Mass Effect RP - The Aegis Protection Firm (Accepting Applications via PM)

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"Morning. Quiet enough day so far isn't it?"

Senaya looked over to see a familiar face heading towards her. Knowing the fast-talking manner of most salarians, she didn't answer immediately, instead waiting for Izzik to finish.

"Where are my manners! Hungry? I was able to pick up a variety of different berries and fruit from the grocer down the street. Anything strike your fancy?"

"Hmm..." the asari mused as she flicked on the safety on her gun and replaced it at the catch on her hip. Her free hand went into the bag to have a rustle around. "Let's see here. Ah, this one should do," she eventually declared, picking out a piece of fruit for herself. The first bite always tasted best, she noted as she took a chunk out of it.

"And yes, it's been quiet. No-one causing trouble nearby, as far as I know," Senaya answered Izzik. "Which is nice. I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good fight, but it's good to just kick back and relax sometimes, y'know?"


"I can't stand 'em," Lux announced as he continued pacing in the middle of the office, behind the chairs that sat Raven and Yossar in front of Verahl's desk. "Every time someone comes here representing some form of Illium's business, they act like a child in our care. Worse even. A child will at least follow more of your directions than these arrogant pricks."

Verahl could see the annoyance starting to wash over Yossar's face. The Turian was used to more structured meetings and planning sessions, ones where a one ton lizard wouldn't skip about around the office, ryncol in hand, airing every grievance he had with the mission they were about to face.

"Arrogant pricks or not, we're able to charge them almost double the rate of anyone else on Omega without them batting an eyelid, for the exact same work," Verahl countered, as he reached into the cigar box that Raven had set on the middle of the desk before they began. "So that means you're doing whatever they tell you to from the moment they step on the station to the moment they step off."

Raven chuckled for a moment, breaking Lux's stride as he glared at the back of his head, letting out a loud annoyed grunt as he did. The thought of a Krogan manservant though was enough to make him crack though, especially if it servant would be Lux.

"Does anyone else have anything else they're going to cut in with, or are we done with this?" Verahl asked, his glance shifting to each as he did. The moment of pause that each gave was enough to answer him. "Good. Haley's been given the briefing already to dispatch to the company. Ensure that everything is set to go."


"Hello Aegis, it's another bright day here on Omega. The lights over the station are shining brightly, the Vorcha are out singing, and... Ok, and already got my message from Verahl telling me to cut the crap over companywide Comm's and get to the briefing. Recently we've been contacted by some of the higher ups of a company on Illium to protect some delegates sent over to conduct various deals on the station. Instead of opting to do these things from half the galaxy away, they've apparently been forced to deal with things face to face. Our job is to ensure that from the time that they're stepping off their shuttle to when they get back on, that they are protected from any and all harm. As always, any questions on pay get directed to Oleene, any with weaponry to me so I can set you up with Paz'serah to arrange something for you. Remember though, old guy doesn't appreciate window shoppers, so you better be intending on buying if you're making me call him up. Shouldn't be needed though. From what I know, they're trying to keep this mission fairly hush-hush on their end. They want a hostage situation about as much as us, and know that the more that know, the more likely someone over here gets tipped off. Gauntlet will take off in, 18 hours, make sure you're all well rested, fed, and supplied before getting onboard. Good luck to you, signing off."

More than anything else Yossar found Lux's presence at meetings distracting. Lux wasn't just large, he was loud to. When he was wasn't yelling, he could still be heard grumbling, pacing, or both. The worst part was that Lux seemed to be entirely oblivous to it all. Yossar had tried to mention it, Lux said he had no idea what could be distracting about his behavior. Then the next meeting Lux would be right back to it. At this point Yossar had resigned himself, and hoped to get used to it. He was making some progress but Lux was constantly finding new ways to act out during meetings. He was starting to wonder if Lux was screwing with him intentionally. Though Yossar had started to treat their meetings a little less formally and even brought a turian cigar to smoke during the meeting.

The smoke certainly helped him mind Lux a little less. After Verahl dimiss them Yossar stood up and gave a quick salute to Verahl. It wasn't a particularly formal one as he knew Verahl wouldn't give a damn either way, but for Yossar the general motion was still a reflex when he was dismissed by a superior. "Raven if we're going to be protecting these people we should take a moment now to test do barrier tests on the new biotics," Yossar suggested to the human officer, "I figure we should have our best ones staying close to the delegates in case they need cover."

Taking some potentially green ass rookies into a protection run on Omega can be problematic. Especially given the delicate nature of our client. Glancing up at Yossar, he nodded in agreement, "Agreed. Might as well learn what there capable of in a controlled environment rather than half to clean up the mess left from someone with a weak barrier. The strongest ones can form a wall of sorts around the client so we can avoid the childish panic that the clients from Illium usually have upon seeing Omega." Getting himself a cigar from the box, he snipped the end and lit it in one motion before taking a nice, deep inhale, the wonderful smoke entering his body momentarily before he exhaled.

Satisfied, he got to his feet before looking back to Yossar, "All right lets heard them down into the gym and see how well their barriers handle kinetic energy then." He finished with a smirk looking forward to throwing heavy objects at the rookies to "test" them.

Yossar was glad that Raven was following his train of thought, " Alright, I'll round up the recruits and while you set up a test in the arena." On his way out of the office, Yossar stopped at the door and asked Verahl a question, "Verahl, besides us, have we asked them about what they're bringing along besides us, like their companies internal security?" What Yossar meant was Oh for the love of every god in space, please tell me we don't have to try and cooperate with a bunch of Illium rent-a-cops.

With that Yossar crossed over into the common room, where he found the majority of the company had just finished breakfast.

" Alright I'm going to need all of the newly recruited biotics to step forward." Yossar commanded, loud enough to be heard by all. He gave them a moment to stop what they were doing, then continued, " We're going to test your kinetic barriers quickly so we can finalize our strategy so finish your meals and meet Raven in the training room where he'll administer the test. "

What the human said didn't bother Audilus all that much. It was all fun and games for him and he's heard much worse from his parents but he made a note to "reintroduce" himself to him because they were co-workers after all. He continued to drink his water until he heard the briefing. Audilus made a few more mental notes on the nature of the mission and its specific parameters. He wanted to impress his bosses somehow and if it was through this mission then so be it. But then the opportunity arose in another form. One of them, Yossar was his name, walked into the common rooms to address them.

"Alright I'm going to need all of the newly recruited biotics to step forward. We're going to test your kinetic barriers quickly so we can finalize our strategy so finish your meals and meet Raven in the training room where he'll administer the test."

Audilus got up rather quickly, excited by the chance to show them what he's got. He nodded to Yossar and promptly went to the training room once more where he saw Raven. He was another human but he looked different and acted different as well.

"I'm assuming the test isn't you throwing stuff at me while my barrier's up?" Audilus asked the human.

18 hours later:


Most of the company used the remaining time effectively. From testing Biotic Barrier strength, to checking armour and weapons twice over, and ensuring that each were well fed and rested, soon enough the eighteen hours had passed, and now everyone had been waiting as Kryxus did his preparations on the Gauntlet.

"The VIP will meet you near the port in the Haza District," Verahl announced from the bay doors of the Gauntlet. "The port is still in control by Eclipse. They keep tight control of the area so they'll be keeping things safe whether they know it or not for the first bit at least. They should clear the port fairly quickly though, as they have previously arranged their own transport in advance to move about the station. Once they're onboard they'll head to---"

Before he could continue, a voice cut across the Comms.

"Sorry sir, but we've got a minor situation forming," interrupted Haley, hesitating with each word. It was never good to cut Verahl off. "Oleene's been hailing me and insisting I put her through. Seems that there's been some violence in the marketplace that needs to be handled."

"It can wait," growled Verahl in reply.

"Apparently, it can't," Haley responded. "She claims it won't take long to solve, but she's needing some of us to break things up."

Verahl paused for a moment as he scanned over the craft.

"Yossar, Raven, take one of your squads to Oleene now. The rest of you will go to the meet up and rendezvous with the VIP, and board their transports. The Gauntlet will return here, pick you up, and then meet back up with the rest of the company. Understood?"

"Understood." Yossar said, and he was on his feet in an instant. He holstered his pistol and submachine gun, turned to his team and commanded , " Izzik, Sal, Senaya! We're moving out now, we're going by foot to the market." Then turned back to Verahl and added," Verahl, we'll be back in exactly forty five minutes." Before he headed towards the exit. He was at the front door and held it open while he waited for his squad.

"Haley, patch me through to Oleene." He asked, and a moment later he heard Oleene yelling "Where's Verahl?" through his comm link.

"Verahl's busy with a job Oleene. Dagger squad will be there in 10 minutes, are you safe? And what's the situation.?"

"Izzik, Sal, Senaya! We're moving out now, we're going by foot to the market." Sal was just behind Yossar when he called her name. She nodded and holstered her own weapons. She offered a quick prayer in her head before she stepped off the Gauntlet. Blessed ancestors guide my hands, and help make this ship run smoothly. "Keelah Se'lai" She mumbled as she heard Oleene cut over the comm.

"Izzik, Sal, Senaya! We're moving out now, we're going by foot to the market."

"Copy that, Lieutenant," was all that Senaya said in response. Keeping her answers short was something the asari had picked up from her earlier years in a squad. She too returned her weapons to their holsters, following the turian's lead.

A lot could happen in eighteen hours: Senaya's initial thought upon hearing that something was up in the markets was that she had been there recently, as had Izzik. It was naive of her to think that nothing could have gone wrong: this was Omega, home of some of the worst the galaxy had to offer. As opposed to places like the Citadel, Senaya's place of birth, where most things were nice, neat and orderly. Heavy emphasis on 'most'.


"So, here's the deal," Haley reported while the squad deployed, moving through the streets as quick as they could to reach the market. She watched them run through the streets on the monitors in her office. "Reports have been coming in of four thugs entering into a pharmacy near the edge of the market. From what I can tell it looks to be three Batarians, one Turian, each armed. Neighbouring shops have already messaged Oleene, telling her that they've been hearing a lot of yelling since they entered. Can't hear it over the cameras myself though. Owner is a Volus by the name of Nitne Son. Doesn't have security on location, but does have an alarm that for some reason---"

Halfway through her transmission, Haley cut off for a few seconds, before an alert was transmitted to each of squad's Omni-Tools, informing them of an alarm being tripped.

"And there it is," she continued, slightly perplexed. On her end, she was already trying to sift through the data. "Alright, just checked the footage I'm getting from the market, looks like we had three Humans show up on the scene roughly forty seconds ago. Two approached the door while the other unlocked the door, drew weapons, then stormed in as the door opened, followed by three shots in rapid succession, and a burst of what sounds like SMG fire. Yeah, I can see channels lighting up here, the locals are bypassing Oleene now and attempting to raze me directly. You all better start hauling ass!"

Audilus tested his barrier strength while waiting for the call to go and once it came, he didn't have to think twice about getting his gear and getting ready. He put on his armor, checked his pistol, holstered his pistol, double checked his omni-tool, and packed a few extra clips as if it was a choreographed.

He reported to his commanding officer who was an imposing Krogan. The Krogan certainly looked the part of a mercenary.

"Reporting for duty." Audilus said.


"On the ground!" Clay yelled as the doors slid open and he stepped through, with the Padre on his heels. Lee turned away from the terminal, following straight behind them.

It took under half a minute for them to gain control of the situation. Looking around the store, Clay began to access the damage. Two of the Batarians were sprawled out on the floor, one in critical condition, and the other likely dead. The first had been standing near the door when they had breached, pistol in hand, attempting to reel it onto them as they burst through the door. Before he had the chance to even level his pistol in their direction, Clay and the Padre had each taken their shots, one connecting in the centre of the Batarian's chest, the other on the left side of his throat. Blood now stained the shelf behind him, and had pooled under where he lay. The second was had been on their side when they entered, and was able to fire one shot off, barely missing the Padre in the process. Fortunately for him though, with Lee looking over his shoulder, a quick burst of SMG fire had been able to incapacitate him. With half of their numbers downed before they fully realised what was going on, the remaining Turian and Batarian had surrendered, with the Volus shopkeeper now cowering behind the counter.

"You so much as flinch, and I put a round through you, four eyed fuck," the Padre warned as he stood over the Batarian, his pistol trained on him while Lee bound his and the Turian's arms. "We've got any idea on Aegis response yet LT?"

"Still no," Clay responded as he holstered his pistol, and checked the vitals of the first Batarian, dead. "Though I'm guessing that the gunshots will have gotten some of them off their asses. We got an E.T.A. yet on evac?"

"Three minutes," replied Lee as he pulled the Turian to his feet. "Juliet should be touching down shortly. Loading bay nearby will serve as the rendezvous."

Clay nodded as he checked the second's vitals. It was already faint, with the signs fading with each passing second.

"Leave these two," Clay decided as he walked over to the Volus shopkeeper. "Padre, lock the front doors, Lee, secure the exit route."

Without hesitating, both went to work on their orders. The Padre opened up the security terminal near the merchant terminal, while Lee opened the hallway door that led to the loading bay. As Clay approached the Volus, and the door closed behind Lee, he could already hear him urging another shopkeeper to return to his shop and ignore the commotion.

"You hurt?" Clay asked the Volus, who seemed almost shocked that he wasn't pointing a gun at his head. The pause the Volus gave had Clay repeating himself. "Hey, you alright?"

"The--- The Turian already took my Credit Chit, I don't have anything else," the Volus replied, taking a step back, bumping into the shelf behind him.

Clay turned, glaring at the Turian, who was scowling now even more than before. He stepped over to him, and quickly patted him down, finding the chit in his right front pocket. The Turian responded by attempting to head-butt him as he reached in, but Clay was able to step back fast enough, pulling the chit out with one hand, and upper cutting with the other.

"If I have to draw this pistol, I won't kill you, but make it so no one could tell you were a man when I'm done, got it?" he hissed, as he watched a small trickle of blood drip out from the Turian's jaw. He stepped back towards the merchant and tossed the chit to him. "Anything else?"

The Volus was still stunned by Clay's actions. He quickly waddled forward to grab the chit from the floor, before retreating back into his corner again. Clay just shook his head, and turned back around, grabbing his pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket as he did. Talking with him would be pointless.

"Shit! LT!" declared the Padre as he spun around, reaching for his pistol and facing the front door. It had taken him a minute to break the encryption of the security terminal, but when he did, the first thing he noticed was the report of the alarm being tripped, and the feed from the external security camera. "Four contacts, prepping to breech front door, armed and armoured!"

Clay turned, looking at the door in front of him, knowing he had little time before they were coming through. It was at this point that he wished he had more than a light shield and a few layers of fabric to protect him.

"Stand down," Clay ordered, still staring at the door, but motioning for the Padre to lower his pistol. "Do not engage."

On the other side of the door, Dagger squad was bracing themselves for contact. The door had been locked but Senaya was making quick work of it, in seconds they would be through. "Alright, this is it," Yossar said, as he began charging up his barriers, " Sal you take the right, Senaya takes left, me and Izzik will take the center. Watch out for Nitne, but besides that don't hesitate, don't panic, just line them up and shoot. If these assholes really wanted to live then they wouldn't have screwed with us."

The lock switched to green and Senaya slid into position with the rest of the group. A silence fell over Dagger Squad as they steeled their nerves and prepared to fight. The door began to slide open. A ball of blue light grew in Yossar's hand and he began his throw. Through the half-opened portal Yossar saw Clay and recognized him. Yossar threw the bolt of energy through the gap, but at the last second twitched his wrist to divert the push. The blue orb zoomed past Clay and made contact with the monitor with a shelf behind him, delivering enough force to crack straight through it.

"Stand down!" Yossar yelled to his squad, luckily he had been the only one to get a shot off. He breathed a brief sigh of relief, he was fairly certain that if any of them had actually hit Clay this situation would become a disaster for the Aegis. I'm pretty Johnny would go on a ballistic if a Turian killed his 3rd officer.

"Clay, what the fuck are doing here?" Yossar demanded, "You have any idea what this looks like?"

"I'll get to that in a minute, right now I got one more guy in the back hall there," he stated, as he showed his hands by his side, high over his pistol, with his fingers spread and his palms facing the company. "If you don't mind, I'm going to hail him on my Comms, alright? Don't want him to misunderstand the situation and come in here guns blazing with a misguided sense of bravado."

As he finished, he checked his shoulder to see the Padre was following his earlier instructions. Clay could see the pistol laid down on the counter beside him, as well as a flash bang grenade. Seems he was more prepared than expected.

Yossar nodded, not taking his eye off of Clay's gun, will prodding Izzik to keep an eye on Padre.

"Alright," he said as he raised one of his hands slowly to his earpiece, and spoke into it. "Lee? Yes, everything is ok in here, we're fine. Few members of Aegis decided to show up to send us off. Holster whatever you're carrying and come in here... Yes, they do have their weapons drawn, but we're not going to aggravate this situation anymore... No, I'm not going to play along with this bullshit code word game to give you some secret message, this is the message, get the fuck in here, and do so unarmed, that's an order!"

"Who are they?" Yossar then asked, motioning towards the dead Batarians and the others tied up.

"We're just dockworkers!" cried the Turian, as he stepped away from the wall, and towards Yossar. Almost all of the guns aimed by Aegis snapped onto him immediately. "They're taking us prisoner to sell to slavers!"

Clay turned back to the Turian, the most perplexed look possible on his face. He couldn't believe he was trying to pull that as an excuse, though he had to give credit to the Turian for pulling that out so quickly. He slowly turned back to Yossar, his jaw slacked open, surprised, and half of a grin on his face as he tried not to laugh at such poor bullshit. He could hear the Padre try to choke a snicker as well.

"You talk again I'll kill you," Yossar said, shooting a murderous glance at the Turian. He didn't bother calling him out on the obvious lie, the only person he was interested in listening to was Clay. He then turned back to Clay, "Clay, I didn't know the Exiles were getting into the slave trade." He said jokingly, making it clear he didn't believe a word of what the Turian said.
"Better money than gun running, though, I prefer it when we nab some Asari's," he shot back with as he shook his head. "The Turian's the ring leader from what I know. They're a band of crooks that set up shop recently in our territory. Must have figured that he couldn't shit in the same place for long though, so he wound up moving his gang here."

The door to the back opened partway as he spoke. Through the crack peered Lee, quickly scanning the main room of the store. Upon seeing the armoured Turian keeping his gun trained on the prisoners as well, he opened the door more, and stepped out, but kept it open behind him, not wanting to be too far away from the exit.

"Anyways, we had them as our main suspects, and were trying to get confirmation when they left. So, we tailed them, and after a few hours, found ourselves in the market out there. Wound up grabbing some lunch as we watched, figured that they were casing which place they wanted to rob. Sure enough, they decided to make a move on one of them," Clay continued to explain crossing his arms in front of his chest, and rolling his neck. He didn't find much interest in reciting the story, but knew it needed to be done. "That's when I messaged my boss for orders, and he told us to bring them back. I said we should wait to see if you guys showed up to handle it for us, but he didn't much appreciate that notion. Honestly, I would have much rather left it to you, but I'm not on your payroll."

"Would it have killed you to send us a message? Just a quick: 'By the way we're going to shoot up a bunch of robbers in your pharmacy, so don't freak out?' That way we wouldn't have almost blown your heads of?" Yossar asked.

Clay sighed, making it clear that he disapproved of the whole mess.

"I wanted to, but Major Kauffman decided against it. Said that by the time that we received a response, they'd either be gone, or Verahl would insist on Aegis taking it," he shrugged his shoulders as he finished, it was Johnny's arrogance that was biting Clay on the ass. "I think that it was more to slight Verahl, the two never really did see eye to eye."

"Juliet just touched down," Lee announced, breaking the conversation between the two. The Padre perked up from the wall he was slouched against.

Yossar took a good long look at the scene for a final time. What Clay had told them checked out, "Fucking orders right?" He puffed, "Alright then, get your shit," Yossar motioned to the robbers again, "And get going. Fact is we have a job we're supposed to be doing, so we're in a hurry. So Mr. Dockworker, you make this take one more second than it needs to and... Do I really have to say it?"

The Padre slowly lifted his pistol from the counter, turning it on the Turian, and ushering him to move forward.

"Don't worry about that one," the Padre uttered as he made the Turian take the first few steps towards the door. "It's me you're stuck next to for the flight back."

Not stalling any longer, the two prisoners were marched out the back, with the three members of the Exiled around them. It would only be downhill from here for them.

Senaya shook her head at the sight of the Exiles on the scene, once the threat of potential hostiles had been taken care of... though she had deliberately coughed when Clay mentioned capturing asari, just to make a point about there being one such individual present. She knew a little bit about the mercenary group; most of them were ex-Alliance personnel. Logically, that meant a lot of humans in the outfit.

According to her superiors when she had asked one time, there was more or less a truce between the Exiles and Aegis. The two groups hadn't come to blows yet, but there was always the possibility. Just another reminder to remain constantly vigilant on Omega.

She turned to Yossar. "Are we to move out, sir?" she inquired, wanting to get back to the mission to which Aegis had originally been assigned.


Kryxus was yelling from the cockpit for them to quickly disembark, not bothering to kill the engines as he did. Not to keep either Yossar or their clients waiting, Lux started to do the same.

"Each of you get moving!" he yelled as he stood in the middle, ushering each member of the company out. "Any of you stall and you get demoted to meat shield!"

When Brooks and Tiron cleared the ramp, the last of the company off, Lux activated the terminal beside him closing the ramp at the back, and leaned his head into the cockpit doorway.

"Everyone's clear, and the ramp is locking," he said as he nodded at their pilot, telling him he was free to go.

He glanced over the bay one last time, before stepping out from the side doors, and onto the landing pad, hearing the door close behind him. Looking up he could see two other craft that were sitting on the tarmac nearby. Raven was already talking to a Turian, clad in blue and black armour.

Fucking rent-a-cops.

"Mr. Lux," the Turian said as he approached. "We're Mrs. Elyina's security detail, Iron Wolf Secur---"

"You're out of your league," he grunted in response, not waiting for the Turian to respond, or give his explanation. Aegis was hired, so this was their job. If he thought he had any authority off of Illium, or that he'd be anything more than the grunts if anything went wrong, he was going to be horrible mistaken. "Where is she?"

The Turian paused for a moment, used to the manners work on Illium brought with it, before giving a stammered response back. "Uh... Second transport."
"I'll watch that one," Raven replied, tired of the Turian's bullshit as well. "That good?"

"Works for me," Lux said as he turned back to the crew behind him and yelled to his squad. "First transport Maul, second transport Lance, go!"

"First transport Maul, second transport Lance, go!"

Ishk stepped off the transport, Viper in hand, and after seeing no visible hostiles, jogged ahead of the rest of his group, running point as he was used to. The Salarian reached the second of the two transports before the rest and found a place where he had the transport in sight as well as most of the bay.

He awaited orders, continually scanning the area for possible hostiles. He saw a few places he would've set up before joining Aegis, none too obvious, but still possible hiding places. And if this client was anywhere near as important as they had been led to believe, then they were all probable places of interest. Though with their group as large as it was, it was more likely they would be facing a small, elite squad. If anything at all.

In any case, there was nothing to be done until they showed their faces and the client was at their destination. A goal he intended to accomplish.

"First transport Maul, second transport Lance, go!"

At the krogan's word Tiron jogged over to the second transport, a little behind the salarian on his squad. Iron Wolf Security...why does that name seem familiar? He thought as he moved. Then it hit him, the eidetic memories flashing in crystal clarity. Right, we stole a few vehicles and some of their kit...I hope they're better than they were.

Chuckling to himself he scanned the immediate area, before slotting himself next his assigned transport. The M-9 felt heavy in his hands while he waited for Raven and Brooks. Although he'd spent most of his life as a criminal Tiron had only fired his guns a few times in anger, even then he'd never hit anyone, and he wasn't in any great hurry to change that.

Arashu, Goddess of Motherhood.
Let my pleas drift to you,
On tides of light.
Grant me your divine protection,
And to those I hold dear.
Send forth your warrior-angels,
To shield us in the valley of tears.

"First transport Maul, second transport Lance, go!"

Nicholas walked towards the first transport with his sniper rifle thrown over his shoulder. Upon reaching the transport he pulled out his sniper rifle and scanned the area through its scope. Hmm, any people stupid enough to attack will end up with a hole where there head used to be. thought Nicholas.

"Our AO is clear of hostiles" he said to no one in particular, "now what ?"

However, an uneasy feeling came over him as he could feel as if they were being watched. Considering the VIP, that was more than likely. So without waiting for a reply he started checking the area again just to make sure.


Zantus looked up, spying Elyina sitting across from him. She looked completely out of place on the transport. Her beautiful dress, filled with hues of deep red and purple, made her seem as she wasn't really there, that she had to be painted in to the dark, bare metal of the ship around her.

You don't belong here.

"Elyina, you can still go," repeated Zantus, he had lost track of the number of times he had tried to talk her out of coming to Omega. This entire meeting had stunk to him. "We can pull out, say things got hot, and head back to Illium. No one has to know."

Elyina sighed, and shook her head. Every time Zantus brought the possibility of neglecting her duty up, she had justified her reasons for coming. No matter what she did, she would have been sent to Omega eventually. Stalling would have achieved nothing. When she made it clear to Zantus that she was going, he had insisted on accompanying her on the journey, despite her escort from both the Iron Wolves. It was only with his insistance that Aegis had even been brought on as well. Even if he had no former knowledge of the group, they would guarantee him one thing that the Wolves couldn't. Neutrality.

"Zantus..." she began in her soft elegant voice. He knew what was coming, that she'd make excuses, justify her reasons, continue with her current course, but he still hung to every word she said. "We're already half way through; turning back now would get us nowhere. Three months down the line, we'll be back here again, we might as well finish this now."

Zantus's stared at the floor. He hated every moment on the station.

"I know appreciate you coming here," she continued, trying to raise his spirits. "You didn't have to. You could have just stayed back behind on Illium, and watched over the building like you always did. But you didn't. You came to keep me safe, but what I appreciate more is just having your company while I am here. Don't worry, nothing will happen."

Zantus looked up, into her eyes. He could see the subtle quiver in her lips as she spook, the odd pauses that she gave in her speech. He knew she was afraid, terrified in fact, despite the calm facade she gave.

"You're right," continuing the lie. It was more comfortable for her to try to believe in it. "You're right..."

He could hear yelling outside, and rose from his seat to face the doors of the craft. He kept his hand over his holster, and walked forwards, as the door began to slide open.

"And you are?" he asked Raven as he stood in the doorway, the rest of Lance squad moving in behind him.


"Chill the fuck out," Barnes snapped at Solik, sitting across from him in the transport.

The Salarian's anxiety had been bugging him since he left Omega. Barnes hated him almost as much as he hated Elyina's lap dog, Zantus. It was his job to take care of Elyina before Zantus decided to screw with everything. He was supposed to be back on Illium, watching the internal security of the company, but instead, he insisted on coming out to the asshole of the galaxy with them. Even when Zantus was denied permission to go by the company, the Turian decided he'd use up his vacation days to come out with them. He was a slime ball, and his obsession with Elyina would be the death of him.

Before Solik could muster a response, the doors to the transport opened, and a large Krogan was standing there, with a Batarian, Turian and Human in tow.

Seems that Omega is even more equal opportunity than Illium...

"Aegis?" Barnes asked, refusing to rise for Lux. He didn't bother to wait for a response either. "Strap in then. I want to get off this rock as quickly as possible."

" In moment Senaya," Yossar went over to the Volus shop keeper, who was now taking cover behind a the broken shelf. "Nitne you seem to be alright all things considered. Contact Oleene, she'll give you the number for some fixers who can clean this up."

Yossar then turned back to his squad before Nitne could comment on the Aegis's response. "Dagger Squad move-out." He commanded, before quickly leaving the pharmacy. Outside, he opened his comm-link and hailed Haley, "This is Yossar, situations been taken care of. It turns out the Exiled were tracking a group of robbers who can fled their territory. They were being lead by Clay who mentioned that Kauffman wanted this done under Verahl's nose. Dagger squad is now on our way back to base."


Izzik stepped off the Gauntlet, onto one of the landing pads of the offices they were at the base of. He could hear the engines of the Gauntlet shutting down as he did. Ahead of him were two other transport ships, with a couple guards in black and blue armour stationed nearby. Under his breath, Izzik could hear Yossar curse something about rent a cops, as he brought the squad to the doorway of the building ahead of them.

The office was a part of one of the colossal spires of Omega, that made up part of the station. It was far different than the territory that Aegis controlled, nestled within the foot of these megaliths. Part of Izzik was tempted to look over the side, to see how far down the cluttered streets were below him, but held off on his curiosity. The chaotic structure of the station itself shared an odd parallel with the nature of its inhabitants.

Entering through the main doors, Dagger squad found themselves inside of Arahie Industries, one of many Eezo producers on Omega. Most were located nearer to the base of the station, with their operations set up to continue drilling on the asteroid the station was attached to, but several still had office locations further away. The lobby itself was rather empty, its walls a bright white with a black tiled floor, polished to reflection, with a pair of guards located at each of the two doors that lead deeper into the complex. Above them as well was a small balcony that overlooked the lobby, with an additional pair of guards standing on there, with doors to their security office behind them . It was a stark contrast to much of the station; it looked like somewhere that belonged on the Citadel, not Omega. Also like the Citadel, the sheer emptiness of the area was a sign of wealth and power on Omega, and one that a company would flaunt. In the middle though, a large number of armoured individuals stood, huddled around a seated Asari and Salarian.

"Good of you to show up!" Lux bellowed as the squad entered the lobby. He rose from his seat, and walked towards them. The guards tensed up as he did, and Lux picked up on it. His sarcastically cheery demeanor fading as they did, and his clear annoyance showing. "We have a problem."

Lux explained the situation to Yossar as they approached the group. The executives of Arahie were claiming ignorance of the meeting, stating they had never been contacted. This had left an awkward limbo between their VIP and the company as things were being sorted out.


"This whole thing is off," Brooks muttered as he sat hunched over on the back of one of the chairs, with his feet resting on the seat. His hands were rested on the rifle he had between his legs, its butt sitting by his feet, as he glanced side from side, passing his vision between each set of guards. "What the fuck kind of meeting is supposed to be?"

Brooks had been fidgeting the entire time, ready to snap at the slightest provocation.

"Dysfunctional," cracked Karnak as he continued to lean on the wall behind him. He had remained more calm than Brooks, but it was clear that he was tense as well. This tension was shared with the guards across from them that had been stationed to watch them, as well as the half dozen Iron Wolves that entered with them.

"What are we still doing here?" asked Brooks allowed, seemingly not noticing Karnak's response. "If there's no meeting, there's no damn meeting, why the hell haven't we left yet?"

"Because Elyina insists on being seen," Barnes snapped. The company had quickly realized that Barnes was the head of the security force that was brought with Elyina. The rest of the guards all followed his orders, except for Zantus. "These fucking Batarians are holding her up though. We come to their company to speak to them directly, and they claim that we never set a proper meeting up with them, arrogant bastards."

Karnak's gaze went from the guards by the door, to suddenly drilling into the back of Barnes's head, as he shifted his weight to move away from the wall. His fists were already clenched, as he was trying to keep his anger in check, and not draw attention to it.

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