The Last Rose of May. (Closed, Started)

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Zavier almost winced as Tara bounded after him, landing with a loud thud followed by several more noise-inducing steps. He noted the look she gave him as he crept out of the hold and into the airship proper. He preferred doing things quietly, carefully, and precisely; habits that were not at all in line with the current situation. Tara's lack of tact would probably be quite useful here, he thought, as he straightened up.

"Well, you never got to say your questions." Tara replied.

"First things first, we need to get to the helm of the ship. Then we need to cut it loose and get the engines working." Zavier said. He scanned the small hallway for the next door they would need. At the far end he saw what seemed to be their only way out. "Let's go." He said and began his dash toward the door.

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