Death Valley: A Shadowrun RP (Game Thread)

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Kristoff heard the shout and moved as best he could with the target down and secure he ran as fast as he could to a clear LZ shooting up or Adept face punching any genric thug who got in his way as the chaos swarmed around him he picked up an ak-74 rifle one of the goons dropped and put his pistol away stopping to spray a few more with bullets before cracking them in the face with the rifle butt. "Come on you sons of bitches....FIGHT ME" he roared as one thug tried to knife him but got nutered with a magic backed kick to the testes followed by rifle butt facial. Spinning around Kris shot a thug in the kneecap and ran full speed hitting with a full force kick just under the chin, The man's head snapped back and a familar snap crackle and pop of a neck breaking could be heard as the man fell down dead, "It's up and It's good" Shouted kris as he made a "Good feild goal" gesture with his arms.

As soon as he got to the LZ where he was going to meet his first ride out of town he pulled out his singal flares and "popped smoke" a huge cloud of green smoke then began it's rise towards the sky as Kris began waving his arms franticly.

The VTOL banked and leveled, circling the building, illuminated by floodlights. Ziggy felt movement. It was the man beside him. The target was waking up.

"Taken... After me...."
He was speaking softly, incohenetly, as he was being revived; slowly becoming aware of his surroundings. He mumbled that he was being attacked by children and homeless.

Tobias soon was conscious. He didn't inquire who the Shadowrunners were. He knew that they didn't kill him immediately. That's all he needed to know. Instead, he said that more were coming. The gunman's datajack is malfunctioning, which means he can't be controlled, but he's getting a scrambled signal anyway.

Jade flashed information. They had their target, living. The Yakuza had associates in a border city on the Pueblo Corporate Council. It is a Native American civilization with a giant casino. They could repair and refuel the plane, and would have good security should they stay and contact the Yakuza.

Jonesy had received the weird-ass comment of Ziggy wondering if dogs could chew through metal. You had to be something uber-strong like a Behemoth to do that. No dog, no hound of any kind - even the awakened ones - could possibly chew through metal unless there existed Hounds of Tindalos with acid jaws. He'd read about that as a kid. Freaked him out. Still, things were moving along and it looked like they needed to handle a bit more of the crowd, but then it was revealed that Jade wanted them to move to a bit more of an open landing zone after her stunt with the VTOL and Ziggy with Tobias. Honestly, the banter there was never going to stop. So, this was where a guy that had sounded like Moonlighter's recording began to make ready a landing zone with green smoke, but he didn't look like he was on his team, so...

"Pardon me..."


Three Bogies behind him, each trying to make the base of Kris' spine do the cha-cha with Fear as onesy stood directly behind the trio. Jonesy had his gun ready, juuust in case of emergency.

"...but I don't seem to recall you on the roster, and actually hearing you bothering one of our own while busy. Would you be an upstanding fellow and some questions? Or, in fact, all of them?"

Jade bursts out laughing. She didn't think she would, but she likes this guy. Sure he's a bit on the sarcastic side, and Jade prefers her blokes dumber than her but he's at least got a sense of humour.

"You know what? Yer alright mate you are." she replies, banking in the increasing wind.

From here she can see the smoke. This huge green column, it can't be anything but the rest of the team. Still got a minute before Lillian'll get there, so she quickly broadcasts over the team-wide channel again.

"Think I can safely assume th' smoke's you guys idea of a landin' strip?"

The wound she had got from the piece of shrapnel was worse then she thought, it was bleeding badly and now the adrenaline had passed she was feeling the pain more then before. Using her rifle as a makeshift crutch, she staggered into the VTOL, grabbing the first aid kit before she collapsed into one of the empty seats. As she bandage the wound she noticed that Ziggy and Tobias were on board as well, at least this 'run would be over soon.

Bandages applied she saw that Tobias was coming round from whatever had knocked him out, it would be trouble to have a cyberised killer on board, even those cuffs that had been slapped on his wrists wouldn't be able to contain him. They were Lone Star issue, she wondered who the ex-bumblebee was, she couldn't imagine it being anyone from the group so far, so that meant someone new. But that could wait until later. She rummaged through her pockets and grabbed the clip of tranq darts, took one round out and jabbed it into Tobias' neck.

"That should keep him out for a while" She said it more to herself then anyone in particular, then she asked Jade, "Do you have a drop off point for the target?"

Tobais woke up, mumbling something about being chased by children and homeless people. Ziggy scratched his mohawk. They were after them because they were after him because they were after him? Well, that made some sort of sense, in some weird way. Before he could get a reply in, Jade laughed, it echoed throughout the VTOL. Ziggy smirked, the green smoke would be the perfect backdrop for his theatrics.

"You know what? Yer alright mate you are." She said through the laughter.

Ziggy just gave a little bow in response, waiting for the roses to be throw at him.

Ziggy wondered if it was too early, but with the target acquired and with only minutes to go until the rest of the team were high in the sky in the VTOL, he figured a little celebration was due. So, he broke out a little victory dance. Nothing too snazzy, Ziggy didn't want to tempt fate, after all. Just a little lonesome Mexican wave.

Then Miss Scarface hobbled on-board, and the celebration stopped. That face could stop any party, whether it be just some drunks dancing in a corner of the street or corporate suits dancing in the best of the best clubs. She was bleeding, he guessed was due to something to do with the explosion on the roof. She decided to ruin the fun and stabbed a tranq dart in Tobias, Ziggy watched as he went limp.

"That should keep him out for a while." She mumbled.

Ziggy gave her a look like a baby who had his candy stolen from him and replied, "B...B...But, he has sooo much information!"

There was barely a scratch of anything on the man besides more ammunition and a few knives. He had no ID, no S.I.N on him at least, and no money. That set off some alarms in his head making him think of the corporate mercs or even government types that came out of nowhere. Whoever this man was, must have had some control over the homeless outside as they seemed to collapsed when he shot him. But they didn't have enough time as he heard through the comms that they finally nabbed Tobias. Still, he wanted to know who they were up against.

"Mitch, hold this for a second." Blue gave the laser rifle to Mitch.

A few moments later Blue walked out of the building with the laser rifle in one hand a bloody plastic bag in the other saying "Have a nice day". He thought back to the stories his Old Man used to tell about how the Native Americans of the past took often took scalps from fallen foes for trophies. He jingled the back a bit hearing the metal scrape against the metal. Blue grinned as he arrived at the base of the pillar of green smoke where the shaman was and someone new as well.

"Howdy." Blue tipped his hat to both men after putting down the plastic bag in between his legs. He picked it up quickly once he spotted the shaman's dogs. "You from around these parts, mister?" He asked their newest member.

But before he could answer the pilot of the VTOL chimed in on the comms.

"Think I can safely assume th' smoke's you guys idea of a landin' strip?"

"Just about. Don't worry I bought some souvenirs for you."

"Do you have a drop off point for the target?"

Jade nods ferociously before remembering she doesn't have the two-way on.
"Tha's a positive." she says "Drop-off's some border city in Pueblo."

She's nearly at the smoke signal now. She can make out three waiting figures. Wait, were there supposed to be more? She really can't remember. Must be the sleep deprivation again. Still, those that she sees are on the team. Blue's there holding this huge-arse rifle, the laser that Jamaican was using from the looks of things. Score.

"Just about. Don't worry I bought some souvenirs for you."

Jade smiles as she's coming in for a sharp landing.

"Ooh, I love pressies. Is it one o' them snowglobes?"

She plops down in front of the team with a rocket-fueled thud and the door swings open once more.

"Right, I'd suggest a hasty retreat. We all here?"

Kris' cool resolve power kicked in as Jonesy began to question him, the fear impact would be lessend thanks to his powers but he still gave up what Jonesy wanted to hear hell he was waiting for someone to recongize him. He had a bit of a an infamous repution in the underground after all thats why those thugs jumped him while he was learning about the call for runners.

"Names Kristoff Jameson...or if you Perfer The Revrend...the black knight....or The heir to the name. I'm Ex-SWAT for the Pheonix Branch of Lonestar and a current Vigilante/bounty hunting shadowrunner. As for how I got here, I was at the little party the Yaks were throwing I just chose to stay away from the lime light and have been scouting the hotel for a while now...When I your bird and you guys I recongized some of you from the get together in seattle and moved in to get some more intel," He stopped to take a breath.

"And oh yeah....I'm a Warrior's way Adept" he said grinning

"B...B...But, he has sooo much information!"

He looked at her with a face that you would expect to see on a small child after losing his favourite toy. Sonya wondered if Ziggy understood the dangers of leaving Tobias concious, in the confined space of the VTOL all hell would break lose if he got out of his cuffs. Sighing, she took a seat opposite him, relieved to have gotten the weight off her injured leg.

"He also has a bunch of cyberware and could easily free himself from those cuffs using it, plus we don't know the full extent of his skills and he's proven to be dangerous. Do you really want him running around the VTOL?" The threat wasn't even veiled, but someone would have to knock some sense into him.

The only look he got was a stern stare from Sonya and a gruff rebuke to match. If Tobias was being chased by these guys and the team was being chased by them because they were chasing Tobias, then by that logic their clients would be fighting a rag-tag army of misfits - homeless, chromed, and very young in some cases, misfits. Sure, the draconic Tanaka had paid well in advance, but the prospect whole of Seattle engulfed in the conflict between these freaks and the Yakuza didn't look good to Ziggy. For one, would anyone be in the mood to party in an urban battlezone?

"He also has a bunch of cyberware and could easily free himself from those cuffs using it, plus we don't know the full extent of his skills and he's proven to be dangerous. Do you really want him running around the VTOL?"

He gave a shrug, "Sure, milady. Whatever you say."

He then stroked the face of the currently unconscious Tobias and ruffed the man's bright blonde hair. If Sonya just wanted to play the uncaring mercenary and get paid, good for her. Maybe she can finally get that face fixed, if not for the benefit of herself, but of others. That thing was painful to look at.

"I think he looks ever so peaceful sleeping anyway. Wait... Isn't Stockholm Syndrome supposed to work the other way around?"

The Reverend gave off a reasonable answer, and Jonesy grinned. Yeah, he'd heard enough whispers on the street to know about him. Too vague a description, but enough so as to establish a bit of his reputation.

"Relax, I was just making sure. You can never be too careful. Shatsy, Matsy, Tatsy, down."

The three Bogies let out a huff and assumed a lowered-head position, indicating he was no longer designating him a threat. Not at this time, anyhow. They'd lash out if he did anything to agitate them, but Kris could relax now. With that, the VTOL came down and people came on, including himself with his dogs just as he heard...

"...Isn't Stockholm Syndrome supposed to work the other way around?"


His dogs establishing themselves more-or-less out of the way, Jonesy clapped his hands together and rubbed them vigorously, getting prepared to do the good work.

"Right! Who's a bleeder? I've got the feelin' to do some healin'."

Kris handsprung back up to his feet and dusted himself off quickly adjusting his revrend collar he climbed up into the VTOL sitting down in a small chair he turned to look back at tobais and at everyone else. "Got a gash on my thigh and a few scratch marks from sleeping beauty over thre" he said poniting to Tobias and a bullet in my leg but other than that I'm fine." He then turned to everyone and grinned a trickerster like smile. "So yeah...names Revrend Kristoff Jameson" he said smiling to the otheres "While my new freind heals yer bodies...why don't I heal your souls"

The runners escaped into the night sky. Soaring in the clouds over the wasteland on the Pueblo border, the plane began it's descent into another city. They passed skyscrapers and manufacturing zones, and hovered over a brightly lit building.

The casino was run by a native tribe, and had been open to letting Shadowrunners pass through when it was revealed that Jonesy was onboard. Many were shamans themselves, and would assist others on such a path.

The structure was built like a Mayan pyramid, metal set into blocks of mossy gray stone. The casino was built into the 'base section' that served as a foundation, areas arranged to seem as if they'd been carved out of the rock. It continues to a skyscraper-like hotel building, the top of which was a disc decked in golden spires, as if a sun was rising over the temple. The entrance was a long walkway of stairs that led up to a high door. The stairway was covered in parts, and lined with decorative carvings.


Lillian was brought to land on a large sheet of rock. Five men came out to greet them. Bronze skin, black hair; Snakeskin and leather adorned their bodies, with glimpses of piercings and jewelry alluding to their Totems. Custom pistols were at their sides, engraved with runes. But their true power lay in the spirits they commune with, spirits they can summon from the metaplanes and bring into the physical world.


One shaman presents himself to the runners, and Jonesy. "Welcome. What has brought you here?" he asks.

Kris watched the man as he waited for the group's face to speak. The elf was...well an elf so he might have been sexy enough to be the group's face. For his part Kris was glad he though to bring his ancestor's Navajo Squash necklace, putting the peice of jewlery around his neck he checked to make sure it was promienat. The old necklaces looked to be about from the 1880's-90s and was geunine Native American, his ancestor and namesake having been raised by a Navajo woman in the late 19th century.

Watching the casino made him sigh watching and listening to the Shaman speak and tried to identify if there were any Navajo around or if the Shaman himself was Dine' things would go alot easier for him here he would at least feel like he had allies.

Healing was taken care of in-flight, handling not only Kris, but also Blue and the-as-of-yet-to-be-named-other-chick-that-seemed-uninterested-in-name-dropping. It left Jonesy somewhat drained all of a sudden, and he closed his eyes, remaining silent for the rest of the trip with his hat over his face, Indiana Jones style. He hadn't heard where it was they were going before, so when he woke up and found out, a smile crossed his face and he removed both coat and hat, no longer slouching about as he was wont to do. The others could see the tattoos on the backs of his arms, and the beginning of something near the neck.

His name was apparently known enough in the area, though Amerindian circles tended to default to his third alias, Shadow Moors, in these cases. The VTOL came to land at a designated stretch of smooth rock and opened up. As they exited, five men approached with custom handguns and auras like solar flares. There would be no violence here if he could help it, as his three friends lay down behind Jonesy and he himself actually left his pistol in his coat pocket back on the plane. There was greetings, and a desire to know why they were here.

"We were asked to locate and bring back alive a man who had committed a terrible act upon a school, killing and wounding several...including the son of high-ranking individual in the Yakuza. We are successful, but an attack damaged the plane and I would expect more interference. Someone is working against us to keep him from talking. There's already been many Augmented and at least one cyberized mercenary. A little time and a little safety to repair and refuel, and we could be on our way."

Many times, Jonesy used clever deception and subterfuge to get around and deal with awkward or troublesome situations. This place, however... They were aligned with the Yakuza and they were Shamans, the same as he. There would be no lies from him, as to do so in this case would be an insult to both them and his totem. Jonesy waited to see what either the verdict was or if anyone else wanted to chime in.

Ziggy smiled as the VTOL landed and the city came into view, these shamen knew how to build a casino. Flashing lights, the fusion of old and new just to give the right impression. As the five men approached, Ziggy decided to leave Tobias' side and come into the open, but not before he gave a mock kiss on his forehead. The men were all tattooes, totems and leather, definately shamen, definitely a native tribe of some sort. And apparently, they were on the side same, so no worries. Best leave it to Jonesy to talk to those people, shaman to shaman. Well, if Ziggy contained the urge to make sharp quips, that is. These guys had dealt with various 'runners before, right? Then would have dealt with some colourful individuals before, then? To put it concisely, the reaction couldn't be worse than that particular incident.

He stood tall and with conviction, he said, "Yes sir-eee! That be the truth and nothing but the truth!"

Looks like Jonesy was intent on the spilling the beans, not a problem, especially if these people were with them. Nice place though. The casino was a festival of lights, Ziggy just wanted to lose himself in that light show. This was definitely something his club needed, more flashing lights, more pazazz, more of everything. And when this 'run ended, Ziggy would be running right to the neon light shop - a fine investment.

"A little time and a little safety to repair and refuel, and we could be on our way."

"Aye, and a shower. Bein' clean would be nice." Jade chimes in as she leaps out of the cockpit.
The ride was at lot more pleasant than the escape from Seattle, but she's not slept a wink since they did escape and her Lillian's already taken enough of a beating.

She scratches the back of her neck and the hand comes away covered in black - soot from the night before. As much as a little dirt and a little grease have never bothered her, some cleanliness right now would be a godsend.

Jade's never spent much time in Pueblo. Done a couple of smuggling runs through its borders but doesn't know much about the place. Judging from the huge, fuck-off casino she reckons she'll either love it or hate it here.

Either way, a chance to spend some time working on Lillian to get her back into decent nick sounds like an excellent plan, one she fully endorses.

- Message from Mr. Tanaka -

It is hardly necessary for me to say, that I am very pleased that the target is in your custody.

I have sent the order to my associates to arrange his retrieval. The extraction will be a limousine. It is bulletproof, rocket-proof, and will be driven by our associates. They will wait tomorrow night from 9:00 PM. If midnight passes and we have not been contacted by you, we will assume you are not coming and will await further information. When we have received the target (who is present, alive, and in a cooperative state), you will be given your compensation: 100,000 Nuyen in two briefcases, as promised. At that moment, your contract will be fulfilled.

Domo arigato gozaimasu.

Mayan Casino- Hotel Section

The walls of the lobby were carved with feathered serpents. The shamans allowed the party safe passage, giving them a room and taking the plane for repair. They put Tobias under guard, gave the Shadowrunners keycards to their room, and bid them to enjoy the pleasures their establishment offered, for the time being.

Mayan Casino- Gaming Floor

Ziggy danced among the gamblers inside as only Ziggy could. Blackjack, baccarat, poker, and other gaming tables had been set up out in the open. The slap-slap-slap of cards being shuffled could be heard, along with the clink-clink of chips hitting each other on the felt tables and the whirring clack-clack-clack of the slot machines.

Shamans circulated throughout the room. Given the platters of hors d'oeuvres and drinks they supported on their hands, one might have thought them nothing more than waiters. But Ziggy knew what they were really here for - Astral Sight. Cheating had been a threat as long as gambling has existed, before the Sixth World. Now, a metahuman could put a chip in their brain and become a supercomputer, or augment their eyes to see through the cards, or receive a pheremone implant and smell fear or anticipation in their opponents, or any number of other methods. Let alone magic.

Indeed, many of the gaming tables were in simsense, where people had jacked in to virtual environments. It worked for everyone- the casino could keep better control over players, and players could gamble on top of a volcano, or on the surface of the Sun.

But nothing had yet beaten physical games. Ziggy strolled over to a poker table where a bunch of high-roller whales with cash to lose were playing. Given the stakes they were playing for, a crowd had formed around the table.

Several women regarded him with open, predatory interest, mentally weighing his figure and pocketbook against the other gentlemen to determine who was most worthy of their attention.

Ziggy zig-zagged between the gamblers and the waiters, breathing in the busy atmosphere of the casino. Lights? Well definately, the light from the ceiling interweaved with the coloured neon lights of the slot machines. Check. He narrowly dodged an oncoming waiter, plate of hors d'oeuvres still intact. Camera? Ziggy looked towards the scowling waiter, he probably was pissed because Ziggy had blocked his view of the table beside him for a moment, Astral Sight was handy for spotting cheats. Check. The noises of gambling filled his ears everywhere he went, so did the eyes of women who laid their eyes on him like she-wolves looking at their next kill Action? He came across a table covered with mountains of chips and women. This was definitely a happening table. Check. He strolled away in the same manner to the gentlemen's restroom.

As much as he wanted to get in on that, Ziggy was tired - it had been a looong day - and had to think of the club. What would Ieuan think if he just squandered the money on poker? Ziggy smirked, he knew hardly anything about the game, except from stories of people making it big or going bust because of it. Beneath all the bravado, the room smelt of fear and loss. Wait... That could be a big advantage, with his Tailored Pheromones and Enhanced Pheromone Receptors he could tell what the others were thinking, if he wasn't kicked out for that, of course. He washed his face and zoomed to the casino floor. He had at least 20K worth of spending money, Ieuan couldn't complain about his personal finances, could he?

But first he would need his glamorous assistant, he knew just who to pick. He waltzed over to where Jade was and half-sung, "Aces high? Aces low? Ready for poker? 'Cause here we go?"

It was time to get ziggy with it. He had conquered the hearts of the Corral Hotel, now it was this casino's turn.

Of course, Jade's already drinking. She's propping up the bar, downing her second JD of the night and making gooey eyes at a third.
She's not expecting the noisy, sparkly Face to come bothering her but try as she might she can't quite bring herself to be pissed off.

Hey, why would she be? She's clean, rested-up and Lillian's already looking worlds better. With any luck this mission could end with some actual degree of success. She's trying hard as she can not to think about Dylan's garage, hence the booze. Anyway, she smiles warmly as Ziggs comes up to her and listens to him.

"Aces high? Aces low? Ready for poker? 'Cause here we go?"

"Did speaking plainly like kill your parents when you were a kid or somethin'?" she laughs at him, but stands up. Why the hell not? When in Rome and all that shite.

"What's the game an' how pissed off will the staff be if I glass whoever's winnin'?" she says, tone still light.

So, Jonesy was a happy camper to find that they were well-received and given guest-like treatment at this luxurious place. His request had gone over well and they were even helping with the incarceration of their mark. That was always a plus. For his convenience, though, Jonesy stopped in the hotel section to the room in question and explained thusly...

"Given that it would be unwise to have these three parading about your establishment, I would like to leave them with the man as well. For his, and everyone else's, protection."

Trouble could work either way. This was an extra layer in case somebody tough tried to get in...and if for any reason Tobias wanted to get out. What else would you expect the Bogies to DO in a situation like this other than be guard dogs? With that taken care of - because the notion not only made sense, but would be welcomed in his case - Jonesy came down into the main floor and saw quite a bit of commotion. He wasn't really a gambler, and frankly wasn't sure he should anyway. So instead, he picked up a drink and went in search of some food. The pups deserved a bit of the niceties and frankly, he was famished. On the way, he heard...

" pissed off will the staff be if I glass whoever's winnin'?"

"Every shaman would see it, including me. And I wouldn't be able to stop 'em, so don't do 'dat."

Kristoff sat in his room the other runners had gone down to the bar & casino Kris would join them soon but he had work to do first casually flipping through the televison he passed on the premuim video game collection and collection of elf porn that every resort seemed to offer. He finally settled on the local news and filled a coffee mug with water from the sink as he pulled out his smartphone and dialed a number.

"Ya'et'tahh...aoo' It's the new silaggo..can you put me through to the local Windtalker commander...sure I can wait" A few minutes later he a female voice was heard and he smiled starting to speak "Yeah...I'm in the general area now some casino...I don't know Timbsha probaly but we are near the Western Arizona border so it might be Apache or Hopi too" he nodded and exhaled "Yeah...look I'm working a run for the Yaks....why can't I just rough up some locals...beacuse I don't feel like pissing off the NAN today and your boys can get info I need better in this part of the States." Kris leaned back in the bed "Yeah don't worry I'll be able to treat you to a nice dinner this time with my share of the bounty on this guy's head....your a doll as always...thanks" Kris hung up and chugged the rest of his water before putting his gun under his pillow and going to join the others at the bar/casino he felt like getting some booze and getting comps at blackjack.

"Did speaking plainly like kill your parents when you were a kid or somethin'?" She replied, in an oddly jovial mood.

Jade seemed to be on the drinks already, but not in a sullen mood, fortunately. Ziggy even got a smile. He wondered if the sullen sniper even smiled, that scarred face always seemed to be stuck in some sort of grimace. There might even be room for her by Ziggy's side if she stopped the oh-so-serious act and relaxed for a little while. The shamen had given them food, shelter and plenty of entertainment to tide them over until the Yakuza turned up in their limousine to take schoolchild-slayer Tobias away. He looked at the message again while Jonesy walked over to their little corner, the message phased politely and concisely - typical Japanese. Nevertheless, the wheels of fortune spun to and fro, and decided to take advantage of his luck.

"I suffer from sesquipedalianitis and fits." He replied back in the stern manner of somebody admitted they suffered from some dreadful disease, hoping the rather poor portmanteau of the word and the Latin suffix for inflammation wouldn't be lost on her.

Still, it looked like she was up for some fun. And why not? The 'run was practically over, unless the homeless chromes cobbled enough money to have a gamble. Ziggy thought about the self-proclaimed Reverend. Ziggy had caught him making eyes at him during the little 'confrontation' between the team and the shamen. He grinned at the tricks he could pull to unnerve the devout member of the team. But maybe he wanted a little of the ol' Ziggy action? In his view, Ziggy thought that everyone needed a little bit of zazz in their lives. Oh, he would have fun with this one. Jonesy had overheard their little conversation, no doubt, and was intent on taking Jade's little joke seriously and warned them about messing with the shamen 'waiters'.

"What's the game an' how pissed off will the staff be if I glass whoever's winnin'?"

"Deal the cards and break some hearts, it'ssssss poker!" He said with a flourish, then counted the number of games available to play here on his hand, "Or Blackjack or baccarat or... Anything you please."

Recovering from the little slip up, Ziggy was never good at remembering names, he gave a wink, "I'm sure they'll definitely be pissed if that big pile o' money there were to suddenly vanish, anyway, won fairly." His voice dropped to a whisper, "Or not."

The contract was nearly completed, soon the 'run would be over and then Sonya would hopefully never have to work with these lunatics again, sure she had worked worked with some eclectic types before, but these really took the biscuit. She stretched after she got out of the cramped VTOL and eyed the hotel that the Yaks had arranged for them to stay at. It was garish, it looked like the glam-rock reject Ziggy would fit right in here. They were greeted by a group of native americans, probably shamans and their own Shaman, Jonsey, greeted them.

The other 'runner flocked towards the bright lights of the casino or the bar, but all Sonya wanted was some time to herself, to relax and then go to sleep. The shamans that had greeted them had given them all key cards to their owns rooms and without a word to the others she left the other 'runners and sauntered up to her room.

The ELf starts jabbering again and Jade just smiles and nods. When he takes the serious tone she can't stop herself from laughing again.

"I hear there's an ointment for that." she teases.

Jonesy offers a warning as Jade finishes talking and she flashes her trademark grin at him.
"No worries mate, just foolin'. We Glaswegians ain't all about violence an' Whisky."

She follows Ziggy through the casino and spends some time taking him in.
He's definitely from the n'Og. He's done a pretty decent job of burying the accent but you can never quite be rid of it. And if you've lived there awhile yourself you can't help but get an ear for it.
The question is, why's he taking Yak money to kidnap a child-murderer? Sure some folks would do it for free, but that's not the point. She wonders what he did to their esteemed peers that got him kicked out. Whatever it is, she can't help but feel a little respect for the guy. Anybody who pisses of the High-And-Mighty Elf Supremacists is a decent guy in her books.

"I'm sure they'll definitely be pissed if that big pile o' money there were to suddenly vanish, anyway, won fairly." He responds to her comment, and she can see the confidence in his eyes. His voice dropped to a whisper, "Or not."

Jade's face becomes very serious for a second. Some cogs turn in her brain. The smile returns, but now it's got an edge to it.

"Game on, big man." she says "let's take 'em to the cleaners."

Rogue Knight was led to the party's room, where she laid her weapons inside the door. Then, still analyzing the surroundings for evasive maneuvers, sh came into the next chamber, a washroom. The runner kept alert as she reached into the shower and turned on the water. She started to take off her undersuit, zipping out of it and letting the streaming jets run water past her muscles.

Below, others in the party engaged in their game, folding and bluffing and snapping quips. When the target was extracted, the Nuyen reward would be split among them, and the Shadowrunners had the option then to part ways- that is, unless the question of the assailants became urgent.

The next day was spent in preparation to leave. Lillian was at shop and would be ready to depart by morning. As it was getting dark, the casino was as alive as before. When the hour was nearing 9:00, the Shadowrunners were waiting in the lobby. The Limousine was on route.

When they arrived, the Shamans did not retrieve the gunman. In his place, a shaman came down and explained to the runners "Something is wrong with your man. He is in a state of panic. There is -"

A warbling howl cut him off, echoing from higher in the building.


Yes, it had been a good night to be alive. A fine meal, great entertainment, and the amusement of watching people lose at gambling. Being not a gambler himself, Jonesy felt that the misfortune of others who do not see how rich the casino is around them should be enjoyed. Seriously, a place like this made money hand over fist. That meant that you yourself did NOT come to these things to make money or get really lucky yourself. Suffice to say, the night ended without incident or intrigue. He wouldn't have minded a little intrigue, but he wasn't familiar enough with the female cast yet.


Thus, later...we have everybody ready and suited up that evening. Though he rather liked being out of his attire and being recognized a bit, Jonesy was in his hat and coat and with his gun and such by the evening. Instinct... He was a shaman of Dog. If he didn't feel that something could go wrong, that he had to be prepared, then he wasn't a very good shaman.

And so, when the man came down instead of Tobias and he heard the howls...

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit!"

...Jonesy was speeding back towards the holding room before he reached the 'T' in his explicative. This hounds were instructed not to kill their mark. He'd made damn sure of that, but there was only so much one could do in a situation. The man was a capable fighter with spurs in his hands. If you egg his pups on enough, they'll trust more in instinct and turn you into kibble. Remember the book entry: Packs of Bogies are fearless. Jonesy half-feared their captive was hurting his dogs, half-worried that they were having him for dinner! He reached out to them and gave direct commands.

Fight, but do not kill! Do not kill! Not yet...

He would know what exactly was going on when he got there, gun drawn and magic cued up.

"Rule one of shadowrunning....when the job is too easy...remeber that something bigger is just around the corner to fuck your whole day up" Kris mummred to himself when he heard what was going, He reacted like Jonesy did following him at top speed. "No need for the firepower yet..too many civvies might cause a panic/riot." Kris thought to himself, no one was chattering in his ear so he wasn't quite sure but he would go in ready for a fight and ready to bring down the house adept style.

Blue's night before was a flurry of drinking, and partying as they arrived in the casino to drop off their target. The others took to the night their own way with a few of them staying and a few of the others going to their rooms.

Blue awoke to a throbbing headache and awaited for the job to be over so that they would part ways. But soon a loud howl send a hammer to his head. He held his head and clenched his jaw as he saw Jonesy run up the hotel.

"Ahhh.. what the hell do your dogs want?" Blue growled.

"Game on, big man." Jade said, "let's take 'em to the cleaners."

And that was about the only coherent memory he had of last night. The rest was a blur of spinning roulette wheels and alcohol. Ziggy grimaced as he pulled himself up. Ow, my head, ow, my back,ow my... everything... He had woken in the middle of a casino table, half-naked, with a roulette table stabbing into his back and a rather large amount of nuyen stuffed into his 'special stash spot'. It was uncomfortable to say the least, Ziggy was al It must have gone rowdy last night since everything around in was in disarray, the table, for one, was a victim of dismemberment - one leg had been ripped off and the table, making it stand at an angle. Ziggy could sympathise, his hangover was the worst he had ever experienced. He looked over to a still-snoring Jade, lying beside him in the leftovers of a nuyen snow angel adorned with a few broken bottles of JD.

He sulked out of the main room, trying to keep the half-unzipped jumpsuit up, and left the mess to the cleaners. He clambered up the stairs to his hotel room to sort out the rather annoying bundle of money down there. Think of the pain if there was any paper cuts! Ziggy shuddered as he slipped out of the clothes and into the shower. At least he had woken up early, before the casino started up again. He had enough time to mend the dents in his mohawk, and within a few hours, he was right as rain again. Jade probably was the one who was worst off. It was all coming back now. There were wins, lots of wins, and Jade had spent at least a quarter of it on booze and then said something about 'singing for your supper' in a drunken slur, and of course, Ziggy had responded to that by 'dancing for his supper'. But, well, it was more like stripping.

Nevertheless, he shrugged off the shame and decided to rest up for a bit before the Yaks arrived to collect their precious child-murderer or talking to Jade again. Still, that girl knew how to party, though he thought that the saying 'each to their own' summed up his feelings on it pretty well. Suddenly, a howl rang through the rooms, just as Ziggy was about to knock upon Miss Glaswegians Are More Than Violence and Whisky's door to see if the sleeping angel was awake. Something had happened. Ziggy sighed as he ran down the stairs to the source of the noise, almost tripping over as he pulled the zipper and put his gloves on. Something always happened. Hopefully, the guy was just spooked and had tried to escape, hopefully...

As they ran, there was a comm from the Yakuza. "We're outside, Kisama. Where the hell are you?"

The Shamans with them questioned back and forth in their comms with security. There had been someone else looking for their target. The man was talking about a signal and in extreme distress. He somehow got out of his restraints and ran up the stairs to the next floor before jumping out the window on a table that he had attatched a kinetic dampener to.

Mayan Hotel - Executive Offices

The door where the gunman was kept had been kicked down. Some native shamans were there, their heads severed from their bodies, and Matsy bleeding and whining in a corner. Tatsy and Shatsy were farther down the hallway, and between them was a figure that was being mauled. Still alive, he was thrashing against the two massive canines that were on top of him. He was clean-shaven and wearing a hotel uniform, and shockingly composed for someone about to get their throat ripped out by a pair of horned rottweilers. Shatsy crushed his windpipe and vertebrae with a loud snap and in the man's death shout they could see his teeth were rotten- a homeless man who had donned a uniform- and in his convulsions they ripped at it to expose a Semtex charge under his clothes.

"Ahhh.. what the hell do your dogs want?"

"They're my early warning system. Take a guess!"

"No need for the firepower yet..too many civvies might cause a panic/riot."

"Like hell."

Even before their arrival, Jonesy had felt the viciousness as feedback to know that his hounds were in serious combat. When he got there...the door was kicked in, there were decapitated shamans, and Matsy was wounded... I don't care who you are or what town you come from. When a dog of any kind is whimpering in pain, it reaches into your heart and gives it a nasty twist. But...Jonesy hadn't even gone inside yet, not when he also saw Shatsy and Tatsy tearing apart the assailant, exposing-

Oh shit, NO! He's wired to blow! How much explosives? How much time 'till it detonates?

All this thought in a tiny, frantic, instant in his mind before making three very-quick and instinct-driven commands.

"Shatsy, door! Tatsy, throw! NOW FUCKING RUN!!!"

The mental impressions he gave them were faster than his words. He was just so quick to act that he spoke it and thought it at once. What was it? It was a command to Accident a door nearby to make it fall off of the hinges and for the other Bogie to toss it in before they both just made a break for it away from the blast zone. The room in question was possibly away from the holding room enough that nothing in there would be disturbed. The two canines still on their feet would run back to master directly after the toss. Why he didn't tell them to just run? Physics. A blast in an enclosed space will take the path of least resistance and send a flaming wall down the corridor as it damages the walls. A blast located in a room will fill up the room before escaping, and the wall of flame will not happen as much or at all. That given, Jonesy shouted as he ran into the holding room, heading for Matsy to Heal him.

"Fire in the hole!!"

Please Dog, let this work...

The Howl snaps Jade awake and she's instantly in agony.
Her face is stuck to the table and she's trying not to think too hard about how that happened. Bottles surround her, and she has a vague memory of lecturing Ziggy on why Yank alcohol was shite, how this stuff didn't hold a candle to Glenfiddich and a rather detailed explanation of why she was still drinking it anyway.

The debris around her implies the rest of the night was pretty damn good, but as usual she'll have to play detective about that later.
She staggers a little as she stands and the light's burning right into her skull but she's had much worse before. There's another brief flashback: something about Mr. Sparkles beginning to disrobe. She frowns.

"Nah. We didn't." she mutters to herself, more as a reassurance than anything else.

And then she remembers what woke her up.
Jesus, what was that? If things were already going wrong...
"Can never catch a fuckin' break."
She mutters as she takes the stairs down to the noise two at a time. And there she sees Jonesy, hurrying over to one of his freaky dog-things. That must have been what woke her up.

"Man, what in the hell's goin' on? Barghests don't scream that bad!"

Kris noticed the Semtex as well "Holy shi..." and that was all he could get out before he was forced to dive for cover behind a nearby chest high wall. Keeping crouched as Jonsey threw the bomb all he could do was mutter over and over about taking nothing for granted

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