Just...Shut Up. (A KS inspired CYOA)

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Caramel Frappe:
.. When did that other side meet Maria? I remember something like that but... I can't recall. Mind a recap?

A because if she knows what he is like now, it will help prevent any misunderstanding caused by Steve in the future.

My english teacher decided to go over all these parts again. I asked him for an honorary vote, and he picked B.

So I'll give it a day or two more, and then lock-in the final choice.

Which is a stone-chiseled invite to vote, loser. I know you've been reading and not voting. Stop, now.

You shush, you're not supposed to be on this side of the wall.

Okay, well, just remember you wanted this.

This is a bad idea.
This is a terrible idea.


Wait, Master, you're not seriously considering this, are you?

...Actually, you kind of are.

NO! Are you seriously going to overlook all the stuff he pulled lately? Steve could do something SERIOUSLY BAD. And don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

You've got a point, letting loose the de-facto Id in your little Freudian trio isn't the best of ideas. But do you remember when Steve tried seizing control?

...Yes, why?

If Steve gets away with that kind of thing, and lies about who he really is, he can get us in even more trouble.

That's a risk we should take.

...Looks like you've been outvoted, Greg.

You look at Maria again with a smile on your face, "I can arrange that. You'll be meeting with my more...intense voice, though. Just warning you."

Maria rolls her eyes, making a flexing motion with her prosthetics. "You kidding me? I'm a big girl, I got this. Don't worry."

You nod, smiling. "Right. Well, the next person you'll be speaking to is my...friend Steve. See you soon." You give Maria a peck on the lips before setting your head i your arms upon the table.

As the black takes you, something feels...wrong.

You pick up on why almost instantly. What you're not seeing is the world through the eyes of Steve. Instead, you're seeing the endless, empty gray expanse of your mind. Oh dear.

Greg and Steve are there as well. Greg is absolutely livid, taking the form of Brand from League of Legends. IE, a giant unfriendly-looking creature made of fire.

Steve just seems confused, standing there in a perfect copy of you only with red eyes and a black aura.

Whether you like it or not, I seem to be the only one who wants to look out for our well-being. Fine, if I have to beat some sense into both of you, I WILL!

Sensing danger, Steve realizes it's time to kick some ass. Whipping out his trusty Energy Sword from hammerspace, you draw your double-bladed lightsaber, ready to put Greg in his place.

What's a little jarring is the fact Greg isn't using Brand's attacks, despite taking his form. Instead, he's manipulating a ball of energy that seems to work like a lightsaber-esqe boomerang. As you float, flummoxed, Greg takes the opportunity to shoot said ball directly towards your head.

Reacting purely on instinct, you swing your lightsaber at the projectile in order to destroy it mid-flight. Instead, it flies away as if you were playing baseball with it.

And it's flying back to Greg, who has engaged in a melee with Steve. Whoops.

The direction of your deflection caused the ball to arc up, annihilating Steve's entire midsection. As the lower half of his body dissolves, his head files behind Greg, shouting obscenities.

"What the fuck, man!? I'm on your motherfucking team you cuntmonger!"

You frown. "Right, sorry." You mutter.

Changing targets, Greg throws the glowing sphere at you again, curving it to make it try and connect with your right flank. Twisting your arm in a circular motion, you deflect the ball again.

As you go to engage your temporary foe, you see him seem to spin with his arms out, as if his hands were...

...quickly throwing your weapon to the opposite hand, you defect the projectile that had made a full rotation around Greg to attack your Left flank. Remembering Physics class, you realize that the more you hit the ball, the faster it will come back to you again. Flashing back to a minute or so ago, you deactivate the bottom blade of your weapon and switch hands as the deadly ball comes around again.

You smirk, "Batter up, motherfucker."

As the ball was about to separate your top half from your bottom half, you grip the now single-bladed lightsaber with both hands and swing for the fences. Unfortunately, your James Bond-like one-liner tipped Greg off, and he backflipped in place just in time to dodge the now blurry sphere of death.

Smirking himself, Greg makes a grandiose gesture with his whole arms before flipping forwards. You just barely fail to dodge the now practically invisible weapon as it shears off the top of your head, no doubt exposing your brain.

Deciding it was time for a Death-or-Glory attack, you dive forward towards Greg, carefully adjusting yourself to overshoot and end up above him.

Greg decided not to rub in your apparent defeat, and stopped his weapon dead as it came speeding towards him. You were floating above him now, with him directly below you and his weapon to the front of him.

"...Did you seriously think I'd get hit by my own weapon?"

You shrug, "Kinda."

As Greg opens his mouth again, you violently twist your whole body, putting all of that kinetic force into hitting Greg's ball right into his smug-ass face. He said nothing as the ball ripped right though his head.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, you float back and relax as Steve's head floats into view.

"So I'm going, then?"

Go nuts.

Fuck, it's been a while since you've been in this dump of a body. Getting your head from out of your arms, you take precious time rubbing the bright-ass room away from your poor, sensitive eyes.

Sensitive is not a word I'd describe you with, Steve.

Fuck you too.

As your eyes begin to focus again, you remember what you're supposed to be doing. Blinking the last of the blurriness from your vision, you begin to size up your owner's choice in women a bit more in-depth.

And find yourself thoroughly disappointed. This girl-


...Marian, is the logical opposite of a 'butter-face'. If all you wanted to do was bang a girl that looks cute, then Mary scores a perfect ten. Thin, soft lips, deep-ass blue eyes, soft dark hair that reaches her shoulders, the girl's got the works for a classic Girl-Next-Door vibe.

But. And this is a pretty big but, not unlike the one on her sister, she just does not cut it in the T&A department. Simply put, she's an A-cup angel with an ass that would probably shatter if she fell too hard. Now, like her sister, she's definitely got toned legs, but think about her arms for a second. How is that going to feel when she-

You're pushing it, boy.

...Okay, fine. But say something to your girl, she's giving us a weird look right now.

I think that's your cue, idiot.

...Sorry, I'm saving myself for marriage. I don't give out fucks to people like you.

Rudely interrupting, Mamamia breaks the enveloping silence. "You know, I never expected you to be the quiet type."

You suppress a sneer, "Well, what do you want me to say? I know who you are, you know who I am. Start asking the questions you no doubt have."

Amazingly, your tried-and-true method of stopping conversation by being an asshole seems to backfire. "No no no, I think you should tell me about yourself."

...This girl is starting to get on your nerves. "Fine. I'm Steve, the objectively more badass of this trainwreck and the only one that does not want to jump into your pants for anything other than the sake of it. By the way, your sister's a bombshell."

You smirk, expecting to get her riled up by comparing her unfavorably to her sister. Instead, she leans back in her chair and laughs quietly. "Greg did say you liked my sister better. And here I thought you liked how fast I was moving this relationship."

Wait, what?

You roll your eyes, "Don't get me wrong, If you show up on our doorstep in nothing but a coat and a g-string I won't complain. But right now, you really wouldn't earn a second look from me."

She only clicks her tongue in response. "I understand. It's not like you to have the higher brain functions to deal with anyone other than one buck sluts."

You smirk, "Know a lot of them, do you? I guess you really get around when you're working the same customers."

She only smiles and runs a hand though her hair, "You're right. Your mother told me all about them."


You're going to kill him. And her. And Greg. And maybe some teachers, if there's time left in the day.

Standing up to yell at the infuriating bitch, you are stunned when she springs up like lightning and locks lips with yours. Pulling away, she daintily pushes you back onto your chair, as you continue with your dumbstruck look.

The mounting confusion only increases when she mounts YOU. Pressing her body up against yours in a very...intimate manner, your frazzled brain can only make out that she is very, very warm...pleasantly so.

You don't even conjure the thought of resisting as she whispers in your ear, "Let me make something VERY clear. Your master in there...is MINE." She says, harshly.

"And if you ever think about sabotaging us..."

Suddenly, out of fucking nowhere, her hand slams down on your groin and grips your man-parts tightly.

"...I will fucking END you. Understand?" You can only nod, hoping the pain will end soon.

Thankfully, it does. As she removes your junk from her vice-like grip, you re-evaluate the woman currently straddling you.


Well, you've always brought out the best in people.


As you're raging against the creator, Mimi sits up on you and moves her hair from her face. "Can I have my boyfriend back now?"

"Jesus Christ Superstar, yes. Fuck me..." You mutter as you lie your head back on the chair, closing your eyes.

It only takes a moment to slip back into your body. Opening your eyes and marveling the beauty in front of you, you make a tangentially-related statement. "You know, we never did make it official..."

She only smirks, "Did you want to?"

You smirk along with her, "Yes, I think that'll work out nicely."

She only similes as she goes in for the kill, kissing you hungrily. Deciding it's as good of a time as any to celebrate, you return your new girlfriend's passion, both of you paying no heed to the stack of papers on the desk beside you.

As you enjoyed your alone time with your girlfriend, those papers went unnoticed for the next hour or so.

Not that ether of you cared.


I do have a bad ending in mind. Two, really. One Maria-specific one, and the generic one for letting one to many nightmares happen to our protagonist.

I will say it's nothing on the level of Hanako. If you've ever read the theory about how the Pokemon anime is just Ash in a coma dream, it's kind of like that. I'll leave it to you to figure out how. lol

The best part is 95% of this chapter I made up literally on the spot. Originally it was supposed to end with Kyna walking in on them and the choice being what to say, but I ended up deciding that this brought the second act to a nice close.

Well, that was unexpected. Nicely done.

I need to be in a specific mood to write for this CYOA. When you fight with almost every female friend you have in two months, these moods are hard to come by.



It's a beautiful moooorrrrnnning!

Dooooooo, Do do!
For fucks' sake, it's been two weeks. Please, calm the hell down.
Oh my, he even said please!
...Okay, I'll join in. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yooooou!
Ehh, you slide a bit. Might want to work on that.
But how can I do that, when I'm working on YOUR MOTHER? EEEEEEEEEEE-

You gotta admit, that's a pretty good one for Steve.

And no one else.
I dunno, your mother seemed to like it. At least I think it was her, I wasn't the only one there.

...That one was actually kinda funny.

Do I have to remind you she's your mother as well?
No, cuz I'm not insulting him.
I hope you don't think you're insulting me, that'd be pathetic.
You know, if we're going to be open and honest with each other, I think it's safe to say the only pathetic thing here is your microscopic junk.

My, you're feisty this morning. What's gotten into you?

It's more about what you HAVEN'T gotten into.
Anybody who guessed Maria's Pants, please raise your hand.
Look at that, even Fagball-mcgee here thinks along with me.
I do?

You will never understand why Steve will randomly switch from disliking your girlfriend to wanting to hump her brains out. Which really makes intimate moments uncomfortable, as you can unfortunately attest to.

You're saying you're one of those abstinence losers?
That's harsh.

No, you're not one of those 'losers'. But you're sure as hell not going to get physical with anybody when there's even a little chance you could be watching, Steve.

Ohhhh, I get it.
Do you now?
Oh yeah. Our little Romeo is worried I can satisfy the lady better than he can!
Oh god...
I dunno, it'll practically be a threesome. Girls are into that, you know!
Okay, first: No...just no. Second: Can you count? There's three of us. Add her, that makes four.
Are you kidding? Why would I count you? You're obviously gay and wouldn't participate-

Your meds have literally never felt so good as they have at this moment right now, and they probably never will again. You savor this moment as you begin your routine for classes.

After a nice refreshing shower, you put on your clothes for the day. It's kind of sad when you take your meds; it makes you feel almost lonely that for the next few hours, your head will be completely empty, sans you. You note the irony of how after all the shit these two have pulled, you'll still miss them when their gone. You smile as the term, 'Stockholm Syndrome' floats around in your brain.

You doubt it's quite that severe as you step out into the hallway. Greg and Steve are your old companions, true, but they're also just shards of your personality. They're always with you, in a sense.

You continue your intellectual ruminations right down the dorm elevator and outside the building. There, you see Daniel some ways up the path to the main building. Shouting after him to try and get his attention, you begin to jog to catch up. Luckily, he's not a deaf-mute, so he turns around and acknowledges your presence.

[Yo.] He signs, partially testing if you are who he thinks you are.

[Hello. Nice day, isn't it?] You sign, pausing to work out the rest of the kinks in your muscles.

Daniel idly looks around the sky, [Meh. I guess every day's a good one when you have somebody to fuck.]

You groan, [Not you too! Steve has been saying that too, Why does everybody want me to have sex with my girlfriend? It's only been two weeks!]

Dan smirks, [You don't?]

You pause, fumbling to think of the signs to an appropriate answer. Eventually you just give up and say, "No, that's not it. I just want to get my head problems worked out before...well, imagine if Steve got out during the 'act'."

Daniel laughs, which is a rare and kind of confusingly deep noise. [You know, you should talk to...Maria?] You confirm her name, [Maria. You should run this by Maria, maybe she wouldn't actually mind.]

You roll your eyes, [Sure, but I mind. Doesn't that count for something?]

Daniel just bops you on the head in response, [Not if you aren't in. Actually, wouldn't that be like rape? Or like, three-fourths consensual? Is it possible to have raped yourself, or would it be her fault?]

You sigh and submit yourself to this insane conversation, "Well, Maria would technically be having sex with someone who's judgmentally impaired whether I get my shit worked out or not. If we disregard that, then Maria would have no idea that I'm not Steve or Greg unless I say otherwise, so if Steve was horny and wanted to impersonate me there'd be no real way of stopping him."

Which isn't technically true, you could raise a fuss and force a fight. But this is hypothetical, anyway.

Daniel still seems endlessly amused, [So, you can take part in consensual sex without giving consent? Nice. You could make a career out of suing for rape over and over!]

"I dunno, I don't think it would be Maria's fault. If anything, Steve would be raping me." You chuckle at the alien thoughts.

Daniel rolls his shoulders and grimaces, [Icky. Do not want.]

You nod in agreement, as a silence settles between you. Which Dan doesn't really notice, naturally.

Eventually Dan taps you to get your attention, [Oi. You know Ayame, from band? Trombone player?]

You give Dan a purposefully odd look, [I've never been in band in my life, ya dip.]

Dan, curiously, rolls his eyes, [Riiiight.] He signs, sarcastic tone heavily implied. [Anyway, the festival months away, you think I could...]

And so, you and your friend continue talking about the mundane right through the path and into the school building. As you pass the door to the debate room, time slows to a crawl.

You know Maria hangs out in the Debate room to do her paperwork before school. This could technically be a good time to talk to her, while you still remember, but you're not really sure how she'll react.

A: Go visit her and tell her about the recent conversations you've been having
B: Visit her, but keep the sex talk to yourself.
C: You should probably visit after school, maybe your mind will be a bit clearer.

Caramel Frappe:
But also the wording of what you say is important too. Talking about wanting sex so soon might co e off as a bad impression.

That's the silver bullet. This is the second week our unlovable loser has been with Maria, and they're still in first. Bringing home up at this point will impede our progress in advancing the relationship.

I'm not saying let's never bring this up, ever. Now is not the right time.

B. Let's see what she's up too. May as well bring Dan for kicks.

I'm not a guy that likes to beg, but if I could get one more vote in?

A: 2
B: 1
C: 0

EDIT: The process begins again.

I'll be nice and say A, if you still care.

The nice thing is that this thread is bookmarked, so I'll never forget about it. Forgetting to check it after it hasn't had any posts in a while is another matter. Anyway, time to start the actual character-conflict, since i've waited long enough and you guys are smart enough to pick the right way to avoid nightmares early. That would be why this chapter skirts under the 1000 word count, by the way, and why I had to waffle the choice from the last part. I promise not to make a habit of it.

You know, if you wanted to talk to Maria about this whole 'intimacy' thing, now'd be a good time to do it.
NEVER, would also be a good time to bring it up.

Wait, why are you worried about it? I'd think you would take any option that would get you nookie faster.

True, recreational sexual intercourse could be considered my driving goal, but...
But you're actually becoming sensitive to her feelings?
HAHAHAHA fuck no. Rather, I 'comprehend' 'normal people's' 'thoughts'.
That was a wild abuse of sarcastic air-quotes.
Kind of like the wild pounding I gave-


...Fine then. No need to be a dick about it...

Yeah, almost care about your feelings Steve. Almost.

Luckily, a lull in conversation happens just as you pass the door, so you quickly excuse yourself from your friend's company. He was sadly not blind, and knew exactly where you were going. Just as you thought you could slip away before Daniel realizes what you're doing, he knocks on the wall to get your attention. You grimace and consider not turning around before finally giving in.

Not exactly expecting sage advice, you turn to see what Daniel has to say. He just stares back at you, smirking. Slowly, he brings his whole arm in front of him like he's going to flip you off.

...When suddenly he thrusts his arm down to his hips and thrusts his pelvis forward. Classy.

...I don't...

As you watch him laugh and walk away, you can slowly feel your palm gracing your face.

...Hang on, if he's mute, how can we hear him laughing?

...Wait, that's a good-


Yes, that makes sense. We wouldn't hear his laughing if he's mute.

...but we did?

Did we?


See? What's the matter Greg, you feeling okay?

Wait, hang on, why are you believing what Steve says? You literally just heard it yourself. He did it before, too!

Oh yeah, back outside, I thought I could hear-

Don't you remember how Daniel always laughed noiselessly after his disappearance?

...Oh yeah, that's right. Gah, you're making my head hurt.

It HURTS because Steve is WRONG.
I would like to helpfully suggest you shut your damn mouth when talking about me, cumfaggot.
Frankly my Steve, I don't give a damn about your opinions on what I can and cannot do.

Both of you shut up, I have a girlfriend to see.

Slowly opening the door so you don't accidently frighten her, you notice a suspicious lack of short dark-haired females in the room you are currently present in. Strangely, the lights are still on and Maria has seemingly left her paperwork across the table she was sitting at.

I sense a trap.
I sense you being on a short leash.

Ignoring the voices in your head, which you really should be doing more often, you plop yourself in her chair and look over the...whatever these are.

You really should talk to Maria about her organizational skills, as you can't make any sense of the chaos in front of you. What looks like the second pages of two different entrance forms sit beside pages of notebook paper with...some kind of diagram scribbled onto it. The only thing you can make sense of in the mess in front of you is a nice, orderly stack of...something. The top sheet has scores and comments about some past performance of Maria's, but the one under it has an entirely different category of scoring about it.

...We didn't volunteer to organize this, did we?
No, we only volunteered to research facts for the both of them...

Not that you could find any past items of research in this mess to give you a idea what to search for, anyway.

While you were in the middle of contemplating whether or not such items would even be IN a stack like this, some kind of force lifts you backwards. This would be exceedingly bad if not for the fact these were not normal chairs, rather a kind of rocking-chair like structure to allow ease of...something or another.

You're not at all surprised to see the upside-down face of your girlfriend pouting at you, no doubt disappointed you did not, in fact, leap off your chair.

"Hello there. Nice day, isn't it?" You smugly ask as she rolls her eyes and pushes you forward. Not about to waste an opportunity, you quickly wrap your arm around the back of her head and pull her down just as you lean back again. It seems your physics classes payed off, as this particular set of actions had set her lips on a direct collision course with your own.

Mission success, Code Green.

I'd be more interested to see what a Code Black constitutes as.

After returning from your successful expedition into the forays of your girlfriend, you get up out of her chair and offer it back to her, like a gentleman.

She just smiles and rolls her eyes again, "Oooh yes, such a gentleman I snagged. Did you like my paperwork?"

You smirk, "What I could read, sure. What's that, though?" You point out the notebook-diagrams you saw earlier.

"These?" She picks them up and inspects them quickly, "These...are Kyna's flows from last season. I swear, she only likes to write in English so she can get away with bad handwriting."

Despite not knowing what the hell a 'flow' is, you begin to see what Maria's seeing. Bits of fragmented sentences about...the birth rate? I guess that's a debate topic? Or perhaps you just don't get what relevance birth rates have to the REAL topic.

Or because you can't read English, since we're not American and all.

Wait, no, we're not Japanese ether...

Yes we are, we live here don't we?
Just because we live here doesn't mean we were born here! Why are you trying to-
Listen, just because you are more 'polite' doesn't mean you're right. After all, you were just making up stuff about hearing Dan,
...What? No I wasn't!

Would you two SHUT UP? My head hurts...

Maybe it's time for you to be quiet.
Wait, what?

I agree. Some time off would be good for you Greg.

Wait, No, stop. hesdoingsomethingbaaaaaa_____
Feeling better?


Come to think of it, should I really bring up this whole...sex thing? Maybe I'm just being a guy and tripping out on testosterone...

It's probably not the greatest idea we've had.

A: Go ahead and do it. #YOLO
B: Time to pull back on this particular mission...


I assume this is never coming back, ever again.

Nah, I've just been waiting for votes. I have it bookmarked, so I'm not gonna forget it.

My english professor gave an honorary vote for B, so if no one wants to chime in I suppose I can run with it.

Two months is an awfully long wait. That's cool though, I've taken longer breaks.

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