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Sophia immediately whipped around to aim her gun at... a corpse. Feeling somewhat relieved, she set about trying to find whatever killed it, only to find...

"Don't shoot, Aaron Pertition is currently located behind this tree!"

She didn't lower her gun, but she at least kept it moving. "Nice work, but next time, try not to scare the crap outta me."

She listened to him, always keeping her bullpup on the move, her light-sensitive burning eyes taking in every detail they could.

"Anyway, what's behind that door?"

"Our objective. If you're looking for the woods group, they're over there," she said, motioning with her head. "If you think you can help fix our comms, just fall in behind me. If not, stay hidden. We'll call in an evac when we're finished here. Got it?"

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - Sector 14

"Oh, you should see what we cook up in the labs." It was too late, Sophie had done it, she had got Lara overexcited. Reaching around into her rucksack she produced an unusual translucent P90 magazine, tinted with a dark shade of red. "This is a pyro magazine. The bullets, twice the size of FMJ rounds, are actually hollow and contain a small amount of white phosphorus! They really pack a punch on demons but are hard to manufacture so we don't have a great deal. This is my only magazine. Of course we tried building cryo rounds, with liquid nitrogen, but they had a habit of jamming the gun and, well, exploding in the barrel."

She seemed to remember where she was, and that she had gotten carried away again. "But yes, I can hack the network, I wrote the decryption program myself. I'm hoping for some power in the building, so we can get in, but the range on my sensor is pretty short so we need to be a lot closer before I can tell."

She double checked the tablet. Nothing.

"You see it's a power issue, the bigger the transmitter and receiver the more battery life it consumes. We had to..."

She was talking again. Her bad habit. Probably alerting their position to every demon for miles.

"Ok I'll..." Lara kept quiet keeping her P90 levelled and ready for trouble as they headed for the door.

Thump. Something hit the ground. Lara jumped at the sounds.

"Don't shoot, Aaron Pertition is currently located behind this tree!"

They'd landed.

Under a pile of a equipment in the cargo bay, Crow rocked from side to side in the containment unit, trying to dislodge the pile.

He was successful in making some noise, but that was about as far as his luck went.

Resigning himself to further waiting, he settled in, humming a little tune to occupy himself.

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - Sector 14

She sighed at the sight of Aaron. Calming herself down a little. "You know they make silencers, right?"

She lowered her P90 a little. "As for the door; I hope it's something good!"

"If you think you can help fix our comms, just fall in behind me. If not, stay hidden. We'll call in an evac when we're finished here. Got it?"
"Christ, do I really look/act like a rookie? I might not have had the extensive military you had, Miss Marshall, but when you jump straight from no prior job experience to being a freelance demon hunter, and then attract the attention of DICE, and remain in the profession for 8-ish years? I have an idea as to wipe my ass, Sophia." Aaron pulls out his magical folder o' information and flips through it. "Three quick questions, Sophia Marshall: One, You are 28 years old, right? Two, you are a Marine, right (which I respect). Three, the Marines' minimum enlisting age is 28, correct? Just saying, please don't mock the older gentlemen." Despite his protests, he followed her orders, leveling Irony and Despair over her shoulders as Laura, Sophia, and him prepared to enter the compound.

"Say, I feel like I forgot something important in the cargo hold. Never mind, it was probably just my breath mints."

EDIT: "You know they make silencers, right?"

Yeah, but they're a bitch to install on pistols that you didn't buy/commission, and also when you have no idea how your family legacy/a couple of pea shooters can hold their own with an M4. Each."

As he continued, Sophia's brows furrowed more and more as her eyes glowed brighter. "You're so fucking lucky I'm on the job, asshole. I don't care what you've been doing for eight years, I ain't takin' any shit from anyone, least of all some condescending jackass that thinks he can talk down to me just 'cuz I am what I am. So shut the hell up and get in the damn compound before I decide to use you to check the rooms by shoving you head-first into them."

She turned back around and started towards the door again, a bit more quickly than she really should.

Isabelle lead the forest team from the front, keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble, but also for any survivors. She then felt a slightly strange sensation, as the Fae/Human hybrid Simon touched her on the arm, making her briefly see everyone except Vayle as being blurry.

"What in the..." She said to herself sounding very much confused when everything came back into focus. "Hmm, an unusual ability, will have to note that down once back at the base." Isabelle thought after blinking a few times. "Must be some kind of perception filter, or possibly an illusion. Judging from magical nature of the Fae, likely to be the latter."

"Anyone seen anything yet, any signs as to where somebody might have gone?" She asked the group quietly, hoping the illusion would cover sound as well.

"Anyone seen anything yet, any signs as to where somebody might have gone?"

Richard shook his head, regardless of who noticed. He was a bit occupied with trying to figure out what the eerie feeling he felt was. Pretty much everything looked undisturbed, apart from some bushes. Suddenly, the reason for the nervousness hit him. Surely, the group before them should have encountered some demons this far into the forest, right? In that case... why was there no demon corpses close by? Actually, there were no signs of a fight at all. Also, from what he knew from trips into the woods when he was younger, a forest wasn't usually this... quiet. It was unsettling.

Surely none of this was important enough to actually report, but still, he felt his hand grip the shotgun harder, and he kept looking around, expecting to see anything.

"Well at least I'll go out in style. So mind explaining who you are and how you got those demons to stop chasing me?"

The man chuckled at Mikihail's question.

"I am just a good samaritan. And as for those demons, well...even beasts know when they are out classed. They wont come any closer provided you're standing next to me. However..."

The stranger tilted his head in the air and took in the scents around the area.

"I cant say the same for the rest of the people here"

Merely a few yards behind them, Ghost was stealthily approaching their position.

The team in the forest were well hidden with the combined illusions cloaking them. No one saw any imidiate danger, which was odd for a place the Lieutenant described as a high demon area.

Those with good enough eyes could see someone in the distance. A soldier, in the standard Division 3 garb, was leaning against a tree clutching his M16. Blood poured from his right temple, and he was shaking violently.

Wandering through the countryside until he found a settlement wasn't the best plan, neither was trying to trick Raguel, but he did have his freedom back and no one had even tried to stop him. In hindsight he should've volunteered for field work years ago and just walked away, but hindsight was never his strong suit.

It was strange, the Lieutenant had said there had been a demon attack, so where were the screams of terror and cries of pain? Where were the corpses of dead mortals? He may have been out of the loop for the past few centuries or so, but demon attacks were rarely stealthy.

Ah well, that didn't concern him, let them fight their fight. He wouldn't be able to do anything for either side until he found Raguel.

Ghost was following the trail, keeping to one side of it so he didn't mess it up with his own footprints. These guys weren't even trying to hide... Musta been in a real hurry. It wasn't too much farther before he started to hear voices, and he shouldered his carbine and cautiously walked up on the two men, or at least what appeared to be men...

"I am just a good samaritan. And as for those demons, well...even beasts know when they are out classed. They wont come any closer provided you're standing next to me. However... I cant say the same for the rest of the people here"

"Let me see your hands." Ghost said, firmly but quietly as he stepped from the shadows, M4 trained on the figure who's uniform he didn't recognize. "Are you with the group who was supposed to be operating here? What happened to the rest of them?" He asked the guy who appeared to be from Division 3, like himself.

Note to self: Do not anger Bright Eyes here.

"Wait." Aaron touched Sophia's shoulder before she charged in.

"Look, I was a bit too harsh in what I said, and I regret it. I take back any possible condescension there might have been, and I want you to know I was treating you as an equal DICE agent, which is what I would like from you. I do not care about your ancestry, and it has no bearing on my opinion of you. Besides, I'm not one to judge on shady parentage." He winked at her nigh-flirtatiously, emphasizing red eyes of his own.

"If anything, you're cute when your eyes flare like that. Now, let's do our job together as a team, not as allied bullet shields."

Snapping away from his joking demeanor and focusing on the mission, he acknowledged the aforementioned red herring and opened the door cautiously, Irony peeking through the opening crack.

Sophia's expression slowly softens and her eyes dim as Aaron speaks, and she sighs softly. Now, she looked more angry at herself than anyone, but she nodded and followed him to the door, bullpup once again leveled at it. She looked like she wanted to say something, but didn't get a chance before he opened it.

Azkar had been sitting outside the plane. Ignoring everyone as she attempted to psychically ping the locations of hostiles. However she had no luck. She noticed some cargo rustling within the plane. She reached in with a massive arm and flipped the box into the air, then caught it and held it against her chest as she dragged it out onto the ground. She gave it a firm hit, causing the contents to spill out.

Azkar didn't even bother to notice what had been moving inside as her eyeless head quickly whipped to the side. The facility team didn't have enough people, if the forest patrol was discovered and avoided the team in the facility could easily be overwhelmed.

Azkar stood up straight and arched up, at around 12 foot tall. Her neck bent and warped as she began to create vocal cords. The horrific jaws spread wide and she left out a deafening roar that seemed to rip the very air. She then threw herself down, digging her claws into the ground and began bounding toward the facility.

After the less than dignified way he'd been released from the containment unit, Crow brushed himself off and looked around briefly.

Seeing neither his handler or any other personnel save for the creature that had released him, Crow hurried off in pursuit of Azkar, hoping that he'd run into some other DICE members and that he wasn't just chasing an unaffiliated demon.

In any case though, he was out and about again. So far, ride as cargo notwithstanding, this was shaping up to be a pretty good day.

As the door to the facility cracked open, the extent of the damage could be seen. Several DICE agents lay on the floor soaked in blood. Over at the computer console and com tower, was a strange metal device that didnt look like something DICE would rig up.

The only person alive in the room, was a lone D6 agent, sitting bloodied in the corner and staring back at the new arrivals.

Elizer looked as if he was finally free. There was nothing but wide open spaces and no agents standing in his way. Though his focus was on Raguel, his mind was starting to drift towards the shifting of the ground beneath his feet.

An Earthquake? No. That couldnt have been it. Though, it was still something that made him feel on edge. He didnt want to stick around any longer than he had to.

Azkar's hulking form appeared out of nowhere and crashed into the door with tremendous force. Barely missing Sophia, Aaron and Lara. Azkar ignored them and continued to rampage through the hallways and rooms. Her tentacles peeled off one by one and buried themselves in corpses. Dragging them after her in a sickening display. She purposefully ignored the survivor and only stopped when she had gathered all seven of the Human bodies. She stopped in one of the hallways and let out a terrible roar as she reached up, tearing the pipes and grating over the ceiling. She then lifted herself into it quickly. The long tentacles dragging the bodies into the darkness with her.

Then dead silence.

Crow caught up to the group just in time to see the corpses ascend into the ceiling like so many broken marionettes, only noticing the others after the grisly show had ended.

"Good day Captain." he said, recognising Lara from around the labs and nodding to Aaron and Sophia as he made note of their presence. Looking toward the hole in the ceiling, he continued. "Was...that one of ours?"

While he had noticed the survivor, until he was up to speed on the situation he didn't want to potentially get in the way.

"So what's your name?"

"Name's Dan Trayne but please, call me Danny. It's more snappy you know?" Danny replied, accepting the two, new fresh magazines.

He took much longer than Sophia to load them, even though he was used to popping in a new round without even moving his firing hand. All it took was a snap, a flick and another snap and Danny's handgun was at full capacity, ready to deliver his justice.

"Half of you need to proceed into the communication facility now. Any of you that have skill in tracking, go into the woods. We need to see if any of our other units survived whatever happened down their. I'll let you decide who does what. Though...do it with haste if you can. We're kind of on the clock"

As tempting the forest sounded, Danny chose to go to the communications facility. Partly because Sophia was going there and he wanted to see more of her magic and partly because he preferred an urban environment over a green one. Although the lack of people going to the facility could have indicated there would be more action in the forest, the action in said forest was probably going to go over Danny and straight to everyone else. He had no magic or experience so at least in the facility he would have some kind of advantage.

He followed behind Sophia and Lara and stayed there until they went in with someone else. It looked like they were having an argument and if there was anything Danny assumed about these people, it was not to anger them...which made crossing the line all the more fun. He had pissed off his superiors before but that became old quickly when they realized he was the best. But a person with super-powers? That, was new.

He walked in with the rest of them only to see the thing smash its way in, take the dead bodies and disappear.

Honestly I'd rather have it in my sights.

"Does that happen often?" Danny asked, whether he was joking or being serious even he didn't know.

The team who were scouting around in the forest hadn't seen anything to report on, until Isabelle spotted something off in the distance. It was a badly injured man, dressed in a standard Division 3 uniform, and carrying a M16 assault rifle. His right temple was bleeding profusely.

"Look, over there, its a guy leaning against a tree. We should find out who he is, might give us some clues." Isabelle said to the team as they headed towards the man, but also had her whip at the ready in case it was a trap set by demons.

"Look, over there, its a guy leaning against a tree. We should find out who he is, might give us some clues."

"There's guy over there?" Richard thought, trying to see what Isabelle meant, bur failing, until they got closer. The man was bleeding, badly, and looked like he could barely stand. Richard noticed that Isabelle tensed, and swallowed. "Hey, wait," he whispered as he realized something. "Aren't we like, invisible?" He knew that he would try running for it if suddenly a voice of out nowhere began speaking to him.

Elizer was savouring his new found freedom and planning how he would find Raguel, he wasn't actually sure how one goes about locating an angel, sure there were so called guides on the internet, but those were written by quacks. Maybe find some high ground? He'd waited at the top of Mount Everest for a year so that probably wasn't it.


The ground was trembling beneath his feat, it could've been an earthquake? No, he had been in earthquakes before, this felt different. Well whatever it was it wasn't good, it sent a chill up Eliezer's spine. He should get away, fast.

He started running without any aim but to get as far away as he could.

Could you outrun an earthquake?

The ground continued to shift below Elizer's feet as he ran. The sound of the earth breaking apart could be heard below him. Followed by...screaming. That was the only way to describe the hideous sound emerging from the dirt. No matter how far Elizer went, the screams only got louder, and closer. Until...


It happened far to fast for Elizer to see clearly, but he could feel a structure similar to a gigantic human hand grasp him and pull him under. The hand through him onto a soft, wet surface, yet even this moved around below him. The solf, pinkish substance lifted up and knocked Elizer into a tunnel, where he fell to what he felt like would be his death.

Waking. Eyes slowly opening. The constant barrage of movement had ceased. Taking in his surroundings, Elizer saw that he had landed on top of a boulder, floating along in a clear blue liquid. A man in Division 3 gear floated by him, his arm around his rifle, and his body half melted in what he soon deduced was acid.

Whatever was following Elizer, he wouldnt have to worry about getting away now. Because for the time being, he was inside it. And he needed a way out.

In retrospect, the ceiling may not have been the place place for Azkar to do...whatever she wanted to do up there. If she had not chosen it, she would not have run into the dozen demons lurking, ready to ambuse whoever came into the building from below.

Not one's for fighting in cramped spaces, the demons punched exits through the ceiling even deeper and landed squarely on the roof.


The noise could be heard from down inside the complex. The surviving scientist stared up to the roof, then back at the remaining agents.

"You people...should really get out...get out of here now"

Azkar erupted into the crawl space in the ceiling. She was taken by surprise when she saw the number of Demons squatting in there, ready to ambush her team mates.

The Demons were also surprised to see her, however, they attempted to scuttle away from her, taunting and hissing as the man sized Demons began trying to rip into the next floor up through vents and the floor above them it'self. However the beings of pure evil weren't all cut from the same cloth. Several managed to escape, however Azkar slithered through the cramped space with frightening speed, tearing into the walls with her arms and legs for maximum speed. Her grisly cape of flesh and corpses trailing behind her.

The few Demons still trying to escape the dark, tight tunnel quickly stopped their taunting and insults when Azkar's tentacles spat forth from her neck and grabbed two, wrapping around their arms and necks extremely tightly, snapping bone and rending flesh. Their pathetic corpses soon dragged behind her.

Further up the tunnel she sensed a single Demon was having trouble exiting the crawl space. It was an incredibly beautiful female with cloven hooves and ornate horns. She had armor of pitch black iron covering her body decorated with bloody gold and precious gems.

Izrilith the Succubi commander bashed against the roof with all her strength, yelling curses in demonic.
"Get me out of here right now you pathetic worms or I'll flay you alive!" Her face was twisted in outrage. She glanced back down the tunnel, her Demonic psyche felt two of her minions disappear down the tunnel as if they were being pulled away rapidly right before their physical forms and souls were separated.

She could feel the metal and concrete being worked over above her by her minions which had already succeeded in moving higher up. They would lure the pathetic D.I.C.E members higher into the complex and slaughter them before their main strategy even came to fruition.

Izrilith gave a wicked green as light shun down through the newly made hole above her. She reached her arms up so that the soldier Demons could lift her up. Then she made the worst mistake in the long history of her existence. Izrilith heard her prey tearing around the corner a few meters from her and decided to take a moment to take a look at it.

The only thing a Demon truly fears above all else is oblivion. They can't comprehend death because they reincarnate. However when Izrilith looked into the hideous rows of teeth rocketing towards her, she felt her very essence weaken. She stared for a split second and her ancient, warped mind had an epiphany.

"If that thing gets me, I will cease to exist."

The Succubi screamed and tried to jump out of the hole as a long snake like organ flew around her covered in barbs and hooks. It wrapped around her instantly and squeezed her tight, she screamed and cried as it rended and ripped her perfect skin and cracked her armor.
The soldier Demons tugged on her arms as hard as they could, getting her entire body out...
Then the thing tugged back.
Izrilith vanished instantly into the dark. The soldier demons lost all moral and fled further into the facility.

After she stopped moving, Izrilith sobbed and gagged. She could feel the horrible barbed thing... A tongue? And even more snake like objects wrapping around her. She was completely covered. Then the tentacles over her eyes parted, Izrilith blinked back tears and prepared to memorize the face of whatever had caught her to curse it forever.

Izrilith was dumbstruck at the gorgeous albino girl before her, their eyes were merely inches apart. Izrilith still couldn't talk as sharp bone and muscled tightened around her mouth. The Demon had never seen anything like the monster that had her or the strange girl now looking at her expressionlessly.

The girl looked at her with cold, unforgiving eyes and kissed Izrilith gently on the forehead.
The girl's pale lips moved, speaking fluent Demonic. "I am the monument to all your sins..."
Izrilith tried to scream as the "thing" loomed over the albino girl. It's huge teeth appeared beneath the large plates of bone covering it's head. The organ that grabbed her originally disappeared into the thing's mouth.
The Albino girl put a finger to her lips, symbolizing for Izrilith to be quiet.

The girl giggled and continued to stare at her. Izrilith's heart skipped a beat as she recognized the look in the Albino girls eyes... Then it stopped when she saw that the girl's body was connected to the thing... It wasn't the look of a sadist in her eyes, but the look of a predator.
The tentacles covering Izrilith's head moved, her face was marred and bloody. She was frozen with fear, paralyzed, she couldn't even think.

The albino girl pressed her face against Izrilith and kissed her sweetly. The girl then smiled and licked some of the black blood off her lips.
"I will show you the true meaning of fear... And the justice of the grave."
Like a bolt of lightening the horrific maw was upon her, swallowing the tentacles her body whole in a single motion.

Izrilith didn't have a single coherent thought until the moment her entire existence ceased to exist within the thing's body.

Azkar's hulking form appeared out of nowhere and crashed into the door with tremendous force.

Admittedly taken off guard by an 8-foot, 600 kg demon abomination-thing barreling in the direction of the door (where Aaron currently was), Aarom partition nevertheless managed a miraculous backwards dive that would've made John Woo proud, (thankfully) avoiding Azkar and landing in a tuft of grass a few feet away.

Then dead silence.

Both caught off guard and jumped up on adrenaline, Aaron keenly scanned the forest for anything else he missed, his head jerking back and forth like an overcaffeniated squirrel. This did not help when he spotted Danny brandishing a gun somewhat behind the group, as this caused Aaron to flip backwards and land prone in the grass, his twin pistols shaking from the constant jumping in a creepy forest with miscellaneous demons wandering around. When he realized that the figure was Danny (He was here the entire time), Aaron sighed, dusted himself off, and resumed his position (again) by the door, aiming inside, sweeping back in forth.

"Does that happen often?"

"Bah, this nothing. You should've seen the time I was "recruited"; there were six angry D1 agents who were in the middle of a campaign when I accidentally stuck my neck in and started bossing them around." Aaron laughed at the memories, until he remembered what happened with the "noodle" and shuddered.

"Hey, wait," he whispered as he realized something. "Aren't we like, invisible?"

Garath moved up alongside Richard, "Not invisible, just camoflaged, I can drop the illusion if you want to speak with him," he whispered. He considered altering the man's perception to let him see through the ilusion, but he disliked tampering with peoples minds so directly and in the mans condition the confusion caused by the perception shift might cause him to flee anyways.

The man looked to be in bad shape, Garath tried to remember what he knew of first aid, it wasn't much and he sincerly hoped that someone in the group had training as a medic.

"Not invisible, just camoflaged, I can drop the illusion if you want to speak with him."

Richard looked at Garath. "Perhaps. But just lifting the illusion would have somewhat of the same effect, right? I say someone who is not me should talk to him." Richard knew how bad he was at handling human interactions at times. He pointed at the space behind the hurt man. "And someone who isn't me should sneak behind him, if that is still possible, and try to secure his gun. That way, he can't run away if he gets startled, and isn't armed." It really didn't seem like a good idea to just appear suddenly.

"I'm not interested in dead humans and I think it would be bad if he ran away and got himself killed, or shot some of us... Or alerted nearby dangers." Really, a lot of unfortunate things could happen.

"Whatever we do we should do it soon, taking his gun away might just make him even more nervous though," Garath replied, then turned to Isabelle "You're in charge of this team, so its your decision, but we need to get that man help and if no one else will go speak to him then I will, although it really should be someone with medical knowledge."

Captain Lara Reid, PhD - Sector 14

She had fixed the small torch onto the side rail of the P90 by the time the door to the facility had been opened, if there had been a power failure then it might be useful. She saw the bodies first, before the survivor, a part of her reeled at the sight, the other, the USAF side remained transfixed at the macabre sight looking for clues, anything to identify what had taken place. She was about to inspect the device, readying her tablet, when the creature burst through narrowly missing her and snatched the dead from the ground with some kind of tentacles, dragging them into the darkness of the ceiling.

"OK." Lara sounded off wiping her P90 into firing position. She felt like changing the full metal jacket magazine for something more, powerful.

"Hey!" She remarked to crow. It was good to see a friendly face. She cast a glance at the survivor but Lara had never been the social kind. Allowing the P90 to rest on the strap, attached to her tac-vest, against her chest she produced her tablet and began examining the readout. She was picking up some serious power spikes. Unusual for this kind of equipment and it didn't take a genius to figure out what the cause of the spikes might be.

"Huh, I wonder what that is?"

She moved closer to the strange metal device and snapped a picture to send back to the lab for visual analysis. The readouts on her tablet made little sense but that only made Lara more curious. Reaching around into her bag she produced a universal connection cable and hooked into a port on the computer console.

Eligor opened his eyes suddenly after a quick spell of scanning the auras in the general vicinity. It opened with a start as he realised how many threats were there. Why had the group leaped before they had looked? If a sword could huff and fuss around that would be Eligor in a nutshell at this moment. There was only the buffoon and two D.I.C.E. grunts left here. Wasn't much but it had to do. Swallowing his pride for only the third time in his life, Eligor's voice rang out throughout the jet, almost sounding like the slash of a blade with the harshness of his voice.

"Don't just sit there! Do something! One of them has just devoured! They need backup!"

Obiviously they needed someone with experience on the scene, someone from Division One...

"You people...should really get out...get out of here now"

Aaron's attention was now brought to the scientist, whom he had passed over as a corpse before.

"Sorry, we can't. Professional obligation and all that."


This sudden outburst caused Aaron to turn around, unexpectedly seeing Crow in his suit, collar, and cuffs. Naturally, seeing a demon when you turn around in a dark, abandoned corridor filled with corpses is more than a little jarring, and so Aaron performed his second John Woo dive of the night, screaming "Ohfuckholyshitidon'twannadie!!" and other such profanities. When he arrived at his senses and realized that Crow was an ally and not hostile. Aaron apologized cordially for his behavior, and then discovered his breath mints in his left cargo pocket.

Keeping a portion of his attention on the strange flickerings out of the corner of his eye, he assumed a normal demeanor and moved off to the side, taking guard while the smart people did smart things.

He woke up, eyes opening slowly, he felt solid rock beneath him. Had he escaped whatever was pursuing him? All he remembered was a large, pink. soft hand reaching out an grabbing him and the sound of screaming, terrible screams like a banshee in the night. Then falling through a long dark tunnel for what felt like an eternity.

He stood up and surveyed the cavern he was in, he was on a boulder surrounded by translucent blue liquid that glowed slightly, then it clicked. He hadn't fallen down a tunnel, nor was this a cavern. He had been eaten by some gigantic creature. This was it's stomach and he was trapped surrounded by acid.

He needed to think of a plan and he couldn't let panic take hold. He was immortal, a little bit of acid could kill him.

He saw a man floating in the acid, he looked like he was from Division 3, even in death he was still clinging to his gun that was miraculously undamaged.

Eliezer waited until the corpse got close to the boulder he was on and grabbed the gun. All he had to do was try and get the creature to vomit him back up. He started shooting the lining of the creature's stomach.

"I can heal him" Simon told the others quietly. "I won't be able to maintain the illusion though. So Garaths will have to take the workload." He watched the soldier noting the amount of blood flowing from his temple. Head wounds always looked worse than they actually were when it came to the amount of blood. The real danger would be any internal damage to his brain.

"Whatever we do we should do it soon, taking his gun away might just make him even more nervous though." Garath replied, noting his opinion on the situation. He then turned to Isabelle. "You're in charge of this team, so its your decision, but we need to get that man help and if no one else will go speak to him then I will, although it really should be someone with medical knowledge." Isabelle began thinking this over, unsure as to what the right decision should be.

"Your right Garath, taking his gun away would mean removing his one means of security and protecting himself; which will quite possibly make him more nervous and flee. We should try and calm him down first though, tell him that we're not a threat, and came here to look for survivors; I can handle that. After that we should perform some basic medical work on him until someone with better training can get to him."

"I can heal him." Simon said. "I won't be able to maintain the illusion though. So Garaths will have to take the workload."

"Right, when everyone is ready, we will begin."

"I won't be able to maintain the illusion though. So Garaths will have to take the workload."

"Not a problem," Garath replied, he concentrated and took over the illusion. It wasn't too stressing, he'd handled bigger and more complex illusions before, but it was always jarring to control someone elses work, slight differences in the construction of the spell, flaws or improvements that did not exist in his own work. Especially different was how the spell was powered, Simon clearly had more magic than him, likely a result of his heritage, but he was less efficient with it, and the spell was straining Garath more than he had expected it would.

"Right, when everyone is ready, we will begin."


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