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One of the scientists spoke.

"So uuh Dan, we've heard that you had a parasite. A demon parasite that was in the form of liquid blood. Could you care to tell us when you came into contact with it, or rather when you were taken as a host." Their voice was indistinguishable between the sexes, it was muffled and almost synthesized.

"Not sure, the night of the investigation at the Russian facility. I'm sure D.I.C.E. has a record somewhere, you can look there," Danny replied.

The scientists deliberated among themselves and after a couple of minutes another one spoke.

"Not even a rough estimate of when? Last week? Yesterday?"

"Well it certainly wasn't yesterday," Danny chuckled "it felt like last week," he shrugged "I can't tell, my sense of time was blurred with the blood in my head."

They were taking notes down of everything he was saying. His body language, his tone, everything. They had been recording him as soon as he was placed in the glass tube but that was more for legal and evidence purposes.

"I see. Well then, could you care to answer a series of questions for us? We'll send you a tablet."

A small door opened and a tablet appeared. Danny grabbed it, turned it on and was disheartened to see a questionnaire of over fifty questions.

"It's for your own good."

Danny smirked and began to fill them out. As he did so, the scientists dispersed.

"Do you think he's lying?"
"Can't tell yet, we'll see."

Some of the questions made sense, such as "have you been hallucinating recently?" or "how often do you have difficulty sleeping?" It was standard procedure, Danny even did such psychological tests when he joined the police force. Come to think of it, he answered them quite often. Strange. Some questions were odd, completely random, such as "Do you enjoy listening to the rock band Queen?" Some were embarrassing, and others straight up offensive.

This better be fuckin' classified.
"I wouldn't bet on that one."
Aargh! You again. Well, enjoy your last moments of freedom buddy because time is running out for you.
"I wouldn't bet on that either. Now don't let me disturb you, you have to answer whether or not you engaged in sexual activities with the blood."

"Your Division heads have locators for all of you. Take then, and try to hold as still as possible. 3 minutes until zero time"

Richard turned to the portal pagers; he was supposed to make sure everyone got one? That was uninteresting. He didn't know how the items in the building would follow them, but he had no choice but to do as he was told. Picking up the box, he started giving the different people the pagers. Daniel, who had arrived a bit before, had confirmed that everyone from their division was there now, and they had handed a pager to each scientist, most of which Richard had never spoken a single word to. He let Daniel give one to his former boss just because he seemed to have something to say. Talking to him would be annoying, since the former boss seemed to have some complaints. When they were done, Richard handed Daniel a portal pager of his own, and put one in his own pocket. He decided to wait it out, they were supposed to stand still when they could right.

"Did you know about these kinds of procedures?" Richard asked Daniel. It didn't seem as if he had been through one before, as Daniel had only been for about half a year more than Richard, but he might have heard of it. "Is there something else I should do?" Doing his job, only the necessarily of course, was the only thing he could really do now. He didn't think he could escape now, and even if he could, DICE probably could track him down fairly fast, unless he went into hiding. Richard refused to do so, that was even less interesting than doing a bit of uninteresting jobs for DICE, and it still limited his choices.


Garath listened to the announcement, he remembered the last time this had happened, it was a hassle but standard procedure. Nothing to get too excited about, code three: moving day.

He sighed, wishing he'd stopped to grab coffee before coming to this meeting.



Mary had never been through this before, and the thought of dissappearances worried her, nevertheless if it was a neccessary precaution then there wasn't much her worrying would accomplish. She wondered how they were going to move all the possessions and equipment they had here, she doubted D6 would want to leave their labs and experiments just lying here and abandon them. She was also concerned as to how it would affect medical patients, she didn't think there were any at the moment who couldn't be moved but she had always wondered if the process could affect injured or sick people.

"Your Division heads have locators for all of you. Take then, and try to hold as still as possible. 3 minutes until zero time." The announcer called out after explaining what was going on, this caused Isabelle to remember the last time it happened; she remembered feeling a little sick after the move occurred as she hadn't gotten used to that kind of teleportation properly yet on such a scale. Part of her would still feel a little dizzy, but it was nothing that would be of grave concern over.

She soon noticed Vayle entering the common room, and soon went over to her with a portal pager in each hand.

"Ah Vayle, good to see you've arrived here in plenty of time. I hope you managed to get some studying in beforehand?" Isabelle asked whilst handing Vayle a pager, putting the other one into her coat pocket.

"Well, I kind of did and didn't in a manner of speaking. Whilst I managed to learn a fair deal, I wasn't able to learn any new spells. Was just about to start casting some levitation spells when the announcement came. Its something that I shall try to be continuing after we make the move." Vayle responded with, sounding a little more mature in the process.

"At least progress is being made Vayle. Oh, by the way, managed to pick you up some pancakes from the canteen; along with some maple syrup, I know how much you've got a sweet tooth for the stuff." Isabelle remarked as she placed the food items on a nearby table. Vayle's eyes lit up a little after seeing the food. With no approval needed, she began to eat after feeling a little empty inside. Whilst she was busy eating, Isabelle sat down and waited for the move to occur.

Kain sat, legs crossed and eyes closed. He had no idea what was really happening, didn't care. He just knew someone was missing, and that the powers that be wanted to keep the calm. He sighed, and looked around. Unfamiliar faces, nobody cared who he was. An infiltrator among infiltrators. Kain rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands.
"Man, I'm hungry." He muttered to himself.

"Did you know about these kinds of procedures? Is there something else I should do?"

"I'm not actually sure. They're never done this in the time I've been here. Must be a rare thing"

When every agent in each Division was in position, the operation began. The engineers up on the first floor through the first set of switches that set the base into motion. Throughout the facility, the sound of gears churning could be heard from all of the rooms collapsing in to the center. Everything was stacked neatly into a single tower with every agent above or below each other. Now came the hard part.

The portal room split in half to accomedate the new shape of the building. One half to the top, and one half to the bottom. Each half began to twirl and churn out rays of dark red energy pulsing visibly through every room. Everyone was deafened by what sounded like a large fan rotating and soon enough, people began exploding in rays of light. As every man or woman went through, they hoped they'd get to the other side in one piece.

Heat. Water. Steam.

On further inspection, it looked like Garath had made it through the transfer in one piece. Though for some reason he didn't end up back in the D2 meeting room. Instead, he was under the running water of a shower. He had some company in the form of several women that looked to be in the middle of bathing in the locker room before the unexpected guest had arrived. Many of the mouths were still hanging open in surprise, so they had yet to scream.


Sand. Cool air. The smell of death

When Isabelle finally made it through, she was greeted by the frigid cold of nighttime in the Sahara. Sand littered her clothes on reentry, and the only landmark for miles was a tower leaning sideways a mile away. The one guy that looked closest to human was Elizer sitting in the sand next to her. The things that obviously weren't human were the 7 large blue horned creatures staring at them. They looked puzzled, but one managed to get a word out.



Familiar. Yet unfamiliar. Body aches. Smoke.

The majority of agents were well off after the move. Richard, Mary, and Eligor had at least made it back inside DICE HQ. Though they were nowhere near where they started. And they were on the floor. Or rather, wall as it use to be before the current prediciment. The room they were in didn't look like anything they had been in before. And to make matters worse, it was feeling with smoke.

Zhang was still flipping through files as he drove to the next destination with Byron. The two had made it to Florance with little trouble and were on their way to the next job when a flash of red light enveloped the road in front of them. Zhang had to swerve so as to not hit Kain, but he still managed to nick him in the leg.

Zhang got out the car and served the man.

"What. The. Actual. Hell?"

"What. The. Actual. Hell?"
"Eh... Hi." the werewolf barely even cared anymore. His minor healing was already working his leg into its' correct position, though he needed to get rid of the guy before it was done. If he acted like a nutter, most stayed away.
'Eh, just tell the truth. It works as a good cover story.' Kain turned to look Zhang in the face.
"I am a teleporting were-wolf, from an orginization that hunts down beings most consider to be legends. Where are we, and what year is it, my good man." The fact he had some dirt on him, and no shirt really compacted the crazy.

Heat. Water. Steam.

Garath was just as surprised as the various women around him, though more pleasantly surprised than they were. He realized almost immediately that there would be a great deal of shrieking in a second, and while normally he migth just turn invisible and walk out unnoticed the running water would still outline him in the shower.

"Sorry ladies, my friends seem to have pranked me, uh I was on my way to a meeting could you perhaps tell me where I am?" he said, trying to come up with the best excuse he could, hoping to avoid getting screamed at, it was obvious the teleport had gone wrong somehow, he glanced around at them, trying to focus on their faces and not their more distracting parts, he doubted he would recognize any of them but it was worth a look.


Familiar. Yet unfamiliar. Body aches. Smoke.

Mary groaned and tried to stand, there was someone from D6 and a sword next to her, the sword had an eye on its hilt which was quite odd. She checked her gloves for tears then turned to help the scientist up, already smoke was filling the room so they needed to get out, somehow she doubted this was a standard occurence with these procedures.

She tried not to breath too fast or panic, she wasn't used to this sort of thing, and she didn't have the steel nerves of a surgeon, still she knew that they had to get out.

"I'm not actually sure. They're never done this in the time I've been here. Must be a rare thing"

One moment Daniel had answered Richard's question, the second Richard was lying somewhere unfamiliar, a room akin to some of the DICE ones he's seen before. However, he didn't know where it was, nor did he think he had been exactly there before. It had been turned over, he was lying on what had used to be one of the walls. He was then helped up on his legs by a woman in scrubs and gloves. She had a surgeon's mask over her mouth. "Thank you," he muttered, but he stopped. Smoke were filling the room, it were starting to bother his eyes. He didn't think it would kill him, too soon, but he'd rather get out of there before he started coughing too badly. Richard looked around, saw the sword he had seen in Russia, if he remembered correctly, and went over to it, motioning for the woman to do the same, as it seemed to be less smoke over there.

"Closed room, about to get filled with smoke. Anyone knows where to get out?" he asked, looking for something that could help, or somewhere to get out. "Also, don't panic, or anything like that," he added, even if the woman in the scrubs seemed calm enough, people tended to change their behavior the next moment in situations where their life were in danger. He had seen that more than once.

"Abort, abort!"
"Why is this happening already?"

One of the scientists reached for the button but another with glasses stopped him. He gave him a stern look, and they continued to watch Danny. He had been lying down without struggle for an hour but he had started to violently shake and scream. They could see what was happening through his POV and the A.I., but the blood had made the details harder to make out. They could piece it together later but for now they had to keep recording and watching. Little did they know it would be useless to watch it later.

The teleportation left Eligor a little groggy. D.I.C.E. always used haphazard methods of teleportation. If they only knew that their bastard method that mixed science and magic to produce this disorienting and often inaccurate result was the wrong way to go. For all the brilliant minds in D6, they were barking up the wrong tree. Nevertheless, Eligor didn't have time to complain about it, for smoke was causing his eye to water. Annoyed at this, he half-shut it, giving the appearance of someone who was either quite peeved or quite tired. He look towards the opposite wall of the room and saw two people. One of which was Richard, the other someone he hadn't seen before in some sort of scrubs.

"Closed room, about to get filled with smoke. Anyone knows where to get out?" Richard asked, adding a little advice of, "Also, don't panic, or anything like that."

Richard should have known that whatever you tell someone not to do, they will go ahead and do it anyway. Simple psychology. But wasn't his field genetics? No matter. Eligor simply stated to that, "Vents, perhaps?"

It was a shame that there was little room or time for introduction here. However, on the bright side, there was at least one person from D6 here and that was just wanted Eligor needed. A little nudge drew him towards opening a dialogue with the two or possibly helping them out as a show of kindness. Still, the room was filling up with smoke which wasn't good for him or the two humans beside him. Then he had a thought, 'smoke suggests a fire or some other thing like that.' Maybe it was simply a result of the teleporters D.I.C.E. insisted on using, or something else, something of more immediate concern to the three stuck into the room.

Eligor wasted no time voicing his concerns, addressing the two he inquired, "Excuse me, is there is fire or something other than that causing this? I think we need to establish the source of this smoke first before we can do anything."

"Vents, perhaps?"

Richard had been looking at those, but they seemed to be closed off pretty well, no air leaving or entering. He didn't know if that would help too much. Still, it was one possibility. The sword then continued;

"Excuse me, is there is fire or something other than that causing this? I think we need to establish the source of this smoke first before we can do anything."

Richard shrugged, not feeling like getting closer to the smoke. "I don't really care all that much, I just want to get out of here. I would believe the cause would be something like a fire, but I don't know what we could do about that." He rubbed his eyes, the smoke was irritating his eyes, and they started running. Richard shook his head and bent down a bit, so that most of the smoke was above his head. "First things first, get something open, get out. I can't see the smoke going out anywhere, even if we did remove the source of it, it would still be in the room." He looked at the woman with them. Unless the sword had some kind of weakness to smoke, she was the one in the immediate danger, and he knew DICE wouldn't be happy if he let her die. He looked at the vents again. "How sharp are you? Could you cut through the metal in front of the vents?" he asked the sword.

He was awoken by the blaring of an alarm. The first night in a proper bed and outside of a cell and he couldn't even get a decent nights sleep. Regrettably he lamented whether or not they would've let him sleep through the damnable alarm if he was still cooped up in one. Ah well, best to keep up appearances.

Half asleep, he pulled himself out of bed and into the bathroom. He debated with himself whether to shave the few tufts of hair that had sprouted up, it looked more like peach fuzz then anything else, and it didn't look good. He'd rather vanish for a weeks to let it grow, but revenge was more important then whether he looked good. He left it as it was and shaved his face and brushed his teeth. Now to decided what to wear, the grey suit that he had worn yesterday was all but ruined and he doubted he could take it to the dry cleaners without being asked some uncomfortable questions. Today he opted for a dark blue suit and a white shirt. Hoping he wouldn't be covered in blood by the end of it.

Groggily and with no need to look for it as people were panically running towards it, he made it to the Division 5 meeting
room. With the Zhang - the division head - nowhere in sight, the others members were lost at what to do until in panel in the wall slide upwards revealing a box of portal pagers. Then a second announcement boomed over the intercom, they were changing locations due to a number of security breaches, none that he knew nothing about. Must have been while he was in London.

Well if it was just because of a few secularity breeches it wasn't much of an emergency.Sighing he wondered if the man who he had told to find him today was still here or wherever the portals lead. It was no use waiting anyway, he doubted the man would actually show up.

Suddenly the room he was in vanished and what appeared instead was a dessert, so much for dressing for the weather, but it was night here so his jacket was actually of use. Looking around he saw nothing but some blue horned things, a tower in the distance and another DICE agent. Cursing his luck he got up and brushed himself down. Time for introductions.

"I'm Eli, I don't believe we've met" He said, offering his hand and ignoring the salutations of the blue things.

Sand. Cool Air. The Smell Of Death.

Isabelle woke up and saw a cloudless night-time sky straight in front of her, along with the warm feeling of sandy between her fingers and hair as she sat up; obviously it appeared that the base relocation had gone a fair ways wrong, and deposited her somewhere in some desert. Upon closer examination of the position of stars and constellations in the sky, that she had landed in the Sahara Desert.

"Great, that is just great. I've landed in one of the largest deserts in the known world, and from the looks of it, no signs of any immediate civilization or cities. What is more worrying is that I can see no sign of Vayle, I hope that she made it through to the new base location, or at the very least, she is somewhere relatively safe." Isabelle said to herself with concern for Vayle as she tried standing up in the desert sand, almost stumbling, but managed to stop herself from falling first face into the sand.

Dusting herself down, Isabelle immediately saw that another person was with her, and from all accounts, it was that man who walked off part way through the mission in Russia; though this time however he was dressed in a dark blue suit with a white shirt. Another thing that caught her attention was a group of seven large, blue horned creatures, each one of them looking puzzled, until one of them spoke.

"Hello?" One of them asked, but before she could respond, Elizer had offered his hand, expecting a handshake no doubt.

"I'm Eli, I don't believe we've met." He said, sounding a little more politely than how he appeared to have acted earlier. Isabelle first however, turned to the horned creatures.

"One moment please." She said politely before turning her attention to Elizer.

"Whilst we may not have met Elizer, I know of you, didn't you decide to go for a little walk part way through a mission in Russia? Anyway, enough about the past for now, my name is Isabelle Hearte, Division Two." Isabelle said calmly, then returning the handshake. She then turned back to the horned creatures.

"Hello there, would you mind telling me who you are exactly? I don't think I've never met anyone like you before."

"Also, don't panic, or anything like that,"

Mary nodded, "I'll try not to," she said, "I made it through medical school, I can handle a stressful situation," she joked, trying to ease her nerves. She looked around, the room seemed to be on its side, maybe it had been rotated in the teleport? She wasn't sure if that could happen but it was the best she could come up with right now.

"As for getting out I don't think we can try the doors, they're kind of on the walls and if there is a fire they might burn us," she said, trying to keep herself thinking to prevent panic, it was hard to breath regularly with the smoke which wasn't helping.

"How sharp are you? Could you cut through the metal in front of the vents?"

She was surprised by the talking sword, though she supposed DICE must have all sorts of stuff like that, at any rate it seemed to know the scientist, and they were at least coming up with a plan, hopefully one that would work.

"...How sharp are you? Could you cut through the metal in front of the vents?"

Of the little man went for the obvious option. Not like any fires or anything like that would be a threat to them once they had gotten out. Nevertheless, he and her were the ones in immediate danger, not Eligor. The eye swivelled towards the air vents and examined the grates and the metal surrounding them. It was obvious that it was made of some sort of metal, but the chance of cutting mainly depended on the strength of it. If it was something like titanium, then there would be no chance of it.

Sighing, Eligor replied, "We'll have to see. Speaking of which, excuse me..."

He launched himself towards the vent, intent on cutting through the metal in front of it. It was a thing of the moment, though it was more like he was scratching an annoying itch. Eligor hoped that he would not come to regret doing this, as there was a chance that he might become stuck, and knowing the past treatment of him by D.I.C.E.'s operatives, he would probably be abandoned again. Which was neither fun or beneficial in any way.

But it was too late for that now. Flying towards the vent, Eligor screamed, "Variantes distrahunt!"

Like the speed-ramping technique that plagued the film industry, the blood flowed down in slow-motion until time sped up when the droplet hit the floor. Each droplet let out a muffled grunt and continued enveloping the room. It didn't seem to understand that this was real-time, because each passing second gave it less and less time to leave a mark on its captor. It had no rush, alarming at first but Danny soon realized the scientists had no control over what was happening. They had simply let it loose to do its thing. Well here he was, standing tall with courage. What did they expect him to do? He had no weapons. Maybe the scientists simply wanted to know if it was possible to overcome the fear. Well now, they had their answer. Danny's death was expected but little did they know what Danny's plan was.

The blood continued to creep along the floor until it met the walls. It climbed up, with hesitation at first, but eventually it got the hang of vertical-travel on a curved surface. Drops fell from above but they were taken in by the tide that was pushing up the blood. The blood met from opposite sides, and thus the room was completely red. The scientists were in the dark, and so were the cameras. It was beautiful in a dark, twisted way. The blood was always moving about, sometimes falling only to be picked up by a tentacle. Despite the lights being covered up as well, they still let out slivers of red shine. The red was panic-inducing at first, but it had a tranquil quality. Danny figured he was the only person to find peace in such a horrific place. He would prefer it if it stayed that way, but with D.I.C.E.'s intentions it wasn't going to be the case.

Danny sighed.

"Well this is goodbye isn't it?"

The blood closed in onto Danny, revealing a massive circular mouth resembling the A.I. Unlike the A.I., this was completely organic. It writhed and wriggled, revealing series of teeth. Inch by inch it moved, until it pounced at Danny.

The door opened and Danny appeared. He looked unchanged, and not a single trace of red or blood could be found on him. He calmly walked down the stairs until men in hazmat suits tackled him. They hooked up a machine, similar to the one they destroyed in terms of aesthetics, to Danny which gave a greenlight as soon as it entered him. The men in suits went inside and saw a single drop of blood, struggling to move. They encased it in an air-tight container.

"Are you guys going to let me walk or what?" Danny asked, pushing away the groping hands of tools and gadgets.

"Well we can't ju-," one of the scientists spoke up until the man in glasses gave him the same stern look. "Go, just go."

"It's about time," Danny replied.

"What now?"
I think my service to D.I.C.E is due.

Byron Kelspring

"What. The. Actual. Hell?"

Byron couldn't help but smirk when the car clipped the skinny guy, and he loved Zhang's reaction to the man. He also followed Zhang in getting out of the car and sat on the hood, watching the spectacle.

"I am a teleporting were-wolf, from an orginization that hunts down beings most consider to be legends. Where are we, and what year is it, my good man."

Byron couldn't resist having some fun with this man. "Lovely, another lost time traveler," he expressed, rolling his eyes at the universe and acting exasperated. "At least we were tipped off properly this time. Jameson, get the restraining gear out of the trunk, and I'll hold down this man."

Byron walked behind Kain (whom he recognized) and began to put him into a restraining hold, talking to him all the while. "Well, I should properly answer your question. Currently, we are about twenty-seven miles east of Sherbrooke, in the wonderful Canadian province of Quebec. As for the year, we are currently living in the year 2020, more specifically the month of April. I'd like to thank you again for your cooperation, you wouldn't believe how much people pay for the organs of a werewolf."

Aaron Pertition

Aaron and Jean emerged from the decrepit structure and followed their map, traveling east until they reached the cathedral where the agent disappeared. Gazing up in admiration at the structure, Aaron opened the door and followed Jean inside.

"Variantes distrahunt!"

The sword had thrown itself into the vent and got itself stuck. Richard had thought that might happen, because of the angle, and when the sword had tried to force itself out without managing, it had proven true. "It can't really continue like that, since there is no way of it gaining any velocity," he thought, and went over to it. The was no room for the sword to try to wriggle itself out on it's own. He tried pulling it out, but that seemed like it might ruin the blade. Since it was fairly close to the floor, he couldn't really use his mass to help pull, as he almost had to lay down in order to even try. Thinking it through, he shrugged. One look at Mary told him that he was the heaviest of them. "The best way would be to use my weight."

Hoping but no way knowing it would work, Richard decided to try it out. He stood up, and jumped on top of the handle, his weight forcing the blade up through the metal and thus creating a larger hole for them to wriggle the sword out. Of course, Richard himself managed to fall on his back, hitting his head again. He frowned, but kept calm, and sat up while rubbing his head. "Well, so far so good." With a lot less effort, he got the sword out. "Perhaps it would be better if someone wielded you?" he asked the sword. Since the smoke had started going towards the went, it seemed there was a way to the outside over there, or in worst case scenario, a way to get the smoke out of the room. Richard then looked over at Mary, hoping she was more adept at using a sword than he was. "Have you ever used a sword?"

"Blast." He muttered. The metal was sundered, but the sword was stuck in the crack. Eligor wiggled a bit in order to get out of there, but there was no room for that. "Bugger." he cursed as the bound demon realised his situation. Eligor looked down from where he was and saw the scientist muttering to himself and then muttering to the lady in the smoke-filled room. Eligor didn't look forward to the end of the discussion, as it would probably conclude with them deciding to abandon him.

However, Eligor was wrong, far wrong and with neither warning nor caution, Richard leapt onto the hilt in a desperate attempt to apply the mechanics of levers to this scenario, with the whole of his weight as the effort. Shame part of the load was part of Eligor. His eye widened as the blade ripped through the wall, creating a larger hole and causing the tip of the blade to bend slightly - a slight than Eligor wouldn't take lightly. Well, at least he was free, anyhow. But to top it all off, the annoying scientist asked an annoying question.

"Perhaps it would be better if someone wielded you?" he asked the sword.

"To be honest Richard, I don't see how things can get any better." Eligor replied bitterly.

"Have you ever used a sword?"

"No, I don't know how, you should hold on to it, you're probably stronger than me," she said. She looked somewhat startled at the suggestion that she use a sword, although she did realize that it was their only cutting tool so someone needed to use it. It ought to be the scientist though, she wouldn't harm anyone, but if she had to she only needed to touch them.

"To be honest Richard, I don't see how things can get any better."

"Well its not like they can get much worse, maybe there's some other way out of the room? Or maybe we can cut through the vent with someone swinging you?" she suggested, she couldn't think of much, the room was sideways which was a bit confusing when trying to think of how to get out.

"No, I don't know how, you should hold on to it, you're probably stronger than me,"

She seemed startled by the suggestion, which surprised him, slightly, as he had thought she was a surgeon with that mask. Oh, well, holding a scalpel wasn't the same as wielding a sword, he would know that himself. Besides, there might be another reason for it. The sword didn't seem exactly pleased with getting out, for some reason. Then he noticed that it wasn't completely as it used to be.

"To be honest Richard, I don't see how things can get any better."

Richard hadn't noticed that the tip of the blade had gotten bent, but he didn't make more of an effort than smile apologetic. They needed to open the vent more either way, and the sword could always get repaired later. He looked at the woman, he was fairly certain she couldn't be repaired the same way.

"Well its not like they can get much worse, maybe there's some other way out of the room? Or maybe we can cut through the vent with someone swinging you?"

"She does speak the truth." He realized he didn't know their names, but that wasn't important now. Even if the sword somehow knew his, had they met before? It wasn't that important. Richard grabbed the sword with both hands, in case it would struggle. He could try to negotiate, but quite frankly, he didn't have the motivation nor time for that. "If we get out of here alive, I'll find someone to fix that. For now, we really need to get that vent more open." He then plunged the sword into the vent, determined if not particularly skillfully. He made sure not to get it stuck again, and opened a bigger hole, big enough for him to get through. Considering he was the largest of the three, that meant all of them could get out from there. The smoke continued to go into the vent, and the room started emptying, even if a little more smoke was added from somewhere else. He let go of the sword, making sure it was hovering before he did. Dropping it would probably cause it to stab him or something like that.

After a while, it seemed to have cleared out enough for them to get through the vent without getting too bothered by the smoke. "I'll go first to make sure there's not too much smoke on the other side. Unless, any of you want to do that?"

Jean glanced about the interior of the building, determined that there was nothing glaringly unusual, then turned to Aaron.
"Nothing. Doors?" he asked, nodding towards the several doors around the room. "Old building. Lots of rooms. Easy to hide. Be careful."
It wouldn't be the first time Jean had turned from hunting to being hunted in a building like this. He wasn't aiming to experience it again.

Before he had a chance to talk Richard out of this nonsense or even struggle, the buffoon grabbed the sword and plunged poor Eligor into the vent again and sundered the metal with heavy, but unskilled blows. Throughout the process, Eligor shut his eye tight. This was just another moment he would have to block out. Worse even than the time... No he would keep that memory repressed in the depths of his mind. Instead he just made of list of all the things he would do the annoying scientist at another time. 'I'll sent him to the pits of Hell, see how he likes that as a place to study! No. I'll impale him again and again. Yes --"

However, his thoughts were cut off by another's influence, 'Now now, we have need of him.'

He groaned and waited until the ordeal was over and was soon free to simply hover beside the two humans. If only his hands weren't so tied! Bound to a lump of metal, bound to D.I.C.E., and now bound by oath not to kill a worthless human. But he had to let that anger out, if it was a fire, the blade would be white-hot with fury. It was a shame it wasn't. He sighed and took a deep breath. Not now, she was right. Why go for the small fry when you could wait and go for the bigger catch? Richard was talking now anyway, it would be impolite to interrupt him, "I'll go first to make sure there's not too much smoke on the other side. Unless, any of you want to do that?"

"No, not after that. I will just hover here wondering what D.I.C.E. will do to someone who is guilty of two counts of property damage." Eligor curtly replied.

"I'll go first to make sure there's not too much smoke on the other side. Unless, any of you want to do that?"

"No that's fine, you go first, just be careful not to cut yourself some of that sheared metal looks sharp," in truth she was more worried about cutting herself, but if he went through first without hurting himself then it should be easy to just follow in his steps.

"No, not after that. I will just hover here wondering what D.I.C.E. will do to someone who is guilty of two counts of property damage."

She laughed a little at that though she tried to cover it up, the sword seemed quite annoyed with being used to hack through the vent.

"I doubt they'll be too concerned with property damage considering the entire base is on its side, I wonder if their insurance covers that?" she said jokingly.

"No that's fine, you go first, just be careful not to cut yourself some of that sheared metal looks sharp,"

Richard looked at it, it seemed like it could be painful if he did. However, if he got out, that didn't matter much. "I'll be fine, it couldn't do too much damage." The swords as well said that it didn't want to, as well as commenting on Richard having destroyed property. Before he could answer, the woman spoke.

"I doubt they'll be too concerned with property damage considering the entire base is on its side, I wonder if their insurance covers that?" she said jokingly.

Richard wasn't sure if the sword had referred to itself as well, since it was two counts, so he said; "I'll get someone to fix you should there be a problem. I'm sure I could use my position for something." There had to be some sort of merit to having such a position, since people made such a big deal of being the head of Division 6. People couldn't possible want it for the responsibilities, that was illogical and strange. "I'll be going then." He started crawling through it. It was a tight fit at his shoulders, and his left shoulder got stuck, but he managed to force his way through, ripping part of his sweater, and cutting his shoulder slightly. It hurt, but he had felt worse, so he continued. When he was past the cut open area, it was easier, if still a bit of tight. The woman shouldn't have much of a problem, however, and obviously not the sword either. When he had crossed over, he looked up. The smoke went out a door, leading into a hallway. He stood up and examined the cut. It had been deeper than he thought, the area around it had blood on it, but he was fine. It was almost gone either way. "It's safe. I think we might be close to a way out."

"It's safe. I think we might be close to a way out."

"Your shoulder's bleeding, are you ok?" she asked, noticing the blood, she managed to squeeze through without hurting herself, but his cut looked rather deep, it was certainly bleeding a lot. Although it also seemed to be closing, she had seen DICE agents with healing factors in the infirmary before, she wondered if he was one of them. Still she started looking for something to bandage the cut, she supposed she would have to tear off part of her sleeve.

She was also curious about his comment about his position, he looked to be a scientist so she wondered if he had any pull in that department, perhaps he could help her convince the new division head to accept her proposal?

"Your shoulder's bleeding, are you ok?"

He turned away when he noticed she was looking at his wound. There was a reason he wasn't too fond of doctors, hopefully she didn't know anything. "Yeah, It'll be fine." He noticed that the sword hadn't gone through yet, was it annoyed still? Richard figured they should wait for it, so talking to the woman would probably help pass the time. Besides, he had noticed she was looking around for something, and he was a bit curious as to what that was. "So, I don't think we ever told each other our names. I'm Richard Johnson, Head of Division 6." He hesitated, this was a situation where she didn't know who he was. But he'd have to face it soon, there were no way out of it currently. He smiled, and tilted his head. "I just got the position. Nice to meet you." He offered his hand. "So, what are you looking for?"

"I just got the position. Nice to meet you." He offered his hand. "So, what are you looking for?"

Her eyes went wide with shock when he stated his position, "I, I was looking for a bandage sir, for your shoulder, I uh, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you sir, I'm Mary Guerir, I'm sure you've seen my file by now."

She wasn't sure how to handle this, she had never met him before and he was not what she had expected at all. She supposed she should figure out how best to tell him about her request, but first she would need to see if he already knew about it.

"I, I was looking for a bandage sir, for your shoulder, I uh, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you sir, I'm Mary Guerir, I'm sure you've seen my file by now."

She seemed to have gotten quite shocked from him mention his position. Richard frowned, and let out a sigh. "Richard is fine, I'm not used to formal stuff. And I'm sorry, but I was just hired, so I haven't been able to take a look at much at all." He looked at his shoulder, it was healed now. "And my shoulder is fine, there is no need to examine it further." Would this be how people who didn't know him would treat him? It would, wouldn't it? Between his dislike of DICE, and dislike of responsibility, he really wanted to change the topic. However, what file had she been talking about? Was it something interesting? He wouldn't lose anything by asking, at least. "Well, anyways, what was that file about?" He examined her again, was there a reason she wore what she wore beyond being a doctor? Was she even a doctor?

"Well, anyways, what was that file about?"

"Erm, well si-Richard it was about my abilities, I wanted D6 to study them further, I suppose there will be more time to discuss it later since we should probably focus on getting out of here right now," she pushed aside her mixed emotions of excitement, hope, and anxiety for the moment, discussing her proposal with him wouldn't do them much good if the building burned down around them.

"Well I suppose we are waiting for that sword to catch up to us, it seems a little bent out of shape, in more ways than one, what do you think we should do Richard?"

Eligor huffed through the hole, wishing his arm, or leg or something could force its way out of the crack as this was a situation that appendages were built for. The little nook created by Richard's action didn't help things either. But he just lashed out on the walls in an effort to get rid of the pent-up anger that consumed him. It reminded him of one time went a plucky knight decided to use him in one battle in the fifteenth century, one were there was an awful lot of talk about roses and plenty of battles to match. The look on the knight's face was priceless went Eligor stirred from his sleep while in battle. Nothing like severing limbs to relieve stress. Nevertheless that was in another time, in another time and right now he had one annoying scientist to deal with.

"I believe we should get our bearings," Eligor said in a rather threatening way to Richard. But inside was utter calm. They had been through smoke but all Eligor wanted to know was: where was the mirrors?

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