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As Lunette finished up with the daemons she was fighting, Torturer charged at her and sent her flying back with a hit of his power claw. The massive chaos marine then used his sound cannon to attack and supress her. Lunette was stunned and deafened by the blast as the Torturer began to walk towardas her.

"Lith, my Mother!" Solara screamed as lith felt it in her mind as well aas in her ears. Though, there was a new obsticle to deal with as another warp rift opened up. The entire room was filled with the rumbler of a massive engine as a chaosdreadnought stepped out of it. On his left arm was a power claw and his right arm awas a heavy calibre bolt machine gun.
"Come on you little bitches run!" it shouted charging solara. Lith, i can't move while like this! lith felt solara say inside of her head. Don't use too much warp power or you'll be fried! remember that!

"What took you so long?" Urd asked upon Dante's arrival. Both of them knew he couldn't of kept up with her normally. "Anyway," She said, turning back towards the Guardsmen. "He's right, move to the Officers Lounge, we don't know how long this lull will last, best to take advantage of it." The pair of them both made their way to the library entrance before Dante spoke again.

"Reason for me taking a little longer than expected, was that there were some demons that ambushed me; looks like they escaped your unbridled fury. Fortunately, I removed them from the playing field." He remarked as they walked, and noticed demons heading towards the Great Hall where everyone met for the first time. Before he could act however, a voice called to him in his mind. It was ethereal in nature, and spoke to him quietly.

Come to me, Psyker born.

Dante passed this off as his mind playing tricks on him, but given that he is a Psyker, that could mean something more serious. As they reached the main hall, he could see an abomination that was a Chaos Raptor Marine with strange mechanical legs and large weapon that was firing on Lunette whilst being followed by a small group of Demonettes. It was then that he saw a large warp portal open up and out stepped a Dreadnought.

"It appears that servants of the Prince of Excess have joined this battle."

"It appears that servants of the Prince of Excess have joined this battle."

Urd frowned "Oh, fuck all kinds of duck ... a Dreadnaught" she said, more annoyed then anything else "Plan? Cause i don't think stabbing it will work so good"

Fredrick helped the rest of the survivors from the library as the group that helped him earlier dealt with the rest of the daemons although a large number of them left for what seemed to be the Main hall. It was a gift that he didn't question and soon he was able to get the wounded to the secure place. He hunkered down with the wounded after hearing the roars of daemons and the lurching of the ship to make sure that the tainted wouldn't come back.

"May the Emperor help us..." Fredrick whispered.


The daemons retreated from Leoni's flame towards the Main hall and that gave Leoni the incentive to push forward once more. The cafeteria was dealt with and she instructed the survivors to head over to the bridge where she heard that it was clear of chaos.

Leoni chased after the tainted closely and eventually she arrived at the main hall where she came upon the daemons of Slaneesh. Sister Leoni's hands began to shake with righteous furry and the arrival of a chaos dreadnought did not faze her; it only made her madder. These were the sworn enemies of the God-Emperor and it was her duty to do anything in her power to slaughter his enemies, even if it meant her life. This was a prime opportunity and Leoni knew it. She charged forward and towards the dreadnought, nothing else in her mind besides the slaying of these heathens.

"DAMNED WHORES OF THE WARP!" A deamonette lunged towards Leoni only to receive a plume of fire. Even with its speed, the cleansing flame charred it to a crisp. "YOU WILL FALL!"

Leoni blanketed the dreadnought with her flames, hoping to melt the machine of the warp.

"Oh, fuck all kinds of duck ... a Dreadnought." Urd said in an annoyed tone whilst bearing an obvious frown. "Plan? Cause I don't think stabbing it will work so good." Before Dante could respond however, he was almost knocked over by a woman wearing a mixture of cloth and armour, carrying around a Heavy Flamer, a Sister of Battle by the looks of it. Whilst he did not fall, the speed in which the woman moved definitely caused him to stagger about, using his spear to regain balance. Soon after incinerating a Daemonette, she battle sister turned her Flamer towards the Dreadnought.

"As I was about to say, if we had anything that was good against heavy armour or vehicles, I suggest using those. But seeing as though neither us has a Melta Bomb or a Krak Grenade, that kind of throws the plan out the window so to speak. We should probably clear out the surrounding Daemonettes until an opportunity to silence that foul engine of the warp presents itself. I know it isn't much of a plan, but its best I can come up with on short notice."

Urd though a moment or two "What about that Deamon Mual? those things are basically anti-armor, though, I'm concerned about potential side effects" she said as one of the Daemonettes tried catching her off guard, only to catch and axe to the head "Warp resistant isn't immunity after all, right?"

The's so beautiful, but it burns so much...I am so tired...

Lith circled Solara, like a hound defending its master, lashing out with sword and pistol at any daemon or chaos marine that tried to harm the girl. From afar she looked like a physical manifestation of the Emperor's rage, a figure bathed in golden light flashing across the battlefield cutting down any foolish enough to stand against her. Relentless, unstoppable, the perfect warrior, but up close the strain was obvious.

Lith's face was bathed in sweat; blood trickled from her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth as her warp resistant nature fought with the powers being channelled through her. "Lith, my Mother!" Solara's voice thundered through her mind. Yes little god, I will protect her... Any further words were halted, when the lumber mass of a chaos twisted dreadnought appeared.

Before she could even ready herself to face the belligerent engine of war, it was wreathed in holy fire. Bellowing with rage it turned its charge, scattering the foes the surrounded Lith and Solara, as it tried to find who attacked it. Following the gout of flame she saw Sister Leoni, as well as her friends. Good faces and strong arms...good. She thought. Reaching out with the powers loaned to her, Lith found Dante's psychic presence, perhaps lesser than what she was tapped into, but far more controlled.

D..Da...DANTE!! She finally managed to 'shout' in his mind. I need help... must help Mothe...Lunette. Protect little god....protect Solara. Message sent, she stood over Solara and smiled. "Don't worry little god, I will protect your mother." She said. "The god touched one and the she-wolf will keep you safe...but if you are in need think to your own safety. I can be replaced, but are unique." With that she dashed off in a golden blur towards where Torturer and Lunette were fighting.

Please my Lord, make the light stop hurting...

"What about that Daemon Maul? Those things are basically anti-armour, though, I'm concerned about potential side effects." Urd said as a Daemonette tried catching her off guard, only to fail and receive an axe to the head. "Warp resistant isn't immunity after all, right?" Dante took a moment to think this over.

"Hmm, if that is the only option we have, then I guess we'll have to... AAARGH!" He started to say, before being interrupted by a powerful psychic call from within his mind. This one was different than last time, it had a familiar feel to it. After focusing, the voice came into clarity, it was Lith.

D..Da...DANTE!! She first screamed out. I need help... must help Mothe...Lunette. Protect little god....protect Solara. Then her voice went.

Dante stagger for a bit due to the force of the message, but slowly managed to regain balance. He could see Urd was coming towards him to try and help, but he put an arm out to stop her. When he stood up, he panted heavily for a moment before regaining his composure.

"I'm alright Urd. It was a psychic resonance feedback, someone was sending me a message. It was Lith, she told me that we must protect Solara."

"Hmm, if that is the only option we have, then I guess we'll have to... AAARGH!"
Urd had been pondering her own suggestion when she heard Dante's cry. He looked to be under some kind of sudden strain and was moving to help him when he stopped her.

"I'm alright Urd. It was a psychic resonance feedback, someone was sending me a message. It was Lith, she told me that we must protect Solara."
"That's kind of a given isn't it" Urd said feeling that was really just stating the obvious, then something hit her "Wait, Lith is a Psyker to?"

"That's kind of a given isn't it." Urd said, feeling as though Dante was stating the obvious, but then she looked confused about what Dante said. "Wait, Lith is a Psyker to?"

"No, no she isn't Urd; otherwise I would of detected the psychic presence within her a lot sooner. The psychic energy I felt from her was different to a normal Psyker. I could sense no innate form of Psyker activity, it was as if something was acting through her, imbuing her with the strength to do something like that. But anyway, we have an objective to complete." Dante said in a clear and concise voice as he cut down a Daemonette that was charging out towards them. He barely even looked as it turned to ash, his eyes focused on Urd.

Urd nodded "In that case our first priority should be the Dreadnaught, we get rid of that and we cut they're fighting strength considerably" she said as she started to leave the room, "You guard Solara, I'll be right back with that Maul ...." she said, not sounding totally convinced it was the best idea, it was a chaos weapon after all

"In that case our first priority should be the Dreadnought, we get rid of that and the cut cut they're fighting strength considerably." Urd said as she started to leave the room. "You guard Solara, I'll be right back with that Maul ...." She then added, not sounding totally convinced that it was the best plan of action; and she had a right to be concerned, given that she would be handling a Chaos weapon. Thinking that she might feel better because of it, Dante embraced Urd, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good luck out there Urd, and stay safe. I wouldn't want to you fall so early in our relationship. Know that I will be with you in spirit. And I pray to the God Emperor himself, that you return both unharmed, and unchanged." Dante said quietly as he went into the room , and began cutting a path towards Solara.

Urd smiled a nervous smile and hugged him, she steeled her self for what she was about to do, and bolted for where the weapon lay. time was of the essence here as well, so she wasted little time on her run on enemys that where blocking her path

The dreadnought was bathed in flames, but as they cleared, the war machine was untouched. As it charged, it heard talk of its destruction, which naturally didn't go well. "You dare think of defeating me!" The crazed man bellowd from the machine, setting its sights on Dante.

"Prepare to die you fools!" It shouted as it set its sights on Dante. The massive gun attached to it began to spin up, soon send a large number of rounds down at him.

Torturer was advancing on Lunette and was within five feet of her when Lith reached him. He swung his sound cannon out and close minded her then planted his foot on her stomach. "So you think you can try and stop me little girl. You're dead wrong." he said and picked up Lith with his power claw. He chuckled a bit before throwing her away at a pillar.

"Noooo!" Solara shouted as she felt the warp connection become interrupted. She was let down from the light engulfing her. The girl ran and dashed towards Lith, jumping behind her and cushioning the slam into the pillar.

Torturer turned back with a smile under his mask towards Lunette. Time to finish what I started those years ago... his raspy voice said .

"Bring it price of shit." She said standing up. Lunettes eyes went wide as she looked down, her flow daring as her blood trickled out of the massive wound now in her stomach. She looked down and found torturer's arm burried inside of her stomach. Lunette reached back and found his power claw sticking out of her back with her lower spine in its grasp.

"oh, did I do that? Soooo sorry...." he sarcastically said as he brought his sound cannon across her head. The room seemed to slow in time as the sickening crack echoed out across the room.

Meanwhile Solara was cradling the nearly broken Lith when she heard it. Solara looked up and her entire body froze as she saw the massive chaos marine push her mothers limp body off of his weapon and watched it hit the ground.

Urd ran fast as she could to reach the weapon she hoped would turn the tide. When she reached it, she hesitated for a second, and steeled her self yet again and took hold of the weapon.

She felt nothing, at first, and ran back toward the main hall. On the way back to the hall she could start to feel the evil power in the maul trying work its way into her mind, her next battle would be on two fronts.

"Rend, slaughter, kill, bathe in their blood" a voice said as she ran.

Lith snarled as the chaos lord picked her up. She tried to break free but his grip was too strong, all of a sudden she was free...flying through the air, then black.

She woke, finding her...everything...hurt. Opening her eyes, she let out a moan as she say Lunette fall. "No..." She whispered, as tears joined the blood and sweat that streaked her face. Groaning she sat up, her eyes still locked on the wreckage of her former commander. Turning to look at Solara, her normally hardened heart nearly shattered when she saw the girl's face.

Unable to find any words of comfort, she instead forced herself to her feet, using her sword as a prop. The pain was as total as it was purifying, the madness that had nearly consumed her had ebbed. She could still remember all she'd said and done, still remember the feeling of power, and the glory of His presence.

I will not fear.
Fear is the man-killer.
Fear is the cowards death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it no hold over me.
And when it has gone past I will turn to His glory.
Where the fear has gone there will be His light.
Only I will remain

Taking a deep breath, she took a few steps before bending double, and coughing up a large amount of blood onto the deck. Not like this...If I'm to die, let it be grappling with my foe. Holy God who art on Terra, hear my plea. She thought. Staggering away from Solara, Lith used her remaining strength to raise her lasgun. "HEY BITCH!" She hollered, before opening fire on the chaos marine. Shots whizzed through the air, some missing entirely, other spalling harmlessly off of his armour. "I AIN'T DONE WITH YOU YET COWARD!" Due to pure blind luck more than anything else, her final shot struck one of the combat drug reservoirs over his head, destroying it.

Urd charged into the main hall, the Daemon Maul raised, and a glow with the ruinous powers with in. As she entered she splattered Daemonette, then spun that momentum into a Chaos Marine, who chest was totally caved in from the blow, dropping him like a stone in a pond. She then charged the Dreadnaught, circling around the back, her target, the Heavy Bolter that made up its right arm and was firing on Dante, who was deftly avoiding getting shot. Urd put every ounce of strength into her swing. Her swing was true, she struck the Heavy Bolter, shattering the lower barrels, and disabling the upper barrels from the force of the impact "I WILL BREAK YOU" She shouted, as she took advantage of the Dreads slow speed to break its right hip with another powerful swing, effectively disabling it, as it felt to the right side.

"Your enjoying, this I can tell, you can hide it all you want, hide behind this 'trist' with the Psyker but you feel most at home neck deep in battle, you will never be truly happy with him ... why fight your true nature ... " "Shut up!" Urd hissed to the voice in her head. The demon in the maul was feeding on the destruction she was causing, the fact she was killing Chaos forces ment little, and Urd had a handle on it now, but she wanted to end this quickly, before it grew strong enough to force it self past her natural resistance and will and claim her.

She turned to her next target, the 'commander' of these forces, this 'Torturer' "I strongly recommend pissing your self, followed by praying to your weak, impotent god, or you can save me the trouble of killing your worthless ass and kill your self, its about your speed, coward." Urd said as she marched up to him, the demon feeding on the pure hate running through her after seeing Lunette's lifeless form, the visual hint of this was the maul's unnatural glow brightening

"You dare think of defeating me!" Bellowed the foul heretic that was entombed within the Dreadnought, as its Heavy Bolter began to line up its sights on Dante as he continued to cut through Bloodletters and Daemonettes alike on his way to Solara; though this caused him to stop. Dante could see the commander of this invasion, this 'Torturer' as he impaled Lunette on his Power Claw, and then slowly caused the body to fall to the floor.

"Prepare to die you fools!" The Dreadnought then shouted as it let loose a almost continuous volley of Bolter rounds. Using his precognitive abilities as a Psyker, Dante managed to avoid each round with a fraction of a second between each one. He occasionally hurled a bolt of energy at the walking tank, but they mostly glanced off, only a few making any form of mark.

Come on Urd, could use a little help here. Dante said to himself, when suddenly...

"I WILL BREAK YOU!" A voice shouted, and a moment later, Dante could see that Urd had struck the Dreadnought's Heavy Bolter, causing it to fall apart. Dante could see the deep red glow of the Daemon Maul glow brighter with each swing; he immediately saw this as a growing problem; the Maul was using the situation to exert more control over Urd.

But first, he had to make sure that the Dreadnought wouldn't move ever again, as the Machine Spirit would try and initiate repair prtocols. Psychic energy began to flow through him, as the head of his spear began to form a violet coloured blade. Dante then began to speak to the Dreadnought.

"Hear me you foul engine of the warp. You will taste death this day. Witness the power from a Psyker of the God Emperor."

Dante then swung his spear, and the formed blade of psychic energy fired itself towards the Dreadnought. He could feel himself being drained from the attack, a side effect that he had been trying to cope with. However, he had strength enough to call out to Urd mentally.

"Urd listen to me... the daemon within that cursed relic is using the anger, hate and despair you are feeling from this battle to exert its control over you. Please... let it go, you don't need that thing to battle Torturer. Show him the honour and pride that a Daughter of Russ has, the same pride that I have come to love and respect. I would hate myself if you were to fall."

Lunette's crippled form lay lifeless on the ground as solara still sat there stone solid. She was in denial as her body began to move on its own across the room until she got down to her mothert's body. The girl kneeled and clutched her form sobbing as the warp began to distort itself around her and the corpse in her hands. It began sparking off of the surrounding ground and walls, tearing at her mother's body. The skin seemed to be being disintegrated, but at the same time regenerated, almost as a battle for her body was taking place.

Torturer walked towards urd, laughing raspily as he closed in. "I kneel to no god you fool." he laughed as his drugs were taken out. "You bitch!"He shouted swinging his powerclaw at Urd in hopes of hitting her.

The crazed man in the dreadnaught laughed as it was vaporied around him from the massive attack that had landed on it. The energy wrapped itself around the macvhine before tearing it apart molecule by molecule. When the smoke cleared there was but a pile of ash where the dreddy used to be.

Urd did a hop back and a spin, bringing the business end of the Maul around to greet the in coming Power Claw, shattering the talons but missing the palm, it was then she took her lovers advice, and let go of the daemon weapon, letting it sail harmlessly into the wall "You done goofed" she said as drew her Axe and Pistol "I don't have the 'distraction' now, and with that, you might have had a chance, now? well, how's the health plan?" Urd said with a berating laugh of her own before her expression hardened as she level her pistol to his head. She had a plan for beating him, each weapon having a part to play.

"You bitch!"

As Torturer turned and attacked Urd, Lith raised her lasgun once more. "We ain't finished yet..." She mumbled as her remaining strength failed. She fired three times, no shot getting anywhere her target, before the weapon signalled that its power pack was depleted.

Dropping the pistol, she attempted to raise her sword, only managing to get the end on it as high as her knees, before her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed. Crumpling face first to the decking, she lapsed into unconsciousness, blood slowly pooling about her mouth.

Leoni sought cover once the hell machine walked through her flames. It fired rounds at the pysker before being engaged by the daughter of Russ. The machine fell and she went on to fight the Chaos Space Marine. A few stragglers remained and Leoni lit them ablaze with her heavy flamer. Both Daemon and chaos alike fell to the flames making the main hall scarred with fire, ichor, and dead bodies. She used so much fuel that her fire died. Leoni lowered the flamer carefully and drew out her knife. The knife made its way though several more tainted guardsmen before she arrived at the collapsed body of the guardsmen that treated her earlier. The guardswoman was in bad shape and Leoni picked up the injured woman. She seemed small in her arms and Leoni carried her away in a similar manner that of an angel.

Leoni passed the psyker to tell him where they were going. "This woman needs serious first aid. I am going back to the Bridge. She's under my watch now, may the Emperor watch over you and your daughter of Russ."

Dante stood up, relieved that Urd had tossed away the foul Daemon Maul and had overcome its influence. He could feel the various level of psychic energy emanating from the seemingly lifeless body of Lunette, energy that sparked off and bounced around the walls, with Dante ducking to avoid the couple. Lunette's skin seemed to being destroyed one moment, and healed the next.

What in the Emperor's name is happening here then? It feels like the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and the Emperor's Light are clashing with one another. Dante asked himself as he saw the Sister of Battle burning away more Demons and Heretics. She then went over to Lith and picked her up, and in her current state, looked rather angelic, almost peaceful.

"This woman needs serious first aid. I am going back to the Bridge. She's under my watch now, may the Emperor watch over you and your daughter of Russ."

"Of course Battle Sister, may the Emperor protect you and the Guardswoman till you reach safety. Myself and the Daughter of Russ shall try to handle things here."

The blackness of the void wound its way around her like a warm blanket, overcome with an utter sense of peace and tranquility as it did so, she relaxed as all else faded.

Ahead in the nothingness, a bright mote of light appeared. Grasping it she drew it close marvelling at it sheer beauty and power, but unlike the light before there was no pain, this was just a memory of what had been. Clutching the mote to her chest she smiled as she drifted in the void.

Limp in Sister Leoni's arms, Lith let out a quiet sigh as her heart beat and breathing began to slow.

A bright light shined as Solara's form was but a shadow to the new presence before her. A figure rose, wrapped in angelic wings; a white, not golden light surrounding her form. The wings separated as a white armor with silver timmings unveiled itself to be behind the wings. AS they opened more and more, it came to the head, revealing a reborn Lunette as the angel in the room. Her staff formed in her hands, the chainsaw at each end living silver of flesh as the corruption was prior to her rebirth. She split the staff in the middle and held one half in each hand. A massive gust of wind came from her wings as she flew forwards and tackled the torturer to the ground, beginning to rip at his armor with the weapon.

All around, Large Daemons began to manifest themselves through the chaos marines andcorrupted guard, threatening the entire group, inching closer.

Urd frowned as Lunette tackled the Torturer, she was looking forward to that fight, but she was pleased Lunette was back on her feet, and, winged apparently.

Urd's attention was drawn away from that fight though, some of the body's of the fallen heretics where getting up, their forms twisting and growing. "It's healthier to stay down, but, since you insist...." Urd dumped the last of her ammo into a demon that was still forming before driving her Axe into it, followed by her Chain Sword, stopping one from full forming. how ever the room was still filled with more of them.

Urd tore her weapons free and attacked another demon.

"We got somebody coming in!" One of the crewmen yelled. Fredrick aimed down the scope of his lasrifle to see the Battle Sister he had seen earlier running as fast as wind. In her arms was a severely injured Guardswoman, Lith by the looks of it.

"Let her through!" Fredrick commanded as he lowered his rifle. The Battle sister nodded her head at them as she passed right through. They both looked like hell and there probably was all sorts of it towards the Main Hall but Fredrick knew his chances there were slim and his skills were needed here so that no Daemons could touch the injured.


Leoni made her way to an unoccupied table inside where the wounded were being treated by those who could. Lith was desperately in need of better hands trained for this kind of situation.

"Doctor! I need a Doctor!" One of them came scurrying to Leoni's shouts and looked to the injured Lith.

"Oh this one is bad..." The man said but Leoni would have nothing of it.

"By the Emperor's will, save this woman or there will be a worse fate in store for you!" The doctor went straight to work and Leoni stayed by Lith's side. She grabbed her hand sealed it in her own as she began praying. Leoni begged the Emperor to allow Lith to live but soon the Doctor needed space in order to continue his work so Leoni left. She grabbed a Las Rifle on the way out and sprinted back towards the Main Hall once more.

Dante had a look of intrigue on his face as he saw Lunette get up, apparently revitalized, and sporting a set of wings. She then began to fly straight into Torturer and began ripping off sections of his armour with her Chainsword Staff. Whilst on any other occasion, this would be a time for celebration, now was not the case; as demons began to form from the Chaos Marines and corrupted Guardsmen and were inching closer with every step.

As a group of corrupted guardsmen moved ever closer towards him, Dante slashed at them, causing some to burn away into ash, whilst others stumbled, clutching their most recent of wounds. Two Chaos Marines began the march to Dante. With the tip of his spear, Dante slammed the ground, causing a small shockwave to knock as his opponents back; he then cut down the corrupted guards still standing, then set about attacking the Chaos Marines.

Well, this is certainly more Chaos than I have seen before in a long while. Dante mused to himself.

Urd skidded backwards after blocking a strike from the large demon she was fighting, she had already landed several blows that should have killed it, but it continued its attacks.

Urd would cut off and arm, it would grow it back, she would inflict fatal damage, the wound would close 'Cute' she though as she 'killed' it for the 4th time, and it just got back up

"By the Emperor's will, save this woman or there will be a worse fate in store for you!"

Dr. Magnus took a deep breath as the Sister left. "Not like I wasn't overworked as it is." He muttered to himself. The guardswoman before him was a wreck, even though her body only showed a few readily treatable cuts and scrapes, his medi-scanners showed massive neural damage. Normally he'd classify her as Catagory V and move on to another patient, but he'd seen the look in that Sister's eyes and he didn't think it wise to make her angry. If my superiors have a problem, they can take it up with the Ecclesiarchy.

Lith floated in the void, happy, content with the memory of pure beauty that she kept clutched to her chest. "Coward" The voice shocked her, booming through the stillness. "Wha...who said that?" She asked. "You are a coward Lithian...content to fade here, content to DIE." The voice replied, something familiar in its tone. "SHUT UP!" She yelled back. "HOW DARE YOU! I HAVE FACED DOWN XENOS SCUM AND TERRORS FORM THE WARP, I AM NO COWARD!" The voice chuckled. "Fine if you're no coward, prove" Lith started as the voice spoke again, she recognized her own.

Torturer was still recovering from the shock of what had just happened and bleeding allot from his wounds. He pulled back a punch and let it fly into Lunette's face, sending her flying back and dazing her for a bit. The space raptor turned sound marine knew he'd be done for if he didn't leave.

"Forces of the rising torturous power! retreat!" he called out to those forces under his control, a warp portal opened at the tops of the stairs to the top of the hall shrine. Torturer was the first to enter the portal and soon the smaller infantry was pouring into the portal as well, being guarded by the larger Daemons. They seemed to have stopped firing back and were soly focused on defending the smaller units and retreating.

Lunette soon got back up and saw this happening. She held herself back and turned to the other members she had gathered who were in the room. "Hold your fire, we've shed enough blood over this conflict. Tend to the wounded." she ordered.

Anthony felt the pricking and burning stop as the servitor finished treating him. He eyed the librarian standing at one of the corners doing something and walked to an undamaged commpanel. He remembered the library calling out for assistance so he decided on contacting them first.

He plugged himself into the ship, he could feel its pain, something he couldn't attend to yet...
He synched the panel with one in the library and spoke through it, hopefully to survivors.

In a mechanical tone and accent the words "Are there any survivors here?" were broadcasted into the library.

Urd was shoved back by the demon she was fighting as the call to retreat was given by the Torturer, the demon breaking off and headed to the portal, and was about to give chase.

"Hold your fire, we've shed enough blood over this conflict. Tend to the wounded."

Urd turned and looked at Lunette, then headed over to Dante "You alright?" she asked, hiding her fatigue

Dante was sweeping a crowd of demons back with his spear when he could see Torturer entering a warp portal that had opened up at the top of the stairs, and gave out the order to those under his domain.

"Forces of the rising torturous power! Retreat!" He called out, and soon all those who had not perished in the fighting were swarming towards the portal, with the smaller more frail units being defended by the larger ones. Dante took cover behind a pillar to hopefully avoid the rush. He managed to pick off a few stragglers, but preferred to stay within relative safety of the pillar. Soon after though, the portal had closed, leaving many dead on both sides.

Lunette soon got up after being punched in the face, addressing those that were in the room.

"Hold your fire, we've shed enough blood over this conflict. Tend to the wounded."

Urd soon headed towards him after taking a brief look at the Inquisitor.

"You alright?" She asked, trying her best to hide the fatigue. Dante felt tired after the fight, and was leaning onto his spear to rest a little.

"I am fine Urd, a little winded from battle. Never I have fought so many within a confined space; hard to accurately use the gifts I was given. Anyway, what about you Urd, are you alright; I was... worried when you were holding that Daemon Maul, fearing what would of happened if you were to slip."

I am fine Urd, a little winded from battle. Never I have fought so many within a confined space; hard to accurately use the gifts I was given. Anyway, what about you Urd, are you alright; I was... worried when you were holding that Daemon Maul, fearing what would of happened if you were to slip." Dante asked, concerned about her handling of the deamon weapon

"I'm ok, I think" Urd said as she checked her self, finding only cuts and bruises a part from the damage done by the mauls prior owner "yeah, I'm good, no more voices telling me to 'rend, slaughter, and bathe in the blood of my enemy's', which is a plus cause it was more irritating then 'corrupting'" she commented almost dismissively "Anyway, wheres Lith? i saw her early, she ok?"

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