Ace Attorney: Objections for all! (Roleplay)

Hello people! My name is craftygun1 and i just want to say that im surprised to see no one had ever made an ace attorney roleplay on here! you got MLP, skyrim and such but seriously? no AA? I decided maybe there are some AA fans that wanna roleplay as one of their favorite characters from the AA series and so i release the forum with OBJECTIONS FOR ALL! :3
Please note that this is a roleplay for humans only although i am thinking about the pony fandom (Dont worry bronies ill find a place for you somehow :D)
There are rules to this rp and that means no von karmas (That means god modding for some of you people who didn't really play the game all that much but love it anyway :3) anyway i wont have this up and running YET! I still need some moderators (cuz lets face it, noone can be on 24/7 no matter how much they want to). i will have approximately 8 mods and 1 co-owner (Because im new to this thing you call "Hosting") so please support me in anyway you can and email me if you wanna help me! ill give you all the details through PM kay? Kay.


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