And So the Bells Did Ring O'er That Damned Crown. (Game thread) { Chapter One: The Chamber of Fear }

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"What... what was that?" Lithfin's eyes were wide open as he stared into the darkness. His grip on the sledge was tight, but he didn't realize it. That thing had scared him. Lithfin usually didn't have any problem with seeing things in the dark, but that one... no matter how hard he had tried, he couldn't make it out. It looked like eternal darkness.

Hearing the stress in Lithfin's Kalic turned to the wolfman.

"A Shade" he said, trying to sound as casual as possible "Its fine, we didn't have to fight it. Even if we did they're easy to deal with if you know how."

As he drew closer his voiced became calm, akin to speaking to a normal dog.

"Relax, its wont bother us again. Rema, is there anything you want to do or should we move on?"

Rema was twisting a strand of hair around her finger in thought. She could barely see anything in the darkness, and angering a shade, however weak they are to light in general, just wasn't an appealing option.

"I think we should leave it be," she said after a moment. "We have intruded on it enough. We can try another room, if anyone wishes it."

She walked up to Lithfin. "It's alright. It won't bother us, so long as we leave it alone, I think. Come on."

With that, she lead the way out of the room. Waste of time, she thought, but perhaps it's a sign that not everything down here will want to kill us...

Anguis had to laugh at the bard's naive comment "What storiesss have you been reading boy, do you think you could destroy a shade with a few wordsss and a bit of magic light? They are powerful in the dark, it isss their domain."

He turned and walked after Rema, allowing the energy he had been building up to fade away, the shade had fled, and with any luck they would not see it again. Still though, it seemed odd to find one so far up the mountain, he wondered what else they would find during their journey.

"A cornered shade is not something to take lightly..." He said into the darkness, looking down at his cleaver grimly before sheathing it. "They are notoriously hard to kill."

Lars followed Rema out of the chamber whilst still addressing Kalic. "Leading scholars suggest that trying to reason with solitary shades is much safer than attacking one... I'm not sure what to think about that." Suddenly he turned to the bard, his face illuminated grotesquely by the torch once again. "About before..." He paused, seeming to struggle with the words. "I'm sorry about before. I didn't mean to be so aggressive. The Grand Finale is just a touchy subject in my family, always has been and always will be." He turned away without bothering to wait for a reply.

"I..." Kalic began, before trailing off as Lars turned from him. Signing to himself he looked around. For some reason the others left the tomb, a move that made little sense to Kalic. Surly there could be treasure, lore, something worth defending.

Lithfin was alone in the room. He looked at the walls, trying to take in the new information that had just been given to him. "A... shade..." he muttered to himself. He had calmed down now, but the thought of the shade was unpleasant. Lithfin reached down into his pocket and picked up a piece of bread that had been given to him earlier. He tossed it into his mouth and quickly ate it as he headed towards the door, his steps having a bit more determination in them. "No more." he said to himself. "No more scared. Find mom and dad."

As the others filed out of the rooms Kalic's eyes turned to the armour in the corner. It was hard to miss; brilliant white, with almost an unearthly shine to it, even while the logical side of his mind protested he was drawn towards it.

By the time he was close enough to see his face everyone had left, it didn't matter, he could catch up. After circling the armour one or twice his greed finally over took him, reaching out he drew the helm off the armours top.

After the group exited, they descended a few more floors, constantly hearing noises. The noises varied from high pitched wailing, to screaming, to a low buzzing noise that would keep getting louder and stopping. The source was impossible to pick up on, seemingly coming from the very walls themselves.

Rema, wanting to make extra-sure of where they were, pulled out her map again and tried to concentrate on it, rather than the noises.

I hope we don't run into the thing responsible for these sounds...

Kalic nervously tapped the helm. After taking from the stand he had put it on, just for a little extra protection and a bit of loot flashing. After taking it the room hadn't collapsed around him or been swarmed by spiders, hopefully there wasn't anything wrong with it. Still, the buzzing was putting him on edge, for all he knew he was responsible for whatever it was.

"Anyone have any idea about that? I assume you all heard it"

"Probably the shade, wanting itsss armor back," Anguis said, gesturing towards Kalic's helmet, "Either that or we are being ssstalked by a giant ssscreaming bumblebee."

If it was the shade he suspected that it could do much worse than annoy them with sounds, although maybe it hoped to deprive them of sleep before striking. He didn't mind when it made buzzing noises, he listened to that sort of sound every day, but the screaming and wailing noises put even him on edge, besides that the noises seemed to be following them, which could only be a bad sign.

"If I die because of some pretty helm, boy" he turned toward Kalic "Then I'll make sure to take you down as well"

Elbaron felt uneasy about looting, a nagging brought on by strict and regimented training. He was fearful of the growing buzzing noise, echoing about the halls, and growing closer and closer.

The noises continually got louder and more pulsating, they were a disjointed bout of screaming, death war and the party was starting to even see the images conveyed by the sound. A voice started pounding and quickly became deafening. "Back!"

The party soon overcome by fear ran into the nearest room. The room was initially blocked off by rocks, but Lithfin panicking took his hammer and blew the rocks away giving them all shelter inside. The voices got softer and softer, soon becoming a whisper. The hallucinations also ended and the world became slightly normal again.

Upon closer examination, the party had wandered into a very large room. In the center was a large glowing half sphere. It had a light blue tint and glowed brighter each time the whispers became louder. The room had unlit torches scattered about. All of it was pointing towards a huge mechanical contraption that had what seemed to be metal rope attached at the top. It had two buttons, one with an arrow pointing down and one with an arrow pointing up.

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