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D.I.C.E: Chapter One- Usurpers

Samara, Russia

It's always the jobs you don't worry about that bite you in the ass. If any of the 6 men in the Division 3 unit sent out that day were told they might die, they would have been ready to fight tooth and nail to prevent it. Tell them it's a few lesser demons that rookies could have handled and, well, Mikhail Olkhovsky knows the outcome of that better than anyone. He sat behind a tree deep in the woods. 6 times he's tried to contact HQ. And 6 times his communicator failed.

"This is agent Oljhovsky. Come in Head Quarters. I repeat, come in."

There was still no answer. As the soldier continued in vain to get the device to work, he became unaware of the single, blue scales creature sneaking up to his location. It was almost upon Mikhail until it's foot made a bush russle. As if by pure instinct, Mikhail dropped the phone and turned, emptying a clip into the demon. It was now dead, but the sound of the gunshots would attract many others. It was time to run.

D.I.C.E. headquarters. Undisclosed location.

Col. Lin was at his desk, typing up one of many damage reports for his unit. His work was interrupted when a darked haired man armed in a hoody and sunglasses came barging into his room.

"Do you not know how to knock?" Lin said, looking up from his computer.

The man only smiled and stood there, unaware of his incredibly bad social graces.

"I'm fairly sure I do. Why?"

"Nevermind. What's the problem Lieutenant?"

"We appear to have a problem with the radar and comms over in sector 4. They arent picking up anything"

"Well send the engineering team and a Division 1 squad to take care of it"

"Nope. About 90% of both are off on assignment for the leader. We're kind of short on pros right now"

"Well grab a few of the off duty guys and check it out"

"I...dont think you understand what off duty means..."

Lin gave the man an angered stare. The Lieutenant smiled and bowed his head as he took his leave. He produced a small sphere from his pocket and pressed a button on the top His voice was immediately projected through every speaker in the base.

"All available personel from divisions 2 through 6, report to the office of the Division 1 head as soon as possible"

"All available personel from divisions 2 through 6, report to the office of the Division 1 head as soon as possible"

Richard Johnson sighted as he heard the message over the speaker. "I'm not going to se the result from the sequencing software now. I might as well see what the racket is about." Making sure the computer was locked for anyone but him, he removed the thin gloves on his hands, threw them in the garbage bin, and removed his white coat. Under it he had a red wollen sweater and a pair of grey jeans.

He made sure the room was tidy before leaving and finding the nearby stairs through the left door a few meters away. Walking fast, he went down the many, many stairs, before entering the lounge of division 1. Not sure where the office of the division head was, he ran around until he noticed a sign and a door. Carefully be opened the door, saw the division 1 head, and entered.

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Those words were shouted through the speakers, reverberated around the armoury of Division One and resonated through the blade of the sword known as Souldrinker. Eligor rolled his eye, the Colonel didn't even invite him to the party and left him to rust in a weapons rack. If everyone was there, they would have heard a metallic sigh as Eligor slowly floated out of the rack and landed with a clang on the floor. He decided that this wasn't going to get him anywhere, time to see who the party-goers were.

He closed his eye and a sea of auras came into view. This was a sort of IFF that all demons had, after all, it helped to know who was who. One intrigued him, a red demonic glow, more-so than the half-demons in D.I.C.E. Oh yes, Eligor had kept his eye on this one throughout the years. Chain and bound, but free to serve like him. Eligor had reservations about lowering himself to talk to a prisoner and had kept away from the bound experiments of Divison Six.

Nevertheless, boredom was boredom, and now the time was ripe. He had to persuade someone to carry him. Eligor hated to be kept out of a call-to-arms like this. He focused on the signature and projected himself near the person's location.

"The Colonel is calling for the off-duty personnel," He said with a baritone chuckle, "Will D.I.C.E. rely on lab rats for back-up?"

Sophia Marshall was in the shooting range, realigning and testing the scope on her favorite Steyr AUG bullpup rifle. Her digital-camouflage jacked was left open, her sunglasses clipped to her shirt, clearly displaying the burning-red eyes marring her otherwise attractive face. She'd just got done cleaning and reassembling it when the announcement came.

Sighing absently, the freckle-faced woman started packing up and putting everything back in its respective holster. Regulations be damned, she never went anywhere unarmed.

After taking the elevator, she walked silently down the halls to Division 1's office, her combat boots clomping on the floor, keeping her head down. The last thing she wanted to see was the stares from her mistrusting coworkers. Sometimes, being a half-demon sucks.

She entered the office behind Johnson and remained silent.

"Bastard" Mikhail spat as he kicked the demon in the stomach "Thought you could get me did you...bastard". Mikhail turned his attention away from the demonic corpse and began to replace his used magazine with a fresh one. From the time of the ambush, Mikhail guessed that he and his squad must have been separated for under 20 minutes. This was bad, inexperienced troops in a forest being hunted by high level demons. If they weren't dead already they were running for their lives scared shitless. Mikhail knew he had to find them, he had promised them that he would get them through their first mission safe and sound and Mikhail always stayed true to his promises.

He started to make his way through the forest checking each angle with drilled precision for any sign of demonic activate. The gunshots would certainly attract unwanted attention and he didn't want to hang around much longer. As he continued on his path he prayed that he would find the rest of his squad in time before it was too late.

Simon Jones woke with a start and looked around in confusion as a man's voice ordered hime to the Divison 1 office. The training level was deserted. He'd been dumped here for the past few hours after a guy in a military uniform had escorted him down to the Division 5 floor. The guy hadn't said much just to wait in the lounge and someone would be along soon. Simon had done as he was told, lounging out on a sofa and waited. He must have dozed off an hour or so ago.

Stretching, he stood up and collected his bag and the big double headed war axr his father had given him. The bag had all his worldy goods, a few changes of cloths, some food, a few rare healing herbs and a few pictures of his mother from before he was born and himself and his father. Simon sighed, he had wanted to go to with his Father, but he's been told no. His dad had set him up with this job, whatever it was. All his old man had told him was to turn up at the address at the time on the piece of paper he had given him.

Leaving the lounge Simon retraced the route to the lift. Pressing the call button he entered when it arrived the doors opening silently. Getting in he looked at the button panel. A button with 5 inscribed on it glowed softly indicating the current level. Assuming then that Division 1 would be on level 1 Simon pressed the button. The 1 lit up brighter than the 5 and the doors whispered shut. Simon waited as the lift began to descend.

It had been a slow day for Eliezer, the scientists were running out of ways to test his regeneration, he couldn't blame them, they did lack creativity. Today it had been the basic cut him with a scalpel and see how long it takes for the wound to heal test. At least it wasn't as bad as Tuesdays smash his head in test, that was unpleasant to say the least. Was this what Raguel had in mind when he cursed him? To be tormented by humans as he had once tormented them? He had standards these humans didn't.

"All available personel from divisions 2 through 6, report to the office of the Division 1 head as soon as possible"

Well that would give him some peace and quite, maybe too much, the scientists never left him anything or anyone to play with. Maybe their new experiment was to see how long he could go until he went insane from boredom? It would take a hundred years for that to happen, immortality made him experience time differently from mortals. He sat down in the corner of his plain white cell, in his plain white scrubs and waited.

"The Colonel is calling for the off-duty personnel," He said with a baritone chuckle, "Will D.I.C.E. rely on lab rats for back-up?"

A man appeared out of no-where, he certainly wasn't a scientist he wasn't wearing a lab coat. Instead he wore a a suit similar to what Eliezer imagined the higher ups of this dammed facility wore. Flecks of grey ran through his hair, but he kept it well groomed, not one inch of him looked unkempt.

"Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Even rats have uses," He said cryptically "I heard they're very adaptable, but last time I checked I was a man in cage, not a rat."

Aaron extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray next to his disassembled pistols (which he was cleaning), and moved his bishop to endanger the White Queen. He was closing up a chess game with a security guard whose name perpetually escaped him as the summons crept through the D4 hallway, leaving a clamoring racket in its wake. He slumped onto the table when he processed the message, reminded of the common trends that occurred around events requiring off-duty personnel. Cursing as his Black Knight jabbed him in the eye, he assembled his guns, doing a quick cleaning in the process, and packed them in his holsters as he exited into the hall, leaving the security guard alone in the D4 break room. His hands shoved in his pockets, he strolled down the hallway in the direction of the elevator, cursing himself for not having a social life outside of DICE.

Isabelle was currently residing in her quarters down in Division 2, having some downtime after a recent mission. It involved the retrieval of some precious stones that were in the hands of some aquatic demons who were using them as part of some eldritch ritual. She had been making notes in her precious journal about their powers, strengths and weaknesses, along with their overall threat level.

Ever since she had received the journal from her father, Isabelle had the idea to include a picture of the demon's appearance to make the job of identification easier. Division 6 had tried to acquire the journal on several occasions, seeing its information as a valuable importance to their work; but she had shown them what happens when you cross her path.

Vayle, her trusted had come along as well for that assignment, using her crystal ball to distract the demons whilst Isabelle could kill them; whilst now she was currently studying a pack of tarot cards that her master had kept out. It was during this peaceful moment that a voice blared out over the speakers.

"All available personnel from divisions 2 through 6, report to the office of the Division 1 head as soon as possible."

Isabelle finished up her notes for the time being, and put the leather clasp over the journal, placing back in her coat pocket along with the pencil she used. She then got up off the bed, and made her way to the door, picking up the rest of her gear.

"It appears that Colonel Lin requests an audience; might as well put in an appearance, hadn't anything better to do." Isabelle said with an unenthusiastic sigh. Suddenly, Vayle looked up at her master with a childish smile.

"Master! Can I come as well please?" She asked with an odd sense of glee given the situation.

"Of course, after all, your as much a part of Division Two as I am; even though you aren't officially a member, being a spirit and all."

Vayle quickly put down the tarot deck, and joined up with Isabelle. They soon left her room, and made her way down the flight of stairs, and headed towards the Division 1 office.

Garath looked up from his book, "Goddammit," he muttered, his mouth full of a half-eaten sandwich, "first break I get in nearly a week and this happens," he complained to no one in particular. he stood, wolfing down the rest of his sandwich and packing away his book.

"I'm going to stop by div six," he said to the others in the lounge, "I think Crow could use some exercise."

Stepping into the elevator he straightened his tie and brushed the crumbs off his suit.

Eligor did enjoy talking through the projection, as it was crafted to be every inch him in his former glory. But one thing he didn't like was the fact that he was totally bind outside the immediate area where he resided on the cold armoury floor. But one thing was certain with this fellow, he wasn't surprised at all of a man appearing out of nowhere. Then again, D.I.C.E. was a facility made to deal with the supernatural, so maybe this lab rat was used to the strange and bizarre. Not to mention the chance of the scientist's experiments doing hell-knows-what on his mind. Eligor dismissed him as a simpleton who didn't question urgent matters such as these, a simpleton who though himself smart. Another thing was certain as well, this man was boring Eligor.

"Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Even rats have uses,"' He said cryptically "I heard they're very adaptable, but last time I checked I was a man in cage, not a rat."

"Ho, ho, ho," Eligor chuckled again, "You are far than human, that much is sure. Now I must bid you adieu."

Eligor when back to scanning the building again and a fresh aura popped up, coloured with the hues of the Fae. From which court, he couldn't say, only that the faint outline of an axe bulit for two hands suggested skill with weapons. A new partner perhaps? Eligor wasn't sure, few people wanted to wield a demonic weapon, believing that Souldrinker drank their souls, whereas the only soul it had drank was Eligor's. Now to think on how to persuade this person to wield him and Eligor noticed that this guy walked with a rookie's unsure step. Deception was risky, coercion even more so. Back in his glory days, people summoned him, rather that this depravity of him begging people to wield him. Honesty, even half-truths, was hard for an ex-demon, but it would have to do. He sighed again and projected again, this time appeared in front of the Fae aura.

"Young man, yes you. You have heard the summons, yes?" He said, "Well, I'm in a bit of situation, turns out I'm actually a sentient blade, this only being an astral projection of my psyche. As such, I have trouble getting around and answering this call difficult. So could you come pick me up from the Division One barracks and carry me to the Division One office?"

He hoped the young man would see sense and say yes. After all, it was only a simple request.

Richard Johnson looked at the boss of division 1, but ignored him when he found out he was no fun. If he had known the wait would be so long, he would have brought a book.
A while ago this woman had walked in, with a military look and at least one gun. From her eyes he deducted that she was a half-demon. That meant she was of half interest to him, and he wanted to pass the time.
"Hey," he said silently so that he wouldn't get scolded. "I'm Richard Johnson, division 6."

Jason Richards, though most simply knew him as ghost, readied his weapons for another run through the course. Let's see if I can finish this in under 30 this time... he thought, stepping up to the starting line. Would at least make me happy, if it did nothing else. Unfortunatly, just as he was getting ready to start the timer, the announcement rang out:

"All available personnel from divisions 2 through 6, report to the office of the Division 1 head as soon as possible."

"Always when I'm about to start having fun..." Ghost griped, as he cleared the chamber of his rifle and started for the stairs. Wonder what its about this time...

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - D.I.C.E. headquarters. Undisclosed location

Lara Reid smiled to herself. She studied the readout of the device on the tablet computer in her hands and found the reported readings to be acceptable. She allowed a brief moment of congratulations at the result before turning her attention, through the wall-like perspex shield, to the modified minigun cemented to the floor. It aimed down the tunnel at three target dummies and Lara swore that their featureless faces looked to be nervous. She turned to her colleague hunched over a computer.

"We are good for a test shot."

"Really?" Robert announced his scepticism to the test chamber. He preferred to wait and double check the simulations, again, before beginning any practical experiment. But he knew better than to test Lara's excitement. "Well, all the readings are acceptable, I suppose."

Without delay Lara tapped the screen of her tablet and watched the generator on the floor next to the minigun spring to life. A single light flickered green on the side. She could feel the excitement building up inside of her, much like how the generator was feeding power to the weapon.

"Oh." Robert exclaimed after checking his computer again.

The excitement died. "What?"

"It's probably nothing."


"The device appears to be storing up a lot of power, unlike anything in the simulations, if it continues at this rate it's going to explode."

"Again?" Lara sighed, visibly disappointed.

"I'm afraid so."

The sound of the spinning minigun was suddenly drowned out by an incredible bang as the small generator inside the weapon exploded, showering the shield with the fragments of the gun, with an enormous discharge of electricity firing forward. It burnt through the helpless dummies and impacted the wall at the far end of the tunnel with another loud bang, leaving behind a smouldering crater and plumes of thick, black smoke from the burning dummies.

"Cool!" Lara grinned. She felt like a kid on Christmas. " I mean we have to stabilise the power source but... cool!"

"Yes... and rebuild the wall again." Robert mused. "I think it's your turn to"

Suddenly, and without warning, the speaker in the corner of the room announced the requirement for all available personnel from divisions 2 through 6, report to the office of the Division 1 head as soon as possible. It made Lara jump and she turned around with some confusion before realising what had occurred.

"I guess that means me then!" She sounded excited at the idea.

She smiled at Robert. He looked annoyed at the thought of having to clean up the mess. With the lab at the far end of level six Lara would have quite the walk before she arrived at the lifts and decided to grab her gear now, rather than having to risk a return trip. She snatched her rucksack from the table in the equipment room and jammed a fresh tablet computer inside with a few other useful tools. Slipping on a tactical vest over her jacket Lara clipped the strap of the P90 into place, allowing the weapon to rest gently on her stomach. She found the EPG-004 in the locked cabinet and strapped the holster weapon to her right leg. The glorified taser looked like a botch job but it packed quite the punch.

Satisfied Lara began the walk to the lift. After a short wait she entered and arriving at her destination she found the office, thankful for not getting lost like the last time, and entered the room with a cheerful hello to those already assembled.

"Captain Lara Reid, Division Six, sir." She saluted, standing to attention, remembering where she was.

The red-eyed blond woman looked up at Richard, almost surprised someone was talking to her, and it wasn't insulting. She almost seemed reluctant to answer. "Sophia Marshall. Div3. ... Any idea why brass would call us up here on our off-hours?"

She glanced at Lara when she came in, but tried to avoid eye contact. Cheery people weirded her out, for some reason.

"Sophia Marshall. Div3. ... Any idea why brass would call us up here on our off-hours?"

Richard shrugged. "Beats me. And me that was waiting for something a lot more interesting down at the lab. Nice to meet you, by the way."
When Lara entered he recognized her as the slightly ecstatic high-tech woman, though he had no idea what her name was. Few humans interested him so she wasn't as interesting as Sophie, but he greeted her with a nod. "Yeah, hi."

Isabelle saw a fair few people enter the room upon her own arrival, and they were already engaged in conversation, as she overheard a question being asked by a woman roughly her age in camouflage gear with blonde hair. Although she already knew what she really was underneath.

"Sophia Marshall. Div3. ... Any idea why brass would call us up here on our off-hours?"

"Chances are that a mission has come up of high importance, and that all the other operatives are currently away; meaning the task has fallen to us. Oh, do pardon my manners, the name is Isabelle Hearte, Division Two." She said, briefly tipping her hat to those already assembled before taking a seat.

Garath walked off the elevator into the white, sterile labs of division 6, flashing his ID badge he walked into one of the demonic studies labs. It seems the scientists had moved things on him since his last visit, where Crow normally sat in containment there was a strange man, who Garath did not recognize, certainly not one of the forms Crow liked to take.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for 24, don't suppose you know where they took him?" He asked the subject, not really expecting an answer.

Aaron was busy loitering in the elevator as it made it's journey upwards, in the direction of powerful people and his new assignment. As he adjusted his standard grey bowler hat, the emptiness of the elevator surprised him. He figured that such a wide summon would clog up the halls a bit, so either field casualties were increasing to the budget was shrinking. He suspected the latter. After a "ding" that signaled his cue, he strolled down the D1 hallway until he found the office.

As he stood on the side of the chairs out, saving room for others, he examined the motliest group of individuals he had seen since his unexpected "recruitment" into DICE. Agents from all Divisions were there (except 4. He frowned at that), and they ranged from wizards, military tough guys, people who looked like they should be wearing lab coats, folks that were definitely demon-related, and the shades in between. He leaned back against the wall and gave the world's most invisible grin, unable to wait for what could be next.

"Ho, ho, ho," Eligor chuckled again, "You are far than human, that much is sure. Now I must bid you adieu."

And with that the suited man disappeared into thin air.

Eliezer knew the years my have tarnished his airs and graces, but hadn't been rude to the mysterious man, in fact he thought had been quite polite considering his present situation. Then whoever he was, was probably a member of the magic division, too lazy to get off his own feet. He could probably read auras too, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to tell Eliezer from the next man, he looked perfectly ordinary bald human being the only thing that gave him away were the markings on his wrists, but they weren't so hard to hide.

He hunkered down and continued to wait, the scientists were always the first back from meetings like these, most of them hated working in the field and avoided it as much as possible.

A few minutes later he could here the hurried thumping of boots on the floor and after a few more minutes a tall thin man, who seemed to share the same fondness for suits as the last man presented himself at Eliezer's cell

"Excuse me, I'm looking for 24, don't suppose you know where they took him?" He asked.

"No, I don't know where he is friend, but if you let me out I'm sure I can help you find him. Don't worry about me, this is just a kind of...Initiation" He said amiably, "All the new lab workers go through it, it sort of a tradition down here in Division 6, but everyone likes to keep quiet about in case the higher ups think we're wasting resources. It seems in the rush to get to the meeting they forgot I was here.

He was sure he could've won an Oscar for his performance.

Garath considered the mans offer, he seemed genuine, but things with d6 were rarely what they seemed. On one hand if this was one of the test subjects he could get into a lot of trouble for releasing it, on the other hand he was fairly confident he could handle a test subject. Besides if it caused any trouble he could blame d6, that might teach them to stop moving Crow around without telling him, he was the demon's handler after all he should be kept in the loop.

"Alright I'm letting you out, just don't run off or anything," he said, reaching for the door latch.

Simon nearly nearly jumped out of his skin as an middle aged man in a sharp suit appeared before him. Before he could say anything the man began talking to him. "Young man, yes you. You have heard the summons, yes?" his accent was British but had a clipped authority behind it. "Well, I'm in a bit of situation, turns out I'm actually a sentient blade, this only being an astral projection of my psyche. As such, I have trouble getting around and answering this call difficult. So could you come pick me up from the Division One barracks and carry me to the Division One office?"

What?! This was a sentient weapon? Why the hell was he asking Simon to pick him up? Surely it should be someone from Division one?! Well it was only a simple request maybe it was because he was the last to respond. I need to fit in here, maybe helpping out a sentient weapon will help me on my way he thought. As the lift came to a rest at Division 1's floor Simon stepped out and began following the signs to the Division barracks. As he entered a niggling thought played at the back of Sim'on's mind. What sort of sentience was this weapon? How did one end up trapped in a blade?

Ignoring his worries Simon found the his way through the barracks and came across the blade. It was a vicious looking weapon, a long straight blade with an ornate handle. A large eye resided on the hilt of the weapon. It was scary looking. "errrrr, Hello? I'm just going to pick you up now as you asked" Simon spoke to the blade quietly. Taking it by the handle he carried the weapon tenderly nervous of what might reside within. Making his way back down the corridor Simon entered the Division one office.

Opening the door Simon notice a few others in the room. "Erm Hi, I brought the blade as requested. I didn't know if I should be here but it said all personell and I guess even if I've only been here a few hours that I count" Simon placed the long blade on the table and stepped to one side. He was aware of how new he was and only hoping he didn't get thrown out because of it.

"Alright I'm letting you out, just don't run off or anything," he said, reaching for the door latch.

The fool had believed him, he was letting him out of his cell, not just for prodding and poking him either, but because he believed that Eliezer was a lab worker. Oh, if he could see the look on the scientists faces when they got back. But what now? He knew as much as the other man as to the whereabouts of this '24'. He had jumped out of the frying pan and into his without realising it. He didn't know where his was, let alone where to fin the exit of this damned place.

The man had a gun on him, but Eliezer had taken more punishment over the years then a bullet wound. All he needed was to find was something sharp, or something blunt and he would be rid of him. Luckily, the lab specialised in sharp things.

"Now if you'll follow me" He said, heading towards the laboratories, where he would undoubtedly find something sharp.

Garath followed the man, though he remained a few steps back, there was definately something off about this fellow, he just couldn't put his finger on it. Keeping his hand on his gun he fell back another few steps, throwing up an illusion to make it seem like he was closer behind the man than he was, obscuring his true position behind the illusion.

"I haven't seen you before, are you new? Whats your name?" he asked.

The lad was shaken by the event, but what would you expect from such a greenhorn? At least the lad was obeying him. He stopped projecting and opened his eye awaiting the lad. His footsteps vibrated through the floor and Souldrinker vibrated in turn. His eye turned upward only to see a heavily build man with stubble and crew cut hair enter the barracks. Form his features, he was certainly a half-Fae, the slightest sign of the slender Fae shown in his aura and in his face. For such a big man, he acted like a scared child. Eligor chuckled to himself, remembering the fear he used to strike in mortals as a Great Duke of Hell. The lad picked up with a tender grip, not the firm grip of a swordsman. Eligor sighed again and remained silent after that as he was carried up to the Division One office. Maybe he had overestimated this one.

He was then dumped on the table in the room, the lad was clearly frightened of Eligor's demonic appearance. Through his eye he saw a girl of a military bearing, no doubt a half-demon, but then again D.I.C.E. were full of the bastard offspring nowadays. Eligor blamed the incubi and succubi. He looked around again and saw another Brit, a tall woman with a spirit in tow. No doubt of the mages, magic was getting so common these days. There were about two people of the scientific persuasion, judging by their lab coats. The lab boys and girls were always capturing demons and poking them with sticks. Eligor got bored again and looked up at his wielder, he'd better know the truth sooner or later, otherwise those frightful questions would never go away. While the inscription bound him to the blade, it told his story in concise but terribly poetic way.

"Erm Hi, I brought the blade as requested. I didn't know if I should be here but it said all personnel and I guess even if I've only been here a few hours that I count"

Eligor projected himself again, a faint image of a well-groomed, well-dressed gentleman in his mid-fifties filled the room.

"I also assumed that, while technically being part of Division One, I could lend a hand," Eligor said, then he turned to the greenhorn, and continued, "Lad, if you are so worried about me, read the inscription carved into me. It binds me to the blade and tells my story."

"I haven't seen you before, are you new? Whats your name?" he asked.

Most lairs would trip up when asked further details about who the were and what they did, this was not going to happen to Eliezer, he had a lifetime of lying and trickery to fall back on.

"I already said I was new a moment ago, otherwise why would I be going through such a silly initiation test if I wasn't. My names Eli," All the best lies were based on truth and Eli could be short for Eliezer, but he didn't need to know that, "What's your name?

Eliezer hoped if he kept the conversation going he would be to distracted to notice any strange actions. Like picking up the scalpel that had been left on the desk of one of the lab workers.

Sophia turned to look at the projected man in the suit, her glowing red eyes showing a bit of interest. "A man that's actually a talking sword, huh? So what else are the science boys working on in there? Or is that classified?"

She did her best not to roll her eyes at the last sentence. Seemed a lot of things were "classified" to her.

Col. Lin continued typing at his computer, barely paying attention as operatives of various rank and file entered in. The only thing that got some type of reaction out of him was when a rookie placed a demonic sword on his desk.

"Erm Hi, I brought the blade as requested. I didn't know if I should be here but it said all personell and I guess even if I've only been here a few hours that I count"

Lin let out a sigh as he eyed the Souldrinker.

"I guess this is a better time than any other to join up," He said. Not bothering to look at the new kid. " Lieutenant! Get your ass in here"

The dark haired man returned to the room with the sphere still in his hand. He nodded to everyone in the room, keeping his smile on his face without mattering if he saw human or half-demon. What everyone noticed about him first, was that his clothes seemed a bit too casual. Even new recruits were given some type of armor. The guy also looked too young to be in any position of authority.

"Are these all the people we have?," Lin asked.

"We have a few stragglers. I think a fellow from Division 2, and another from 5"

"We can always catch them up later" Lin stood up from his desk and addressed everyone in the room. "Alright agents. You're here for..."

Lin was cut off at the sound of his computer buzzing an alarm. A second later, a woman's voice came out of the speaker.

Level 6 emergency. Col. Lin needed. Projected civilian fatality: 10, 387 persons.

"Great. Perfect timing," Lin scoffed. He proceeded out the door and called back to the young man. "Brief these guys and get them airborne Lieutenant"

"Ah. I do believe Izuni took away my qualification to do a such"

"Well no you're re-qualified. Under my orders. Tell that glorified desk jocky he can talk to me if he ha a problem"

With that, Lin a out the door. The man left in his stead waved goodbye after him and adjusted his shades.

"Um. Hello all. How's it going?"

The half-demon turned and looked at Eligor, not doubt intrigued by his situation. She looked quite attractive once you got past those glowing eyes but a military girl through and through. The projection of Eligor stroked his beard as he folded his arms. Now this was a change from the always empty, cold and dark barracks of Division One, the veteran slayers being always on a mission somewhere.

"A man that's actually a talking sword, huh? So what else are the science boys working on in there? Or is that classified?"

"My dear," He said with a slightly patronising tone and a hint of pride, "I franky have no idea. Since I am from Division One, after all."

The tone was more out of the gall the girl had of mistaking him for a pet project of Division Six, he didn't care that she was a half-demon, after all, they were becoming a staple of D.I.C.E. as Eligor had watched those red-eyed mongrels come in and out throughout the years. He wondered whether the Colonel was going to announce what the whole alarm was about but just sighed at the sight of Souldrinker on the table and rushed out as the speaker announced that his great personage was needed and left a shaking Lieutenant in charge. Eligor chuckled, he would be welcome this time, thanks to Col. Lin's sudden exit.

"Um. Hello all. How's it going?"

"Hurry up and spit it out man," Eligor scoffed, "First things first, the situation and this business of getting airborne; care to take an old sword on board?"

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - D.I.C.E. headquarters. Undisclosed location

She might look like a soldier all dressed in BDU's but her active scientific mind was buzzing at the sight of the projection. Something inside set a burning desire to scan this sword. It was incredible, she remembered seeing some tech, a while ago, that tired to mimic the same thing but this was something else. Just as she was about to speak the Colonel began to speak and left the assembled group to be briefed. He seemed nervous a little.

"Airborne, sir?"

Great. She would need some equipment loading from her lab if she was going to be away from the base. Lara hoped she would get the chance to ask.

"How many fatalities was that? ten thousand?" Richard asked. "You know, we probably won't make it." He didn't really seem afraid or nervous, just looked as if it was a bother. He was calm, strangely calm for division 6 member told he had to go risk his life. It was strange, but he didn't mind. "What kind of demon is it?" he then asked, hoping to get a sample of its DNA.

Simon had to stop himself from facepalming so badly. Of course why hadn't he spotted it before. The sword had an I.D card attached to it. Also he didn't no why he was afraid of the sword, it wasn't scary and he was more than used to wielding one. Come on Simon pull it together your better than this he thought to himself. The man in charge was clearly an officer in the military, he couldn't tell what rank, though that was clearly rectified when a woman's voice announced something about civilian fatality's to the Col.

As this was going on Simon left an illusion of himself standing in the same position. He dipped into his power briefly making himself invisible, allowing himself to step forward and read the swords description. He refrained from touching the sword as it's sentience would more than likely pick up that he was there. He had to stop himself from stepping away in disgust from the weapon. His father had told him of Demon kind and never to trust them or come into pact with them. But then this was a bound demon, one that was being utilized as a weapon to fight it's own kind. Maybe it wasn't all so bad. A bound weapon could be powerful Simon extrapolated, maybe if he offered to wield it it could help him learn to be part of D.I.C.E. But no it was still a Demon.

Simon fought with himself inside, he didn't want to betray what his father had taught him but he wanted to integrate with what would be his colleagues. He stepped back to where his illusion was and allowed it to dissipate dropping his invisibility at the same time. He decided he would try to keep an open mind. He tried to pay attention to what was going on around him.

"My dear," He said with a slightly patronising tone and a hint of pride, "I franky have no idea. Since I am from Division One, after all."
"Condescension. Cute," Sophie replied sarcastically. "Watch your tone, metalhead. Today's supposed to be my day off. I'm not in a great mood."

"Um. Hello all. How's it going?"
Sophie shrugged. "Kinda wish I was still at the shooting range. Or my bunk. But whatever."

"10,387 casualties?" Aaron's face couldn't decide whether it wanted to convey shock, awe, or surprise. As a result, manipulating his mouth to get the words out was a struggle: "Damn, the most I've seen at once is 3,147." Seeing that the blond D6 captain was heading a different way, he headed towards her. "Miss Reid, do you need help with something, by any chance?"

"Condescension. Cute," She replied sarcastically. "Watch your tone, metalhead. Today's supposed to be my day off. I'm not in a great mood."

The half-demon glared at him and replied in a wave of sarcasm. Eligor didn't blame her, after all, half-demons are always rash and bad-tempted. A woman a shady-looking human was referring to as Reid also stared at him, but in highly different way. She looked military but didn't seem the type as she and the half-demon contrasted each other, Reid with her measured tone of voice and this red-eyed girl ready to call him every name under the sun. 'Metalhead' was new one though, it was added to his list of insults thrown at him, other included the likes of... Well Eligor didn't want to think about that. Time to rescues the bosoming relationship.

"Forgive me," He replied with a slight bow, "Where are my manners? I am Eligor, otherwise known as the sentient sword Souldrinker, and you are...?"

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