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Caramel Frappe:
They both slept though

"We both slept rather well." Kurumu said slyly as if hinting at something that was better left unsaid, though given the state of what was going on in the Pub, it seemed as if it could be said loudly and no one would mind.

"Looks like your friend decided to drift off to sleep." Puce said, pointing at Althea. A moment later, a butler construct popped up from the floor and carried Althea off to an empty room and tucked her in.

"Well looks like you've taken care of things rather well while we were asleep. Yuroichi." Kurumu commented as she looked over at Fenris who was busy eating some dried cured meat from the basket that he had brought from the underground caverns.

"Greetings Puce and Kurumu." The deathclaw "stated" with a bow of his head.

"I've been observing these humanoids interact with each other. It would make a most 'interesting' study." He said with a razor toothed grin.

"Ah, well that's an...intersting question to be sure." Knife says, pondering for a moment more before continuing. "What made me me, well originally, in this Mall, I fought with the other occupants, to the dead as was the way it went. Not that they would stay dead for long mind you, for everyone in The Mall had the ability to cheat death and respawn when killed. We didn't fight all the time either, we often went on grand adventures, big ol' save the universe romps, stuff like that. Sadly after a few years of that I had a run in with a crazed Nega and an interdimensional teleporter, which brings me to the second part of my little ife story." Knife pauses for a moment to quench his dry throat with half a glass of whiskey, "For all my talk of The Mall, that really's shaped me is nearly a millenium of traveling the multiverse. The things I've seen, the stuff I've done, the people I've met." Knife shrugs, "Not much more I can really say on the matter."

".. Implying?"

Yoruichi couldn't help but felt the moment with the butler carrying and tucking Althea in was touching. She turned to Puce and Kurumu with a graceful expression. "No problem, I actually must say I like it here. Beats seeing Tessai wanting Urahara to try out his expired drugs. Not illegal drugs mind you, just cough medicine and every week Urahara has to use the bathroom and it takes him an hour to finish. You'd think he'd just have the will to tell his employee no."

She coughed in her fist, understanding that was sort of an off topic and Yoruichi asked Fenris, "How come you didn't engage with our conversation. If you keep observing, i'm going to think you're plotting something."

She shifted her gaze to Kurumu. "Did you say something about a job, or..? Sorry wasn't able to fully hear I was teasing Hadrian over there. She's outright speechless."

Caramel Frappe:
I imply nothing... I leave it to imagination. As the title of the song goes: I write sins on tragedies

Kurumu looked over at Yuroichi, second thinking exactly what it was that she was doing but decided that it was probably best to have some sort of entertainment in here while the two of them slept.

"I was offering you a position here. I mean you appear to have bonded with the clientele, which is rare for someone of ... your ... ummm... character. Oh! I was saying. I think you'd make a great fit here since you can hold a conversation. All you have to do is grab drinks and talk to the patrons. If someone gets out of line, boot them out the front door. If they're too strong for you just activate the Auto-Turrets." Kurumu responded simply, hoping that the cat woman didn't hear the muttered portion of her speech.

Puce remained silent as he disengaged the auto-barkeep and took his position behind the mahogany Bar. He made a Whiskey with cold stone cubes for Knife, a Jagermeister with Dragon's blood for Hadrian and waited for the others to chime in with their drink orders.

" I have not stated that I was not plotting something. Everyone plots every so often and I find that it is a good mental exercise for those who are in need of focus mentally." He stated simply as with a bone crunching shrug of his shoulder.

" Would you mind not doing that? I gives me the heeby jeebies."

I See What You Did There

Despite that she did hear Kurumu state the soft tone (because Yoruichi still has some feline traits like good hearing) she wasn't going to make it an issue. Rather, the woman found it as a compliment since she was being offered a nice job. Serve people, socialize, and man handle anyone that's giving the Pub problems. With her, there's no need for the auto turrets but she wouldn't just dismiss the need of backup in case though.

"Hmm .. . well, alright. I'll take the job, and pay me if you want- I don't care. I helped around that small store back in Karakura Town for years doing it free. Maybe free food and drinks on the job would suffice though." She smiled friendly, and looked at Kurumu and used her two fingers to feel the girl's sleeve.

"I actually like your outfit. Do I get an outfit for the job? I love this outfit Kurumu made me but I want to appear somewhat professional otherwise newcomers will think i'm a tramp.. well, I usually call women who sleep around that. Then again I can also be in my cat form, and do my job. Wouldn't be hard and would amuse people seeing how I can swiftly carry things with my back in that form." She shrugged, and placed her hand out to Puce to shake it.

Caramel Frappe:
In Other News: I started a Wikia Page for Escapist Role Play... Damn... so much crap to do.

Puce reached into his messenger bag and pulled out a random out outfit from that Kurumu had given him to store. Sure enough it was one that he liked and that Kurumu hadn't worn in a long long time, since her Yokai Gazette days in fact.

She looked at it and smiled and nodded.

With Kurumu's approval under his belt, he tossed it to Yuroichi to look at. As Yuro unfolded the outfit, a picture fell from the outfit. Picking it up, she saw a picture of Kurumu and some sort of witch dressed up in the outfit holding newspapers.

"I hope you like the uniform!" Kurumu said teasingly as she went over to the Piano and started tuning it once again. Someday she would get the damn thing in tune and would start performing for the patrons once again.

Puce found himself refinishing and restoring the floorboards of the Pub's great hall one board at a time.

NOW HIRING[/color]

"Hey Puce!" Hadrian got out of the booth, and went over to the Bartender. "Don't suppose that you have space for another employee?"

Hadrian was still somewhat red in the face after Yoruichi's little stunt. At least he didn't have an explosive nosebleed like Puce did back when the Pub wasn't a complete wreck.

"I mean, I've been here for a while, and I feel like I should give something back to you guys as thanks. That 'something' being my services! What do you say, Puce?"

Daft Sikes:
Position Accepted!

Puce looked at Hadrian with an "of course you big lug" look plastered all over his face. Looking at the man, he pulled a set of keys out of thin air and tossed it to him.

"Of course you big lug. Here's a set of keys that should allow you access to any of the rooms in the Pub. Also there's a set of four bedrooms behind the Bar. You can have one of them if you'd like." Puce said.

"Woohoo hoo! Hadrian you're going to be working under us?" Kurumu said with a laugh as she tuned middle C on the piano.

Puce placed his face in the palm of his hands and grumbled to himself about excess hormones floating in the air.

"Interesting. These humans and their mating rituals vary from individual to individual. I wonder if there is a genetic component to this or is this a learned behavior?" Fenris thought to himself as he watched and waited for Natsuki to wake up from the moonshine induced coma.

Job obtained!

"Thanks you, my good man! I will do my best!"

Hadrian swung the ring of keys around his finger, laughing ecstatically. He made his way to a bedroom, unlocking the door excitedly.

"Great! A bed! After so many days of sleeping on hard wood, a real-"

Hadrian's excitement died in his throat the moment he opened the door.

It looked just as bad, if not worse than the main room. Cracks ran along the walls, the bed was covered in dust and cobwebs, the nightstand and the clothing drawers had fallen onto the floor, spilling their contents everywhere. The entire room was in a state of disrepair.


Time for a perception check, Fenris.

With all the craziness of the bar going on and the Deathclaw otherwise occupied with new bar patrons, the Diclonius was up and about, and apparently hard at work to fix her custom powersuit. In short, she was just sort of in the background, yo.

Daft Sikes:
Meh! Puce can fix it for you.

Puce peaked into the room and chuckled at the sight. It was even worse than when Puce and Kurumu had seen their room for the first time. Puce suddenly remembered an animated movie that he had seen when he had just come into the world after the destruction of his village. With a wave of his hand, a broom came to life and started sweeping up the dust and cobwebs up on its own. With another wave of his hands, a mop began clean up the floors while a the floor began t refinish themselves.

Before long, the room looked spotless and new.

"Enjoy." Puce said as he began working on the rest of the Pub once more.

Disasterchild gets a 17 from rolling 1d20+: Why?

Fenris sat for a moment and looked around. He thought he noticed something but wasn't sure exactly what it was he was noticing.

Daft Sikes:
Check This Out!

Did The Best I Could When Making This Picture.

Yoruichi gazed at it. She actually admired it- Kurumu truly did have good taste. Without question or further comments, Yoruichi stripped right there and started putting on the French Maid dress. It was a custom fit, oddly fitting her very well. Perhaps she and Kurumu have the same body type but then again who knows how old this was.

She turned around to Puce and asked him, "What do you think?"

Yoruichi was also surprised that Hadrian got the job. But then she smiled, which was really a smirk. Teasing him especially in this position would be all to much fun. But to make a good impression, she would just focus on what she was given to do.


Well, aside from seeing what Natsuki was up to, there was this pen-scrawling sound, and it suddenly came to a stop

Returned to it's former glory!

He gave the Bartender a friendly pat on the back before setting foot in the room.

He kicked off his shoes threw himself onto the bed, letting out a happy sigh as he sunk into the soft mattress. This felt like heaven for him. He hasn't slept in a bed for quite a while now.

"Ah... I really missed this." He muttered to himself.

Caramel Frappe:
Lookin good! *ching*

Hadrian took notice of Yoruichi's new outfit, and promptly giving her a thumbs up and grin, before letting his head fall back into the pillow.


Caramel Frappe:

Puce looked at the outfit for a second and nodded in a "not bad" sort of way before continuing on with his chores. It wasn't that the girl made him uncomfortable, it was just that until she decided to wash the cat dander off of her skin, he would have to avoid her like the plague.

Kurumu on the other hand looked at the outfit nostalgically.

Well you asked me to roll for it.

Fenris walked over to the Diclonius girl and peered over her shoulder, accidentally blocking the light that Natsuki needed to work on the armor. Even though he meant well, he did cast a rather large Deathclaw shaped shadow over Natsuki.

"Is there anything that I can do to assist you?"


"Is there anything that I can do to assist you?"

She stopped for just long enough to switch on the Pipboy-3000's light, then started working around.

"Listen, Fenris. You're asking for leaps and bounds of acceptance here already. I'd rather handle the work on my suit alone. I built it in the first place, and I'm sure you're smart enough to get that I won't be over this in one go."

But but *Deathclaw lip quiver*

Fenris looked deflated as he turned around and headed back towards the Bar and sat down on one of the barstools. The stool had been meant for many a thing but a Deathclaw was not one of them as it splintered under the mass of its occupant.

"WAAARG??" This was audible as Fenris came crashing down to the floor, one of his horns getting cracked in the process.

What? Is It My New Avatar and Title? I'm Proud of My New Position Here Lol.

Fixing her hair to be a ponytail (sort of), she glanced at Kurumu the same time she was looking at her nostalgically.
"Oh? .. Oh, maybe you want me to get started on work right away. Alright."

Yoruichi didn't get the title 'Flash Goddess' over nothing. She used Shunpo (technique of moving at major speeds like teleporting around in a blur) to get behind the counter and get a tray to hold up. Using Shunpo once more, she came in alongside Natsuki and Fenris surprising them with her speed that nearly could be missed if they blinked.

At Your Service!

"Hey Natsuki, Fenris. I'm Yoruichi and I will be your Server. What can I get you two?" She smiled naturally, not being shy or boring. She even swayed her lower half slightly to give herself the impression 'not going to make you rush, happy to be here'.

But Fenris went to his seat- only to crash down thus Yoruichi was with him the very second he was on the ground, kneeling. "Hey, are you okay?" Oddly she was still holding the tray.



Tbat was a sound to remember. Natsuki looked up as she heard it and saw the head Deathclaw on the floor now with a cracked horn.

"That's... Okay, I never expected something like that to happen."

Caramel Frappe:
-Serve Goddess-

"I'll take a couple Nuka Cola Quantums while I work, and he'll be wanting the HOly Grail for his horn."

Caramel Frappe:
Nice! But now what about Avatar Crafter? LOL

Fenris shook his head briskly and violently as if knocking loose canaries that suddenly seemed to be flying around his horn and broken horn before turning towards the Yuroichi.

"I ... fine... know ... than ... stools." He stated, though it was odd that only every other word that he "spoke" came through in Yuroichi's mind. Noticing her puzzled look, he tried to speak again.

"Can... hear... okay?" He queried and paused to see if she understood him.

I See What You Did There Too.

"I'll take a couple Nuka Cola Quantums while I work, and he'll be wanting the HOly Grail for his horn-"

By the time Natsuki just finished making that sentence, Yoruichi used Shunpo to fetch the Nuka Cola Quantums, found a few at least on the upper left shelf under 'Fallout Display', went to Natsuki's table, set those out, and went back to check on Fenris all under 4 seconds flat. She had her hand on the Deathclaw's back.

But wait... where is it?

Puce nodded as he reached into his messenger bag to grab the Grail in order to heal Fenris' horn. Poor guy was having trouble communicating it seemed. Normally when Puce wanted something from the space within his messenger bag, he just needed to think about it and it would appear in his hand but this time... it didn't appear.

"The hell? Where'd it go?" Puce cursed aloud as he continued attempting to get the Grail to materialize.

"Where was the last place we used it?" Puce asked Kurumu as she suddenly remembered the cavern back in the original Pub.

"Oh *bleeping* hell!" Kurumu cursed as she realized that the Grail was probably left in the old place.

"You mean we forgot it? The Grail... the HOLY Grail?" Puce exclaimed as he wondered what happened to it.

Coincidentally, the fate of the Grail is known. It was in fact left in the Old Pub only to be blown into a near by dimension known as Escapist Avatar Adventures. It was found by a little known Doctor at the time named Kharnov Von Kripplor.

Everyone Almost By Now Already Knows That, Especially Thanks to My Avatar Guide Thread Lol.

"I understand.. but, you need medical help though." Let me take a look at your horn." Yoruichi examined the horn, and didn't touch it but narrowed her eyes. She wasn't a medical student, or skilled in the healing arts but she knew better.

"I'm going to be right back in a second." She flashed and brought Puce before Fenris within the one second as promise. "Puce, what should we do? I can tend to it, or let you handle this. Your choice."

Now that's

Caramel Frappe:

She was shocked by Yoruichi's speed, an unreal thing as impressive as all of the best physical feats in the world. How did she do that? And...could she train others?

"Can't hear ya so well, Fenris. Who knew that the horns were broadcasting antennae?"

Caramel Frappe:

1 2 3

Fenris looked positively panicked as he tried to push the busted bit of horn back into place. At first it seemed it would work.

"Testing Testing 1 - 2 - 3. Bloody!" He half cursed as his horn fell back off and onto the ground.

It seemed odd to Puce but Fenris no longer seemed like the scholarly individual that they had first met but more of a bumbler now that part of his horn was missing. Sighing, he walked over to Fenris and grabbed the horn bit from the ground and placed it back in the socket where it went.

Focusing on the reactor core, Puce absorbed as much energy as his body could handle and channeled it into the horn, a crackle of bone echoed throughout the room as the crack in the horn healed itself.

"Can you hear me now?" Fenris asked, testing his broadcasting abilities.

Puce nodded, albeit tiredly as healing flesh and bone took an enormous energy toll on him. Walking over to the Bar, he grabbed his bottle of La Mort D'amour and door a long swig.

"Good!" Fenris stated in relief as walked over to Puce and wrapped him up in a hug. A yelp escaped Puce's mouth as he almost had the life squeezed out of him by Fenris' joyful hug. As Kurumu watched, she sighed in relief.

"I'm glad Fenris hasn't tried that one on me..."

Cute, Yet .. Looks Painful, No?

It seemed like the situation was under control after all. That made Yoruichi want to ask Kurumu a question now that this came up.
"Hey, Kurumu. May we talk?" Just because Puce and Kurumu were her boss doesn't mean she was going to totally change.

With Kurumu looking at her, the girl didn't notice how Yoruichi came next to her so quickly. Then again, she's been extremely fast using Shunpo, a move that literally makes them look like they're vanishing then reappearing out of the blue with a sound that breaks the air around them. "Maybe we should have a position open up for Medic. .. I believe if Puce has to keep this up, it'll strain him for good."

"He's strong to simply put a bone back into place, but how long will he want to keep things up like that?"

Kurumu looked concerned about Puce's condition since she knew first hand what it took to restore her body to normal from the doll body that it was stuck in.

"When Puce and I first met, it was the day h,quite literally, killed me by ripping the life essence out of my body and stuffing it into the body of a wooden doll." Kurumu stated, prefacing the relationship that she and Puce shared.

"At first, we were just looking for a way to undo the damage but eventually, we found that no matter what happened, he'd always keep trying to make things right. So we eventually discovered that he could restore my body back to me by learning how to control all the elements. Soul, or Flesh, whatever you want to call it was the hardest on him. Imagine if healing that little bit of bone tired him out like that, what would restoring a whole body from scratch do?" Kurumu said letting Yuroichi fill in the blanks.

"It took me a while but I was able to strike up a deal with Lucifer... he's quite nice you know. Maybe one day you'll meet him." Kurumu stated as she remembered the arrangement.

Meanwhile she looked over at Puce who had been put down by Fenris and slapped the Deathclaw on the shoulder, the Deathclaw emitting a rumbling laugh that the patrons felt in their chest as if they were standing in front of a stack of speakers.


Natsuki visibly winced at the squeeze Fenris put on Puce. Then, she took a deep swig for good measure and got back to work. It was almost completed...

Whow Didn't See That Coming

.. Is she serious .. . Lucifer? That made Yoruichi gasped softly to herself, but more of a closed mouth 'huph' noise Japanese people usually make. There was a silence at first, but.. eventually Yoruichi placed a hand on Kurumu's shoulder and gave a faint but positive smile.

"You must mean the world to the guy then if he's willing to die over for you. He reminds me .. of a certain person who'd always try to make things right even if it's not his fault. Even when his own friend told him, that if he tried rescuing her... she'd never forgive him. He took on Soul Society to save her, and that is what I see in Puce .. he'd fight and fight onward with everything and including himself for you."

That's right... he's like Ichigo. She sighed and began to slide some hair out of Kurumu's face. "Everyone gets stronger overtime. Look at how old he is, and his current state. If he tries this hard, it won't be long until he manages. Practice and cautions are what Puce need, but in the end he'll need you rooting for him. Why don't you go over there and cheer him up, tell him what an outstanding job he did."

Yoruichi gave a smile wider now and eyes confident in Kurumu.

Caramel Frappe:
You know how I am... make the monstrous less monstrous

Kurumu nodded as she knew that the more time that passed, the less and less time it was that she and Puce were together. With that, she walked over to the man and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a loving kiss, something that surprised Puce.

"What was that for?" He asked, wondering what was up and what Kurumu and Yuroichi had been talking about.

"Nothing. I just wanted to because you're so damn perfect." She said with a smile before kissing him again.

"Kurumu Kurono... if I didn't know any better you're trying to mind control me with your succubus powers. Going to turn me into your slave are you?" Puce asked teasingly trying weakly to escape Kurumu's arms.

"You are under my powers!" She teased him right back as they both laughed.

"Damn straight I am!"

Awwee~ also lol at the end of the post.

Crossing her arms, Yoruichi simple nodded in approval of what Kurumu was doing. Regardless if she was fully concerned about what Kurumu did in making a deal with the Devil, she just had to go along with the Pub and work since she offered.

I do hope they make it . .. maybe if I stick around, I can protect them. These kids deserve better, and though they're not exactly kids, they have a long way to go before they even croak and fall over.

The smile began to descend in a tight frown. She softly said to herself, "If Ichigo didn't give up going against all odds, even to stand up to Aizen... then no way in hell am I going to back down when Lucifer comes. I'll just have to work him in the fight, until he gives in."

Caramel Frappe:
Before I forget

The two parted and looked over at Yuroichi for a moment before Puce materialized a set of keys to the back rooms behind the bar reserved for Pub Staff.

"Here you go Yuroichi." Puce said as he tossed the woman a set of keys. "You may want to go check it out. I had to redo everything for Hadrian."

With that, a set of keys were also tossed to Natsuki since they considered her as much a part of the Pub as anyone could consider family as part of a family.

"Hey Natsuki... if you want, you can store your armor in your very own room, or in the Armory. These key'll let you into the armory, just lock the door behind you would you?" Puce commented.

"This feels about right." Kurumu commented as she returned to her paino tuning which was about 75% done.

"Almost..." Puce said as he played with the ring that Knife had given him to give to Kurumu.

Thank You!

"That'll do nicely. Thanks Puce." With that, she decided to walk rather then show off with her Shunpo thus slid the key in opening her room. A pause before a grunt noise was heard and Yoruichi hollered "Argh .. Well, was going to sleep but guess making the room and organizing my crap will be my first duty if I am going to stay here."

With that, the girl got to work and even considered bringing her original clothing and other stuff into her reserved room just in case if she needed to change within a second to get in combat or just decorate her room to look decent.

Going to bed, night all! Not sure when I will be on, but will reply to any of you or assist I promise!


As the night crept forth at work, Mark found himself reading the backlog of chatter that was going on in the Pub while he slept. As he reread The Vessel's previous words, she reappeared in front of him.

"That's odd. Didn't you leave?" Mark asked, surprised that re-reading a Post brought The Vessel back.



Time must have slipped away from me a little."
Time must flow differently here.
"I'll head back then. Thanks for being so agreeable.
Has much happened while I was away?"

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