In The Eye of The Collector (Closed, started, seeking Co-GM)

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"well last time i tried to face this force I lost... hard. If we're going to have any chance we need to train, I haven't been in a fight in a long time and I need to be better than I have ever been."

His face changes to a smile. "so who wants to fight me?"

Drake was growing impatient. "I'm game." He said and promptly took out his side gun and shot at the ceiling. "You win." He told the tall elf, and holstered his gun. "Now, every, please, listen to the Question."

Question stood up and looked at the group.

"It's about time we get moving, we're wasting time just sitting around arguing amongst ourselves. We'll head to Gotham first and go from there."

Then he looked to John.

"Meanwhile, John, you should hold on to that.."

"Dude" he snaps at Drake "I'm being serious. If we want to have any chance we need to be in top form. All I want is someone to fucking spar with."

He starts rubbing his temples and looks to the floor "I used to be one of the best swordsmen on the planet, but protecting my friends put me in a coma. When I quit the shadows, I haven't needed to fight. I just need to get back to my old self and even better beyond that."

"Don't worry, it is in safe hands dear question, It seems I may need other materials other than just ordinary matter to reform more of this, any irradiated substances or things more hard to come by like uranium of florium would do the trick" he said, standing, the orbs morphing into flatter shapes as they slid into pockets.

Turning to the elf he crouched slightly, pulling rock up to form gauntlets. "You want to fucking spar? Ok, everyone else, meet us up top, we'll be there." He said, gaze fixed on the elf.

A tunnel peeled open in the ceiling, the floor beneath John lurched up and sent him rocketing up the tunnel. A few seconds later a second platform popped up from the ground and sat, hovering for it's passenger.

Dragon perked up after John made his tunnel.

"Hang on a second, there's no need to do this!" He said. "We got more important thing to do then some elaborate dick measuring contest!"

"Fuck it, no one seems to get what I'm trying to say. Let's just go to Gotham I'm sure I'll pick it up on the way."

(((OoC: I wasn't trying to "start a fight" or argue i just wanted a way to see what combat in a post by post game would be like.)))

OOC: We're all just trying to play our characters. You'll eventually spar :P I'm waiting till the time skip/flight/hike to Gotham for my next post

(((OOC: ok i just thought it sounded like you guys thought i was some sort of meat head looking for a fight.)))

"Bwa ha ha ha ha HA h-!" stopping mid laugh with a deadpan expression.

"How are we all going? I don't suppose you have a Geo cruiser or possibly hijacked a magic school bus?"

At the Necromancer's inquiry, Question stood up and led the group to another room.

"I do have this." He showed them a rather large room filled with various hi-tech equipment. In the middle of this room were six circles.

"This is the same teleporter we use on the Watchtower-and don't ask me how I got it-which I can use to beam you to any location you need to go and back here. I'll teleport you to Gotham... Though you'll have to go alone."

"Why's that?" Dragon asked.

"Simple; One. You'll need someone to operate the machine. 2. I have to stay here and manage this sanctuary." Question went to a draw and pulled out several ear-bud pieces and distributed them amongst the group. "In the meantime, I will keep contact with you through these." Then he went to the controls.

"Good luck gentlemen, you're going to need it."

After waiting for the group to stand in the teleporter, Question hit the coordinates for Gotham City and activated it. They experienced a flash of light and the sensation of being yanked by some invisible force. When the flash dissipated, they found themselves on a city street.

It didn't take long for them to notice the sound of gunfire and battle. But as they looked about, they saw the police fighting what looked like a band of looters, dressed in whatever they could fashion into body armor and carrying whatever firearms they could acquire in short order.

Every other building had been set ablaze. There was one building bearing graffiti that read "The world is doomed". Not a second later, two police officers approached the group, guns drawn.

"Freeze!" One shouted. "Hands on your head!"

"brisket eating whore" puts his hands on the back of his neck and fidgets with something behind the tag in the collar of his shirt. "It's not hard to teleport us on a rooftop or something you know."

snap a smoke pellet, smoke covers the entire width of the street almost instantly. then runs to an alleyway

(((OoC: awaiting GM approval to see if this is too easy of a way out)))

((OOC: Let me see how the others react first. We've been missing a good few of our guys lately))

(((OOC: pm them see if they still want to play or if they forgot or quit)))

The necromancer lifted his stubby arms mumbling "We don't have time for this"

Dropping his arms and spouting some abyssal Cthulhuian swears. Purple arcane mists form from underneath the officers. Dozens of skeleton and putrid rotting zombie arms reaching for the living. One of the officers guns go off pinging the Necromancer in the head but the bullet ricochets into the sky.

"Bwa ha ha ha! I'm armored you fools and now that your detained for the moment. Please stand down before you join my legion of the damned."

The necromancer looks back to the group and shrugs. Willing to release the cops when they look more relaxed.

"Let go of them..." Dragon growled.

The next moment, the wall behind the cops blew apart, knocking them down. A group of henchmen carrying sacks of money dashed out just before a pale man in a purple suit and green hair lept out.

"Ah, now ain't this lovely?" Cackled The Joker. "No government, no law, no Bats. Gotham's practically ours!"

Before Joker could say or do much else, a ball of flame collided into his chest, knocking him back into the building. The rest of his goons who retreated into an armored truck found themselves trying to dodge an arc of electricity before it hit the truck and shocked the whole lot of them, stunning them.

After he finished, Dragon clapped his hands together and looked at his companions then shrugged.

"We should move, I'll bet someone around here knows where to find Batman".

The Necromancer agreed with a smug nod.

"Now, officers. Please be civil and arrest or shot those robbers. I prefer a good shooting. But this IS your city. ." Turning towards Dragon "Anyone in mind? I'm not to familiar with the Amerikian heroes.."

"what the hell was that, bone-face?! We aren't gonna be cop killers"

"screw it, i'll yell at you later. fall back and regroup"

"What!? I didn't kill anyone .... yet."

Dragon stroked his chin to think.

"... Well, I guess we should get in contact with the head of police here? Wouldn't a vigilante on Batman's level be in regular contact with the police here? We should head for the precint." he suggested.

"Commissioner Gordon. He's the guy we need to see, if he's still alive. He was very willing to work with the Justice League, and we're the only thing that even remotely looks like that group. He may be with Wayne, or he could be hold up in the precinct. The mansion and the station are our best bets. I think he dropped us right in the middle of the city. . .which means we need to go south, more or less." Drake said. "Of course, had you not been so rude to the police, we could have asked for directions." Drake said to Necromancer.

"I don't like people waving guns in my face." he said as he smiled underneath his helmet. "Again, it's my nature to kill and resurrect creatures. And, yet... they live. Not even an ass whooping that they deserve for such human behavioral issues. Anyways its probably the place with the largest flames or largest body count as "villain types" attack it"

"Looters? Bah, humanity at it's finest, one excuse and they tear down all they have built." He said, seemingly ignoring the cops. If you lot aren't going to sort them out I guess I will have to.

Grit under his feet he began to rise up off the ground over towards the looters, hands outstretched he began to reach into the concrete and tarmac upon which the looters were scrambling. In one deathly swift motion he clenched his fists, the ground beneath every looter's foot turning to liquid rock, he let them sink up to their knees before solidifying it.

"Have at em officers, I've done your job for you." He said, floating back down to the group.

The jokers briefly appeared to no real reaction, dragon was.. talented it seemed.

"Where will Gordan be? is he safe?"

Dragon looked around a moment then spotted an abandoned SWAT van.

"Anybody know how to drive that?" He asked.

"I haven't found a car I couldn't drive." Drake said, hopping into the vehicle. He looked around for keys, and couldn't find any. "Unless someone knows how to hot-wire this baby, it looks like we're hoofing it."

"I'd rather walk it anyway. I am much better of in a city than a desert any day of the week. Even one that's mostly on fire."

(OOC: The reason everyone quit is because nobody got addressed and it became the punky and dragon show the whole time.)

(OOC: For the most part, I'm trying keep the story moving, but most people aren't usually posting, so I'd have to say or do something to get something moving))

(OOC: Still, plenty of people did or said things without anyone acknowledging that they did said thing, so they left.)

OOC: So everyone just CTFD and let's try and do this a little better.

(((ooc:i was just this weekend for the most part i work 12 hours a day on most days i can't even post till after 8pm and some times 10 pm. i'll be gone most of today again so fell free to do whatever it is you say i'm not letting you do))

"I'd fly but something tell me I'd get shot."

"Eh, we might as well try it..." Dragon paused, not sure what to call the Necromancer.

The Necromancer squinted a bit as it slowly donned on him they didn't know what to call him.

"Since we all are gonna to be working together for a while and probably get in touch with our filthy life like emotions.... You may either address me by my job title. Necromancer or what some mortals call me Death knight or even Phil. ."

He unfolded his wings and nodded in agreement if anyone wanted to fly he would join them.

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