Mass Effect RP - The Aegis Protection Firm (Accepting Applications via PM)

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Welcome to Omega.


It took Brooks a few moments to realize where he was. His head was aching, and his stomach churning. He slowly shifted his body, raising his arm, so his hand was only a few inches from his face, waving it until he could catch the subtle hints of motion in the dim light. Every part of him felt stiff, as though it had been locked in place while he had been asleep. He groaned as he lifted himself further up from the bed, and pulled the curtain that separated the bunk he had slept in with the rest of the room.

This was going to be one hell of a hangover.

It took Brooks almost ten minutes for him to pull himself from his bunk, and to the doors of the lounge. His first concern was breakfast. He hadn't bothered yet to shower, or wash his hair, still keeping the bed head he had. His clothes weren't much better. The white shirt and black pants were badly wrinkled from having been slept in through the night. Overtop though, was his worn, dark brown leather jacket. It had been Brooks's ever since he was a teenager, still even bearing the emblem of Liberty's Harvest on his left shoulder.

As he slowly made his way across the lounge towards the kitchen, he could see Lazzik grabbing something from behind him by the counter along the wall, and placing it on the island in front of him where Brooks was going to sit.

"A couple aspirin to help with the headache, a can of tupari to restore any fluids you lost," Lazzik said as Brooks approached, a smile crossing his face as he did. "And a sandwich filled with bacon just to make you feel better. I'll let you applaud me later after your migraine dies down."

Brooks smirked as he took his seat, popping the aspirin into his mouth before chasing it with a large gulp of tupari. It was a typical greeting that Lazzik would give to anyone who wasn't at their best.

"Thanks Laz," Brooks said as he took a large bite of the sandwich. He was already feeling far better than he had before. "Got anything more than tupari back there though?"

Lazzik shook his head and rolled his eyes, as he leaned back on the counter behind him. He was holding his tongue for the moment, as Brooks continued to work his way through his breakfast. Soon enough though, he'd be getting his armour on, in order to do his patrol for the day.

"No point in having strong biotics if your body isn't strong enough to handle the stress. The force of the attack can only go so far." Setting into a loose stance, Raven began to pummel the heavy bag, "Charge in, hit the target hard and fast and prevent them from being a threat to you." Putting in more effort, a slight biotic field began to appear around him as his attacks continued. "Can't let myself become weak. Weakness leads to fear and fear is the great mindkiller." Hitting the bag with a short string of biotically charged strikes, he stepped back satisfied with his force. Taking a step back, he focused for a second on the line marked into the floor and charged forward, coming to a stop directly on top of it. "Still as accurate as ever. Good to know my skills are slipping." Rubbing his neck briefly, he then stood and stretched out before removing the tape that was wrapped around his hands. "Might as well let him know and get some breakfast before the new meat shows up."

Pausing briefly to crack his neck, Raven made his way from the storage room to the kitchens, he nodded to Lazzik, before slapping Brooks amiably on the back and taking his own seat at the counter. "I'll have what he's having Lazzik, need a nice quick meal before we get things started today. Satisfied, he dug into the food that was placed in front of him with gusto.

The Salarian finished his habitual morning shower, one of the few places he felt he could let his guard down. Silly idea though, since many, including himself, were most vulnerable sticking to schedules, routines, and morning ones in particular. The steam filled the wash room he shared with a dozen or so other individuals, giving the slight impression of being on his people's homeworld. That thought, while nice, did nothing for his true situation. He truly hoped these personalities were above the rabble he had worked for before his joining of Aegis.

"Good,"He said to himself, basking in the residual steam leftover from his cleansing,"Good start to the day indeed."

He left the room after turning the water off and dressed in his standard clothing, nondescript, form-fitting, and as practical as he could find, all of it well-kept despite his recent plunge into squatting around the station just before his recruitment. Smelling the aroma of food waft slightly through the complex, he exited the Barracks to find a few of his new companions crowded around the kitchen. Deciding to join them and finish his required intake of calories for the day, he sat down next to two humans and inclined his head to the both of them.

"Ishk Valench,"He said, easily slowing down his pace of speech,cancelling out the machine gun pattern of many of his species"New recruit of Aegis, computers and swift enemy elimination is my field."

Turning to the Salarian chef, he simply said,"I'll take my meal now, whatever is simplest to make and fulfills my body's requirements for the morning." His arms he crossed on the table and awaited either a reply from his new peers or the man of the kitchen situated across from him.


The garage was dark and cluttered, the air tinged with a slightly oily smell, and on an old couch in the corner Tiron was fast asleep...for now. Minutes later his omni-tool sprang to life, its orange glow illuminating the twin lumps of metal that were an old A-57 gunship fuselage, and a nearly stripped air car.

Waking with a yawn, he turned on the bay overheads while struggling into a set of coveralls. "Well let's see what I can get done before I gotta go." He muttered to himself. Walking past the gunship, Tiron made his way to a cluttered workbench where a thruster from a newer A-61 lay. Well let's see if she'll run. He thought, running a power cable from the air cars eezo core, to the thruster.

Once his omni-tool showed green across the board for the engine in standby, Tiron opened one of the large roller doors that lead out to Omega's central shaft. " we go." He said to himself, bringing the engine from standby, to idle, and then gradually applying more thrust. Five percent...ten percent...good...fif-what the! All of a sudden his readouts began spiking, and it was all Tiron could do to shut everything down before the motor fried itself. Frustrated he locked up the garage and madde his way to work.


Pouring through the data from this morning's failure, Tiron was lost in thought when he stepped off the elevator to the second floor. Not even really seeing the two humans, or the salarian, at the island, he mumbled a greeting to Laz while he snagged a bottle of tupari. Drink in hand he dropped into a chair, still trying to see what went wrong. I hope Kryx gets in soon, I gotta pick his brain.

Propped up in bed, Yossar stared at his data-pad while he caught up on messages that he had received last night. First there was some family news, his niece would begin active service soon. I should probably send her a present, armor mod maybe? No, Raikus will take care of that.. He began composing a message to his younger sibling Raikus, inquiring about his daughter's birthday and what would be an apt gift. Knowing about how busy his brother was around this time he could expect a response in a day or two. Next was a newsletter from Afterlife, officially he was subscribed because Afterlife was an important place in Omega; the truth was that keeping up with the club's day-to-day rumor mill was a guilty pleasure of his. The gossip was all fairly trivial, but they tended to involve very interesting people. Finally, there was a message from Turian Intelligence, asking for a report. Simply because they let him travel to the Terminus system, didn't mean they would stop keeping tabs on him. They regularly demanded reports about his where about and actions, nothing more. These reports would cross Verahl's and at least one other lieutenant's desk before Yossar would hand it over.

Next was news. He checked the head-lines for Citadel news networks. Then various Terminus media, and finally independent extra-net blogs. Slow news day so far. And with that part of his his waking routine complete Yossar got out of bed. He went to his foot-locker and got dressed. A short sleeved and hooded green shirt, with black light weight shorts. After passing by the sinks to clean up, he headed down-stairs to the mess.

Lazzik was already hard at work manning the kitchen. Yossar grabbed a bowl and helped himself to some of the dextro food that Lazz had cooked on the side. Lazzik was still getting the hang of cooking dextro-amino based food, but he was improving quickly. In the mean time, Yossar was fortunate that decades of military service had robbed him of any sort of good taste. He spooned a decent helping into his bowl and got some tea, brewed from synthesized Early Grey. Then he grabbed a seat at the table next to the fresh faced Salarian.

"Ishk, good to finally meet you, Verahl briefed us all quickly on the new recruits, faces and names mostly." Yossar put down his bowl and mug and then offered his right hand to Ishk, "I'm Yossar Terreg, one of Verahl's lieutenants."

"I'm Yossar Terreg, one of Verahl's lieutenants."

Ishk looked at the hand and ignored it, he instead just spoke to the Turian towering over him. Not that he was being rude, it was just his way, he rarely made physical contact with anyone.

"Interesting, good to meet you as well I suppose. Chain of command is an important thing. Though little more than a formality in my endeavors. When do you expect Verahl to order us on a job?"

Omega. 'Heart of evil', 'world without law', 'place of secrets', 'land of opportunity'. Some claimed it was all of these things and more.

Submachine gun in hand, a figure dressed in black and gold armour patrolled the area - seemingly casually - around the Aegis Protection Firm headquarters. The only clue to the woman's identity was the visible blue-skinned mouth and jaw under her helmet: Senaya T'Reya was on the lookout. There had been news reports recently about some turian calling himself Archangel, being a nuisance to the 'Big Three,' as she called them. Eventually the Blue Suns, Blood Pack and Eclipse had formed what sounded like a truce to take him down.

And even then they had screwed up. Word was that some hired freelancer had double-crossed the Big Three. Senaya hadn't heard anything about Archangel after that. So she had taken it upon herself to do extra patrols at random times, just in case this mysterious person had decided to assist Archangel in making life difficult for mercenary bands. She was getting up earlier than a fair few others just to ensure the base wasn't about to be attacked on her watch.

As she stopped at a corner, Senaya heard a familiar snarl and a vorcha's head popped out from a doorway. Within a second her Locust was up and aimed at the alien: it hissed at her and retreated back inside. That was slow. Need to be faster next time, she mentally chided herself. No excuses. Just because it was one vorcha doesn't mean it wouldn't have been a threat.

"When do you expect Verahl to order us on a job?"

"When he has one." Yossar responded automatically, as he drew his hand back and started eating. He knew Ishk just wanted to be prepared, but that was all Yossar could accurately say about the matter. Getting work on Omega was interesting, it depended on whether or not the other gangs were fighting so viciously they were willing or able to get help. Whether or not Omega itself was not too hostile to scare off employers from outside. Finally Verahl's intuition was perhaps more important. Because Omega was constantly breaking out into turf-wars and blood feuds, it was important to stay on the right side or remain neutral. That meant Verahl had to evaluate every job to ensure it wouldn't drag the company into it's grave. This was the principle reason Verahl had kept them out of the Arch-angel mess. And because he was still groggy from just waking up, Yossar didn't bother explaining any of this to Ishk, instead he changed the subject.

"So Ishk are you settling in comfortably? I hope the bunk situation isn't too hard on ya." Yossar asked when he was between bites.

"So Ishk are you settling in comfortably? I hope the bunk situation isn't too hard on ya."

"The beds are adequate,"He replied, knowing when someone wanted to stop talking about a subject or had no other information,at least in these situations,"I am able to sleep in most environments, but they are a welcome luxury indeed."

He chewed his food, content with the information he had been given. This Turian was strangely friendly, something he had found lacking of late. It was also something he had found to be a detriment in this line of work. But his judgement would be withheld until he found out how he worked.

By the gods! Where am I going wrong! Tiron thought angrily. He was still sitting in the edge of the lounge area pouring over the numbers from the failed engine test...and getting very frustrated. "VOID TAKE THIS PIECE OF SHIT!" He finally yelled, kicking a low table in front of him. Realizing the there where actually a few others in the room, he hung his head sheepishly and gave them a wan smile. "My apologies...a personal project of mine is getting on my nerves."

Turning off his omni-tool, Tiron made his way back to the kitchen area, and slid on to an available stool. "I'll just have what he's having." He said, pointing to Ishk's meal.

The Edge pistol had cost him a fortune to be converted to use the new thermal clips and it wasn't even from a official dealer. Omega was a hive of weapon dealers, tinkerers and a sea of aftermarket upgrades to weapons otherwise considered relics of the past.


The problem with these custom jobs were the constant maintenance but once the pistol was able, it was able to pack a punch and look different from the rest of the pack as well. The round hit the target in the shoulder, a shot that would effectively blow through an unarmored or unshielded foe. Audilus adjusted the sights of the pistol and taking in the red and black paint job as well.


The shot went made its way though the target's neck, severing the head. Vael once shot a Salarian through the neck and round took the poor guy's head off. Audilus would have felt bad for the Salrian if he wouldn't have shot at them. Vael was always his friend but ever since he arrived on Omega, he got worse and as much as he hated to admit it, Vael was better off dead.


Audilus fired off the shots in rapid succession until the chamber was empty. Only half of those shots hit the target. Audilus rubbed his eyes before checking the chamber once more and holstering the pistol. The safety clicked loudly as he walked out of the room and into the storage room. He had only just been in the firm for a few days and the place was home already. He stored the pistol in the armory along with his other gear and headed upstairs for some much needed refreshment. He also had yet to get to know any of his fellow mercenaries but it was only because of his recent acceptance. He went to the kitchen seeing his mates converse. The cook at the island was a red skinned Salarian who seemed hard at work. He gave the guy a break and just grabbed a glass of water. As he did so, he looked the Salarian, Lazz he heard the others say.

"Been here long?" Audilus asked the cook.


Lazzik had become quite quiet since everyone else entered the kitchen. His focus had been taken away from his short talk with Brooks to preparing more food for those who had come and asked. As he was leaning over his stovetop, busy frying up some plump breakfast sausages, he noticed Audilus walking past him, fetching a glass of water for himself. He hadn't quite expected for the Turian to strike up a conversation though.

"Been here long?"

Lazzik paused the idle humming he had been lightly doing, and thought for a moment, counting the months since he had become part of the company.

"Nine, no, almost nine months now I think?" he replied, still trying to keep most of his focus on not burning the others' breakfasts. "Yeah, just shy of it I think. Izzik would know for certain. He was the one that got me working here after all."

He pried the spatula beneath several of the sausages and lifted the pan, slowly rolling each one out onto the plate beside him to let them cool.

"Nicer than the restaurant I was at before," he continued as he brought the plate around to the island for everyone else to dig into. The blue colour of the plate warned the Turians to avoid it, as it was not dextro-amino based. It was a simple system that kept everyone in the company away from an unneeded trip to the med-bay. "Wouldn't have thought that coming to work for a mercenary firm would have been a lower stress job. Then again, I guess that changes if you're put in the line of fire."

Behind him he could hear Brooks cursing, muttering about the sausages being hot as he tried to cool his tongue with another large gulp of tupari. Again, Lazzik found himself shaking his head, not sure whether to be amused or annoyed by Brooks's antics. It always seemed to border the line between.

So Ishk doesn't seem to be used to that much luxury, interesting. Yossar was briefly distracted by Lazzik's statement.

"Wouldn't have thought that coming to work for a mercenary firm would have been a lower stress job."

"Keep in mind Lazzik, if you were to compare the military doctrines of every single race in the galaxy, they would all agree on atleast one basic fact: An army needs food. No soldier can stay at their best if they are malnourished, so any military needs a way to keep their soldiers fed whenever possible. This is your responsibility, keep doing a good job." Yossar finished his unwaranted lecture by eating another spoon-full. As he ate he wondered about the state Omega was one, after considering the fallout from going after Archangel Yossar turned his attention to Ishk.

"I'm thinking with the Big three temporarily disgraced, there'll be a lot more work floating about. Verahl just needs to wait for one that's right for us." To told Ishk, hoping to ease the salarian's concerns about the future.

Sal's eyes flickered open. She groaned as she sat up. Keelah that may have been the best sleep I've gotten in weeks. I don't care if it's a military bunk, it's better than a corner in an alley. She thought standing from the lower bunk. She stretched her arms above her head with a grunt. Okay Sal'Rena, a new day and for once your not looking for a job. She bowed her head and folded her hands together. "Blessed ancestors illuminate my path, guide my hands, let my actions lead our people to prosperity. Keelah Se'lai" She mumbled in prayer. With a smile under her mask she pulled a protein tube from her footlocker. Clicking the tube into place on her mask she walked out into the lobby and in turn the kitchen.

"Good morning all." She said with a wave to everyone gathered, "I miss anything fun?" She asked taking a seat.

"Verahl just needs to wait for one that's right for us."

"That's understandable Lieutenant,"Ishk began, finishing the last few crumbs of his meal,his training coming out again,"But the longer we sit around, the more creds,rep, and experience working with each other we lose. Sitting around doing nothing is not something I have much experience with. There was always something to do before I joined this outfit."

He finished his plate and stood, wandering over to the sink where he turned the water on a moment before giving it a once over with the almost scalding water. He placed it on a towel after drying it. He then left it to finish evaporating the last few drops he was unable to wipe off.

Sitting down again across from the Turian, to see a newcomer, a Quarian,nothing he looked across with dull eyes,"Forgive my complaints, but group work is something I need to get used to again, repair, surveillance, infiltration, refitting."

"I miss anything fun?"

"There is no job, we are not under attack, at least to our knowledge, and my meal is finished, there is no "fun" to be had here. Ishk Valench, and you are?"



Lux paused for a moment to appreciate the sound. The nose was his favourite part of a Human. He loved to savour the sound of it breaking, cracking underneath his crest. It was one of his personal delicacies.

He pulled his head back. He could see the blood already running down the man's face. The crook was barely standing at this point, being held up mostly by the hand Lux kept clinched around his collar. With his free hand, he ran it across his crown, wiping a splatter of blood off of it. Lux chuckled as he looked at the stain, before tossing the punk to the ground beside him, letting him sprawl out across the ground dazed.

Checking his shoulder, he could see Karnak beside him, still going to work on the one he had. What had started out the Batarian snapping the thug's knee backwards, had now devolved into just repeated kicks to the gut, echoed by whimpering moans. The third one was still backed against the alley wall with fear, as he watched his friends being beaten before him. Karnak had kept his pistol drawn during the entire time, keeping it pointed roughly in his direction throughout the entire ordeal.

"I love my job," Lux announced as he began to walk over to the final one. "It's crooks like you that I just hope for every time I wake up in the morning. The ones that would be so blatant when they try to rob a merchant in our market."

He was now towering over the last thief and grinning. There was a sickening pop as Lux cracked his knuckles.

"Honestly, I was getting worried that you'd all given up," he continued as he reached out and grabbed the man's wrist with one hand, and the throat with the other. He didn't resist, instead he began to bawl as he Krogan grabbed him. "It'd thought that I had taught my previous lessons to the thugs like you a little too well. That there wouldn't be any of you left that would bother trying anything like this in my territory.

Lux released his throat, and in one fluid motion, grabbed the same hand he had held at the wrist, and pushed it backwards with all of his might. Another crack was heard as the wrist shattered from the stress, and the thief's sobs of fear turned into wails of pain.

"Sometimes I'm glad to be wrong," he said with a terrifying glee as he watched the punk curl up on the floor.

"You can tell Narrat that everything's been dealt with," Karnak said into his Comm as he turned and began making his way out of the alley with Lux.

"You didn't kill them, right?" Haley responded. Her voice sounded less concerned and more stressed.

"They'll live," answered Karnak as he muted his Comm and looked back over at Lux. "Cunt."

"Well, aside from that, things seem pretty quiet," cracked Haley's voice, coming over once more. "You can come back. Izzik and Senaya can handle anything else that crops up."

"On our way," replied Lux before closing his channel. He nodded at Karnak, a satisfied smile still on his face, as the two began to make their way back towards the base.

" There was always something to do before I joined this outfit."

"Really? I mean the Hierarchy liked to keep me on the road but I had my share of moments with nothing to do but wait." Yossar replied as he finished his food and started washing it down with tea.

"I miss anything fun?"

"Just the sight of me eating breakfast." Yossar said as he finished his tea. He then got up from his seat and stretched his arms a bit. "Well I'm hitting the gym." He tapped Ishk on the shoulder and told him, " If you don't like wasting time find something productive to do. The armory should be open, you could find out what Tiron was yelling about, or find Lux, he tends to know about any odd jobs that need doing. Raven if you're going to return to the arena, we should spar." Yossar then left for the arena, and after quick elevator ride was inside. He started by picking out two low-mass bar weights. He began slowly stretching all of his muscles to wake them up.

"Ishk Valench, and you are?"

Sal frowned behind her mask, if there was one thing she may never get used to, it was the frank informal nature of Salarians. "Pleased to meet you Ishk, Sal'Rena nar Hadran. Just Sal will be fine though." She rubbed the back of her neck. "I must say it's odd having some one ask my actual name. Instead of, ya know....just calling me suit rat." She said with a chuckle. A quiet beep went off inside her helmet, indicating the protein tube was empty. She disconnected the empty tube from her mask. She rose from her seat and tossed the empty tube in the trash. "Well my meal is done, if anyone needs me I'm gonna be in the workshop." Sal said with a wave to the rest of the people gathered around the kitchen.


Gunshots could be heard coming from the Range. Nicholas was training his gun skills, like he did every morning since he joined the Aegis. The gun range was decent but could not compare to the Alliance, still he did not complain as he was happy to shoot a gun again. He had been training for an hour, testing his reaction times with his pistol and trying to train his lungs for those long range firefights. As his watch alarm went off signalling the end of his training session Nicholas gave a sigh. He was exhausted. The beds were comfortable enough but he could not shake the feeling that the Alliance were onto him.

He left the Range and made his way towards the Armory where he left his armor and sniper rifle. However he always carried his pistol with him as he felt vulnerable without a gun to keep him company. After depositing his armor and weapon he quickly made his way to the showers for a quick wash. He was surprised how much he can sweat during target practice.

Having finished his shower, Nicholas pulled his black shirt and trousers on and made his way towards the Kitchen. He was feeling slightly hungry and there seemed to be a large gathering of people there. He hadn't meet any of them yet and he didn't mind that. He preferred to avoid contact with others as that meant there would be less chance that he would end up pummeling their face in.

Heading into the kitchen he sat down and shouted towards the cook. "Hey, can I have some bacon, I don't care with what just give me some bacon and a drink!"

While the others talked around him, Trion ate his meal in silence still running test in his head. With his natural eidetic memory he replayed the data feed in his head, still trying to find what went wrong.

"Well my meal is done, if anyone needs me I'm gonna be in the workshop."

He looked up from his meal as he finished it, to see Sal walking away. When did she get here? He thought. Getting sloppy Tiron, a space out like that could get you killed....enough... Bowing slightly to Laz, he caught up with the quarian. "I'm sure you get sick of hearing this Miss Rena, but I was wondering if I could enlist your help on a technical problem of mine..."

Hmm, I suppose the barrel could be extended...but what's the price on a dependable rifle upgrade on Omega? I suppose I could order something off world, but then the cost would skyrocket. Maybe cheap parts that I could strip and patch back together? That would with our life support system's anyway. Sal let her mind wonder to her rifle as she made her way to the workshop, trying t think of a way she could improve it's performance. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a voice behind her.

"I'm sure you get sick of hearing this Miss Rena, but I was wondering if I could enlist your help on a technical problem of mine..."

"Oh?" Sal turned to Trion, curious about what he could need her help with. "Sure, I'd love to help. But I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage mister....?"

"Oh? Sure, I'd love to help. But I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage mister....?"

Tiron bowed his head slightly in embarrassment. "My name is Tiron Sedenis." Bringing his omni-tool online, he brought up an exploded diagram of the engine he'd been working on. "I've just finished rebuilding a Nashin Stellar Dynamics Model 45 Flight Control Thruster from an A-61 Mantis. It holds power at Standby and Idle fine, but when I try to throttle up, it tries to" He said, transferring his test data to Sal's omni-tool. "I'm sure you where probably fixing problems more complex than this before you got your first suit, but I'm completely stumped."

With a free hand he massaged the back of his neck, he hated when a problem got the better of him. "I've got a turian friend who runs a little restaurant around the corner from my a thank you how 'bout I get him to make you up something a little more interesting than what you'd normally get in those tubes?" He'd known several quarians when he'd still been on Illium, and the lack of variety in the food had been a constant complaint for them.

It holds power at Standby and Idle fine, but when I try to throttle up, it tries to" Sal check her Omni tool. She poured over the schematics. "Hmm, a Mantis you say? Can't say I've ever worked on one. The schematics seem fairly straight forward, though. I sen a few parts in the design that would keep it from working with any other ship however. There are a few other imperfections in the design that would keep it from running at peak efficiency. No this is actually one of the many problems we face when buying used parts, fairly simple but also fairly common."

As a thank you how 'bout I get him to make you up something a little more interesting than what you'd normally get in those tubes?"

Sal nearly fell over. "Really? You could pull that off?" Sal bit her lip. A chance to get something better than protein paste was a dream come true. More importantly, all it wold cost her was time to work on the Drell's ship. I wonder...."Throw in a bar of Turian chocolate and we have deal.

Nicholas watched two people depart from the kitchen. He was curious. I wonder what they're planning to do? But he quickly shook his head and looked at the plate in front of him. It was empty. Angry for being ignored by the chef, he called out to him.

"I didn't know you had hearing problems! I thought I asked you for some food!"

Settling back down in his chair, he awaited a response.

" The schematics seem fairly straight forward, though. I've seen a few parts in the design that would keep it from working with any other ship however."

"Yeah, I know I'm going to have to fabricate new mounts for them. These are from an A-61, but the airframe is an old A-57...but I'll deal with that when I get to it." Tiron said. "She is still a long way from airworthy. I still need hull plating, a tail, a proper eezo core, a flight computer, two more engines for forward flight....the list goes on."

Watching Sal seemingly stagger, he smiled. "Really? You could pull that off? Throw in a bar of Turian chocolate and we have deal." "Done." Tiron replied, shaking the young woman's hand.

Audilus nodded to the Salarian's words as he also watched the others arrive at the kitchen for more of his cooking. He scanned the others around him, wondering who they were or how they were able to come to work here as he did. Audilus finished his cup of water only to hear one of the humans call out to the overworked chef.

"I didn't know you had hearing problems! I thought I asked you for some food!"

"Why don't you give the man a break, human?" Audilus spoke out. "He's doing the best he can and screaming at him won't necessarily make him work faster let alone give you better food."

"Why don't you give the man a break, human?"

The starved Nicholas spun around to look at the Turian, who looked pretty pleased with himself.

"Well, I'm sorry!" he began sarcastically, "But that's easy for you to say since you just stuffed yourself. I on the other hand am starving. So why don't you just go back to whatever your kind does, hmm?"

He turned around on his chair, facing the chef who had almost finished his food. Trying to be a hero, hmm, there are no heroes or good guys in this place. Nicholas muttered under his breath.

"What my kind does best is put humans in their place." Audilus remarked. This human certainly was one for introductions and what his father would have called an audacious monkey. His family harbored the same amount of animosity towards humans as any Turian family on Palaven.

Still, Audilus decided to restrain himself a bit for the most part because he would only waste his breath by talking to the human unless he acted first of course. He wasn't one to ask for fights even if they were in the same company but he didn't run away from one either. He was trained never to break but also to "tolerate" certain kinds of people if they couldn't cooperate plus he didn't think that his boss would approve of him picking fights with humans no matter how arrogant they were.

Nicholas, who had began eating his egg and bacon, turned around in his chair and burst in laughter. "You put us in..." he continued laughing holding his belly with one hand and waving with the other, "I'm sorry but I just can't take you seriously. From what history lessons I recall we kicked your ass so hard the Council had to step in and stop us from slaughtering the lot of you! Still feeling strong ?"

Standing up he looked towards the chef. "Thanks for the breakfast. It was good, however next time try and hurry up a little, I get angry while peckish and certain undesired people" he looked towards the Turian "can really make me explode."

As Nicholas walked towards the exit of the kitchen he turned around and faced the Turian. "You sure try hard to make me kick your ass. However you're lucky that I don't want to get booted out of here else you'd be eating those words of yours!"


Izzik took another bite from the fruit in his hand as he walked out of the small market grocery. The bag he was carrying was full of a mix of several different types. Some he would have raw, but he had plans for making a few smoothies and drinks out of others.

As he looked down the street, his eyes caught Senaya on the corner. He decided it would be worth checking up with her.

"Morning," he announced when he arrived after passing by the small crowd of shoppers that were going about their morning errands. "Quiet enough day so far isn't it?"

He paused to let her respond, and allow himself another bite, before stopping quickly to correct himself.

"Where are my manners!" the Salarian followed with swiftly, wanting to speak quick enough as not to cut off Senaya mid-sentance. As he did, he opened his bag up, allowing Senaya to peer easily inside. "Hungry? I was able to pick up a variety of different berries and fruit from the grocer down the street. Anything strike your fancy?"

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