Deserted Island Survival RP (Closed to newcomers)

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Year unknown.
A group of survivors wake up, scattered around an island. They remember not where they came from, nor anything else about their life. They don't even know their own names. They must find each other and try to find civilization... or make their own.

General RP rules apply, read them and explanation of terms HERE.

Between 4-6 people allowed before it closes. Aaaaaaannnd it's CLOSED

You need no application, just PM me before posting. It would be easier to do this in First-Person since at the beginning you don't know your name, and well you get the picture.

EDIT: Role Players' characters' info:

(Me)Living_Brain.............................................. Male, Caucasian ............................... Aaron ...................... ~25-35
JaceValm............................................................ Male, [Unknown] ............................... Fred ........................ [Unknown]
Trucken............................................................... Male, [Unknown] .............................. Boots ....................... [Unknown]
TrilbyWill.......................................................... Female, [Unknown] ........................... Jane ........................ [Unknown]
ruedyn................................................................. Male, Asian ......................................... Riley ....................... [Unknown]
MinimanZombie.............................................. Male, [Unknown] ............................... Bob .......................... [Unknown]
JaguarDwarf..................................................... Male, [Unknown] .............................. James ...................... [Unknown]
Evil Smurf.......................................................... Male, [Unknown] ............................... Eddie ....................... [Unknown]

If I missed anyone or you have missing information about your character, contact me.


I awoke, lying on hot sand. My eyes were still closed, there was something bright shining into them. I heard a deep whoosh of something.. the sea. I opened my eyes, but immediately closed them again. I should've covered my face. I opened my eyes again, shielding my eyes from the sun with my hand. It was still terribly bright, but I could make out a jungle-like forest inland, assuming the sea was behind me. I got up, my whole body sore and stiff. I wore a tattered white t-shirt, with torn jeans. I was incredibly dirty.

My vision was starting to adjust, so I looked around for more detailed inspection. I saw nothing, just an outline of where my body was in the sand.

I open my eyes, feeling dirt and a little puddle under my body. At first everything is blurry but after two or three blinks my eyesight becomes clear. I am completely surrounded by trees and bushes, just like if I was in a forest. The sunlight barely comes through the thick leaves of the trees. I try to stand up but a great shock of pain rushes through my body. I try one more time and manage to stand up but with a great deal of pain. I look at my hands and they are bleeding and have cuts all over them, I have dirt between my fingers and my clothes are all muddy. I see that I am wearing white shorts, a plain black t-shirt and a few feet away from me are two flip flops scattered.

I hear my surroundings before I see them. For a few seconds I do not open my eyes, apprehensive of what I might see. When I finally do, my vision meets a rising crest of a wave. The ocean feels frigid, and I bob at the surface for air. I catch glimpses of the reef below, with colorful corals and exotic fish flashing by. Something hard brushes my side, and I reach out to latch a slippery rock, pulling myself into the air.

I am wearing a fitted suit, perhaps belonging to some authority figure.

I start to walk, my bones and muscles protesting, screaming for me to stop, but kept going, curiosity pushing me onward. Where was I? How did I get here? These thoughts swam around my mind, acting like an anchor to reality. After a part of an hour of walking along the beach I saw someone else, a person, getting up from the water.

He- since the person looked like a male- was wearing a dark suit, with hair cut short. He didn't seem to notice me as he looked at his clothes and out to sea.

"Hey! Over here!" I tried calling out, but my voice was so hoarse I could barely hear myself. I ran some spit through my throat, hoping to soften my vocal cords, and called out again.

"Hello!" This time my voice was audible, and the man looked over to my direction. He waved at me and I waved back, and I started jogging over to him.

I feel the rough sand on my face. I feel the waves lapping at my feet. My shoes, they are not there. I do not feel them. Shoes, did I ever have shoes? Yes, I must have done once. My bare feet once wore something, didn't they?. I feel my arms, my legs, my back. I push against the sand and roll over. My eyes finally open and I see the sky.

What is this? I can hear something, someone shouting. I can hear the THUMPTHUMPTHUMP of someone running across the sand. They are far away, the shout is distant and faint.

I look at what I am wearing, a T-shirt, shorts. Where did I come from? I feel a rising panic as other questions look to join that one. What is my name? What do I look like? Where am I now? How did I get here? Why am I here?

I have no answers.

I slowly move my left leg forward, then my right leg. It causes great pain so i stop for a moment trying to think of how I got here. Nothing, nothing comes to my mind when I think of how I got here, why I was here and who I was. I look around so I can see my surroundings and figure out what to do. On my left, a forest, right infront of me is a big tree and behind it, is more forest. I look to my right and see a beach but I see no one there. I decide to go ahead into the forest because my stomach felt incredibly empty.

While walking around I see exotic birds, little insects on tree's and a lot of fruits that are growing on trees. I see a tree that can be growing bananas. I try to climb up a little just so I can reach the banana but my arms don't allow me. I feel great pain in my muscles. Great, I think to myself, I can't eat. So I decide to continue exploring into the forest hoping to find some food, or maybe if I'm lucky, a human being.

I can hear the waves. The sound is soothing and I smile as I roll over on my back. I quickly put my hand over my eyes. Damn it's bright. I slowly open my eyes and let them adjust to the bright light. I see a clear-blue sky. Wait, a sky? I'm outside? I look at the ground next to me. Sand? I support myself on my elbows and look around. The ocean stretches out before me, no land in sight. I've been sleeping on a beach?

I slowly get up, my body is stiff and aching. I see a jungle before me. Where the hell am I? I search the pockets of my jeans, but they're empty. I look at my feet. Yellow boots? Kinda hot for those, ain't it? My t-shirt is green and a bit torn. I look in both directions of the beach, but I can't see anybody.

"Hey!" I yell out. "HEY! ANYBODY THERE!? I NEED HELP....." That's when it hits me. I can't remember who I am. I try to say it, but I just can't remember my name. I start to panic. "Somebody! Help!" I listen for an answer, but I can't hear anything except for the sound of the waves. I start to wander down the beach, keeping the ocean on my right side. I have to find help.

I feel something lap against my feet. It's cold. The cold is good. Why is the cold good? It doesn't seem like it should be good.
I open my eyes. A white light blinds me, and I quickly squeeze my eyes shut. Once the sharp pain stops, I open my eyes slowly. Golden sands surround me. I push myself up from the soft ground into a kneeling position. I try to stand, but pain radiates throughout my lower legs.
"AH! What the..."
I stand up and look at myself. My white tee-shirt is coated in a thin layer of sand. Below that is a pair of khaki shorts, stopping just before reddened shins and bare, slightly damp feet. I run my fingers through my hair. It's long, very long, and tied up at the back.
"Where the hell am I?" I croak. I desperately need water.

I open my eyes slowly and try to bring my hand up to brush the hair of my fore head. It feels greasy and seems to go down to my neck. My arm feels sore and I grimace at the dull pain, and I notice I'm wearing a black hoody. A look down reveals the rest of my clothing, navy blue jeans, a shirt with a symbol he faintly recognized on it, and some plain white sneakers.
I look around and see dense foliage. I'm in what appears to be a jungle? Behind me I faintly see a beach. I wonder if other people are around? The chirping of an exotic bird distracts me from my thoughts.
I sigh and begin to get up. My legs are as sore as the rest of me, why did I expect differently? I check the contents of my pockets, a switchblade, and what appears to be a passport. No ID or money though, and the thought occured, who am I? A name lies at the tip of my tongue, but that damn bird distracts me again.
"Shimatta, I'll kill that damn bird!" I yelled to no one, and immediately felt foolish for trying to intimidate a bird.

I awake, to be greeted by the lovely daylight. I then shut my eyes, as I've been staring at the sun.

"Ow." I push myself up into the sitting position. My clothes consists of jeans, and a nice shirt. Or it would be, if it wasn't ruined by blood, cuts, and a shard of metal sticking out of my side. Oh wait.

"Fuck...CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?" I try to pull out the shard, but then fail from the pain it causes. I search my pockets. A phone, a bullet, and a wallet. However, any identification that should be there, is missing. I decide to try and phone someone.

"Oh great, it's out of signal. JUST PERFECT!" I throw the phone in a fit of annoyance. I then
realize it went into the water.

"...God damn it." I get up, and try to start walking along the beach.

I get up, sharp stabs of pain run through my legs as I do so. I can hear more shouting, this time it is closer. I walk towards the noise, my feet accumulating wet sand. I make it to the top of a mound of sand and see a solitary figure.

There is someone walking along the beach. I shout to them and wave my arms. Running down the mound of sand I slip and slide down the slope to the bottom, I look up and hope the figure has seen me.

I spot some movement. I stumble towards, it, before grabbing some driftwood, and wielding it like a weapon.
"Uh...Who goes there?"

The person has seen me, they are holding something in their hands, a weapon? Where am I? Will this person attack me?

The person is close now, I can see they are walking slowly, with an unsure balance. The person says, "Uh... Who goes there?"

I try to think of an answer, some sort of name I can give to the stranger. I can think of no name, but one word forms in my mind as an appropriate response, "Friend."

"Well...Do you happen to know why we're here? Like, is this training, or a conspiracy? God damn it, are you as confused as me?" The driftwood slips out my hand, and hits the sand. I lean over to get it, before...

"Ah! Fuck that hurts." I fall over.
"Well. What lovely sand."

I hear yelling. Alot of yelling. I attempt to move, and end up stumbling about 5 feet to my original position before falling over.

"Augh!" I yell on the way down. I'm close enough to the beach to see some of what's happening. The man with the drifwood made me smile at least.

'Either friendly or bad with his weapon. Both are beneficial to me.' I take out my switchblade and hold it underneath a ray of sunlight, reflecting the light in the eye of the armed one.

The light makes the driftwood slip, then in turn, making me fall over. I turn my head to see a flashing object. I get up, and stumble over.

"You could blind someone with that you know!" I say to the man, loud enough for him to hear.

Somebody else approaches, holding a shiny object. The man holding the wood falls over, maybe blinded. He gets up clumsily and shouts to the newcomer.

I try and see what the shiny object is. Knife, blade, dagger. Something short and metal that kills. As the other man gets up, I say, "Who are you, why are we here?"

Maybe he has answers.

I hear the sound of people yelling nearby and make my way towards them, hoping that one of the people knows who I am and what I was doing here.
I can see three figures standing around. I shade my eyes from the sun with my hands and squint. One of the men seems to be gripping something tightly, something which is reflecting the sunlight. Another one is stumbling around next to a large piece of wood, and his side is stained red.
I put two and two together, and realise that the red patch is blood, and the shining object is a knife.
"What the hell happened here?" I ask. My muscles start to tense, and my toes dig into the sand, almost autonomously.

"Hopefully, nothing." I notice the newcomers stance, then his glance at my side, then at the metal object.
"Wait, you don't think...Oi mate, did you happen to encounter me before this meeting?" I pick up the driftwood again.

I notice the newcomer, but ignore him, "I do not know who you are, I was hoping you could tell me who I am." I put away the knife, but keep my hand on it just in case.

"Oh. Well. Uh...4 of us here. Reckon there's more? Wait, where the hell do you think we are?"

The damn heat is killing me. I've taken off my boots and tied the shoelaces together so I can carry them around my neck. The hot sand feels kinda good against my bare feet, but it's exhausting to walk in it. I'm constantly glancing at the jungle, hoping to see something edible in there.

I look up from the sand and I see people. I can't tell how many they are, four maybe? It doesn't matter, I've found people, which must mean that this isn't a deserted island, there is civilization.

"Hey!" I yell out. I can't tell if any of them noticed me yelling, they´re too far away, plus their figures are kinda blurry. I try to run to them but the sand makes me stumble. I keep walking, waving my arm, hoping that they'll see me.

I notice another movement.
"Speak of the devil. HEY! YOU FRIENDLY?"

One man, who seems to be bleeding (his shirt seems to have blood on it at least) yells out to me. Friendly? That's a weird question.

"Sure, I'm friendly! Even friendlier if ya got a beer for me!" I snicker at my own joke. Do I even like beer? Hell, in this heat it doesn't matter, I'd drink moose-piss right now if it came with ice.

"Uh...Did he say fear? HEY! H-HEY! HOW ABOUT YOU WALK OVER HERE, INSTEAD OF US SHOUTING AT EACH OTHER?" I stare at the man. Torn green shirts, fairly normal. But yellow boots? I then ponder if there's a wreckage nearby. A plane crash, or destroyed boat? I wait for the boot guy to come over.

"Yeah, I'm comin', calm down!... sonsabitches." I mutter the last word to myself. I'm starting to get really exhausted from walking in this damn sand.

I finally get to the group, breathing heavily. "Hey guys, what's up? Any of you got somethin' to drink? I'm dyin' of thirst here."

"Dunno. But surely there's a river on this island, or something. Or maybe we're on mainland. Look likes an island though."

"What?" I say between breaths. "What are you talking about? You guys live somewhere around here right?"

"Well, I'm using a piece of driftwood as a weapon, we're all wearing rag tag clothes, and we've no clue what we're doing. If we are local, then what a coincidence we all lost our memories, and from the looks of it, you're the same. But we should probably find some local villagers or something. That one Sims game. Uh...Cast Away? I dunno." I look into the jungle.

"Or maybe we should try our hand at shelter building. Considering it's nearly sunset."

I can feel a chill running down my spine. All of them lost their memory too? And this guy, being so damn casual about it. God it pisses me off!

"Wait, shelter? We're all here on what ya 'think' is an island, none of us can remember shit, and you're talkin' 'bout shelter!? Shouldn't we try to find help, or make sure that civilization aint jus' 'round the corner? Or better yet, fix that damn wound of yours before it starts bleedin' again?"

I look down at my wound.
"Oh. Oh yeah. That's uh...yeah. But we can do that, when we've got a safer haven than this. We don't know how cold it gets here, or what lives here! Look, you wanna run off into the jungle in the night, be my guest mate. We can use cloth and stuff to wrap up my wound or something."

A man in a tattered t-shirt and a hand made leaf pair of shorts. "Are you the navy!" He calls out to the people who have appeared on the beach. The man stays in the tree line and foliage to make sure he was not spotted.

"Look man, I'm sorry. It's just... I don't get how ya can be so calm 'bout this. I'm freakin' out, none of us can remember anything, and just how the hell did we end up here? Was there a shipwreck or sumthin'?" I'm suddenly struck by a horrible thought. "What if... someone dumped us here?"

"If that's the case, what did we do to get here? And the reason I'm calm, is because for some reason, I feel before this, something even shittier was happening. So this is essentially better." I hear some dude.
"Dunno! We have no memories! Come on out!"

I walk out of the foliage and reveal myself to the group. "If your not navy then why you here? Are you my rescue team?"

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