Just...Shut Up. (A KS inspired CYOA)

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I planned a really super cool reveal, then didn't realize I hadn't switched names.

The protagonist is not named, and I am an idiot. Everything should be in order, now.


I planned a really super cool reveal, then didn't realize I hadn't switched names.

The protagonist is not named, and I am an idiot. Everything should be in order, now.

I hope I didn't unknowingly cause problems...

Nope. You've fixed them.

I guess... A?



B. Get away from council. Far. Away.

B. Run away run away run away.

You voters know not what you've wrought.

Well, nothing to do but wait, I guess. You pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable, before turning your mind inward. Might as well see how the fight's going.

You enter your mind highly amused. Steve was pinned down by his opponent in the middle of a giant wrestling ring suspended in a spiked cage. It seems as though he forgot that the original owner of this mind can use it better than a foreign presence. As Steve gets let up, the cage melts away before all of you are level with one another.

So pencil-dick, you get laid while we were indisposed? Did you make sure it was a chick, at least?

You stare at the man who could only be described as 'your master', as he gives a look of not giving a care in the world.

Say what you like about Steve-

Why thank you, I will. He's a prick, he's arrogant, he's obsessed with sex, he's a prick, he gets us into trouble, he forgets our meds all the time, he's a prick, and he keeps calling me names.


That was rhetorical, you twit.

Still accurate.

Boys, let's settle down. Greg, what'd you do while we were 'out'?


Oh man, he knows I'm lying. Using black magic or something, the grey around us transformed to our Point-of-view in the world. And...

Steve knows we're outside the council room.

Now, now just wait a minute Steve, I can explaOH JESUS CHRIST ON A BIKE HELLLLPPPP-


Once you get outta that fucking place, you stand up in shock. You move your right arm. You move your left arm. Fist-pumping, you shout "Steven's back, bitches!"

You look around, smiling to yourself.

There, now I did both of you a favor. Don't do anything stupid, or I'm suppressing you both for a week.

Oh come on bro, don't lock me in with him!

Then don't be stupid. And take your meds.

Yeah yeah, you flippin' a dip is not something that impresses the ladies.

Steve, seriously. If you skip the meds, you and Greg probs will be crushed under all the OTHER voices that'll come out.

Oh come on bro, lighten up.


Nothing? Alright, then.

First things first, we're getting the hell away from the student council. Calling on our Splinter cell skillz, we shoot out all the lights and get away safely.

...FUCK. I don't know what I can do now. I probably have to join a pussy intellectual club so Greg doesn't try and hulk out, or go emo and not take his meds.

I remember the clubs we could'a joined last year, I think. Did you want to check out a sport one?

Yeah, sure.

Making your way onto the sports field was pretty easy, since you'd been at school for a year now. You could see the short-ass track captain red-faced, barking out orders. But more importantly, there was a Smokin' hot blonde running on the track...

...with no legs. Yep, leave it to Yamaku students to skullfuck logic with Irony-flavored condoms.

There was a basketball team, but I think that was for wheelchairs only. Soccer is for scumbags, Tennis is for wimps, and Baseball is for Americans. Fuck.

Jesus, my head...
(Ok, this is going to be complicated. Four fine-arts choices, Four Sports choices. Everybody gets three votes. You can only put to votes max into one choice, and you have to pick at least one FA and Sports club)

A: Well, choir is filled with chicks. Rock on, brother.
B: Debate is where it's at, yo. Beat them all down with enough words for three people.
C: Book club, because reading is easy, yo.
D: Photography. Nature's natural beauty and all that.

E: Tennis. Girls in tight shorts and tops with super-toned legs? What's not to like?
F: Soccer. Girls in tight shorts and tops with super-toned legs? What's not to like?
G: Track. Girls in tight shorts and tops with super-toned legs? What's not to like?
H: Baseball. Nothing like playing with balls and long sticks. You have plenty of experience with that kind of thing.

Anticipation mode begin.

Edit: C, D and G. Also very humourous descriptions for the Sports choice. Gave me a chuckle.

That may have been a cop-out, but I realized too late that that choice undid the last one.

So expect Steve to be hanging around for a while.

B. D. H.

Because I'm just too American.

B and E. But if I didn't voice my enthusiasm for B enough with that. I'll do this.

B. B. B. B. B. B.

CRUSH the opposition with the processional power of three minds.


A, B, and G.

Choir and debate would certainly be interesting for something with alternate personalities. And soccer because, well, why not? Probably the more balanced of the sports for his(their?) condition. (or maybe its like having two extra players >_> )

E, F and G.

I think that's the first choice for a hormone-filled boy, even one with three alternate personalities.

E, F and G.

I think that's the first choice for a hormone-filled boy, even one with three alternate personalities.

Sadly, that vote does not count.

One more day till the beginning of the first Arc-y thing.

So, debate, Photography, and Track then.

Well, expect the next installment soon-ish.

Welcome back. How was losing control to the aspect you keep saying you're 'better' than? lol
Get outta here, you know I'm not able to hold someone like him off.
Dude, you can't hold me off ether. I'm shocked you're still around, really.
Thanks for the vote of confidence, douche-

Hey guys, shut the fuck up. You see that blond girl over there?

Don't have eyes, can't see.

Oh, fuck off. I know for a fact both you ijiots can see dat ass, and you have me to thank for getting her in our bed later.

Woah, we got badass over here.
M'kay bro. Quick question: What's her name? What Grade? What Class? Important questions, if may say so myself.

Fuck that shit, we can find that crap out later. Fuck, we'll get told it anyway, whether we want to or not, amirite guys?

Good thing no one can actually hear you. You sound like an asshole. Also, she's in our class, dumbass.

Oh, right. That's Emi. Didn't we enter into a pool to see how she got her legs separated from the rest of her?

No, you CREATED the pool. Then shut it down when you won all the bets due to hedging the odds.
Fine work, by the way. Amazing you never got caught.

Meh. Anyways, do you see the Track Captain down there?

How the fuck should I know? I hate track.

You shut your whore mouth, you don't hate any sport hot chicks are a part of.

You're on thin ice, jackass. Come back later, before I have to knock us out.

Fine, pussy. We'll do something else. You have anything to add, white-bread?

I assume you're talking about me, again. I dunno, I like art.


Yeah, no.

Let's compromise. The office was talking about making a Photography club last year, right? Let's go for that.
...Why does a photography club in a school for the disabled sound like a terrible idea?
We have Soccer and Track, all we need for the terrible idea spectrum is a football team.

It's football, not Soccer. We're not American.

Just because we live in Japan now doesn't mean we're Japanese, stupid.


Walking back into the school, you ponder where to find this 'Photography Club'. Searching the main building passively, a sign advertising the Debate team catches your eye.

Bro, detour. We should totally sign up for that.
Are you high? We can't stop arguing with ourselves, how do you expect we argue against anyone else?
Who in the world has more arguing experience than all of us, combined?

Good point. Swinging around and though the door, you look around for the club advisor.

...Shit. There's four ladies in the room. Normally, this would be a cause for much rejoicing, but one of them is-

Goddamnit. I'll keep him quiet, so don't fuck up Steve.

Silently thanking him for shutting Greg up, you move to the group boldly. The other two look decidedly unfamiliar.

Right before you walk into Misha's line of sight, you take a glace at everything around you, to make sure you remember where the hell this is.

The room looks a lot like what the libary does, minus the bookshelves. Very open, with several octagonal tables and chairs. the words 'Media Center' crawl to the forefront of your mind. Shaking intrusive thoughts away, you turn a close eye on the actual wom-

BAZONGA. A Redhead with a massive rack and damn sexy legs just stood up all angry like.

"Oi, Whaddya mean your shuttin down debate?"

Why hello, Irish accent.

"Sorry, but we can't have much of a debate TEAM with two people." Damn it, even when Misha's apologizing she sounds happy.

"A'right, how many we gotta have then?" Redhead challenges. Apparently no one gave her the message that challenging Shizune is a quick way to get a headache.

Shizune smirks, and signs with that infuriating arrogance you've come to expect from her.
"How many do you think you need to be an effective team?"

"Me 'n my sister here could take the whole lot of 'em on, ya know."

...You know, somehow I think these two could get along if they weren't fighting now.

"Whahaha~ That sure was effective last year. How many wins did you have? Two? Three?"

Redhead was growling at Shizune now. Catfight!

Suddenly, the girl sitting right by Redhead stood up and grabbed her arm. "Kyna, that's enough." She said in a soft voice, too indistinct to be made out but definably not Irish. You turn a closer eye on the dark-haired girl.

She is perhaps the perfect contrast to the Redhead, who is named Kyna apparently. She's a small girl in every sense of the word. Small chest, lean legs, and straight black hair down to her shoulders as opposed to Kyna's long and curly red hair. Only the slightest bit of improper coloring around her elbows gave away the fact that anything lower than it was unreal.

"Dammit Maria, we can't let'em shut debate down. Wad'delse am I gonna do, join the Book club?" Snarled Kyna, before finally taking notice of you.

"Oi, missus President, how 'bout three members, for a full team? That enough to unknot yer panties?"

You open your mouth to object before realizing that's why you came in anyway.

Misha looks around for a second before noticing your presence. "I suppose if you think you can make do~" She leaves that hanging in the air.

"Yer bloody right we can, now shove off."

Misha begins to pout. "Now miss, that's terribly rude. You didn't even ask him to join yet."

Suddenly, you see an opening to insert yourself into the conversation.

The choice is yours, and yours alone! Choose wisely.

A: No need, it's what I came for. What's this about members, maybe I can help?
B: Actually, I came to join. So if you would kindly leave...
C: You're right, it was rude. I just came for some info, anyway.


You know these options all sound the same.

You're right, two of them are. Just worded differently.

I toyed with the thought that reader incisiveness could lead to a bad ending, but I didn't really want to write one of those. Especially if it made people stop reading.

I'd say go for it, but it's up to you.

Well, I don't want people to keep going back and forth between choices. Like what happened with the Student Council.

Caramel Frappe:
...so our protagonist here admitting he was rude...

That's not quite what that choice implies. It's okay for you to take a nap, though. I won't mind THAT much. XD

Sorry to make the split, but I pick B.
It sounds more decisive and authoritive. And more like a reaction from the personality currently "controling" the guy.

A, not sure why...

Wow they sure are harsh when talking about Emi...

Also A, Show your interest and Plan GO for the Dark-haired chick/Maria is a go-go.

Caramel Frappe:

Here's what I am going to pick- C

Because what's a better way then showing how well mannered you are. Student Council is about superiority, but being responsible and being a representative of your school (or class at least) so our protagonist here admitting he was rude thus to just want info shall ensure he's taken seriously, or given a chance with an impression given.

Actually, C is more of a hypocritical statement as he's directing the "...it was rude." comment at Kyna about her assumption that he is there to join when he's just as rude as her. Though it also doubles as siding with the Student Council Reps however since Steve is still in control (I think?) and the main reason the protagonist is not at the Student Council room right now is due to Steve taking over and taking the 'Get the F outta dodge option' to avoid the Club at all costs. Literally.

Yay Niles for considering mechanics!

*leaves some flowers and a mobile phone before quietly walking away.*

I went to sit down and write the next part of this, and ended up writing the new Chapter of Path of Valor (Fire Emblem fanfic) instead. Whoops.

"Actually, I came to join. So if-"

Oi, asshat. Choose your words more carefully.

Oh fuck you. Whatever.

You fake a cough, and began again, "So if there's anything I can do to help...?" You smile sweetly and challenge Shizune with your eyes. Both Kyna and Shizune's eyes light up, Kyna because now she has help, while Shizune seems excited taking on two people at once.

Misha's smile slid right off her face once she fully noticed the situation. Now that this social engagement was about to go nuclear, Misha was looking wildly around the room like a frightened rabbit.

"Kyna, seriously, back off." Said the dark-haired girl, Maria. Kyna snarled, but the death gaze coming from both Maria and Shizune got her to sit down. Shizune turns to you, now the only one left.

Well, time to put that- ARUGHTHHH

Sorry about that, but I can't have you do something stupid. You hold your smile and Shizune's gaze, saying nothing.




That's what you get. Shizune, sensing no one left to challenge her, waved her hands grandiosely as she began walking out of the room.

[Well then, since you seem to have enough members, we'll be going. Don't forget to turn in the club budget. I would hate to shut the club down for silly errors like that.]

You stifle a response just before you would've inadvertently announced you understood her.

"Well then, since you seem to have enough members, we'll be going. Don't forget to turn in the club budget, I would hate to have to shut the club down for silly errors like that~ Whahaha!"

Right, it's safe. "Yes, that'd be most unfortunate. But don't let us keep you from important business." You imply sarcastically. Shizune smiles and walks off, leaving a confused Misha trailing behind.

Kyna has a smug look on her face as they leave, and you can see the faintest of a smile on Maria's face as well. When the door finally shuts, Kyna moves to high-five you.

"Right 'on, man. Sure show'dem what for!" Exclaimed Kyna happily as you high-five her.

"Thank you. Top notch performance, by the way. Most don't stand up to Shizune like that." You offer, as it's only polite.

Kyna grins while Maria facepalms, with a ghost of a smirk still on her face. "God, don't encourage her. I swear, she can carry this team by herself if she'd do her own damn research."

Kyna pouted, "But then you wudden't 'ave anyth'ng to do, Mimi."

Maria groans into her palm, "Oh, would you stop that! You know I hate that nickname."

Still can't place that accent. She's talking a bit louder, but you can only place a bit of British-ness mixed in with abidda joisey. It's odd.

"So, technically we haven't met yet..." You leave that sentence hanging as a cue for them to introduce themselves.

Maria picks up right away, "Oh, my apologies. My name is Maria, and this is my sister Kyna."

You arch your eyebrow; these women look nothing alike.

Kyna laughs at your facial expression, "Adoptive sister. We took in Maria af'ta her accident."

You look at Maria, who's face is decidedly telling you not to press further. Changing subjects, you ask, "So, this is the Debate team then?"

Maria nods, thinking you with her eyes. "Yes, although I also do Oral Interp, which is like debate, only you're persuading a judge into thinking you're awesome."

Sounds like a Steve thing.


Speak of the devil. Willing to behave?

...fuck off.



"So, Kyna, you're the debate half?"

Kyna beams, "Yep. Regula' one woman army ova' 'ere. Could 'always use a teammate, though."

She gives you a sly grin, while Maria rolls her eyes, "Right, because you totally don't have one. Ether way, you're slated to do a bunch'a research."

You sense this decision to be an important one. Hm...

A: Sure, I'd be happy to team up, Kyna.
B: I dunno Interp sounds fun. What's that all about.
C: Hell, why not have me research full-time?

*A mobile phone rings on a desk. The Owner picks it up to read the message on-screen* There has been an update.

Yesh! This is back! Now what to choose, what to choose.

Go for C. Get on both girls' good sides and take most of the work. But still aim primarily for Maria.

Yay! It is back!

And I say A. Just cause Kyna sounds more interesting and one is usually more efficient in research when only having to focus on one thing.

"Well fuck it, why don't I do all of the research? That way you get to focus on your respective...things." Words fail you at the end, but you manage to get the point across.

Both girls smile, though Kyna's is a bit more...devious. "Oh, trying to get on both our good sides are you?" Maria giggles into her hands a bit, trying desperately not to laugh about a joke you're not seeing.

Well, yeah. Isn't it obvious?

Wait, where have you been?

Still here. I was pretty content to let you two fight it out, though. 'Course, it's nice to see your meds are working better.

Yeah, but Steve gets a little more butthurt every time I shut him down. But the less we think about the consequences of him getting out, the better. After all, we can always burn that bridge when we come to it.

"I think you broke him, Kiki." Maria said, still not quite able to get a handle on herself. Kyna was just grinning; I imagine we were looking mighty guilty.

Well, if she ever needs someone to get a handle on her...
Oh, back from your sulk?
Oh, back from your whimpering in the corner like the faggot you are?
PC, PC...

Shutting them out, you turn on James Bond mode, "Ladies, there's enough of me to go around, no need to fight." Maria smiled and rolled her eyes grandiosely, while Kyna was openly laughing.

"Yeh right, Don Juan! Thinkin you can bed 's both, maybe at 'de same time?" Kyna laughs. Maria, however, was quite embarrassed. Her face lit up red, and she buried her face in her hands again.

"Oh gawd, don' be giving 'em any ideeas nao!" Maria said into her face, a strong Jersey accent breaking though.

This, obviously, only provokes Kyna more, "Oh, wadda matta joisey gurl? Ye can'd take a bidda prahddin?"

You can only stand there in awkward silence, as the words the two girls are saying slowly become more and more completely incomprehensible.

You realize what this means, right? We must join in, with our own hilarious accent!

You internally furrow your brow at him. You don't have a hilarious accent, except...


Sighing, you join in the fun, "Gurls, why do ya' gots'ta put some man on de spo't likes dat? I mean, look at da damn poo'r gurl. Ha' face be as red as some tomato. 'S coo', bro."

They both look at you in shock for a moment, before looking at each other. There was a humorously charged pause before inane laughter broke out again, this particular bout was also joined by the voices in your head.

Pfft... Do you realize how much of an idiot that made you sound like? Good going Jive-turkey!
Who are you, Ice Cube? Wabba-dabba wooby baby!

Oh fuck off. Like you morons can do a cool accent!

Non need to shout, mon amie. Zee French accent is zee szeetest in ze world.
Yeah, Vou Vould be French, Vould you?

Calm waaay down idiots, we's not havin' some battle uh stupid rappin', here.


Yeah, dat be right. Man! You's betta' be quiet. Man!

Oh, let's talk like you now. Hhhhhhhhh, hhhhhhh. HHHHHHH!

Oh dear, you may have let loose something you won't be able to contain. Oh well, IZ ALL GOOOOD.

As the room's occupants began to settle again, you set things back on track, "But anyway. I can just do the research while you two put your cases or whatever together, right?"

"Yeh, but it's us'ally a pretty involved project, yah 'no?" Kyna remarks, getting the last of the giggles out.

You shrug. It's not like you're doing anything else this year...right?

"Alright. You don't have to come by after school everyday-" Maria starts, before getting interrupted by Kyna.

"God knows I won't." She says, unpiously.

Maria rolls her eyes at her sister, "Yes, but I probably will be. Anyways, you don't have to come by every day, but make sure you get a hold of one of us once you get something good. Then we can spend a little time together working the speeches out."

You're not quite sure, but you think you saw her blush the smallest bit.

Boom, you're in. Unless Kyna was serious about getting both of them...
Jesus, only you would think that, Steve.

ANYWAY. It appears Steve was a little more right then you'd like to believe, as Kyna picked up on Maria's slip immediately. "You cunnin' bitch!" She says, without any malice behind it.

"You plan on shagging 'em during your lil' 'working' sessions!" Maria immediately pulls back into full blush again.

"Eam not! That seounds liake sommthin you'd do though!" Maria fires back, accent breaking out again.

"Damn straight it 's, sista!" Kyna laughs back. You smite politely and wait for them to die down, decided not to interject.

For once.

"Anyways, you two have any other plans before school starts in a few days?" You ask, moving on to what you believe is a safe topic for conversation. Unfortunately, Kyna's familiar grin breaks out once more.

"Ah yeh. I'mma take one last night on the town, ta celebrate the littl' bit o' freedom we 'ave left." She gives you a look, "Wanna come?"

Hell yes we do.
You know we have other clubs to check out, right?

Steve mentally waved him off. Deflecting the question, you turn to Maria and arch an eyebrow, "You're not going?"

She smirked and shook her head, "Nope. I'm doing the paperwork Kiki's supposed to be on top of." Kyna physically waved her off. "You're free to help, though it certainly won't be as interesting."

You get a strange feeling that is certainly will be, though you can't place why.

Kyna sighs, "Ether way, I gotta be goin' soon. Last buses to 'tha city ah leav'in soon."

There are other clubs...
And also a voluptuous woman offering us to go party with her.
Or being alone with Maria.


You can sense Steve looking at you funny.


A: Party! Party! Party!
B: Oh yeah, that's right, we were looking for Photography club.
C: Well, paperwork is always easier with a cute girl working beside you...

I'm laughing but at the same time I can't help but think wat.

I'm actually torn between B and C. If Maria is doing that paperwork right now I'd say C but if she's doing it later then I'd say B so you can diversify your portfolio as it were. Also so that the protagonist can include more clubs in his 'busy' schedule. Imma think on this.

Edit: DECISION MADE. C this choice.

Yes, Maria will be doing the paperwork as soon as Kyna leaves. In silence. Crying to herself. You bastard.

Coincidentally, Kyna will drink herself to tears and pass out in an alley if you leave her alone. You bastard.

How dare you.

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