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Welcome to hell...

Inquisition Battlebarge: Divine Light.
Status: Absolute Skeleton Crew
Departure from Cadia for Eye of Terror: 3 hours ago.


Lunette got on the loud speakers of the ship, broadcasting to the remenants of the ships members.
"This is Inquisitor Lunette Draco, all members i have gathered make your way to the main hall. I would like to speak to you as a group." She said before cutting the mic and walking over to Solar.
"Come on, we should get down there now." The inquisitor said to the girl. She wasn't in her armor, but a standard issue tank top and pants.

Solar didn't like to fight, but when she did she was dependable, even if she was nervous when doing something. The girl stood up and the two made their way down to the main hall. Solar took a seat in the corner of the room behind Inquisitor Lunette and Pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them and staring out upon the hall.

Inquisitor Lunette stood at the top of the stairs leading to the raised section of the floor. She was wating for everyone to arrive, glancing back at Solar every now and then. Her armor would remind many of a Cannoness's armor because of her previous position in the imperium. Yet it would clearly have markings of the inquisition on it.


Urd was in her quarters, getting dressed in some borrowed clothing, boots, pants and a tank top while a servitor took her armor to be clean and repaired when she heard the Inquisitors call over the PA system

she made her way to the main hall, and wasted no time getting there. "Battle Maiden Urd, Reporting as summoned" she said once she was in ear shot of the Inquisitor and saluting.

Urd didn't care what the mission entailed, this was purely about restoring lost honor for her, and her family and if she needed to die to do that, then she was fine with that

The halls and corridors of the Imperial Battle Barge Divine Light were quiet, dead quiet; which was understandable given that there was a skeleton crew on board, and its destination was the much feared Eye of Terror, a place where few sane men would dare to tread. This silence allowed the silver haired Psyker to meditate in peace, to focus his power for whatever suicide mission that he was apart of. His prized spear floating in mid air, psychic energy flowing around it.

Unfortunately, this peace was not meant to last.

"This is Inquisitor Lunette Draco, all members I have gathered make your way to the main hall. I would like to speak to you as a group." The female voice of the inquisitor spoke, her tone reverberating throughtout the metal corridors. This brought his concentration to a stop. Dante soon snapped out of his mediative state, and got off the bed he was using. He spoke with a sligthly annoyed tone.

"Very well Inquisitor, if you wish to speak to us, then so be it."

Dante soon gathered his weaponry, and made his way towards the designated meeting point. Upon his arrival, he could already see another, a woman from the looks of things, wearing a mixture of both leather and metal, looking as if she had a cold demeanour.

"Sanctioned Psyker Dante at your service, Inquisitor Draco." He said with a respectful bow at the end.


Anthony stopped working on one of his new servitors when he heard the message... What is it this time? Are we being stripped even further?
He checked his armour, set his servitors into standby mode, and walked towards the main hall.

He silently arrived and began watching the others, studying them with his three unblinking eyes.

Fyceline, Promethium, Det-tape, Tube-charges

In a darkened area of the ship, inside a room lit only by candles, Arthurias was prostrated before his symbol of the God-Emperor and Lion El'Jonson. Whispered prayers were uttered and promises long-kept. The Epistolary of the Dark Angels rose to his towering height, and dropped the robe he was wearing to the floor and dressed in his battle armor. Force sword he sheathed at his right, plasma pistol, gifted from Ezekiel himself, at his left. Centuries of battle, and still he reverted to his original training. Over his armor, he put on the robes of an Epistolary, the Order of Battle-Librarians. Where others fought their small skirmishes and week-long battles, he was one of the ones trained to fight wars, from both the front lines and the dark recesses of the Rock, extracting the truth from a Fallen's lies. His Ravenwing training giving him reserves of energy beyond the average Space Marine, and here he was, volunteering to head into the Eye of Terror, charged with the duty of keeping the Fallen a secret from the rest of the Imperium.

He strode out, his hood up and face in shadows, head bowed and hands clasped together, still whispering prayers to the Imperium. Chaos would not win out in their battle against his brothers. He would refuse it victory to the end, and no Fallen would escape his notice, none would know of the Dark Angels personal failure.

Entered the hall and took up residence in front of their taskmistress, still in the same pose. He was alone here, and would die with this band should it come to it. His brothers and their honor infinitely more important than any ten lives aboard this vessel.

The red metal of her heavy flamer was the only thing that her eyes were focused on as cleaned her weapon with a holy devotion. Each part of the weapon was as sacred as the next and maintaining the machine of war was another form of meditation for her and many of her sisters. The moment was dominated by a haunting silence, where Leoni barely breathed as she recited the litanies of the heavy flamer to appease the machine gods, until the klaxons brought her back to the reason of her stay. Assembling the weapon, she placed it near her bunk and went forward to the meeting. She was silent and intent on hearing her new orders from an ex-cannoness of all people. She held no honor higher than that of a cannoness besides the God-Emperor himself. Her metal boots stepped through the halls and eventually arrived at the destination where a number of other people were present as well.

"Sister Leoni at your service." She said as she bowed to the inquisitor, showing respect for both positions that the woman held at one point or the other.


"This is Inquisitor Lunette Draco, all members i have gathered make your way to the main hall. I would like to speak to you as a group."

Fredrick swore to himself as the loud voice awoke him from his short slumber. Sleeping inside a spaceship was much more difficult than sleeping on a planet mostly because of the lack of sun, and his internal body clock wrecking havoc on his sleep patterns. Fredrick cherished sleep equally if not more than Carla and waking up to the sounds of a voice wishing for him to go a meeting doesn't translate well to his grogginess.

He fitted into his overcoat and pants before walking the near silent halls of the Divine Light. Fredrick found it good that there weren't any die-hard commissars breathing down his neck or awakening him with a swift kick to the stomach. He was sure that he caught sight of one of them but it was only a glimpse and he hadn't seen one of them just yet so he was in the clear for now.

Fredrick Arnhem arrived in the large hall to see several other people that had arrived as well . They ranged from 6 feet tall super soldiers to a tech priest and a pysker. He never was comfortable around those men and he will remain so for the rest of his life. Bending one's mind to another's will never sounded right in his ear so he made sure to keep his distance. Fredrick stayed in the back of the large group, able to be seen by the Inquisitor but not close enough for her to be in his face about regulations and what not.

Lodrig was in the middle of studying the Liber Heresius that His mentor Inquisitor Carlow had given him when he joined his retinue. He heard Inquisitor Draco's voice over the loud speakers, and sighed. He was anxious to continue his studies so that he may be more prepared to face heretics when the time came.

He left his room dressed in simple grey clothing, and grabbed his greatcoat as he left his room. He entered the hall his eyes lingering on the Astartes. He had never seen one before. He then looked around to see who else was here. When he saw the Techpriest he suppressed a shudder. He respected them for they served a great purpose for the Imperium, but he still was disturbed by their lack of humanity. He then waited to hear what the Inquisitor was going to say.

"This is Inquisitor Lunette Draco, all members I have gathered make your way to the main hall. I would like to speak to you as a group."

"By the Emperor what I wouldn't give for even four hours to sleep." Lith muttered as the Inquisitor spoke. Walking the halls of the 'Barge, the sequence that brought her here replayed through her mind. Five hours ago she was engaged in a fire fight with the latest bunch of heretics to befoul her home world with their presence when she got a vox from command. An hour later she found herself on board a Valkyrie, tearing across Cadian skies towards a rendezvous point, still wondering what was going on.

Upon landing at what turned out to be a small field she was shocked, and more than a little apprehensive, when she saw an Inquisitorial Thunderhawk there as well. Stepping out of the Valk, Lith was met by the Co-pilot. "You must be Sgt. Ortona" He said. "C'mon we're running tight on time." She was then hurried aboard the ship, and was once again tearing across the skies, although now they were also climbing rapidly.

Standing between the flight crew and looking out the cockpit windows, Lith eventually say their Inquisitor Battlebarge. Well shit...what the fuck you they want with me? She thought to herself. Finding no answers, she waited quietly until the 'Hawk landed in one of the ships massive hangars. "Last stop, everybody off!" The pilot said, as the transport set down. "Yeah...thanks." Lith muttered in reply.

Now, after being on the go for what seemed like an eternity, she found herself at the entrance to the Main Hall...and very aware of the state she was in. Her armour was dirty and gouged, she had deep rings under her eyes form a lack of sleep, and she probably stunk something fierce. Well here we go...

Stepping into the room, she marched across and stopping in front of Inquisitor Draco, snapped to attention with a salute. "Sergeant Lithian Samius Ortona, Cadian 112th Shock Troop reporting ma'am."

Whistling to himself Adam continued to take inventory of all the cleaning supplies in the supply closet.

"Bleach...." He said as his eyes ran over each item on the shelf till he spotted it, "Check! I'm almost done! Can't wait to get back to that book I was reading about disappearing spacecraft. How exciting." He scratched his pencil against his head. "I wonder why we didn't take much of the crew? I'd be a bit worried about being overloaded with work since it's only me now, but there didn't seem to be many people left at all for this trip" Adam shrugged.

Just then Adam had the strange sense he was being watched and turned around to see a servo skull
floating behind him. Startled Adam jumped back, throwing his paper and pencil in the air as he bumped into the shelves knocking several supplies all over the place. "Sneaky Sewer Rat! I've told you a hundred times don't sneak up on me like that!" He said scolding the servo-skull as if it understood his emotional tone. "Grah! Go dust something off bonehead." He shooed the servo away with a wave of his hand looking over his shoulder at the mess he'd made.

That's when he heard the intercom...

"This is Inquisitor Lunette Draco, all members I have gathered make your way to the main hall. I would like to speak to you as a group."

Never in Adam's wildest dreams would he ever think Inquisitor Lunette would be talking to him and as such he continued to keep working looking forward to winding his day down with a good meal and a good book.

Lunette frowned. Not everyone had listened to her, this was going to be somewhat of an issue. "Looks like everyone whos gathered in here is here. Going to have to make an example " She mumbled to herself.
Lunette took a step forward and addressed everyone. "Fellow sisters, Brothers, Members of the imperium, I'm going to be blunt. I fully expect each one of us to die. If we make it out of our destination alive, then you may return to what you were doing at the time i took you." Lunette said then closed her eyes for a minute and breathed steadily.

"What our mission details has given us allot of freedom, but we're restricted all the same. For those of you i haven't told for various reasons; we'll be venturing straight into the eye of terror. You each are resistant to the warp in one way or another, therefore are the most qualified to fight the creatures we may face. Now if you must ask me, I never defy my superior's, even if i believe they are sending myself as well all of you to our deaths for the good of the imperium." She explained.

"If you have any questions before we embark into Chaos, ask them now." She said, folding her arms.

Solar raised her head a bit from the corner she was sitting in to view everyone. The girl had never seen so many different parts of the Imperium in one place. Her head had just peeked into view for the rest of the group.

Fredrick raised his hand, still leaning on a wall behind everybody else.

"Guardsmen Fredrick Arnhem. How long is our journey, inquisitor?" He asked. Fredrick was anxious about this whole endeavor and he slightly questioned the inquisitor's intentions. If they really needed a group resistant to the warp why couldn't they contact the countless space marines combating the touches of the warp let alone this rag tag group of people. He kept that to himself, not wanting to anger or get executed on the spot by one of the seven foot tall zealots around him.


Sister Leoni nodded to the inquisitor's words and looked forward to the task ahead. She thanked the Emperor in her mind for giving this group the greatest of opportunities to go forth and battle the evil of the warp. She couldn't have asked for a better chance to do so even as apprehensive as she was going into the warp, the thought of bathing the foul demons in the cleansing flame rang true in her ears. It reminded her of her stand on Jekyyl V where the legions of the undead met her righteous fire only to be turned to ash. Leoni thought of her feelings then and imagined it being multiplied by the fact that they were facing the true daemons in the warp rather than their earthly illusions.

"I will not fail you, Uncle..." Leoni whispered, thanking her deceased Uncle for getting into contact with the inquisition network and allowing her to take part on this quest. It was because of him that she was here in the first place so Leoni thought it would be fitting to thank him second and remember his sacrifices to give her this.

"Guardsmen Fredrick Arnhem. How long is our journey, inquisitor?"

"Our journey will be as long as it needs to be, Guardsman,"Arthurius said, head still bowed and gauntleted hands clasped in front of himself,"We venture into the Warp, the purest form of Chaos in the universe, there is no telling how long we will be gone, it may be as short as a month, or long enough so that when we return the Emperor and the Imperium of Man have long been nothing more than legend within myths."

He turned to the small woman before him, and asked his question,"Where do we plan to go within the Eye, Inquisitor? Your will is the will of the Emperor, therefore it is mine as well."

Lith looked about for the first time, and started to see her new companions. Wow...I'm out of it, how did I miss them when I came in? Shaking her head, she rubbed her eyes in a vain attempt to clear her thoughts. Well let's see...we've got a Tech Priest, a psyker, both a Sororitas and an Astartes, another Guardsman,...and a child?

...I'm going to be blunt. I fully expect each one of us to die...

Rising out of her thoughts, Lith just caught what the Inquisitor was saying, and laughed out loud. "Well ma'am, didn't you know? Guardsman are already dead, we're just too slow to realize it. Though one question I do have...what's with the kid?" She said, motioning to Solar. "I'll attack the Ruinous Powers in my skivvies with a stick if I have to...but I'm no babysitter."

"I have a question Inquisitor." Lodrig said as he stepped forward. "What is our goal in the eye, and will our "strike force" have any support?" Lodrig didn't much relish the idea of walking into the Eye of Terror without any sort of support. If he was leading this expedition he would at least have a Guard regiment on standby if it were up to him.

Commissar Ferosis kept a hurried pace. He boots clanking against the metal floor way could be heard for and wide. The captain of this ship had given her a personal invitation to join him on the bridge. The reason for which she had not taken into account, assuming that it was just a friendly gesture to the Commissariat. Duty had called her away from the bridge, the Inquisitor she was liaisoning with had requested her presence along with the others she had gathered.

The distance between the bridge and the main hall were a distance. It took her a considerable amount of time to reach it and surely she was late in comparison with the others. The final doorway between her and the hall were merely meters away. She stopped to adjust her cap, greatcoat and chain-sword. Presentation was half the battle.

Commissar Ferosis entered the great hall. Sights immediately trained on her, but she kept composure. The group was a fair ways in and the walk took time. The proper stance and greeting was given to the Inquisitor. "Inquisitor Draco I apologize for my late arrival. The captain's invitation to the bridge put me far out of hand but I gave all speed to arrive as swiftly as I could".

Urd was silent for a moment, pondering the Inquisitors words "i see, that is to be our trial then?" she said thinking on the dishonor her warp resistance had visited on her, till she heard the guardsmen say "I'll attack the Ruinous Powers in my skivvies with a stick if I have to" and couldn't help but laugh a little.

"well said" Urd said with a smile, "when do we leave? there is glorious battle to be had! honor to be reclaimed! evil to be purged!"

"Guardsmen Fredrick Arnhem. How long is our journey, Inquisitor?"

"The Epistolary is correct Guardsman, this mission, which sounds more like suicide, will take however long it needs be to unsure our task is accomplished. But regardless, time in comparison to the Eye of Terror, is but grains of sand. Its path is easily malleable, and can be washed away with but a glance." Dante remarked, as his mind detected a strong psychic presence within this room, one far stronger than his own.

"I'll attack the Ruinous Powers in my skivvies with a stick if I have to...but I'm no babysitter." The shock trooper shouted out, obviously displeased at the notion of such a of looking after a young one. Dante however, then spoke with a little more care and consideration.

"I would not doubt the young lady's abilities in combat so early Cadian; after all, there is a strong presence within her, one that makes mine pale in comparison." Dante said in an attempt of self mockery, he then looked towards the young girl who resided herself to a corner of the room, her arms wrapped around her knees, her head only just visible, and wearing off duty clothing.

"Although, I am curious to learn the young lady's name, if I am allowed to that is." He asked in a polite voice.

Fredrick raised his hand, still leaning on a wall behind everybody else. "Guardsmen Fredrick Arnhem. How long is our journey, inquisitor?"

"Guardsmen Fredrick Arnhem. How long is our journey, inquisitor?"

"Our journey will be as long as it needs to be, Guardsman,"Arthurius said "Where do we plan to go within the Eye, Inquisitor? Your will is the will of the Emperor, therefore it is mine as well."

"Listen to the Space marine, our passage of time shall be skewed beyond recognition." Lunette said before turning her attention to the Space marine. "As to your question, we have freedom of where to go. We must visit worlds lost within warp an check their status. This means Venturing onto Daemon worlds. As to where we go specifically, it is up for grabs. We shall go wherever the warp throws us."

"What is our goal in the eye, and will our "strike force" have any support?"

"We bring whatever faith we have and the weapons in our hands. The armor defending us an our sanity. Those are our weapons and support, our defense as well."

"I'll attack the Ruinous Powers in my skivvies with a stick if I have to...but I'm no babysitter."

"She is no baby, the psyker speaks right. Her powers are usually suppressed when her emotions are under her control. Unless any of you desire to know what class psyker Solar is, i shall let her make the choice to tell you." Lunette explained.

She then looked back at the girl and of all things smiled, her entire demeanor changing and seemingly becoming a new person. "Come on Solar, its fine. Please show yourself to everyone." The inquisitor said softly.

Solar nodded an stood up. She shyly made her way forward and looked out over the gathered members. "I-I'm Solar..." She said weakly.

"Solar here is to assume command of this mission if anything were to kill me. Is that understood?" Inquisitor Lunette said.

As Solar introduced herself, Lith did her best to keep a straight face. She looks like she's barely old enough to be a Whiteshield, terrified of her own shadow...and she's our 2IC? Well far be it from me to question an Inquisitor. Putting that aside she spied the newly arrived Commissar, and smiled a bit. Maybe she could answer a question that had been bugging Lith for a while.

Her lasgun slung over her shoulder, and rattling against the chainsword on her back, she slid over and stood beside Commissar Ferosis. "Pardon the intrusion ma'am, but I have a quick question that I hope you may be able to answer." Pulling the Commissariat laspistol from her belt, Lith showed her the inscription. "I was hoping you could tell me where this saying is from...I don't recognize it."

Barrel, Promethium, Fyceline, Tube Charge, Flakboard, Det-Tape, Cooker...
Anthony didn't like how he was sent here, and he thought even worse of this mission...
Daemon world's? What did I do to deserve this? I serve faithfully and am sent into hell, they have entire worlds dedicated to troop production and they send me...
He shifted uncomfortably as his batteries spiked for a moment...
They could have sent me to the war academy and I would have been prepared...
His legs spasmed slightly as a small amount of energy was discharged into the floor harmlessly.
If they had atleast kept the entire staff... no matter, I should try to make a good impression with the second incase the master doesn't survive.
He approached the young girl and placed his hand out to shake "Hello."
Barrel, Promethium, Fyceline, Tube Charge, Flakboard, Det-Tape, Cooker ...

Solar simply stared at the hand for a minute, he was holing her left elbow with her right arm reaching across herself to do so. Finally she responded. "H-H-Hi..." the girl said shakily.

Lunette observed him before turning to the whole group. "You may converse amongst yourselves now. And i expect a commissar to be more timely for such a rank." She pointed out to everyone. Then she focused back on Anthony.

"solar isn't very talkative, but its not her fault. The poor girl's dreams are infiltrated by the chaos gods themselves. its a wonder she's still sane. I've been with her for a decade and it took a year of fighting the inquisition and my own order to save her from the blackships." The Inquisitor explained.

Urd looked around the room a bit, taking a better look at the rest of her 'squad' till she saw the Commissariat and sighed an annoyed sigh 'great' she thought 'one of those loud mouthed cowards'

she resumed looking around the room, the Ravenwing holding her attention for a few moments, she hadn't seen one since the last time the Dark Angels and Space Wolves had their champions dual as they did on occasion, next to hold her attention was the Sororitas, that made her feel a little better, her order and the Ecclesiarchy had always been on good terms, though, she was also aware her order never left Fenris, or least, she never heard of any one from her order leaving the planet.

she then turned to the Inquisitor "i have a question Ma'am" she started "where on this monstrosity of a ship can one find a place to ready themselves for the coming battles, i would rather spend my time training then talking"

"Be wise Sister, take your time of relaxation. You'll get all the battle you can crave when we get into the eye. Being wanting for battle only leads to death. I don't want that for any of the sisters with us, i was once next in line to become a cannoness. I know what it was like at the convents and i knew the blind faith to the emperor. I may no be as strong in faith anymore, but he's still in my heart." Lunette said. "But if you must waste the last free time you'll have for a while, then the training room is towards the lower levels of the ship."

Kelvistine stiffened as the Inquisitor spoke to her. She gave a nod in return. She'd given permission to speak freely to the others, best do so. One of the Guardsmen of the group drew a Commissar's laspistol.
"Pardon the intrusion ma'am, but I have a quick question that I hope you may be able to answer." Pulling the Commissariat laspistol from her belt, Lith showed her the inscription. "I was hoping you could tell me where this saying is from...I don't recognize it."

"Let me take a look than". Kelvistine took the weapon. It was a commissars. She looked closely to read the inscription. "I'm not sure. A quote from some old text? Seems straight forward what it is conveying". She handed the weapon back to the guardswomen. "I hope the one who owned the weapon died an honorable death. May it serve you well".

Urd looked around the room a bit, taking a better look at the rest of her 'squad' till she saw the Commissariat and sighed an annoyed sigh 'great' she thought 'one of those load mouthed cowards'

One of the other guardsmen of the group, guardswomen, Was looking at her and gave what seemed an annoying sigh. Kelvistine shrugged it off, it took time for the soldiers to warm up to her. The whole impression of the Commissariat guardsmen experience is typically poor. But she wasn't a whole gun-ho shoot anyone who took even a step back type.

Kel walked over next to the Space Marine, a Librarian if she was any expert. In an extremely quiet voice she whispered to the veteran of countless battles, knowing their hearing was impeccable. "An honor He chose us to strike against the heart, no"? She was referring to the Emperor's divine will that he chose them to strike at Chaos heart".

After the Commissar stepped away to speak to the Marine, Lith frowned. Damn, I was hoping she'd know more...ah well maybe I'll find out later After a yawn that seemed to threaten to unhinge her jaw, she removed her helmet to run a hand through her greasy and grit filled hair. Ugg, so need to get clean...but first...

Tucking her helmet under her arm, Lith made her way back towards Solar. The left side of her face wrinkled as the scar on her cheek over exaggerated her lopsided smile. "I wish to apologise for my comment earlier. It is bad enough that Chaos harasses us from without...but to also have them invade your dreams? No one so young should have to suffer that." With a nod to the girl, she looked to the Inquisitor. "Permission to fallout ma'am? I haven't had my head down in a long time...and as I'm sure everyone here can tell...I'm badly in need of a shower."

Relaxation was something of a foreign concept, her whole life had been spent being groomed to get into the order, or doing her duty's, as a result she chuckled "relax? only now, when I'm basically accused of being an enemy of the Emperor 'cause of warp resistance, am i allowed to 'relax'?" she said ending with a laugh "please tell me your making an ironic joke, or do you really not know the burden of the daughters of those in the Order?" she said, forgetting for a moment 'who' she was speaking to

"i apologize for the outburst, my comment was uncalled for" she said reigning her self in, even if she was voicing a secret, pent up frustration.

"Permission granted and apology accepted, we all need a bit of rest." Lunette said to Lith. Then the inquisitor turned back to the sister.
"I watched my master die in my arms because of a mistake i made. I have to watch over the girl and comfort her when she screams bloody murder in her sleep. I know what its like to bear a burden of grief and responsibility. Now i would like for you to take some time to prepare yourself for the warp. I want everyone to go into this as levelheaded as possible. And there is no need to apologize, i was given a list of people to investigate. Many see the resistance you were singled out for as a taint, it is a gift. Far greater than any material present bestowed upon you. So hold your head high and get some r&r, stop worrying for now." she said, placing a hand on the sister's shoulder. "From one Sister to another."

Urd was shocked, visibly, that she didn't get yelled at "yes ma'am" was all she could think to say.

"An honor He chose us to strike against the heart, no"?

"This is not the heart,"Arthurius's voice needing no change as it reverberated across the hall,his face in the shadow of his hood,"This is simply the open wound on the universe from which it originates. The heart of Chaos is not some overt signal,as the vile heathens would have us believe, but the infestation that grows within Man, the desire to best the Emperor, the will to destroy all that the Imperium stands for. We are simply lambs upon the slaughter,a distraction, to buy another day,week,month, year...of peace... and I will fight to the end never the less, for the Will of the Emperor demands it and that is my purpose. I am of the Ravenwing, and our hatred knows no bounds." He then lowered his voice for the Commissar,"I trust you will step forth to lead the Guardsmen aboard should the time come?"

The Epistolary never moved a muscle during his speech, both the other Astartes as well as the Guardsmen nearby needed to know the true power of Chaos. It wasn't what you saw, but what was seen, not what was told, but what was heard, and not what was believed, but what was.

Sister Leoni couldn't help but grin at the Astrate's words of wisdom for their journey ahead. It inspired courage and a greater understanding for their journey ahead. It is true that the horrors of the warp are too vast and wide for one single group to stop but that doesn't mean that said group wouldn't wreck enough havoc to give the Imperium of Man the precious time they need. For every daemon killed is 10 less men slain on the field of battle at the hands of chaos so they could be potentially be saving dozens if not hundreds once they engage the forces within the warp.

"I whole-heartily agree, Astrates." Leoni called out. "It will be an honor serving alongside someone so knowledgeable and righteous to the Emperor's words. May our enemies tremble at the sight of us and may our aim be true."


"Yes sir, I understand." Fredrick retorted. These loonies...

He saluted the commissar as soon as she entered the room and it was mostly based on instinct rather than actual respect. Commissars hold a special place in every Guardsmen hearts and minds so Fredrick was extra ecstatic when he saw the prim-and-proper Aquila festooned on the Commissar's chest. Of course all inhabitants of Krieg have a way of showing excitement and it is that of utter indifference. With that, he still continued to scan the group which now had a civilian in the mix. Perplexed, Fredrick moved to the civilian and offered him nothing but a sly look.

"I didn't know the Inquisitor's search extended to the Imperial custodians as much as the other branches. What's your story?"

Lodrig approached the Inquisitor keeping his voice low as not to be overheard. "Inquisitor I don't mean to tell you how you handle your business, but I don't know how the group will handle Solar being our second in command. Don't get me wrong she seems nice enough." He paused and scratched above his ear where his scar continued. "I've experienced what an untrained psyker can do personally, and I don't much like having one be in charge of an expedition into the warp itself!" Almost as an afterthought he added. "Let alone one who already has the Chaos gods whispering in her mind."

"Forgive me if you think I'm being insolent, but I believe it is best to have my thoughts in the open. That way no one gets an unsavory surprise. I will of course follow your commands, and if it happens I will follow her commands as I would yours."

Eisen sat down on his bunk slowly toying with a green sludge like paste that past for food in the Imperial Navy. It had a paint like substance to it and he didn't doubt for a second that it probably had more uses as a camouflage paint than actual nourishment. His immediate attention was on his bottle of sacra, taking a sip of courage before taking a bite of the vile sludge before taking another sip to mask the flavor on his taste buds.

He took another sip as a loud booming voiced echoed through the halls and through the Voxnet
"This is Inquisitor Lunette Draco, all members i have gathered make your way to the main hall. I would like to speak to you as a group." .
Eisen half choked on his sacra as he thumped his chest with his fist. "Ah Frak it" he choked as his eyes watered, he quickly closed the bottle and sipped it into his pack before hefting it onto his shoulders and walked through the large halls towards what he hoped was the direction of the main hall.

He eyed the structure of the ship with great interest. The "Divine Light" was the largest ship he had been on in his military career and he had served on grand cruisers. The style of the ship was much different. He could tell from the gothic arches and hallways that this was a ship built as a statement as well as for war. He passed paintings depicting epic battles long lost from common memory as he walked the halls.

Echoes drifted across the halls and corridors, guiding his way to where he hoped the main hall was. Eisen couldn't help but think that even though the Emperor guides us all, signage on a ship of this size would not go amiss. The talking grew louder and he picked up the pace, his boots echoing across the stone polished flooring. He reached a large doors that were opened but a crack and silently slipped through. In front of him was a sight of which can only be thought of in ones wildest imaginations or some crude pub joke about a Tech-Priest, a Space Marine and a Sister of Battle. A vast array of characters from all walks of imperial life were spread out before him, talking or arguing with one another. He edged himself beside one of the grand walls, a grotesque gargoyle like statue staring down upon him as he soaked in his surroundings and the conversations around him.

Lunette smiled at the sister's reaction. It had pleased her to see the woman confused, Solar did have an effect on people after all. Such a small girl could change Lunette to the point where her personality wasn't that of a hardened veteran but a softer one. Then she turned to Lodrig.

"It is good to have your true emotions and feelings in the open. I don't expect anyone to know or understand why i choose her, but in time you'll all understand. Lets just leave it at... She's different..." Inquisitor Lunette said.

Solar meanwhile made her way over to Dante. "S-S-So... You're l-like me..." she said nervously. "i can f-f-feel it..." the young girl said looking at the ground. You caold tell she was sleep deprived from the dark circles under her eyes and the fact that she swayed ever so slightly while standing still. It looked like she was about to pass out from exhaustion.

Urd excused her self from the group, she made enough of a fool of her self in her mind for one day.

she made her way back to her quarters, found the bottle of Fenrisian Whiskey she brought with her and found a spot to have a few drinks and ponder her current situation, what the Inquisitor had said, and above all, how alone she suddenly felt

Whilst conversations were happening amongst most of the assembled group, Dante was watching them, hoping to learn more about the people he would be fighting alongside with throughout their time in the Eye of Terror. His left hand was holding his spear upright, which acted as a focusing point for his power. Soon however, Solar decided to join him.

"S-S-So... You're l-like me..." She said with a nervous stutter. "I can f-f-feel it..." Solar then looked towards the ground. From what Dante could see in her eyes, was that she hadn't had a good nights sleep in a long time, as dark circles had formed; but also in the way that she moved, swaying ever so slightly with each alternate step. For all intents and purposes, the young lady looked like she was going to pass out from exhaustion soon.

"Indeed young lady, I am Psyker; and I feel the strong presence within you as well. It is exceptionally strong."

"How about you sit down Miss Solar, you look like your going to collapse soon. I feel sorry for you, having your thoughts and dreams being attacked by the cruel powers that are Chaos as you sleep; it must be so painful inside, and for it to happen to someone as young as you." Dante spoke with a calming voice, showing concern for the young woman. He soon found a chair for Solar to sit on.

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