Feudal America - A super-power RP in modern day America (Game Thread)

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"Hey weren't you the guy that was flying around outside crashing into McNeil's?"

Gavin stopped his train of thought as the man he'd seen early spoke to him. Next to him were six others who looked just like him, lowering survivors they'd found on the 2nd floor. They moved in relative unison. Gavin was a bit taken aback by this, still pondering who this guy was, but decided this was a good time to find out.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was me. And you're the guy who ordered the crowd to start throwing stuff at the McNeil's and tackled Dan, getting him off of me...with you and your triplet brothers. Except now there's six of you...you, uh, mind explaining that?" Gavin goaded.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was me. And you're the guy who ordered the crowd to start throwing stuff at the McNeil's and tackled Dan, getting him off of me...with you and your triplet brothers. Except now there's six of you...you, uh, mind explaining that?"

The group looked at each other then down at themselves before bursting in a short fit of laughter.

As the noise died down the 1st turned to Gavin wiping a tear from his eye, "Usually the original Darryl is here to explain what exactly is going on but I guess I'll have to fill in for him. We are all copies of the same guy. Regular people would most likely be freaked out by this statement but I have a feeling you two are a little different. Based on the fact that you flew and both of you survived in here for so long I'm guessing your supers, same as us. For a while we thought we were the only ones besides the McNeil's."

"Yeah and I'm pretty glad that we we're wrong. Looks like we weren't the only freaks living in town."

Two of the duplicates extended their hands toward both Gavin and Otis at the same time while one of them spoke,"Nice to meet you guys by the way but enough of our introduction who the hell are you?"

Gavin took in what "Darryl" or the copy of Darryl was saying. He wasn't too freaked out, in fact he thought it was pretty damn cool. If what he was saying was true, and he had no reason to doubt him, Darryl had been kicking ass and saving survivors, without actually having to be here...except he was. That sounded extremely useful. Perhaps a bit lazy in a cosmic sorta way...or was it hard working, since technically these guys were him? Gavin pushed those questions away, ignoring the obvious paradoxes.

"Uh well I'm...Grav." Ottis raised an eyebrow and gave Gavin a questioning look. Gavin just shrugged. "I'm not a big fan of sharing my actual name...anyway, my friend here is...uh, he actually hasn't told me his name."

"...uh, he actually hasn't told me his name."

Ottis shakes all the dupes' hands. He didn't expect others with powers; He really didn't expect replication and gravity control.

He just shook his head "I'm glad you can makes copies of yourself. Cause, for a little bit I thought Octo-mom had competition." He laughs as if it was funny.

"Any ways. You called me Blitzkrieg. It is perfect name for what I can do."

Lifting both hands he has the arc lightning dance between them. Then pointing to his ear piece.

" My entire body converts sound into electricity. Higher the decibel the more crispy I can make things. But, I do have to think about holding the charge... like holding an item. I can do eight other things, but, as soon a i stop holding it... it escapes the easiest way it can. But enough talk... we have a princess in the tower to get to or whatever."

"-we have a princess in the tower to get to or whatever." Blitzkrieg reminded them of the message they'd received. Gavin had nearly forgotten about her, too enthralled with Ottis's explanation of his ability. These powers just keep getting stranger and slightly cooler. but sadly, things like the McNeil's happened. And now Miriam. They started walking, looking for the easiest way to the third floor.

"Yeah, that Miriam person...she's probably on the 3rd floor. Though, do you guys think that's a good idea? For all we know, she could be bullshitting us. Plus, she can speak inside our heads. If comics and television taught me anything, it's that you never trust anyone you can hear in your head or can hear you. Because it's NEVER that simple." Gavin warned, remembering an episode of Static Shock where a lonely nerdy girl running for class president turns the entire student body into her own mindless servants.

"Plus, the military would fuck my shit up if they knew I...oh fuck it, they probably already have my ass. I've pretty much gone AWOL, doing whatever the fuck I want, occasionally dropping in whenever I pick up anything interesting on my radio. Only reason they don't question it is probably because they need all the help they can get containing-oh, my mistake, "recruiting" all the supers they can get. Bullshit! And what was that? People disguised as soldiers from another city? Well, that's just fantastic! No, simply great!" He slouched against a wall, frustrated.

"Meanwhile, where the fuck is our military? Thousands just got fucking slaughtered, mind doing something about that? Oh wait, they can't! They're probably too busy because dealing with some random superhuman who just sneezed the wrong way! I can't believe I actually wondered if they needed my help? Oh, and guess who's getting blamed for this bullshit if they ever find out everyone's favorite gravity manipulator happened to be lending a hand?!" Gavin ranted, breathing heavily and sending a statue flying through the roof. Ottis and the Darrlys looked at eachother, a bit alarmed by the sudden outburst.

"Er, sorry about that. Just a bit...stressed. Paranoid. You can never be too careful, people don't seem to let things go nowadays." Gavin explained, putting his hand on his chest and feeling the cut across his vest. He shook a bit, a few bad memories shaking around in his head. He calmed down a bit, standing up and walking down the large hall of the palace, looking for a way to the third floor.

"So...shall we get moving? The princess is waiting."

"Well the way I see it. She is probably bullshitting us and the military ...or whoever it is... Ain't filled with guys that has our best interest either. So FUCK em both." Ottis threw both middle fingers into the air.

" I mean Dan McNeil would come down to my pub and complain about her all the time. We assumed he was drunk... cause he be punching himself in the nuts or head butting holes into the building next door. But who knows, now? ... Ain't like she has ever personally fucked with me or my family. So if she wants out of the city... I'll help her. Out the window or into a cab...depends on if she tries to fuck with us."

Ottis stands there as if he is waiting for answer to drop on him. Examining the busted walls in deep thought. He shakes his head freeing his mind of whatever abyss his thoughts sank into. He continues following Gavin.

Mumbling under his breath " Too old for this shit"

As the duplicates followed Ottis and Gavin the group began discussing the issues at hand among themselves.

Two duplicates in the back were whispering back and forth to each other, "Why don't we get have a cool handle?"

The duplicates towards the front were a little bit more productive with their statements,"Well if she planned on screwing with us I have a feeling she would have done it already. If she could talk to us in our damn heads I bet she could do a lot more damage if she wanted to. I say we at least give her the benefit of the doubt."

"Plus we already have a guy that can float around like its nothing, a guy that can turn hertz to volts, and a guy that can be as many guy as he wants. It doesn't seem like such a bad idea to add another freak of nature."

Fromanzio had finally reached the palace and flew through the hole he had already made in the second floor window. The whole city was remarkably quiet now. The main fighting is done and everyone is waiting for the grand finale, Fromanzio would not have them wait any longer for it. He had already grabbed a few walkie talkies from both the military and McNeils on the way to the palace and intended to broadcast this shindig live. He had even put a pier 6 sign in the bank in case she wanted to tell people where she was. Obviously it was a lie but hey, she wouldn't know.

It was then that Fromanzio spotted a few other supers seemingly en-route to his objective. They were powerful enough but they had yet to see him and a few shots correctly could...

Don't even think about it. They don't have to be our enemies.

EEEE! You are back! I-I mean...ohhhhh boyyyyyyy. I thought you were dead!

I am a part of your subconscious. Killing me is impossible now keep us both alive and don't shoot them.

Fine, be that way. Wish you were still dead.

Fromanzio holstered his guns and walked over to attempt to be...friendly. Upon closer inspection, there were multiples of one hero, perhaps that was his power. Aside from him, there were a few others who Fromanzio was unsure of. Still, best to dissuade them now to see if he has to kill a few more supers.

"Hello there, my name is Fromanzio and we would assume you intend to go off and save the Miriam yes? If that is the case, Fromanzio will highly discourage such action. Such actions have been recently leading to a severe case of death, dying and bleeding out on the concrete. Aside from that, saving her would only leave you slaves to her will. So please, stand aside and allow Fromanzio to execute her properly yes?"

Ottis eyes dart to the Dupe that said "It doesn't seem like such a bad idea to add another freak of nature." Then back to the clown. Clowns... Ottis never could trust a clown. Not since it was a crazy fan dressed up as a clown tried to kidnap his son Sid; back in 1989. Ottis walked away with two broken hands from not beating the shit out of the clown. That clown was still in a coma before the collapse.

"Hello, Fromanzio. This is Grav, I'm Bilztkrieg, and this is D.."

Ottis already seeing why the need of code names may be necessary. His mind rolls out a name quicker then he expected.

" Well, THEY are the Diesel Brothers"

It dons on him after saying it; that was the cartoon his middle child Joey loved. About a set of triplet junior detectives solving crimes in a steampunk future.

Turning back to Fromanzio "Sounds like you had experience with this, Miriam. What did she do to you? "

The strange man in the colorful suit had just casually walked up to the group like it was any other regular day. Gavin just sorta stared at the man, slightly in disbelief. Maybe it was because of how colorful he looked in such a dead place. That slightly disturbed him. But perhaps he wasn't too bad, he looked like a very classy clown...who currently wanted to execute the woman they were going to see. Gavin noticed his holstered guns. So it wasn't a power that could kill someone as efficiently as a gun. That just left...thousands upon thousands of really useful powers at his disposal. Gavin hoped it had nothing to do with illusions or clowns. He really hoped.

"Sounds like you had experience with this, Miriam. What did she do to you?" Ottis asked Fromanzio.

"And why do you want to kill her because of it?" Gavin asked, continuing from Ottis's question.

"Well, THEY are the Diesel Brothers"

The dupes looked at each other and shrugged in unison accepting their code name. It wasn't the best of names but it had a certain ring too it. The dupes didn't say anything because their minds were focused on what the hell was standing in front of them. Before and after the collapse the United States was filled with freaks and weirdos but the clown that casually approached them had to be ranked far higher than any other. Though besides the appearance the main thing the dupes found unsettling were the sub machine guns the clown had holstered. Even though Gavin, Ottis and Darryl's dupes outnumbered the guy it didn't seem as if any of them were bulletproof.

The first dupe finally free from his initial thoughts spoke directly towards the clown,"What do you mean exactly by, we will be slaves to her will?"

"Sounds like you had experience with this, Miriam. What did she do to you?" Ottis asked Fromanzio.

"And why do you want to kill her because of it?" Gavin asked, continuing from Ottis's question.

Fromanzio had been expectantly bombarded with questions from people who looked a mix of confused, disoriented and stunned that someone like him would even exist. He looked up at the ceiling and debated just flying to her, but since he was still unaware of the other's powers, he figured to appease their curiosity for now.

"Miriam tried to kill us. When we were in the hospital, Fromanzio almost shot himself because of her mind tricks, but he resisted. It was then that he saw what she really was, an abusive using self obsessed megalomaniac and while Fromanzio would normally love to associate with her, she has proven too dangerous. On top of that, we also witnessed her kill her own supers in order to make herself look more defenseless. Most of the carnage here was from Fromanzio attempting to reach her, killing dozens of people, including a few supers she had sent at us to stop poor Fromanzio. We think you could see the remains of one of them splattered across the pavement somewhere if that is your thing!"

Fromanzio laughed a bit but headed towards the stairs. "If you wish to attempt to stop me then so be it, but we really must get going before other...less intelligent supers arrive. There always are a few and at least one of them has to have decided to work with her. Fromanzio shot out the locks to her door a bit ago so come now! She obviously had something to make our bullets do less..."

"What do you mean exactly by, we will be slaves to her will?"

As he was heading towards the stairs, one of the clones asked a question. "Well, she has the sort of "Do what I say or I will make you shoot yourself" kind of tyranny about her. Something Fromanzio can well appreciate, but there isn't room for the both of us in this city. Fromanzio already has a place to bring her, just help him grab her and Fromanzio will help you all when the military comes to start killing us."

Fromanzio had still not forgotten the bullet in his arm. He figured that about one dozen soldiers for every drop of blood he lost would fit the crime. There was going to be a lot of dead soldiers.

Gavin took in his story, honestly not too surprised. Fromanzio's laughter on the other hand was a bit unsettling. Then again, by the sounds of things, he'd had a pretty rough day too. Gavin knew that laugh a bit better than he liked to admit. But during his conversation, it sounded like Fromanzio was slightly commending her for her actions. That wasn't helping Gavin exactly trust this guy. And something didn't add up. What made Fromanzio different? He said tons had been controlled, why wasn't he? Was it his power, whatever that may be? Could you just resist her with enough willpower? And if she had been able to nearly make him kill himself from across town...

"Fromanzio, wait. I'm not too keen on what you're doing, but I'm not too keen on stopping you either. This woman nearly made you kill yourself without even having to be there. And since you're arriving here now, I'll assume you were somewhere pretty far off. Now, with that said, what's gonna happen when you're face-to-face with the woman who just sent messages through...pretty much every superhuman in the city and nearly made you shoot yourself?" Gavin probed, trying to understand Fromanzio's way of thinking.

"Fromanzio, wait. I'm not too keen on what you're doing, but I'm not too keen on stopping you either. This woman nearly made you kill yourself without even having to be there. And since you're arriving here now, I'll assume you were somewhere pretty far off. Now, with that said, what's gonna happen when you're face-to-face with the woman who just sent messages through...pretty much every superhuman in the city and nearly made you shoot yourself?"

Fromanzio looked at Gavin and smiled as far as he could. He grabbed the large club he had been storing and pointed to it. "Fromanzio is going to have a little, face to face with Miriam. Heheehe. Also, Fromanzio did not just arrive here, he had personally caused most of the damage here and was merely driven off for a second by a now dead super. Miriam has given up on trying to kill us and instead wants you to do it." Fromanzio's smile faded. "We can get her out of here and make her think she is elsewhere so help Fromanzio knock her out and apprehend her."

Are we really going to be able to? I mean...

Of course! Once she is knocked out we will hit her on the head once...twice maybe three times and then she will be too disoriented to use her powers!

That...is actually a pretty good plan...kudos.


With a very uneasy look on his face.

"I don't want her controlling me... or coming back later controlling my loved ones... or whatever the fuck she does."

Raises his hand and lets the electric dance between his fingers. He sighs as he thinks this may be his last day alive. But, he knows he must protect his loved ones, his friends and the city. The sick look turns into a hard determined face.

"...I'm in. Doctor's orders... Electro shock therapy."

"...I'm in. Doctor's orders... Electro shock therapy." Ottis said, ready to deal with the situation. Gavin still wasn't too sure about all this.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's take it down a notch, Doc. I'd rather you not use your powers on her in anyway. Lightning strikes have been known to...alter the human mind. I'd rather not see what that would do to someone who can influence other minds." Gavin warned. "And okay, let's say we go through with this then what? What's the great Fromanzio's plan?" Gavin said, more than a bit irked.

"...I'm in. Doctor's orders... Electro shock therapy."

Oh, so he can use electricity. That sucks for you.

Why is that?

Because he can literally shock you out of the sky!

Oh yeah...that.

"Ohohoh! Fromanzio likes your style! We need to knock her out first, then Fromanzio can take it over and the rest of you prepare for the next phase. The military has probably decided to kill us all by now seeing as how they shot poor Fromanzio in the arm for no good reason."

As Fromanzio was about to get moving, again another question surfaced. These guys obviously did not trust him much, but who ever did? Besides, it was nice to be talking for a change, instead of indiscriminately killing. Though perhaps a bit of murder over a chat would be nice.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's take it down a notch, Doc. I'd rather you not use your powers on her in anyway. Lightning strikes have been known to...alter the human mind. I'd rather not see what that would do to someone who can influence other minds." Gavin warned. "And okay, let's say we go through with this then what? What's the great Fromanzio's plan?"

Fromanzio chuckled and raised his hand. "While we appreciate the title, it is unnecessary. Though you do have a point, we only need enough electricity to knock her out so if you could be careful about it...we don't want her dead yet...heh. Oh, and the plan! Right well it mostly involves not dying. See, there are a lot of people who want us all dead for some apparent reason and Fromanzio plans to make us not dead. How does that sound?"

Miriam had already heard the conversation take place between the four supers, well, one of them was in fact six people but she only had to read one mind to understand them all. With her abilities she contemplated speaking with them, but instead thought of planting an idea in their head, on they would think was their own.

'He is too strange... too suspicious... How can we trust him, HIM, a man that killed so many and talks of it like he is proud of his atrocities... Can I really trust this madman? Will I be killing another innocent... just to make him feel good?'

She turned her attention back to 4th avenue and resorted to speaking with the military.

'My name is Dolores... They kidnapped me to replace their old psychic, but I am not as powerful as she was. They won't let me leave, but now the Palace is in chaos and I'm afraid to leave my room. These supers... The McNeil recruited them to their side, you have to stop them, please!'

Miriam laughed as she sat on her chair in her room. Her wrinkly old fingers moved slowly as she loaded her revolver with six bullets, just in case.

Back at 4th avenue, the message hit the military supers. Having already healed both Dirk and Mark, the four decided to move up and see where Manny went to. After hearing muffled cries and gunfire to their left they decided to move up to where the pickup truck went. Dirk held the machine-gun and the others went in, leaving some of their equipment behind on their jeep. They witnessed two men running across the street, one carrying an injured person on his back. Mitchel shouted at them, training his rifle at the one holding another person and signaling Mark to aim at the other one.

"Stop! Who the fuck are you and why shouldn't I kill you RIGHT NOW?"

Fromanzio started heading up the stairs, the others did not follow, instead looking engaged in thought. Fromanzio seemed confused at this and cocked his head.

What are they doing?

Hell if I know, probably doubting if they should trust you.

Damn. People sure do that a lot.

Wonder why.

Fromanzio spoke up. "Ahem, are we going or would you prefer to attack the walls? Because Fromanzio already kind of covered that bit."

Matthew still stood in the shadows when the message from Miriam hit him. He listened and he seethed. What was she thinking? Weakness is not an excuse. He didn't care. The predatorial instincts welled up strong in him again, and he laughed. He laughed at her vain attempt to save herself even going as far as stepping out of the shadows. He quickly concluded that the others had gotten the same message from Miriam. Aiken's laughter had sounded cruel, but hardily loud which only seemed to add to it's sinister feel. He had let the man with the wounded leave, he had no interest in prey that couldn't fight after all. The thrill was as much part of the euphoria as the killing was.

He looked at the man with the wounded arm, focusing his gaze upon him, but dismissing any motion of murder. It wouldn't be challenging and the ent man probably didn't taste too good. No, he'd leave these people alone. The military was still at large. He should hunt them down. They didn't seem to care who they shot. It would be justified, wouldn't it? He shook his head lightly.

"Lies. She lies. Her mentality reeks of desperation. Someone will kill her and I hope they make it painful. The Mcneils are not deserving of any form of mercy."

Wisps of green poison trailed out of his mouth as he spoke. He remained tense. He'd have to sprint for the military again soon. Aiken's sharp teeth were bared, the scarf long since disgarded, only his claws were really hidden under long sleeves. Bullet holes riddled his clothing, revealing the healthy dark green scales beneath. There was little to stop anyone from noticing his true colours. He realized he'd need to get new clothing again once this all was over.

Eventually, he turned, sprinting for the military.

The team stood in the middle of the street with their weapons trained at the two men running across the street when Matthew decided to strike. Making a dash through the alleyway and the street, he picked the closest target to him. Mitchel seemed to be the leader of the pack, and Matthew was sure that once he is dead the rest will crumble easily. He was on the far left of the group, and before he could react to the sound of quick footsteps and fast breaths, he was jumped by the hunter.

Making a half turn back, he tried to raise his rifle up but the claws on Matthew's hands already dug themselves into his shoulders. The terrified officer watched as Matthew's animal-like golden eyes began to contort. His iris was transforming in an disgusting movement, changing sporadically to brown in different places. Matthew tried to raise his arm at Mitchel and skewer him in the gut, but as he raised his hand it began to tremble. Something went terribly, terribly wrong.

Matthew felt pain shooting up his spine and bombarding his mind. His whole body was shaking and he didn't know why. Mitchel knew. He pulled the second claw stuck to his right shoulder and pushed Matthew back, pressing his right hand to his throat and then pulling him down on his back. His power.. was nullifying Matthew's.

The transformation back to his human self began, and without hurting him Mitchel was slowly killing Matthew. With each passing second, his animal mind retreated and his human mind took control, only to bear the excruciating pain of his relapse. His powers of no use to him, Matthew could only watch as he began to bled to death, slowly shedding his scales and losing his grasp over reality. It seemed as if his claws were about to come off and his teeth began to rattle in a gruesome manner, some of the smaller ones already falling back to his throat and barely choking him to death. Mitchel made no sound. He didn't smile or made any comment.

He knew order had to be restored, and the order will be built on top of skulls.

The predator was in control. He had pounced, Aiken had seen the leader. It was almost too easy. He felt the surge of blood and his claws grinding against shoulder bones. Lifting his arm for the gutting move, he started shaking. Why was he shaking? It hurt, everything hurt, Matthew howled in unimaginable pain as a reaction. His mind slowed down, his body grew numb. He felt skin sloughing off as if that of a snake, teeth clatter and claws weaken. Before he knew it he was being choked. But that was far from the worst pain. Matthew tried to scream weakly, mouth bleeding, teeth cutting the insides, causing him to bleed further.

The beast within was not there anymore. If it wasn't for the agony, he'd feel relieved. Happy, even. Aiken's back tried to arch but Mitchel pressed him down and his human mind tried desperately to assess the situation. He was bleeding to death. All of his powers were missing. He was helpless. He was afraid. Aiken could feel his mind reeling, desperately trying to cling to sanity as his eyes glazed. His hands were bloody, flailing at Mitchel, smearing him in blood. It felt like time had slowed down and somehow, Matthew found himself thinking about everything he had done. His eyes were teary and he wasn't even sure if it was from memories or pain anymore. The pain, it was becoming distant. Was that good? He didn't know. Probably not.

Teeth fell out of his mouth, Matthew had to spit weakly to remove them. Plenty of them were still rooted in his gums, far more resilient than the others but they too were beginning to give way. He tried to feebly grasp at Mitchel's hand, to stop him from choking him. But his grasp slipped, his hand was slick with his own blood. He was choking, but that wasn't even neccessary. Aiken would bleed to death at this rate. He could feel the inside of his mouth and throat rended by teeth. He'd drown in his own blood too. He tried to gasp for breath but was only rewarded with a spurt of blood coming from his mouth. At least I'll die a human. No, that wasn't right. Aiken felt his mind reel. It was hard to think logically. Matthew could feel an odd sense of depressing loss. He had killed three people since he turned not so long ago. He had witnessed his own wife leave him, screaming.

Aiken was crying now. He was going to die. Death itself didn't scare him. It was the emptyness inside that was truly terrifying. He missed his wife, but that wasn't the cause. He missed his humanity even more and he realized, it wasn't there. No matter how Aiken tried to assess himself, he no longer felt human. Matthew had forfeited it ever since he first turned and it dawned upon him that even with the power this man had, nothing would ever change that. Only the beast had filled that endless emptyness in him. It was his new identity. Now it was ripped from him. He wanted to die. Matthew was nothing. He tried to speak. His voice a weak rasp only Mitchel could really hear. He sounded like you'd expect him to sound, pained and dying.

"We've both forfeited our humanity a long time ago. W-we're all monsters now..."

His voice trailed off and he wasn't even sure if he meant himself and Mitchel or if he was delirious and had just misspoken. What was so humane about this conflict to begin with, he wondered. There was nothing. No compassion and no warmth. Oblivion was tugging at him and he shut his eyes. He needed to rest so badly. Maybe losing consciousness wouldn't be so bad. He didn't want to think anymore. Matthew didn't want to live with what he's done. He couldn't justify it anymore. He was everything he had hated, a monster obsessed with murder.

Ghost was in the hood.

Walking through the outskirts of the city he had forsaken, Ghost said goodbye to the few neighborhoods he dominated and set sail for the diamond of the city. With the rioters in the city, he could easily grab the city's hospital and lay his hands on its grandest bargaining chip yet - life saving medicine. The McNeil's were gone, and now it was all for Ghost and his gang to take.

They went through the newer city before hitting the outskirts of the old city and catching a glimpse of the hospital's rooftop as it was on fire. The gang moved faster then ever to ensure the safety of the precious facility, with Ghost in the lead.

He was a fragile looking man, wearing a black bowler hat, a dirty, blood covered cheap black tuxedo, black slacks and black Italian shoes. The shoes were the height of his appearance, as they were practically spotless. The black man smiled a wide smile consisting of several rotten teeth, most of which are doomed to fall in the next few months. As his men dispersed, he noticed the fire being put out and approached had his men surround the hospital.

Ghost walked into the place through the door, its atoms not interrupting the persistent gang leader.

"What'cha got here, little boys and girls... Y'all gonna be fine after the family 'ez dead. Mine", he announced to the terrified cast of nurses and few doctors at the reception. There was an unnatural amount of patients in the room, some even holding weapons. One of them ran at Ghost with a piece of crroked iron and tried to hit him, but he went right past him and crashed into the Hospital doors. Ghost giggled as he made his way to the doors and unlocked the massive bolts keeping the doors stuck shut.

"Hey boys... We need to secure this 'ehe joint. Come in and play".

Drawn back into the moving, active world, Warren stepped back from the man whose arm was now a broken bloody mess. His ears did not accept the sounds it heard, only a rushing of blood-that-was-not-blood through his veins. No more words now. He had to find Miriam, he had to find his wife, he had to save her.

Slowly, he wandered out of the alleyway. All he wanted to do was to ingrain, to take root and fill the gaps that had been torn through him, remake the vines that had been broken by the girl and fill out his garden once more, but he could not. There was no chance of that now. He had to act before he slept.

His surroundings were growing however. Before him, the garden of bones, gorging and lush. To the right, a flipped truck, smoking and whirring. On his left were the remnants of the garden he fought to save, already swelling in his presence, becoming bolder and reaching out into the road and the gardens beside it. It would do well without him.

Past the truck, along towards the palace, that was he way. He trod through his first garden of death (for he knew it would not be the last), dirt and half-degraded flesh clogging and clumping at his feet as they landed, following after him eagerly, and finally falling away as he left it's confines. Around the truck now, yes, easy does it. The Gardener knew that the more he stretched the more likely that his limbs would fall. The wounds he had sustained weren't debilitating, yet, but any action on his part put them through vices and trials. They would break soon, and he would have to stop and fix them, tend to them.

He must save Miriam before that time.

There were the people now, official looking, yelling, shouting. Guns pointed at the man who had run ahead before him. Then him, in turn. Whatever he was. His yellowed petalled head turned to them, tilting slightly, as if questioning them. He'd have done the same, probably, but if they stopped him, they'd kill Miriam. She'd die, and it would be his fault and then he didn't know what would happen because she was the real reason he came in to the house at night and without her then he'd only have the garden and then-

His decision made, he turned and loped back through the bone garden, the alleyway, and out the other side. He couldn't let them stop him, he'd get them first and make them bleed and supply his leaf-flesh with sustenance. He wouldn't die. He would save her. They would fall.

Around the back, tracing his original path. The overgrowth had settled into a natural formation, crawling, creeping, climbing, traversing he buildings hollow shells, taking them for themselves. He marched around the back, the occasional creeper aiding him and propelling him along. He thanked them, silently.

There. Flanked. He had done it, made his way around behind those men with the guns. Yes, distracted by the man with his bloody arm, and the other one. He could take them all out. They would all die.

Saturday heard the sound of his people opening fire from the basement. He had just made another dozen zombies from recently deceased patients.

He once again locked the basement behind him as he headed for the lobby. He could hear the gun battle outside between the armed sentries and this new group of thugs. Perhaps the McNiels had come to take back their crown jewel.

"Tell 'em to stop shooting or this bitch gets it!" yelled a man wearing blood-spattered formal attire.

He was pointing a gun at a nurse, shouting at one of Saturday's Hatian lieutenants. The witch doctor could see the super aura around him, but he didn't have time to wait.

While his attention was drawn, Saturday took a scalpel from his red coat and slowly advanced on the shouting man. But just as he reached out to cut his throat, the thug saw the nurse's eyes dart to Saturday.

The scalpel passed through him like mist, and the man gave a condescending chuckle.

"Lookin at your gettup, I guess your this 'Saturday' guy people are talking about."

"Yes I am. Da question is, 'oo ah you?"

"I'm Ghost, and once you're out of the way, this here hospital will be mine."

Ghost then leveled the gun at Saturday and fired two shots, but the blood-red witch doctor was already strafing to the right with un-natural speed, granted by the Liquid Juju potion.

Ghost's eyes were momentarily locked on Saturday's red hat, which had fallen from his head with his sudden burst of speed. In that instant, Saturday struck his out-stretched hand with the tip of the scalpel, and 1/10 of a second afterward it passed through him like air again.

Ghost whirled around and hit Saturday in the back of the neck with the pistol grip, but he was unphased. He tackled right through Ghost, and landed in a roll. Three bullets flew past his head in quick succession.

Saturday's lieutenant jumped on Ghost's back, but then fell through to the floor. Saturday took careful notice that he stepped out from the man's back before re-solidifying.

As soon as his second foot hit the floor, Saturday threw the scalpel and it sunk into his thigh. Ghost howled and raised the gun again, but Saturday was up, and his fist was clenched. Ghost fired and hit the voodoo priest in the fore-arm, but he didn't feel it. He pulled back his fist and flung out his hand at Ghost. Dust flew into the super's face and he looked furious, but then his expression started changing.

He doubled over and dropped the gun, his hat falling off of his head. He coughed violently and Saturday grabbed him by the collar then threw him to the ground. Blood started leaking from ghost's moth as Saturday hurriedly dragged him off towards the basement.

It moved again, and the surreal feeling the Tornado felt came crashing back into their minds. It was the tree ent, the giant super that they saw earlier and tried to ignore. He was making its way towards them, a pile of bones and flesh dragging behind him. Mitchel broke away from his stare and watched in horror as the thing advanced towards them. He stood up and then kicked Matthew in the gut, trusting that the super would bleed to death without his help. Mitchel moved his hand and signaled Dirk to turn around.

"Scramp, NOW!", Mitchel yelled at Rico and John to leave the scene, and the attention of the army was turned to the walking green behemoth. Mark had already recovered and grabbed a hold of a repeating shotgun loaded with slug shells. He knew that range was his only virtue, but having lost his rifle in the battle he knew he had to be useful again soon or the team would perish.

Someone opened fire before Mitchel's orders, and Dirk followed. Sarah was the one who shot at the thing, as its image was warping her grasp on her sanity.

How could something be so alien? It's so... SO WRONG TO LOOK AT

Mitchel continued the assault and used his rifle in the attempts of the Tornado to bring down the biggest and by far strangest super they had seen. McNeil or not, this weed had to be cut.

Now they turned on him, faces cold with fear and eye burning as their gazes locked upon his form. Guns raised, orders shouted, garbled and confused. Warren advanced. The bone garden followed. Everything was hazy. Waves rippled the air, heat reflected off the tarmac like so many stones in puddles, cascading and multiplying and dominating his senses.

Through golden-yellow iris he saw them, and felt their shots. Hammer blows, puncturing his chest, his limbs. The advance halted, staggered back, but the bone garden pushed him up, grew into him, and moved him onward. More strikes, his limbs, an arm fell away, tendril finally snapping under the pressure it had been put upon, falling to the ground with a heavy thwack.

Warren felt it wither and die without him. He felt himself die. It touched him cold like icy claws gripping the heart-that-was-no-longer-his-heart. He saw the throes of it once life, blacken and crumble; only to be assimilated into the garden behind him, become once more a part of the ever growing whole.

Too close now, too close he stood to these people and their weapons. Every shot was a hit, but his rage was overpowering. Capture his wife, burn his garden, tear his limbs but he shall not break! They lodged in his chest, and were spat out as bark and sinewy roots took over, encasing his body in their natural armour. It wouldn't be enough for long, and then he would fall, broken and withered.

The first one was a girl. His lone manipulator circled her ankle, climbing her leg and pulling the soft flesh from her calf and thigh. Thorns ripped into her muscles as she struggled to break away from his warm grip. The bone garden, sensing the incoming blood, shuffled forward, eager to take her, to make her one of the whole, a part of the garden.

Matthew felt a vague hit in his gut, but it didn't hurt anymore. The super had let go, it seemed. He was only barely aware of that, it took a few seconds before senses came crashing down on him, causing him to groan in pain again. His instincts were returning but was it a trick of the mind? No... it felt real. He shifted. His hazed sight spotted green on his skin...What..? Aiken's regeneration kicked up heavily, causing Matthew to gasp for air softly and spit up blood. His skin was rapidly turning scaly again. He felt his eyes turn golden again, it hurt. He had to shut his eyes, he was bleeding from them. His teeth regrew, but a sense of relief beyond all this filled his mind, calming him.

The beast within returned. Skimming the water. He was more relieved than he would ever expect himself to be. A peaceful expression befell his face, enduring all the agony of turning back again. He would endure. Then he would exact revenge on Mitchel. The motion would be void of kindness. A barb of cruelty formed in his mind, but he forced it down for now. Focusing on staying awake as the transformation continued. He felt his claws grow back again and glands form in his throat. He remained on the ground, playing dead. But they were all too busy with the entman to even notice him. How fitting to be saved by someone who also was afflicted.

Letting himself heal, it wouldn't be long before he could return the favour and help the entman maim them all.

Charles ran only 20 yards away from the hospital before looking back and seeing some strange happenings going on. A group of armed citizens, likely not the McNeils but too shady to be regular civilians, rolled up to the hospital. One man had even been able to walk right past the locked door.

Another super ay? That shouldn't be a problem.

Charles turned and ran back to the hospital, them called out to the gang members still on the outside.

"Alright. Listen you. You have 5 second to lay down your weapons or I will have to take you all down!"

They all opened fire, leaving Chucky to run for cover.

"Well, shiiiiiiiit!"

Chuck rolled behind the nearest building and waited. One of the less intelegent members of the group came charging around the corner. With an elbow to the face and an energy bullet to the chin, he was out, and the gun he was holding dropped to the ground.

Chuck peeked around the other side of the building and laid out another thug with an energy bullet. With two left as far as he could see, Chucky barreled towards then with his shield up, knocking one man completely out the way and pinning another to the wall.

"Now that the unpleasantness is done, do you mind telling me who that guy is that just went into the hospital?"

"P-piss...off you freak."

Chucky expanded the shield, pushing the man harder against the wall

"Your manners could use some work. Let's try again"

The looked at Chuck out the corner of his bleeding face and spat out what he wanted.

"Ghost. His name is Ghost"

"Thank you my good man. That will be all"

Charles disengagued the shield and shot one last large energy ball into the thug's stomach before proceeding into the hospital again.

'He is too strange... too suspicious... How can we trust him, HIM, a man that killed so many and talks of it like he is proud of his atrocities... Can I really trust this madman? Will I be killing another innocent... just to make him feel good?'

...Wait, I haven't killed any innocents... just murders and rapists. Can't trust him, he is a clown... crazy fucking clown... Murdering clown... When the fuck do i use words like A-tros-cities... Mayhem would be better... Proud of his mayhem... wait...Are these my thoughts? Can I trust my own thinking...

Ottis's eyes dart looking at his allies. His eyes enlarge, beads of sweat form as he placed his hands to his temples.

"I... don't .... know. Will this just making him feel good.... or me?"

Feeling his heart race he lurched forward towards the stairs.

" I don't think i can be trusted with my own actions. Until this horrible matter is put to rest."

His mind became an endless pit of what ifs? The one thing that sifted through his thoughts... I must protect my loved ones at all costs. Even if it is built on lies...

A single tear shed to mourn his humanity.

Martin quickly got to work once inside the clinic. He could hear gunfire outside and he quickly ordered everybody to get inside and close the main doors. The security team got into position to defend the clinic should they need to. There were all sorts of people still injured though not fatally injured but their wounds were quite bad. Martin began working as fast as he could, after about 20 minutes he had treated every major wound except for one of the children. He had just been found at the back of the clinic and Martin looked at the child, his eye was crushed and he was crying tears of blood. Martin focused and placed his thumb almost on the eye as his power began to work. The eye quickly began to form back to an healthy eye, and within about 20 seconds the wound was gone. The child was still crying, but normal tears now no more tears of blood. Martin smiled at the kid, as the kid quickly humped of the bench and ran over to his mother. Martin felt exhausted and he mumbled "Next patient, please,"

"Oh my, they look bad! You go next, we only have minor injuries in line now." Martin looked up to see an boy carrying 2 people a man and a woman. Martin quickly rose to his feet as he walked over to the woman first. He quickly got to work after examining the injury, he would be able to safe her just fine. Martin heard the man crying out in pain, and Martin picked up the pace using some of is last reserves. He heard the boy running away and Martin quickly finished up his patient and looked at the man. The man seemed to be in a quite bad condition, Martin quickly crouched and began to sue his power to heal his last patients wound. After about 4 more minutes he had healed up the man who was resting in a bed right now, and the rest of the minor injuries. Martin headed for the door being curious to who that person as just now. He asked one of the inhabitants of the clinic who pointed him in the right direction.

Martin headed out of the room walking over to where the boy was. Martin eventually found the boy crouching to a wall looking sick, the bag next to him filled with puke said enough. Martin took an place next to him against the wall, he waited 3 seconds before he began to speak. "I heard you were the one who brought those 2 patients in. That was very good of you, without your help they would have surly died." Martin looked at the boy, well more of an young man not really an boy. He smiled at him as he extended his hand. "My name is Doctor Martin Caldwell. So what is your name?"

Rico looked up at the doctor.

"My name is Doctor Martin Caldwell. So, what is your name?"

Rico groaned, burning sensations coursing through him.

"...Rico. Rico Jarvis."

Rico gasped a bit, finally regaining his composure. "I... I found them beside a freaking malevolent flower."

Malevolent flower. Rico sounded like a blithering idiot.

"It was attacking people and ripping them apart. Someone told me to get these guys to help, so I ran here."

Malevolent. Flower. What the hell else could it be?!

Rico shifted uncomfortably. This was the first time in over a week that he'd felt genuine physical discomfort. "I... I see you have powers. Did they hit you recently? Mine... mine did. I cannot be injured. Do you have any idea what's causing the powers?"

Rico tried to stand, and just succeeded. The fatigue was wearing off.

"He is too strange...too suspicious...How can we trust him, HIM, a man that killed so many and talks of it like he is proud of his atrocities... Can I really trust this madman? Will I be killing another innocent... just to make him feel good?" Gavin heard the thoughts but didn't question them. They weren't too far off from his own line of thoughts. Why did he have to kill this person? Fromanzio rubbed Gavin the wrong way and him asking to assist in killing someone wasn't helping. Problem was, Gavin didn't know why. He'd seen superhumans in goofier costumes with even stranger behavior than the man that stood before him. Maybe it was the third person speak or his cirque du soleil-esque clothes, but Fromanzio just seemed really...off.

"I don't think i can be trusted with my own actions. Until this horrible matter is put to rest." Ottis said, obviously under some form of stress. It was then that it hit Gavin. Ottis was old, not too old, but old enough to be his father. That was old in Gavin's book.

"Ahem, are we going or would you prefer to attack the walls? Because Fromanzio already kind of covered that bit." Gavin held his breath, slightly annoyed with Fromanzio. What was that about walls? Gavin ignored it, wondering how he was going to handle this.

"Hey, Blitzkrieg," Gavin said, putting his hand on Ottis's shoulder. "You don't have to do this. In fact, I think it would be better if you stayed down here and covered us. You seem to have the best none-shall-pass power. Perhaps a few of the Diesel brothers could keep you company and on guard for any incoming supers. The rest of the brothers, Fromanzio, and me will head up stairs and deal with Miriam." Gavin said, genuinely worried about the man. Beside, if things went south and got out of hand, he didn't want to end up accidentally hurting the guy who didn't have a few copies of himself lying around. Gavin turned and looked up at Fromanzio, on the stairs.

"I think I can help you out with the whole disorienting thing. Kinda hard to focus on minds when gravity's all wibbly wobbly." Gavin joked, trying to hide his worries with Fromanzio.

The massive sunflower began to gnaw at the flesh of Sarah, and with each chunk taken away her body was restored in a matter of seconds. The agonizing pain caused by the tree ent's aggressiveness did not go unnoticed as Dirk decided to charge forward. He was afraid he would hit Sarah if he continued to spay the plant with bullets, and instead opted for a head-on charge. He feet catapulted him forward, and before Mitchel could stop him the human battling ram launched itself forward. It struck the tree hard, breaking many of its vines and almost toppling it back. Dirk then proceeded to tear Sarah away from the plant at all costs, knowing well that if he saved Sarah all injuries would be dealt with in a matter of minutes.

While they stopped paying attention to the two men, they had already sneaked past the Tornado. With the tree Ent losing the battle, the other supers who resembled more to humans than plants had to consider their options - Should they save the Tree Ent , or let him rot by himself?

"I think I can help you out with the whole disorienting thing. Kinda hard to focus on minds when gravity's all wibbly wobbly."

And gravity powers. That would really come to haunt you. These guys are probably best kept as friends.

Yeah you have a point. Alrighty then! SOCIAL INTERACTION HOOOOOO!

We are so getting flipped...

"Ah, that seems to be a good choice! Though we do intend to hit her over the head at the first opportunity, if things get too crazy, try to get away and allow Fromanzio to shoot her or something. Either way, Miriam is the great evil at this moment and might be calling in some form of reinforcements to kill us or something...psychics are annoying that way."

At this point, Fromanzio had a decent grasp on the situation in front of him. Nobody ever trusted him with anything, he could not blame them but he cared little about it, but they all seemed a bit disoriented about something. Fromanzio attempted to cast it out of his mind but the whole palace had a fog about it. Especially with the electric guy having his mind turned to putty, Miriam would be a toughie, but not impossible. He had after all, just established himself as the only remaining flying super with the monster and wind god dead. Still, they could have been a fun team. He blamed Miriam for ruining the best triad ever. He chalked it up as another thing to yell about as he hit her with a 2X4.

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