Just...Shut Up. (A KS inspired CYOA)

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Right, so, Caramel can't have all the KS-related fun. Time to revive this old thing from GameFAQS. Basically, I'll post a short intro from here, and whichever way you vote will influence the story and...other stuff. Sorry that the first post is so short, that's what happens when you accidently shaft yourself with an early choice.


You open your eyes. Taking a glance over at the alarm beside your bed, you curse at yourself silently. It's 5:45 AM. You've woken up early, again.

You know, if you get ready now you'll be bright-eyed and bushy tailed for class.

Yeah, then maybe we can go buy a pocket protector for our crippling nerdy-ness, after we fall asleep in our soup at lunch.

Shut up, idiots.


Someone's at the door. Hope it's not some dick that forgot his festival project.

Pfft, who would do something like that? Especially if they had someone like Shizune as their rep. Ahhh, Shizune...

What is wrong with you? She's a hard*** with a human-sized voice box. I feel bad for the poor bastard fluffing her Garfield.

You take that back!

Make me, whipping boy.

"HEY DUMB***, SOMEONE'S AT THE DOOR." You hear from the other side of the door. That seemed to shut those two up, for the moment.

It's not long before you wrestle on a shirt and look though your peep-hole. It's Calvin, the Man of Glass. He's about as tough as his title sugests, so much so that you try and look to see how he's banging on your door.

He's got a purple rubber hammer. Naturally. *Sigh*

Screw him, and his little hammer too! It's not even six yet, we're not supposed to be awake! Go back to bed.

Steve, that's not nice. Open the door, let him in.

It's no wonder we're not getting any, with a wimp like you hanging around Greg.

Well, there's no reason we can't have fun with him...

A: Side with Steve. You need sleep for good grades. Grades make you popular. Popularity is the key to intimacy, after all.

B: Greg's right. It could be serious.

C: Screw it, I'll hide in the bathroom and throw the tissue box at him when he comes in. It'd be like a dodgeball to the face, anyway.

I say go with A. C does sound fun though. =P

So this is a Choose Your Own Adventure involving a guy with multiple voices in his head and it's KS inspired?

I say C. Show off your manly prowness, ninja and dodgeball skills all in one motion.

On a completely unrelated note, 2011 posts. One more and I've got this year... Gotta make it a good one.

I agree with Nile, C. Hide in the bathroom and brace yourself!

I agree with the above 2, C sounds good.

Somehow. I have a feeling he will die D:

I vote for B.

hmm....i agree with Ganath.

I vote for B as well.

C it is. Expect an update in 9-10 hours.


And now I need to wait for a tiebreaker, just because I decided to sleep in. lol

I vote for C.

"Yeah, I'll be out in a minute!" You lie through the door. Finding the tissue box on your nightstand, you take a few practice throws to psyche yourself up. Satisfied, you call out from behind your bed.

"Yo, can you come in here quick? I can't find something." You duck, and begin to position yourself.

Your dorm is set up so if students wanted/needed to, they could jump right out of bed and be out the door. While that sounds great on paper, there's not a highschooler in existence who won't take a shower before class, because of the small chance of meeting somebody of the opposite sex every day brings.

Blah blah blah, get him in the face!
I still don't think this is a good idea...
Whatever, if we listened to you all the time, we'd be gay.

Steve, don't say stuff like that. It's not PC.

Yeah? Well fuck you. That PC?
Well, technically...

Shh, shut up shut up he's coming.

Calvin carefully pushes open the door, expecting a trap. You get on all fours and arch your back right about the bed, so it looks like you're actually looking for something. He relaxes and walks over, confident you're not pranking him.

"What'chu looking for?" Calvin asks, stopping at just the right position.

Time for a lame one-liner.
Time for a lame one-liner.

Time for an awesome one-liner.

"Oh," You say nonchalantly. "I just lost my mojo."

Calvin looked confused for a second before you spring up and chuck the Tissue-Brand tissues at his unsuspecting face. It lands dead center on his forehead, knocking him flat on his ass, thankfully not breaking it.

"Found it." You say, giving a smirk.

Mojo, seriously? What is this, the sixties?
Oh, and what you say? Sorry for Party rockin'?
STFU, at least I'd get invited to a party.
Yeah, the sausage-fest ones.
Ouch, that really hurts coming from the guy who's never gotten us laid.
Please, we haven't gotten down since I came to this trainwreck.
I'm thinking there's a reason for that.
You sonovabitch!
Come at me bro-

You smack your temple with your palm, in an effort to shut them up.



Good, peace and quiet.


Oh, fuck off.

During that incredibly stupid exchange, Calvin managed to pick himself up and glare at you. "Dude, not funny."

You bite back a laugh at his expense, "Dude, totally hilarious."

Calvin rolls his eyes. Normally he isn't this srsbiz, you wonder what's going on.

Maybe he's having girl problems and came to his good friend for advice...?
>Implying there's a girl in the world who would want to go out with him.
...Maybe he's asking where he could get a hooker?
>Implying you could pay somebody enough money to sleep with him.
...I got nothing.

Guys, shut up.

You roll your eyes back at him before hopping onto your bed. It's still early, after all. "Waddya want, anyway?"

Calvin pulls up the only chair in the room, the one to your desk opposite of the bed. "So," He begins.

"You know that we're Juniors this year right?"

No I didn't, thank you for telling me how long I've been in high school. I honestly didn't know.

You give him a look that mirrors Steve's sentiments.

"Anyway, I was thinking I'd try and get a girlfriend this year. So, to make sure I'm not stepping on anybody's toes, I wanted to know which grade you were going to be 'looking into'."

Keyword being try. But he does ask a good question.
A: Those Sophomores are lookin quite fine, I think I'll try and pick one of them up.
B: Older women are so much more mature, though. Senior girls all the way.
C: I'd rather keep it in my own grade, to be honest.

I shall let the others answer first as I don't wanna sound creepy, but go for <.< C >.>

Where's the option to go "It's all good?"
I guess I vote for C.

I'd do that, but this CYOA needs to have some kind of drive.

Not that I still won't put IZ ALL GOOOD in somewhere.

i'd go for c

All the above because why not!

or 'c' if you must inquire...

B is where it's at..I vote for B.

Pfft, fuck it. Go for A.

I'll go for C as well.

Caramel Frappe:


You know, the way Steve thinks.. I think most teenagers have that problem but it's not as obvious lol.

Putting that aside, it was a good read. I like how Calvin didn't get upset at the assault and just was forward with wanting to get a girlfriend. Since we're looking at grades I think it's best to say C.

A is going for girls attraction, and we all know that bites guys in the butt looking for 'hot' chicks rather then the good hearted girls.

B is going for the mentality, though girls as seniors will ether find Calvin immature and even if they wouldn't and give him a chance, they're going to graduate while Calvin is still in high school. Those girls will seek relationships in college.

C is best to me because you're going to graduate with them at the same time and within the same grade level, you look into girls that suit you rather then A for sexy girls or B for mature but moving along girls. So I will pick C.

I was already thinking C as I scrolled down but then I get to your post Frappe and I see that you've written a analysis for each of the choices and now I'm going O.O "...thats informative...". Classic Caramel...
But couldn't C also be considered as a 'looks' choice? If the girls that he is choosing from are from the same grade as him then, even though they may know... well I just realised that the Protagonist of this CYOA has not been named yet. Anyway, they may know him (and any embarrassing history that he may have), there is always the possibility he may go after the 'damn gurl yu luk fine' choice in his grade rather than someone with the [Insert Nameless thing here] quality/characteristic about them. Now I'm rethinking my choice...
Also a quick off-topic question concerning KS and grades I just thought of Frappe and since I've already quoted you... In KS, do you remember if the the grades/years of the girls that Hisao.. lets say 'persued' were mentioned at all? Cause frankly I can't remember and I feel confident that Lilly wasn't in the same year/grade as him...

OT: I was originally going with C but now I say A. Since you just temporarily KO'd your friend with a tissue box to the head we have been able to establish your manly demeanour, ninja ambush skills and that you have the perchance to assault your friends with tissue boxes in a very silly way. Due to this I'm assuming that you may have a history of such antics which may be detrimental to your advances towards girls from the same and further grades. Though I wonder why there isn't any


I'd do that, but this CYOA needs to have some kind of drive.

Not that I still won't put IZ ALL GOOOD in somewhere.

Oh right. You better... cause it'll be funny.

Six C, Two As and one B. You guys suck, you know? You keep picking the exact choice that stops me from showing off the CYOA's biggest feature. lol

Related: The above poster is both right and wrong about your history.

Whatever, expect the next installment sometime in the next five hours, assuming a whole bunch of people don't switch their votes.

Your vision suddenly blacks out for a second, before being filled with a smoke-like grey. You feel a floating sensation, and briefly panic before you realize what happened.

Oh hell, you blacked out again.

"It's Calvin's fault. If that asshole would wait to ask us our preference in women during a decent hour of daylight, we wouldn't be here.
"Depends on how you define here. Or we, for that matter. Didn't I fall asleep, anyway?"

You groan. If this isn't hell, then hell literally cannot exist. You're currently within the recesses of your mind, talking to split personalities,

And one of them looks like Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson. No points for guessing it's Steve.

Greg looks a bit like Marcellus Wallace. Although, Steve wold say he looks A LOT like him, if you catch my drift...

"Hey douchenozzle, you gonna say something?"

What do you want, Steve?

"What are you going to say to Cal-Pal?"

Isn't it obvious? We gotta go with the girls in our grade.

"Although Shizune isn't a junior, that seems like a good idea."
"Until you realize we're had our entire childhood to get with these girls."

That makes you very angry, and Steve knows that. Don't you, you fucking asshole?

"Woah, wait, what?"
"Our host is being a bitch about me getting us laid Freshman year."

SCREW. YOU. You know damn well that you had to dump-

"Woah, hold on, what the duck is this?"
"Before your time, kid."

Just as you were revving up to grill into that fuckbucket again, the grey haze began to clear. It seems as though you were waking up.

Or dying.
Duck you too.
It's all right, you can swear inside our head, your mum probably isn't going to hear it. She's too busy getting FUCKED, by ME!

Steve roared in laughter, while you only groaned as the world returned to your eyes. Sitting up, you can see Calvin gulping down a glass of water, equal parts worry and boredom on his face.

"I know I'm damn sexy, but you don't have to faint at the sight of me. I don't even have my shirt off." Calvin remarks, off-hand.

You're right. The force of seeing your scrawny, shirtless body would knock me into a coma.

You briefly consider throwing something else at him, but you wouldn't want to break your favorite chair.

You wipe the remaining grogginess from your forced nap from your eyes.

"You alright bro? Sorry I interrupted your meds, didn't think you'd plop that early."

You know, it speaks volumes about Calvin if he didn't think interrupting somebodies meds, AT A SCHOOL WHERE MOST PEOPLE TAKE MULTIPLE MEDICATIONS, was a very big deal.
What he said, but add a few curse words.

You throw your hands up into the air, making a 'fuck this, I'm outta here' gesture.

"IZ ALL GOOOOOD!" You yell, practically knocking Calvin over.

"Jesus Christ Superstar, I don't think the girls dorm heard you!" Calvin yells back, before readjusting himself.

"Anyway, srslybro. Which grade you gonna be working in?"


"Dude, chillax. I'm just gonna look for a nice girl in our grade, nothing big."


"Oh. In that case, you mind giving me some advice? There's this senior named Shizune..."

Ohh, Whitebread, he's making a move on your girl! Hit him! C'mon, it'll be quick!

Pushing the thoughts of murder from your mind Greg is suddenly radiating, you decide to do something more devious, as a favor to him.

"To be honest, why help her?"

"W-What? I mean, I like her and all...."

Yep, that did it. It's on now. Greg would never, EVER let you live down not harassing him a bit. And, we need vengence for the blackout and being woken up.


"Why? She's a hardass with a human-sized voice box, she'd work you dry and make you jump though rings of fire for your affections. Then maybe she'd wink at you, getting you to do it all over again. All her work done by you, and for what?"

You lie through your teeth, on Greg's behalf.


"You know a guy by the name of Kenji?"

"...No, why?"

"Go talk to him about these girls you might like. He'll set you straight, don't worry."

"Ok...Kenji...Alright, thanks man, you're a real pal!" Calvin stands up, enthused.

You smile, "No problem. Now get out of here, and get ready for school orientation day."

Calvin nods, and heads out. Your smile turns to an evil grin.

Niiice. Now what?
A: You're a choirboy at heart. Go talk to the choir director about joining, since your lazy ass hasn't done it yet.

B: You're a Band Geek at heart. Go talk to the Band director about joining, since your lazy ass hasn't done it yet.

C: You're an athlete at heart. Go down the the track and show those freshman who's the Alpha male.

D: Glory to the academia, let's see what kind of high-brow clubs there are.

E: Student council all the way. You have the charisma, the ability to delegate all the real work, who's more qualified?

F: Screw the clubs, look for women.

(Note: You may pick two max, unless you pick F, obviously.)

Go with F cuz of teh womenz

C. Cause earning a Letterman is a good icebreaker for...

E. Chatting up the girls in the Student Body.


Related: The above poster is both right and wrong about your history.

Well I was close enough at least. :D

D and E. I'm betting stuff will be funny with this combination.

Caramel Frappe:

Well I know a few things, not 100% sure on any of them but-

    - Misha willingly transferred to the school in order to learn sign language to become a sign language teacher.
    - Emi was a junior I believe, due to only having one more year of track to run as she stated in one scene.
    - Since most of them aren't 18 yet, I assume most are sophomores. Lilly a senior.
    - Shizune is a senior, because at the end of the arc they graduated and had their own course to take in life.

So going by that list would mean Shizune, Misha, Lilly, Hanako and Hisao were all Seniors and that Emi and Rin were both most likely Juniors. Makes sense I guess.

F because ... when you find the right girl, you can just join her club! Lol. That's what Hisao did with Rin- even though he didn't really intend on joining up he looked into it because he wanted to see how Rin was like (or just went along with it). See girl, know her, then join club. Then again F is saying screw clubs but I rather look for the right person then be stuck in a club and end up not having anyone to even befriend or so.

The choose Clubs and then look for girl formula sounds alot like Persona 3 and 4's relationship system. Too bad there isn't a drama club. :P But couldn't the same be said for Hisao and Shizune? They both do/did student Council which is considered a club. Oh and Lilly, Hanako and Hisao's meetings in the tea room could have been seen as a sort of club that they started.

Nile McMorrow:
Too bad there isn't a drama club. :P

Whatever gave you that idea? It's the start of the year, you could be in the book club if you want.

You could even be in a rockband, though I won't tell you how.

Also, it's in a deadlock right now, so no progress can be made...


Nile McMorrow:
Too bad there isn't a drama club. :P

Whatever gave you that idea? It's the start of the year, you could be in the book club if you want.

You could even be in a rockband, though I won't tell you how.

I'm guessing the rockband requires a combination of sex, drugs and rock & roll to be made accessible? Cause the guy already has one out the three and is also gunning for another one so rock & roll shouldn't be any harder to achieve. Otherwise I'm guessing 'Be the Choirboy'.

I vote for D and E.

Deadlock broken. will update this list for the next 3-4 hours.

C: 1
D: 2
E: 3

F: 2

(This would've been longer, but progress got erased.)

That's a good question Steve. It's 6:15 AM, I'm going the fuck to sleep.

Thankfully those assholes don't actually stop you from going to sleep.


You wake up once more to the sound of your alarm clock, tuned for 9:00 AM, an hour before Junior lectures begin. Sitting up, you realize an important bit of information.

When you stop making our life worse. Although I am mildly surprised not to be there.

I guess you snooze, you lose bro. Sorry about that.

Running through your daily checklist, you shower, comb your slick black hair and brush 'dem pearly whites. You're just about to leave when the peanut gallery snips in.

You forgot your nametag. You know, the one that says, 'Hello, my name is Greg. I'm a massive nerd.'
...Yeah, as funny as that joke was, you actually DID forget something. You know, the stuff that stops me from going crazy?
We ran out of those a long time ago, mate.
Fuck you too, Steve.

Language, mister. Just because us not taking your pills gives you a few nightmares doesen't mean ypu can yell at us.


You know, that probably wasn't a good idea.

Dude, relax-

Hey, don't worry-

SHUT THE FUCK UP, I WILL REAM YOU So hardyouwillshitbricks...

You know, one of the best things about taking your meds is that you don't need to listen to those two for a while. Honestly, he might not even be overreacting. Every time you skip your pills, he gets hit with what seems to be pretty nasty nightmares. He ends up a screaming and crying wreck, so much so that the act of exiting those dreams has knocked us unconscious two out of three times.

One time Steve resisted, but we'd have better off if he didn't after what became of THAT.

Whatever, time for Orientation!
Done with orientation!

Yeah, and it was boring as fuck.
I honestly don't think we're supposed to go. I think it's just for new kids.
Whatever. At least you calmed off your 'roid rage.
At least Greg takes his pills.
Wahh, cry more. QQ

The problem with the meds is that while it blocks the blackouts and nightmares fine, these two idiots come back after a time. One time, the Nurse tried to fix that by changing med types but...

Didn't block the nightmares.
Yeah it did. That was the time I resisted you, remember?

...your internal temperature seemed to drop a few degrees just then. Oh boy.

QQ, I did us some good then and you know ahghah-

From the strangled noises and whacks you hear inside your head, you can gather what just happened.

Oh well.

After making a few inquiries, you set off to find what you hope to be your home away from home for the year, Student Council HQ.

Steve'll blow a gasket when he finds out.

Making your way there, you find the door is locked with a sign on it. Apparently Student Council doesn't intervene for another half-hour or so. You could go see about some other clubs, I guess...

A: Wait. This might be your only chance to see Shizune 'alone', before other Student Council members swarm her in the year no doubt. You weren't going for another club anyway.

B: Go do something else, fuck Student council.

C: Check to see if there are other clubs available as well.

B. Get far, far, FAR away from the council and Shizune. No good can come from it, go find some fresh poon and have fun while doing it.

So I'm guessing that our Protagonist in this CYOA is called Peter?

C. You gotta find those highbrow clubs and join them, dude, before you get into the Student Council. Broaden your horizons and options.

Captcha: cucumber sandwich No silly captcha, Jelly babies and Lemon Fanta.

B - because why not. (Maybe set up an elaborate booby trap for calvin)

Nile McMorrow:
So I'm guessing that our Protagonist in this CYOA is called Peter?

Pay close attention to the names in the first entry. Now look at who's referred to who in this chapter.


Nile McMorrow:
So I'm guessing that our Protagonist in this CYOA is called Peter?

Pay close attention to the names in the first entry. Now look at who's referred to who in this chapter.

It's kinda hard to tell with all the different font styles but the characters that I can tell are present or existing in the CYOA so far are:

Calvin, a friend of the Protagonist (dubbed the Man of Glass, guessing either due to being emotionally vulnerable or bruises/injures easily).
Shizune, Student Council Rep.
Kenji, informant on girls that Calvin might like.
Steve, Protagonist's aggressive and snarky voice in head (possibly another personality that could take control unless medicated).
Greg, Protagonist's slightly calmer and more thoughtful voice in head but will flip a table when not medicated.
and finally...

The only reason that I thought his name might be Peter is due to:

You forgot your nametag. You know, the one that says, 'Hello, my name is Peter. I'm a massive nerd.'

Lemme me just double check a couple things.
Ah wait I see something that I read wrong in the first post.

It's no wonder we're not getting any, with a wimp like you hanging around Greg.

I read the line as if there was a comma after 'around'. So the Calmer voice is actually called Peter and Greg is the name of the Protagonist correct?

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