But if I am right, why would you leave such a place? There's a reason I love being in the Human World just hanging around Urahara in his small store with the kids- good times.."

Daft Sikes:
.. Recounter, Smirk? I don't Even Know

The cat allowed Hadrian to joke with her that way. If anyone else, say some guy who's getting drunk while patrolling at night said that to her, she'd feel disgusted and maybe smack his face with his head turning 180 degrees. But in this case...

"Would you now..?" The cat smirked.

The cat sat up and placed her paws onto Hadrian's stomach, while the legs stood on 2's. Steam rose underneath the legs and the body began to turn. Hair grew, paws started to form fingers then became human hands, the legs slide down and the paws below became feet. Next thing you know when the steam cleared, Yoruichi was in her human form, and she was hugging Hadrian despite being naked.

"Why so hush hush about privacy? I'm more of an open person."

She looked right at Hadrian's face and smiled with her eyes closed. "You're blushing quite heavily, I don't think you're fully used to me in this state yet. Don't worry, I planned on getting cloths. Just love teasing you." She shifted a finger across Hadrian's hair before getting off, turning her back and looking for the red riding hood outfit.

Caramel Frappe:

The Barkeep Returneth

The alarm rang loudly as Puce looked at it bleary eyed. He had over slept by about one hour and 46 minutes and of all things he was feeling tired still... damn tired. Kurumu yawned next to him as he realized that both he and her were rather undressed at the moment.

"Duty calls, Love." He said to the succubus as he got out of bed and grabbed a clear turtle neck and slacks.

"I guess that Piano isn't going to tune itself." Kurumu sighed to herself as she pulled on a clean set of clothing.

As the duo walked out from their room behind the bar, from the quartet of staff quarters that were located behind the bar.

"What the hell?" Puce said as he saw more bodies in the Pub than when he had left.

"We're going to need a bigger staff." Kurumu said as she looked towards the cat known as Yuroichi.

"Hey you! Yuro. How'd you like a job?" Kurumu asked allowed as Puce walked over to the bar and started making round after round of drinks. Apparently the Construct Bartender that Puce had created was unnoticed.

Caramel Frappe:
This made Yoruichi question the girl.

"Oh, no, I loved it there but I spent more than twenty years there," Thea replied, as she stretched her legs out under the table. "I love to travel, anyw--" She cut herself off, turning her head away from the woman now sitting in Hadrian's lap, completely naked. Her face flushed red, almost completely.

"Oh my."

"Hey you! Yuro. How'd you like a job?"

Awkwardness was all that could be said.

Yoruichi didn't hear it in time, for right when Kurumu asked- the cat transformed into her true version while sitting on Hadrian's lap in a position most would call 'kinky'. However, before Kurumu had the say in what was going on- Yoruichi got off and being naked- walked toward the counter to dress in her red riding hood outfit.

As she came up and started to dress, she looked at Kurumu.
"Oh~ so you're up. Good to see you Kurumu. Is Puce all better from his sleep?"

"Oh my."

(Priceless right?)

When Yoruichi dressed up completely even though she didn't place the hood over her head- she turned to Althea remembering that she was talking to her. "Oh, that was rude of me wasn't it? I totally cut you off- sorry then! Since you love traveling, how did you stumble across this Pub?" She asked in a loud tone just enough where she can hear her clearly.

"Nice to meet you too Althea." Knife says, before leaning back a little in his chair to consider Yoruichi's querry, if he took any note of her sudden transformation, he didn't show it. "A little about myself eh? Where to beguin..."
"I suppose I should start with where I'm from, which is The Mall, a universe inandof itself, consisting of and shopping mall stretching to infinity, and containing every store with every item imaginable, as well as a few that arn't." He beguins.

Oh Yeah I Remember That RP

"Wait, there's a universe that's consistent of being a mall that's always infinitely stretched out? .. That's a woman's dream come true."
As much as she hardly shops or does anything girly for say, a mall like that would be hard for anyone to pass up.

With that, she stood there with her back against the counter and asked Knife. "But, what made you... you? As in, how did you become the way you are and are you proud of it to begin with? Like me, I was a princess but I didn't live up to that title, I didn't want to."

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