Death Valley: A Shadowrun RP (Game Thread)

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"...30 seconds or so something is gonna ehiter go boom in a big way or this place is gonna turn into the OK corral"

Jade blinks.
"Okay, fuck." she says, feeling strangely calm.
She starts hitting dials and buttons on Lillian's dash, uncoiling her jack lead. In a couple of moments she'll be able to Rig back into Lillian and if needs be the team could be out and away in under two minutes.

"Righto, folks. Lillian's spooling up. We can be away free at a moment's notice if this fucker's speaking truths. Jus' say the word."

She really hopes like hell this fucker isn't speaking truths. Jade has had more than enough of explosions in the last 24 hours.

Sonya waited on the roof. If Tobias decided to flee from any of the exits or windows she would be able to spot him and take him down, it wasn't a bad foxhole, but she still felt too open. She quietly assembled her rifle as the others played their roles, the infiltrator, the face, in the end it didn't matter if they didn't get anything that might help the 'run or let the target escape. Right now she was the only barrier between success and failure.

She had just finished assembling her rifle when a message came over her comlink.

"...30 seconds or so something is gonna either go boom in a big way or this place is gonna turn into the OK corral"

All that preparation wasted, was the target going to blow himself up with the hotel or would he flee first? If the later she still had a chance of getting him but she would end up going down with the hotel.


Resounded through her head, it was a lose lose situation, how the hell could the bring him alive if he was gonna blow the place to kingdom come? She slung the rifle across her back and sullenly headed back to the VTOL.

Corral Hotel - Tobias's Room

While the stunned staff in the lobby applauded and searched their computers, while the runners on the second floor came upon a group of doors that burned with scent and emotion, Tobias sat on the bed. He cradled the sub in his hands like a precious artifact.

The man saw the hotel room, the same one he had stayed in with his dad, and as an adult had honeymooned with his wife there. He saw the place he remembered, but in a distant way, as if he were watching it all on TV. His eyes moved left, right. They moved like someone else was focusing them. It was like there was a roadblock; he had to fight to form the thoughts, and give the order to his body to act, and it could only just get there.

Again the assailants had a draw on him. He could hear the voice in his head. Damaging hs own datajack saved him from the worst of it, but the scrambled signal came anyway. It was like a constant noise, drowning his own thoughts. It was a strenuous trial to keep himself together. When the task became too great, and the voice threatened to override his own, he let his conscious mind go dark, replaced by military training and raw instinct.

So close...

On his way up, he'd heard the amazing Ziggy and the ease in which he swayed folks to give him information. Jonesy chuckled to himself, but inwardly he did not like how the man operated. His own way was quieter. first. The noise wouldn't happen until something gave the Bogies probably cause to do so, like a clear-and-present threat. As he and the now tarp-less Baskerville Hounds perused the hallways, Mitch appeared from the other direction and gave him a nod as he kept looking around in his own way. That was when his phone was sent a recording from Moonlighter which...Jonesy held closely to his ear.

"...30 seconds or so something is gonna ehiter go boom in a big way or this place is gonna turn into the OK corral"

Two Possibilities: One, he was seeing activity and joining the dots enough to see that this is a Run. Two, he was knowledgeable of an actual explosion to take place in the near-future. Jonesy didn't need to tell the elf to keep him talking and/or distract him from whatever he needed to be distracted from. That was SOP for all Runners when the unexpected showed up. Eventually, the Bogies stopped.

Tatsy: Huff...


Tatsy: *Grunt*

Confirmed. The other three agreed: It was this room here, Number 23. Heh...23-Skidoo. Right then, he bade the dogs to back off from said door as he did the same, enough that they weren't even outside the room's walls. You never... You never never stand in front of a target's door unless you want to become a target yourself. Jonesy then sent some mail to the others with his phone.

Room 23. Back me up, cover exits, watch the equivalent window outside. Moonlighter, wrap it up.

Here, he then waited. If he wanted to kill the man, he would have a good chance of it even now if there was enough surprise. But the Yakuza wanted him alive, which means he had to stop short of maiming him. Well...maybe a little. Kid killer, after all. Can't let that go, nosireebob. He made sure that his flash and smoke grenades were in easy reach in his coat's inner pockets...and waited.

After busting out some moves to a thumping tune, Ziggy got the applause he deserved and the staff were willing to search the deepest depths of the database for what he needed, the room number of a certain Tobias Dawson. The tapping of the feet and the fingers matched the rhythm of the music. As to not distract the staff from their duty, Ziggy turned down to the music and after breaking a sweat pumping out some mad moves, he felt a little more in a chill mood. After all, he had posed as an obnoxiously loud competition host many a time, as it was a cover that he enjoyed and suited the obnoxiously loud personality he projected to other people. Sure, some people would prefer a more quiet entrance, but to Ziggy, it was either go big or go home. Just then, with a *ping*, a message arrived from Jonesy:

Room 23. Back me up, cover exits, watch the equivalent window outside. Moonlighter, wrap it up.

He quickly replied:

Gonna try to confuse him then nab him with some shock glove tricks, will be there soon.

And paused to change the music to something more suitable.

Ziggy leant over one of the computers and patted the man's shoulder, with the assumption that the elf had got the room number, the staff stopped the frantic search and resumed to normal duties. Ziggy strutted out and swaggered up the staircase to the second floor. There are also something about a bomb or something, but that didn't worry Ziggy. As long as the team was in and out in a flash, they didn't have to worry about what happened to the hotel afterwards. Room 23 was getting closer and closer, until he could spy Jonesy hiding with those pets of his away from the door. Ziggy gave a stretch, then looked to Jonesy, waiting for confirmation that the plan could go through, that he could make his move...

"What makes you think it's gonna blow?

Kris shook his head "I never said it was going to blow...I just said there might be the chance that your target...which just so happens to be my target as well might very well have a few tricks up his sleeve of the martial or booby trap kind" He exhaled and then looked to the wiring moonlighter was working on and clicked his tounge the others were inside he was sure of it. His eyes darted about innocent people were going to get hurt if the other runners suddenly decided to get trigger happy. After calculating the risks he causlally walked off and then when he was sure he was out of moonlighter's sight he bolted for the back entrance towards the others "Justice is coming...justice is done"

This was it, the Shadowrunners knew. They silently approached the door, flash grenade in hand. At the signal, they activated the panel and unlocked the metallic shutter, before activating the grenade and tossing it across.

Corral Hotel - Tobias's Room


The room was an open suite. A low, spacious bed was set into a neon-lit frame that went up to the cieling, a fan at it's center. Flanking it were two curving shelves and a pair of ornamental lights. One side ended at a wall with environmental controls. The other broke off into a washroom. Across from it was a table with small computerized devices and a trideo/television screen that flickered with images, though the sound was muted.

Tobias was standing on the bed, facing the window. It was open, letting the raindrops hit his face and body. He stared off into the dark wasteland outside.

He wasn't wearing a shirt. His body was corded and tough. His blond hair was rumpled, and his face was set in resignation. His shoulders stiffened; his whole body tensed, gathering strength. Emotions flickered in his eyes, one after another, like lightning. Panic. Anger. Sadness.


Then, he attacked.

Tobias pushed hard, spun backwards to face the door, and targeted the runners. His arm rocketed up, unleashing a hail of fire from the sub machine gun. The flash from the grenade barraged his senses, and he was propelled sideways, yelling and throwing his other arm in front of his face.

As the man rushed to rushed to recover, he kept the arm up, wrist straight. His knuckles dislocated into three nodes, the fleshy sheath of his hand gave way to cybernetic attachment. There was a metallic scraping sound, and the next second an array of silvery blades burst forth from his hand.

Tobias's hand had become a deadly razor-sharp claw. The slash was a song in the air.


seconds before the flashbang exploded, Mitch said "He's all yours" with a smirk on his face and took a defensive position near the wall, and pulled out his pistol.

When the flashbang exploded, Mitch was firmly leaning against the wall and started monitoring surroundings for hostile emotions.

That disticnt bang would alert the revrend's trained ears, "Shit I thought I had more time." Kris made his way towards Tobais' room M1991 drawn and in the attack postion as civilans came out of their rooms he would shout at them "Lonestar operation...get back in your hotel rooms" he said as he made his way to the battle praying he wasn't too late.

Even from outside, Blue heard a loud bang followed by several gunshots coming from inside the hotel. He received Jonesy's message before the and opted to move in but they needed someone to make sure he wouldn't make it past the entrance which was already in a panic. People turned their heads to the sound of the loud bangs and some panicked while the others didn't know what it was. Still, a few people rushed outside and Blue looked at their faces making sure Tobias wasn't one of them. Someone probably already called for the police so their window of capturing Tobias was closing.

Despite it all, Blue still waited patiently outside. He partially scanned the leaving crowd and looked inside to make sure a certain blonde-haired individual wasn't making his way outside.

There's the distinct crack of a flashbang from inside. Gunshots too. Jade's eyes widen. Fuck, this was supposed to be quick.
Why doesn't anything ever go easy?

She flips a mental switch and she's broadcasting across everyone on the team's feeds.

"Okay, what the fuck is going on in there? We need to stay in contact guys 're we're deader'n an Elf in th' Big Rhino."

Sonya was sitting on the roof, legs crossed and impatiently tapping her foot against the floor. Her rifle was spread across her legs as she checked and rechecked, tranq ammo ready, there enough tranquillizer in them to knock out a large horse, if that (somehow) didn't make the target hit the ground she had some hollow points readied just in case. The Yak's had specified him to be alive, they didn't say he couldn't be a little injured.

There was a sound of an explosion below her, was that the one Moonlighter warning them about? If so it felt like it was to small to be something of real concern. She dashed over to the side of the building that housed the entrance, the occupants of the hotel were streaming out in droves. So much for subtlety, but with someone like Ziggy on the team, what did she expect? She scanned the crowed for any suspicious looking blond men, but none matched the description. He must still be inside.

"Next time one of you feel like setting off a bomb, try giving me a heads up first" She barked over her comlink to the rest of the team, "If he tries making a break for it, tell me what direction he's going in. I'll get him."


"Okay, what the fuck is going on in there? We need to stay in contact guys 're we're deader'n an Elf in th' Big Rhino."

The aircraft computers relayed their sensors to the pilot. Data flashed through her; showing the fight with the target and intercepting security corp comms. Response teams would be on route. She was tracking their vehicles.

But there was another group- a convoy of four vehicles. Two black SUV's, two buses.


Corral Hotel - 2nd Floor / Tobias's Room

Metahumans flew from their rooms, fleeing the gunfire. Tobias Dawson fought savagely. He had resumed control of his own body, but he was still receiving partial signals. He sensed the movements of it's soldiers. The signals were gaining strength. The voice was getting close. Closer! CLOSER!


Corral Hotel - Parking Lot

Two black SUV's turned off the highway, the highway lights reflected in their mirrored windshields. Two buses followed close behind, their engines humming as they passed. The bus windows windows were transparent. And threw them the runners outside saw a line of homeless and children.

We could see them.

They could see us.

Through the opening doors, through the front viewport of the lead bus, they saw the filthy face of a man in ragged clothes. A homeless man. But his skull was a mess of wired cables. The bus turned, bringing a modified rear door to bear. They disgorged kids and adults onto the paved lot, outside the hotel. They formed up, some fanning out to take flanking positions.

And from an SUV, stepping smoothly out of the passenger door, was someone else.

A man. He was tall in stature, at least 6'3", and dark-skinned from apparent Caribbean descent. Jamaican, probably. He moved with a careful, almost deliberate precision. Yet the large pistol on his belt give a hint as to the true nature beneath his bizarrely expressionless face. His eyes were massive lenses, whether linked goggles or cyberware. He wasn't seeing just shape and color anymore. He was seeing infrared heat. He was seeing trails, like the ones a mouse cursor leaves on the computer screen. It allowed him to follow movement and direction more closely. And even could see faint outlines through the outer layers of skin. All the better to target vital organs. These were target-acquiring eyes. And beneath his duster was a chestplate of reflective armor.

Passerby outside lot who saw him immediately collapsed, as if the sight of him was too much for them. He walked calmly towards the front entrance, surrounded by the assailants.


Blue whipped around to see two buses and two SUVs pulled into the parking lot and from the vehicles came a plethora of possible problems. Blue heard another noise behind him to see the woman with the sniper rifle on the roof. That eased some of his stress as he reached for his revolver immediately and drew it out before going inside the motel itself. He busted open one of the windows and saw the horde of undesirables slowly approaching the hotel.

Blue breathed slowly as he made a final chamber check. The 500 S&W cartridge in his revolver could easily go through two or three bodies at a time but even then, there alot of them and not a whole lot of his bullets. He lined up his revolver for dead center of the crowd.

"Hey! Take one more step and consider yourself dead!"

Blue switched to his comms channel to inform the group of the mess.

"We got a gang of homeless people and a mercenary or two in front. Jade, get your bird's guns to bear on this one."

Kris approched the runner's in dawson's room...he was right a shithurricane was now bearing down on this little hotel/motel....he hated being right. As he looked in on the Criminal he saw the man extend his claws and cocked his head to the right a grin forming on his face. Kris then looked to the other runners they had thier hands full with whatever was going on outside. He would deal with that later, turning back to Tobias he holstred his pistol and his hands started to glow with a turquise aura and the fanit sound of a coyote howling could be heard as his "Killing hands" power revealed itself, he then looked to the Wovlerine reject and spoke

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers"

And with that he came at tobias with a flurry of Muay Thai strikes and knees

And shit got real.
Damnit, what the hell was going on? Jade swears until the air in the cocoon is a lovely shade of blue and starting slapping controls into action.

"We got a gang of homeless people and a mercenary or two in front. Jade, get your bird's guns to bear on this one."

"Waaay ahead o' ya, boy Blue." she says back, trying her best to stay calm. She has no idea who the fuck these merc types are but Corporate response is on its way too, and if they don't get the job done and away free before then, they could all be sharing a nice lane in a cemetery somewhere. Given there were any body bits left.

Lillian lurches into the sky with a roar of jets and Jade's rigging in before she even gets a chance to think otherwise.

"I got you covered and my gun is mighty. Jade Lillian rumbles through the speaker system.
"Stop right there or the lot a youse is chunks o' Bachelor Chow got it?"

Mitch heard Blues message, Mitch felt like there was nothing to do for him here, and he would be of more use at downstairs.
Mitch looked at Jonesy and said "Take care of him, my hunch tells me that i will be of more use at downstairs... Don't get hurt."
He started running towards the stairs, contacting the other members of the team of his decision to join Blue.

Mitch was going down as fast as he could, and as he got closer to ground floor he saw a fire extinguisher mounted on a wall, Mitch grabbed the extinguisher and pulled it out of the wall and headed to the lobby, jumping and ducking behind the reception desk, besides Mitch there were couple staff members hiding there, Mitch gave them a stern look, and told them to leave through the backdoor, now that he was alone for a moment, he could formulate a plan of defense in his mind.

He knew that if they came through that door that he would be in trouble, with only a mag of ammo he wouldn't be able to hold them off with firepower, but if they got past blue and into the building he would need to get into a melee with them, and that's where the extinguisher would come in handy, it was an older model, heavy, just like in the old days, Mitch felt good for taking it, he could get a lot of force behind his blows with it and keep the homeless at bay with a nice cold blast blast to their faces.

Mitch contacted the others
"Do we have an escape plan? I truly hope that we aren't going to stat a small war here, lots of innocents could potentially get hurt. Also Blue, if you need anything, tell me about it, i'll make it happen."

A legion of children and vagrants spewed out from the bus, they moved as one, their movements organised, surrounding and flanking the hotel, it appeared they thought as one. Like locusts they swarmed around the hotel, ready to kill the guests and 'runners inside indiscriminately, picking the place clean. They halted thier advance once they reached the parking lot, but it was clear that they would attack the hotel once their leader commanded it. Once they did anyone inside would be done for, they had gone in expecting to fight and capture a man, not an entire army.

As the swarm organised itself, a man stepped out of one of the SUV's, he was unlike the others, collected, emotionless, probably the leader of the army comprised of vagrants and children.

Sonya rested her rifle on the lip of the roof, there were too many of them. She considered using the explosive rounds that Sven had given her to test out, but that would be overkill, innocents would get in the way and collateral always got lone star riled up, no matter how useless they were in everyday dealings, they had to keep up appearances. She hoped if she killed the leader the swarm would lose moral and dissipate.

She inserted a magazine of hollow points into her rifle and took aim at the leader, he was wearing armour underneath his jacket, it would have to be a head shot then. The Yak's said they had to bring in Tobias alive, they didn't say anything about this guy.

She took aim at his head and fired.

Corral Hotel - Parking Lot

"Hey! Take one more step and consider yourself dead!"
The cowboy yelled. His voice faded into blaring speakers from the strafing craft.
"Stop right there or the lot a youse is chunks o' Bachelor Chow got it?"

There was only a hint of reaction. A slight upturn to his mouth, while the signal to attack was sent to the massed army.

Lillian fired a warning salvo, tearing up the ground in front of them. Chunks of paved surface were propelled into the air, while alarms from destroyed cars sounded in unison. The horde returned with firearms, while throwing magnetic EMP grenades in an attempt to hit the craft. She kept firing, this time ripping straight through their ranks.

They rushed the entrance, lobbing grenades and firing as they ran. Blue took cover from a torrent of attacking rounds. His cyberware arm barely felt the recoil from the massive revolver. He fired from the window, but could have fired through the walls themselves. He chambered another clip as fast as he could, but the army outside was advancing even as limbs are blown off and heads explode from the powerful rounds.

The Jamaican holstered his pistol with one hand. The other arm passes behind him, into his duster. The movement revealed a weapon, like a rifle. A large battery was mounted underneath, the cylindrical attachment feeding energy through internal mechanisms.


He took aim at the T-Bird aircraft and released a bright red beam. The laser would have penetrated and destroyed the plane, but just as the firing sequence started, the sniper woman took her shot. His lenses saw the flash, the split-second ghostly image of the projectile. He threw his head back, but not fast enough. The bullet tore through the front of his face. It destroyed a lens, laying open his jaw and neck and grazing the dermal support around his skull before penetrating the other side and embedding itself in the ground. The laser beam floated to the side, drifting and burning a path. His laser weapon fell clanking. He grasped his mangled wound with his hand, while blood trickled down his clothing.

The remaining optical sensor traced the path of the bullet up to the roof, computing the location of the shot. Sonya's skill had her taking cover and moving already, never shooting from a fixed point. The reason why was made clear when a couple of grenades landed where she had been, releasing a hail of EMP's and shrapnel.

As he bled, the Jamaican pressed a datapad on his armor. He was surrounded by a shimmering light, which dissipated to nothing as the light was bent around him

Corral Hotel - Lobby

Blue held his ground. Behind him Dwarves and Elves were screaming, the metahuman staff huddling behind the counter. Others were running up the stairs. They passed Mitch as he came down, carrying a fire extinguisher. The glass door shattered, and he saw the air moving at the edge of his field of view.

Blue took a shot, but couldn't tell if he hit- the shifting distortion was too fast, too hard to see. The cowboy was about to shoot again when the cloak deactivated and the dark-skinned general was closing in. The sleeve of his duster was rolled up. There was a fearsome noise, and from his cyberware forearm was a series of razors on a rapidly spinning chain.


Blue took down one or two of the homeless at the time as they advanced towards the hotel. The rounds tore through them as if they were nothing and rendered their cybernetic bodies asunder. Still, that wasn't enough to deter them and bullets and grenades exploded all around him. A few bullets nearly hit him and if it wasn't for his cover then he would have been dead three times over. He crouched against the wall and inserted a speed loader worth of .500 S&W as a figure broke through the glass door. Fragments of glass flew every which way and Blue let off a shot in its direction. He heard the screams of the staff and most noticeably, the presence of two things in his general vicinity.

Mitch was close by, with fire extinguisher in hand and a pistol in other while the other was a cybernetic with a chainsaw on its arm closing the gap rather quickly. Desperation played a key part in what happened next.

Blue spun around to the source of the noise and grabbed the extinguisher from Mitch's grasp but the weight nearly threw him off balance and that was with his human arm. Even with his strength, it felt like he was swinging the red container in slow motion as the chainsaw of death came closer. Blue moved his body like he was pulling a mean hook but instead the fire extinguisher met the series of razors meaning to bisect him. In an instant the room exploded in a cloud of white foam. The pressure from the container exploded with enough force to redirect the chainsaw a mere inches away from his body but not without Blue receiving some metal shrapnel from the explosion.

Blue stumbled away from the foam explosion bewildered and shell-shocked but he quickly wiped off the foam from his eyes and he saw a chain-saw armed figure draped in foam as well. He quickly shot his cybernetic arm upwards and fired off a shot, aiming center mass.

The explosion of pressurized foam blew it in all directions. The shockwave sent all three sprawling, covered with white foam. It blanketed the floor and counter, it splattered on the wall. The chain was destroyed, the assailant's remaining lens hit from the blast. Foam covered his sensors.

He staggered up, coated with foam. Blue faced him, .500 revolver in hand. The cowboy raised it to the adversary's center and pulled the trigger.

The round blew straight through his torso. His badly damaged jaw flew open, but no sound came out. He staggered, wired body malfunctioning, limbs flying out automatically in an attempt to keep balance. The assailant with the optical sensors, laser weapon and pistol, reflective armor that rendered him invisible, and chainRipp fell forward, and buried himself on the lobby floor.

Through the wide shattered windows going to open air outside, the swarm of homeless and kids collapsed. Their control disrupted, they lost all sense of coordination; attacking, but not driven as a singular force.

Tobias fought. But suddenly he shouted, gripping his datajack. The voice grew weak. And in the lapse he was taken down, losing consciousness.

It was actually better that he let the others go in there instead of him. When you look at Jonesy, I mean really look at him, you don't see a melee expert. I mean, he could handle himself in a fist-fight, sure, but they had an adept and an Elf with shocking fists. You don't send Jonesy in for that. You have him shoot something, with magic or bullets. (Or magic bullets.) You also have him blast things apart or sic the dogs on him or cause a distraction. He's the magic man. So, that's why - after the flash grenade had been thrown and the others entered - the Bogies went in and helped as needed while he stood ready to do that voodoo that HE do so very well.

That is, until he heard the chainsaw and the strange booming sound. Thaaat distracted him. Fortunately, Tobias collapsed, meaning that he could call back his canine friends and investigate. He was heard to say "Okay, guys. Make it good. I'm gonna see what the hell's going on." and then proceeded downstairs...where he saw first the extinguisher foam, then people panicking, then Blue, and then Mr. Chainsaw. Jonesy looked at the clearly-cyberized man, unaware - because of the foam - that he had a hole in his chest and was probably dead, and considered his options.

Okay, I could walk up to him and find out what the hell's going on and MAYBE trigger something like a programed reflex or cortex bomb. Or, I could make sure he's very dead by handling him in a way most-likely to harm a cyborg.

So saying, Jonesy shot a Mana Bolt into the cyborg's ass to make sure he was dead and not likely to be/remain boobytrapped. They had Tobias. That's what the Mafia wanted. They could see what these guys were about, but it wasn't required. He looked over in Blue's direction.

"There still activity outside?"

The explosion made Mitch stagger, and it took him couple of seconds the get rid of the ringing and confusion in his head, Mitch was ready for Mr. Chainsaw, but as he came to his senses he saw him laying on the floor with a big hole in his torso. Mitch swept his hand across his face, clearing some foam that was stuck on him.

"great job Blue." Mitch said as he was cleaning his coat from the foam, but it was leaving nasty marks in it, Mitch decided to check out the back room of the lobby for a towel, he sensed someone heading downstairs, but it was not hostile. He headed through the backdoor and it didn't took long for him to find a towel, Mitch took of his coat and started cleaning his coat, and he heard Jonesy asking Blue
"There still activity outside?"

Mitch went back to the lobby, still rubbing his coat in vein, and looked at the cyber warrior on the floor and said
"Can we salvage or get anything useful from him? He looks like to be more machine than man, i'm sure he won't mind."
Mitch lifted himself on top of the reception desk and just sat there, pondering, and listening.

"Tango down" Kris said as Tobias finally collapsed he powered down his killing hands and exhaled as he whipped out a pair of Lonestar Issue handcuffs and locked them on the man's wrists. He would have ended the man's life right then and there for killing innocent kids but the yaks wanted him alive.

Kris then turned back to Jonesy and the Elf with the taser gloves his eyes narroing "We still got tangos outside?" he asked curiously as he looked out the window having heard the assult outside before he engaged Tobias

Jonesy opted to throw the flashbang into the room, which disappointed Ziggy. Another disappointment was that as soon as the flashbang hit, the man when all Rambo with his sub-machine gun and a few stray bullets hit Ziggy's commlink, shorting the speaker. Those were only the first. Apparently there were a chromed up dude with some of the chromed homeless who had turned to stalking the group. But things were on the up. For one, the Caribbean chrome had been hit by the face and their target was lying on the floor, handcuffed. The man stood up and turned back to Ziggy & Co after it was done.

"We still got tangos outside?"

Ziggy gave a stretch and repiled, "Uh-huh, I'mma gonna tango outta here."

He picked up Tobias in his arms, like a groom carrying his wife over the threshold. He was heavy, not doubt due to the huge amount of cyberware the man had. Cursing the fact that his beloved commlink was without speakers, he skipped like a ballet dancer out of the room, heading for the VTOL while the chaos ensued around him. An explosion came from the roof, but Ziggy didn't have time to turn and place the source, whether it from an exploding VTOL or a grenade. The important thing now was to get this motherfucker the hell outta there and escape the horde of chromes.

"We still got tangos outside?"

"You fucking kidding me, buddy? Tangos a-fucking-plenty! It's a regular Tango jamboree!"

Oddly, it doesn't sound like Jade's disappointed by this. That laser damn near cut her and Lillian in two, but they fucking well avoided it. Because that's what she goddamn does. Jade's in her element now, pure undilute chaos. These homeless guys are weird as hell but it's the Jamaican that's been her worry. Luckily it looks like their friendly neighbourhood sniper's managed to take him out the game a while, so Jade can concentrate on playing support.

She looks through her sensors and figure all made up in glowing reds is running from the building, carrying some chromed loser. She recognises the figure, he's tagged the moment he comes into range as King Jareth the Wonder Elf. So who the hell's he carrying?

"'Ey Ziggs," she yells over the comms. "That our target?"

Confirmation of activity outside led Jonesy and the dogs to investigate, finding a bunch of-

"Oh, not again!"

More fucking homeless people on the wire?! Hell no! HELL. FUCKING. NO. Jonesy opened this up as soon as he saw it with a Mana Storm in any convenient enough spot where allies were NOT located. He followed this up with tossing a couple of frag grenades-

"Do NOT fetch."

-into the out-of-control groups as well. Such was done in and out of whatever random cover he could find, Bogies causing Accident here and there to make slip-ups happen. He quickly flipped on comms and said...

"Okay, we have our pizza for delivery and this rabble look like they can't last for much longer. Any ideas what we should do with the tin can that was directing 'em?"

One shot, one kill: that was the mantra of all snipers. Sonya's eyes narrowed as she watched in disbelief, the Caribbean man dodged it. Sure his face was horribly wounded and one lenses had been smashed to bits, but he still dodged out, out of no where, no sign she was there and he dodged, shrugging off the wounds left behind like nothing. She was already moving into cover when the grenades came over the roof, a mix between between fragmentation and EMP. The air vent she was hiding behind behind gave her just enough cover, however a stray piece of shrapnel nicked her leg and the EMP scrambled the sight in her cyber-eye, so the guy wanted to make this a challenge, huh?

She moved back into position, but the Caribbean man had vanished and the legion of vagrants and children were disorganised, like whatever was controlling them had lost it's grip. They were moving frantically now, some were continuing the attack, hoping to get some easy cash from whoever was left inside the hotel, others who simply looked more confused and disorientated then aggressive were fleeing into the Mojave hoping to escape the pandemonium. She saw that idiot elf enter the chaos, without any weapons and carrying the target. What was he thinking?

"Ziggy, I'll cover you," She said over her comlink, "Anyone get's to close and they'll be hitting the floor"

The VTOL was in view, and not in pieces. Time to load this crazy chrome on there and fly on out of there, away from the other crazy chromes who were currently dealing with some sort of spell from Jonesy. Guess the shaman was good for something, not just taking his dogs for walkies, after all, Ziggy though with a grin. Still Tobias seemed to be more metal than man with the weight and Ziggy was eager to exac before the prophecy about this turning into the O.K. Corral scenario turned true. This band of loyal fans was getting on his nerves, last time he had encountered the buggers, Ziggy had found out the0y were tenacious little bastards. Then, interrupting his train of thought, a loud Glaswegian voice came through the comms of the VTOL.

"'Ey Ziggs," Jade shouted, "That our target?"

"No, it's my new lover." He shouted with more than a hint of sarcasm, "Care to let me have a snuggle inside there?"

He was dodging in and out of the crowd, then another voice came through, slightly scrambled by the damaged speaker, it was the gruff, hardass military lady or Scarface for short, as he referred to her. He wondered whether she had let herself get injured on the roof as those explosions sounded fairly loud. He sighed, what was it this time?

"Ziggy, I'll cover you," She said over her comlink, "Anyone gets too close and they'll be hitting the floor."

"A dance competition? Me and Tobias love those!" He gushed, leaving her to wonder what that actually meant. Did ol' Scarface dance? That would be something he would like to see, but Ziggy would also to see the last of this place. He ran to a particularly convenient spot for Jade to pick him up. hoping that he wouldn't have to hang around, as he was feeling that he was getting to know Tobias far too well. Just then another voice came through the comms, Ziggy was feeling particularly popular today.

"Okay, we have our pizza for delivery and this rabble look like they can't last for much longer. Any ideas what we should do with the tin can that was directing 'em?"

"Can those dogs chew through metal? I dunno." Ziggy mumbled. "Get him out of the game for good, I suppose?"

"No, it's my new lover. Care to let me have a snuggle inside there?"

Jade laughs, but more due to adrenalin.
In all honesty, she's suddenly worried. Ziggy's trying to hotfoot his way through a mob of psychopaths and even with Sonya keeping an eye out he can't outrun 'em all.

And dangerous and interesting plan forms in Jade's head.

"So tell me something Ziggs." she says, casually popping the the passenger door wide open with a hydraulic whisper.
She hits the thrusters to the right and she's suddenly side-on, door facing Ziggy.

"Youse two love birds any good at Chicken?"

And before he even has time to answering she's hurtling sideways right for him.

Kris followed the other runners on foot yelling over the chaos through his bluetooth "I'm gonna try and get a ride out with the runners that just showed up...yeah the ones I saw in seattle....No, call off the air support I don't want the VTOL to be shot down....yes redirect the local lawmen to....FUCK!!!" Kris winced as a bulllet grazed his thigh wasn't too bad but was still gonna hurt like a son of a bitch. He growled and pulled his pistol firing off a few shots of covering fire rambo style, His marksmannship instructor in the acamady would have pistol whipped him for shooting from the hip but well this was fighting for your life and you didn't have time to aim properly.

Kris muttred and kept going two more shots two more Tangos down bullets right between the eyes years of pratice on the range and in matrix simulatons. "This shoulda been a routine Beatdown & Grab." Kristoff thought to himself he also wondered if this wasn't some kinda double or triple cross,that sudden and opptuine appernce of a small army armed with enough firepower to take out a small town meant if this job was some sort of setup then heads were gonna roll.

"So tell me something Ziggs..."

Jade just hovered nearby now and with a word, one of the door opened. About time, he thought as Tobias's body weighted on further on Ziggy. Now she was in a nice postion for Ziggy to jump in, the chrome horde didn't look none too inviting and the sooner this 'run was done, the better, before things got messy. He readied himself for the jump.

"Youse two love birds any good at Chicken?"

Wait; what? The VTOL zoomed towards him. Jade was playing a very dangerous game here, if he stood his ground, there would be one fabulous flattened corpse on the side of her aircraft or, less less likely she would scoop him up. If he jumped, he would either land into the VTOL or crash and fall into the chrome mob. But Ziggy had already made his decision, as soon as he saw the VTOL swoop, he jumped to met her, or to fall into oblivion.

The man fell down dead as dead could be an soon blood pooled around him. Blue breathed deeply, catching his breath and looking around to see Mitch was okay and that the shaman was close by. He zapped the body one more time just to make sure and Blue nodded in thanks. Blue looked outside to see the horde dissipating into the night like a snuffed fire. A few of them tried to fight back but they struggled just to keep their balance.

Blue walked over to the body and kicked the man's head. He bent his neck only to feel a sharp pain coming from the side of his neck. He put a hand to it and a reddened hand returned.

"Aw damn it." Blue swore. "A piece of the fire extinguisher or something must have nicked me..." He kept a hand to it to prevent more bleeding as he rifled through the dead man's pockets. He looked more man than machine at this point but he was sure he could salvage something.

"This man's a cybernetic... we can check his brain but I doubt there'd be anything there. Hm... reflective armor... this man means serious business. I'm taking this though. For parts that is." His cybernetic arm holstered his pistol and then reached for the large laser weapon. The weapon was massive and looked especially expensive.

And Lillian swoops neatly into the perfect position for Ziggy to hit her sparsely furnished interior.

"WOOHOO!" Jade howls as she banks messily to the left, mentally slamming the passenger door shut and swinging right over the heads of the mob.
As Lillian she swings her thrusters around and blasts up to get some clearance before launching towards the roof.

As far as Jade's concerned, things are going great.

"Tha's a good jump you got fer a poncey n'Og reject mate." she says through her bird's internal system. She looks out at the hotel. Things are in dire need of wrapping up here, and it looks like she'll need to have a hand in doing so or the team is fucked.

She heads for the roof first, stopping abruptly in front of the haunted-looking sniper, rear door open again. She hopes Ziggy hasn't gone and done something antisocial, like vomit all over her passenger seats.

"Yer chariot approaches milady." Jade Lillian rumbles.

And then Jade breaks the immersion briefly, the better for yelling at everyone at once.

"Okay fellas, we need out. I'ma do a quick circuit to get clear of any weapons got their shiny barrels aimed Lillian's way, you guys get somewhere clear so i can pick you up. Sound good?"


Ziggy hit one of the passengers with a crash, but to be honest, he felt more sorry for Tobias as his unconscious ass was crammed between Ziggy and the seat, not in the best of places. Well at least he could say after this that he got to know the target intimately in every detail. Ziggy give a groan, part of the man's datajack was digging into his sides. He slumped on the seat and weakly dragged the body off him, hoping that this was the end of the shenanigans, though Jade sounded like all she wanted was more. This 'run was dragging, too much time had been spent there and they had to pay for it with this homeless army and the other chromes. Time to get comfortable and enjoy the ride out of here.

"Tha's a good jump you got fer a poncey n'Og reject mate."

"Well, I regard myself better at Hopscotch than Chicken, darling." He replied while picking his nails, ignoring the barb that was more close to the truth then he would like. He decided to up his accent in retort, "Why... Oi miss Oirland but so'tiz as yer say."

With the prospect of the sullen sniper joining the cabin party, Ziggy sighed. The two women would probably tear him apart with their snarky speeches. He wondered if he would survive the encounter.

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