Deserted Island Survival RP (Closed to newcomers)

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"Did you hear the no memory bit? We dunno dude! How about instead, you tell us what you know!"

I shudder when i remind myself of the wasted months, or was it years, on this island. "I was stranded here when my ship crashed. Im part of the Royal Navy and was working on guns and...Im going off topic. Basically there is a river which has a running tap coming from that mountian" I say pointing to the mountian behind me. "There is a batch of wild game but i have penned a few to make a breeding progamme. I have no other things to say." I say falling onto my back.

I cough after the new mans speech "So does anyone have food? I am starving."

"Eeeeenope." I stick the piece of driftwood in the ground.
"Can I borrow a bit of cloth for a flag?"

"I have a shelter if you want to move back to there its in the shade." I say hoping the navy will soon send a rescue team.

I spot the shelter.
"It's just a small hole. With a tree hanging over it. I uh...think we'd better make a better one."

"Oh no thats my watering hole thats my shelte" I point to a cave.

"That's just a small overhang. It isn't a cave at all! It's a rock, hanging above the ground, connected to a stone wall. Now, do you have any cloth, so I can make a flag?"

I slowly relax.
"Why do you want a flag? We're probably really near a resort or a town..."

"Okay, how much shall I stress this. We're somewhere and we can't tell where. We haven't encountered the wild life, the sun is nearly set meaning it'll be getting dark soon. We don't know the climate here. Might be bloody freezing during the night. A flag, will symbolize our first little shelter base thing. Can we at least gather up wood and stuff?"

"I have a supply of wood and a couple of boulders nearby under a tree. Its not much but its a start and oh here." I say whilst i hand the man in front of me a piece of cloth.

OOC: Yeah this is slow but it will pick up right? oh by the way my character is male.

"...Sure. Uh...Alright everyone, let's get to work."

I lead everyony to the broken palm tree and hand evryone who is concious a stack of wood and i myself pick up my leaf bag and i load coconuts in.

OOC: Yeah i forgot to add 'A piece of cloth' in my last post.

I lead evryone to a clearing near the sea, where my ship crashed. "Alright everyone i have gave you what you require so i shall leave you too it...also i need to find my shelter" I say before walking off.

I attach the piece of cloth to the driftwood.
"This is our flag! Incredibly shitty, I know."
I then use sea shells to skin Jaguar I then start forming the rocks to make small squares, where the little shelters can be.

As i walk away from the group i notice some more branches and wood along the tree line. I walk towards a neraby hole and place a a plank of wood on the ground before fashioning a workbench with the boulders and the driftwood.

I see Jaguar trying to balance a piece of wood on top of a rock.
"Uh...I think you're a bit delusional. And why are you mumbling workbench?" I lead him to the sand, where he is surrounded only by sand. I sit him down.

[OOC: Out of curiosity, did you read the OP?]

OOC:Yes. Its part of my charcter being on this island so long he's not been socialising.

I pick up the plank and throw it on the ground. "Workbench,Trees,Wife,Kids,Mom,Dad,Brother,Family" I whisper.

[OOC: You did run this all by the GM, yeah? I mean, I don't think we should be starting with breeding program, a running tap, a supposed shelter, and you already know your way around the island a little bit? That just seems a bit unfair to the other players. But oh well.]

OOC:He said i could be a stranded man who has been here a while. Too be honest he hasnt moved a bit. He just believes he's done this stuff. Like he imagines he sees pigs and that when the reality it is just sticks or rocks.

[OOC: Okay, makes sense.]
"Eeeyeah...You do that." I walk off to find the others.
"So. When are you guys gonna wake up?"

OOC:He might turn sane tommorow.

I slowly drift into sleep and i have dreams off my father tucking me in and then a massive bomb hitting my ship.

I followed behind near the rear of the group trying to remember what I know about myself. I remember a hospital, and a small cramped ass apartment. I remember them as home 1 & 2 respectively.

OOC= My guy is japanese by the way, in case ya couldn't tell.

I wake up and see that im on the sand again, for once i would wnat to stop being here. I sit up and look around. There is the group building the shelter and heres me who has been here for ages and hasnt done jack! Or have i? I'll never know.

I wander through the forest, looking for game. I get the feeling the effort is in vain considering I'm not fast enough to catch anything. I feel leaving my blade with the rest of the group was a bad idea, but they DID need to build a shelter, and the blade was the closest thing we have to an axe.

I sigh, and wander back. My memory is getting better, but I'm still far from anything useful like names of things and people, myself included. When I get back to the group, some progress is made at least. I sigh again and turn to the man lying in the sand, I believe he calls himself 'Jaguar'?

"So, are you on break?" I ask, smile on my face.

"Huh?" I ask and stand up. "What break?" I say. 'This japenease man is crazy' i think

OOC: Asclepion is removed. Took too long.

IC: The man I was running to disappeared. He flickered, still waving, and went away.

"What is this!?" I called out to no one in particular. Was I imagining this? Was I in some cruel virtual simulation? If I was, how could I get out? I decided to think less and run more. I ran past where the man was, his impression still in the sand. After at most 10 minutes, I was exhausted, and had a side stitch. I kept walking, remembering to take deep abdominal breaths, scouting out the beach for any signs of someone else, hoping to get to them before they flickered away.

I ran the the jungle wondering where everyone had gone. I trip and see another man. "STOP!" I shout.

"Hello? You there! Who are you!?"

"I dont know!" I scream. The wasted months make me rember my name. "I think its Jaguar or james."

"I'm-" I stop, realizing for the first time that I don't know who I am. Who the fuck am I? I asked myself. I tried desperately to remember, burrowing my brain for any trace of a previous life, and most importantly, a name.

"I don't know who I am.." I told the man. "Have you seen anyone else around these parts? Someone in my condition?"

"Yes! There all at that clearing." I say picking myself up.

"Lead me to them!" I tell the man after he gets up.

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