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Anthony saluted the inquisitor with an aquila and exited the room.
An unstable psyker, in the warp...
He took a lift down to the workshop he built in and around the near deserted engineering bay.
If only I had enough supplies for the rite.
He got back to work fitting his sevitors with newer weapons while his technicals assisted.

"S-S-So... You're l-like me...I can f-f-feel it..."

The words snapped Lith back to reality, causing her to flush slightly, after she realized she'd fallen asleep still standing near Lunette and Solar. " 'scuse me" She mumbled as she headed for the door, brushing past a Navy pilot on her way out. Once out in the hall she flagged down a passing servo-skull.

"Hey, take me to the nearest barracks that've got space." She said to the machine, which bobbed for a moment in front of her, then headed off. After while they got to a crew room, with a few of the ship's crew milling about. "Is it all right if I snag a bunk here?" Lith called to a crewman. "Go for it." He replied. "We've got plenty of space."

Claiming a bunk, Lith stripped to her skin before turning to address the 'skull that was still floating nearby. "I need you to do some things for me. One, I need my armour cleaned and repaired or replaced, and two a maintenance kit for my las weapons and sword." The servo-skull made a beep of acknowledgement, and moment later a servitor stumped into the room and picked up her armour. While the machines where handling that, Lith made her way to the shower room for a badly needed wash.

"Thank you Mister.." She said taking a seat. The girl leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes. She seemed asleep, but was still conscious. "What level psyker did the class you in?" She asked, seemingly more relaxed now. Her hand were folded in her lap and her breathing hit a calm and steady pace. "If you don't mind me asking that is..." she said defensively incase she intruded.

"What level Psyker did they class you in?" Solar asked as she sat down, and immediately closed her eyes. She then folded her hands and laid them in her lap. "If you don't mind me asking that is..." Solar then said defensively, in case she thought she was being invasive. Dante smiled at the young girl as he closed his eyes, and began to think on what had happened so far.

"I don't mind at all Solar, its not very often that I get to converse with a fellow Psyker; especially one as powerful as you. During my training, they had positioned me at the Delta level on the Assignment scale. It means I am rather powerful, more so than a standard Psyker. They also discovered that my mind was exceptionally strong, more so than others. Whilst this caused some initial concerns that the ritual may not work effectively, it has become a valuable part of my arsenal. Just like this spear, my mind has been tempered in the fires of battle, as I bring misfortune to the Emperor's enemies."

"They were going to feed me to the Emperor when i was younger... But mother came and took me from them." Solar said recounting her younger years. "She said i was alpha plus... I don't believe her or them. Whenever i try to use the powers, i always fail." the girl said to the fellow psyker.

"But Mother said i blacked out once and hurt allot of bad people with my powers. I don't believe her..." Solar finished explaining.

Urd continued to drink alone, well mostly a lone, not far from her there was a janitor cleaning the floors, which struck her as odd, with the crew seeming to be bare bones she wondered why the janitorial staff was still here.

"you there, Janitor" she called out

"They were going to feed me to the Emperor when I was younger... But mother came and took me from them."

"She said I was Alpha Plus... I don't believe her or them. Whenever I try to use the powers, I always fail."

"But Mother said I blacked out once and hurt allot of bad people with my powers. I don't believe her..."

"Mother?" Dante asked himself with a confused look, then he connected the dots. "Of course, Inquisitor Draco did mention something about having to fight with her order and even the Inquisition to save you from the Black Ships. You know, I've never met anyone, even an Inquisitor who showed that much care and dedication before. Solar, you are one lucky girl." He remarked with a smile.

"So, your that level of Psyker then, I've never encountered anyone of that magnitude before. I am honoured to be within your presence Solar. Don't you worry, I'll let this be our little secret okay." Dante then gave Solar a quick wink.

"Tell me, how well do you know your own powers?"

Leoni gave a slight bow to inquisitor Lunette and left the room as well and headed to her bunk. There she took off her bulky armor and set it down next to her hallowed heavy flamer. All that remained was flowing robes and simple clothing where metal once was. Leoni felt naked without her armor but it was a bad idea to always wear one's armor all the time. She stood by her bed and knelt, praying to the Emperor once more for allowing her to be aboard this mighty vessel. She would be going face to face with the worst the Warp had to offer so some rest was needed for the battle ahead where Leoni looked forward to wrecking as much havoc as possible. Then the hover of a floating servitor skull grew louder as it floated towards her. Leoni stood and faced the floating skull.

"I desire nourishment, lead me to it." Leoni commanded. The skull beeped and began leading her to the hall where food was distributed. On the way she passed the female guardsmen from earlier. She knew of female guardsmen sacrificing their lives alongside their male counterparts but this was the first time Leoni ever saw one in the flesh. She gave a respectful nod to the woman and continued on her path to the cafeteria.

Whistling to himself Adam was eager to finish up the quick sweet job he was doing. It was always hard for him to walk past a mess without cleaning it. Even if he was off. Maybe that's why the Inquisitor kept him around.

You there Janitor

"The Hell..." he asked himself quietly. Adam looked up, obviously knowing he was the only one this stranger could be talking to but decided to look around curiously as if to suggest she could be talking to someone else. Pointing to himself and looking at her questioningly when he saw no one else. Waiting for her to initiate a conversation as he stared at her unused to anyone taking notice of him, let alone talking to him.

Urd smirked, "yes you" she said putting the cup on the railing in a manner that it wouldn't spill "how, did you come to be on this ship?" she asked " it seems strange they would strip down to the barest minimum for crew and yet keep a janitor"

After her shower Lith had intended to clean her weapons then crash, but now that that was done she felt kind restless. Putting her now cleaned and repaired armour back on, she set out to check out some of the massive ship.

Moving down the nearly empty halls, Lith wondered why the crew kept looking at her, she was just a Guardsman nothing special...then it hit her. I'm one of only a handful of women on the ship...even with a minimum crew, that's a lot of men...soo sleeping with my lasgun. As she rounded a corner, she heard another female voice.

The sight of a very tall woman, with stunning white hair immediately caught Lith's eye. When she'd first seen this woman, she'd though she was another S.o.B. but now it was obvious she wasn't. Stopping behind, Lith crossed her arms and lent against the wall. "Well ain't you a pretty sight." She said, her smile pulling a bit to the left like usual. Oh crap! I said that out loud didn't I? Maybe she didn't hear me...

Urd turned to see the guards woman who spoke up before about 'fighting in her skives with a stick if need be' then looked at her self, in the tank top she was wearing, the scars on her arms where visible as was part of one on her chest, her hair was covering the scar over her eye though "now there's something i don't hear very often" she said "my name is Urd, what do they call you Guardsmen?"

"I don't know. I can never get my powers to work." Solar said to him. "When ever i try to concentrate and use them, they just don't work. its like they're broken." the psyker girl explained to Dante. "I don't know if i can ever use them."

Lunette felt a sharp pain in her chest and began a coughing fit. The inquisitor doubled over and covered her mouth from the pain. It felt like a burning sensation. She regained herself enough to stand back up and address the room, or whats left of it. "You are all dismissed officially." she said and made her way out of the room. Once out, she took off in a full sprint, making her way wards the showers.

Lith, Urd and Adam heard the clanking of metal boots and soon the inquisitor blew past them holding her stomach. She turned a corner and all of a sudden the clanking stopped. Then the group heard wetness hit the floor. A frightened "By the emperor..." was heard and the clanking continued, reaching the showers just a bit down the hall.

She stripped her upper armor off quickly and her lower armor as well, leaving her in underwear. she rushed into the shower and got the water running, sitting under the stream shaking.

Damn...well fuck it. Still smiling Lith pushed off the wall and took a few steps towards Urd. "My full name is Lithian Samius Ortona...but please, for pity's sake call me Lith." She said still smiling. "I happen to like the scars...I've got a few myself."

Before Lith could go any further, Lunette went flying past them obviously in some sort of distress. When she heard the splattering, she looked at Urd, motioning towards where the Inquisitor had gone. "That can't be good...I'm going to go see what's up." With that Lith took off at a jog. Passing the civilian she gave him a bit of a sympathetic smile. "Tough break buddy, though you'll probably want to get on that quickly."

Getting to the next corner, Lith immediately saw the mess and grew even more concerned, breaking into a run. As she passed a nearby shower, a gut feeling made her stick her head in and have a look. Hearing water running, and seeing the discarded Sistora power armour on the floor, she figured she was in the right place.

Peeking into the shower proper, Lith saw Lunette sitting under the water shaking. Damn and here I thought she looked good IN armour...NOW IS SO NOT THE TIME FOR THAT!...right, right...okay Lithian just breathe. Yes she's an Inquisitor, and an Adeptus Sistora, either of which on their own would put her why beyond your grade...but right now she is your direct superior and she appears to be in trouble...what would you do if she was just an officer in the 112th?

Stepping back, she let out a deep breath and did the only thing that came to mind. Stripping down to her own underwear, she stepped into the room and walked cautiously over. Taking one last deep breath Lith crouched down in front of the other woman placing her hands on her shoulders, dampening the shaking. Already soaked she looked at Lunette with concern. "'am? Are you alright? Should I call for an apothecary?"

Lunette looked up at the guadswoman, the watter running down her black hair with streaks white in it. "No, you don't need to call one. I'm just a bit shaken an the pain and bleeding are tolerable." She said calming down at the woman's touch. "By the Emperor this is degrading. You having to calm me down... i shouldn't be in this position if shit like this happens to me." the inquisitor said.

She ran one of her hands through her hair, taking it out of her face. "I'm just some withered up old bag who knows how to act tough. You younger generations have an easier time doing your jobs than we do because of your youth. God, you'd never believe me if i told you how old i was..." she said.

Then the woman chuckled. "Here i am rambling on once again. I should be trying to figure out why i am in pain."

Urd smiled "thank you" she didn't get compliment on her looks often, though such was the nature of her career.

just about then Inquisitor Lunette dashed by, looking some what out of sorts, then she hear what sounded like vomiting "ah hell ..." Lith ran after the Inquisitor "yeah, I'm coming to" she said and gave chase "touch my whiskey and I'll break your arms" she said as she ran by the janitor.

"thats not good" she said as she saw the mess on the floor, speaking more of the blood in it, nor far from there in the showers she saw the Inquisitors armor "Inquisitor Lunette? are you alright?" she asked stepping into the shower and kneeing down "anything to be done to help?" Urd said, with genuine concern "sorry about being so slow" she coughed "the 'good stuff' slows me down a bit" she said referring to the whiskey

Lith had to chuckle a bit at Lunette's self-deprecating comments. "Well this all just proves that despite all the work the Adeptus Sistora're still human." Taking a hand off the smaller woman's shoulder, she brushed some hair off her own face. "As for the age...I've crossed paths with Marines before, so I doubt it'd surprise me."

"Inquisitor Lunette? Are you alright? Anything to be done to help? Sorry about being so slow, the 'good stuff' slows me down a bit."

Looking over her shoulder, Lith gave Urd a nod. "No, I think we're alright for now." She said with a questioning look towards Lunette. Glancing back to the Daughter of Russ, Lith smiled again. "You don't happen to have a bottle of the 'good stuff' on hand do you? Emperor knows I could use a drink now."

"I don't know. I can never get my powers to work." Solar said to him. "Whenever I try to concentrate and use them, they just don't work. Its like they're broken." She then explained to Dante, possibly sounding a little upset at the thought of it. "I don't know if I can ever use them." She then finished speaking, only for the pair of them to catch a brief glimpse of Inquisitor Draco running away, clutching her mouth for some reason.

"Hmm, that is very interesting, I have never known of a Psyker who could not use their powers before. It could be as the Inquisitor said, that your powers are suppressed when your emotions are under your control. Have there ever been occasions when you have felt angry or upset about something?"

"You don't happen to have a bottle of the 'good stuff' on hoof do you? Emperor knows I could use a drink now."

Urd Smirked "the finest Whiskey from Fenris" she said standing up "be right back" she said, running back, grabbing her bottle and cub and returning

"only have one cub though" she said pouring Lith some "you sure you can handle this?"

"Yes.. but i don't remember much after getting angry. Mother says that i'm not myself after i loose it. People die and she needs to put herself in danger to calm me down." The girl said opening her eyes now to look at him. "The rooms are painted red when i come back, the people are gone and i feel allot better." she said.


Lunette smiled up at the two infront of her. "You two are good, honest people. Sister, Guardswoman, i look forward to serving with you two." The inquisitor said still smiling. "I'm getting tired. Please just carry me into my room, and you two can just call me Lunette." She said and passed out at the pain was too much for her to bear. A rash formed on the upper portion of her left breast, on the skin above her heart.

As Fredrick was about to walk back to his bunk, a servitor skull rounded the corner and hit him square in the face.

"Damned thing!" He spit out, rubbing his nose and feeling a few drops of blood running down his nostrils. He suppressed the urge to utterly destroy the thing and patted around his pockets in search of a napkin to cease the small amount of bleeding. His nose wasn't broken but it wasn't unscathed either. Fredrick looked around and saw another Guardsman, a pilot by the looks of it. He looked relatively alright so Fredrick approached him with one hand around his nose.

"You don't happen to have a tissue or napkin do you?" Fredrick asked the man.

"yes you" she said putting the cup on the railing in a manner that it wouldn't spill "how, did you come to be on this ship?" she asked " it seems strange they would strip down to the barest minimum for crew and yet keep a janitor"

As Adam opened his mouth to speak he heard another woman from behind Urd speak up first. Slightly perturbed at being interrupted. Just the low man on the totem pole
He muttered to himself under his breath.

He watched the two women in there short conversation and his eye brow raised curiously as it almost appeared slightly flirty. It didn't strike him as odd though. Long flights in space had a tenancy to do that to people. Lord knows he'd seen stranger things.

Just then The Inquisitor stormed by them in quite a hurry. He heard the splat on the floor. "Oh man... Somewhere someone in the galaxy some guy would be more than happy to clean up an Inquisitors vomit. That man is not on this ship though." Begrudgingly Adam started to go get his mop.

Tough break buddy, though you'll probably want to get on that quickly.

He looked at her with a truly bewildered face. What? Was all Adam could think.

"touch my whiskey and I'll break your arms"

Adam watched the two women run off.

"My name is Adam" he said softly. Quickly shaking of the small bit of loneliness he frequently
felt and replaced it with his usual sarcasm. "What the hell just happened? What is today? Oh right I forgot, confuse and pick on the janitor day. Women!" he scoffed as if he actually had much experience with them to begin with. "Why were they talking to me like I just received some sort of death sentence." He immediately had an uneasy feeling settle deep down in his gut.

By the time Adam had gotten his mop and returned to the scene of the crime he found nothing but the mess. He quickly began cleaning. "This looks pretty serious" he said seeing mostly blood spilled everywhere. "I hope the Inquisitor is okay." Suddenly Adam's book seemed a lot less important.

"Yes.. but I don't remember much after getting angry. Mother says that I'm not myself after I lose it. People die and she needs to put herself in danger to calm me down." Solar said with now open eyes, as her gaze shifted to Dante. "The rooms are painted red when I come back, the people are gone and I feel allot better."

"I was right, you certainly are one lucky girl Solar, the fact that there is someone like Inquisitor Draco out there, who is willing to put herself at risk to make sure your okay; that is the type of kindness you don't see very often in such a grim universe of ours. Its things like that which make life bearable." Dante remarked, thinking on a few brief moments of better days when he was younger. He remained quiet for a few moments before speaking again.

"Listen, I have an idea, what if I helped you understand your powers better Solar. With better understanding, comes better control; and it may even help you protect yourself against the forces of Chaos. What do you think to that then?"

Lodrig decided that since the gathering in the hall was finished. He might as well try to expand his knowledge. He was on an Inquisitorial ship of the Ordo Hereticus. What better time to improve his knowledge for when he eventually became and Inquisitor. He looked around the hall and said "Anyone know if this ship has a library, and if so where is it? I would like to compare my notes with whatever I can get my hands on."

Uh, is it too late to join?

"I don't think that it would work. I've been helped by many tutors, but they've each failed to do anything. Well, there was one that got me to the point where i can sense things much easier now. But mother killed all of them to protect me after they were done." Solar explained to him, thinking of of Lunette. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on what her mother was doing now, and she felt her in pain, but not conscious.
"Mother is hurting." was all the girl said.

Urd handed Lith the bottle as well as the cup, she then went and got the Inquisitors clothing and wrapped her in them, the Inquisitor was beautiful to be sure, but she was still an Inquisitor and friendly as she is, she still needs to be respected.

"i got her" Urd said lifting Lunette with no effort at all "if you wanna flag us down a servo skull to to guid us to her quarters and have a seritor collect her gear" she said to Lith

"I don't think that it would work. I've been helped by many tutors, but they've each failed to do anything. Well, there was one that got me to the point where I can sense things much easier now. But mother killed all of them to protect me after they were done." Solar explained to him, before she then closed her eyes again, and appeared to be concentrating on something.

"Fair enough Solar, I can understand why you may not wished to be trained. But still, should you ever want to simply have a chat with me, then I'd be happy to." Dante remarked in a reassuring voice. It was at that moment that Solar spoke again.

"Mother is hurting."

"Is she? Well then, perhaps we should go see how she is doing; maybe she'll feel better seeing you around."

"I got her, if you wanna flag us down a servo skull to guide us to her quarters and have a servitor collect her gear."

"Sure thing." Lith replied. Turning off the water, she gathered up her own armour, before stepping into the hall and snagging a 'skull. "Hey, I need a servitor to return Inquisitor Lunette's armour to her quarters, and I need you to guide us there as well." The servo-skull beeped in acknowledgment then set off slowly. "Hey Urd, we got a guide."

Shortly the trio was inside Lunette's quarters, while a servitor put her armour away. "Okay let's get Lunette in her bunk...I have an overwhelming need to drink." With that Lith took a pull of whisky.

Urd nodded and followed the skull to Lunette's quarters "pretty nice room" she said as she took Lunette to her bed, and lay the Inquisitor in it then covered her up "there" she said, turning back to Lith as she took a shot off the bottle "good stuff eh?" Urd said, not noticing Lunette's wet hair had made her tank top semi see through

Lunette groaned on the bed, not yet conscious but still in pain. A panel in the wall slid open and a servo skull equipped with medical gear came out. It floated over to her and injected a painkiller. The inquisitor's rest became peaceful.
"Mistress inquisitor shall be out for a while." The skull messaged to the two ladies. "Please inform the second in command." It said in the inquisitor's voice. Once the pre recorded message had finished, it flew back into the wall panel.

Solar and Dante had made their way down to the Inquisitor's room, the young girl seemingly knowing this ship by the back of her hand. The two arrived at the room and Solar immediately rushed to the Inquisitor's bedside.

Lith face flushed a bit when she caught a glimpse while Urd was seeing to Lunette. Your superior is ill, we are on a mission to the LAST place in the galaxy that any sane individual would go...and that is all you can think about...geez.

"Good stuff eh?"

"Grand.' She replied with a smirk. Seeing Solar and the other psyker arrive, Lith stepped closer to Urd. "C'mon the little one and the machine's seem to have this all in hand. Let's find us a spot where we can see to this wounded soldier." She said, motioning to the gradually depleting bottle.

Urd nodded "we'll he's got a brother in my quarters we could tend to as well" she said really only loud enough for Lith to hear, as they headed for the door, excusing them selves "i was planning on saving that bottle though but," Urd said as they left the room with a shrug " bringing allies closer over drink is a time honored tradition" she said

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