Just...Shut Up. (A KS inspired CYOA)

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Yay! It is back!

And I say A. Just cause Kyna sounds more interesting and one is usually more efficient in research when only having to focus on one thing.


Maria's got quite the character in her, you describe her well.

I'm going to vote C, mainly because getting prepared and researching full-time will get you ready to take any character on with their bullcrap knowledge on who knows what, from student council work to life itself.

Oh and I lol'd hard at Misha facepalming, I can imagine that well.

"Well fuck it, why don't I do all of the research? That way you get to focus on your respective...things." Words fail you at the end, but you manage to get the point across.

Both girls smile, though Kyna's is a bit more...devious. "Oh, trying to get on both our good sides are you?" Maria giggles into her hands a bit, trying desperately not to laugh about a joke you're not seeing.

Well, yeah. Isn't it obvious?

Wait, where have you been?

Still here. I was pretty content to let you two fight it out, though. 'Course, it's nice to see your meds are working better.

Yeah, but Steve gets a little more butthurt every time I shut him down. But the less we think about the consequences of him getting out, the better. After all, we can always burn that bridge when we come to it.

"I think you broke him, Kiki." Maria said, still not quite able to get a handle on herself. Kyna was just grinning; I imagine we were looking mighty guilty.

Well, if she ever needs someone to get a handle on her...
Oh, back from your sulk?
Oh, back from your whimpering in the corner like the faggot you are?
PC, PC...

Shutting them out, you turn on James Bond mode, "Ladies, there's enough of me to go around, no need to fight." Maria smiled and rolled her eyes grandiosely, while Kyna was openly laughing.

"Yeh right, Don Juan! Thinkin you can bed 's both, maybe at 'de same time?" Kyna laughs. Maria, however, was quite embarrassed. Her face lit up red, and she buried her face in her hands again.

"Oh gawd, don' be giving 'em any ideeas nao!" Maria said into her face, a strong Jersey accent breaking though.

This, obviously, only provokes Kyna more, "Oh, wadda matta joisey gurl? Ye can'd take a bidda prahddin?"

You can only stand there in awkward silence, as the words the two girls are saying slowly become more and more completely incomprehensible.

You realize what this means, right? We must join in, with our own hilarious accent!

You internally furrow your brow at him. You don't have a hilarious accent, except...


Sighing, you join in the fun, "Gurls, why do ya' gots'ta put some man on de spo't likes dat? I mean, look at da damn poo'r gurl. Ha' face be as red as some tomato. 'S coo', bro."

They both look at you in shock for a moment, before looking at each other. There was a humorously charged pause before inane laughter broke out again, this particular bout was also joined by the voices in your head.

Pfft... Do you realize how much of an idiot that made you sound like? Good going Jive-turkey!
Who are you, Ice Cube? Wabba-dabba wooby baby!

Oh fuck off. Like you morons can do a cool accent!

Non need to shout, mon amie. Zee French accent is zee szeetest in ze world.
Yeah, Vou Vould be French, Vould you?

Calm waaay down idiots, we's not havin' some battle uh stupid rappin', here.


Yeah, dat be right. Man! You's betta' be quiet. Man!

Oh, let's talk like you now. Hhhhhhhhh, hhhhhhh. HHHHHHH!

Oh dear, you may have let loose something you won't be able to contain. Oh well, IZ ALL GOOOOD.

As the room's occupants began to settle again, you set things back on track, "But anyway. I can just do the research while you two put your cases or whatever together, right?"

"Yeh, but it's us'ally a pretty involved project, yah 'no?" Kyna remarks, getting the last of the giggles out.

You shrug. It's not like you're doing anything else this year...right?

"Alright. You don't have to come by after school everyday-" Maria starts, before getting interrupted by Kyna.

"God knows I won't." She says, unpiously.

Maria rolls her eyes at her sister, "Yes, but I probably will be. Anyways, you don't have to come by every day, but make sure you get a hold of one of us once you get something good. Then we can spend a little time together working the speeches out."

You're not quite sure, but you think you saw her blush the smallest bit.

Boom, you're in. Unless Kyna was serious about getting both of them...
Jesus, only you would think that, Steve.

ANYWAY. It appears Steve was a little more right then you'd like to believe, as Kyna picked up on Maria's slip immediately. "You cunnin' bitch!" She says, without any malice behind it.

"You plan on shagging 'em during your lil' 'working' sessions!" Maria immediately pulls back into full blush again.

"Eam not! That seounds liake sommthin you'd do though!" Maria fires back, accent breaking out again.

"Damn straight it 's, sista!" Kyna laughs back. You smite politely and wait for them to die down, decided not to interject.

For once.

"Anyways, you two have any other plans before school starts in a few days?" You ask, moving on to what you believe is a safe topic for conversation. Unfortunately, Kyna's familiar grin breaks out once more.

"Ah yeh. I'mma take one last night on the town, ta celebrate the littl' bit o' freedom we 'ave left." She gives you a look, "Wanna come?"

Hell yes we do.
You know we have other clubs to check out, right?

Steve mentally waved him off. Deflecting the question, you turn to Maria and arch an eyebrow, "You're not going?"

She smirked and shook her head, "Nope. I'm doing the paperwork Kiki's supposed to be on top of." Kyna physically waved her off. "You're free to help, though it certainly won't be as interesting."

You get a strange feeling that is certainly will be, though you can't place why.

Kyna sighs, "Ether way, I gotta be goin' soon. Last buses to 'tha city ah leav'in soon."

There are other clubs...
And also a voluptuous woman offering us to go party with her.
Or being alone with Maria.


You can sense Steve looking at you funny.


A: Party! Party! Party!
B: Oh yeah, that's right, we were looking for Photography club.
C: Well, paperwork is always easier with a cute girl working beside you...

I'm laughing but at the same time I can't help but think wat.

I'm actually torn between B and C. If Maria is doing that paperwork right now I'd say C but if she's doing it later then I'd say B so you can diversify your portfolio as it were. Also so that the protagonist can include more clubs in his 'busy' schedule. Imma think on this.

Edit: DECISION MADE. C this choice.

Yes, Maria will be doing the paperwork as soon as Kyna leaves. In silence. Crying to herself. You bastard.

Coincidentally, Kyna will drink herself to tears and pass out in an alley if you leave her alone. You bastard.

How dare you.

Oh god, a cruel choice. XD Guess it is time for f-this shit o-clock and pick B! (not really)

Well a party would certianly make an interesting turn of event given the character(s?). However, I would find myself staying behind with Maria at this point....
So I guess my answer is C (for realz this time).


Huh, with these accents I can't imagine this being taken place in Japan. It sounds like New York or maybe downtime L.A to me but that's not cool to assume so I shall stick with the post's subject. And I shall go with C because you get work done but also bond with Maria.....

My ex girlfriend's name is Maria, a bit awkward but I shall get over it.

I wonder when we'll see Hanako or any of the other characters besides Misha. I'll have to find out.

Well if visiting photography doesn't take all night, you can always come back for Maria.

I say B.

Caramel Frappe:


Huh, with these accents I can't imagine this being taken place in Japan. It sounds like New York or maybe downtime L.A to me but that's not cool to assume so I shall stick with the post's subject. And I shall go with C because you get work done but also bond with Maria.....

My ex girlfriend's name is Maria, a bit awkward but I shall get over it.

I wonder when we'll see Hanako or any of the other characters besides Misha. I'll have to find out.

To be honest, a lot of the little stuff I make up as I go along. That said, due to earlier conversations, I'm probably not going to involve other seniors too much.

Caramel, I try to time my updates with yours, but you released a chapter of your LP two days after I wrote Chapter 9 of Path of Valor. Booo, writing fatigue.

Anyway, I'm introducing no less than three new gameplay mechanics this installment. They will be indicated by stars. Godspeed, protagionist.

...You're not seriously going to stay here, right?

Yeah. You have a problem with that?

Kinda, fucknugget. There is a girl, standing in the doorway right now, offering to let us party with her, and you want to do paperwork. GHEYYYYY

You realize there's a girl with us, right?

pfft. Prove it. We've seen guys with hair that long.

You're pushing it, Steve...

Do it, no-balls! Think you got the power left to suppressed me? Do you even lift?
Uhh, is pushing him a good idea...?
Was I talking to you, fagballs?





stevewat ru doin

You feel dizzy, and a cold chill runs up your spine when you feel Steve's laugh ringing louder. Faintly remembering there were two other girls in the room, you faintly pat a pocket in your jeans implying something of importance is in there.

Weakly you ask, "Actually...Is there a bathroom around here...?"

Both girls look surprised you have taken a turn for the worst so abruptly. Kyna points towards the back of the room and mouths something, but Steve's laughing drowns it out. Growing paler, you make it to the bathroom and close the door before Steve's laughing forces you to your knees.


Then, it's black.


Then, it's grey. Steve is standing over you, Halo-esqe Energy Sword in his hand, face like thunder.

Well well, look who's here. Decided to grace us with your presence, master?

Steve spits his words at you. Summoning your mental strength, you stand and reach for your weapon. Pressing a button on the hilts, two silver blades of energy slide out. Brandishing your double-bladed lightsaber, Steve takes stock.

...You know, maybe talking isn't out of the question?

Growling, you cartwheel in the air and strike Steve with both blades. Not quite expecting you to come out guns blazing**, Steve is on the defensive.


Not giving him the satisfaction of a response, you jump again, spinning to strike him horizontally. When the first strike hit, Steve successfully blocked to his left. Expecting you to finish your spin, he positions himself to knock the lightsaber from your hands. Instead, you spin the other way, letting the bottom blade strike Steve's exposed side.

Steve's top half files into the air, while his bottom half dissolves. When you turn, a white wispy figure is pinning down Steve's rapidly regenerating body, wisps of black smoke reconstructing everything below his sternum.


Wasting no time, you jump and impale Steve's head. His body finally dissolves, and the world fades to white.


Gasping, the cold tile of the bathroom assaults your sense of touch. Faintly, you hear a irish accent, "I t'ink we broke him, Mimi."

Climbing to your feet, and overcoming the moment of dizzyness that brings, you take stock of what just happened. Steve will be back, but that was close. Glad it was you fighting him**, and Greg was on your side**.

Putting on a smile, you open the door and pass a hand through your short, brown hair. "Sorry about that ladies, but I AM here for a reason."

Kyna smirks, while Maria just looks relieved. "I swear, you look'd like you were gon'na croak right 'ere. Ye're not comin with me."

You only smile as Kyna bids goodbye to her sister and bounds out the door. Looking up at you, Maria asks, "So, you staying to help a poor cripple?"

You limit your surprise to a single raised eyebrow. Maria giggles, a bit more girlishly than you remember her acting a few minutes ago...

...With Kyna. Huh.

You sit down, "Indeed I am. So, where do we start?"

Maria stands up and takes your arm, "Not so fast, hotshot. You know what goes well with paperwork? More paperwork!"

You feel the cool sensation of plastic on your skin. Perhaps what Kyna said earlier wasn't entirely false-

"Quit gawking! We got a lot of work still!" She leads you out the door in a very authoritative manner. You have this weird feeling both of the sisters would be the bestest friends with the Student Council President.

What have you gotten yourself into...?


Where's Akbar when you need him? Right now, you're sitting in the lobby of the Nurses' building. Maria is in a tense conversation with some unknown secretary, when she finally huffs and saunters over to you.

"No dice. You're going to have to meet with the Nurse and release your records."

"Wait, why?" Not that you're ashamed or anything...

"So I can fill out my paperwork, duh!" She playfully punches you on the arm. Wondering if Maria and Kyna are twins, you get pushed along to a door a ways down a nondescript hallway. Stepping in, you see the Nurse's smiling face and closed eyes beaming at you.

"Ah, hello! How may I help you, my good man?" His Japanese accent throws you for a loop for a second, as you realize you haven't heard one in a few hours.

"I need paperwork." You say, as he taps a pile of papers. You'd think it was odd he would have had your records ready, almost as if he was tipped-



Hurriedly, you take the stack of papers and mumble a quick thanks. He catches your wrist, "Not so fast."

His smile is gone. "So, I heard you had a bout of sickness a while ago. Why don't you tell me about it?"

Briefly considering lying to him, you opt to tell him the whole story, fight and all.

After you finish, he scrunches his face in thought.

"Now, I'm going to suggest something, but you might not like it..."

"Anything to stop him from trying to take over again."

"I want to switch up some medications. I still have that drug that snuffed them out totally, from a few years back. I want to try that in combination with a sleep aid. See if we can't kill two birds with one stone."

"That didn't work the last time you tried it..."

The Nurse gives a sad, understanding smile. "Well, right now, you can't have both***. Your choice."


A: Give me the new stuff. Better than having Steve try and take over again.

B: I'll take my chances. Better than those nightmares...

B. You don't need no drugs.

I think Steve might be running out of insults if he has to resort to something-balls twice in a row. Epic Mind Fights are always the best type of fights too but I couldn't help thinking that it sounded like a Star Wars duel mixed with Lord of the Rings. :P

I'm going to say A, might as well try something new and see if it gets rid of the 'hole in your head. Plus it presents you with the possibility of doing stuff that is critically important, such as hitching up with Maria and Kyna. (You thought I was going to say studying didn't you?)

@Nile: I thought you were going to say "invite them for a rousing game of chess".

@RaNDM: Hmm I would but I highly suspect that Kyna would be nigh unbeatable. There may even be the requirement of little hats to ensure a win.

I would say A.
Second chances and all that.

@Nile: What if she makes her own little hats?

Caramel, I try to time my updates with yours, but you released a chapter of your LP two days after I wrote Chapter 9 of Path of Valor. Booo, writing fatigue.

Apologies, but I had to do so because finals demanded my full attention. And let me tell you, they're a major pain especially when you have multiple classes doing it on the same day. Anyhow it's all good though.

OT: That was actually a fun chapter to read. The mental struggle between our hero and Steve reminds me of Bleach where Ichigo fights his inner hollow, Hichigo. Except you guys were simply sword fighting, not flying around and doing huge blasts of energy from the blades.

Also, I go with A. Why?

Imagine if Hisao didn't take any of his pills. He'd be having so many heart attacks it would be like every 5 minutes he would have a stroke, get back up and pretend it was nothing. That sort of happened a bit in Lilly's arc for some reason.
Also, as much as I dislike the Nurse .. he's a doctor and he (usually) knows best. So taking the pills would be best.

@Frappe: Nurse. Not a doctor.

I wouldn't let some sketchy high school nurse string me on meds. How would he have a license for that anyway?

Fun Fact! Both answers are bad!

Also, I had my Adv. English professor read some of these entries. He laughed, but didn't want to continue because of all the swearing. And he didn't even make it to Steve's part.

You faintly smile. "Give me the new stuff. Better than having Steve try and take over again."

The Nurse nods, and hands you three bottles of pills, with different colored tops. "Take one Pink topped pill every night before bed, along with a white one. Take one White and Blue top ether before school or during lunch. If you feel any...symptoms, stop taking the Pink pills and come see me."

You nod, hoping in vain The Nurse could get your meds right on the third try. After a quick checkup, you were off with the pills and paperwork in hand. Maria was waiting in the lobby for you.

"Ah, you're finished!" She smiles. "Now we can do some actual work!" She grabs your arm to haul you away once more, but you don't budge.

"Maria...can we talk? Privately?" Maria raises an eyebrow, then shrugs.

"Sure. No one came in today besides you, so we're probably not getting anyone else." She lets go of your arm as you walk back to the Debate Room.


Once you arrive, Maria shuts and locks the door. "So, I take it this isn't about you wanting to worm out of paperwork?" She says with a sad smile.

"What? No, nothing like that. I was wondering..." You scratch the back of your head awkwardly. "...Did you set me up? With the Nurse?"

Maria looks baffled for a second before giggling. You roll your eyes, "Wow, mature. I mean, with the new pills." You shake the white-topped bottle. Maria looks guilty.

"Sorry...We were worried." Maria blushes, "Well, I was worried. So, I mentioned you maybe passing out, and that seemed to perk his interest. When's the last time you saw him?"

You shrug, "Not since summer break started. I don't see him every time I need my meds refilled, after all."

"Oh...right." She awkwardly rubs her arms. She takes a seat and pulls out paperwork. You continue looking at her until she finally gives in and meets your gaze. "What?"

"I'll tell you mine if you want to tell me yours." You offer. She flushes, and plans her next words carefully.

"I...I lost my arms. In a car accident. My-" She takes an unsteady breath. Sensing the changing mood, you move closer to her. "My parents were-" Sniff, "-killed instantly. Kyna got away with nothing major, but my brother Minato had brain damage." You can see tears starting to form.

"After that- After that, we were separated. I was sent to America, Kyna was sent to Ireland, Minato went to England. Naoto..." Maria lost it then, as tears began welling down her face. Your brain goes on auto-pilot as you wrap your arms around her. After a minute, she gently pushes you away.

"Naoto died on impact. Bled to death right in front of Minato's eyes, the paramedics said. Of course, we never got to see the funeral, and neither mine nor Kyna's guardians know where she was buried."

A strange thought passes through your head. You know know why, but you have this feeling she might not be dead...

"What happened to Minato? Why isn't he here?"

Maria wipes her eyes, "Memory loss. The family that took him in...Our family, is his now. Kyna and I were basically adopted out." She starts crying into your shoulder again.

"That's horrible..." You mutter, dumbly. Again, she composes herself and pushes you away softly.

"We're still Kyna and Maria Arisato, though." She says, bitterly. She looks up to you, "Well? Think you can follow a story like that?" She tries to smile through her tears. You respond by embracing her again. This time, she doesn't stop crying for a good ten minutes. It felt like hours.

After she sits up, she ruffles herself and stops crying altogether. "So-" She said in a cracked voice, "Why are you stuck in cripple-school?" She says, ironically.

You swallow. Ahh, shit.

"I-ah...black out, sometimes." You say, leaving that awkwardly hanging in the air. Maria chuckles.

"That's it?"

"...Not quite." You take a DEEP breath, "It happened when I was six. I was playing in class with the other boys, when all of a sudden I dropped like a stone, smashing my head on the table and nearly impacting my skull." Maria covers her mouth.

"Oh my..."

"I did it again in the hospital, which is when they gave me those meds. They were supposed to regulate the blackouts to periods of when I'd be sleeping, or something, but sometimes I'd pass out right in the middle of the day."

You swallow again, "One of those times...was Freshman year." Maria held her tongue, waiting for you to continue.

"It was the day of Winter Formal. I had asked this cute, kind of nerdish girl I'd known all my life out, and she said yes. This was about the time...Steve showed up." Maria raised a confused eyebrow, but said nothing.

You continue, "Little did I know, I passed out earlier in the day. My math Final was on the same day, and I had finished early. So, I laid my head down and caught some rest. It felt like the best rest of my life at the time, because when I woke up it was already lunch."

You grit your teeth, "And then I got up. Only, I didn't tell my body to move up. Or to start walking. Or to break it off with my date. Or to go all the way with that slutty cheerleader, when I could have been DANCING WITH MY CHILDHOOD FRIEND." You grind your teeth so hard they start creaking.

"And...That's how Steve ruined my life. I learned sometime later that I had blacked out, and something- Maybe the stress of Formal, or Finals or whatever- but something made my mind crack, ever so slightly. And thus, I became a schizophrenic. Steve, the voice in my head, had taken control and done what he thought was best."

Maria sat there, stunned silent.

"That night, I had some of the worst nightmares in my life. I thought I would die. Then, the next morning, another one popped up. He called himself Greg, and he was like the spear counterpoint to Steve. The rest is history, I've been living with those two all my life."

Maria furrowed her brow, "Then...what happened today?"

"Steve got mad. See, occasionally I let them run around in my body so that they don't try and take it over, and injure my brain further. But lately I haven't been giving Steve turns, and he tried to force me out."

Maria had a look of pure concern, "And...?"

You sigh and lean back in your chair, "I shut him down. Passed out in the bathroom, and fought inside my head. Greg helped me take him down for a while, but he'll probably come back. The Nurse gave me new pills though, ones that shut down the voices almost absolutely."

"Really? That's great!"

You shake your head, "Maybe, but the last time we tried that, it didn't block the nightmares."

Maria looked disappointed, "Oh."

And the awkward silence returned.

"So, do you like I'm crazy?" You ask, wanting not to beat around the bush.

Maria looked you dead in the eyes, and replied softly, and calmly, "No."


You can't quite remember who leaned in first, but you found your lips presses against hers for just a brief, sweet moment. Both of you pulled away just as quick, Maria sporting a practically luminescent blush.

"Well," Maria awkwardly clears her throat as she shuffles her papers mindlessly. "I think we can save these for tommorow, don't you?"

You smile, "Of course." You stand up, and offer her a hand. She takes it bashfully, as you pull her into a hug.

"Thank you." You whisper in her ear. She only smiles.

As you release her, she darts her face upwards to give you a peck on the cheek. "Anytime." She smirked. "You should get going; I've got to clean up." You decide to leave her to her thoughts and nod.

As you walk though the door, you both wish each other goodnight at the same time.


You take your pills and jump into bed, a smile on your face as the blackness of sleep overtakes you.


Then realize in horror the scene is changing. You were in Mutou's class, but he wasn't there. Everyone is frozen stiff, staring at you.

Suddenly, a man you've never met before in your life has a heart attack. He sputters and gasps in pain, looking to you for help. You try to move, but you can't. His body is wracked with convulsions, falling out of his chair and shaking on the ground. His eyes, black as sin, stare as you as he dies, painfully.

The door swings open. You're standing there. You, as you were years ago, still a little boy. He stands there with a smile on his face and waves.

"Hi! Anybody want to play?" He asks innocently. He strides in, and you know what is coming. He walks in, then stumbles as all expression droops off his face, as if he had just fallen asleep right there. As he falls, he hits the corner of a desk sharply and violently.

There you are, six years old and bleeding from the head on the ground. Little you's eyes open up, still baby blue and innocent.

"I...I don't want to die...Help..." He says in a soft voice.

The bleeding slows.

"I want...someone to remember me..." He says slowly, slipping into unconsciousness.

You hear the shrill flat-line of a heart monitor. The scene changes to a hospital.

Your grandmother is lying on a hospital bed, white-haired and smiling as if nothing was wrong. The smile gets somber. She looks at you.

"I kept up late so Death wouldn't pay attention to me." She looks at the monitor. She looks at you.

"Looks like he did, more than you. Tell your mother there were some pies left for her, would you dear?" She asks, smiling again. You stand there, mortified. She died the day before you came here, you never saw her.

The scene changed. You were at your old school.

This time, you weren't you. You were just looking on, out of body. You saw yourself walk up to your old girlfriend. It wasn't you, it was Steve.

"Hey! Are you ready to go?" She asks. She never knew.

"What, with you? Sorry, me and Rachel are going to the movies. Her parents aren't home so..." He trails of as he pushes past her. She was your lifelong friend, but no one knew you were how you are.

She never wanted to see you again. No one did. You wouldn't be remembered.

The scene changed. It was a park.

You and her were much older, you held a baby in your arms. Your older self looked at you, and the smirk he gave you told you Steve was there. You fall forward onto the ground. The baby suffocates.

You can't take it. You scream out, attempting to make it end. Everything stops.

The scene changed. You are in the lunchroom.

Everybody was looking at you. Some with pity; they've heard similar cries of pain. Some with confusion. Some with mild humor.

They all know. They'll all know. You'll never be remembered.

This time, the blackness was welcome.



So, how do you guys like the story so far? Any comments, questions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

It's good. It's pretty good.

I have no comments to make. My only suggestion is not to force the narrative unless necessary, but you're doing a fine job.

I think it was pretty good, although the relationship may have started a little fast imo.

Two things;

A: Act 2 will be starting as soon as Caramel releases his christmas special, unless I'm away from the computer. Then I have no idea when the heel it will come out.

B: Shout out to Missing Stars, because technically our Protagonist would be more suited to that school than Yamahalama.

Blame the fic Animas Duo for the lateness of this update. Also, pretend the Mayan Calender said the world would end earlier. Also, check the OP for the brand-new Act List.

"RING RING RANG, MOTHAFUCKA!" Repeated your alarm clock. You moan into your pillow, as your worst fears have been realized.

The world was still here. That means school.

God FUCKING Damn it. Why can't one of these god-damn end of the world predictions ever come true? Then I'll get reincarnated into someone less GAYYYY.

Steve came back the morning after you joined the debate club. He pouted for a while, but eventually settled back into old habits.

Who the hell are you talking to? We know this already!

You ignore him.

The hell you d-

The nightmares, unfortunately, have continued uninterrupted for the past two days. After school, you decide to head to The Nurse.

...After you go to Debate, right?
I thought you didn't like Maria?
I don't, as she's horrible stunted in the T&A Department, especially compared to her sister.


...But you like her, so I don't really have a choice.
Aww, that's almost touching.
And, there that goes...

Tuning them out, you begin the day slowly. After showing and getting dressed, you idly look over your materials for class. Deciding everything was more or less in order, you walk out the door, take two steps...

...And hit what felt like a brick wall.

You really should watch where you going.

You look up and realize you actually ran into someone. In front of you, shaking off the impact, was another old friend of yours.

[Hello, Daniel. Sorry about that, my mind is on other things.] You sign.

He waves you off, [No big deal, bro. Calvin told me you were banging those two debate girls.]

That surprised you. Come to think of it, you haven't seen him since Greg convinced you to end him to Kenji.

[Did he...use those words?]

Dan chuckles tonelessly, [Not exactly. Was spouting some garbage about how you were turned by the feminist witches after showing him the path of truth. What'd you do, by the way?]

You shrug, [Greg has a major thing for Shizune, and Calvin said he did, too. So as a favor, I threw Calvin out of the game. I didn't think Calvin would fly off the deep end...]

Dan smirks, [You smacked him with a tissue box. After Kenji dragged Calvin into the abyss, he convinced him you were acting under Feministic orders and were only able to get one last message out before they pulled you under for good. Quite ingenious, in a completely insane sort of way.]

You furrow your brow, [Yeah, I guess. Think it's permanent?]

Dan shrugs, [Don't know. You could try talking to him. But I'd do it sooner rather than later; He was talking about hanging out with Kenji more often. A good sign, that is not.]

You nod, [Yeah. Well, see you later, man. Sorry, again.]

He gives you a little wave as he runs off, quickly signing, [No big. Peace.]

You stare after him as he runs off, good memories flowing back.

I'm sorry, who was that again? That dickish friend of yours?
Shut yo mouth, Daniel is a bro.
Dude, he hates both of us. Although, you guys never told me, why does Steve piss him off?
Cuz he's a lazy motherfucker. Still pretty boss, though.

Right, Greg wouldn't be as familiar with Daniel as Steve. Basically, Daniel is your bestest friend in the world. You've known each other since Sec- I mean, Middle school. Then, early freshman year, he up and disappeared. By some kind of amazing coincidence, Daniel was attending Yamaku when you transferred here.

But that doesen't explain...

Shush, you're giving exposition. Anyway, for some weird reason, Daniel didn't talk to you for days. Later on however, you learned that somehow, Daniel became mute. He hasn't even told you about it, although you couldn't guess what kind of traumatic experiences that leave you voiceless but otherwise perfectly fine exist.

Which still doesn't-
I don't know or care to know how sign language works, and neither do you. He thinks we're dicks because of it.
But how does master know...?
It's like your mom's hand late at night.

Oh god...

Maturity levels high, up in here.

Agreed. I almost feel bad for you.




Plopping into your seat, you thrust your head gently onto your desk. Whyyyyyyy-

"A litta' eairly fa ya to be sleepin' there, man." An Irish voice seems to sing out. Oh no...

Oh HELL yes.

You turn your head to the side, and notice Kyna standing almost triumphantly over you.

"My, you bounce back from hangovers quickly." You say, bitterly. She just beams at you.

"Yep. The mornin' afta a hangova is tha best mornin'!" She laughs, brightly. God damn, she's perky today.

That's not the only perky thing...
You can't be serious.
Are you gay or something? Look at those perfect, soft bos-

Cutting the idiots off, you sit up slowing, blinking the last of your grogginess away.

"Did Maria see you the other night after all? I didn't see her yesterday..."

That's only going to-

That only seems to provoke her, "Oh yea? How fast ya think you'll be workin', slick?" That sounded...hostile.

"Wait, what?"

"I 'eard about what 'appened last night. Mimi pours her heart to ya, you avoid 'er the next day? Why shouldn't I kick ya ass right 'ere?" She growls, mood suddenly changing. She must have planned this, as you've picked up a crowd of suddenly-interested students.

And she's not exactly painting you in a flattering light.
Wait, avoided her? If anything, she was avoiding us!

Greg has a point, badly worded as it was.

"Wait, avoided? I looked for her, she wasn't anywhere at school!" You raise your voice, assertively.

"Oh yeh? Didja check tha Debate room, smart'ah?"

"The door was closed. I knocked, no one answered, so I left." For whatever reason, that calmed her down, somewhat. She went from angry to indignant.

"Didn't think ta open tha door?"

"Nope. What could I have possibly gained from looking around a room I knew was empty?" You say, flatly.

Kyna almost seemed flabbergasted, "Ya know, a note? Like the one she wrote?"

She slaps down a piece of notebook paper, reading:

Kyna's complaining extra hard about her hangover, so I won't be around today. Call me at 8675~~~


Oh. Shit.

You dun fucked up, son.
And something tells me those dark, previously wet spots were not someone randomly dripping water onto the paper.
You really think she cried? Christ man, what did you say to her while we were gone?

Nothing. Well, something. Well, a lot of things, actually. you'll show you sometime.

Wait, you'll show you? Master, are you-

You tune them out, before muttering, "Sheeeeit."

Kyna rolls her eyes and walks back to her seat, "Ta put it lightly."

After the first day of class lets out, you race to get out. You have to find Maria, yesterday. But, on the way out, an image of Steve and Rachel ripped directly out of your nightmares appeared suddenly at the doorway, causing you to stumble and fall onto the floor.

As you scramble to your feet, you realize you're at a metaphorical crossroads...
A: Fuck that shit, we gotta get to Maria!
B: That wasn't a good sign. We can get to Maria after The Nurse.



Kyna was somewhat bipolar this time around but luckily it was shortly lived. But wow I felt sad when realizing those droplets were tears on the floor .. .then again, I suspected something. Nothing comes good from hangovers, ask almost anyone who's had them. Anyhow time to post my vote-

OT: B.

Never go straight into resolving something without a back up plan. Even if a girl is terribly hurt, don't run to her like some white knight, think about what you're going to say and get yourself back up before advancing. Going to the Nurse to help yourself with the medical problem will also benefit.

I mean, he's stepping in and out of reality and into the mental mind in public. What's he going to do running frantically at Maria only to have nothing planned to say, and suddenly overwhelmed by Steve? Always prepare, even if you want to rescue someone you can't without having a strategy or plan set out.

I agree with Caramel, it would be better to go to the nurse to possibly fix what is happening. It would also provide more time to think about just what to say. She will still be around after the check up after all. So my choice is B (clearly).

Good story thus far I might add.

Great, Thank you!

Tell me, how do you guys feel about the characters so far? Should I keep on going, or introduce more of the original Yamaku students?

I say B. And keep the cast of characters short unless you think you can be Dostoevsky.

And now, our protagonist shows some backbone.


To your right lies Maria, the girl you've been cultivating a romance with, and is in serious danger of being broken.
To your left lies The Nurse, whom has the keys to restoring your old functionality like a robot janitor.

To your right lies your future, and the happiness that comes with it.
To your left lies your health, something you need TO GET TO THE FUTURE.

To your right, lies pussy.
To your left, lies faggotry.


As you sprint off to the right, things start becoming hazy. The grey of your mind gradually overlays the view of the real world. As you lose feeling in your legs, you watch passively as your view tumbles towards the unforgiving ground. You hear a loud 'Thunk', but feel nothing as the grey turns to black.


In your mind, two figures stand. They seem to be floating in an endless grey expanse, and are of identical appearance except for their coloring. Steve, clad in translucent black, grows a large red scar down the right side of his face. The scar glows in time with his speech.

"Well well well. Looks like it's just the two of us now, bitch. Don't think I forgot about what you did a few days ago." Steve says darkly, activating his blue sword of energy.

Greg stands opposite him, an opaque white color. His shining blue eyes and creamy, well-groomed hair are the only features separating him from his master. He tosses a ball of blue energy between his hands, the size of his head.

"I don't presume to explain myself to someone like you, Steve. Let's settle this like men." Greg shifts his body, lining up as if he was about to pitch the sphere.

"You say, wielding Ahri's weapon. Some man you ar-" Steve's taunt is interrupted by him getting hit by Greg's weapon, neatly shearing off a portion of Steve's shoulder. Growing, Steve launches himself forward in retaliation.

As wisps of smoke reconstruct Steve, Greg dives downward, away from Steve. When Greg's weapon returns, it hits Steve again, destroying the bottom half of his legs. This does not deter Steve, as he turns onto his front and begins to spin, putting his sword in front of him and turning him into a drill-shaped missile. In a panic, Greg shifts onto his back, narrowly avoiding Steve's almost certainly fatal attack. Still, the force of his spin caused Greg to rocket downwards, away from his foe.

As Greg slows himself, he realizes in horror that he's gave Steve the chance to recover. Feeling stupid, he tenses himself for another attack, unable to see Steve in this grey expanse.

"What's the matter dickweed? Can't stand up to the heat?" Steve taunts from somewhere.

"I don't remember ever getting hit. Can you say that for yourself?" Greg quips back.

All is silent, until Greg perceives a growing black figure coming from...below?

As Greg lurches forward, Steve suddenly begins to curve his drill attack, straight into Greg's torso. Impulsively, Greg throws out his weapon, missing completely. He then lets loose a scream of frustration as everything below his shoulders gets pierced by the drill and fizzes into nothingness. Steve skids to a stop behind him and blindly chops down, hitting Greg and leaving him only a head and wisps of white, spiritedly trying to rebuild Greg's body.

Greg's head flails around, managing to work its way behind Steve. Despite Greg's efforts, Steve easily grabs his head.

"WAH WAH WAHHHHHH." Steve laughs, while Greg only has a smug smirk.

"Psst. Look behind you." Steve's mirthful expression drops off his face as he realizes his mistake.

"..Die of gonorrhea and rot in hell." Steve says though gritted teeth as Greg's weapon finishes its return. Instantly, Steve's head is incinerated by the glowing ball, and as it flys protectively around Greg's head it shreds the remainder of Steve's body.

"Seems more your style, you godforsaken whore." Greg says, as the world around him fades to black.


You wake up on a cot, presumably inside the Nurse's building somewhere. Although things are a bit hazy, you can clearly see a figure rushing to your side. If that didn't give away who it was already, her voice left no things to the imagination.

"You steupid idit! D'you realize haow worried I was?" A familiar jersey accent sounds, a million decibels too loud.

"Arggh," You groan, "Did he- I mean, I- Did I ever tell you what's wrong with me?" You take a gamble. It's be awkward explaining this if she hadn't, and could cause some drama-

"Y-Yes. Do you not...remember?" She sounds utterly crushed and disgusted, with memories of the letter fluttering back to your possibly injured brain.

"Right, well then, introductions are in order. Mind if I don't sit up?" You say, massaging your temples. She stares in shock, no doubt remembering what your master told her about you.

"You mean..."

"Yeah, I'm Greg. Master isn't in right now, but I could probably take a message for him." You mutter sarcastically.

You don't see the change in facial expression with your eyes close, but you can guess by her tone she isn't any happier.

"Right, well, tell him he's a massive-" You interrupt her with a raised hand.

"Before you say something both of us will regret, you should hear from his objectively better half." Waiting for her to quiet down, probably indignantly, you begin again.

"We're never going to be the perfect boyfriend. Like it or not, our mind is broken. I'm sure we've seemed great up to this point, but you gotta remember that living with three guys in one head makes us look at situations a bit differently. I know for a fact the very first thing Master did when class let out was rush to find you."

"Kyna said as much. She also told me he tripped at the door, and later crashed into a wall."

Damn, that's what happened? Now this killer headache makes a lot more sense.

"That...was a bit of a disagreement between us."

"Disagreement? Like in the debate room a few nights ago?" Damn, she's a sharp one. At your old school, that kind of thing would be overlooked. Best to be honest with her, or hide things really, really well.

"Yeah. The others wanted to rush straight to find you, but I had the presence of mind to get our meds first."

"So, the new ones didn't stop the nightmares?" She asked, sadly. You're surprised at exactly how much information your master shared with her.

"...No. I assume they're horrible, as he never tells us about them. We never seen them, even if we went to bed 'in control'."

You both say nothing for a time, before Maria breaks the silence again.

"...Can I ask you, Greg, a question?" She says, almost timid.

"Sure." You say, still massaging your head.

"Do you all...like me?"

You open your eyes, briefly blinded by the light though you were. You look into Maria's eyes, and find steely determination as well as a pinch of fear. You sigh and close your eyes again.

"In our own ways. Master is absolutely head-over-heels for you. I think you'll be good for us, giving Master some much needed stress release and happiness. Steve..." You chuckle.

"Steve wants to bang your sister so bad it's almost comical. But he goes along with us because he realizes you're our best chance of getting laid."


"Steve sounds like such a gentleman." Ding ding ding, she wins your approval.

You both chuckle. After another bout of silence, she speaks again.

"Can you do me a favor, Greg?"


"Can you keep our little conversation a secret?"

"I'll certainly try."

"Thanks!" She says brightly, before standing and kissing your cheek. You turn your head to see her wave goodbye, and can't help but feel master has excellent tastes.

Out of the corner of your eye, you spot pills.


Sure enough, PILLS HERE! Sitting up, you examine the note that the bottle was sitting on.

Take as soon as you wake up, then come see me.

~Head Nurse

Staring at the bottle of pills, you wonder something. If you take them now, Steve and your Master will be locked out for a while, allowing you a much needed vacation in the real world...

A: Take the pills, Go to Nurse, Enjoy freedom.
B: Go back to sleep. This is not something for you to deal with right now.

A. I think Greg deserves a break.

I say A. Greg deserves to enjoy himself now and again after helping deal with Steve. Granted it could be risky if he doesn't know what to say to the Nurse.

I really appreciate you guys voting, but I think two votes isn't the best way to gauge how people want to the story to go.

Some people may be shy.

I think that's the best we can do after waiting a week. Maybe PM some of the other players?

Caramel advised against doing that, so I'll take his word for it.

But I'll probably write the next part tommorow anyway. I just feel weird having only two or three guys deciding everything. XD

We are... The Deciders.

It's us.

ITT: George Dubya Bush quotes. ^

Meh. It's not like Master will mind, if he even wakes up by the time these meds edge off. Grabbing the pill bottle and downing the selection carefully measured before you, you realize something.

You REALLY should have thought that one through. Whenever Master loses consciousness, by sleep or head injury, he goes though those nightmares if we didn't take our meds. Which means Master has been in one for a while, and you just locked him inside it against his will.


You wonder how he's faring against his treacherous mind.


...You sense he isn't doing well. Oh well, nothing you can do about it now. Besides, what's the worst that could happen from a few nightmares? Maybe he is just making a fuss over nothing.

Hopping up off the bed, you set off for The Nurse before...going to Debate or something. This is the first time you really have complete control, no-one will remember what you do but you. It feels...nice. You can see why Steve gets miffed about not getting turns with the body, life really is grand.

Making your way down the halls, you idly search the door's nameplates. Finding the Head Nurse's, you knock and stroll in at his invitation. He notices you as you come in, his eyebrows kitting together in a recognizable look of exasperation.

"Oh, hello. I didn't expect you to be up so early. Please, sit. You must have a hell of a headache." His expression softens with his little joke, though you don't laugh.

"Actually, I don't. Also, I'm not awake yet." And...that sucked the mirth out of the room.

"What do you mean." The Nurse says slowly.

"My Master is still asleep, probably suffering from some kind of horrific nightmare because you people can't get us under control."

"Us. Do you mean to imply you are..." The Nurse takes out a file and ruffles though it, "...Greg? It says here the other personality is much more abrasive and vulgar. Though you're plenty abrasive, Greg."

You frown, "No need to be hostile. I didn't forcefully event him, your crappy meds made him slip and fall. I'll filling the vacancy while my Master's out."

The Nurse's expression does not change. "So, can you take an accurate account of what he's feeling right now?"

You nod. The Nurse gives you another once-over, before launching into rather excessive questioning.

Somehow, your answers seemed to have repaired his pissy mood.

"I must say; I'm surprised by you Greg. You've all the basic tenants of a personality, and actually subservient to the host. Very well, it's been a please speaking with you. I recommend you go back and stay in the dorm for now though. Could you have your Master speak to me when he's awake?"

You nod, a little disgusted a nurse would let you go like that. Of course you have a full personality!

You exchange a few parting words, then find yourself standing in the doorway.

Reminders of your freedom spring up, trying to push away The Nurse's words.
(Multi-part choice, Incoming!)

Aa: Fuck that, Master is actually pretty safe now. Doing what you want seems pretty rad.
Ab: Fuck that, Master is actually pretty safe now. Doing what you want seems pretty rad. No reason we can't have a little 'fun'...Master doesn't have to know.

Ba: The Nurse IS a nurse. I guess it's bed-rest for us.
Bb: The Nurse IS a nurse. I guess it's bed-rest for us. Master doesn't need to come down again, though. These pills block out the voices and nightmares fine. Probably.

Ca: Why not go to the Debate room? Maria is probably worried, and you want to spend some more time with her as yourself.
Cb: Why not go to the Debate room? Maria is probably worried, and you want to try spending some more time with her as your Master...

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