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"S'all good, folks, nuthin' to see. Anyhow, I think we lingered enough...the amount of life-sign you're givin' off..."

"Well, I'm sure if some of us could be smaller," the Bear said, trailing off as he continued on down the crumbling asphalt. His heavy boots fell on the cracked plates that had formed, causing a few to lightly grate against one another. Yuriy wondered just how much of the road was really left - just how long would the road endure as time dragged on?

"Rourke is right, lets keep moving"

"I am way ahead of you," Yuriy called back, giving a slight wave to those in the rear. As much as he'd like to put the thought of it behind him, he couldn't help but have the eerie silence brought to the front of his mind. Even though his better judgement told him there wasn't anything to worry about, he couldn't shake the feeling. However, it seemed he needn't dwell on it further, as they were welcomed to the other side of the old state line. The Bear tipped his hat to the deteriorating marker, adding light heartedly, "How polite. I am certainly feeling the warmth."

Shizuka fell back into her position a few paces away from the group, this time hunched over a little more and wringing her hands. Her eyes shifted around even more, to the point where one could be forgiven for wondering why she didn't fall over if she weren't a Cat.

Jessica giggled and jogged up to Yuiry "sneaky bear is sneaky it seems" she said as she caught up to him.

"How polite. I am certainly feeling the warmth."

Jessica looked at the sign as they passed "I'm not feeling it, given the sign is rusted, faded and on the ground, must have been cut backs or something in state services" she said in a totally straight manner, though meant it as a joke

Scathach roamed ahead and behind the group once she made sure Shizuka was with them. She was restless, and irate at herself for being so restless, without any reason to be.
She sighed.

It was nice to see the two Cats back safe and sound. However, one of them seemed kinda twitchy, and it was doing nothing to put her at ease. She started concentrating on some breathing exercises.
'In, two, three... out, two, three...
It had been a while since she'd visited Iowa. It was still as flat as the time her Dad had been stationed up there, if marginally worse for wear. Nobody had bothered fixing up the sign back then either. She gave a slight wave as she passed it.
'In, two, three... out, two, three...
What on earth was wrong with that girl? Maybe investing in a laser pointer for her to chase would be a good idea.
...if they still have any of those around, of course.
'In, two, three... out, two, three...
"Something bothering you, Twitchy?"

"Something bothering you, Twitchy?"

Shizuka's head barely moved in response, but it was clear she was a bit irked. Yes, there's quite a few things, actually. Want me to tell you about them?

"... No."

I swear, one of these days I'm gonna strangle me...

Shizuka just kept on walking, trying not to hug herself as she pulled her hood back over her head, more snugly than usual. Her eyes weren't even visible under it.

The group were getting closer to their destination.

Nobody seems to have picked up on the fact I'm not carrying any weapons. Do they know? well, Well, now's as good a time as any to bring it up. Better then them finding out when it's too late.

"So, before we head in, did anyone get briefed on my... condition?"

Jessica turned "Condition? what condition? no one told me anything" she said, with a confused look on her face

"Well, you know what happens to second gen-ers. You up the Bear blood, you up the strength and stuff, but you also up the crazy as well. Now, us McMahons have got a lot of Bear blood, which is a massive source of pride to the family. Well, at least it was 'til the one time my uncle didn't stop at just 'going red' and went straight past it into 'kill anything that moves' terratory. Now, the blood isn't as strong in me, but I make a point of maintaining a personal dicipline in the battlefield and such.
Now, seeing that we're working together, I will tell you this: I don't think it'll ever happen, but if you ever see me go 'beyond red' I want you to run. And I'll want you to keep running. I don't carry weapons as a way of showing off, I do it to give you all a fighting chance."
This was all matter-of-fact to Regan now. She'd explained it a more times than she could recall, but some people tended to take the news better than others.

Shizuka didn't seem to react... at least not to the untrained eye. As Regan explained, her steps got a little shorter and quicker--but no louder--her back a little more straight, and her eyes a little less shifty. If anything, it appeared she calmed down.

Oh crap, she thought, She's one of those. As if I didn't have enough to worry about... I'll just have to act like it doesn't bother me. I'm good at that...

Scathach coolly assessed the bear woman, having been close enough to hear her little speech.
She could be outrun easily enough. But Scathach wasn't sure anything could outfight her, especially if she went beyond berserk.
"Well, I'm glad you're on our side for the moment. Risk-reward sort of thing. You're potentially dangerous to us, but incredibly dangerous to our enemies. I like those odds." she said matter-of-factly, then resumed her roaming ahead and beside the group. She hadn't seen anything, but she was still worried.

"Well, I'm glad you're on our side for the moment. Risk-reward sort of thing. You're potentially dangerous to us, but incredibly dangerous to our enemies. I like those odds."

"what she said" Jessica said as she resumed walking. She'd heard about stuff like that happening but wasn't gonna worry about it just yet, so she went back to scanning the area and breeze for anything out of place

"I don't carry weapons as a way of showing off, I do it to give you all a fighting chance."

"While I appreciate the sentiment, I am fairly certain I will be able to hold my own should you find yourself incapable of telling friend from foe," Yuriy called back lightheartedly, though solemnly adding to himself, [I]though if bring harm to any one of us with no signs of letting up, I won't hesitate to put a slug through your skull.[I]
Beyond Red was something Yuriy hadn't been unfamiliar with - there were always stories to be told around the fires - though he hoped he wouldn't have to experience firsthand, let alone witness anything of the sort. If Regan ended up going berserk and killing a member of the group, putting her down would do as much good for her as it would be for the group's peace of mind - he couldn't imagine she'd want to live with herself after something like that. Yuriy doubted he'd even want to, if it were him.

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