Deserted Island Survival RP (Closed to newcomers)

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2hell if i know i found ti dead in the woods. I cleaned it and dipped it in salt to catarise the wounds."

"Where did you find salt?"

"That'd be interesting to find." I say. Then, with a few following me, I set off down the length of the beach, opposite from whence I came.

what else is there here?

"Duh? Salt water? IN THEFLIPPING SEA!"

"Actually, no wait. It was dead, why did you cauterize the wound? In fact, I recall cauterization can cause more germs to appear. Plus, you just came from the forest, you would've had to been over here with us to cauterize it. Also, I don't think you can use salt for cauterization mate. Something doesn't add up here. Namely, you."

"Oh. I think Meth is haveing a deeping on me."

OOC: WTF? Why is everyones picture Justin Bieber

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"I was gonna point out the pig is made of rocks. But it was too much fun."

OOC:Miniman I didnt and what the fuck just becasue of meth you dont just imaging rocks as an animal as fat as a pig. Its just weird.

[OOC: Look dude, your post was illogical. You cauterized a pig with salt? You found a pig at all? Also, you must have clicked the red button. Also, why the hell do you have drugs in the first place?! You're in the fucking navy.]

OOC: @Miniman i dint click the red button i did that ages ago back when this thread didnt exist so why has it happened now? and im acting dumb and have drugs for part of my charcter so let me explain over time so shush...

[Well obviously you clicked the damn button, or it's just late. Stop trying to deny it, and I want to point out, your character has been here for ages. That means he has to have smuggled tons of drugs on board. Jesus dude, don't need to explain it all, but do it in a way that it's believable.]

so where do you get the drugs bro?

"Pkay and my buddies wanted to have some fun and not clean the torpedo tanks every second. So me and chris. Well i say me i chickend out before i did anything stupid. Anyway Chris smuglled some on board in his Ass crack. He sniffed almost all of it. I didnt and i felt guilty for him......Thats all"

"..." I walk off, face palming.

I continued along my path, leaving most of the others behind me. After about an hour of walking, I came across a large cave just within the treeline. It went west, took a turn to the south, and probably down. There were strange carvings on the outside of the entrance, including crude humans and rays of light from the sky, along with some symbols from an unknown language.

"I wonder what's inside," I say to those who followed. "We can go as far as the light reaches, then we come out. We'll come back again when he have a torch." With that said, I warily entered the cave.

I stand next to the entrance panting,

"Yay, dark scary caves. If there's a bear in there I'll..." I look at my switchblade

"Shit my pants I guess." I reluctantly follow him in.

I walk through the forest, glad to be away from the others.
"No hope for the whole lot of them. I tell ya. Me. Whatever." I walk over what I think is grass, but turns out to be a hole. I crash down, the leaves floating down on top of me.

"Are you kidding?" The hole is circular, and too deep to jump or climb out of.

"YO GUYS! ANYONE? Great, I bloody love karma. Abandon those whom I've no hope for, and I fall into a hole. Just great."

i stand up and snort my last piece of coke for the day and turn the way one of the group went. "YO GUYS! ANYONE?" I hear. I sprint over to a hole where i see a pony stuck in a candy hole. "Aws hit...Hold on!" I say smacking myself silly.

JAMES! I'm right behind you man! chill out. You don't want to be addicted to that shit, Look at Lindsey Lohan!

"im tripping man!" I scream at Eddie. I turn back to the dude in the hole. "Aw shit.....ITS A PREDATOR RUN!" I say falling to the floor.

I pretend not to hear blatant contradictions and idiocy from above. I begin making a tunnel, using my hands.
"98 bottles of beer on the wall, 98 bottles of beer..."

*knocks James out with a log* Now you can't hurt yourself

I run out of the cave screaming as a pack or whatever it's called of bats followed close behind.

"Get'emawayget'emawayget'emaway!" I fall down into the hole

seeing a wire trap I turn back and pick up James, we walk back to the camp fire

"Sup. Help me dig this tunnel will you?" I say to the Riley.

hearing voices I go towards the sound

"Uhmm... sure. Good to see the escape is already in progress. If you want you can use my blade as a pickaxe or something." I begin to scoop some of the dirt away from the dent Bob had made.

"Great." I do exactly that. And so begins, the slow dig to victory.

I wake up with my head buzzing like hell. I sit up and see everyone has derserted me. I stand up and look around my lean-to in its usual position looked wierd in some way. oh well. I walk towards it.

I see a cave, entering it whistling.

"Ehm... Bob? I know you like this plan, but I just realized we don't have any support for the tunnel. When we get too far in, it'll collapse on our heads. Think the dirt is solid enough for us to scratch a ladder into it?" Riley was suddenly very happy for his Architecture minor in college.

"Good po-" The wall I'm digging collapses. It reveals that it was in fact, a wall of a mound. I crawl out.
"That was easy."

"Huh, that's not supposed to happen." I crawl out after him.

I rush to the hole and help up the two people inside. A wall of dirt falls in on the rest of the tunnel they were making.

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