Feudal America - A super-power RP in modern day America (Game Thread)

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Having met Fromanzio in her path, Lenneth tried to attack but was brutaly subdued by the mad clown. Throwing her off balance, the mad clown clipped the wings of the angel and sent her plummeting to her death. Before George could save her and run out, Fromanzio himself stopped him with a punch square in his jaw, sending him through a wooden door into a room with four beds and dolls lying around. It was the room where George's Nieces live... used to live, and the thought of them downstairs enraged the man. Being trapped in a small room rendered his power nigh useless, but he could at least try to pull the crazed clown out of his way and return to the air.

"You mad man, what the hell are you doing here? You're not a part of the military, and... and...", George's eyes widened as he recognized the man standing in front of him.

"I know you - Fomell... You... You... How the fuck did you end up here?", he screamed at the deranged psycho.
Dirk and Mark, having endured their crash into the building jumped down below to meet the rest of their team. Manny already gone, Dirk gave the bleeding Mark to Sarah that had managed to fix him in a matter of minutes. In the meanwhile, more than a few things had happened. Henry had opened fire on the squad, and as a result Mitchel returned the favor, almost hitting the frog man and forcing him to move away from the roof's edge. A bloodcurdling scream echoed through the street as Matthew finished with his crime against humanity, giving the two poor citizens of the city a welcome worthy of a butcher's worst enemy.

Manny had emptied his fairly large 40 bullet magazine onto the house and the approaching woman. Without thinking he stopped his breath and moved away, letting the clip fall to the ground and loading the rifle with another.

"WHY!? Why have you done this!?"

The demanding tone from the invincible woman seemed to have intrigued Manny. He knew that those who shot at them from the truck fled to the house, so they must have been harboring the McNeil. Manny let himself breath and opened himself for all to see. He stood more than ten feet away from the truck and the enraged iron woman, standing further away form 4th avenue.

"The shooters on the truck, McNeil, came in your house. You're one of them. The united states government will not tolerate the secession of its states and cities. This sort of shit is out of the question, and you're a part of it, Jenna!", Manny shouted at the woman who seemed to be Jenna from his report on the McNeil family. He was trying to figure out a way to kill her when she charged at him again. Manny held his breath and moved aside, Sarah oblivious to his position as he tried to position himself behind her.
This was it for Jenna. The tree thing having teared at her flesh, she could hardly resist. Fond memories of her and Ben raced through her mind, and as the thing raised her in the air her eyes caught a glimpse of what used to gently kiss her behind the restaurant on main-street, so Flinch couldn't tell. Her eyes darted back towards John who had trained his rifle at her. In a show of strength equal to one of Hercules', she broke through some of the vines to catch the woman who tried to flee the war-zone and pulled her back by her hair. John, having already sent a bullet at the woman's stomach was horrified to discover he had shot his own friend as she tried to escape. Jenna smiled at John as the roots tore deeper into her flesh, slowly pulling it off her skeleton. She smiled until her lips were eaten away, memories flashing through her eyes.

"I know you - Fromell... You... You... How the fuck did you end up here?"

Fromanzio dropped his guns. "F-Fromell? Wh-who is that? Ha...." Fromanzio sounded unsure, as if he was arguing with something.

So the truth is out. I suppose you always assumed I had invaded you right? No, no you invaded me. I have tried to force you out but it seems now is my chance.

Fromanzio gripped his head and screamed. "You lie! You are the foreign one!" He was twisting and turning and a bit of sanity ushered its way through his lips for the first time in a week. "George...Get out of here before...he isn't going...sorry..." Fromanzio stopped.

Are you there? Hello? Hey...

How interesting...

Fromanzio looked at the ground laughing. "What does it matter? Fromell has been dead for a long time. Corpse should be cold from people like you...like me...heh. Why would it matter who it was trying to kill you? Accept the fact that everything happening now is your fault, then maybe Fromanzio will let you leave. He has come here for the lady. Family probably dead by now...haaaaaa"

Why are these memories so painful? Why aren't you speaking? ANSWER ME!

What does it matter? Fromell has been dead for a long time. Corpse should be cold from people like you...like me...heh. Why would it matter who it was trying to kill you? Accept the fact that everything happening now is your fault, then maybe Fromanzio will let you leave. He has come here for the lady. Family probably dead by now...haaaaaa"

George stared at the clown, his eyes widening even more as the he finally grasps what is in front of him. He takes a step forward, his hands shaking in fear of the unknown. Something was wrong. Something was terribly, terribly wrong.

'Kill him, George! He killed Your brother Dan... and, and... your brother Ben!', Miriam's voice echoed through his mind and the fear quickly dissipated, the vacuum of emotions was quickly being filled with rage and hatred.

"You killed them... You killed my brothers, I loved... them!", George sprang forward, his power of flight barely lifting him in the room and catapulting him towards Fromanzio with George's first ready to connect with Fromanzio's face.

"You killed them... You killed my brothers, I loved... them!"

Fromanzio's trance was broken by a fist in his face. Fromanzio flew back and hit the wall. It took him a second to register what had happened but he seemed snapped out of his state. He quickly sprung up and grabbed his club.

"We aren't sure who killed your brothers, but it wasn't us. Fromanzio has simply killed a few dozen civilians and...yeah that is actually about it. Now the real fun begins however. It seems you can't fly too well in here without all the wind. Shame really, but Fromanzio can fix that."

Fromanzio flew back and punched George straight in the jaw, sending him back a bit but George immediately came rushing back. It seemed that all of the deaths had effected him and he was going to take all of his rage out on Fromanzio. This time however, Fromanzio was prepared and he juked right out of George's way and grabbed one of his sub machine guns off the floor. He shot at George's back only to hear a clicking noise.

Always has to be out of ammo when you need to shoot someone really badly.

Fromanzio could see George getting up so he grabbed his other gun and flew out of the building, reloading his machine guns.

"The shooters on the truck, McNeil, came in your house. You're one of them. The united states government will not tolerate the secession of its states and cities. This sort of shit is out of the question, and you're a part of it, Jenna!"


Sarah paused for a moment. He thought she was one of the McNeils? Not only that, but he claimed to be working for the US government. This was a strange turn of events indeed, but it didn't much change her hatred of the man. She charged forward once more, only for him to vanish again before she reached him.

Now she had no clue where he was, and running around like this was quickly exhausting her. Glancing up and down the street, she tried to spot some kind of hint as to where he had disappeared to, but there was nothing. Her attacks were beginning to seem futile, she could have all the force in the world, but it didn't help at all if she couldn't hit him with it. Angrily, she shouted out at the empty street before her, hoping the man was still around to hear it.

"You monster, even the McNeils didn't just gun down innocent people... Any 'government' that commits atrocities like this is an enemy to me, and to anyone with a conscience!"

She looked around hoping for a response, or for anything that would reveal the man's position.

Charles rose up off the wall he retreated to. There were civilians all around, trying to take down the McNeil goons. He couldnt sit by and let them get mowed down. He rotated the dial on his glove in preperation to get in on the action, but as he did, gunshots echoed out from within the hospital.

The McNeil soldiers were down. The people saved. And the man that had done was calling out to them.

"We 'ave come to delivah you from de evil of de McNiels'. Come ond take sheltah in de hospital. If you wish to 'elp, take a wepon before you come in. I am Brothuh Sata-day. My people will keep you safe."

As the people began gathering weapons and packing into the hospital, Charles followed suit. He stay inconspicuous until he was well within the building, then called out to the followers on the first floor.

"Yo! Peps. I'm here to see this magnificent man they call Brother Saturday. Tell him a man of great power and wisdom has come to lend his assistance."

The man with the gun fired. Bloody holes opened in the woman's belly. She smiled. She smiled the smile of death. She continued to smile as the holes widened, skin ripping quicker and quicker as it slid. She smiled until the damn smile ripped clean off her body.

Rico stood there, tranfixed, as if he was watching a particularly awful horror movie.

Finally, his mouth began to move, as he addressed those around him,


Warren felt sick. He wasn't entirely sure if the cause was the very hasty devouring of a bunch of men, or the fact that he was literally flaying someone alive, or maybe the fact that he had indeed killed and eaten a bunch of men without any thought for their wants, needs and families. Though that last one didn't seem as bad because... well if he hadn't then there wouldn't be a nice garden in the middle of the road, and gardens make everything better, even battlefields.

The woman in his arms twisted and screamed, and he reaffirmed his grip. It wasn't that bad that she was struggling really, it meant less work for him; every movement she made just drew more skin from her, even if it was rather disgusting, but the noises his roots made as they chewed through the flesh was pleasing in a disconcerting way.

He was mulling over this sensation in a very detached manner when a man ran in on the scene, screamed some profanity and distracted Warren long enough for the now half-flayed woman in his arms to break free and grab at a civilian, using her as a meat-shield and taking the bullet that would have probably hit her in her gut, which was now an open bleeding hole in her side. Warren quickly brought his focus back on the present, and set his roots on her.

They clambered up her with obviously animalistic glee, taking larger and larger chunks out of her skin as they climbed, some gorging themselves on her fleshier thighs and breasts, others swaying, hypnotically, until they reached her head, where they stayed, dripping maws gazing into her terrified eyes. Then, softly, in an almost mockery of a kiss, they lowered and took her lips. Then the rest of her.

As Warren let her husk of a skeleton fall to the floor he noticed a few terrified looks directed his way. Fighting the urge to turn them into a nice set piece for his garden, he turned to them and bowed, slowly, and with much relish. His roots were still stripping the bones of the woman, and had begun breaking through to get at the marrow inside. Sickening crunches and delighted squeals punctured the relative silence of the scene.

"....." He opened his mouth to speak but not words came out. He cleared his throat, and tried again. "....Warrrrennnnnnnn...." He pointed at himself. "...danger....." He pointed at the pile of bones. "...gonnneeeee..."

"Yo! Peps. I'm here to see this magnificent man they call Brother Saturday. Tell him a man of great power and wisdom has come to lend his assistance."

Saturday had seen the Juju surrounding the man in the purple shirt while he was still on the street. He had powers. Whether or not he could be put to use remained to be seen.

"I'm right 'ear bruddah." He said, stepping up behind the super stranger and putting a hand on his shoulder.

Saturday was prepared for an attack. He had already drunk a vial of Liquid Juju and had several weapons hidden on his person. Maybe this man was an agent of the McNiels, or the soldiers who started this. Either way, Saturday was prepared to kill him before he could do any damage.

"If ya tink you can 'elp, I'm all ears."

Charles felt a firm hand gripping his shoulder.

"I'm right 'ear bruddah."

Charles turned his head to get a good view of the man. The first thing he noticed was that the man's outfit was rather stylish.

This is a classy dude. I wonder where I can get something like that in my color...

Chucky snapped back to focus as the man continued.

"If ya tink you can 'elp, I'm all ears."

"Oh course my brother! I do believe you wish to use the civies in some manner against the vile McNeils. Excellent plan chap. Excellent. But sending mere mortals to get the job done may lead to a bloodbath. Observe!"

Chucky set both his gloves to defensive mode and dropped a dark purple shield around both himself and Brother Saturday.

"This power of mine should do wonders in keeping the people's death count down. Feel free to put me where ever you see fit. Or send me in first if need be."

"Fitting, Listening to my band's song Blitzkrieg... Oh, I sing for Inferno World..... Nice to meetcha...Now, got anything up your sleeve?" The man said, holding his arm out with a few sparks bouncing between his fingers. Well, this was unexpected; someone who wasn't trying to kill him and felt the first thing Gavin needed to know about him was that he was a rocker. Gavin grinned from under his hood, strolling forward and arming his grappling hook. He recalled hearing that band a few times while out with some friends. Small world.

"Yeah, I've got a few tricks." Gavin said, flexing his fingers. There were at least a dozen of these lunatics, flamethrowers in hand, burning everyone and everything insight. A number of paintings and drapes were already engulfed in flames.

He heard screams and crackles of charred flesh coming from both rioter and McNeil. Time to put an end to this. Gavin ran forward, jumping over one of the pyros before he could set him a flame. Gavin fired a dual grapple, a thin steel cable that pierced his propane tank and latched onto it, gas expelling from it. He then fired the second end of the grapple at another pyro, latching onto his flame thrower. The pyro tugged on his flame thrower, pulling his ally into him. Another pyro came up from behind Gavin, readying his weapon, but Ottis sent an electric charge arcing through the air, Blitzkrieg Bop blaring in ears. The charge harmlessly discharged off his sealed gas tank, but the pyro was sent reeling into the other two who were tangled. Gavin reduced the gravity around them and sent them into the air.

"Bop em, Blitzkrieg!" Gavin yelled, oddly enjoying the fight. Ottis gladly complied, firing another blast of arcing electricity at the three floating pyros. The charge passed through between the grapple, giving all three of them a good shock before igniting one of their punctured tanks. They were quickly engulfed in flames and the small explosion shook the room. Gavin let gravity take control, and they fell to the floor with a charred thud. Their bodies let out a hiss and a few finally faded yells, before finally dying. "Poor crazy bastards..."

"Well, that wasn't too bad." Gavin said, happy to have found a new ally. The moment was short lived as a number of clicks and the smell of burning air filled the room once more. The others had been watching, readying themselves. The pyros aimed their flame throwers.

"You just had to go and say it." Ottis groaned, charging up again. Gavin armed his grappling hook once more. "Yeah, I did."

Matthew spat the bone out as he approached the alleyway. He was pretty sure more people had ran in there since. Taking his time to roll down his sleeves. He couldn't do much about the blood smudging his face though or the bullet holes riddling his body, exposing the healthy dark green scales beneath. His breath was a little sporadic, often causing green wisps of poison to leave his mouth, as he was breathing heavily. He forced the beast within down into the depths of his mind. It sounded like the situation had calmed considerably.

Just as he had thought, another man (Rico) Had made his way into the alley and was watching the scene with a confused or shocked expression. Which wasn't surprising because there was a garden growing here and a large freak of a man with gangly limbs. A mutated human, just like him, though this guy got the short end of the stick compared to Aiken. Matthew stepped throughout the shadows of the alleyway with his usual light steps, making himself a little harder to notice, except for perhaps, his mind.

He kept himself a fair distance from the garden, realizing that the plant like man probably had caused it, which meant there was nothing natural about it. There were.. people tangled into the garden, they had long since stopped struggling, probably because they were dead, though Matthew couldn't get a good view from his position. Sticking to the darker shadows, only Aiken's golden eyes were discernable as he observed.

"The shooters on the truck, McNeil, came in your house. You're one of them. The united states government will not tolerate the secession of its states and cities. This sort of shit is out of the question, and you're a part of it, Jenna!" Jenna? Who the hell was Jenna?

"You monster, even the McNeils didn't just gun down innocent people... Any 'government' that commits atrocities like this is an enemy to me, and to anyone with a conscience!"

Martin remained hidden when he heard the man speak however he quickly stood up. He didn't see him however he cursed and sat back down, he looked at the glass next to him on both sides, if that invisible man was to sneak up on him he would still hear glass break. Martin peeked over his cover looking around for the man. He saw that Sarah was wounded and the first thing he would do after killing this man was patch her up. Martin was surprised by her incredible speed and strength, while he had heard her tell about her power, he hadn't though that it would be that strong.

John was still training his gun at Jenna, waiting for an opportunity

A mind burst onto the scene; "WHAT THE BALLS IS THIS?!" He didn't have much time to probe, but John quickly established that this was a young man, and oddly enough a young man without any fear whatsoever and without the same survival instinct as everyone else he'd encountered caught up in this chaos. Smart money was on a power of some sort - no one that young and that fearless would still be alive otherwise.

But while his mind wandered, his eyes did not. Not once did he take his eyes off Jenna, and so he was watching when with great strength she managed to break free from the vines as the Ent's mind temporarily wandered to this new interloper. But this time she would not be escaping for long, and John began to fire.
The first burst smacked into Jenna; some harmlessly bouncing off her ribs but others burying themselves in her soft stomach, sending blood splashing. But before he realised what happened, and just as he fired a second burst she had grabbed the remaining civilian woman, and as if she weighed nothing pulled her in front of her.

One of John's bullet tore a gash in the civilian's side, who fell to the ground even as the Ent's vines tore Jenna back into it's deadly embrace. Shock and remorse filled John, who ran towards her side and tried to stem the bleeding. But the blood was flowing like a river, and she had already passed out. Reluctantly he laid her down in the grass and left her side; his mind also withdrew from hers, which was quickly slowing and becoming weaker and weaker. She had been a friend, and would be dead soon and by John's hand, but there was nothing that could be done. He would grieve later; right now there were more pressing issues including two more injured on the street; the civilian man who had managed to crawl further from the fight and James, who had just got to his feet.


Finally John turned his eyes to the new entrant; a heavily built college kid. "Help them! Please! Get them to the clinic!" he implored him and pointed at the road.

John began to get back to the road to do the same when he felt it. A mind, something predatory; unmistakably human but a predator nonetheless. As John began to navigate this new mind he quickly felt undercurrents of bitterness and anger at some great injustice. But overwhelmingly he realised that with two injured, they would not escape this man and if things did turn violent; with or without the gun which he now put down; they'd need help.

At that moment the Ent; having finally and totally subdued Jenna; spoke "...Warrrrennnnnnnn... danger.. gonnneeeee..."
The Ent... Warren's mind was also accelerating, losing the mental stupor and rigidity it had had when he had charged the soldiers. This was a good sign!

John began to walk towards Warren; "Warren. Warren, please, we need your help. There are people in danger; husbands, wives, children; here and all over the city. We are going to try and save them, but we cannot do it alone. And there are also plants in danger, and you cannot save them alone." Did he mention Warren's garden, his Magnolias? No, that would give too much away right now.

This was a gamble, but what choice was there? And it was not just the predator; there would be chaos all over the city which they would need to try and deal with. And a second collapse would mean storms were brewing... huge storm clouds that would consume even the largest of minds. He could almost feel it in his bones.

John offered his hand to Warren.

"You monster, even the McNeils didn't just gun down innocent people... Any 'government' that commits atrocities like this is an enemy to me, and to anyone with a conscience!"

Manny shrugged off that comment like it was nothing. He knew that the house was filled with McNeil... guns... pro-secession propaganda... His eyes veered towards the entrance and he spotted a few bodies out of the broken windows. They were the enemy... He couldn't have hit civilians, he couldn't!

"You're lying", Manny came back into reality standing to Sarah's side, training the gun at her.

"There aren't any other supers besides them, and they took the city hostage! You're one of them, you monster - I heard what shit you did, Jenna!", Manny ended his sentence by squeezing the trigger and watching as a dozen bullets cut through Sarah's shirt, ripping it to shreds. The bullets bounced off her as if they were tiny pebbles, but then they ricocheted back and all around her, some hitting the house again but missing those inside.

Sarah was about to charge at Manny again when her shirt fell apart on the scene. He stopped his breath again and moved right past her and behind her. He took another breath and looked at the broken woman.

"Give up, McNeil. We're here to free the city. We're here to contain what we can - and kill whoever we can't contain".

George followed the clown outside, but instead of flying at him he flew past Fromanzio at top speed, the winds cutting and creating shock-waves Fromanzio had to deal with as they were about to slice him up. George hoped that he could kill Fromanzio in that single strike, but continued to fly away from the palace and survey the rest of the city. He saw smoke coming from the fourth avenue and decided to fly over there, his eyes widening as he caught a glimpse of Henry laying down on the rooftop motionless.

Saturday's trained eyes caught the super checking out his outfit and smiled.

"Dat's quite a powah ya got deah. I'm shuah you will be great 'elp, but de fighting outside is alreaday getting calmah. Right now what we need ta do is protect evereh one 'oo can't protect demselves."

At that moment one of the kid's Saturday had sent to find more people came back in with a group of 6 people in tow. They all looked frightened and exhausted.

"What is yah name Bruddah?" Saturday asked the shiled enerating super.

"Take them... ALL to the clinic?! How strong do you think I am!?"

Rico had no doubt he could carry one of them, but he doubted he'd be able to carry two nad get to the clinic in any reasonable amount of time. Plus, he really didn't WANT to... who knew what the witchdoctor was doing now.

The shot woman yelped in pain.

He had to. He had to help her somehow.

Screw it!

Rico jogged over to the wounded woman and picked her up in the safest way he could remember from that class in human biology he had taken for fun. Too bad it wasn't an anatomy class, but it was better than nothing. He hoisted her over his shoulder carefully, pressing his neck into the wound to stop the gushing. He then tried to pick up the wounded man who was still on the ground. He screamed, clutching his chest and gut.

Broken ribs, Rico guessed.


Rico tried to remember what a friend in nursing had said about broken ribs. ...Don't move.

That was it, don't move.


The man was clearly bleeding out though, so he tried to remember what else she had said. ...Take deep breaths often to maximize healing.

Also known as minimizing damage.

"Sir, I need you to breathe really deeply."

And with that, Rico scooped him up over his shoulder, face up. It was a very awkward position, and the man was clearly in utter agony, but he wouldn't die. He'd more than likely pass out, but he wouldn't die.

Rico was sure of it. Please, don't die.

Rico began to run the two back to the clinic, hoping to see a real doctor and not run into the Haitian.

Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Warrennnnnn... daaangerrrr... gooonnnnnnnne..."

The tree was speaking! ...Wait, that's not a tree.

It's a...


Rico immediately blocked all inputs and started running the way he came. His body may have been unbreakable, but his brain sure wasn't.

The cries of pain from both sides filled him with adrenaline, increasing his speed. Maybe he would get to the clinic in time after all.

"You're lying"

Sarah quickly turned around, the man had appeared again off to her side.

"There aren't any other supers besides them, and they took the city hostage! You're one of them, you monster - I heard what shit you did, Jenna!"

Suddenly she was enveloped in another storm of bullets. The man still seemed intent on shooting at her, despite how ineffectual it was proving. She prepared to run at him once more when her shirt fell apart. Every piece of her clothing was beyond repair, and a large portion of her left side was covered in blood from her wound, too. It didn't matter to her, though. Every bullet she took was was one less shot at the clinic as far as she was concerned, one less murdered patient and one less orphaned child...

Sarah shuddered. The man had vanished yet again, and now her anger was beginning to subside in favour of a sick feeling, deep in her stomach. It seemed he honestly believed that he had been firing on the McNeils when he shot at the building, was it really possible that this was all some kind of horrible accident?

"Give up, McNeil. We're here to free the city. We're here to contain what we can - and kill whoever we can't contain"

Suddenly, he was back. Sarah didn't even bother running for him this time, she knew it wouldn't work. Instead she stood her ground, and spoke to him once more.

"I'm not who you think I am, you idiot. The McNeils aren't the only supers in this city, not any more. And..."

Now she felt like she was going to be sick. It seemed her exhaustion, combined with what had happened today was really starting to affect her.

"... And not every building a McNeil enters... Is one of theirs. It... It was a clinic, you god-damn fool. Nothing will ever excuse what you've done."

"Give up, McNeil. We're here to free the city. We're here to contain what we can - and kill whoever we can't contain"

"I'm not who you think I am, you idiot. The McNeils aren't the only supers in this city, not any more. And...... And not every building a McNeil enters... Is one of theirs. It... It was a clinic, you god-damn fool. Nothing will ever excuse what you've done."

Martin stood up and saw Sarah sitting on the ground she looked exhausted and had lost her shirt, a man was standing behind her with his gun aimed at her. Martin aimed his pistol and fired. Martin knew the gun had 13 bullets, he fired 12 at the man. Most bullets missed but 3 hit the man, one through his arm making him drop his weapon and 2 through his legs. The man screamed as he fell to the ground. A few people began to walk forward looking what was happening. Martin walked forward looking at the man with an cold look, behind him children and wounded looking people began to gather looking what was happening.

The man looked at the children as the truth finally hit him, he could see the tears forming in his eyes as he finally spotted the 2 dead children, they didn't look much older then 5 and 6. He had killed them, Martin walked forward as he grabbed the man by his hair pulling his face up. "You just shot at an clinic. Look at those people! LOOK AT THEM!" Martin screamed at the shivering man. Martin twisted the mans head forcing him to look at the dead children and the patients. The man began to cry, Martin didn't feel any sympathy. "You just shot at an clinic you killed 3 children and 4 helpless civilians, there is only 1 place for people like you. And that place is HELL!"

Martin looked back bewildered. "Get the children inside!" The people began to put the children inside covering their eyes. The grown ups knew what would happen next. The man looked broken he looked to be crushed by the weight of his own actions. Martin lifted his gun and used his last bullet to shoot the man right between his eyes, ending his wretched life.

Martin looked at the corpse of the man as he turned around looking at the exhausted Sarah. Martin quickly opened the buttons on his lab coat and helped her up. He wrapped the lab coat around here as he looked at her. "It is over we are safe now." He smiled at her looking relieved. He began to walk back to the clinic making sure to help the exhausted Sarah walk. The 'security squad' walked outside grabbing the mans gun and taking the corpses away. They would have to find another safe house but that would have to wait, first they would rest and take care of the wounded.

"What is yah name Bruddah?"

Charles cut off the power to the gloves and let the shield dissolve.

"I am Doctor Viral. Inventer, genius, and as of a week ago, defender of the people of Florida"

Charles took a gentlemanly bow to Brother Saturday before proceeding.

"And how would you have me be of use today?"

'Can you... Can you hear me?', Miriam spoke in a frightened voice, broadcasting her commands into the minds of all of the supers in the area that weren't of the McNeil clan. As chaos reins supreme in the palace, she barely manages to hold on to her life and barricades around her room.

'My name is Miriam. I was a prisoner of the McNeil clan for months now. Because of my gift, they would abuse me and force me to do their bidding. After the collapse I remained all alone, and the only thing that kept me alive was my... special gift. Now that the clan is gone, I am free - but I will soon die. The city hall had been breached and the clan massacred. I... I need your help. I know I was once your enemy, but only because I was forced to. There are... OTHERS, outside. The McNeil paid the bills for the city and kept it afloat, and I did all of the book-keeping. I know every place they used to hide valuables, weapons, resources... I beg of you, help me, and I will help you regain control over the city and be the ones who stopped the tyranny of McNeil. Now, Hurry and stop the intruders - they are people from a nearby city, dressing up as soldiers, eager to take over and kill every man, woman and child they see.' Miriam's speech echoed through the minds of all of the supers, all except for the military ones and the rest of the McNeil family.

'You snot-nosed brat, you insolent frog, you disgusting beast-', Miriam shouted into the mind of Henry as he laid there on the rooftop, hiding from the military super unit.

'What good are you if you can't stop them? You're no use to me, boy-', Miriam's voice burst through Henry's head. He held his rifle in an awkward position and began to train it on himself, his body unwilling to resist. 'Die, you pig'.


After seeing what Henry was about to do down below, George dived down to stop him but he was too late. He found himself kneeling in front of his cousin's corpse, his eyes bursting with tears and his mind only filled with anguish.

George was trying to get away, though in a more kill you and leave way than retreat. He had made the wind razor sharp and if Fromanzio had not let himself fall for a second, he may have been torn to ribbons.

"Fromanzio is not done with you! Get back here this instant!"

Fromanzio raised himself a ways in the air and let himself fall, generating a great speed and rocketing himself towards George. He slowed down as he neared his opponent but then a message resonated through his head.

'My name is Miriam. I was a prisoner of the McNeil clan for months now.

Fromanzio heard her and instantly recognized the lie. He broke out in fits of laughter at what she was trying to do, it would have been grand if the only person who could reach her in any short amount of time wasn't Fromanzio.

Nobody who would kill indescriminanly like her could be innocent. She is like us.

Then, he saw another super raise a gun and shoot himself. Exactly what she tried to do to Fromanzio. He flew down behind George and put his gun to the back of the man's head.

"When we told you she lied, we were not kidding. This is all your fault. Had you aided us in killing her that man would still be alive. Now this is all you have. Understand what you have caused and why killing you, will complete the transition."

Fromanzio fired a bullet into the skull of George. Blood flew everywhere and the wind god collapsed on his fallen brother. Fromanzio decided that he would indeed be the one to kill that lady and nobody would stop him now. She was not only dangerous, but manipulative and there could only be one crazy person in this town.

"Miriam! This town ain't big enough for the both of us! We are coming for you and this time, all of your cronies are dead! Hahahaeoehoheohaha!"

Fromanzio flew leisurely in the way to the palace.

"And how would you have me be of use today?"

"I would feel bad asking enebode else, but because you ah a supah, could you check on de battle near de palace ond den tell me 'ow it goin? If da McNiels are winning, we will need to be redeh."

If this Doctor Viral did indeed make it back from the battle, then he was definitely strong enough to be of use. For now, Saturday had other things to take care of.

James had tried to stay standing, he really had, but the pain in his chest was too acute. James had to put his hand on something to steady himself, except there wasn't anything to rest against in the middle of the road and he fell.

The newcomer had come to help him. He had said something about staying still and something about breathing. James wasn't really listening, his mind was still a little tired from using his power and the unexpected collision with the road hadn't helped his focus.

"AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!" The cry of pain was very loud, James had thought, then he realised it was his own and his perception of the world was shifting. He was higher now, the shouting man was carrying him. 'That was a very stupid thing you did.' Said James' internal monologue, 'You've never shot a gun before and you've never used your power in a fight either. Why did you have to pick the super strong, super tough one? Anybody else would have been really hurt by us but oh no you have to pick the strongest opponent.' James realised that he could not feel the pain as strongly, his vision was fading to black. His last thought before passing out was the man carrying him was speeding up.

"I would feel bad asking enebode else, but because you ah a supah, could you check on de battle near de palace ond den tell me 'ow it goin? If da McNiels are winning, we will need to be redeh."

"Thats why I'm here bro."

Charles bowed again and bounded off towards the exit of the hospital. Before leaving he turned to the crowd and gave them one last word of encouragement.

"Fear not my people. I shall return shortly. And when I do, freedom shall be ours!"

Charles lept out the door and went into a full sprint towards the palace.

It was fairly clear to Warren that he was no longer the same as a normal human. He towered over the man who had moved forward to speak with him. He could wrap a palm over his entire head, crushing his windpipe and facial structure with his vines while snapping his spine in two. It would be easy. He didn't seem capable of much except shooting other people. And not the ones he was meant to.

Wait. That was his name. Yes, that's right, he just said it, told them that it was safe now. Yes. His attention turned to that who spoke, properly, and not just in passing. His yellow eyes unblinking. "We need your help. There are people in danger; husbands, wives..."

Wife? Yes I know my wife, she's at work... Or, should be. This, today... what day is it? Maybe she's back home... waiting for me. I should find her, save her. From work, yes, McNeils. They have her. These people, the girl, broken skinless one. She was one as well. Dead though.

"also plants in danger, and you cannot save them alone." That. That was important. Yes I know, I know, we must save them, save Marie, save the plants, kill the McNeils. Do it. Yes.

The man's hand was extended, raised. Handshake. Warren reached out with his hand, letting a tentacle manipulator reach and connect with the talking man. It was soft, new growth, fresh with the life blood of these men behind in the garden, and Jenna's flesh and marrow. It pulsed as it traced the arteries in his wrist. Hungry.

Then something hurt. It was foreign. Acid. Wrong voice inhuman no getoutnoGETOUT!

Miriam she said, alone and defenceless she said. Yes she said. Said in his head to the roots and plants that were around him, twisting them and like a hive they were not for her they were his and she was not allowed to HAVE THEM!


But. But what if she was right? Those men and women and wives like his. He must find her, find Marie. Miriam, lost and alone and beaten and helpless with abilities like this that took the plants and the people and made them hers and no.

Warren's grip on the talking man who knew his name (how did he know that?) was fierce, crushing. The new growth had become like old wood, strong, cracking, thorns, dull, bloody red swelled like pustules along its length. Warren let go. Whatever he felt was gone. This woman, his wife, eh must save her. Save them, Miraie.... Marim....Save Miriam.... Yes. Save her. Save her.

The man had passed out, still bent backwards over Rico's shoulder. The woman was still awake, and her screams had died down to whimpers. Either she was dying, or Rico's neck had stopped the bleeding.

Great. So here he was, barreling right back to emergency care after escaping it. The hospital was closer than the clinic, but God DAMN it, Rico didn't want to go back there. Who knew what creepy voodoo was going on there now. These folks had BETTER SURVIVE the extra running time. His arms burned, his legs creaked, but he still kept running. He had probably crossed the goal posts five or six times now, but dammit, the endzone was still far away.

Can you... Can you hear me?


Rico kept running, but paid attention to the voice. Apparently, the woman could hear it too.

It made a pretty speech about being prisoner, but it sounded like a pack of lies to Rico. If she could selectively pick out brains (which she clearly had because Rico didn't recall hearing her a whole lot), then why couldn't she summon a mob a long time ago? Also, turning people on the soldiers. Classy.

Rico finally turned out of the alley and onto the street where he recalled the clinic being.

Blood. Bodies. Bodies of men, women and children. Guts.

Rico's gorge began to rise. The woman screamed in terror at the sight.

Rico crossed the road to the clinic, and cut directly through a side door. He didn't want to be outside by the bodies for a millisecond longer than necessary.

Inside, there were many people. Some were injured, but many were simply terrified. There was a doctor and nurse in a lab coat there as well. The nurse was handing out drinks and painkillers to anyone she passed, and she looked worn out and embarrassed. The doctor was examining a small child's eye... it was burst. Rico felt bile in his mouth.

The child wept blood from the crushed eye as the doctor examined it. Then suddenly, the doctor placed his thumb nearly on top of it. The eye suddenly swelled up to normal size, refilled and recolored. Clean, salty tears rinsed the blood off the child's face.

The child smiled weakly and slid off the bench, running to his delighted mother. "Next patient, please," the doctor mumbled, wiping sweat off his brow.

He had powers. Rico immediately knew he'd made the right choice.

It was here that the nurse saw Rico with the two people on his shoulders. "Oh my, they look bad! You go next, we only have minor injuries in line now." It seemed Rico had impeccable timing.

Rico lay the woman out first on the table, allowing the doctor to work his magic. He mumbled something to the nurse about broken ribs. She helped him straighten the man's body out and lay him on the ground, in the safest position for him to be. The man was coming awake, and barely cried out as he hit the floor.

The nurse ran to fetch some painkillers. Rico leaned over the man. "Breathe. Breathe all the way in, even though it hurts. You'll avoid collapsed lungs." Rico felt extremely sick, so he stood and moved to the door to get some air. Big mistake. He took one look at the broken and shot-up bodies laying just outside, and he turned back, grabbing a plastic bag off the shelf at the receptionist's desk, went into an empty corner and vomited for a good minute.

The bag full, he tied it off and placed it down. The adrenaline in his system was nearly gone, and he sat down next to the bag, exhausted. Lactic acid began to burn in his overexerted muscles, and he bit down to avoid moaning.

A vine extended, and wrapped itself around John's forearm as Warren moved forward and began to extend his giant hand; the vine was soft and oddly warm, for a plant.

But something was off... a mist had begun to rise from the 'sea' on which the hurricanes of the minds around tore their paths. Slowly at first, but faster and faster until it enveloped Warren's mind, touching every part. As John rode the currents of the Ent's mind he reached out into the mist, pushing at it as it gently pushed him back; melding with it. And that was when the voice spoke, booming through every fibre of John's body and mind as he drifted into the mist and out and away from Warren.

"My name is Miriam. I was a prisoner of the McNeil clan for months..."

The longer she spoke the thicker the mist became, and the less John's mind could see beyond. It was becoming thicker and thicker, and was beginning to impede his mind's movements. But John barely realised as he floated on these thick clouds of mist, time seeming to slow as for the first time he was deaf and blind to the storms of the minds around... losing himself in the serenity and the voice of this old woman.

But something else began to tug at his mind, small at first but it became stronger and stronger.

Pain. Searing pain.

His body was screaming at his mind, and it snapped John out of his stupor. Suddenly sensing the danger his mind was in, he began fight the mist; his mind tearing through it as he searched for a way out. But as he came closer to the edge of the mist cloud it became thicker and thicker, trying desperately to keep John within it's clutches. But still John pushed outwards, almost free.

At that moment it became solid - encasing John within a mental 'concrete' of sorts. And so with one final push John exploded from it and blasted to freedom! This act caused the mist to recoil from him, and finally he was free from it's cloying grasp.

Once again John was in the open and he saw the storms of those he deducted were supers; James, Warren, the predator and the fearless student; and the how the mist enveloped them. And still he heard the voice as it whispered into their heads. "...kill every man, woman and child they see." But then it stopped and the mist began to dissipate.

And with that he turned his attention back to his body and the pain that had snapped him out of it. He was on his knees, clutching his forearm; his hand was broken and his forearm had received many deep cuts from the thorns of the vines that had only just withdrawn.

But it was that pain that had snapped him out of it; who knows what would have happened if it had not. Once again, this Ent had saved his life. Did it count if he didn't realise it? Probably.

Well, first priority was getting some help for his arm on which he'd now put rudimentary bandages made of his sleeves. Then he'd find this Miriam. While she may or may not have been lying about her motivations, there was no way that with powers like that she could not have known what she claimed to. And weapons and resources were infinitely useful.

His mind pulled his body to it's feet and he spoke to the Ent again; "Warren, I'm going to go to the clinic and get help for this," he raised his arm, causing him to wince, "and then I'm going to get everyone I can, and find Miriam."

He turned; whatever happened, he would try to get to the clinic as fast as his hand would let him.

"yeah I did"

Looking around to see if there was a way out of the burning first floor. But, the corner they got trapped in is the dead end of a hallway. Besides the fire, smoke, bullet holes, blood, dead bodies, a few damaged survivors and crazy murderous pyro-rioters; This was probably a nice place.

"My name is Miriam. I was a prisoner of the McNeil clan for months..."

We are already here... so.. Who the fuck is this now? thought Ottis.

A smaller man wearing a gasmask stepped in front of his Pyro clan holding what looked to be a Molotov cocktail. Ottis and Gavin could only hear his muffled shouts as he tried to draw support from his Pryo brothers. Ottis shot Gavin a the look " What?! Is this guy a dumbass?"
And, pretty much on instinct blasted a small bolt of lightning at the bottle.

Peering down the hallway was like looking into a portal to Hell. The flaming gasmask wearing guy blindly tackled one of his own men. His flamethrower wildly sprayed hot death over the pyros and up to a foot away from the survivors.

"Well, SHIT..."

Ottis hugs the girl tight in his arms. The bullet graze still stings. He thinks of a better time with his family, reading comicsbooks before a show. His youngest kid's favorite was Gravity... a kid superhero with powers similar to his new ally.This ain't a comic Thought Ottis ...Fuck it.

" Hey.... Grav!" Ottis points to the hole to the 2nd floor. " Time for the next level? Save the day and all that crap."

"My name is Miriam. I was a prisoner of the McNeil clan for months..."

"Who the hell..." Gavin muttered, the voice in his head. The message bounced around in Gavin's head but sounded a bit... hesitant and actually stopped half way through.

Gavin could only watch as one of the pyro was set a flame and started and the a couple of the others started freaking out, wildly spraying their flame throwers in all directions. The flames neared the survivors. Well, SHIT! Ottis yelled, grabbing onto a little girl he'd been protecting. Gavin fired a few repulsive blasts, parting the flames and pushing back a few of the pyros. Gavin relaxed, taking a breath and wondering what he should do next.

"Hey.... Grav!" The man said, pointing the hole leading to the 2nd floor. Time for the next level? Save the day and all that crap." Ottis said, waiting for Gavin to do his thing. Gavin was slightly taken aback by the sudden name, not because it was kinda random, but because he actually liked the way it rolled off the tongue. Sure was a lot better than The Condor. Gavin stepped forward.

"I'm not sure how many people are still in here, friend or foe. Though I guess it wouldn't hurt to check. But first..." Gavin grabbed the statue, lightly shaking off the bits of the rioters, and threw it at a wall. It broke down the wall, leaving behind a gaping hole that lead onto a side street. He then turned to the survivors.

"Alright, I know you all are pretty much terrified and I don't know how many people are still gunning after your family or when they'll stop, but it's too dangerous for you stay here. You probably won't need to go too far, find a place to hide, and we'll meet up with you later. Going out there may not seem like the best idea, but staying in here is a death wish." They all looked at the hole and back and each other, then to Gavin. He could only shrug, not sure exactly what else he could say.

The little girl clinging on to Ottis looked up at him. Gavin simply jumped to the next floor. "Um, I'll just wait up here. Just jump at anytime." Gavin watched Ottis interact with the girl. It wasn't hard to spot a family man.

Things had escalated far quicker than they should have. While the 6 duplicates spent their time rounding up any McNeil they found helplessly trying to survive they were oblivious to the palace slowly being engulfed in flames. The 1st duplicate lead the rest of his "brothers" through the palace back tracking to the entrance. All the dupes were slowed down considerably as each were either carrying someone or had someone slung over their backs. En route to the exit all the dupes were struck with the same voice rolling through their minds.

"My name is Miriam. I was a prisoner of the McNeil clan for months..."

"I know I'm not the only one hearing this," one of the dupes blurted.

"Yeah, but we can't do anything for her right now, we have to get all these people out first," the 1st dupe calmly ordered.

The dupes continued on their way finally arriving in time to witness the 1st floor burning bellow them. The survivors soon let out screams of panic as the duplicates argued among themselves as they searched for an exit. A crash interrupted their bickering as they saw a man fling a statue twoards a crumbling wall. The hole was the groups new salvation.

"Um, I'll just wait up here. Just jump at anytime."

Ottis hugged the little girl knowing he can't bring but he can't leave her. Not knowing what he should do, the brief silence was broken by a soft voice.

"uh,....mister... thats my sista"
The voice belonged to a raven haired girl. Probably not even 17. She would be pretty once she heals up, cause right now her face met the wrong end of a brick.

The little girl turned turned her head. Excitedly squealed "SARAH!" and ran to her.

Ottis felt a little defeated. He stared at the floor finding the machete that saved so many lives today. He gave it to the older girl... looked at them like as if he was their father.
"Now both of you put on a strong face. The world out there is a mess, and I need you to protect each other. If you need a place to stay...In Old America section 138 Pride ave. Blue house my wife Beth should be there... Tell her Papabear sent ya. "
The little girl smiled.

He turned and jumped
"up up & away"
floating was a new thing... odd feeling.

Gavin watched Ottis hand the machete to the older girl before jumping up to the 2nd floor. The two girls quickly made their way through hole and Gavin could only hope things would work out for them. If Gavin had heard right, Ottis had given them the address to his house. Ottis seemed like a nice guy so his family probably wasn't too bad either. As Ottis shakily landed on the floor, Gavin pondered what their next move would be. If no one was left, where would they go from there? Go separate ways? And then there was the message...

"Hey, before we go on, did you happen to hear anything while we were down there?" Gavin asked Ottis.

"You mean the speech in my head? Kinda hard to miss." He replied, looking down the hall and noticing the slab on concrete leading to the room with slaughtered McNeil's and Dan. Gavin casually walked in front of him, blocking the entrance.

"...should we do something about that?" Gavin wondered, questioning the pros and cons of such an arrangement.

Eventually the dupes made it to the end of the hallway where two men stood talking too each other. The first 3 dupes quickly noticed one of the men as the guy they had encountered earlier when they first charged into the palace. All the duplicates began lowering the survivors they had been carrying all letting out obvious sighs of relief. The survivors ran passed the duo giving the two men a quick once over between making their way through the hole to safety.

The 6 duplicates approached and as usual the first dupe took the role as leader speaking first," Hey weren't you the guy that was flying around outside crashing into McNeil's?"

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